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Georgia US Military Reservations National Cemeteries Military Parks 

United Confederate Veterans

Georgia Skirmishes

Forts, Batteries, Camps

Revolutionary War

Individuals denounced as Loyalists c. 1777

Individuals denounced as Tories in 1782

1813 Revolutionary War Pensioners 

1835 Pensioners with Service as Virginia Militiamen 

Georgia Soldiers on the Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783

Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution, List of Graves of Deceased Soldiers

The Continental Line of the Georgia Brigade during The Revolutionary War, Officers

Names of Officers and Soldiers who made application for land [Revolutionary War]

Revolutionary Soldiers and the Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers

Revolutionary War Land Lottery Grants

Georgia Soldiers of The Line-Revolutionary War

Revolutionary Soldiers

Muster Roll Of Col. John Stewart Regiment.

Georgia in the War of the Revolution

Indian War
Some Soldiers

War of 1812
War of 1812

Florida-Georgia Border War (1836)
Second Seminole War, aka Florida War (1835 to 1842)

Mexican War - (1846 to 1848
Savannah, Chatham County Soldiers

Officers during the War with Mexico

Civil War

Georgia Units in the Civil War

Field Officers, Regiments And Battalions, Part 1 

Field Officers, Regiments And Battalions, Part 2 

Campaigns Conducted, and Battles, Engagements, Skirmishes

Troup County Confederate Roster

Georgia Union Soldiers

Muster Roll of Capt. R. Martin's Company, Light Artillery, Army of The Confederate States of America

Captain M. J. McMullan's Company of the Wise Guards

Chestatee Artillery, Commanded by Captain Thomas Bomar

Muster and Pay Roll of Company, Jo Thompson Artillery 

Georgia Soldiers Buried On The Field At Gettysburg 

List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, From Georgia

Confederate Soliders buried in Florida 

Confederate Soldiers Home of Georgia Admitts 1901-1913 

Southern Confederate Roll - Camp Jackson 

Confederate Veterans and Their War Records

Civil War Claims

Confederate Soldiers 

Spanish American War

Spanish American War

Spanish Invasion

Georgia Misc Military Data

Officers During the War with Spain and the Philippines

World War I

GA Soldiers who Died of their Wounds

GA Soldiers who Died of Accidental Causes

GA Soldiers who Died of Disease

Army Casualties, Oct., 1918 

Marine Casualties, Oct., 1918 

World War II

Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Benning Pictures (on our Kansas Website)

WW2 - Pearl Harbor Medal of Honor Recipients - Samuel Glenn Fuqua and Jackson Charles Pharris

World War II Prisoners

Korean War

Listing of War Casualties - A-L

Listing of War Casualties - M-Z

Vietnam War

Casualties: A-C / D-G / H-K / L-N / O-R / S-T / U-Z

Iraq War

Afghanistan War

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