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Lamar County Obituaries

AKIN, Mrs. J. M.
BARNESVILLE, Ga., June 18.—The funeral of Mrs. J. M. Aiken took place at the Baptist Church here today, and was conducted by Rev. C. W Durden, Mrs. Akin died Friday morning after a protracted illness, She was one of the community's oldest and best loved women and was an active, zealous Christian woman, having been a member of the Baptist Church for many years.  Source: 1906-06-17; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE BANKER DIES - A. L. Collier, Trustee of Gordon institute, Will be Buried Today.
BARNESVILLE, Ga. March 26.-L. A. Collier, prominent merchant, business man and citizen of Barnesville, died early Sunday morning and will be buried from the First Baptist church here Monday morning at 10:30 o'clock, Rev. Arthur Jackson, the pastor, officiating, Mr. Collier has been a great sufferer through a long illness.
     He was president of the Citizens Bank, trustee of Gordon Institute, operated a large mercantile business and was identified with the Industrial, educational and religious life of the section. He was 60 years old. Mr. Collier is survived by his wife; two daughters, Misses Annie and Dorris Collier; four sons, Clarence Collier, of Fort Valley; Howard and Lewis Collier, of  Barnesville; one brother, Charles Collier, of Chattanooga; and two sisters, Mrs. C. O. Summers, of Barnesville, and Mrs. J. T. Matthews of Denver, Col.  Source: 1922-03-27; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE, Ga., July 11 Isaac C. Collier, aged sixty-four, died at his home at Piedmont near here at noon today. He was a wealthy farmer merchant and a useful Influential citizen of Pickens County. He was a prominent Confederate veteran. He is survived by his wife, J. C. Collier, his only child, who is a prominent and successful citizen of Barnesville, and a half brother, R. M. Collier, of Atlanta. He will be buried here probably tomorrow,  Source: 1908-07-12; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Mrs. Coppedge Died in Barnesville
BARNESVILLE,-Ga., Aug. 12— Mrs. Joseph M. Coppedge, aged fifty-two, died at the home of her husband in this city last night after a lingering illness during which she was a great sufferer. She was a member of the Baptist Church and was prominently connected throughout this vicinity. Ordinary Fletcher, of Monroe County, Ga. and Hon. D. U. Fletcher, Senator-elect of Florida, are her nephews. The funeral services will be held here tomorrow.Mrs. Coppedge is survived by her husband and several children.  Source; 1908-08-13; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Death of Mrs. Emmett Elder
Barnesville Ga. March 7 Mrs. Emmett Elder died at two o'clock this afternoon from an acute attack of Bright's disease. She was ill only a few days and her death is a shock to the community. she was a prominent and beloved woman, fifty years old, and a member of the Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, the former postmaster here, one son and three daughters. The funeral will be conducted here tomorrow.  Source: 1908-03-08; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Died in Barnesville Ga.  on the morning of May 2d, David Elvers, son of H. H. Swatts, Esq. after a short illness of twenty-four hours, with congestion of the brain, aged three years, six months and ten days. He was a lovely boy.  Source: 1870-05-10; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Fortson, Henry Clay
The Macon Daily Telegraph (Macon, GA) – Wednesday, April 2, 1924
Barnesville, Ga., April 1 – Henry Clay Fortson, 77, who died Saturday night, was buried from the First Baptist Church, of which he was a member, Sunday afternoon.  Rev. Arthur Jackson, pastor, conducting the service. Mr. Fortson had been in feeble health a number of years, and his death was not unexpected.  He moved to this community about fifteen years ago from Clayton County, and was a highly esteemed citizen. He is survived by his widow and six children. [contributed by Jim D.]

BARNESVILLE, Ga. Dec. 2.— J.W. Garland, who died here last night, will be buried from the First Baptist church at 10:30 o'clock tomorrow morning. His death has caused sadness throughout this community. He was a successful and popular business man and citizen and was an alderman of the city. He was 50 years old and is survived by his wife and three small sons, his mother, who lived with him, and two brothers, J. J. Garland, of Atlanta, and Dr. R. H. J. Garland, of Griffin. The Masons will officiate at the funeral.  Source: 1921-12-03; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

