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Deceased Death Date Age Birth Date Cause Father Mother Spouse Burial Person providing info Charge of Burial
Died unnamed Hall 11 Feb 1921 Stillborn - Stillborn John Hall Annie Bell Adams SINGLE - John Hall No undertaker
Susie Hall 05 May 1919 About 31 Her husband don't know her age Mitral Insufficiency Herb Sturgeon Malisa Sturgeon MARRIED Ocilla Shirie Hall None
Nina Joe Hammonds 06 Jan 1920 1y 11m 14 Jun 1918 Ptomain Poison J. W. Hammonds Nina Mims SINGLE Enigma, Ga. A. B. Hammond Jas F. Paulk
Mary Elizabeth Hancock 30 May 1927 72y 25 Mar 1855 No doctor with this ?oty lately. Sudden death from high blood pressure Jeremiah B. Binion Hatcher Sallie Slaughter Thomas Jefferson Hancock Big Creek Church E. H. Hancock -
Fred Handcock 31 May 1924 9m 4d - Pnuemonia E. H. Handcock Mary Elizabeth Hatcher INFANT M?ushew Graveyard E. H. Hancock -
Mary Jane Harden 15 Nov 1922 85y 02m 23d 22 Aug 1837 Cardiac Insufficiency Ashley DK WIDOW New Hope Cemetery Mrs. Cora Newborn -
Infant Harper 28 Aug 1922 - 28 Aug 1922 Born dead Thomas Harper Fannie Sutton - Irwin County Thomas Harper -
Mrs. Bessie Harper 25 Sep 1925 37y 09m 04d 29 Dec 1887 Post-partum hemorrhage Tom Johnson DK H. B. Harper New Hope Cemetery H. B. Harper -
Mrs. Bessie Lee Harper 11 Sep 1919 34y 1865 Heart Disease Gather Kennington ??? Maxwell MARRIED Osierfield - -
Micajah Harper 26 Aug 1925 45y - Tuberculosis M. C. Harper Patience Luke Nettie McMillan Harper Irwin Co., Ga. Johnnie Harper -
George J. Harper 04 Mar 1924 82y 02m 04d 12 Jan 1842 Old age & gen. debility Henry S. C. Harper Nancy Merritt Sarah Harper New Hope Cemetery W. H. Harper -
Henry Harper 04 Apr 1920 70y 16 Sep 1849 Bronchitis(Chronic) Jacob Harper Nancy Young MARRIED Irwin County Elbert L. Harper -
James Hershal Harper 06 May 1927 06y 05m 09d 27 Sep 1920 Invalid all life: whooping cough Joseph K. Harper Bernice Thornton - Osierfield, Ga. - -
Luke L. Harper 15 Jun 1926 81y - Sarcoma Henry Harper Nancy Merritt Martha Harper Irwin Co., Ga. Wiley Harper -
Mary Harper 18 Dec 1919 01y 04m 12d 06 Oct 1918 Fire burn; pneumonia Willie Harper Mary Jowers SINGLE Irwin County Jas Paulk J. F. Paulk
Mary Harper 04 Jan 1920 76y 04 Mar 1844 No attending physician Micajah M. Tucker Elizabeth Henderson WIDOW Irwin County C. A. J. Harper Jas F. Paulk
Polly Parcine Harper 02 Mar 1924 3y - Haepatic cirrhosis; pneumonia Edwin Harper Irene Raffield SINGLE Satilla Church, Irwin Co., Ga. Edwin Harper Jas F. Paulk
Mrs. Sarah Harper 06 Sep 1925 81y 02m 21d 15 Jun 1844 Chronic Gastritis; Contributory: Debility of old age John Paulk Martha Lott B. J. Harper New Hope Cemetery W. H. Harper -
Mrs. Susan Harper 15 Oct 1924 52y - Dilatation of heart with nephritis Jacob Dorminey Susan Hunter Jehue Harper Satilla Church, Irwin Co., Ga. Jehue Harper -
Walter Harper 14 Nov 1923 14d - Congen. Hemophilial; congenital Ed Harper Irene Raffield SINGLE Irwin Co., Ga. Ed Harper Jas F. Paulk
William Harper 04 Feb 1919 34y - Pneumonia Richard Harper Mary Tomlin MARRIED Gladys S. R. Reeves -
Willie Harper 25 Mar 1919 29y 11m 08 May 1889 No attending physician; suicide with pistol Riley Harper Katherine Vickers MARRIED Irwin Co. Riley Harper -
