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Irwin County, Georgia



Leonard Harper was the first Harper to come to Irwin County. He camefrom Mcintosh County, Georgia, and reared a family of five sons and three daughters. His sons were Henry Harper, who was the father of Luke L. Harper and Jacob Harper; Jacob Harper, who was the father of "Big Mouth" Henry Harper; Flem Harper, who was the father of Moses Harper; John Harper, who was the father of (Buck) J. J. Harper, and Lewis Harper, who was the father of Mrs. Daniel Tucker.  His daughters were: Hester Harper, who married John Sutton, the father of Jack Sutton;........Harper, who married Elias McLendon, the father of Jake McLendon, and..........Harper, who married .......... Townsend, who moved to Texas.


Daniel McMillan was the first of this family to settle in Irwin County.He lived two miles north of Alapaha and died there and is buried in the Alapaha cemetery. He had three sons and two daughters. The sons were: John, who married Sallie Paulk and was the father of John, James, Daniel, Mal-com, George, Mary, Sarah, Betsy and Katy; Malcom, who married Rachel Sumner and was the father of Daniel, Jesse, John (who was the father of Rev. James McMillan, Randall, James. Malcolm, Alex, Archie, Ashley, William and Burrell), and Archie, who married Peggy Young. He had two boys and two girls. His sons were John McMillan, who married Mary J. Whitley and Jacob McMillan, who married Ava Paulk. His daughters were: Mollie, who married Micajah Paulk, and Jane, who married William Gaskins.


The first of this family to come to originally Irwin County were two half-brothers, Wiley and John Whitley.

Wiley Whitley had seven boys and three girls. His sons were:   Wiley, who married Katie Henderson; Jacob, who married Caroline Gaskins; W. T., who married Matilda Fletcher; John H.,who married Martha Henderson; Richard, who married Jane McMillan; George, who married Margaret Henderson, and Micajah, who did not marry. His daughters were: Rhoda, who married Boney W. Fussell; Mary J., who married John McMillan, and Sophronia, who has never married.


John Whitley had three sons and four daughters. His sons were: Needham, who married Sis Roberts; Jacob, who married..........Grantham, and Wiley, who married Mary Barnes. His daughters were: Mary, who married Peter Harper; Dicie, who married..........; Margaret, who married Jack Harper, and Nancy, who married Richard Roberts.


One of the first settlers of Irwin County was Daniel Henderson, who came to this country from North Carolina. He married Sallie McBride of North Carolina. He had three sons and seven daughters. His sons wereiJohn Henderson, who married Rhoda Whitley; Manassah Henderson, who married Mary Whiddon, and Daniel Henderson, who married Fereby Whiddon. His daughters were: Nancy Henderson, who married Thomas Paulk; Catherine Henderson, who married Jacob Paulk; Mary Henderson, who married John Mclnnis; Christian Henderson, who married Godfrey Purvis; Margaret Henderson, who married James Nobles; Elizabeth Henderson, who married Micajah Tucker, and Sarah Henderson, who married Dan Griffin.


Lott Whiddon married Judie Dorminy. He was the father of three sons and seven daughters. His sons were: E. D. Whiddon, who married Rachel Fletcher; William Whiddon, who married Elizabeth Ford and James W. Whiddon, who married Lucy Branch. His daughters were: Mary E. Whiddon,who married Manassah Henderson; Fereby A. Whiddon, who married Daniel Henderson; Rachel E. Whiddon, who married George Paulk; Martha V. Whiddon who married Micajah W. Paulk; Susan Whiddon, who married John J. Henderson; Una Whiddon, who married R. W. Clements, and Louise J. Whiddon, who married William Branch.


John B. Dorminy, Sr., married Rachel Bradford and was the father of two sons and four daughters. His sons were: Willis Dorminy, who was born May 26, 1799, and John B. Dorminy, born February 8, 1803, who married Nellie Paulk. His daughters were:   Nancy Dorminy, born December 19, 1801; Mary Van Dorminy, born October 15,1808, who married...... Snell; Judie Dorminy, who married Lott Whiddon, and Polly Dorminy, who married William Fletcher.


The father of A. P. Clements was Joseph Clements, who married a Goff. A. P. Clements was born July 15, 1811, and married Nancy Branch, who was born July 17, 1814. They had six sons and four daughters. The sons were: R. W. Clements, who married Una Whiddon; Jacob Clements, who married Ellen Gibbs; David Clements, who married Susan Whiddon; William J. Clements, who married Missouri Smith; A. E. Clements, who married Jane Henderson, and James I. Clements, who married Mary J. Paulk,first; second, Sarah Henderson. The daughters were: Mary E., who married Horton Fletcher, first; John A. Ross, second; Rachel Clements, who married Elbert Paulk; Sarah J. Clements, who married William Warren, and Sabra Clements, who married John A. Smith.


John B. Dorminy, Jr., was born February 8, 1805. and married Eleanora Paulk, who was born January 16, 1809. He was the father of ten sons and four daughters. His sons were: Willis Dorminy, who married Rebecca McDuffie; John Dorminy, who never married; James Dorminy, who married Abbie Vickers; Jacob Dorminy, who married Rachel Roberts, first; second, Susan Hunter; Henry E. P. Dorminy, who married Mary J. Curry; "William G. Dorminy, who married Mary J. Haines; Daniel D. A. J. Dorminy, who married Elizabeth Roberts; Elijah H. J. Dorminy, who married Margaret Ann Pridgen; Shadrick B. Dorminy, who married Jane McCook, and A. S. Dorminy, who married Martha M. Haines. His daughters were: Martha Dorminy, who married Berrien Hobby; Mary............; Rachel.............and Eleanor P. Dorminy, who married James E. Griffin.


The Fletchers came to the United States from England, settled first in Virginia, then came to North Carolina and moved from North Carolina to Bulloch County, Georgia, and from there Joseph Fletcher moved to Irwin County and settled first on lot of land number eight in sixth district, Irwin County, Georgia. He married Mary Hendley in Pulaski County. He had seven sons and seven daughters. His sons were: William Fletcher, who married Polly Dorminy, who had nine boys and three girls; Jehu Fletcher, who married Matilda Sumner, and had seven boys and five girls; John Fletcher, who married Bedie Thompson, and had one boy and two girls; Horton Fletcher, who married Mary Clements, and had one boy and two girls; James H. Fletcher, who married Caroline Young, and had seven boys and eight girls; Wiley Fletcher, who married Caroline Smith, and had six boys and five girls, and Elbert Fletcher, who married Sophronia Sumner, and had four boys and seven girls. Daughters: Dora Ann Fletcher, who married Daniel Drawdy; Millie Fletcher, who married David Branch first; second, Ben Willis, and had six boys and three girls; Jincey Fletcher, who married Jesse Luke, and had three boys and three girls; Martha Fletcher, who married Rubon Rountree, and had one boy and one girl; Nancy Fletcher, who married E. D. Whiddon, and had two boys and five girls; Sophronia Fletcher, who married Jacob Young,and had one boy and three girls, and Polly V. Fletcher, who married Little River George Young, and had three boys and two girls.

ALEXANDER FAMILY. Mr. Alexander moved from Emanuel County, Georgia, to Irwin County and settled upon what is known as the George Young old place in sixth district of Irwin County. He ditched a spring to a bluff and made a pond, he built a frame for millhouse and erected a gristmill, using hand rock which would grind a half bushel of meal in half a day. Sign of this ancient mill can be found on lot of land eighty-nine in sixth district Irwin County. His sons were: John Alexander, Lloyd Alexander; Bill Alexander, and Jim Alexander, who married Jane Easters.


Jesse Hobby married Mary Marchant. He had two sons and seven daughters.   His sons were: Duke Hobby, who married Betsy Paulk; Isaac Hobby, who married........McLendon, first; second, Catherine Tucker. His daughters were: Betsy Hobby, who married James Paulk; Rachel Hobby, who married Zara Paulk; Martha Hobby, who married Mathew Tucker; Jane Hobby, who married Lawson Young, first; second, Richard Tucker; Sarah Hobby, who married John Tucker; Tempy Hobby, who married Hiram Tucker, and Judy Hobby, who married Richard Tucker.


The first Branch to move to South Georgia was Elias Branch, who lived in originally Appling County. His sons were: Mike Branch, David Branch,and James Branch, who married Ruthie Sumner. His daughters were: Nancy Branch, who married A. P. Clements, and Rachel Branch.


David Branch married Millie Fletcher, and had six boys and three girls. His sons were: William Branch, who married Jane Whiddon; David Branch, who married Nancy Faulkner; Wiley Branch, who married Sarah Young; James Branch, who married Mantha Tucker; Jehu Branch, who never married, and John Branch, who married Daty Ann Clements.  His daughters were: Mary Branch, who married James W. Sumner; Lucy Branch, who married James W. Whiddon, and Nancy Branch, who married Burrell Sumner, first; second, Josh Ellis.


