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Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens

William Willis Battle
William Willis Battle was born December 27, 1897 in Columbus, Georgia. His father, Charlton E. Battle who is now deceased, was born in 1862 in Stewart County, Georgia and for many years was one of the leading attorneys of Columbus, enjoying partnership with such distinguished Georgia lawyers as Price Gilbert, William A. Little, John D. Little, T. T. Miller and Robert M. Arnold. Mr. Charlton Battle was elected President of the Georgia Bar Association at an early age and served in that capacity during the year 1906. His wife, Mrs. Mamie Willis Battle, who is also deceased, was born in Macon County, Georgia in 1865. She was active in a civic capacity and served as President of the City Federation of Women's Clubs, the Reading Club and the Orpheus Club. She was active in the work of Trinity Episcopal Church, particularly in work associated  with  the  armed forces. William Willis Battle is the brother  of   Commodore  C. E. Battle, Ruth Battle Woolfolk, Isabel Battle and Blanchard Battle. After going through the primary grades of Columbus Public Schools, Mr. Battle finished his literary and law education by attending Georgia Military Academy, Georgia Tech, Columbia University and Emory University, finishing with an L. L. B. Degree in 1922. In the interim he served in the armed forces of the United States during World War I. He was married to Miss Winifred Youmans of Atlanta, Georgia, December 28, 1915. She was the daughter of Bartow B. Youmans who was born in Hampton County, South Carolina and Adriene McCallum Youmans, born in Butts County, Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Battle are the parents of Charlton Battle, born in Columbus, Ga., June 26, 1919 and Winifred Carolyn Battle, born in Columbus, Ga., December 9, 1921. They have two grandchildren, Patricia Ann Cain and William S. Cain, Jr. Mr. Battle engaged in the general practice of law from 1922 to 1940 when he be-came associated with the Nehi Corporation as General Counsel and Vice-President, which responsible position he still holds. In civic and political life he is a prominent and active figure. He served as President of the Lions Club in 1925, member of the General Assembly of Georgia 1929-1933, commander of the Charles S. Harrison Post American Legion 1935, Lieutenant Colonel on Governor's Staff of Georgia 1939-1940, and as a member of the Board of Regents University system of Georgia. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Delta (legal) fraternities, the Georgia Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He belongs to Trinity Episcopal Church. His genial disposition and stainless integrity have endeared him to the community.

Lindsay Neill Bickerstaff
Lindsay Neill Bickerstaff was born in Columbus, Georgia, May 18, 1901. His father, William Jefferson Bickerstaff was born in Russell County, Alabama and died in Columbus, Ga., in 1924. His mother, Bessie Neill Bickerstaff was born in Columbus, Georgia where she is still living today. Mr. Bickerstaff has two brothers, William J. and George Hale Bickerstaff and one sister, Mrs. Bessie Bright Blackmon. He attended grade and high school in the Columbus Public Schools and then studied electrical engineering at Alabama Poly-technic Institute at Auburn, Alabama. On January 9, 1936 he married Miss Sara Respess Bussey in Columbus, Georgia. His wife is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bussey of Columbus. Mr. Bussey, who was very well known both socially and financially in Muscogee county, Ga., and Russell County, Ala., died a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Bickerstaff are the parents of two children; a son, born in Columbus, September 6, 1937 and named Lindsay Neill Bickerstaff, Jr., and a daughter, Sally Bussey Bickerstaff, born November 6, 1940. L. Neill Bickerstaff, as he is generally known, engaged in the production of sand, gravel and clay products. Being an industrious and able young man he made rapid advancement in the business world. In 1937 he became manager of Clay Products Exchange. In 1938 he was elected President, Treasurer and General Manager of the Dixie Brick Company. This Company was organized in 1920 and is one of the most successful manufacturers of brick and tile in the Southeast. It is recognized as one of the most up-to-date and outstanding brick plants in the South for the production of high quality face brick and common brick. In 1944 Mr. Bickerstaff became associated as a partner in the Bickerstaff Co., manufacturers of clay products, in 1951 became part owner and director of Bickerstaff, Inc., manufacturers of brick handling equipment, which is sold and distributed all over the United States and many foreign countries. He retains his interests and positions with all of these firms until the present time. He is a member of the Rotary and the Country Club of Columbus. He also belongs to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Columbus Y.- M. C. A., Chamber of Commerce, Thronateeska Fishing Club, and is a member of the First Presbyterian Church.

Alfred Owen Blackmar, III
The Blackmar family has existed, in its entirety for well over one hundred years in this city. Alfred Owen Blackmar I having settled here about 1820. Alfred Owen Blackmar II established a Fire Insurance business some years later, which was handed down to his son John Brainard Blackmar and still later, was taken over and operated by Alfred Owen Blackmar III and became known as the "Blackmar Company, Realtors". The reputation of this firm in business deals is beyond reproach, and today, enjoys the complete trust and faith of the public. Alfred Owen Blackmar III was born in Columbus, Ga. on the 28th day of October 1884 and died in Columbus on the 24th day of April 1944. He was the son of John and Susie Wellborn Blackmar. He had three brothers, Ray, Francis, and John. His only sister was Susie Blackmar Ellis. His early education was acquired in the Columbus Public Schools, and his college training was received at Eastman College of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he majored in Business Administration. He was married, April 12, 1910 to Mary Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of Rosa Crook and Frederick Barrett Gordon, and left two children, Margaret Blackmar Howard and Alfred Owen Blackmar, IV, and three grandchildren who are Stephen Morris Howard, Marsha Dixon Blackmar, and Alfred Owen Blackmar, V. He was selected Chairman of the Government Appraisal Board for acquiring Fort Benning, former President of the Columbus Real Estate Board, Vice President of the American Jersey Cattle Club, a member of the American Horticulture Society, and was well known in horticultural circles as a grower and propagator of rare shrubs and plants, and also held membership in the Mortgage Company of Maryland, the United States Mortgage and Investment Company, the Calvert Mortgage and Trust Company. He was President of the Mortgage Investment Company of the South, Inc. in Tallahassee, Florida, and was affiliated with the American Underwriters Assn., as well as being a Charter Member of the Columbus Country Club.

Thomas Eliel Blanchard
Thomas Eliel Blanchard, known for most of his long colorful life of eighty-seven years as "Captain Blanchard", was of English, Scotch and French heritage. His pioneer ancestors included the Blanchards and Lockharts who settled in Nansemond County, Virginia, near Suffolk, prior to 1700. One grand-father and two great-grandfathers fought in the American Revolution. The parents of Thomas E. Blanchard were Thomas Blanchard and Eusebia Neville Lockhart, who moved from Columbia County, Georgia, to Harris County soon after the Indians were deported from this section. Thomas E. Blanchard, the third child, was born December 22,1840, on a plantation near Ellerslie, Georgia. His father died when he was eleven years old. His first job at the age of twelve, was as clerk, later bookkeeper, at J. W. Pease's Book Store. The five brothers and two sisters of Thomas E. Blanchard were: William Randolph Blanchard, the youngest; Mary Justina Blanchard, who married James B. Huff. Jr.; Dr. Joel Uriah McDuffie Blanchard, the beloved "Dr. Mac" Blanchard", surgeon in the Confederate Army and family physician to many in Columbus; Rebecca Frances Blanchard, who married Thomas F. Wooldridge; Mercer Blanchard, 1st Lieutenant, C. S. A., Company B, 37th Georgia Regiment. He died in 1864 of camp fever; Robert Davie Blanchard, member of Chattahoochee Beaureguards, Captain Hall's Company, 10th Ga. Reg't., C. S. A., wounded in 1861, died in Williamsburg, Va., hospital at the age of sixteen, and was buried in Williamsburg cemetery; James Huff Blanchard, who served in the Confederate Army from the age of sixteen and died soon after the war. Transferring from the Columbus Guards, Thomas E. Blanchard became a lieutenant in the Jackson Avengers, and left for Virginia, July 21,1861. He was made a member of Company B, 37th Ga. Reg't, was promoted to captain, and became first a member of the staff of General George Washington Custis Lee, and later was on the staff of General William B. Bate in the Army of Tennessee. He fought in the battles of Missionary Ridge and Chicamauga, and was wounded in the thigh at the battle of Resaca. On November 25, 1862, Thomas E. Blanchard was married to Sarah E. MacDougald, daughter of Colonel Alexander MacDougald. They had no children, and an adopted niece died. The aggressive Captain became successively president of Blanchard, Booth and Huff Dry Goods Company, the Columbus Gas Light Company, the Columbus Electric Light Company, the Merchant and Planters Line of Steamers, the Muscogee Oil Company, and the firm of Blanchard and Burrus, Cotton Warehousemen. Founder of the Fourth National Bank (1892) he served as its president until a few years before his death, when he gave up the presidency and acted as Chairman of the Board. On June 17, 1927, he died as he wished, "in harness". With an attractive outgoing personality, an alert mind and sound judgment, coupled with a desire to help those who sought his advice, and a talent for brilliant conversation, "Captain" Blanchard made a host of friends north and South. His portrait hangs in the Fourth National Bank on Twelfth Street.

William Randolph Blanchard
William Randolph Blanchard, born February 18, 1850, was the youngest of eight children of Thomas Blanchard and his wife Eusebia Neville Lockhart; the children being as shown in biography of Thomas E. Blanchard in this volume. William's maternal grandfather, Joel Lockhart, and two of William's great-grandfathers, Reuben Blanchard and Major William Richardson Davie (later Brigadier-General, Governor of North Carolina, Minister to France, and Founder of the University of North Carolina) fought in the American Revolution. Mary Haynes Davie, daughter of William Richardson Davie, married Uriah Blanchard in Duplin County, N. C, in 1807, moving to Columbia County, Georgia, where Uriah's father, Reuben, had been granted land in 1784. Upon the death of William's father, his mother married James B. Huff, Sr., she living to the age of ninety-one years. Soon after the Civil War, young William Blanchard came to Columbus. After some years he became president of Blanchard & Booth Co., and was later the senior member of Blanchard, Humber & Co. He was also an extensive planter in Georgia and Alabama. On March 3, 1880, William Blanchard was married, at Holy Communion Church, Charleston, S. C, to Henrietta Hill Seabrook, of Edisto Island, S. C, who was the daughter of Edward Whaley Seabrook of "Laurel Hill," planter and graduate of Harvard, and his wife Emma Dawson Seabrook, the latter the daughter of William Crosby Dawson, U. S. Senator from Georgia (1849-1855) and his wife, Henrietta Wingfield. The children born to William R. and Henrietta Seabrook Blanchard were (a) Emma Seabrook Blanchard who married first Charles Leitner Howard, their son being William Blanchard Howard who married Ethel Holden; Emma's second husband being Hayward Douglas Luckett. (b) Henrietta Hill Blanchard who married William de Launay Worsley, their children Dr. Thomas Blanchard Worsley, Business Economist, who married Virginia Carroll, and Henrietta Worsley, who married Neil Owen Davis, (c) William Randolph Blanchard, Jr., who died June 28, 1894. (d) Dr. Mercer Blanchard, who married (1) Belle Carter, and (2) Mrs. Katherine Neill McDuffie. Mercer Carter Blanchard, son of Dr. Mercer Blanchard and Belle Carter, married Elizabeth Dorsey Pagon. (e) Paul Blanchard, Attorney at Law. William Randolph Blanchard inherited from his great-grandfather William R. Davie, a love of books and belief in education. In every sense of the word, a gentleman, he combined gentleness with forcefulness, and his strongest characteristics were a keen sense of justice, a love of truth and beauty, and a belief in the essential goodness of his fellowman. He died July 17, 1926. His monument is in the hearts of the many he helped, of both races.