Robt Harper 14 Oct 1920 About 55y - Mitral regurgitation with the associated hemic stases and dropsy; rheumatism. L. F. Harper Katie Griffin MARRIED Irwin Co., Ga. H. D. Harper -
Unnamed Harrell 01 Apr 1924 30 minutes 01 Apr 1924 Natural Cause Thomas Pinkney Harrell Mary McDaniel INFANT Big Creek Church T. P. Harrell -
Thomas Harrell, Jr. 27 Sep 1927 3m 06 Jun 1927 Pneumonia T. H. Harrell Letchell Mae Mitchell SINGLE - T. H. Harrell -
Fredie Lue Harries 25 Aug 1925 15y - No attending physician, apparently some fever Zack Harries Eller Jorden SINGLE Ocilla, Ga. Zack Harries -
Unnamed Harris 09 Feb 1923 - 09 Feb 1923 Still borned; no physician attending Ben H. Harris Elle Lighty INFANT Oake Grove Cemetery B. H. Harris -
Bengmon Hairris(Benjamin Harris) 19 Dec 1923 - - Stillborn Bengmon Hairris Ello Lightsy - Irwinville Cemetery Marier Lightsy -
James Harries 22 Dec 1925 16y - Pneumonia Zack Harris Eller Jorden - Ocilla, Ga. Zack Harris A. & W. Bowen
Janie Mae Harris 21 Aug 1925 16y - Typhoid fever Zack Harris Ella Jordan SINGLE Ocilla, Ga. Zack Harris -
Marvin Harris 04 Dec 1919 8m 19d - Diphtheria A. S. Harris Ida Banks SINGLE Thomasville, Ga. A. S. Harris Jas F. Paulk
Mose Harris, Jr. 07 Dec 1920 27y 15 Jun 1894 No attending physician; tuberculosis Mose Harris Lucinda Walton Mollie Harris Ocilla, Ga. Mose Harris -
Ophelia Harris 02 Jun 1919 50y 11 Feb 1889 Brights disease Thos Alley Mary Dent MARRIED Youngsville, N. C. W. M. Harris -
Mrs. Jennie C. Haulbrook 03 Aug 1927 30y - Toxemia of early pregnancy G. F. Clark Miss Norman P. M. Haulbrook Norman Park, Ga. Mrs. J. A. Peterson Jas F. Paulk
Dallie Hawk 19 Aug 1924 41y - Unknown, she was dead when I got there; sudden. Don't no Jane Sweetwine Dove Hawk Ocilla, Ga. Dave Hawk -
Not named (Baby Hawkins) 20 Apr 1921 - 20 Apr 1921 Stillborn W. C. Hawkins Estelle Fowler SINGLE Worth Co., Ga. W. C. Hawkins -
Charlott Hayes 22 Aug 1926/td> 64y - Arterios Crosis Sampson Johnson Don't know Jim Hayes Mystic, Ga. Cleveland Hayes -
Nellie Hayman 31 Aug 1926 17y - Gen. Peretonitis fol. appendecitis James Hayman Martha Sutton SINGLE Can't read James Hayman Jas F. Paulk
Hamp Hazel 10 Feb 1924 65y 15 Jan 1858 No attending physician Richard Hazel Mary Ann (DK) WIDOWER Ocilla, Ga. Isabella Hazel -
Unnamed Hearing 22 Dec 1924 - 22 Dec 1924 Stillborn L. H. Hearing Callie May Johnson SINGLE - L. H. Hearing -
Sampson Heath 18 Jun 1922 1 day 17 Jun 1922 There was no physician in attendance during the defe? of this child John Heath Minnie Hobbs INFANT Kings Chappel John Heath -
Windsor Heath 08 Mar 1921 - 08 Mar 1921 Stillborn, no doctor in attendance. John Heath Minnie Hobbs INFANT Kings Chapel John Heath -
Stillborn Henderson 09 Jan 1921 - 09 Jan 1921 Stillborn Daniel Webster Hendersoon M??? Lizie O'Quinn - Ocilla, Ga. D. W. Henderson -
J. A. J. Henderson 17 Dec 1925 73y - Acute dilation of heart following attack of indigestion; also had diabetes for three years Daniel Henderson Feraby Whiddon Suzie McMillian Irwin County, Ga. J. F. Paulk J. F. Paulk
John Henderson 06 Aug 1925 35y - Pulmonary tuberculosis; contracted in France M. W. Henderson Rebecca Harper SINGLE Brushy Creek, Ocilla, Ga. Cleo Henderson -
