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Georgia Units in the Civil War
[Submitted to Genealogy Trails by K. Torp]


Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Co. C, 1st Regiment
Co. E, 3rd Regiment
Co. G, 3rd Regiment
Co. C, 6th Regiment
Co. G, 6th Regiment
Co. C, 7th Regiment
8th Regiment
Co. A, 8th Regiment
Co. G, 8th Regiment
9th Regiment
CO. F, 12th Volunteer Infantry
Co. K, 11th Regiment
22nd Regiment
Co. F, 27th Regiment
27th Regiment
Co. A, 30th Regiment
Co. B, 30 Regiment
Co. E, 45th Regiment
Co. H, 45th Regiment
47th Regiment
Co. E, 57th Regiment
Co. A, 59th Regiment
Co. C, 59th Regiment
Co. D, 60th Regiment
65th Regiment
Co A, 66 Regiment

Miscellaneous Infantry Units
Co. A, 8th Georgia Battalion Volunteers
Everett Guards
Gist's Brigade
Lawton-Gordon-Evans Georgia Brigade
Partisan Ranger Units and Guerrilla Commands

Co. G, 8th Georgia Cavalry

Campbell's Independent Georgia Seige Artillery
Jackson Artillery (Houston Co. members)
11th Georgia Artillery Battalion
14th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery

Non-Georgia Units With Georgia Enlistees

Co. B, 8th Florida Infantry Regiment
(included 75 members from Decatur County, Ga.)

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