Daniel Graham Bland
Daniel Graham Bland was born in Teacheys, Duplin County, North Carolina, January 17, 1889. His parents were A. F. and Hattie E. Bland, both born in North Carolina. Mr. Bland had four sisters, Mrs. J. C. McMillan, Mrs. H. D. McMillan of Teacheys, N. C, Mrs. H. F. Boney and Mrs. G. H. Robinson of Wallace, N. C. He also had two brothers, Grover D. and John H. Bland of Teacheys, N. C. All of his brothers and sisters are dead except Mrs. Robinson and John Bland. He was graduated from Teacheys High School and attended Wake Forest College, Wake Forest. N. C. for nearly three years. This was from 1905 to 1908. At this time he was forced to leave college due to serious illness and an operation. D. G. Bland was united in marriage to Willie Love Wall of Lilesville, N. C, July 12, 1910. His wife was the daughter of H. J. Wall of Anson County and Fannie Love of Roberson County, N. C. The Blands are the parents of three children, two boys and one girl. Henry Wall Bland was born at Lilesville, N. C, May 13, 1911, Stephen Graham Bland at Juliette, Ga.. May 1, 1914 and Harriette Love Bland at Juliette, Ga., November 23, 1916.  She is now Mrs. Charles Norman Williamson. Mr. Bland is the Grandfather of Charles Norman Williamson, Jr., Janice Love Williamson and Phillip and Phyllis Bland. Willie Wall Bland died July 31, 1944. Bland married Margaret Collins Bailey of Hendersonville, N. C. December 14, 1946. Mr. Bland has been extremely successful in his businesses of Lumber Manufacturer, Real Estate and Insurance. He is a Past Director of N. C. Pine Assn.; President of the Roofer Manufacturers Association, Partner in Alexander & Bland, Bland Lumber Co., and D. G. Bland Lumber Co., Lumpkin and Columbus. He is also President of the Columbus National Life Insurance Company of Columbus, Ga. He has also been successful politically. He was Mayor of Lumpkin, Ga. in 1920, member of Ga. House of Representatives (4 terms) from 1929 to 1936, member Ga. State Senate from 1940 to 1942, and served on Governors' Staff under Ellis Arnall and also M. E. Thompson. He was a member of "Phi" Literary Society while in College. He is now a member of the Lions Club, a Mason and a Shriner. He belongs to the Lumpkin Baptist Church, was Moderator of Summerhill, Ga. Baptist Asso. for six years and was Superintendent of Lumpkin Baptist Sunday School for several years.   He is a Democrat and a former member of the State Guard. Mr. Bland is actively interested in Real Estate developments in North Carolina and Florida, as well as Georgia.

William Clark Bradley
William Clark Bradley was born at Oswichee in Russell County, Alabama, June 28, 1863 and died in Columbus, Georgia, July 26, 1947. His father. Forbes Bradley, was born December 1. 1809 and died September 21, 1890. He was a   native   of   Connecticut. The mother, Theresa Ann Clark Bradley, was born April 7, 1827 and died October 3, 1871, in her home County of Russell County, Ala. William Clark Bradley was the youngest of eight children, all deceased. He received his early education in Columbus and graduated from Slade High School for Boys. He then attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Alabama for one year, 1879 to 1880. He left A. P. I. at the age of seventeen to assume the management of his father's plantation. At the age of nineteen he became a clerk in the firm of Bussey-Goldsmith & Company. Two years later he and Mr. S. A. Carter, his brother-in-law, succeeded Bussey-Goldsmith and operated the firm under the name of Carter and Bradley until Mr. Bradley purchased the entire interest in 1895. Soon afterwards the business was incorporated as the W. C. Bradley Co., its present name. From this original business in cotton grew all the succeeding enterprises and activities of W. C. Bradley. Gradually he became Director, Executive Officer and stockholder of a number of corporations, in most of which he was the principal owner. In 1919 he became Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Coca Cola Company and served in that capacity for approximately 20 years. He was President of the Columbus Bank and Trust Co., at the time of his death. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eagle and Phenix Mills, the Columbus Iron Works Co., Bradley Realty and Investment Co., and the Columbus Manufacturing Co. He was Director in numerous Corporations, including the Coca Cola Co., Coca Cola Intl. Corp., and the Bibb Mfg. Co., etc. Member of Merchants Club, N. Y., Bankers Club of America, N. Y. Honorary member of Rotary Club of Columbus, Country Club, Bachelors, Big Eddy Club all of Columbus. The Oglethorpe, Savannah and Capital City Clubs of Atlanta. He was a member of St. Luke Methodist Church and a Democrat in Georgia but a Republican in National Affairs. Mr. Bradley was married to Miss Sarah M. Hall, daughter of Henry T. and Elizabeth Howard Hall, April 27, 1887 in Columbus, Ga. They had one son, Forbes Bradley who died in infancy and a daughter born October 1, 1897 and named Elizabeth, now Mrs. D. A. Turner. There are three grandchildren; Sarah Louise Turner (now Mrs. C. C. Butler), William Bradley Turner and Elizabeth Turner. (Mrs. L. P. Corn). Five great-grandchildren Elizabeth Clare Butler, Donna Christopher Butler, Stephen Turner Butler, Donna Sue Turner, Elizabeth Bradley Corn, all of Colum-bus, Georgia.

William Graydon Bridges
William Graydon Bridges was born August 9, 1897, in Unadilla, Dooly County, Georgia. He is the son of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bridges, born in Unadilla, Ga., Sept. 8, 1874 and William Allen Bridges, born in Dawson, Ga., January 19, 1869 and now de-ceased. He has two brothers: Joe W. Bridges of Cordele, Ga., and Vinson A. Bridges of Tifton, Ga. One sister, Mrs. Walter Williams of Robbins Field, Ga. completes the family. Mr. Bridges and Miss Lillian Lucile Tillery were married in Montgomery, Alabama, September 23, 1934. She is the daughter of Julius Henry and Lillie Jane Tillery. The Bridges have no children. "Doc" Bridges, as he is known to his host of friends and acquaintances, is a pharmacist by trade. For many years he owned and operated a drug store in Columbus. Becoming interested in the gas and oil business he entered the partnership of Bridges and Crawley, Sinclair Agents and Bridges and Crawley Tire Co. As his other interests prospered and consumed most of his time he sold his drug store and devoted his full time to the aforementioned businesses. At the present time he is the owner of Builders Service and Supply Company and Muscogee Lumber Company, Inc. W. G. Bridges is looked upon by the citizens of this community with admiration and respect. His pleasing personality, courtesy, and interest in his fellow man have endeared him to thousands. This is attested to by the fact that he has been elected to the City Commission of Columbus nine times or a total of eighteen years. Two years he served as Mayor of the city. He served two years in World War I and was discharged as Master Hospital Sergeant. He was chairman of the community Chest and a member of the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy for five years being Chairman for one year. He is a member of the Rotary Club, Elks Club, Operating Committee of the N.C.C.S., Shrine (Al Sihah Temple), Al Oula Shrine Club, Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Pharmaceutical Association and a Director of the Chattahoochee Valley Fair Association. He belongs to the Eastern Heights Baptist Church.

Thomas Bryant Buck
Thomas Bryant Buck was born in Russell County, Alabama, September 3, 1890, the son of Charles Willis Buck, born in Newbern, Alabama, November 22, 1863 and Martha Mahalie Clay Buck (Mrs. C. W.), born in Russell County, Alabama, April 2, 1865. Both lived in Columbus until their deaths. Bryant Buck had one sister, Mrs. W. M. Amos (May) and two brothers, Raymond Clay Buck of Columbus and Cecil Edwin Buck, deceased. He was married to Helen Daphne Dodd, January 4, 1914 at the home of Thomas Edward Dodd, the bride's grandfather, Campbell County, Ga. Mrs. Buck is the daughter of Mrs. Mary Brown Dodd and the late John Thomas Dodd of Atlanta. Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Buck. Thomas Bryant Buck, Jr., born February 25, 1917; Harold Dodd Buck, August 20, 1923; William C. Buck, March 21, 1925; Brownie Buck Elliott (Mrs. J. Robert); Helen Buck Bergquist (Mrs. Vincent F.) and twin daughters, Jean and Jane Buck.   All were born in Columbus. They were the grandparents of Thomas Bryant Buck, III, born 1938; Leslie Litchfield Buck, 1943; Vincent Finval Bergquist, Jr., 1947; Beryl Valien Bergquist, 1949 and Harold Dodd Buck, Jr., 1950, all born in Columbus, Ga. In 1912 Mr. Buck became a retail grocer as owner of Buck Grocery Company. After only ten years, due to his industriousness and frugality he was able to construct an ice manufacturing plant known as the Buck Ice and Coal Company. Under his able direction this business prospered and in 1931 he built an Ice Plant in Macon, Ga. In 1938 he expanded his activities into the soft drink bottling field, purchasing the local franchises for Dr. Pepper and Seven Up and erecting a new bottling plant for that operation. In the early 1940's he entered the corn milling and syrup manufacturing field, becoming an officer of Eelbeck Milling Co. During this same period he became a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank. He was an original stockholder and member of the board of Southern Foods, Inc. He was also a Director of the Southeastern Retail Coal Association and of the Rotary Club of Columbus. He belonged to the Executives Club, the Country Club of Columbus and was affiliated with the Baptist Church.

Thomas Bryant Buck, Jr
Thomas Bryant Buck, Jr. was born February 25, 1917 in Columbus, Ga. His parents were Helen Dodd Buck of Douglas County, Ga. who was born August 23, 1891 and Thomas Bryant Buck, Sr. of Lee County, Ala. who was born September 3, 1890 and died January 19, 1948. Thomas was one of a family of seven children, three boys and four girls. His sisters are Brownie B. Elliott, Helen B. Bergquist, Jean Buck, Jane Buck, and his brothers Harold D. Buck and William C. Buck. He was educated in the Columbus Public Schools and graduated from Industrial High School in 1934. He then attended Georgia Military College. Violet Burrus Litchfield, daughter of Nell Jones Litchfield and Robert Litchfield, became his wife August 15, 1936 in Pittsview, Alabama. They are the parents of two sons, both born in Columbus, Ga. Thomas Bryant Buck, III was born March 2, 1938 and Leslie Litchfield Buck, March 3, 1943. Mr. Buck has made great advancement in the business world.   He is manager of the Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. of Columbus, Vice-Pres. of Eelbeck Milling Company of Georgia, Manager of the Buck Investment Co., Partner in Buck Ice and Coal Co. of Columbus and Macon, Ga., Director of the Y. M. C. A., Director of Merchants and Mechanics Bank, Director Bachelors Club, Director Georgia Bottlers Association, Director of Southern Foods, Inc., and Director of Executives Club. At the present time he is serving as President of the Chamber of Commerce for the year 1951.   He was chosen Man of The Year for 1949. His Club affiliations consist of the Bachelors, Country Club, Executives Club and the Rotary Club. He is a Deacon in the First Baptist Church. Thomas is a very personable young man, always courteous and friendly to everyone. His leadership in any Civic enterprise which promotes improvement and growth of Columbus has made him one of the outstanding young men of this community.