His Funeral Occurred Yesterday—Suffered Great Agony.
BARNESVILLE Ga., June 5 - The funeral of Mr. Elmo Heywood occurred at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon, and was conducted by Dr. J.M. Brittain Mr Heywood was mangled in the elevator at the Summers Buggy Company's factory Saturday afternoon and died Saturday night. He suffered great agony during the few hours he lived after the accident occurred.  Source: 1899-06-06; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE. Ga. July 6A telegram was received today by Judge W. A. Prout from Mr. Asbury H Lambdin, of Waco, Texas, announcing the death of Mr. A. M.Lambdin, which occurred at 6:30, o'clock. The funeral will be held in Barnesville Friday morning and will be conducted under the auspices of the grand chapter of Masons of Georgia. Mr. Lambdin was a past grand high priest of the Masonic order of this state. He has been spending the past year In Waco with the family of his daughter, Mrs. J. D. Williamson.  Source: 1909-07-07; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE, Ga. March 16.— B. A. Lifsey, for a number of years postmaster of Barnesville and a citizen widely known throughout this section, died at his home on Zebulon street, about 9 o'clock this morning, Although he had been unwell for the pant several weeks his death waft sudden and unexpected. He stated to members of the family that he did not feet well and went back to bed. In a few minutes thereafter It was discovered that he was dead having passed away without a. struggle. Mr. Lifsey was 63 years old. He was a native of Pike County and had large family connections throughout this part of the state. The funeral will occur here tomorrow or next day. Mr. Lifsey is survived by his wife, five sons, Joe Lifsey, of Ashburn, W. Va.; Homer Lifsey, New York city;  Freeman Lifsey, of New Mexico, and Roy Lifsey, postmaster of Barnesville; and four daughters, Mrs. Jesse Slado, of Zebulon; Mrs. Ed Slade, of South Georgia; Mrs. J. F. Pierce, of Barnesville and Mrs. C. W. Hill,  of Forsyth.  Source; 1911-03-17; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Served as Clerk of Superior Court From Creation of Crisp County; Native of South Carolina; Funeral Service Today,
CORDELE, April 15.—Joseph A. Littlejohn, clerk of the Superior Court of Crisp county since the county was organized, died this morning at 1:30 o'clock in Barnesvllle, where he went two weeks ago for a rest. In the hope of improving. He had suffered for several years from a trouble which in his last year become more apparent in its Inroads, and only a short time ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis From this he never fully recovered.
     Four days ago he knew his end was near and he summoned members of the family. Mr. Littlejohn was born In South Carolina 67 years ago, while his father was in that state preaching under a transfer for a short time. Later the family came back to Georgia, and the father preached In the North Georgia Conference. Soon he was transferred to the South Georgia Conference and remained many years at Americus after his most active service was over. His father died In 1885.   Mr. Littlejohn came to Cordele In the early days, when the town was quite a village, He was first a clerk in a business establishment, then city clerk for a brief period, and when the new county of Crisp was organized he became clerk of the Superior Court. He held the place continuously till his death.
       While he was a teacher In Barnesville forty years ago he married Miss Lela Middlebrooks, Mrs. Littlejohn, with two children, Jesse and Mrs. W. A. Morris, survive him. One brother. Judge Z. A. Littlejohn, of the Southwestern Circuit of Superior Courts, who resides at Americus, survives, and four sisters. His sisters are: Mrs, John  W. Walters, of Cordele; Mrs. Turner Hughes, of Statesboro; Mrs. Hardin Sapp, of Columbus, and Mrs. Robert Wynn, of Eastman.
     The funeral will occur in Barnesville tomorrow afternoon. Rev. T. B. Stanford will probably attend from here, along with a number of close friends of the family, Mr. Littlejohn was bright in Masonry, a, devoted member of the Methodist church here and a steward for a long period. He was true to his ideas of right living, made no pretentious show of his goodness and invested as largely as any man in the Industrial progress of the community, its civic and moral advancement.
His death will bring deep sorrow to people all over this section of the State and especially to the citizens of Crisp, whose confidence and friendship he enjoyed.  Source: 1919-04-16; Paper: Macon Telegraph

Mrs. T. B. Lyon, of Barnesville is dead.  Source: 1881-02-25; Paper: Georgia Weekly Telegraph

