Murray County, Georgia

Census Records

Please note that I am transcribing the census' exactly as I see them and interpret them to the best of my ability.  I will be adding as many as I can get transcribed over the next year.

Important:  The 1840 census lists only the head of household and the number of male or females occupants.  The 1850 census has many darkened areas within the pages.  The 1860 census taker's handwriting was very hard to read.  His I' and J's are impossible to distinguish apart.  He also seemed to spell out names the way they sounded instead of their correct spelling.  If you know the correct spelling of any name, please email me and I will correct them.  Another issue with this census is that the pages overlapped and were not separated.  If the persons that you are searching for begins at the top of a district or at the bottom of a district, you may want to check out the other districts for a continuation.  You can easily do this by checking the dwelling numbers on some census reports.  Happy hunting!

1840 Census-In progress

District 824   District 825   District 872   

District 874   District 967   District 969

1850 Census-In progress

Subdivision 63-page 1   Subdivision 63-page 2

1860 Census-Complete

Center Valley P O Precinct

Cohutta Springs P O Precinct  

Conasauga P O Precinct  

Fancy Hill P O Precinct  

Hassler Mill P O Precinct   

Holly Creek P O Precinct  

Holly Creek P O Precinct Page 2   

Rock Creek P O Precinct  

Rock Creek P O Precinct Page 2

Spring Place P O Precinct 

Spring Place P O Precinct  Page 2 

Upper Kings Bridge P O Precinct  

Wood Lawn P O Precinct

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