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 "Burnt Church" Cemetery, Lanier County, Georgia


This church is about two miles south of Milltown, Lanier county, and is Primitive Baptist in denomination.
It is one of the oldest churches in this section, and the following list of marked graves contains only those of the older citizens buried there.
Some additional data or remarks are given with most of the names given below, so as to enable genealogists in research work.

Quarterman B. Staten. Born Aug. 26, 1831. Died Oct. 15, 1876.

Son of Barzilla Staten, Sr., and Catherine (Watson) Staten. Lived near Stockton in Clinch county.
Captain Company "G," 50th Georgia regiment C. S. A. Justice Inferior Court, Clinch county, 1865-1868.

Catherine (Watson) Staten, widow of Barzilla Staten, Sr. Born in 1801. Died Oct. 23, 1885.

John Knight. Born March 14, 1828. Died July 26, 1904.
Lived near Stockton, Clinch county. County commissioner. Clinch county, 1891-1893.

Dicy (Staten) Knight, wife of John Knight, and daughter of Barzilla and Catherine Staten. Born in 1826. Died 1907.

Levi Drawdy. Born in Barnwell district, S. C,. Oct. 15, 1803. Died July 16, 188?

William P. Roberts. Born Oct. 11, 1804. Died Dec. 2, 1852.

Ann D. Knight. Born Aug. 6, 1802. Died Oct. 14, 1857.

Rev. William A. Knight, pioneer of this section.
Came from Wayne county to Lowndes.

Died in what is now Berrien county. Born Feb. 8, 1778. Died Dec. 8th, 1859.
First state senator from Lowndes county.

Mrs. Sarah Knight, wife of William A. Knight.
Born Feb. 16, 1780. Died Nov. 28th, 1859.

William C. Knight, son of William A. and Sarah Knight.
Born Oct. 8, 1805. Died Feb. 8th, 1870. Lived in Berrien county.

John Register, Jr., son of Emanuel and Elizabeth (Skinner) Register.
Born 1823. Died April 8, 1907. Married Elizabeth Cowart.

Samuel E. R.egister, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Skinner) Register.
Born Sept. 16, 1826. Died May 29, 1903. Liver in Berrien county.

Mrs. Mary E. Register, wife of Samuel E., died May 5, 1892.

Moses C. Lee, son of Jesse Lee. Born 1814. Died Aug. 2, 1886.

Jincy, wife of M. C. Lee. Born 1824. Died Sept. 13, 1898.

John Lee, son of Jesse Lee, born March 5, 1808. Died March 1, 1884.

Eleanor (Wetherington) Lee, wife of John Lee. Born April 23, 1813. Died May 19 1889.

Jeremiah Shaw, born March 20, 1800, died April 7, 1883.

Rachel, wife of Jeremiah Shaw, born 1808, died 1877.

James Walker, born Feb. 3, 1800, died June 15, 1891.

Rebecca, wife of James Walker, born March 1, 1806, died July 2, 1885.

John R. Walker, son of James Walker, born 1825, died 1900.

Mary E., wife of John R. Walker, born 1831. Died 1902.

Merrit H. Johnson, son of Wiley and Winnie Johnson ,born 1815. Died 1877.

John F. Clements, born Oct. 7, 1810. Died Sept. 23, 1864.
Mrs. Nancy Clements, wife of John F. Clements, and daughter of
James Patten and his wife, Elizabeth Lee. Born Oct. 7, 1822. Died Oct. 30, 1887.

Rev. Isaac D. Hutto, born in South Carolina, March 15, 1818. Died March 24, 1881.
Married Sarah, daughter of Joshua Lee. Lived in Clinch county. Primitive Baptist ministers.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Lee) Patten, widow of James Patten, Sr., and daughter of Joshua Lee. Born Oct. 7, 1801. Died July 1, 1884.

Her husband, James Patten, died about 1845, but grave is unmarked. Lived in Berrien county.

William Patten, oldest son of James and Elizabeth (Lee) Patten. Born Nov. 3, 1820. Died Sept. 16, 1907. Married Elizabeth Register.

James Patten, Jr., son of James and Elizabeth Patten, born Sept. 24, 1832. Died Dec. 20, 1907.

Phoebe Patten, wife of James Patten, Jr., born May 20, 1838, died Oct. 19th, 1898.

Jehu Patten, son of James and Elizabeth (Lee) Patten, born Aug. 15, 1839. Died July 24, 1907.

Mrs. Martha (Williams) Patten, wife of Matthew E. Patten. Born 1847. Died 1897. Married Nov. 15, 1865.

G. W. D. Patten, son of William, born April 21, 1852. Died Aug. 8, 1864.

L. C. Patten, son of William, born Oct. 10, 1847. Died Sept. 18, 1890.

Mrs. Sarah E. Patten, wife of W. C. Patten, born Aug. 10, 1839. Died Jan. 27, 1909.

John P. Patten, born June 20, 1876. Died Sept. 21, 1911.

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