Joe Smith Burgin
Joe Smith Burgin was born in Marion, McDowell County, N. C, March 21, 1873.  He was the son of Merritt Burgin, born March 2, 1827 in Burke (now McDowell) County N. C. and died June 2, 1892. His mother was Mary Elizabeth (Smith) Burgin, born May 3, 1842 in Blackstock, S. C. He attended Gaston College at Dallas, N. C. He had six broth-ers, Robert Lee, Frank A., Sam L., William Olin, and Charlie McDowell Burgin, all deceased and Ralph L. Burgin; one sister, Mrs. Mattie (Burgin) Geiger, and two half sisters, Mrs. George Eaves, deceased, and Mrs. James Morris. Joe Burgin married Jessie Carter, July 6, 1899 in Ellerslie, Ga. She was the daughter of Robert Fleming Carter and Camella (Walton) Carter.  The Burgins are the parents of nine children, Joe Carter, Robert Fleming, Mary (Burgin) Mills, Olin F., Jessie (Burgin) Belk, Sara (Burgin) Lowe, Nellie (Burgin) Huggins, Julia (Burgin) Herring, and Alexander Merritt Burgin.   The grandchildren are Joe Carter Burgin, Jr., Robert F. Burgin, Jr., Myrtis Adell Burgin, Joe Frank Lowe, Beverly Anne Burgin, Jesse Clark Burgin, Sally Juneal Lowe, Mary Burgin, Charles William Burgin, J, Dorman Huggins, Jr., Joe Burgin Huggins and Merry Carter Lowe. He was a member of the Ga. House of Rep. 1924 thru 1926 and 1929, 30, 31, 32, 35, and 36, and a 24th Dist. Senator in 1927 and 1928, and 1937 and 1938. He was a Lt. Col. on the staff of Governors Hardman, Russell, Rivers, Arnall and Thompson, and a member of the State Welfare Board during Arnall's Administration. He was a delegate to Democratic Nat. Convention in Houston, Texas (1928), Chicago, Ill. (1932), Philadelphia, Pa. (1936). Gov. Rivers appointed him Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Pine Mt. Soil Conservation Dist. and he has served in this capacity since. Burgin Lumber Co., Inc., with plants in Buena Vista, and Cuthbert, Ga., have been manufacturers of lumber in west Ga. for 35 years. He is President and Director of Burgin Lumber Co., Inc., Cuthbert, Ga., and Burgin Mfg. Co., Inc. Buena Vista, Ga. He was President of the Buena Vista City Board of Education for twelve years, and is trustee of Mercer University. Mr. Burgin owns the Buena Vista Stock Farms and is one of the leading breeders of pure bred beef cattle in Ga. and has served as Pres. and Director of the Ga. Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Asso., and is a member of the Southeastern Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Association. He is also a Director of the First National Bank of Columbus and was a member and former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Buena Vista Loan & Saving Bank. Mr. Burgin has been prominent in the upbuilding of his community and state. He is a 32nd Degree Mason and Shriner and a member of the Board of Deacons of the First Baptist Church of Buena Vista, Ga.

LeRoy Burnham
LeRoy Burnham was born in Grovetown, Georgia, April 12, 1891. He is the son of Robert Woodson and Bessie Burnham, both deceased. He survives one brother, Robert Bernard Burnham. After graduating from High School, LeRoy attended Osborne Business College in Augusta, Georgia. He was married to Miss Emerita McAdam, the daughter of Bernard McAdam, in Montgomery, Alabama, April 15, 1914. To this union were born three children: Bessie Emerita in Little Rock, Arkansas, May 21, 1915; Bernard LeRoy in Columbus, Georgia, July 21, 1919 and Otis Blue in Columbus, Georgia, September 1, 1929. Mr. Burnham is now the grandfather of six; Emerita Louise Reese, Mary Daniel Reese, Otis LeRoy Reese, Mary Agnes Burnham, Barbara Anne Burnham and Patricia Dianne Burnham. LeRoy Burnham began his business career in Columbus, Georgia when he was transferred from Little Rock, Arkansas, June 26, 1916. He came to Columbus as manager of the C. A. Martin Furniture Company. After serving in this capacity for five years he purchased the business and operated it until 1921 when he began a transfer business in connection with the furniture. The transfer business proved very successful and in 1929 he closed out the furniture store and turned all interest to the moving and warehouse trade which he operated as Burnham's Van Service. From a meager beginning this firm has grown to be nationally known. The vans operate in thirty-six states and have connecting arrangements with the other twelve. The fleet serves some of the nation's most careful shippers. A partnership was formed in 1942 between Mr. LeRoy Burnham, his son, B. LeRoy Burnham and daughter, Mrs. B. Emerita Reese, and in 1950 his youngest son Otis Blue joined the partnership. Mr. Burnham served as president of the Household Goods Bureau which has 2400 members scattered throughout the 48 states and published tariff for these members. He was president of the Ga. Household Goods Assn. for seven years and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Movers Conference of America which boasts 3,200 members. He is a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D. C, in the capacity of Advisory Board to the Transportation and Communication Department, and Director Southeastern Warehousemen's Asso. He serves on the Board of Stewards of the Wynnton Methodist Church and is a member of the Rotary Club. The success achieved by Mr. Burnham may be attributed to his sound judgment, industry, honesty and persistent effort. Quiet and retiring in his disposition he is always courteous and considerate.

Thomas Usher Butts
Thomas Usher Butts was born in Hancock County, Georgia. November 4, 1854, the son of James Irvin and Saleta Henry (Binion) Butts; James Irvin Butts having been born in Hampton County, Virginia, April 13,1800, and Saleta Henry Butts in Hancock County, Georgia, March 2, 1815. James Irvin Butts was the seventh lineal descendant of James Butts, one of the first settlers of Jamestown, Virginia. Thomas Usher Butts was married to Martha Leonora Beall in 1887 and to this union were born two children: Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Kelly (Oline Beall Butts), and Thomas Usher Butts, Jr. The subject of this sketch de-parted this life in Columbus, Georgia, on March 22, 1916. He was graduated from Mercer University, at Macon, Georgia, and at Eastman College, Poughkeepsie, New York. He moved from Hancock County, Georgia, to Columbus in the fall of 1893 and became a member of the partnership of Jones Bros, and Butts, who engaged in the retail lumber business. Two years later this partnership was dissolved and he became a member of the firm of Butts & Cooper who also engaged in the lumber business ; Mr. Cooper being the late J. T. Cooper. This firm was dissolved and Mr. F. J. Dudley and Mr. Butts formed the corporation, Dudley-Butts Lumber Company, Mr. Butts sold his stock in this company and then engaged in the wholesale lumber business in Columbus under the name of Georgia Lumber Company, he being the sole proprietor. At the same time he established Butts Lumber Company of Phenix, Alabama, this corporation having been chartered in 1907. He continued to con-duct his wholesale lumber business in Columbus and his retail lumber business through the last named corporation up to the time of his death. Mr. Butts was a business man par excellence. It was his policy to give every customer a square deal, and, at the same time he was always most considerate and generous. His disposition was most cheerful and his manners were most engaging. Having had exceptional educational advantages, he knew the value thereof, and he saw to it that his own children attended the best educational institutions and he lived to see them well equipped for the battle of life. The writer of this sketch was the neighbor, the intimate friend and the legal counsel of Mr. Butts for many years, and it is his opinion that one would find it most difficult to decide which the more to admire his ebullient spirit or his industry, his sagacity or his fixedness of purpose, his good humor or his rectitude in all business relations.

Jesse Paul Calhoun
Jesse Paul Calhoun was born on March 18, 1908 at Columbus, Georgia, the son of Ira B. Calhoun and Pauline (Blackman) Calhoun and is one of six children, four sons and two daughters. On October 16th, 1934, in Columbus, Georgia, he married Martha Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of J. Lawrence Hunt and Lyra (Harris) Hunt. This union was blessed by the birth of two sons, Jesse Paul Calhoun, Jr., and Lawrence Hunt Calhoun, and one daughter, Mildred Ann Calhoun. Mr. Calhoun received his early education in the local schools and was graduated from the Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Ala., in 1930 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in civil engineering. Upon graduating from college, he accepted, in May, 1930, a position with the Construction Quarter master, War Department, U. S. Army, Fort Benning, Georgia, in the capacity of engineering draftsman. He was later made engineer and assistant superintendent of construction. He served in this position until 1935, at which time he withdrew to form a partnership in a sand and gravel business, The Consolidated Gravel Co., Inc., of which company he become sole owner in 1949. Mr. Calhoun is also interested in the lumber business, being co-owner of the Calhoun Lumber Company. Mr. Calhoun, better known to his many friends as "Skeeter," was, at the age of thirteen, the youngest Eagle Scout in the State of Georgia. His Scout training is still apparent today in his gentle spirit, gentle speech and gentle conduct. His popularity is as wide as the area of his acquaintanceship, and his kindly influence is felt wherever he is known. He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the Rotary Club, the Country Club of Columbus, the Officers' Club of Ft. Benning, Georgia, and the Capital City Club of Atlanta, Georgia.

Wilson McTyre Camp
Wilson McTyre Camp was born April 28, 1874 in Nashville, Tennessee and died March 15, 1944 in Columbus, Georgia. He was the son of Leon A. Camp who was born in Dalton, Georgia April 21, 1848 and died in Montgomery, Alabama April 12, 1911 and Annie Morgan Camp, born in Virginia, June 18, 1851 and died in Columbus March 12, 1912. Wilson Camp was the brother of Wm. C, Leon A., Jr., Virginia Elizabeth and Annie Mae Camp, all of whom are now deceased. He was married to Miss Virginia Cheney Kleiser of Nashville, Tennessee, November 21, 1894. She was the daughter of J. M. and Margaret Stratton Kleiser. To Mr. and Mrs. Camp were born two children, Margaret Anna Camp (deceased) in Nashville, Tenn., November 10, 1895 and Leon K. Camp in Savannah, Georgia, January 5, 1901. Three grandchildren, Virginia Elizabeth Smith, Wilson M. Camp II and Nancy Camp survive him and one, George Wilson Smith is deceased. There are two great grandchildren, Sundra Kay Smith and Judith Ann Smith. His education was acquired in the Columbus Public Schools. Then he accepted a job as traveling passenger agent for the Central of Georgia Railway. After serving in this capacity until 1901, he came to Columbus and entered the bicycle business. Two years later he started the first automobile agency in Columbus and sold the first seven cars sold in Columbus. He and his twin brother, Leon A. Camp, owned the first car in Columbus. Wilson Camp went to Chicago in 1905 where he engaged in the automobile business until after the death of his father, returning to Columbus in 1913. He immediately took charge of his father's business, the Georgia Paving and Construction Company. He continued to manage this "company and its successor, Camp Concrete Products Company, a partnership with his son, Leon K. Camp, until his death. Mr. Camp was active and prominent in fraternal and civic orders. He was a valued member of the Masons, Knights Templar, Shriners. Elks, K. P. and Rotary. He was affiliated religiously with the St. Paul Methodist Church and politically with the Democratic Party. He was a man of forceful personality, keen business discernment, vigorous and virile, who counted his friends by the thousands. He was particularly popular with his employees and remained active until the last days of his life.

