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Greene County Wills

Submitted by Dena Whitesell

Will of William Kilgore

Deed Book1, pages 497-498,

(excerpted) names

 dau. Ann Clay; daughter, Sarah Kilgore, daughter Hannah Maxwell;  daughter  Elizabeth Meola?; sons John and William Kilgore. Exor. son William.

 Witnesses Robert Middleton and Samuel Middleton; dated 8 Aug 1791.


Greene county was formed in 1786 from the big county of Washington, which contained large tracts of bounty land settled by Revolutionary Soldiers. The interior of the classic old Court House has recently been remodeled and the records that are left from the "ravaging tooth of time," are now in fire-proof vaults. The piles of old books, papers and pamphlets, in the office of the Ordinary, containing Minutes of the Inferior Court. Wills, Bonds, Appraisements and marriage records, should now be renovated and copied to be in keeping with their new quarters. The oldest book found was Book "A," 1787 to 1796, containing over 300 pages of mixed records, with no index.   The next was Book "D." 1800 to 1806, so there is a gap of four years in the wills.
This book is not indexed, but all the rest are. Marriage records are in the backs of the old books and are not indexed till the year 1817, when they were put in books to themselves and indexed.
The deeds in the Clerk's office are in about two dozen old books up to 1850, and are in very good condition. In this office is an old manuscript that should certainly be reclaimed. It is in a roll and altogether too tender to be handled, but it contains a long list of names of the first settlers in Greene county, where they were from, and the number of their children. I would respectfully suggest to the County Commissioners that a restoration of this old scroll, by the crepeline process, would be money well spent.

Will Book "A," 1787 to 1796.   (Mixed Records of Willi, Appraisements and Administrators Bonds.)

Dorothy Ashfield John Jackson Joseph Smith (W) Caleb Brasfield William Wheaty Stephen Parker
John Slaughter Edward Jackson John Michael Waggamon Duke Glen (W) Thomas Harvey James Maxwell
Samuel Barnes Alexander Miller Moses Chaney Frederick Moore Samuel Harris (W) James Felnniken (W)
Matthew Warnock John Laird Justice Knap Francis Moreland Nathaniel Alexander Jacob Maddox
Thomas Carter James Garret (W) John Thompson Henry Trippe (W) Nathan Rion Thomas Carter
Joseph King William Burford John Heard Joshua Simmons Hugh Jones Edward Wade (W)
Joshua Houghton (W) Aquilla Greer (W) Thomas Owen James Veasey (W) John Morrow Jacob Jones
James Hagan Ephraim Vaughn William Holliday James Hall Edward Wade Thomas Watts
Thomas Harris David, Peeples Gideon Harrison Andrew Reid Thomas Willingham John Walker
Benjamin Gilbert (W) Jacob Woodall John Morrow (W) William West Margaret Morrow (W) Jacob Parker
Robert Grimmet William Whaley (W) William Jones William Allen (W) James Alexander (W) Alexander Wiley
Thomas Hambrick Simon Burney (W) Joshua Harris William Roman William Hogg (W) Ezekiel Slaughter (W)
Abraham Barnet Nathan Jones Elihu Lyman Joseph Hambrick (W) Nathan Peeples Hugh Hall
Benjamin Breedlove Alexander Moseley John Sansom Christopher Sanders John Lloyd Jarob Moon
Moses Parker John Moreland

Will Book "A," 1787 to 1796.

Axiom Oneal John Miller Isaac Stocks Burwell Peeples William Kennedy (W) Joseph Carmichael
John Dunn Henry Holland James Davis William Hodge Austareus Woods James Sansom (W)
John Stephenson (W) Benjamin Lowry Andrew Griffin Samuel Allen Joseph Price Matthew Warnock
E. L. W. Fitzsimmons William George Levi Newton William West William Dobbins Philip Meroney
David Culbertson Hezekiah Gardner William Harris William Toombs John King Braza C. Anderson
Colonel David Love John Carmichael Jacob Maddox Burwell Peeples John Moreland James Hall
Peter Martin Thornas Horkins

Will Book   "D." 1801 to 1808.   (No Index.)

William Billingslea Jeremiah Lindsay Lewis Jenkins, Sr. James Houghton Robert Grier Joseph White
James Taylor Reuben Foreman William Furlow Andrew McBride George Brewer Henry Chambers
Joshua Martin John Parker William Hardwick George Green George Sorrell Thomas Holloway
Sheldrake Brown George Harris James Bluet John Finley Jonathan Butt Margaret Watson
William Kimbrough Richard Lake John Browning John Cranshaw Meshack Towson William Wilson
Joseph Roberts John Johnson James Fannin Thomas Nelms Sally Fitzsimmons Reeves Rowland
Nathaniel Howell William Crawford Thomas Owen Thomas Findley Nathan Clay Nathaniel Stephens
George Wiley William Ballard Rebeeca Turner Joseph Catching Mallichi Stallings Thomas Hightower
Tobias Lassiter

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