Culloden Aug. 30—Mrs. F. M. Means died after a short illness while on a visit to her son, W. V. Means, of Culloden, Saturday. Funeral services yesterday were conducted by Rev. Homer Bush, of Barnesville and S. E. Winn, of Culloden.
     She is survived by her husband, one son, W. V. Means, of Culloden. and five daughters, Mrs. I. H. Leonard, of Macon; Mrs. W. O. McBrayer, of Lilly; Mrs. H.H. Smallwood, of Attapulgus, and Misses Ola and Frances Means.  Source: 1915-08-31; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE Ga., Jan. 4.—At the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. W. Vaughn in this city, Mr. Benjamin M. Milner died after being in a low state of health for several years. He was in his 94th year and was one of the pioneer citizens of this section of the state. He was a man of strong character, being noted for his sterling Integrity and powerful Influence among the people who knew him. Mr. Milner was for many years engaged in building railroads, and in this business he made large sums of money. He also had large farming interests to which he devoted his energies in the closing years of his active life. He belonged to the well known Milner family which has done so much for the religious, moral and material welfare of this section. Mr. Milner was physically and mentally a man who would leave his impress upon any community and he enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the people among whom he lived to an unusual degree.
      The funeral was conducted this morning at the Baptist church here, Rev. C. W. Durden and Rev. N. W.Hurst officiating.  Source; 1904-01-05; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE, Ga. May 15.—Mrs. Herbert Moye died at her home near the city Monday morning, an operation having been performed Sunday. She was on exceedingly popular young woman and was married something over a year ago to Mr. Herbert Moye, a successful young farmer of the vicinity. Mrs. Moye was formerly a teacher In Gordon Institute and had a score of friends in this city and throughout the community. The funeral will occur tomorrow morning at Fredonia Church and will he conducted by Dr. A. F. Sherrill, of Atlanta.  Source: 1911-05-16; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Died in this city on the 11th inst. Mr. Thomas F.Newton, a native of the State of Maryland, but for the last sixteen years, a resident of this city.  Source: 1852-08-17; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Died in Barnesville August 6th, from typhoid fever, aged 26 years and 10 months, Emily C, wife of C. A Nutting, and daughter of Jordan Compton, Esq., of Jasper county, Ga.  Source: 1852-08-17; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE, June 15—T. J. Ogletree, a leading merchant and esteemed citizen, died at his home here today, A week ago he was attacked suddenly with congestion of the brain and from the first he had been very ill. little hope being entertained for his recovery, Mr. Ogletree was a member of the firm of Collier & Ogletree, which enjoyed a large patronage. He is  survived by his wife, who is a daughter of the late P. J. Matthews, and several children, he was about 45 years old.. His death is greatly mourned among: the people of the community. The funeral and  burial will take place here tomorrow.  Source: 1915-06-16; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Prominent Retired Farmer of Barnesville Expires at Age of 66  Years
J.A. Perdue, a prominent retired farmer of Barnesville, died last evening at 6 o'clock at his home In that city at the age of 66 years. Relatives of the family were notified of his death last evening. Mr. Perdue had been a life-long resident of the section where he died. Surviving him are three sons and two daughters, C.L. of Mliner, W. R. of the Raughton - Halliburton Company of Macon; Park, of Alton, Fla.,  Mrs. J. L. Adams, of Poerun; Mrs. D. W. Kennedy, of Jacksonville, Fla. Three brothers and two sisters also survive. Arrangements for the funeral will be announced later.  Source: 1918-09-27; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Death Monday Of Barnesville Lady
Barnesville, Ga. Nov. 22 Mrs. W. H. Prichard died at her home here Monday after a long illness. She was seventy years old and for many years  had been a resident of the city. Her husband, who was a prominent Baptist minister, died here several years ago. She is survived by one brother, E.T. Crowder, and one sister Mrs. Williamson, both of this city. The funeral will occur here tomorrow and will be conducted by Rev. W.T. Hamby, pastor of the Methodist Church, of which church Mrs. Prichard was a member.  Source: 1910-11-23; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