Comer Aston Carmack
Comer Aston Carmack was born in Lee County, Alabama, August 10, 1906. His father, William Henry Carmack was born in Lee County, Alabama, March 19, 1882 and died August 2, 1931. Nora Belle Carmack, his mother, was born February 3, 1884 in Talapoosa County, Alabama. He attended Grammar School in Lee, Pike and Bullock Counties of Alabama. Further education was obtained at the Columbus Industrial High School of Columbus, Georgia. While in High School he engaged in athletics, the most important of which was being a member of the football team. He graduated in the spring of 1925 and entered Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn, Alabama the following fall. After leaving Auburn he accepted a position with one of" Columbus' leading industries. Comer Carmack has one brother, I. W. Carmack and two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Belle Codgell and Mrs. Willie Mae Stough. He was married to Miss Mary Kate Mills of Smith Station, Alabama, April 6, 1930. His wife was the daughter of John E. and Mollie J. Mills. Two sons have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Carmack. Comer Aston, Jr., was born June 26, 1932 in Russell County, Alabama and Nathan Dykes, August 21, 1940 in Columbus, Georgia. For fourteen years Mr. Carmack followed mechanical and electrical work in various plants in Columbus. He applied himself diligently to his work and being of an ambitious nature decided to go into business for himself. On October 20, 1940 he bought a small machine shop and named it the Muscogee Iron Works. From this meager beginning, in the short space of eleven years, the growth of this business has been most phenominal. It is now one of the best known and most trusted of any business of its type in Columbus. This growth was not by any means accidental but due to the sound judgment, industry, honesty and confidence of its instigator. His disposition is always most cheerful and his manners most engaging. His sagacity and jovial good humor in all business relations have not only won friends for himself but also customers for his wares. Mr. Carmack is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the Independent Order of Oddfellows and B. P. O. E. He pledges religious allegiance to the Missionary Baptists and politically is a Democrat.

Ezekiel C. Carter
Ezekiel C. Carter was born in Columbus, Georgia, August 12, 1907. His mother was born in Columbus also, April 3, 1884 and his father, who served in the Spanish American War was born in Oglethorpe County, March 2, 1880. Zeke, as he is known to his host of friends, attended grade school and high school in Columbus. Mr. Carter was one of ten children, six brothers and three sisters. Besides himself there are S. J., J. J., Paul, Samuel, Daniel, W. C, Ester, Mary and Carmel. On November 15,1934 he married Miss Elizabeth Treadway, a local girl, here in Columbus. His wife is the daughter of the former Edna Whittlesey and T. Foley Treadway. Mr. Carter is the father of one daughter, Mrs. Craig Thornton. She was born in Columbus January 26, 1928. Zeke Carter is to be highly commended on the success he has made in the business world. He established Carter Realty Company and by his ambition, personality and hard work has built this firm into one of the biggest developers and financers of homes in Columbus. After World War II this concern financed most of the homes purchased by former soldiers on the G. I. plan around Columbus and LaGrange. In addition to being the sole owner of Carter Realty Company he is also half owner and Vice President of Muscogee Mortgage Company. Mr. Carter's fidelity and ability earned for him the distinction of being Vice President and also immediate Past President of the Columbus Realty Board. Previous to this he was Secretary-Treasurer of the board for three years beginning in 1942. As a member of the Real Estate Board, The Chamber of Commerce and the Merchant's Association he has earned himself generous recognition as a builder of Columbus. He has chosen to be a member of the Elk's Club and the Country Club of Columbus. His religious affiliation is with the Rose Hill Methodist Church. He is a man of strong determination, engaging personality and enjoys the admirable reputation of square dealings.

James Edgar Chancellor
James Edgar Chancellor was born December 29, 1883 in Columbus, Georgia and came from distinguished ancestry. The family of Chancellor is of great antiquity; established first in England in the 11th century and subsequently in Scotland in the 14th century. The founder of the family in America was Richard Chancellor who left England in 1682 settling in Westmoreland County, Va., and thus through the pages of history do we hear the name of the old homestead of Chancellorsville which was burned during a battle in 1863. Mr. Chancellor's father, Alexander Clarendon Chancellor moved to Columbus as a very young man where he entered the mercantile business and established the Chancellor Company. His mother, Carrie Wynn Chancellor, born October 12, 1857 in Columbus was a link with the past that was dear and intimate to many Columbus old-timers, being the daughter of Dr. A. M. Wynn and Marie Howard Wynn. On November 9, 1913 Mr. Chancellor was married to Miss Evelyn Rigney of Jacksonville, Florida, and to this union was born Mrs. Cullen J. Hoffman and James Edgar Chancellor, Jr. He had four grandchildren, Christine Borders Chancellor, Ann Judson Hoffman, Evelyn Rigney Hoffman, James Chancellor Hoffman. Mr. Chancellor attended the local schools and later the University of Virginia, where he was a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity. Later he became associated with his father in the Chancellor Company, carrying on a business which has served Columbus and the surrounding country for 68 years and is now under the leadership of his son Edgar, Jr. He made a distinct contribution to the business, cultural and civic growth of the city and worked untiringly to bring Fort Benning to Columbus and to foster its continued development. Kindly and generous he was widely beloved by friends throughout the South and in the East where he had business connections. He was a Steward of the St. Paul Methodist Church and Treasurer for many years, always performing any duties which would be of help to the church. He was a member of the Rotary Club, the Country Club and Past Commander of the St. Aldermar Commandery, Knights Templar, being the youngest Commander in the U. S. at the time he held office. He was also past Master of the Mt. Hermon Lodge F. and A. M., a member of Al-Sihah Temple, Nobles of Mystic Shrine, the Chamber of Commerce. Merchants Association and at the time of his death, which occurred May 10, 1945, he still worked for the interest of his community and engaged in any movement which would be for the development of Columbus.

Joseph Edgar Chapman
Joseph Edgar Chapman was born November 13, 1865 in Cusseta, Ga. His parents were Daniel McNeil Chapman, born in Talbot County, Ga., May 2, 1840 and Lucy A. E. Bagley, born in Chattahoochee County, Ga. February 10, 1844. Both are now deceased. He had one brother and three sisters; William Daniel Chapman, Mary Chapman Williamson and Lila Chapman Heliums, all deceased and Alma Chapman Heliums. Judge Chapman's mother died when he was four years old and he was reared by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bagley, who owned a large plantation near Cusseta. He received but little formal education due to ill health in his youth. At the age of eighteen he began the study of law and was privately tutored by Judge Eugene Wynn. He was admitted to the Bar before Judge James T. Willis at Cusseta, Ga., in March 1886. He was married to Eula Averett, December 15, 1891 in Columbus. She was the daughter of EH Monroe Averett and Lydia Amelia Cole.   Their children are: Mary Irene Chapman born March 14, 1893; Lucy Amelia Chapman (Mrs. John F. Gratz) Nov. 14, 1896; Eula Averett Chapman (Mrs. G. C. Richardson) July 1, 1900; Joseph Edgar Chapman, Jr., Sept. 6, 1902; Lydia Belle Chapman, (Mrs. Frank Lowe) Jan. 1, 1907. The grandchildren: G. Clay Richardson, Jr., Joseph E. Chapman, III, John F. Gratz, Jr., Daniel McNeil Chapman, George Dean Lowe, II, Frank H. Lowe, jr., Mary Edwina Chapman and Eula Averett Lowe. He was Muscogee Co. State Rep. in 1896 and was on Board of Land Appraisers in establishment of Ft. Benning. He was Judge of Juvenile Court of Muscogee Co., Ga. from 1935 through 1940. He practiced law with Southwestern Circuit Superior Court Judge Z. A. Littlejohn until he moved to Columbus in 1890. He was in partnership with the late G. Y. Tigner and later with Hon. Gus H. Howard. Judge Chapman was a member of the Columbus Lawyers Club, Georgia Bar Association, American Bar Association, Columbus Executives Club and the Democratic Party. He was beloved by the members of his profession and especially by the younger lawyers, who were always able to find a sympathetic friend and counselor in the Judge.

Carl C. Colbert
Carl C. Colbert, who is now president of the Nehi Corporation was born in Webster County, Georgia, November 12, 1892. William E. Colbert was his father and Emma Jenkins Colbert his mother. Both parents were from Webster County, Georgia and both are now de-ceased. He has one brother, J. F. Colbert who lives in Carnesville, Georgia. He began his schooling in Rich-land, Georgia, where he attended Grammar School. Further schooling was obtained at the Richland High School. In 1910 he entered the Southern Business University in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon completion of this course he entered the business world. On May 20,1914, Mr. Colbert obtained a job with what is now the Nehi Corporation. Since that time he has occupied various positions with the same company practically all his business life. By his perserverance and diligence he climbed the ladder of success until he now heads the nationally known Nehi Corporation. Although he has attained a position of prominence and prestige his engaging personality and interest in his fellow man have made him universally popular with all classes. Carl Colbert married Irene Purvis, December 25th, 1913 in Columbus, Georgia. His wife is the daughter of John and Texas Purvis of Taylor County, Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Colbert are the parents of two children, a boy and a girl. The daughter, who is now Mrs. Kathryn Colbert Buchanan was born December 16, 1917 and the son, Ralph C. Colbert, March 3, 1922. There are four grandchildren: George C. Buchanan, Jr., 11 years old, Kathryn Irene Buchanan, 7 years old, Carol Marie Colbert, 7 years old, and Pamela Virginia Colbert 2 years old. His loyalty and generosity in all civic and religious affairs make him one of the outstanding men of this section. He is past president of the Rotary Club of Columbus and a member of the Country Club. He numbers himself among the congregation of the First Baptist Church and is a Democrat, politically.