W. D. Ross married Sallie Bishop, and was the father of three sons and three daughters. His sons were: Lott Ross, James Ross, and William D.Ross, who married Jane Luke. His daughters: Nancy Ross, who married Frank Avery; Frances Ross, who never married, and Cintha Ross, who married George Avery.


James Ross married............and had two sons and two daughters. Lot Ross married Ellen Gibbs, Alex Ross died in the war. Daughters: Nancy Ross, who married Richard Smith, and Sallie Ross, who married George Warren.


A. R. Chandler first settled on lot of land number nineteen in third district in Irwin County. He had three sons and two daughters. His sons were: John Chandler, who was killed at Irwinville, Georgia, by Tom Dawson; Francis Chandler, who died in the war, and Virgil Chandler, who died in the war. His daughters were: Jane Chandler, who married Henry Oorday, and Mary Ann Chandler, who married Walter Bailey.


There were four brothers, Richard M. Tucker, who married Mollie Paulk,and was a Primitive Baptist preacher for many years; Crofford Tucker,who lived in Colquitt County and was the father of thirty-two children; Elisha Tucker, who was the father of Fredrick Tucker, and Davis Tucker.

Richard M. Tucker had three sons and six daughters. His sons were: Micajah Tucker, who married Mary Elizabeth Henderson; Richard Tucker, who married Sarah Harper, and John Tucker, who married Sarah Hobby. Daughters: Miriam Tucker, who married John McMillan, the father of Rev. James McMillan; Betsy Tucker, who married Youngie Vickers; KatieTucker, who married Needham Purvis; Rebecca Tucker, who married William Luke; Mollie Tucker, who married Richard Hall, and Mag Tucker, who married Daniel Griffin.


Godfrey Purvis married Christian Henderson, the daughter of Daniel Henderson, and was the father of seven sons and five daughters. His sons were: Daniel Purvis, who married Sallie Young; Needham Purvis, who married Katie Tucker; Godfrey Purvis, who married Mary Burns; Jesse Purvis, who married Margaret Burns; Johnnie Purvis, who married Margaret Merritt; Henry Purvis, who married Sarah Burns, and Jacob Purvis, who married Mary Grantham. His daughters were: Sarah Purvis,who married Jesse McMillan; Margaret Purvis, who married Johnnie Grantham; Catherine Purvis, Elizabeth Purvis, who died in childhood,and Susan Purvis.


Samuel Story lived on Swift Creek, Worth County, Georgia, and then near Red Oak Church in Worth County. He married first,........Pate; second, Annie Brown.   He had nine sons and two daughters. His sons were: James Nathan Story, who married Mary Kearce; Richard Story, who was drowned in Deep Creek during the Harrison Freshet; Frederick Story, who married Martha Watson; Alex Story, who married Narciss Watson (EpStory's grandfather); Jackson Story, who married Adline Royal (AlexStory's father); Warren Story, who married Henrietta Jerkins; Sam Wright Story, who married Martha Jane Royal; Llewellyn Story, who married first, Ida Handley; second, Emma McRae, and Alford Story, who married Pinkey Goff. His daughters were: Jinsey Story, who married John D. Royal (father of W. J. Royal), and Alice Story, who married Walton Hall.


There were three brothers, Charles Roberts, who married Judie Watson; John Roberts, who married Nancy Sumner, and William Roberts, who married Susan Williams, who was the father of Long Dick. Charles Roberts had eight sons and two daughters. His sons were: William Roberts, who married first, Louisa Cobb; second, Frances Grantham; James Roberts, who married Malissa Cooper; Solomon Roberts, who married Margaret Whitley; Richard Roberts, who married Nancy Whitley; Charles D. Roberts, who married Lester Ann Tucker; Roan Roberts, who married Martha Stone; Reason Roberts, who married Alice Stone, and R. H. Roberts, who married Hester M. Nobles. His daughters were: Judie Roberts, who married Jesse Young, Sarah Roberts, who married Jack J. Whitley.


Richard C. Roberts, who married Sallie Eddenfield; Stephen Roberts, who married Jane Tucker; George Ann Roberts, who married T. T. Tucker, and Nancy Roberts, who married Daniel Gray.


Millie Roberts, who married F. G. Young; Judie Roberts, who married James Walker; Charlie Roberts, who married Rozie Roberts; Ren Roberts, who married Mitt Turner; Ada Roberts, who married William Conger, and Mahala Roberts.


There were three brothers, who came to originally Irwin County, Archibald Mclnnis, Daniel Mclnnis and John Mclnnis. John Mclnnis married Mary Henderson, and was the father of two boys and four girls. His sons were: James Mclnnis and Dan Mclnnis. His daughters were: Martha Mclnnis, who married Jasper Lindsey; Annie Mclnnis, who married Warren Hall; Margaret Mclnnis and Dicey Mclnnis.

Daniel Mclnnis married Susan Brown, sister of James Brown of Abbeville,Georgia, and had two sons and three daughters. His sons* were: Alex Mclnnis, who married first a Dix, and Daniel A. Mclnnis, who married Elizabeth Tucker. His daughters were:   Coot Mclnnis, who married John Walsh; Mollie Mclnnis, who married Boyd Pridgen, and Catherine Mclnnis, who married Jacob Fussell.


The first Gray to come to this country was Gibson Gray who married Vica.........., who lived to be 110 years old. They came to this country from Emanuel County, Georgia, and had three sons: Joshua K.Gi*ay, who married Betsy Roberts; Willis Gray, who married Pollie Van Roberts, and David Gray, who married Jincey Roberts. Joshua K. Gray had five sons and seven daughters. The sons were: Wiley Gray, who married Nancy Lord; George Gray, who married Lucy Harper; Elisha Gray, who married Ann Bryant; Dan Gray, who married Nancy Roberts, and Tom Gray, who married Fannie Young. His daughters were: Nancy Gray, who married Jordan Wolf; Vica Gray, who married Detheny Nobles; Zilpha Gray, who married Aaron Jernigan; Jane Gray, who married John Henderson; Lizzie Gray, who married William Mobley; Julie Ann Gray, who married Will Law, and Rachel Gray, who married ........ Nobles.


W. J. Royal married first, Mary Shinholser; second, Kate Hobby. He had five boys and three girls. His sons were: James A. Royal, who married Ella Whitley; Charles A. Royal, who married first, Lizzie Fussell; second, Sena Bowen; Will Royal, who married Daisy Young; T. A. Royal, who married Lena Willingham, and Debigon Royal, who married Winnie Lott. Daughters were: Mattie Royal, who married James Whitley, Minnie Royal, who never married, and Lillie Royal, who married first, Spurgeon Meeks; second, J. M. Simms.


Family Bible shows this man was born July 31, 1826; he resides now in Roehelle, Wilcox County, formerly Irwin. His home has been in four counties, Irwin, Dooly, Puraski and Wilcox, still he has never moved. The reason for this is the creation of new counties, changing his residence when new county was created. At the present time in 1930 he seems to be in splendid health but has lost the use of his legs and is compelled to lie in bed. He has eleven children, thirty-two grandchildren and twenty-nine great-grandchildren.

He served in the Federal Army in 1856. Joined this army in Tampa, Florida. After serving sixteen - months he was mustered out, receiving as pay two mules, one large and one small. He sold the large mule and rode the small one home in eight days. When the Civil War broke out he joined the Confederate army, and was in the eighth Georgia Regiment, Company C. Was captured in a hospital during this war and was recognized by General Barron of the Federal forces, who served with him in Indian warfare in Florida. Through the influence of General Barron he was paroled in 1865 and walked all the way back to Poor Robin Spring near his home in Irwin County.

He made a contract with the German Government in 1878 to secure for them one hundred pine ship masts to square twenty-eight inches center. He secured these timbers, put them in rafts and floated them down the Ocmulgee River to Darien where he received $100.00 a stick for the same. In company with one Negro he walked back home.

In 1888, he contracted with the French Government to furnish them forty ship masts which he also delivered in like manner.

He was a steamboat pilot on the Ocmulgee and Altamaha River. In 1907 when he was eighty-one years old he piloted a new boat from Macon to the sea.

Many years ago a company in the sawmill business purchased two large boilers for use in their mills and had them shipped to Hawkinsville, the nearest railroad point to their destination, it being Abbeville, which was twenty-five miles south on the Ocmulgee River. The question of transportation of these heavy boilers was quite a problem. Mr. Statum looked them over and contracted to deliver the boilers at Abbeville for $200.00. He obtained the contract. He secured corks and securely fastened all flue and other openings in the boilers air and water tight and then rolled them into the Ocmulgee River and they floated and in this manner he carried them down the river and delivered them to their destination.