BARNESVILLE, Ga. Aug. 23.—The people of the city were greatly shocked this morning when told of the sudden death last night of Miss Clara Sims,  the  popular eighteen- year- old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Sims, yesterday afternoon she left for the home of Mr. A. W. Andrews at the Rock to be present at the annual reunion there today.   Although she had been complaining some recently, she was in apparent good health when she left home. About 3 o'clock in the night she was taken ill and the family was aroused. Before medical aid could reach her she died, her sudden death being due to heart trouble. The family here was notified and will have the body brought here for burial, which will take place tomorrow. The death of the young lady has cast a gloom over the entire community.  Source: 1909-08-27; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Sudden Death of Mr. Louis Smiley,
BARNESVILLE, Ga., June 3.—The people of this city were shocked by the announcement that Mr. Louis Smiley, quite a promising and prominent young man, was stricken with paralysis Sunday morning and died without being able to revive. He retired Saturday night In his usual health and when found Sunday morning In bed he was in a dying condition. The funeral occurred Monday afternoon. His death is mourned by the entire community.  He is survived by his mother, a brother and two sisters, his father having died similarly two years ago. Wednesday Mr. Smiley was to be married in this city, the young lady being one of the most popular girls of Barnesville.  Source: 1907-06-04; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Funeral of Mr. Augustus Smith.
BARNESVILLE Ga., April 22.— The funeral of Mr. Augustus Smith, who died at his home in Monroe County Saturday, took place Sunday afternoon in the presence of the largest crowd ever assembled in the county on such an occasion. He was a substantial citizen and had scores of friends throughout this section of the State, quite a number of the prominent citizens of Barnesvllle and Forsyth being present.
     The service was conducted by Rev. H. D. Pace of this city. Mr. Smith was the father of a large family, the most of whom are quite prominent and influential, among them being Mr. Asa Smith, of Jackson. Ga., Col. F. M. Smith, of McDonough, and Mr. James Smith, of Monroe County.  Source:
1907-04-23; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Was  Well-Known Manufacturer of Barnesville Buggy.
Barnesville,  Dec. 11 Jackson G. Smith, one of the most prominent and wealthy citizens of Barnesville and of middle Georgia, died at his home after a lingering illness. His condition had been quite serious for some days, and his death had been expected at any moment. The funeral services will be held from the Baptist church Monday.
      Mr. Smith was born at Buffalo, N. Y., In 1831.   In 1866 he located in Barnesville and began to manufacture the Barnesville buggy of which he made a wonderful success, the business having grown into immense proportions. The Smith buggy plant is now considered the largest buggy factory south of the Potomac. Mr. Smith accumulated large fortune, and had always taken a leading part in the affairs of this city and section. He was an influential member of the Baptist church, and he always held the esteem of the people. He is survived by his wife and three children, W. B. Smith and W. M. Smith, of Barnesville, and Mrs. Julius W. Gresham, of Griffin.  Source: 1911-12-25; Paper: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Death Of Mr. Spence
Barnesville Loses One of Her Most Popular Younger Men.
BARNESVILLE, Ga, April 13—Mr. Walter W. Spence, one of the most popular young men of Barnesville, died this afternoon, afternoon an illness only a few days. He went to bed Monday and grew worse rapidly Everything possible was done to save him but he never rallied from the first attack, His death was caused from congestion of the brain and it causes universal sadness here. The burial will take place in Griffin tomorrow.  Source: 1899-04-14; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Barnesville, Ga. April 23.—The funeral of Mr. J. W. Stafford. 81 years old, Confederate veteran and business man of Barnesville who died Monday after a brief illness, will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Methodist church. Mr. Stafford for many years headed the Pike county camp of veterans and he had been mayor and trustee of Gordon Institute, he is survived by one daughter, Mrs. H. S. Bradley, of Massachusetts, and two sons, W C and R. A. Stafford, of this city.  Source:  Date: 1919-04-30; Paper: Columbus Daily Enquirer

Spencer Sullivan Killed While Walking Along road by Hit-and-Run Auto Driver Spencer Sullivan, 75, was instantly killed Wednesday night of last week, when struck by a hit-and-run Autorist, while walking along road near his home at The Rock, Ga. Mr. Sullivan had spent all of his life on his farm near The Rock. He was well known and had many friends throughout Lamar and adjoining counties. Funeral service was held at The Rock last Friday and conducted by Mr. Sullivan’s life-long friend, Rev. W. W. Childs, both being affiliated with the Primitive Baptist church. The deceased is survived by three sons, J. L. Sullivan, Cincinnati, Ohio; T. L. Sullivan, The Rock, Ga.; and J. A. Sullivan, of Corbin, Ky. [Barnesville News Gazette 4 January 1935, cb George Eldon Sullivan]

