Recipes From the Past

    Take seven pounds of apples, pared and cored, four 
    pounds of sugar, one quart of vinegar, one ounce of
    cloves, one ounce of cinnamon. When the apples are 
    done take them up, put in a jar, and let the syrup boil
     fifteen minutes, and pour it on the apples.

    Two quarts of flour, one pint of milk, one half
    cup butter, two teaspoonsful of cream tartar, one 
    of soda, and one of salt.

     One cup of butter, two of sugar, five of flour,
     three eggs, three teaspoons of cream tartar, one
     and one half of soda, and a little nutmeg. Rub the
      cream tartar in the flour, stir the sugar and butter
      together, then the eggs, then the milk, with the
      soda well dissolved in it.

     Two cups of sugar, one of butter, one of
      sweet cream, and a teaspoonful of soda;
     Cinnamon to your taste. Mix soft and bake 
      in quick oven.

Source:  McHenry Plaindealer,  Wednesday, October 13, 1875

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