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Hall County, Georgia 1840 Pensioners
Contributed by Richard Ramos

Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
Joseph Bonds 84 Joseph Bonds
James Anderson 72 James Anderson
Isaac Reed 87 Joseph Reed
John Moore 83 John Moore
James McCleskey 86 James McCleskey
William Flanagan 91 William Flanagan
Robert Kell 89 William Kell
James Gilmer, sen. 80 James Gilmer, sen.
Elias Allread 82 Elias Allread
Milliner Childers 77 Wiley Childers
Jesse Hulsey 81 Jesse Hulsey
James Pitts 77 James Pitts
John Nicholson 77 John Nicholson
Charles Gunter 78 Charles Gunter
Beal Baker 84 Beal Baker
Robert Robertson 83 Robert Robertson
William Clark 84 William Clark
Basil Shaw 92 Roland Johnson
Benjamin West 81 Benjamin West

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