Margaret Henderson 06 Feb 1924 64y - Pneumonia-Influenza; brights disease Jacob Young Sophie Fletcher R. L. Henderson Brushy Creek Cemetery John A. Henderson -
Mattie Henderson 19 May 1926 58y 11m 05d 25 May 1861 Arterious cterosis Reason Paulk Ann Brown MARRIED Irwin Co., Ga. Jas F. Paulk Jas F. Paulk
Robert L. Henderson 10 Jan 1924 64y - Acute dilation of heart Daniel Henderson Feraby Whiddon Margaret Henderson Irwin Co., Ga. D. J. Hendersoon -
Unnamed Hendley 02 Nov 1919 1 day 01 Nov 1919 - John Hendley Loretta Owens SINGLE Irwin Co. John Hendley -
Curtis Hendley 31 Aug 1921 09y 22 Apr 1912 Ptomain Poison John Hendley Loretta Owens SINGLE Irwin County, Ga. John Hendley -
Emily Hendley 27 Dec 1924 02m 08d 20 Oct 1924 No attending physician; baby reported dying when parents awoke Elisha Hendley Berthie Roberts SINGLE Old Valey Grove Church Elisha Hendley -
Loretta Hendley 06 Nov 1919 24y 08 Aug Chronic Toxemia; pregnancy, euremia Tom Owens Georgia Loft MARRIED Irwin Co. John Hendley -
John Henry Herring 22 Feb 1924 2 days 19 Feb 1924 Premature birth; uremic mother L. H. Herring Callie May Johnson SINGLE Spring Hill Church L. H. Herring -
Virge Hicks 19 Apr 1923 About 70y - Senility (D. K.) DK DK WIDOWED Irwin County Taylor Harris -
Alvena Hill 31 Aug 1921 20y 04m 17 Apr 1901 Syphilis Mack Conday Laura Quinn Ed Hill Irwin County Laura Conday -
Anna Hill 24 Jul 1927 47y 07 Jun 1880 Stomatitis Will Singleton Marthie Faircloth J. H. Hill Ocilla J. H. Hill A.W. & C.M. Bowen
Charlie Hill 02 Oct 1924 - 02 Oct 1924 Stillborn Charlie Hill Mary McLean SINGLE Ocilla Clare? Brown -
Freeman Hill 06 Mar 1923 About 60y DK Chronic Nephritis DK DK Rena Bryant Irwin Co., Ga. Rin Hill -
Herbert Hill 23 Jan 1922 09y 08 Jul 1912 Accidental-Inst(?Instant); Smothered in cone? H. H. Hall Marquerite Adams SINGLE Ocilla Can't read -
Jack Hill 08 Aug 1921 37y D. K. Appoplexy Hank Hill D. K. Mamie Hill Irwin County, Ga. Mamie Hill -
John A. Hill 20 Sep 1920 105y 02 Feb 1815 Paralysis; old age D. K. D. K. MARRIED Ocilla, Ga. Sam Gardner -
Manda Hill 07 Mar 1925 60y - Septic following burn from fire Ben Hill Sofie Hill WIDOW Ocilla, Ga. Fannie Johnson -
Rudolph W. Hill 19 Jan 1919 05m 03d 15 Aug 1918 No physician attending Thomas Hill Maggie Harris Hill SINGLE Ocilla Cemetery Can't read -
No name Hines Died before birth - 09 Nov 1923 Stillborn Geo Hines Carrie M. Sollomon SINGLE Irwin Co., Ga. G. W. Welles -
July Hines 13 May 1922 - D.K. Paralysis(L. half of body); syphilis D. K. D. K. Elsie Hines Irwin County Jake Hodge -
Robt Lee Hobbs 27 Feb 1924 02m 14 Dec 1923 Whooping cough; Child near well-apparently no effort to save life; no attending physician Archie Hobbs Lillie Bell Holder SINGLE Ocilla, Ga. Geo Holder Jas F. Paulk
Mary Ann Hobson 28 Jul 1925 80y - (Senility) Accute Brights John Evans Polly Smith WIDOW Ben Hill County, Ga. C. W. Webb -
Mattie Hodge 16 Sep 1923 40y - Pueprial Sepsis Major Williams Hattie Williams Jake Hodge Mystic, Ga. Jake Hodge -
Carl B. Hodnett 22 Oct 1927 49y - Drowned; found dead J. W. Hodnett Don't know Mrs. Hattie Hodnett Ocilla, Ga. O. C. Hodnett -
Carl Bowman Hodnett 22 Oct 1927 45y 03 Dec 1882 Saw him after death; drowned; saw him in the water John Hodnett Don't know MARRIED Ocilla, Ga. Margaret Hodnett Jas F. Paulk
