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 Morgan County, Georgia
Revolutionary War Service Records

Bounty land warrant 30624
160 acres In 1855
The widow's file No. 5600
William Akins was born 1756 in CECIL COUNTY MARYLAND and resided in MECKLINBURG COUNTY, North Carolina and York District, South Carolina, when he served in the North Carolina and South Carolina troops respectively. He married March 4, 1784 to Elizabeth McCorkle; in 1832 he resided in Morgan County Georgia. He died March 29, 1841 in CHEROKEE COUNTY ALABAMA, where his widow survived him. In Cherokee Co Alabama 1844 11th May, Elizabeth Akins appointed a power of attorney.
William Akins in answer to questions in Georgia, states he WAS BORN IN CECIL COUNTY MARYLAND 1756. That the record of his age was in possession of Rachel Stewart of Morgan County. That he lived in Mecklenburg Co North Carolina when he enlisted in service; that he has lived over 30 years in York District South Carolina; for the last 13 yrs he has lived in Morgan Co Georgia.
The widow Elizabeth Akins applied In Cherokee Co Ala. 1844 before Justice of Peace Archibald Stewart age 79. States she was married to Wm Akins prior to 1st Jan 1800 that she drew a pension under Act of March 3 1843 and June 17 1844(?) sum of $20. and her husband died 29 March 1841 a resident of Benton County Alabama.

John Akins statement 1832 Nov 5th. that Wm Akins did enter and serve in the army of the United States as detailed by him in the tour to Wilmington also, in his tour to the CHEROKEE NATION. I saw him when he started and met him on his return and have no doubt that he served as stated by him. -knows William was in service 4th and fifth tours of service.

Wm Akins made application for transfer in Benton Co Alabama 1840 March 10
The Revolutionary war claim of Wm Akins of the State of Ga in the Revolutionary war was mentioned as private and Lieutenant in said war.

Source: "Abstract of pensions of North Carolina soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812 & Indian Wars"
by Annie Walker Burns, City of Publication: Washington, D.C., unknown date
Submitted by K. Torp

Born in Pennsylvania George Campbell applied in Morgan County Georgia November 5, 1832 under Act of June 7 1832, then age 77. He enlisted as a volunteer in the Revolution, 1776 and was discharged April 1777 He was a member of Capt Robert Smiths company, General Davidson, was Major of the division at the time and General Polk Colonel, he belonged to the fourth regiment. This regiment belonged to the division of the army, then at Chareston under General Lee or Moultrie, both of whom were at Charleston, this regiment joined the army at Charleston S C. He resided at that time in Mecklenberg County North Carolina, marched to Charleston after enlistment and from there to Wilmington N C and back.and forth from Charleston to Wilmington. He had a regular discharge but it has become misplaced so that he can not now produce it. John McLocklin is knowing to the fact of this declarant having as above stated, belonged to the same company and the same mess, and when applicant accompanied this paper --- The answer to the questions required by law, are hereto annexed ; he said George Campbell hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present. He stated he was born 1755 in Pennsylvania. He was living in Mecklenburg Co NC and moved from there to Georgia 1786 and now lives in Morgan Co Ga.
There is no other family data in this file.
"Abstract of pensions of North Carolina soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812 & Indian Wars" by Annie Walker Burns, City of Publication: Washington, D.C., unknown date
Submitted by K. Torp

Family tradition says that Samuel Hanson was from Charles County, Maryland, and we know from family records that he came to Georgia with the "Chesapikers", (sic), and settled first in Richmond and Columbia County in Georgia. Smith's story of "Georgia and Georgia People" lists land grants to Samuel and Thomas Hanson, 1774-1790, in St. Paul's Parish, Richmond County. Very little is known of him, except for his Revolutionary record and his land transactions in various counties, though he was a man of property, including slaves, which were few in early day Georgia. He was witness to a deed in Richmond County in 1788. Only one of his children, so far as we know, came to Texas—the youngest child, George W. Hanson, for whom Nathan Aldredge was guardian (November 3, 1823, Book K, Bonds, p. 210) after Samuel's death. After moving from Columbia County, Samuel Hanson acquired land in Jackson County, and in Baldwin County, in the area cut off into Morgan County, where he died. His home was located on Hard Labor Creek, adjoining the home of Nathan Aldredge. He was given Bounty Land by the State of Georgia for his services in the Revolution, 500 acres in Washington County, reserved for Revolutionary soldiers, April 6, 1784; acquired 500 acres in Richmond County in 1785, and another 500 acres in Richmond in 1801. His wife, Peggy Hanson, drew in the 1827 Lottery from Morgan County, as the widow of a Revolutionary Soldier. Samuel Hanson died in Morgan County, leaving a will, signed April 2, 1817, and probated August 27, 1821, and naming his wife, Peggy Hanson, as Executrix, and his son, William Hanson, as Executor. On February 26, 1829. the above Executors sold some of the land in Jackson County, consideration $500.00. On January 6, 1829. Nathan Aldredge sells William Hanson, as Executor of the Estate of Samuel Hanson, deceased, Lot No. 76, 20th District, originally Baldwin County, now Morgan County, containing 202½ acres, for $1,500.00 to settle a debt he owed the estate of Samuel Hanson, and receipt for same was signed by the following legatees: John W. Hanson, Richard W. Hanson, William R. Williams (husband of daughter Elizabeth), George W. Hanson. Samuel Hanson, Ninian Barrett (husband of daughter Ann Henley), and Anderson Ray, evidently the husband of Mary S. Hanson, who was not married at the time of her father's death.
"Southern kith and kin", Jewel Davis Scarborough, pub. Abilene, Tex. ,1958 - Transcribed by K. Torp]

Revolutionary soldier, born in Rowan County, North Carolina, married Jane Morgan, July 18, 1776, in Rowan County. Both died in Morgan County, Georgia.
Children: Rev. James Bellah, 1788; Robert, 1792; Tempee, 1795-1847; Rachel, 1797-1845; Rev. Morgan, 1799-1880; Peggy, 1807-1872; Walter Steele, 1804.
[Source: "History of Lamar County" by E.T. Holmes; Mrs A. M. Lambdin: Mrs Nell Joy; Eliza F Hill Manry; et al; pub. Barnesville, Ga. by Barnesville News-Gazette, 1932 - Submitted by K. Torp]


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