S. D. Fuller came to originally Irwin County from near Tobesofkee Creek in Bibb County with his father and mother, who are buried on the old home place fourteen miles north of Fitzgerald. Mr. Fuller was buried first at the old home place but his body was later moved to the Abbeville cemetery where his remains now rest. He was born in Baldwin County, Georgia, March 18, 1828. His father moved from North Carolina and married the daughter of Col. Thomas Kendrick, Columbia County. S.D. Fuller married Sarah Jane Bowman of North Carolina. He had one child, Miss Fannie Fuller, who married first, George R. Ried; second,J. R. Monroe. He came to originally Irwin County about 1849. During the War between the States he was a member of the forty-ninth Georgia Regiment, captain of Company......, and at the close of the war was aid to Gen. Anderson. In 1886 he was a member of the State Senate and was taken sick and died in Atlanta, October 18, 1886. He had represented Wilcox County in the Legislature several terms. He was quiet and unassuming in his manner, a good citizen, public-spirited, always advocating policies which tended to promote the general welfare.


Samuel Young was a Scotchman, coming to this country from the old country when quite a young man. He married Mary Luke, and had five sons and four daughters. His sons were: Marian D. Young, who married Fatha Paulk; George Young, who married Cornelia Minshew first; second.Henerita Vinson; Samuel S. Young, who married first, Mary Luke; second, Dona Player; Johnnie Young, who married Julia Walker, and Robert Young. His daughters were: Sallie Young, who married Wright Tomberlin; Martha Young, who married Isborn Player; Bettie Young, who married first,James Coley; second, Buck Jones, and Mary Arlie Young, who married Z.P. Gardner.


Thomas Young married Mary Beaty, and had three sons and seven daughters. He was killed by James Hall. His sons were: Jacob Young, who married Sophronia Fletcher, George Young, who married Mary Cooper, and Thomas Young, who married Emily Passmore. His daughters were: Peggie Young, who married Archie McMillan; Abbie Young, who married John Vickers, first; second, James Dorminy; Becky Young, who married John Hill; Nancy Young, who married Henry Harper; Mary Young, who did not marry; Eliza Young, who did not marry, and Caroline Young, who married James H. Fletcher.


John Wilcox married ................ Lee, a kinswoman of General R. E. Lee. His sons were: Thomas L. Wilcox, who married Abigale McDuffie; Clark Wilcox, who married first, Jane E. Fuller; second, Susan Ried; Woodson Wilcox; James Wilcox, who married Betsy McDuffie; George Wilcox, who married second time, .......... Kennedy; John Wilcox, who married ........................; Mark Wilcox, who married ................... Coffee; Murdock Wilcox, who married ................., and Lewis Wilcox, who married Sarah McDuffie.


Thomas L. Wilcox came to Irwin County from Pulaska County and married Abbigale McDuffie, November 20, 1830. He had six sons and seven daughters. His sons were: John Wilcox, who married ...............; Mark Wilcox, who married ................; Lewis B. Wilcox, who married Arabella McCrimmon; Murdock Wilcox, who did not marry; Thomas Lee, who did not marry, and Clark Wilcox, who married Mandy Tomberlin. His daughters were: Elizabeth Wilcox, who married ..............; Sibbie Wilcox, who married Drewery Ried; Mary W. Wilcox, who did not marry; Rebecca Wilcox, who married Dr. D. F. McCrimmon; Sarah Wilcox, who married Archie McCrimmon; Abbigale Wilcox, who married Marsh Boseman, and Julia Wilcox, who married Marsh Boseman.


George R. Ried, Sr., married first Celia Reeves and second .............. McCall. He had four sons and eight daughters. His sons were: Drewery Ried, who married first, Sibbie Wilcox; second, Fannie Mashburn; third, Eliza Player; Henry Ried, who did not marry; George Ried, who married Ellen Ewing, and S. B. Ried, who married Harriett Hollingsworth. His daughters were: Nancy Ried, who married John Wilcox first; second, J. W. Mashburn; Martha Ried, who married R. O. Holton; Susan Ried, who married Clark Wilcox; Celie Ann Ried, who married Wiley William first; second, Hugh McCartney; Lou Ried, who married R. V. Bowen; Roxie Ried, who married Thomas D. Wilcox; Sallie Ried, who married first, J. H. Dykes; second, J. T. Floyd, and Elizabeth Ried, who married ............. McIntyre.


John Tomberlin married Elizabeth Andrews. He Had five sons and five daughters. His sons were: Wright Tomberlin, who married Martha Reeves; Joseph Tomberlin, who married Lucretia Reeves; Thomas Tomberlin, who married Mary Rountree; James Tomberlin, who married Abigale Gay, and William Tomberlin, who married Peggy William (John W.'s father). His daughters were: Annie Tomberlin, who married Joseph Fletcher; Mary Tomberlin, who married Elizabeth Winderwheedle; Sallie Tomberlin, who married Sally McDermit; Miriah Tomberlin, who married Mariah Davidson, and Nancy Tomberlin, who married Joshua A. Luke.


Wright Tomberlin married Martha Reeves, and had three sons and eight daughters. His sons were; John A. Tomberlin, who married first, Elizabeth Wilcox; second, Lucy Player; George R. Tomberlin, who married Margaret Fletcher, and Wright Tomberlin, who married Sallie Young. His daughters were: Betty Tomberlin, who married James Fitzgerald; Nancy Tomberlin, who married George W. Player; Sibbie Tomberlin, who married John W. Tomberlin, Mary Tomberlin, who married John B. Paulk; Sarah Tomberlin, who married D. T. Paulk; Martha Tomberlin who married Thomas Drawdy; Celia Tomberlin, who married first, William McCall; second, Bose Poole, and Amanda Tomberlin, who married Clark Wilcox.


George Spring married first, Sallie Marchant and second, Sallie Rowels, and had seven sons and two daughters. The sons were: John Spring, who never married; Jake Spring, who never married, Jerry Spring, who married .................. ; Bill Spring, who married ....................; George Spring, who married ............... Rouse; Joseph Spring, who died in the war, and Isaac Spring, who married ................. Shivers. His daughters were Rachel Spring, who married Dan Gillis, and Fereby Spring, who died.


Joseph Sumner married Mahala Smith and had six sons and seven daughters. His sons were: Gordon Sumner, who married Rachel Marchant; Jack Sumner, who married first, Becky Ann Young; second, .............. Monk; third, Polly Hobby; fourth, P. Joiner; Daniel Sumner, who married first, .............. Monk; second, Martha Hobby; George Sumner, who married Rhoda Porter; Joseph M. Sumner, who married Jane Young, and Tom Sumner, who died in the war. His daughters were: Sallie Sumner, who married Ben Willis; Matilda Sumner, who married Jehu Fletcher; Mary Sumner, who married William Garrett; Betsy Sumner, who married James Young; Eliza Sumner, who married Isaac Rooks; Sophronia Sumner, who married Elbert Fletcher, and Missouri Sumner, who married Joseph Sutton.


Jesse Sumner, Sr., married Vina Yates, and had five sons and five daughters. His sons were: James C. Sumner, who married Mary Branch; Jesse Sumner, who married first, ........ Drawdy; second, Katie Sutton; John Sumner, who married Neelly Sutton; Ashley Sumner, who married Martha Sutton, and Alex Sumner, who married Leany Marchant. His daughters were: Nancy Sumner, who married John Roberts; Ruthie Sumner, who married James Branch; Betsy Sumner, who married Rian Kinnard; Vina Sumner, who never married, and Rachel Sumner, who married Malcom McMillan.


Jacob Young married Betsy Marchant, and had two sons and four daughters. This was the man for whom "Youn's Meeting House" was named. His sons were: Isaac Young (Elijah's father), who married Nancy Roberts, and James Young, who married Sarah Woodard (Bowleg). His daughters were: Date Young, who did not marry; Patty Young, who married James Drawdy; Betsy Young, who married John Pipkin, and Barzilla, who did not marry.

JACOB YOUNG'S (Walter Young's Grandfather) FAMILY.

Jacob Young married Betsy Marchant, and had seven sons and three daughters. His sons were: George Young, who married Polly Van Fletcher; Isaac Young, who married Mary Ann Blanchatt; Tom Young, who married Martha Sumner; Micajah Young, who married Hettie Warren; James Young, who married Betsy Sumner; Martin Young, who married Cintha Webb, and Walter Young, who never married. His daughters were: Becky Ann Young, who married Jack Sumner; Narcissa Young, who married Dan Willis, and Jane Young, who married Joe M. Sumner.