Mose Coleman Cooper
Mose Coleman Cooper was born November 8, 1900 in Louisville, Mississippi. He is the son of George Griffin Cooper, deceased, and Mary Eula Parks Cooper. Mose has two brothers, Clyde Griffin and Adam Jackson and two sisters, Margaret Eula and Velma Jane Cooper. He attended grade school in the city in which he was born and graduated from Louisville High School in 1919. He earned a B.S. Degree in Dairy Products Manufacturing from Mississippi State College in 1927. Mr. Cooper was married to Mary Elizabeth Bowlus June 14, 1930 in Starkville, Mississippi. She was the daughter of D. B. Bowlus and Edith Smith Bowlus. The Coopers are the parents of three daughters: Barbara, born July 20, 1931 in Starkeville, Miss.; Ann Bowlus, June 25, 1934 and Elizabeth Jane, August 5, 1935. Mose Cooper was reared on a 450 acre farm in Mississippi where he helped with the growing of cotton and food crops as well as raising dairy cattle and producing cream for the market. After finishing Miss, state college in 1927 he worked for eight years as plant superintendent in the A.&M. Creamery at Starkville. Miss. He was promoted to manager in 1936 and served in this capacity for the next twelve years. He accepted the position of manager of Wells Dairies Co-operative in April 1948, and immediately moved his family to Columbus. Since that time this firm has grown considerably and is in the process of constructing one of the most modern plants in this part of the state. Mr. Cooper continues to manage this business at the present time. He is a member of the Georgia Dairy Association and the American Dairy Association. He belongs to the Kiwanis Club and is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. While in College he was a member of the ROTC. Mr. Cooper is a substantial, constructive citizen. His poise, reserve and engaging personality have stood him in good stead in both business and social activities.

Thurston C. Crawford
Thurston C. Crawford was born April 4, 1867, in Madison County, Georgia, and died August 1, 1936. He was the son of John R. Crawford and Jane William Crawford of Madison County and had two brothers, Thomas R. Crawford and Elmer J. Crawford, and one sister. Mrs. W. T. Coggin, all of Athens, Georgia. Mr. Crawford was married on June 17. 1903 to Emma Hart Carroll, who was the daughter of Michael Phillip Carroll and Jennie McNatt Carroll. She was born in Augusta. Ga., and died in Columbus on January 29, 1929. They had one son. Thurston C. Crawford. Jr. He attended the University of Georgia from 1882 to 1886. In 1888 he attended the Eastman College, Poughkeepsie. New York. Coming back to Georgia, he associated himself with Orr and Hunter, Cotton Merchants. Athens, Georgia, for five years. He then entered the firm of Inman and Company, Augusta, Georgia, as Eastern Traffic Manager for fourteen years. Leaving the cotton business, he bought a plantation in Greene County, Georgia, which he operated until 1921. He never overlooked an opportunity of attending a Jersey Cattle show or sale, having once owned a number of high class registered Jerseys. He was also a lover of fine horses and some of the best trotters in Greene County were owned by him on his farm where he had a beautiful half mile race track for the pleasure of his friends and himself. When he came to Columbus as manager of the Howard Bus line-which company provided bus service between Columbus and the Fort Benning Military Reservation -he actively entered into the civic affairs of both Columbus and Fort Benning. In 1925, he purchased the stock of this company from the estate of its founder, Mr. Troupe Howard, who had recently died. He was a member of the First Baptist Church and was active in the affairs of the city, having been president of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce; Family Welfare Bureau, and the Kiwanis Club. Mr. Crawford was a most lovable character and nothing was too much for him to do for a friend. He was honest, gentle, considerate and delighted when he could help others.

Robert Ernest Dismukes
Robert Ernest Dismukes was born March 5, 1877 in Quincy, Florida and died in Columbus, Georgia, November 3, 1943. His father, Elisha Paul Dismukes was born at The Rend, nine miles from Nashville, Tennessee, June 2, 1839 and died in Columbus, April 18, 1918 and was buried in Linwood Cemetery. Robert's mother, Anne Elizabeth Forman Dismukes was born at Quincy, Florida on January 14, 1849 and died August 2, 1905 in Nashville, Tennessee. Robert Ernest was the brother of Arthur Vickers, Robena, Elisha Paul, William Forman, John Thompson, Herbert, Mary Ellen, Helen and Cora Dismukes. Of these ten the only one surviving today is Elisha Paul. At an early age Mr. Robert Dismukes was brought to Columbus where he attended the local schools graduating from Columbus High School. He then went to Mr. Fines Preparatory School in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1899 he graduated from Princeton University with an A. B. Degree. In June of 1902 he finished Harvard Law School with an LLB Degree. He was married to Leonora Swift, the daughter of George P. Swift, Jr., and Lenora Epping Swift, in Columbus, Georgia, November 20, 1906. To this union was born one son, Robert Ernest Dismukes, Jr., March 10, 1908 in Columbus. There is now one grandchild, Robert Ernest Dismukes, III. Mr. Dismukes practiced law in the firm of Dismukes and Worsley and later by himself. Beginning in 1902 he conscientiously and aggressively practiced as an attorney-at-law until 1932. At this time he engaged in the general insurance business with his son, continuing a very small law practice. At the time of his death in 1943 he was co-owner of the R. E. Dismukes Insurance Agency. Besides these accomplishments he was Vice President of the Georgia Manufacturing Company, served for 16 years on old City Council of Columbus, Georgia and when Columbus adopted Commission form of Government in 1922, he served on first Commission and held this office until he retired voluntarily in 1937. He was Chairman of Muscogee County Democratic Committee and was a member of various Georgia Governor's staffs. He was Director of Columbus Manufacturing Company. He was a member of the Muscogee Club, Country Club, Fort Benning Officers Club, and New York City Princeton Club. He attended the Trinity Episcopal Church and was a Democrat. Mr. Dismukes strictly observed the ethics of the legal profession and his honest business dealings and his kind, friendly disposition and attractive personality made him one of the most popular men of his day, in Columbus.

Sterling William Dudley
Sterling William Dudley was born in Russell County, Alabama, April 22, 1875. His father, Hamlin Lewis ("Doc") Dudley was also born in Russell County, Alabama, May 29, 1847. His mother, Sarah Eugenia Jenkins was born at Midland, Georgia, December 8, 1849. Both parents are now deceased. There were four children in the family, three boys and one girl. Sterling Dudley's brothers were Alonza S. and Hamlin T., both deceased and one sister, Mrs. Katie Lou McKee of Tampa, Fla. Mr. Dudley's early schooling consisted of attendance at several "County" schools followed by one year at Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Alabama. He earned his diploma from Massey Business College at Columbus, Georgia. On May 6, 1914 he was joined in marriage to Mrs. Eula Dudley Hopkins in Jacksonville, Florida. She was the daughter of Robert Lane Dudley and Martha Emeline Killebrew. They have no children. At the age of 18 years Mr. Dudley went to work for Jenkins and Davis, a cotton warehouse. This was August 1, 1893 and he remained with this firm until May 1,1897, at which time he moved to Midland, Georgia and bought a half interest in a mercantile business which was operated in the name of Jenkins and Dudley. He sold his interest in this business and organized Dudley-Jenkins Grocery Company in Colum-bus, Georgia, September 1, 1906. He remained with this firm until January 1, 1920, whereupon he went into the fertilizer and insurance business until January 1, 1925. From this time until February of 1943 he served as Deputy Tax Collector in the Tax Commissioner's office of Muscogee County, Ga. He was elected to succeed Mr. John P. Turner as Tax Commissioner in 1943 and still holds this office. The public confidence in his ability and integrity has been demonstrated. His affable manner and helpful attitude has endeared him to the taxpayers and acquaintances alike. He is a member of the Masons, Knights of Pythias and Elks. His religious affiliation is with the St. Luke Methodist Church. His political choice is the Democratic Party.

Frederick Roy Duncan
Frederick Roy Duncan, Architect and Engineer, was born in Columbus, Georgia, April 17, 1886 and died May 10, 1947. He was the son of John Duncan and Julia Elizabeth Ware Duncan. His father was born in Aiken County, S. C, July 18, 1834 and died October 4, 1899. His mother was born February 12, 1844 in Lincoln County, Georgia and died February 20, 1934. He was the brother of John, James, Jessie, Dr. G. Cliff and Walter Edward, all deceased and Mae (Mrs. W. B. Langdon,) who still survives. He was educated in the public schools of Columbus and graduated from Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala., in 1907 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. On December 29, 1908 he was united in marriage to Miss Lillian Eason of Columbus, the daughter of James Thaddeus Eason and Laura Scott Dudley Eason. There were no children born to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. He served a two year apprenticeship with Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co., in Pittsburgh, Pa., and in 1910 was appointed to a Panama Canal position assembling and putting into operation some electrical equipment. Soon he was given the job of draftsman in the office of the Chief Engineer where he designed switchboards for the Canal. Among these were boards for the Gatun Power plant, power distribution and lighting boards for the locks, illumination upon the locks, and other electrical, mechanical and structural designs. In 1913 he began the practice of Architecture in Columbus and maintained such business for a period of thirty-four years until his death. His professional work lives after him in the form of numerous structures consisting of residential, commercial and institutional as well as large scale housing, all bearing silent, eloquent testimony to his skill as a designer and his talent in the field of structural creation. Dignity and beauty characterize these public buildings, their design combining both utility and distinction, often with original touches that quick-ly reveal their authorship. He scrupulously adhered to the ethics of his profession and his standing with his brother architects was very high. He designed and built "Duncan Hall" at Spring Haven, his country estate, on the River Road, in 1940-1942, on the site of an original log house he had maintained as a summer home since 1922. He was a member of St. Paul Methodist Church, Georgia Society of Historical Research, Charter member of Kiwanis Club and formerly a member of the Columbus Country Club. His wife was the President of the Georgia Division of United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1946-1947. His favorite diversion was fishing and it was on one of his loved fishing trips that his final summons came. In the quiet of a beautiful spot, while returning from Standing Boy Creek, which flows through his estate, he was stricken with a heart attack and his quiet, sweet life came to its close. He was buried in Linwood Cemetery in Columbus.

Mark Monroe Dykes
Mark Monroe Dykes was born December 2nd, 1900 in Adairsville, Georgia. His parents, now living at Whigham, Georgia are Dr. Monroe W. and Mrs. Monroe W. (Lou Hayes) Dykes. Mark is one of nine children, being the brother of Mrs. T. S. Green, Tallahassee, Florida: E. B. Dykes, Vienna, Ga.; E. C. Dykes, Dalton, Ga.; Mrs. Henry Barber, Jr., Moultrie, Ga.: Fane Dykes, Eufaula, Ala.; Mrs. A. L. Levielle, Daytona Beach, Fla.: Mrs. W. B. Stotesbury, Gainesville, Fla. and Sidney H. Dykes, Columbus, Ga. He graduated from the Byromville High School and then completed a business administration course at Douglas, Ga. He left Byromville at the age of twenty-one in March 1922 and came to Columbus. After working for a few months at Banks and Durroughs Drug Store he obtained employment with Eugene F. Gray, the Nash and G.M.C. Truck Dealer, as salesman. Sometime later he served as salesman of Dodge Cars and Trucks for W. T. Heard. In 1926 he established The Auto Supply Company, Inc., a wholesale automotive parts business, with J. H. Deaton as co-owner. Eight years later, in 1934, he purchased J. H. Deaton's interest in the Company and has since been president of The Auto Supply Co., Inc., which now has subsidiary stores at Eufaula, Ala., Cordele, Ga., Opelika, Ala., Daytona Beach, Fla. and Gainesville, Fla. Mr. Dykes was married to Miss Helen Stembridge November 11,1939 in Savannah, Ga. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Stembridge. To this couple were born two children, Jane Elizabeth, October 1st, 1943; Marcia Helen, October 15th, 1946, both in Columbus, Ga. Mr. Dykes is a well known sportsman having been connected with the Chattahoochee Field Trial Association for some time. He is a member of Motor Equipment Wholesale Association, National Engine Rebuilders Association, Columbus Country Club, Executive's Club, Kiwanis Club, St. Luke Methodist Church and the Democratic Party. His industry, integrity and sound judgment have made him unusually successful as a business man. His friendly, courteous disposition has attained for him the highest popularity among his associates.