Unnamed Hogan 26 Jan 1921 Stillborn 26 Jan 1921 Stillborn child Thomas Hogan Betsey Wood INFANT Big Creek Church J. H. Griffin -
James Mitchel Hogan 21 May 1924 64y 05m 24d 01 Jun 1860 Abscess left kidney; nephritis Wm Hogan Mary Parson Jennie Hogan Big Creek Ch. Cemetery Jennie Hogan -
Nellie Hogan 26 Nov 1924 30y 04m 05d 20 Jul 1898 Pneumonia Mat Rowel Jane Fussell Dave Hogan Mystic Cemetery Dave Morgan -
Thelma E. Hogan 12 Sep 1927 19y - Palagra Barrey Hogan Ida May Hunter SINGLE Irwinville, Ga. Barrie Hogan -
Sam H. Holcomb 27 Nov 1922 45y 00m 29d - Pneumonia William Holcomb Mary Holland Mattie L. Holcomb Brushy Creek Church C. C. Singletary -
Nancy Holden 11 Apr 1921 About 54y - Cardiac Dropsey Uriah Holden Louise Strickland SINGLE Irwinville, Ga. ?. J. Holden -
Mrs Fannie Hollingsworth 23 Jan 1922 55y - Apoplexy; hypertension Dickinson D.K. WIDOW Irwin Co., Ga. H. M. Paulk -
Ma? Ann Elizabeth Hook 27 Jul 1919 38y ??m ??d ?? Sep 1880 Chronic Gastritis; pelagra ?? Erwin ?? Erwin MARRIED Roswell Methodist Cemetery S. Erwin -
A big black stripe goes down the left side of this certificate, possibly caused by tape that makes it impossible to read parents and other information.
Bernice Hoper 29 Oct 1919 - - Facial blood poisoning Amos Hoper - SINGLE Irwin Co. A. Harper -
Suspect the surname on the above certificate is Harper
Lola Horton 14 Sep 1922 01y 05m 28d 19 Mar 1921 Sleocolitis Henry Horton Amie Burch SINGLE Irwinville Cemetery Henry Horton -
June Howard 02 Apr 1922 65y Unknown Cardiac Dropsey Joe Howard Febe Henderson SINGLE Oak Grove Cemetery Pleamon Hunter -
This person as being "yellow" in the color or race column
Johnnie Howell 21 May 1922 01y - Ileosolitis Medie Howell Mary Holland Elvie Rogers - John Tomberlin -
Unnamed Howes 06 Jun 1920 14 hours 06 Jun 1920 Was with mother at birth, infant W. B. Howes Viola Rouse SINGLE Ocilla W. B. Hawes Jas F. Paulk
Unnamed Hudson 08 Sep 1923 - 08 Sep 1923 Stillborn W. F. Hudson Ida M??? SINGLE - R. F. McLendon -
Ida Hudson 23 Sep 1923 35y 27 Aug 1888 Puerperal infection; child birth(dead baby) Robert Green Betty Abner W. F. Hudson Ocilla, Ga. W. F. Hudson Jas F. Paulk
Miss Josephine Hudson 28 Jun 1924 80y - Senility & Pellagra Newton Hudson Francis Bostwick SINGLE Ocilla, Ga. W. N. Hudson Jas F. Paulk
William Newton Hudson 24 May 1926 65y - Cancer of the prostate glands Newton Hudson Frances Bostick Bennie Frances Hudson Ocilla, Ga. D. D. Hudson Jas F. Paulk
Mrs. Mary Lidda Hendry 23 Aug 1924 48y 08m 01d 22 Oct 1876 Insufficiency of heart; palagra J. M. Mullis Malisey Mullis WIDOW New Hope Cemetery, Coffee Co., Ga. J. T. Mullis -
Thomas M. Hunter 03 Jun 1924 73y 02m 20d 14 Mar 1851 Senility (Hardened arteries) Hardie Hunter Mary McCall E. V. Hunter Old Valey Grove Church D. F. Hunter -
Unnamed Hutcheson 22 Aug 1926 05 days 17 Aug 1926 Birth injury-breech presentation; no doctor at delivery David L. Hutcheson Minnie Lee Meeks SINGLE Irwin Co., Ga. Mrs. E. F. Hutcheson -
George W. Hyman 02 May 1927 59y - Appoplexy Ben Hyman Rebecca Dewitt Julia Hyman Irwinville Cemetery R. T. Turner James Paulk

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