George W. Warren married Sallie Ross, and had four sons and one daughter. His sons were: William Warren, who married Sara Clements; James Warren, who married Martha Gibbs; Lott Warren, who married Millie Sumner, and George Warren, who married ................. Fox. His daughter, Hettie Warren, married Micajah Young.

PAULK FAMILY The first Paulk to move to Irwin County was Micajah Paulk, who married Mary C. Young. His sons were: Jacob Paulk, who married Katie Henderson; George Paulk, who married Margaret Cook; John Paulk, who married Elizabeth Lott; James Paulk, who married Faithie Akins; Thomas Paulk, who married Nancy Henderson; Elijah Paulk, who married Tisha Vickers; Micajah Paulk, who married Mary McMillian, and Henry Paulk, who married Deliah Peterson; second time, Sarah Griffin. Daughters: Rebecca Paulk, who married Eli Vickers the first time, Jesse Vickers, second; Elinor Paulk, who married John B. Dorminy; Sarah Paulk, who married John Smith; Elizabeth Paulk, who married Reubin Gay, and Mollie V. Paulk, who married Rev. Richard M. Tucker.


Jacob Paulk married Katie Henderson. Sons: Thomas Paulk, who married Blanset Sutton; George Paulk, who married Rachel Whiddon; James Paulk, who married Betsy Hobby; Jack Paulk who did not marry; Micajah Paulk, who married Mary V. Whiddon: Baby Paulk, who did not marry, and Alonzo Paulk, who married Ann Jean Merritt. Daughters: Margaret Paulk, who married John Gaskins; Malissa Paulk, who married James B. Fletcher; Mary Paulk, who married Jehu Fletcher.


George Paulk married Margaret Cook. Sons: Jacob Paulk, who married Rhoda Henderson; Micajah Paulk, who married Tisha Vickers; William Paulk, who married first, Elizabeth Merritt; second, Phobea Mathis; third, Eliza Douglass Newbern; James Paulk, who did not marry, and George Paulk, who did not marry. Daughter: Jane Paulk, who married John H. Edinfield.


James Paulk married Faithie Akeridge. Sons: Reason Paulk, who married Ann Brown; Warren Paulk, who married Martha Brown; Hiram Paulk, who married Millie Fletcher; Elbert Paulk, who married Rachel Clements; James Paulk, who married Rachel Whiddon first; second, ............. Tucker; Azor Paulk, who married Judie Fletcher, and Zara Paulk, who married Rachel Hobby first, and Polly Whiddon, second. Daughter: Ellen Paulk, who married John W. Fletcher.


John Paulk married Elizabeth Lott. Sons: Jodie Paulk, who did not marry, and Henry Brooks Paulk, who married Fannie Peterson. Daughter: Sallie Paulk, who married G. J. Harper.


Thomas Paulk married Nancy Henderson. Sons: Elijah Paulk, who married Beckie Lott; Thomas L. Paulk, who married Celesta Sears, and Henry Paulk, who married Mary Gaskins. Daughters: Margaret Paulk, who married Dan McMillan, first; secon, Henry Merritt; Nellie Paulk, who married Charles Daniel; Nancy Paulk, who did not marry, and Rebecca Paulk, who married Lige Tucker.


Henry Paulk married D. Peterson, first; second, S. Griffin. Sons: Thomas Paulk, who married Lucy Lott, and Oscar Paulk, who married Mary Fussell. Daughter: Betsy Paulk, who married Archie Gaskins.


Elijah Paulk married Tisha Vickers. Son: Dennis Paulk, who married Semantha Sears. Daughters: Sallie Paulk, who married John Fussell, and ........... Paulk, who married Lige Harper. The Paulk family has been very prominent in all walks of life in originially Irwin County. John Paulk, son of Micajah Paulk, who was the first member of the Paulk family to settle in Irwin County was Senator from Irwin County in 1835. George Paulk was Senator from Irwin County from 1853 to 1865. Thomas Paulk was member of the Constitutional Convention from Berrien County in 1865, also Representative from Berrien County 1868 to 1870, also 1882 and 1883. Reason Paulk was Representative from Irwin County, 1871 to 1872. Robert V. Paulk was Representative from Irwin County, 1911 to 1912. John B. Paulk was Representative from Irwin County, 1892 and 1893. Dennis Paulk was Representative from Coffee County, 1882 and 1893. T. L. Paulk was Representative from Coffee County, 1902 and 1903. M. J. Paulk was Senator from Irwin County, 1910 and 1912. Dr. George Paulk was Senator from Berrien County, 1910 and 1912. J. W. Paulk was Representative from Irwin County, 1902 and 1903. D. T. Paulk was Sergeant-at-Arms for the House of Representatives and also messenger of the Senate for several terms. Robert L. Paulk was messenger of the Senate, 1890 to 1891. Wright T. Paulk was Representative from Ben Hill County, 1911 to 1914. Felix Paulk was page in Senate in 1911 and 1912. Reason Paulk was Senator from Turner County, 1930 and 1931, and was Representative for Turner County, 1931 and 1932. The Paulk family have held numerous county offices in originially Irwin County.


Daniel Luke married Bettie Hammonds. They moved from South Carolina on Little Peedee River and settled on Sam Brown place in originally Irwin County, now Wilcox County. His sons were: Joshua A. Luke, who married Nancy Tomberlin; Mack Luke, who married Sallie Miller; Jasper Luke, who married Sallie Land; James C. Luke, who married Malinda Covington; John Luke, who married Beckie Spivey; Jesse J. Luke, who married Ginsey Fletcher, and David Luke, who married first, ......... Turner; second, Sarah Byrd. Daughters: Betsey Luke, who married Abrahm McCall, and Mary Luke, who married Samuel Young.


The Vickerses came from England to the United States, stopping first in Massachusetts, went from there to Baltimore, Maryland, later came to North Carolina, moved from there to Laurens County, Georgia, and from there to Irwin County, Georgia. There were three brothers and one sister. Wiley Vickers stopped in Irwin County, Jesse Vickers and Youngie Vickers and Sister Kasire moved to Alabama.


Sons: Eli Vickers, who married Beckey Paulk; Jesse Vickers, who married Beckey Paulk; Youngie Vickers, who married Betsey Tucker; John Vickers, who married Abbie Young; Ashley Vickers, who did not marry, and Bill Vickers, who did not marry. Daughters: Tilda Vickers, who did not marry; Madison Vickers, who did not marry, and Tisha Vickers, who married Elisha Paulk.


Youngie Vickers married first, Fannie Peterson; second, Betsy Tucker. Sons: Dennis Vickers, who married first, Mosan Harper; second, Mary Jane Lott; third, Sullis Whitley; Youngie Vickers, who married first, Mollie Merritt; second, Margaret McMillan; Eli Vickers, who married Euna Luke, and Richard Vickers, who never married. Daughters: Sallie Vickers, who married Henry Harper (Big Mouth); Lizzie Vickers, who married John Carver; Polley Vickers, who married Shanks Harper; Rebecca Vickers, who married Joe McDonald; Christian Vickers, who married J. J. Hatfield first; second, John Lott; Nellie Vickers, who married Flem Harper; Katie Vickers, who married Riley Harper; Tisha Vickers, who married first, Micajah Paulk; second, Frederick Arburthknott; Lillie Vickers, who married first, George Paulk; second, William Jowers; Beddie Vickers, who married Allen Carver, and Wiley Vickers, who married Nancy Harper.


William Bowen married Frankie Dixon, daughter of John B. F. Dixon. Sons: Robert V. Bowen, who married Mary Louise Reid; Parris Bowen, who did not marry, and John Bowen, who did not marry. Daughters: Mary Ann Bowen, who married Benjamine Fussell, and Susan Bowen, who married Dr. R. M. Rose.


Joseph A. Turner came from South Carolina about 1818; he was with the surveyors in surveying Irwin County into land lots. He married first, Sallie Tucker of Irwin County; second, Rachel Pickern of Irwin County. His sons: Joseph Turner, who married Mary Grice; Jack Turner, who married Elizabeth Dunn; Dennis Turner, who married Sarah Byrd, and Ellis Turner, who did not marry. Daughters: Miranza Turner, who married Sam Golf; Zilpha Turner, who married .................; Samantha Turner, who married Eliza Pickern, and Lucy Turner, who married Francis Key. Second marriage, son: Allison J. Turner, who married Alice Hogan. Daughters: Arnold Turner, who married Winifred Dunn; Sena Turner, who married Doc Kinard; Nancy Turner, who married J. W. Paulk; Ruth Turner, who married E. G. M. Fletcher; Joe Neal Turner, who married Smith Statum, and Tobe Turner, who married John McDuffie, first, and Lum Mixon, second.