John Tyler Ellis
John Tyler Ellis was born April 24, 1890 in Card, Buchanan County, Virginia. His mother is Mrs. W. S. Ellis of Wheelersburg, Ohio. She was born December 30, 1873. Jack, as he is called by his friends and associates, has three brothers and four sisters. His early education was obtained at Clintwood Normal of Clintwood, Virginia. He attended college at the University of Chattanooga in Tennessee and later was a student at Massey Business College in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Ellis was united in marriage with Miss Susie Blackmar in Columbus, Ga., September 18, 1918. His wife is the daughter of John and Susie Wellborn Blackmar. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis are the parents of the following children: John Blackmar Ellis born August 25, 1924 and Mary Sue Ellis born February 27, 1934, both in Columbus. They have one grandchild, John Blackmar Ellis, Jr. The business interests of Mr. Ellis classify him as a banker and manufacturer. He began his career by teaching school from 1907 to 1911. Accepting a position with M & M Bank on Jan. 1, 1912 he remained associated with this work until 1940. By his diligence, integrity and application to his work he had advanced to an officer's position in the Merchants and Mechanics Bank of Columbus in 1916. In 1940 he relinquished his active participation with the bank and became engaged in the manufacture of candy. He was president of the Southern Candy Co. and also of the Southern Trading Company from 1940 through 1947. Mr. Ellis was elected president of Southern Foods, Inc. in 1947, and at the present time is Chairman of the Board of this firm. Under his able direction this business has continued to grow and thrive until it is now one of the larger distributors of food products in this community. Mr. Ellis is a former vice president of the American Bankers Association, and is a director of the M & M Bank, Southern Confectioners, Inc., Southern Golf Association, Georgia State Golf Association, Rotary Club and is a member, former President and Director of the Columbus Country Club. His religion is Baptist and he is Independent politically.

Adele Louise Foley
Adele Louise Foley was born in the old Linwood section of Columbus on November 15, 1858, the daughter of Francis J. and Emelie (Giittinger) Springer. Mrs. Springer was a daughter of Philip A. and Mary (Burrus) Giittinger, and was born in Linwood in 1837. She was married to Theobald Matthew Foley on February 15, 1882, and to this union four boys were born, Joseph G., Theo. P., Frank D., and Charles B. Foley. Mrs. Foley died at her home in Columbus on May 24, 1941, having spent her entire life of eighty-two years in this community. On May 27,1941, the Commission of the City of Columbus adopted a memorial to Mrs. Foley and said in part: "-Mrs. Foley-always maintained a keen interest in people and affairs. Even in the later years of her life she kept the active spirit of youth, and was chosen the first president of the American Legion Auxiliary in Columbus, being the leader in the movement that culminated in beautifying the Memorial Stadium and dedicating it to the Soldiers of the World War. Mrs. Foley's known characteristic, her love of youth, brought its own natural and well deserved reward; she attained an age which Providence granted to but a few and retained to the last her wide circle of loyal young friends, who loved and respected her as she loved and respected them.-" In commenting on her passing the Ledger-Enquirer said: "The death ... of Mrs. Adele L. Foley removed from the City's life one of its best known and most widely known pioneer citizens-one who numbered her friends and admirers throughout the breadth of the State and far beyond. . . . Possessed of a strong, vibrant personality, she was with it generous and kindly. ..." The Columbus Free Press wrote: ". . . she was one whose heart was perenially young because she loved young people . .. she remained young with them, and kept her heart attuned to the enthusiasm and high hopes of youth. . . W. deL. Worsley

Theobald Matthew Foley
Theobald Matthew Foley was born in Burlington, Iowa, October, 10, 1857, the son of Daniel Matthew Foley and Mary (Fleming) Foley. He was the youngest of thirteen children. His father was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1811, and died here in his eighty-fifth year. He was married in Columbus, Georgia, on February, 16, 1882, to Miss Adele Louise Springer, a daughter of Francis J. and Emelie (Giittinger) Springer. Mrs. Springer was a daughter of Philip A. and Mary (Burrus) Giittinger, and was born in Linwood in 1837. To Mr. and Mrs. Foley were born four sons: Joseph G., Theo. M., Frank D., and Charles B. Foley. Mr. Foley was educated at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, and studied law after he left the University in the law office of Hartridge & Chisholm of Savannah, Georgia, and was admitted to the bar in 1875. He practiced law with his brother, Daniel J. Foley, who served in the Confederate Cavalry, under the firm name of Foley & Foley, in Savannah for four years and during that time Honorable Fleming DuBignon read law in their offices. He moved to Columbus in 1879, where his father (an architect and builder, who designed and erected sixteen churches in the United States) was building the Church of the Holy Family. He entered upon the practice of law in this city and in the evenings he kept books for Mr. F. J. Springer, who later became his father-in-law. Upon the death of Mr. Springer he gave up# the practice of law and purchased Mr. Springer's grocery and supply business, which he conducted until his death. He likewise assumed the management of the Springer Opera House, which he operated for many years. He was a director in the following corporations: Third National Bank, Georgia Midland & Gulf Railroad Company, Columbus Water Works Company, Columbus Iron Works Company, Columbus Investment Company, Chattahoochee Brewing Company and the Columbus Board of Trade. He was a member of City Council of Columbus for fourteen years. In that body he served as Mayor Pro Tern., and Chairman of the Finance, Police, Fire and Water Works Committees. He was the most popular and potent governmental force who ever lived in this city. This was due to the fact that his manners were complaisant and ingratiating without being condescending or obsequious, and, also, due to the fact that the most mordant critic could find in his character no trace of austerity, asperity or acerbity. If he had a fault, it was that he was generous almost to prodigality, often permitting the unworthy to impose upon him. He was a member of the Catholic Church of this city. He died in Columbus on January, 28, 1898, and was buried in Linwood Cemetery.
A. W. Cozart

Clarence Lloyd Foster
Clarence Lloyd Foster was born in Ross County, Ohio, November 14, 1891. His father was born August 11, 1858 in Jacksonville, Ohio and his mother November 6, 1861 in Bainbridge, Ohio. Both parents are now deceased. He is the brother of S. L. and Orson D. Foster and Mrs. Carl Gorham. He received his grammar school education in Ohio and at an extremely early age on December 1, 1906 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After six years in the service he received his honorable discharge November 14, 1912. He was married to Miss Orletta Wright December 26, 1913. To this union were born two daughters, Olive Naomi, December 10, 1914 and Ann Ella, October 28, 1916. There are three grandchildren, George Lloyd, Daniel and Susanne Gaines. Coming to Columbus some years ago Mr. Foster immediately engaged in the retail clothing business under the trade name of Foster's Mens' Wear, which business he continues to operate successfully. As a business man his sound judgment and industry are respected and admired. His genial disposition and unbounded generosity have won for him legions of friends. Civic-minded and possessing the qualities of leadership, Mr. Foster has long been identified actively in all civic affairs of his adopted city. During World War II he was chairman of the First War Bond Campaign, All Red Cross and National War Fund Campaigns and in 1944 headed the first Consolidated War Fund and all civic fund agencies. During this four year period he raised over one and one half million dollars. He is a Methodist and a Democrat. During the Gubernatorial Campaign of 1946 he was campaign manager for the late Eugene Talmadge who won the election. In fraternal, civic and social organizations Mr. Foster is prominent, active and generous with his time and substance. He identifies himself as a Mason and Shriner, an Elk, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association, the Shrine Club, Executives Club, Three Arts League and the Country Club. Outspoken, forthright and fearless by nature, C. L. Foster is an avowed advocate of the Talmadge school of Democracy; a man who always hews to the line of his convictions, "Let the chips fall where they may."

Charles Edwin Gate
Charles Edwin Gates was born in Atlanta, Georgia, December 31, 1914, but moved to Columbus in childhood and has, over the years of residence in Columbus, firmly established himself as a leader in the civic and business life of the community. Graduating from Columbus High School in 1932. he attended the University of Georgia, after which he took a specialized business course. In the Spring of 1936 he first was associated with Mr. Charlie Frank Williams, and these two became numbered among the leading contractors and builders of the Southeast. He was an original partner in the organization of Williams Construction Co. in 1940 and has been its directing executive, assuming the very responsible role of estimating and bidding on contracts of the first magnitude, running into millions of dollars. In addition to this specialized work, he has supervised and has had direction of the speedy construction of essential military installations for the War Department of the United States during the emergency of World War II. Despite all this, Mr. Gates has found time to take a prominent part in the civic, religious and social life of Columbus. He is an active member of St. Luke's Methodist Church. He has given generously of his time to charitable work, including the Co-Chairmanship of the local Community Chest. He is a member of the Board of Managers of the University of Georgia Alumni Association. Mr. Gates married Miss Molly Preston Scales of Perry, Florida, April 30, 1939, and Mrs. Gates has been a valued addition to the community and social life of Columbus. By this marriage there are three sons, James Edwin Gates, Thomas Stewart Gates and Joseph Scales Gates, now aged 11, 7 and 4 years, respectively. He is an active member of the Georgia Board of American Cancer Society, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club, the Executives Club, the Quarterback Club and the Country Club of Columbus.

Wilbur Hatcher Glenn
Wilbur Hatcher Glenn was born June 23, 1905 in Enterprise, Alabama. He attended Phillips High School in Birmingham, Alabama and acquired his college education at the University of Alabama. Soon, thereafter he came to Columbus and obtained employment with the Nehi Corporation. He studiously applied himself to learning the intricacies of the soft drink business and made rapid advancement. His ambitiouness was rewarded, when in the space of a few years he was made manager of the Nehi Bottling Company. He began his duties in this capacity in 1935 and for the next ten years successfully man-aged and enlarged the Company. Recognizing his executive ability, Nehi Corporation appointed him as Treasurer in 1945. He is still serving in this important position. Wilbur Glenn was married to Miss Nell Gardiner in Columbus, June 11, 1938. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Harris Gardiner of Columbus, Georgia. To this union were born two daughters: Eleanor Hatcher Glenn, March 22, 1939 and Margaret Wingfield Glenn, June 14, 1943. Mrs. Glenn has done outstanding work for the needy of Columbus as a member of the Junior League and was voted "Woman of the Year" for 1949 in recognition of her efforts in raising funds for the North Highland Community Center. Attesting to Mr. Glenn's executive ability is the fact that he is past president of the Kiwanis Club, the Executives Club and the Georgia Bottler's Association. He has been President of the Pickett-Hatcher Educational Fund since 1938. He is a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank, past Vice-President of the Colum-bus Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Country Club. His religious affiliation is Baptist. He is soft-spoken and modest of manner and his quick, genial smile and pleasing personality have made thousands of friends for him both in the social and business world.