David  Tice  Meets  Death on  Tracks of Central,
BARNESVILLE.  Aug. 18. David Tice, mill hand, giving his address as Augusta, who was hit by the engine of Central passenger train No, 2, due here from Atlanta at 10 o'clock this morning, died at 2:30 this afternoon. His left arm was broken, his leg bruised and he was injured internally. It is stated he was walking along reading a letter on the opposite side from the engineer and the latter did not see him. Dr. C. H. Willis, the Central's surgeon, gave him medical attention. The body was shipped to Augusta this afternoon.  Source: 1916-08-19; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Dr. Tucker's Father Died At Barnesville
Dr. W. C. Tucker died at his home in Barnesville at 11 o'clock last night at the age of sixty-one years after an illness of several months. He was the father of Dr. O.B. Tucker, of this city, O.W. Tucker of  LaGrange, and J. R. Tucker of Barnesville. and is also survived by his wife. The remains were taken to Chipley, the former home of the deceased where the funeral took place at 10 o'clock this morning. Dr. W. C. Tucker resided for a number of years in the vicinity of Chipley and was a highly esteemed citizen. He was well known in Columbus and had many friends here who will regret to learn of his death.  Source: 1917-05-31; Paper: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

BARNESVILLE Ga. Feb. 17—Miss Lily Turner's death at a sanitarium In Atlanta today was a stock and a great sorrow to the people of this community. She was carried there Monday for an operation and treatment, and while it was known that she was in a serious condition reports for several days indicated that she would recover. Miss Turner was the daughter of the late Capt. B. M. Turner, and was a young lady who had won her way into the hearts of all the people of this vicinity. She had won her way into the hearts of all the people of this vicinity. She had for years been one of the most valued and beloved teachers of Gordon Institute. Her genuine worth was recognized and she was universally loved among the young and old. She was a member cf the Baptist Church and for the past several years her class in the Sunday  school has numbered about fifty men. Her death in the prime of life is a great loss to this community She is survived by three brothers, B. M. Turner, of Barnesville; C. 0. Turner, of Atlanta, and W. R. Turner, of Millen. President Jere M. Pound was notified of her death this morning, and out of respect for her school was suspended until after the funeral - Source: 1911-02-18; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Col. W. S. Whitaker, Barnesville
Barnesville, Ga., January 11.—(Special.)—
The body of Colonel William S. Whitaker, who died in Atlanta Thursday morning, was buried in the city cemetery here Friday afternoon.
     Colonel Whitaker was formerly a, citizen of this city and at one time was prominent In the practice of the Flint circuit and in the polities of the county and section. A number of years ago he made the race for congress from the sixth district. Several years ago he moved to Atlanta, where he has since resided. He was 65 years old.  Source; The Constitution, Atlanta Ga. Sunday January 12, 1913

BARNESVILLE, May 22 Thomas J. Williamson, who died In Atlanta early today, will he buried here tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, The funeral service will be held in the Baptist Church and will be conducted by Dr. J. M. Brittian, of Atlanta, former pastor of the church here, Mr. Williamson, formerly lived here and for many years was in the railway service. He is survived by four brothers: W.J. Williamson, Atlanta; Sam Williamson, Forsyth; John William son, Juliette, and Lee Williamson, Macon.  Source: 1911-05-23; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

WOODWARD, Mrs. Col. S. N.
Mrs. Woodward, Wife of Col. S. N. Woodward, Died Yesterday
Barnesville,    April   7.-(Special )- Mrs. Woodward, wife of Col. S. N. Woodward, died at daybreak this morning after a short Illness The deceased is the eldest daughter of Mrs. A J Blalock and sister of Mrs. M T Grace of Macon, and leaves, besides a grief-stricken husband, two small children to mourn her loss.
       There was no more well beloved woman in Barnesville than "Miss" Ora, by which name she was so well known. None, even among her own sex, had aught but admiration and love to speak of this noble young woman, for she combined In a rare degree the best qualities of wife, mother, friend and Christian, She was alike the equal and confidant of the highest and the trusted friend and benefactress of the lowliest and the poorest, and many of these there will be to miss her warm hand that could be generous without vanity. She has many friends in Macon who will join in the deep grief that Barnesville feels at this vary sad death.  Source: Date: 1894-04-09; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

Funeral of Mrs. Wright
The remains of Mrs. Homer Wright were carried to Barnesville yesterday and laid to rest beside those of the loved ones who had preceded her through the dark valley.
     There Was a simple service at the residence before leading conducted by Rev. Dr. Mcintosh. Rev. C. A. Turner accompanied the remains to Barnesville and conducted the services at that place.  Source: 1889-06-16; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph 


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