John B. F. Dixon and Bob Dixon were brothers. John B. F. Dixon lived on the Ocmulgee River north of the John B. D. Dorminy place and is buried on his old farm near Ocmulgee River east of the River road, originally Irwin County, now Ben Hill. Adam Dixon, colored, who lived at Queensland, was on of his old slaves. Bob Dixon, the other brother was the father of James Dixon, who married Polley Nipper, Limon Dixon, who married Katy McInnis; Frank Dixon, who married Pathin Powell; Gus Dixon, who married Nancy Hall, and Tom Dixon, who did not marry.


Cornelius Clements married Mary Register. They came from Darlington District, South Carolina, to Laurens County, Georgia, and from there to Irwin County, where he died and was buried on what is know as the old claim, third district in Irwin County. His sons were: Elias Clements, who married Elizabeth Turner; Jesse Clements, who married Margaret Smith; John Clements, who did not marry, and Richard Clements, who did not marry.


Elias Clements married Elizabeth Turner. His sons were: Cornelius Clements, who married Una Paulk, and John Clements, who married Narcissa Pate. Daughters: Mary Clements, who married R. T. Mauldin: Ruthie Clements, who married John A. Gibbs; Lupina Clements, who married R. M. Booth, and Rachel Clements, who married W. A. Clark.


Jesse Clements married Margaret Smith. His sons were: Jesse Clements, who married Mrs. Welden; John R. Clements, who married .............; Daniel Clements, who married Alice Bass; Benet Clements, who did not marry, and George Clements, who did not marry. Daughters: Elizabeth Clements, who married Lige Pate, and Sarah Clements, who married David Gibbs.


David M. Hogan moved from Wilkinson County to Irwin County, 1856, married first, Martha Jones; second, Jamima Pridgen; third, Sallie Sharp. Sons: E. J. Hogan, who married Luticia Paulk; M. G. Hogan, who married Lola B. Wilcox; D. J. Hogan, who married Rachel Walker; O. G. Hogan, who married Mary Mauldin; John Hogan, who did not marry; Bonie Hogan, who married first, Ida M. Hunter; second, Annie LeSuer, and Joel Hogan, who did not marry. Daughters: Jane Hogan, who married John Walker; Julia Hogan, who married William Tomberlin; Mary Hogan, who married Daniel Rainey; Katie Hogan, who married James Smith, and Margaret Hogan, who married B. B. Barber.


Jesse Vickers married Rebecca Paulk. Children: Beedy, who married Joel Lott in 1826.


Eli Vickers married Rebecca Paulk. Children: Rev. John J., who married first, Martha Lott; second, Jane Graves; Wiley, who married Polly Lott first, and ............ Parker, second; Henry, who married first, Ellen Sears; second, Katie McMillan; Elijah, who married Ann Sutton; Willie, who married Frances Lott; Rebecca, who did not marry; Mary Polly, who married Hamilton Sears; Micajah, who married Harriett Sears; Eli, who married Lucy Lott, and Matilda, who married D. P. Lott.


Rev. J. J. Vickers married first, Martha Lott; second, Mary Jane Gray. Children: Rebecca, who did not marry; Elizabeth, who married Lucius Paulk; John J., who married Una Whiddon; Martha, who married G. G. Henderson; Beeddy, who married Elmore Main; Avie, who married Dempsey Whiddon; Daniel, who married Belle Bailey; Ely, who married Lila Paulk; Joseph, who married Elizabeth Daniels; Leon, who married Fronnie McMillan; Lewis, who married first, Lucy Lott; second, Emma McEachen; George, who did not marry; Melissa, who married first, Dr. Howell; second, Thomas McMillan; Henry, who married Bessie Joyner; Edwin, who was killed by lightning; William, who married Bessie Paulk; Jacob, who married first, ......... Lott; second, Rebecca Daniels; Rachel, who married Lott Paulk, and Minnie, who married Ollie Paulk.


John L. Mixon married first, Nancy Gibbs, second, Nancy Mims Brown. Children: James W., who married Jinsey Roberts, first; second, Belle Plair; George, who married Mary Griffin; Joseph, who married Mary Jane Luke; Wright, who married Susie Tucker; Samuel, who married Christine Purvis; Rebecca, who married John Roberts; Sibbey, who married Jacob Tucker; Susan, who married J. R. Brown; Betsie, who did not marry; Mary, who married Micajah Griffin; Warren, who married Martha Sutton; C. C., who married Rebecca Roberts; Sadie, who did not marry; Nellie, who married Walton Tucker, and Rosa, who married W. H. Weaver.


R. W. Clements was the eldest son of Hon. A. P. Clements, son of the first settlers of Irwin County. He was born, reared and lived out his life in this county. He was an excellent business man, strictly honest, truthful, sober and charitable. He never turned the deserving and needy away empty handed, his constant aim being to let justice prevail. When the war between the states began he enlisted and was chosen First Lieutenant in Company "F" of the 49th Georgia Regiment Infantry and went to Virginia army C. S. A. where he served during the early part of the war when he by reason of ill health resigned that position and came back to his native state and re-enlisted in the Fourth Georgia Cavalry Regiment in which he served until the close of the war. After his marriage to Miss Una Whiddon he settle at Irwinville, Ga., and remained there until his death. Children: James B., who married first, Ora Baker; second, Lillie Hunter. About the year 1870 he was elected Clerk of the Superior Court of Irwin County, which office he held continuously for twenty years, making the county a faithful and most efficient officer. He was made a free Mason in 1858 in Irwin Lodge No. 212 of which lodge he was secretary when the Civil War broke out. In 1885, he became a charter member of Irwinville Lodge No. 315, he being its first secretary, which position he held until his death. He was a staunch believer in masonry and was always prompt and faithful in all of his masonic duties.


Jacob Clements married Ellen Gibbs Ross. Children: Cicero, who married ................; Dollie, who married R. E. L. Allen, and Nannie, who married ............ Johnson.


David Clements married Susan Whiddon. Children: A. E. Clements, who did not marry; W. A. Clements, who married Sara Smith; J. P. Clements, who married Mary V. Smith: J. Y. Clements, who married Mattie Cobb; Nancy Clements, who did not marry; Rachael, who did not marry; Julia, who did not marry; Susie, who did not marry, and Lola, who married J. D. Boatwright.


W. J. Clements married Missouri Smith. Children: R. Walton, who married Sena Winn; Missouri, who married Will Taylor; Malissa, who married James Gordon; Emma, who married Sam Purvis; Alice, who married Matt Taylor first; second, George Paulk; Lula, who married Allen Flowers; Jimmie, who married James Mitchell; Irene, who married Lige Hamon, and Beckie, who married ................ Wilson.


A. E. Clements married Jane Henderson. Children: Reason, who married Mary Winn; James, who married .......................; John, who married Maude Wilcox; Sara, who married Ed Musslewhite, and Susie, who married ........................ Winters.


James I. Clements married first, Mary J. Paulk; second, Sara Henderson. Children: Arthur, who married .............. ; Otho, who married George Warren; Letie, who married Hezekia Bussey, and Loyd, who did not marry.


Jacob Young married Sophie Fletcher. Children: Thomas B., who married Una Henderson; Marie V., who married M. Henderson; Rebecca, who married D. J. Henderson, and Maggie, who married Robt. L. Henderson.


Richard Young married Jane Land. Children: John, who married Julian Myers; Thomas, who married Pollie Land; Henry, who married Susie Mulkey; Susie, who married Lemuel Taylor; Sara, who marrie Neal Dixon; Georgean, who married George Mulkey; Elizabeth, who married James Taylor; Martha, who married James Dixon; and Millie, who did not marry.


James Dixon married Pollie Nipper. Children: John, who married Martha Hogens; Neal, who married Sara Young; James, who married Martha Young; Bettie Ann, who married Jerimia Dix; Dollie, who married Liman Dixon, and Mary, who did not marry.


Liman Dixon married Katie McInnis. Children: Flora, who married Mose McCall.


Frank Dixon married Patience Powell. Children: J. B. B., who married Georgian Fussell; Liman, who married first, Dollie Dixon, second, Betty Young; Robert, who married Bettie Young; Susan, who married John Bohannon; Margaret, who married D. E. Hunter; Sara, who married Jack Barton, and Martha, who married first Jake Dorminy; second, Dunk Walker.


William Fletcher married Polly Dorminy. Children: William, who did not marry; John W., who married Ellen Paulk, first; second, Martha Parson; James B., who married Malissa Paulk; Joe, who did not marry; David, who did not marry; Elbert, who married Katie McMillan; Jehu, who married Mary Paulk; Henry T., who married Sara Paulk; George, who married ........... Shaw; Judie, who married Aza Paulk; Millie, who married Hiram Paulk, and Rachael, who married James McMillan.