Claud Adkins Hatcher
Claud Adkins Hatcher was born August 20, 1876 at Hatcher's Station, Georgia, near Dawson. He was the son of Lucius Adkins and Ella (King) Hatcher who originally came from Virginia. The father died September 10, 1921. Claud Hatcher attended the Grammar Schools of Dawson, Ga. and graduated from the local High School. He later became a student at Louisville Medical College, Louisville, Ky. Coming to Atlanta, Ga., after completing his training, he passed the pharmacy examinations with the highest honors ever attained up to that time. He was married to Frankie Mae Bell, daughter of Sampson and Leila (Mercer) Bell, at Leary, Georgia, February 22, 1898. To Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher were born three children; Helen Dean, who died at the age of eighteen months; Claud Adkins, Jr., who died at fourteen months and Jessie Mae, who became the wife of Charles A. Cutler of Columbus, Georgia. Mr. Hatcher began his business career in Dawson, Ga. associated with his father in the wholesale and retail drug business. In 1901 he came to Columbus and established Hatcher Grocery Co., a wholesale concern. After much experimentation he developed the soft drink called "Chero-Cola" and in 1912 liquidated the grocery business to specialize in the development of the newly organized Chero-Cola Company. Twelve years later Nehi, Inc. was organized with Mr. Hatcher as president. After two years the two aforementioned companies were merged into one corporation with Mr. Hatcher, the largest stockholder and the first president. This enterprise, the Nehi Corporation with the home office located on the original site of the Hatcher Grocery Co., has become the second largest soft drink manufacturer in the world. Claud A. Hatcher departed this life December 31, 1933. Though he aided many philanthropic causes, Mr. Hatcher was chiefly devoted to the assistance of young people who aspired to greater educational opportunities than they had been able to attain. He was a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank, a Democrat in his views and affiliation and a member of the First Baptist Church of this city. He was a man of human sympathies, with the personal element of life always to the fore in his thoughts.

George Nathan Hunter, Jr
George Nathan Hunter, Jr. was born May 20, 1909 in Columbus, Georgia. His mother, Lena Lou Jones was born Nov. 15, 1888 and his father, George N. Hunter, Sr. was born June 15, 1889. Both parents were born in Columbus and both are still living. Nathan, as he is commonly known has one brother, Walker Cobb Hunter who was a commander of the U. S. S.' Washington during World War II and received the Bronze Star for bravery in battle. He began his education in the Public Schools of Columbus, graduating in 1927. He attended Ga. School of Technology from 1928 to 1930 and then the Alexander Hamilton Institute until 1932. The next two years were spent at the LaSalle Extension University and from 1936 to 1938 he studied at the American Academy of Accountancy. Mr. Hunter was married to Eloise Parker, August 10, 1940 in Columbus and they are now the parents of two children, Linda Louise, born Feb. 27, 1945 and John Parker Hunter born Mar. 21, 1947, both in Columbus, Ga. He was Asst. Paymaster, Columbus Mfg. Co. 1931-1933, Asst. Office Mgr. Schwob Mfg. Co. 1933-1936, Asst. Auditor, Archer Mills 1936-1937, Office Mgr., Archer Mills 1937-1941, Asst. Controller, 1941-1946 and Controller, Archer Mills at present time. Among his many accomplishments are Eagle Scout, President of Columbus Hi-Y, Director and in 1939 President of Columbus Jaycees, Organized Phenix City Jaycees, Member of Organizing Committee of Columbus Boy's Club, Team Captain Community Chest, YMCA, Red Cross, and Boy Scouts, Supt. of Sunday School and Deacon of First Baptist Church and member of organizing committee for local chapter of Nat. Asso. of Cost Accountants and acted as First Vice-Pres. He is a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Columbian Lodge No. 7 F&AM, Scot-tish Rite 32 Degree Mason, Al Sihah Temple, Macon and Al Oula Shrine, Colum-bus, A.A.O.N.M.S., Controllers Inst, of America, Exec. Member of Research Inst, of America, Peace Officers Asso. of Ga. and Member of Kiwanis 1937-1941. 1943-1945 Commander of Civil Air Patrol with rank of Captain. He was Chairman of City Democratic Executive Committee 1942-1947. Director and Secretary of Board Columbus YMCA 1945 to present.

Henry Hall Hunter
Henry Hall Hunter was born January 15, 1865 in Columbus, Ga. His father, Richard J. Hunter was born in Cornwall, Canada, August 15, 1838 and his mother, Anna C. Howard Hunter was born in Port St. Joe, Florida Sept. 7, 1839. They both died in Columbus, the former July 30, 1929 and the latter June 19, 1904. Mr. Hunter was the brother of three sisters, namely Mrs. D. O. Trammell, Miss Elizabeth Hunter of Atlanta, Georgia, and Mrs. W. C. Hill of Miami, Florida. He was married to Miss Mozelle W. Walker of Bullock County, Alabama in 1888. To this couple was born one son, Henry Hall Hunter, Jr. on August 21, 1892 in Columbus. Georgia. There are two grand children, Miss Isla G. Hunter and Miss Elizabeth Hall Hunter. Mr. Hunter served as Clerk of Court of Ordinary of Muscogee County, Georgia from November 1, 1918 to January 1, 1929 when he was elected Ordinary of Muscogee County to succeed his father who died in that year. Mr. Hunter served faithfully in this capacity until his death seventeen years later, January 19, 1946, His wife had preceded him in death by seven years, dying February 1, 1939. Henry Hall Hunter, Jr. was immediately elected to the office of Ordinary, which position he still retains. Henry Hall Hunter was very interested in Masonry in Columbus, being a member of Columbian Lodge No. 7, F. & A. M., Darley Chapter No. 7, A.A.M., St. Aldermar Commandery No. 3, Knights Templar, Columbus, Ga. and Alee Temple Shrine of Savannah, Ga. He joined the Columbus Guards in 1883. He was a Democrat and a faithful member of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus. Mr. Hunter was modest, reserved and retiring in his disposition. His chief characteristics were honesty, efficiency and courtesy. That the work of Ordinary has been satisfactory and pleasing to the people of this section is best attested by the fact that since June 1918 this important office has been held without interruption by three generations of the Hunter family.

Alonza Wimberly Jenkins
Alonza Wimberly Jenkins was born in Midland, Georgia. He was one of a family of five children. His father, Alonza Iverson Jenkins was born in Midland, Ga., October 2, 1855 and died August 2, 1925. His mother, Amie May Wimberly was born May 26, 1858 and died September 29, 1929. He has three sisters, Miss Martha O. Jenkins, Mrs. Ivie" J. Adams and Miss Ada Lee Jenkins and one brother, S. Perry Jenkins. He attended the Muscogee County Schools until 1908 when he was enrolled in the Southern Business College in Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Jenkins was married to Pattie Janie Wash in Fort Gaines, Ga., April 15, 1919. His wife is the daughter of James Alexander Wash and Mary Rebecca Cole. To this union were born four children, Alonza Wimberly Jenkins. Jr., December 25th, 1920. Mary Annie Jenkins, January 25th, 1924, As a young man Alonza W. Jenkins engaged in farming and mercantile business in and around Midland from 1908 until 1928. Although continuing to farm he operated a service station for the next four years. Mr. Jenkins built an enviable reputation in his community for honesty and fair play and due to his diligent application in his business was appointed Gulf Oil Distributor in Columbus. Ga., in 1932. He successfully held this position for the next twelve years when he accepted the distributorship of the Texas Company in 1944 which he holds until the present time. Although this consumes most of his time, he still manages his farm. He was a member of the Board of Education of Muscogee County from 1925 until 1948 serving as Chairman of the Board for five of those years. He was recently elected to the Muscogee County Commission for a six year term to begin January 1st, 1949. He is a member of Midland Lodge 144 F. A. M. Alee Temple, Savannah, Ga., and Al Oula Shrine Club of Columbus, Ga. He is a member of Midland M. E. Church and chooses the Democratic as his political party.

Felix L. Jenkins
Felix L. Jenkins was born December 4,1888 in Upatoi, Georgia. He was the son of Emma Richardson and S. H. Jenkins of Upatoi, Georgia. Both parents are now deceased. He is the brother of John S. Jenkins of Columbus, Georgia and Mrs. W. T. McKee of Midland, Georgia. His early education was obtained in the Grammar Schools of Muscogee County, after which he attended Gordon Institute at Barnesville, Georgia. In 1912 he graduated from Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Alabama with a B. S. Degree in Agriculture. Mr. Jenkins is the father of three children; Emma Lloyd Jenkins Verdery, Charles Horace Jenkins both of Muscogee County, Upatoi, Ga., and Felix, Jr., who is deceased. He is the grandfather of Louise and Emily Verdery and Barbara, Michael and Cris Jenkins. On November 29, 1941, Felix Jenkins was married to Miss Myrtie Layfield of Columbus, Ga. She is the daughter of Minnie Elliott and C. C. Layfield. They now reside at their home at 2009 Wildwood Avenue, Columbus, Ga. Immediately after graduation from college, Mr. Jenkins accepted a job as teacher of Agriculture at the West Alabama Agricultural School of Hamilton, Alabama. He remained here for a year and then took over the operation of a 750 acre farm. For the next five years he diligently applied himself to his chosen profession of farming. Due to his keen interest in agriculture and the successful methods employed by him he was chosen County Agricultural Agent of Muscogee County on January 1, 1918, which position he retired December 31, 1948. He was awarded the Certificate of Distinguished Service for 'long and efficient service to the agricultural industry' by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents in 1941. He was chosen as a member of the Muscogee County Board of Education January 1, 1922 and elected chairman of board August 12, 1925 where he served until May 7, 1940. As Secretary Manager of the Chattahoochee Valley Exposition since 1925 he has contributed materially to the progress of the agricultural industry in West Georgia and East Alabama. He has been a Director of the Columbus Community Chest since it was organized in 1924. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a Mason and Shriner, Executives Club and a charter member of the Kiwanis Club of Columbus since 1920. He attends the St. Luke Methodist Church. His quiet, friendly disposition and considerate, helpful attitude have endeared him to the community.