Jehu Fletcher married Matilda Sumner. Children: William, who did not marry; Joseph, who did not marry; James, who married Mary Jane Cooper; John Y., who married Millie Gibbs; Horton, who married Mary Young; George W., who married Argene Overstreet; Elbert, who married ................ Mims first; second, Emma LeSeur; Mary, who married George Paulk first; second, Babe Gibbs; Millie, who married John McMillan; Martha, who married Dink Walker; Nancy, who married Thomas McMillan, and Sallie, who married Willie Mitchell.


John Fletcher married Beedie Thompson. Children: James, who married ......................; and Jane, who married Allen Brooks.


Horton Fletcher married Mary Clements. Children: William, who married Beckie Young; Nancy, who married Lawson Smith, and Pollie, who married Jesse Taylor.


James H. Fletcher married Caroline Young. Children: Thomas Y., who married Julia Paulk; Joseph, who did not marry; George H., who married Margaret McMillan; Jacob, who married Florence Sumner first, second, Annie Richardson; Reason P., who married Nellie Gay; Jehu L, who married first, Nancy Baker; second, Della Jackson; Elbert L., who married Lizzie Christmas; Suffie, who married W. J. Weaver; Margaret, who married Geo. R. Tomberlin; Mary, who married Micajah Paulk; Matilda, who married Thomas Whitely; Sophronia, who married George Flowers; Beckie, who married James Mauldin; Judie, who married John Phelps, and Rona, who married John Davis.


Wiley Fletcher married Caroline Smith. Children: E. G. M., who married first, Polly Hobby; second, Ruth Turner; Marcus, who married Jodie Gay; Henry T., who married Jane Young; Elias d., who married Fannie Dykes; Joseph, who married Viana Mann; Duncan, who married Mary Bass; Martha, who married M. D. Gay; Ellen, who married first, Geo. Tucker; second, Lee Gay; Abbie, who did not marry; Sallie, who did not marry, and Malissa, who married Henry Bostwick.


Elbert Fletcher married Sophronia Sumner. Children: Wiley, who married Eliza Mims; Manassa, who married Lila Branch; Marcus, who married ............; Ben, who married ..................; Georgean, who married T. D. Paulk; Julia, who married William Glover; Arrell, who married Micajah Young; Rona, who married Frank Paulk; Louise, who married Ben Ellington; Alice, who married first, Otis Luke; second, Cleveland Rogers; Gussie, who married A. D. Ross; Emma, who married Lott Whiddon.


Hardy Hunter, David Hunter, Elijah Hunter and Redding Hunter were the first of this name to settle in originally Irwin County and lived not far from Bowen's Mill, now Ben Hill County.


Hardy Hunter married Polly McCall. Children: Thomas, who married Elimna Griffin; George, who married Mary Coleman; Ann, who married Lum Mixon, and Isabella, who married George Handley.


David Hunter married Beckie Cursey.


Redding Hunter married ..............................; Children: Zilphie, who married John Tucker; Bob, who did not marry; Susan, who married Jacob Dorminy; Abby, who married Warren Dorminy; Nancy, who married Jack Hutchinson, and Lavine, who did not marry.


Elisha Hunter married ................... Cox. Children: R. F., who married Malinda Tucker; D. E., who married Eliza McCall; Elisha, who married Susan Aikins; Boss, who married Betty Aikins; Samuel, who married Billy Aikins; George, who married Mary Ryals; William, who married E. Bryant, and Sibbie, who married Mitchell Akins.


Elisha Tucker married ................. Hunter. Children: Frederic, who married Martha Powell; Rev. Richard, who married Jane Young; John, who married Hester Nobles; Catherine, who married Isaac Hobby; Rebecca, who married Daniel Henderson, and ..................., who married Ranse Suggs.


Frederic Tucker married Martha Powell. Children: Rev. Elisha, who married first, ............... Tucker; second, Salema Bussell; George, who married Lizzie Whitley, and Zilphia, who married Mannie Griffin.


Micajah Tucker married first, Elizabeth Henderson; second, Fannie Harper. Children: Daniel, who married Beckie Harper; Mary, who married L. L. C. Harper; Katie, who did not marry; James, who married Malissa Mobley; George, who married Hester Ann Harper; John, who did not marry; Margaret, who married William Grantham; Mahala, who married J. J. Harper; Rachael, who married Sam Burns; Mike, who married ............... Pippins; Betsy, who married D. A. McInnis; Reason, who married Lanore Solomon; Jacob, who did not marry; Susie, who married Wright Mixon; Eliza, who married Godfrey McMillan; Alonzo, who married Mary Paulk; Robert, who married Betsy Nobles; Letha, who married Charles DeBerry, and Gracie, who married John Gray.


Richard Tucker married Sara Harper. Children: Ava J., who married Charlie Lee; Mollie, who married John W. Gray; James, who died; Shade, who died; Henry, who married ............ Turner; Rachael, who married Warren Nobles; William, who married Sara Purvis; Drucilla, who married Elbert Nobles; Martha, who married James Seymour; Lizzie, who married Leonard Harper; Oliver, who married Donna McNeese, and Richard, who married Bessie Graham.


John Tucker married ................ Corbitt. Children: Eliza, who did not marry; John, who did not marry; Micajah, who married ..................... Tyson; Ann, who married Lewis Griffin, and Loranzo, who married ...................... Griffin.


Lemuel Taylor married Abbie McAnally. Children: John, who married Tilda Mims; Catherine, who did not marry; Dennis, who died in the war; James, who died; Susan, who married first, James Gibbs; second, John Smith; Davis, who married first, .............. Fitzgerald; second, Mary Ann Fitzgerald; Lamuel D., who married Betty Pate; Dempsy, who married ............................; Beckie, who married James P. Gibbs; George, who married first, Matha Owens; second, Effie Fenders; third, Lena Lamb, and Drew, who married Anna Sims.


John Taylor married Tilda Mims. Children: Jane, who married Abram Bennett; John, who married ..................... ; David, who married .....................; Catherine, who married .............................; Joseph, who married .........................; Shem, who married ........................; Mattie, who married Jacob Gibbs, and Suffie, who married ................................


David Taylor married Mary Ann Fitzgerald.


L. D. Taylor married Betty Pate. Children: Rebecca J., who died in childhood; Emma, who married John R. Clements; Polly, who married Jim Johnson; Ellen, who married Archie Bennett; Frank, who did not marry; John, who did not marry; Lamuel, who married Aretha Butler; James, who did not marry; Charles, who did not marry, and Jesse, who married Nancy Stone.


Allen Gibbs married Martha Smith. Children: Tommy, who married Mary Lawson; James, who married Susan Taylor; Isaac, who married Mandy Hancock; William, who married Tibby Gordy; John A., who married Ruthie Clements; Joseph, who married Hala Smith; George, who married Betty Land; Hala, who married Henry Lawson; Matilda, who married Robert Rogers; Sis, who married Henry Land, and Sara, who did not marry.


Tommy Gibbs married Mary Lawson. Children: Early, who married Etta Martin; Charles, who married Rebecca Hester; Woot, who married ................Williamson; John, who did not marry; Julia, who married W. F. McSwain; Mary, who married Homer Pickard; Mantha, who did not marry, and Belle, who did not marry.


James Gibbs married Susan Taylor. Children: Missouri, who married Marion Gibbs.


Isaac Gibbs married Mandy Hancock. Children: James, who married Lizzie Lacy; John, who married Lula Mixon; Jacob, who married Elizabeth Taylor; Joseph, who did not marry; Martha, who married John Walker; Belle, who married James Player; Ellen, who married John Mixon, and Roxie, who married Richard Taylor.


John A. Gibbs married Ruthie Clements. Children: Warren, who married Emma Gordy; Emma, who married Marion Taylor; Walter, who did not marry; Cleveland, who did not marry; and Ida, who did not marry.


Joe Gibbs married Hala Smith. Children: Babe, who married Belle Powell; Minnie, who did not marry, and Una, who married Quincy Lupo.


George Gibbs married Betty Land. Children: Robert, who married Annie Land; Dewey, who married .........................; John, who married ........................; Annie, who married Dan Smith; Sibbie, who married John Brown, and Millie, who married ....................


William Gibbs married Tibby Gordy. Children: Thomas, who married .................; Artie, who did not marry; Westley, who did not marry; Rosa, who married Lonnie Britt; Lemmie, who married Elzie Musselwhite, and Sallie, who married ............................


M. B. H. McCall and C. S. McCall were brothers and came from Scotland to North Carolina and from there to Savannah, Georgia, thence to Pulaski County and from there to originally Irwin County, now Wilcox County, near Cedar Creek Church.

M. B. H. McCall FAMILY

M. B. H. McCall married Hala Posey. Children: C. S. McCall, who married first, Elizabeth Ashley; second, Mrs. Josephine McCall; W. B., who married Celia Tomberlin; Henry, who died; George, who died; Betty, who married John McDuffie; James M., who married Jimmie A. Holly; Rebecca, who married William Bush, and Sallie, who married Norman Statham.


C. S. McCall married Elizabeth Ashley, first; Mrs. Josephine McCall, second. Children: Elizabeth, who married Philip Brown; Charles S., who married Mary Swain; Sallie, who married John Griffin; W. B., who did not marry; Malissa, who married James Barnes first; Joseph Miller, second; Julia, who married John Swain; James, who died; Rebecca, who married Arthur Nasworthy; Mattie, who married John Warren, and T. D., who married Mary J. Gordon.


C. S. McCall married Mary Swain. Children: J. W., who married Gussie Pittman; Minnie, who married Tom Wideman; Annie, who married Clarence McElmurray; Ida, who married .....................; C. S., Jr., who is not married; John A., who is not married, and F. H., who is not married.


T. D. McCall married Mary J. Gordon. Children: C. Hardy, who married Catherine ......................; Nettie, who married Raymond Moore; T. D. Jr., who did not marry; Mary J., who married Ira Thrasher; J. M., who did not marry; Ruth, who did not marry; Rowell, who did not marry, and Loise, who did not marry.


Jehu McCall married Katie Brown. Children: Mary, who married Rev. Hardy Hunter; Eliza, who married Rev. Edwards Hunter; Lettie, who married James Barrentine; Frankie, who married George Ried; Lucretia, who married John Mixon; David, who married Elzie ...................; George, who married Sara Mixon; Sam, who married Mary McIntyre; John, who married Susie McIntyre, and Moses, who married Flora Dixon.


David McCall married Elvie ............................ Children: Susie, who married Hansel Paul; Jehu, who married Millie Scarboro, and George, who died.


George McCall married Sara Mixon. Children: J. S. McCall, who married Nancy McCall; Mary, who married George C. Wilcox, and Katie, who married David Smith.


Sam McCall married Mary McIntyre. Children: Betty, who married Joe Rhodes, and John, who died.


John McCall married Susie McIntyre. Children: Duncan, who married Emma Bowen.


Mose McCall married Flora Dixon. Children: John, who married Sara Tucker; Liman, who married Texas Melvin; Jehu, who married Sara McCook; Roxie, who married John T. Dix; Flora C., who married Dan Young, and Nancy, who married J. S. McCall.


Abram McCall married Betsy Luke. Children: James, who married Katie Pope; Betty, who married Lewis Covington; Mary, who did not marry, and Dock, who married Josephine Ball.


John McMillan married Sallie Paulk. Children: Archie, who died in the war; Daniel, who married Sid Easters; Malcom, who married ................... Griffin; John, who married Rachel Fletcher; James, who married Millie Fletcher; Jacob, who married ................ Graves; George, who married .................... ; Margaret, who did not marry; Mary, who did not marry; Peggie, who married ........................ Paulk; Sara, who married Joseph Fletcher; Betsy, who married William Fletcher; Malissa, who married Ed Walker, and Katie, who married Elbert Fletcher.


Malcom McMillan married Rachael Sumner. Children: Ashley, who married ..........................; Randell, who married Elizabeth Purvis; James, who married Becky Vickers; Malcom, who married ..................... Alexander; Williams, who married ................ Alexander; Burrell, who married Sallie Alexander; Alec, who married Sara Dees; John, who married Miriam Tucker; Jesse, who married .....................; Archie, who married Abbie Griffin; Mary, who married .....................; Nancy, who did not marry; Viney, who married ................... Rutherford; Jane, who married Henry Alexander, and Margaret, who married Daniel Paulk.


Archie McMillan married Peggy Young. Children: John, who married Mary J. Whitley; Thomas, who married Nancy Fletcher; Daniel, who did not marry; Archie, who married Narcissa Lott; Malcom, who married Narcissa Henderson; Jacob, who married Ava Paulk; Mary , who married James Burns; Jane, who married Richard Whitley; Margaret, who married George Fletcher; Katie, who married Henry Vickers; Sara, who died, and Rebecca, who married M. Paulk.


Henry Harper married to Nancy Merritt. Children: Sarah, who married Richard Tucker; Jacob, who married Sallie Paulk; Luke L., who married first, Judy Paulk; second, Martha Whitley; Flem, who married Nellie Vickers; Henry S., who married Polly Vickers; James H., who married first, Georgeann Paulk; second, Pearl Jeffries; Susie, who married James Griffin; Hester, who married George Tucker; Mosan, who married Dennis Vickers; Rachel, who married Jacob A. Paulk; Nancy, who married Wiley Vickers; Len, who married Katie Griffin, and Rebecca, who married Jasper Nobles.


Jacob Harper married Sallie Paulk. Children: Oliver, who married Wootie Paulk; Albert, who married ................ Fussell; Lott, who married ............... Hickman; Walton, who married ............... Gaskin; Joel, who married .......... Bruce; Babe, who married ............... Johnson; Sewell, who married ...................; Alonza, who married ..................; Elizabeth, who married R. I. Kirkland, and Drucilla, who married C. R. McDermitt.


Luke L. Harper married Judy Paulk. Children: Riley, who married Katie Vickers; Jehu who married first, Susan Dorminy; second ............... Clements; Elbert, who died; Susie, who married Warren Vickers; Wiley, who married Nancy Harper; Rachel, who married L. W. J. McClellan; Nancy, who died, and Juda, who married W. A. Tucker.


Flem Harper married first, Eliza Smith; second, Becca Tucker. Children: Cushia, who married Lucy Lott; Len, who married Tigart; Moses, who married Arrel McDermitt; Flem, who married Angy McCook; Jacob, who did not marry; Georgiann, who married George Gray; Susie, who married Micajah Paulk; Beccy, who married Manassa Henderson; Elizabeth, who married West Fulford, and Sara, who died.


Henry S. Harper married Polly Vickers. Children: Asa, who married Carry Jones; Richard, who married Mattie Roberts; Dawson, who married Beckie McDonald; Edwin, who married Irene Raffield; Sallie, who married Walter Paramoure; Narcissus, who married L. L. Luke, and Betty, who married Mich Driskill.


James H. Harper married Georgeann Paulk. Children: Osie, who married Aliff Paulk; Betty, who married Joe Merritt; Leonard, who married first, Nancy Vickers; second, Tisha Harper; Katie, who married Charles Tucker; John D., who married Ella Jowers; Rachel, who married James Richardson; Ada, who married Clayton Merritt; Alice, who married Edwin Maddox; Lillie, who married Fred Sanders; Maxie, who died; Myrtice, who died, and Dempsy, who died.


Len Harper married Katie Griffin. Children: Robert, who married Betsy Moore; Amos, who married Betsy Merritt; Tom, who married Avy Moore; Susie, who married Jacob Tucker; Lucius, who marrie Alice Tucker; Leonard, who married Beckie Swilley; Mary, who married John Tucker; Lucy, who married Lucius Moore; John, who married Mary L. Perry; Lizzie, who married Elisha Lott; and Una, who married John Gray.


John Harper married Charlotta Gaskins. Children: Jack, who married first, Nellie Swilley; second, Martha Whitley; Mack, who married Mary Paulk; J. J. (Buck), who married first, Hala Tucker; second, Nettie Hickman; Peter, who married Mary Whitley; Mary, who married ..................; Martha, who married Isom Swilley, and Eliza, who married Moses Daniel.


Lewis Harper married Dicy Whitley. Children: Luke, who married Mary Tucker; Micajah, who married Patience Luke; Thomas, who married Margaret Paulk; Rebecca, who married Daniel Tucker; Lila, who married Jacob Purvis; Mose, who died in the ward, and Lite, who died in the war.


Cushia Harper married Lucy Lott. Children: Elbert, who married ..........................; Beedie, who married .................... White, and Jack, who died.


Len Harper married Brooks Tygart. Children: Maxie, who married John Paulk; Carry, who married John A. Robbins; Mary A., who married O. B. Hogan, and Lavada, who married J. R. Philips.


Moses Harper married Aurel McDermitt. Children: Charlie, who married .................... Howell; Cleaver, who married .................. Simmons; Micajah, who married .....................; Emmett, who married ....................; Ernest, who did not marry; Rebecca, who married James Harper, and Susie, who married Charles Arnold.


Flem Harper married Angy McCook. Children: Porter, who married ................; and Cora, who married ................. Williams.


Henry Harper married Sally Vickers. Children: Nancy, who married Wiley Harper; Becky, who married Elisha Paulk; Mary, who married Oscar Luke; Arthur, who married Lila Paulk; Needham, who married Phoeba Griffin; Wiley, who married Ava Burns; Youngie, who married Minnie Burns; Elbert, who married Ruth Forbes; Thomas, who married Fannie Sutton; Pearlie, who married Gladys Harper, and Jacob, who married Emma Maddox.


Nathaniel Harper married Lizzie Richardson. Children: Elisha, who married Odessa Allen; Randall, who married Leila Jones; Olive, who married Ben Chaney; Dubb, who did not marry; Willie, who did not marry; Lula, who did not marry, and Lila, who did not marry.


Luke Harper married Mary Tucker. Children: Gally, who married Fred McNeese; Clinton, who married first, Love Paulk; second, Ada Whitley; Boy, who married Ellen Kirkland; Babe, who married Annie Kirkland; George, who married Una Paulk; Elizabeth, who married Mose Swilley, and Margaret, who married Kemper DeBerry.


Micajah Harper married Patience Luke. Children: Tom, who married ........................; Pina, who married Pate Luke; Len, who married ........................; Micajah, who married Nellie McMillan; John, who married Anjean Tucker; Missouri, who married Sam Ashley; Mary, who married ................. Rowe, and Janie, who married Isaac McMillan.


Mack Harper married Mary Paulk. Children: Mack, who married Annie Turner; James, who married Allie Register; Una, who married J. D. C. Smith, and Mary J., who married Nat King.


J. J. Harper married first, Hala Tucker; second, Nettie Hickman. Children: Zara, who married Maggie Paulk; James, who married Willie Middlebrooks; John, who married Miram M. Griffin; Reason, who did not marry; Charles, who married Tisha Harper first; Addie Lou Allen, second; Elbert, who married Mary Harper; Pearlie, who married Nannie Whitley; Mary J., who married L. L. Hall; Una, who married Oliver Purvis; Roxie, who married M. L. McNeesse; Katie, who married Charlie Merritt; Willie, who married Marguerite English; Bessie, who married Clay Cato; Ernest, who married Susie Champion, and Early, who is not married.


Williamson Haman married Susan Messer from Robeson County, North Carolina. Children: James, who married Mary Coleman; George, who married Polly Pate; Archie, who married Martha Cox; Morris, who married Vina Branch; A. T., who married Mary Rooks; Zillie, who married Ernest Courtoy; Margaret, who married Jack Bowman; Floridian, who married first, Jasper Smith; second, George Suggs; Harriett, who married Fred Rooks, and Annie, who died.


James Haman married Mary Coleman. Children: James, who married Minnie Lasseter.


George Haman married Polly Pate. Children: James, who did not marry; Lige, who married Mary Clements; Una V., who married Dick Hollman; Ella, who married Jehu Smith, and Kendrick, who married Vara McCard.


Morris Haman married Vina Branch. Children: Gus, who married Cintha Willis; Williamson, who married ........................; Leonard, who married Ossie Baker; Henry, who did no marry; Warren, who did not marry; Ida, who married Tom Cox, and Lillie, who married ................... Blackstock.


A. P. Haman married Mary Rooks. Children: Joe, who married Clifford Rouse; George, who married Maggie Williams; Perry, who married Estell Zorn; J. M., who married Jane Pate; David, who married Gertrude Pitts; Susie, who married A. D. Sellers; Carrie, who married Sam Mitchum; Eliza, who married Sim Taylor; Mary, who married Lewis Hobby; Retha, who married J. R. Pitts; Ethel, who married Mark Wheeler, and Thelma, who married P. M. Harris.


James L. Wilcox married Elizabeth McDuffie. Children: Sara, who married James V. Hollingsworth; Sophronia, who married Elias Turner; Betty, who married James Turner, and John, who married Nancy Reed.


Clark Wilcox married first, Jane Fuller; second, Susan Reed. Children: George R., who married Rebecca Campbell; Mary, who married John Doster; Mattie, who married James Brophy; John, who married Marcie Clark; Nannie, who married Mike Brophy; Sudie, who did not marry; William, who married Ida Marchant, and Robt. L., who married Effie Burch.


George Wilcox married first, ..................; second ....................... Kennedy. Children: Rebecca, who married Oliver Cook; J. D., who married Caroline ...................; George D., who married ..................... ; Williams A., who married ........................; Thomas D., who married Roxie Reed; Mitchell K., who married ......................, and Eli K., who married ......................................


James Gibbs married Mahala Paulk. Children: Jacob, who did not marry; Rev. James, who married first, Polly Warren; second, Mary Paulk; Allen, who married first, Sallie Warren; second, Martha Brown; Martha, who married James Warren; Ellen, who married first, Lott Ross; second, Jacob Clements; Katie, who married Edwin Williams; Johnnie, who married Sallie Willis, and Frankie, who married James W. Whiddon.


Rev. James Gibbs married Pollie Warren. Children: James, who married Rhody ..........................; Billie, who married first, Mary Willis; second, ................. Partridge; Nancy, who married Billie Willis; Hala, who married John Willis; Warren, who married ........................; Millie, who married ................. Patrick; Wright, who married ......................, and Sara, who married Wiley Taylor.


Allen Gibbs married Sallie Warren, first; Martha Bown, second. Children: Beckie, who married Henry Land; Jacob, who married Janie Branch; James, who married .......................; George, who married .....................; Bobbie, who married John Lyons first; Thos. Whitley, second; Nas, who married ................ Lyons; Ira, who did not marry; Grady, who married Leila Williford; Mary, who did not marry; Martha, who did not marry, and Lizzie, who married .......................


Johnnie Gibbs married Sallie Willis. Children: Sykes, who married ................ Rigdon; Edgar, who married ..................., and Lonnie, who married Tom Copple.


Smith Turner married Mrs. ................. Adams. Children: Martha, who married William Statham; Mary, who married Robert Fitzgerald; Isabel, who married first, James Johnson; second, Dr. Thigpen, and Callie, who married Eli W. Johnson.


Peter Harper married Mary Whitley. Children: Fannie, who married Jim Carver; Seward, who married Mattie Vickers; John, who married Mary Crosby; Wiley, who married Myrtice King; Mary Jane, who married Mose Metts; Martha Ann, who married Charlie Nash; Una, who married Ed McMillan, and Lottie, who married Geo. Griner.


Jacob Harper married first, Nancy Young; second, Florida Tucker. Children: Henry, who married Sallie Vickers; Elamuel, who married Beckie Vickers; Mary, who married Arthur Lott; Needham, who married Annie Kirkland; Leaston, who married Betsy Merritt; Nancy, who married ................. Grantham; John, who married .................. Carver; Elijah, who married ................. Paulk; Elisha, who married ................. Carver; Ellifair, who married Dan Rich; Laura, who married Churrah Lovett; George, who married Rebecca Merritt, and Nathaniel, who married Lizzie Richardson.


Jack Harper married first, Nellie Swilley; second, Martha Whitley. Children: Johnie, who married ............ Mathis, Jake, who married Adeline Daniels; Dock, who married Lista Daniels; Thomas, who did not marry; James, who married Ariel Harper; Lucy, who married George Gray; Mary , who married Berry Mathis; Dora, who married Warren Purvis; Martha, who married Scott Giddens; Need, who married Thelma Hawkes; Annie, who married Micajah Harper; Tom, who married Dolsie Daniels; Mack, who married Annie Burke; Ranse, who married Minnie Anderson, and Pearlie, who married ..................


James Turner married Anna McClelland. Children: William, Nathan, James, Elias, Andrew, Bercis, Charlie, Carrie, Miriam, Lizzie, and Polly Ann.


Dr. D. F. McCrimmon married Rebecca Wilcox. Children: Charles, who married Margaret Mizelle; Lewis, who married first, Emma Bryant; second, Sarah Walker; Hattie, who married first, Ezra Bryant; second, Albert Dooly; Julia, who married Parker Henderson; Frank, who married Nell Williams, and Sallie, who married Marvin Turnipseed.

For many years there was no doctor or lawyer in Irwin County; the nearest physician to Irwin County was Doctor D. F. McCrimmon, who lived in Wilcox County, about three miles from Bowen's mill, now Ben Hill County, which was eighteen miles from Irwinville. He enjoyed a very large practice, traveling on horseback or roadcart over a vast territory. He was a splendid physician, a good citizen and fine gentleman of the old school. Dr. G. E. White was the first physician I find any record of as living in the county from 1859 to 1865. Other physicians: Dr. S. T. Heard, Dr. M. M. Hill, Dr. W. C. Ashley, Dr. N. Peterson, Dr. A. Griffin, Drs. W. L. & Chas. Julian, Dr. Howell and Dr. Bowen. Source: Clements, J. B.. History of Irwin County. Atlanta: Foote &Davies Co., c1932.


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