Benjamin Edward Johnson
Benjamin Edward Johnson was born October 28, 1914 in Columbus, Georgia, the son of Edward Burton Johnson and Pamelia Weldon Johnson. His father, who was connected with the City of Columbus for 25 years and at the time of his death was City Superintendent of Public Works, was born in Harris County April 24, 1876 and died December 7, 1932 and his mother was also born in Harris County, Ga. April 1878 and died April 25, 1920. He was educated in the Columbus Public School, graduating from Industrial High School in 1934. He has two sisters, Mrs. Mary Freeman and Mrs. J. R. (Bessie) Bruce of Montgomery. One brother, H. O. Johnson completes the family. Martha Louise Noble, the daughter of Minnie Duke Noble and Herman Noble, was married to Mr. Johnson in Columbus, Georgia, January 8, 1939. B. Ed Johnson, as he is known, worked at the Fort Benning Exchange for six years, the Quaker State Oil Co. for four years, was salesmanager for Columbus Lumber and Supply Co. for four years and then accepted his present position as salesmanager for Columbus Broadcasting Co. (WRRL) where he has worked industriously for the past four years. In this short interim of time he has won many high honors for himself in his untiring service to his community. He was President of the Jr. Chamber of Commerce in 1945 and was voted the Most Outstanding Citizen in 1946. He was elected to the State Senate on November 28, 1946 to represent the 24th District comprised of Muscogee, Marion and Chattahoochee Counties for a two year term. At this time he was thirty years old, the youngest Senator in the history of Muscogee County. He is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Booster Club and a Past Director of the Chamber of Commerce. He belongs to the Lion's Club, B. P. O. E., Charter Member of Moose Club, one of original organizers of Quarterback Club, Secretary and Treasurer of Roofers' Manufacturers Association, and also of the Muscogee Fishing Club of Wewahitchka, Florida. Member of the Board of Directors of The Columbus Boys' Club and the Columbus Country Club and Secretary of Board of Management of Armed Services Y. M. C. A. He has been Chairman of the Southeastern Golf Tournament for the past ten years and was Chairman of the first Southern Amateur Golf Tournament which was held in Columbus in 1951. He attends the First Baptist Church and is a Democrat. Ed's ready smile and infectious friendliness plus his unusually bright conversational ability have combined to attract to him one of the largest contingents of friends of any young man in this community.

Mrs. J. Nunnally Johnson
Mrs. J. Nunnally Johnson was a widely known civic and educational leader in Columbus. The former Miss Johnnie Pearl Patrick was born in Columbus, February 14, 1878, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wyatt Patrick. She was married to James Nunnally Johnson, on March 23, 1897. The reporter covering the wedding wrote that the bride was "as pretty as a picture." To the union two sons were born. They were Nunnally Johnson, noted Hollywood writer and producer, and Cecil Patrick Johnson, prominent utilities official in Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Johnson was nationally known in the field of education. She organized the first Parent-Teacher association in Columbus in 1905 and she was one of the founders of the Parent-Teacher Council   of   Muscogee County, which tendered her a life membership in the Georgia organization a few years before her death. The Parent-Teacher movement grew rapidly under Mrs. Johnson's leadership and it was largely through her efforts that the activities of the organization earned representation on the Board of Education. The result was that Mrs. Johnson was elected to the Board in 1922. She was a spokesman for the teachers and always sought to protect their interests. A leader in St. Luke Methodist Church, Mrs. Johnson taught an adult Bible class many years. She was associated with the Public Health Nurse Association and the Good Will Community Center. Mrs. Johnson served as president of the City Federation of Women's Clubs and for years was parliamentarian of the state Federation. She was a leader of the Wynnton Study Club and was international honorary member of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority and was prominently identified in many other civic and cultural activities. Mrs. Johnson died at her home in Columbus on April 8, 1946, after a lengthy illness. The Johnson Elementary School was named for her and her portrait was presented to the school by the PTA and is now hanging in the entrance hall of the school.

Nunnally Johnson
Nunnally Johnson, born in Columbus December 5, 1897, is one of Hollywood's most prominent screen writers and producers of moving pictures. The son of J. Nunnally Johnson and the late Mrs. Johnson attended the public schools of Columbus, graduating from Columbus High in 1915. A few months later he launched upon a highly successful newspaper career, first being a cub reporter on the Columbus Enquirer Sun. He also worked a few months on the Savannah Press. Serving in the army during the period that military forces were stationed along the Mexican border and during World War I, Mr. Johnson went.to New York at the end of the conflict. He became a reporter on the Tribune and a few months later be-came connected with the Brooklyn Eagle. He worked on the Herald Tribune and was columnist on the Evening Post and PM. During his stay in New York, he became a noted writer of short stories and articles, contributing to a number of magazines, including the Saturday Evening Post. Since 1932 he has been a screen writer and producer in Hollywood and has enjoyed remarkable success. His prolific pen has turned out many of the outstanding stories that have been filmed in the past 15 years. The Quill and Scroll Chapter of Columbus High School bears his name and in appreciation of the honor he established an annual award to the outstanding student in journalism. It is called the William Henry Tucker Award in honor of the memory of the editor of the Enquirer Sun at the time he began his newspaper career. Mr. Johnson assisted in the preparation of the "Song of the Chattahoochee," featured in the 1947 Chattahoochee Cavalcade, which was produced by Christian Fellowship Association. Mr. Johnson was married to Dorris Bowdon, of the screen, February 4, 1940. They have three children, Christie, Roxanne and Scott. Mr. Johnson also has two daughters by a previous marriage:   Marjorie (Mrs. Gene Fowler, Jr.), and Nora. His father resides in Columbus and his brother, Cecil Patrick Johnson, is a utilities executive in Seattle, Washington.

Charles Dexter Jordan
Charles Dexter Jordan was born November 24, 1898 in Columbus, Georgia. He is the son of Charles Franklin Jordan, who is now deceased and Elizabeth Zachry Jordan, who died Dec, 1951. He is the brother of Seth Zachry Jordan, also deceased. Mr. Jordan attended grammar and high school at the Columbus Public Schools. He completed a premedical course at the University of Ga. between 1919-20, and graduated from Georgia Tech in 1922 with a Textile Engineering degree. On May 1, 1937 Mr. Jordan was married to Miss Rebecca Flournoy, the daughter of Thomas Moffett and Arimenta Long Flournoy, in Columbus, Georgia. This couple are the parents of two sons, Charles Dexter Jordan, Jr., born December 22, 1939 and Thornton Flournoy Jordan, born December 16, 1943. Mrs. Jordan's death came December 25, 1943, nine days after the birth of the second son. April 13, 1948 Mr. Jordan married Josephine Ellis McCollum of Hazelhurst, Miss. He has been prominent in the civic and social affairs of this community always taking part in any forward movement, and was one of a group which organized the Junior Chamber of Commerce and was acting first secretary of the Jaycees. He is past President of the Columbus Lions Club, a thirty-second degree Mason, a member of the Elk's, the Country Club, the Executives Club, the Quarterback Club, Phi Delta Theta, the Merchants Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Bachelors Club. His business has prospered under his well directed efforts and today he is the owner of Jordan Equipment Company, a large electrical appliance and paint retail concern. He is also President of the Columbus Airways, Vice-President of the Automatic Gas Company, Vice-President of Gas Products, Inc., and Vice-President of Southeastern Air Express. Dexter, as he is known to his numerous friends, is noted for his friendly smile and pleasant disposition. His alert and charming personality coupled with his enthusiastic and honest efforts have stood him in good stead in his business and also with his fellow citizens. He served three months in 1918 in the S.A.T.C. The Democratic Party is his political choice.

Thomas Knox Kendrick
Thomas Knox Kendrick was born August 26, 1908 in Columbus, Ga., the son of William Walter Kendrick of Talbot County and Pearl Storey Kendrick of Marion County. He is the brother of Sarah Louise (Mrs. E. C. Chambliss) and Jack Earl of Auburn, Ala. He was married to Edna Rebecca DeLamar of Harris County, Ga. She is the daughter of Dr. James Dean and Jessie Mallory De-Lamar. They are the parents of three children: Edna Rebecca, born Feb. 24, 1938, Barbara Jane, born Sept. 22, 1939 and Thomas Knox, Jr., born November 20, 1945. Tom, as a boy, attended the Public Schools of Columbus. Early in life, becoming business minded, he refused "to fritter away his time on higher education". As a youngster, still in his teens, he began to lay the foundation of his future business For the past fifteen years, Tom Kendrick has been prominently identified with the sand and gravel business, and for the past ten years has also engaged in miscellaneous contractural activities. He is the owner of the Kendrick Sand and Gravel Co., one of the largest operators in the Southeast, whose products are dredged from deposits on his Chattahoochee River plantation, located in Russell County, Ala. Here, Mr. Kendrick also operates a modern farm carrying an average herd of around 200 head of cattle. At present, he owns Kendrick's block of stores on Brown Ave., and numerous dwellings on 32nd Ave., 28th Ave., Hubbard St., Andrews' Road, Forest Ave., Wildwood Ave., etc., also Kendrick's quarters. The latter consists of Negro rent property, all administered under the name of Kendrick Realty Co. In April 1950 he organized Kendrick Concrete Pipe Co., manufacturing concrete products.   This plant is located on Brookhaven Road. In early 1947, he organized Highland Park Homes, Inc., and Kendrick, Inc., and is President of both concerns each of which is engaged in general construction of homes and business buildings, and in realty development. He is a member of the Executives Club, Country Club, Chamber of Commerce and St. Luke Methodist Church. Though still a young man, Tom Kendrick is one of the most substantial business figures of Columbus.

Jack Botts Key
Jack Botts Key was born September 28th, 1897 in Jackson, Tennessee. He is the son of James Biggers Key, born in Harris County, Georgia, June 21st, 1877 and Lyda Botts Key, born in Jackson, Tennessee, April 30th 1878. Both parents are living: in Columbus, Georgia. Jack is the brother of James H. Key (Deceased), Mrs. Lyda K. Golden, Mrs. Josephine K. Dowdell and Mrs. Dorothy K. Ham. He received his grammar school education in the local public schools since he came at an early age to live in Columbus, Georgia. He graduated from Columbus High School and acquired his college education at the University of Georgia. Jack Key was married to Miss Jeannette Lowndes Williams, the daughter of Harry L. and Maude Williams, in Columbus, Georgia, March 16th, 1925.  Mr. and Mrs. Key are the parents of two sons, Jack Botts Key, Jr., born November 11th, 1927 in Columbus and James Williams Key, born February 2nd, 1931, also in Columbus. After finishing college, Mr. Key began work in the Merchants and Mechanics Bank in 1917, when he was twenty years of age. This bank which was operated by Mr. Key's father, is the oldest bank in the state of Georgia operating under the original charter. After studiously learning the banking business by serving in various capacities for the next twelve years, he was elected Vice-President and Trust Officer in 1929. Ten years later he was elected President, which office he holds at the present time. He is a Veteran of World War I and past President of the Rotary Club, the Columbus Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia State Junior Chamber of Commerce; Columbus Y.M.C.A.; Executives Club; Sisters Hospital Fund, Inc., and still affiliated with most of them. He was War Bond Chairman for Muscogee County and 10th District of Georgia for whole of World War II. He was a Scout Master for ten years. For the past fifteen years he has been president and director of the M & M Bank. He is also a director of J. T. Knight & Son and Bags, Inc.. He is a member of the Columbus Country Club, Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Newcomer Society and Masons, Knight Templar and Shriners. He belongs to the St. Luke Methodist Church. Suave and dignified of mien, Mr. Key's youthful appearance belies his actual age. His friendly, courteous disposition and engaging manners have won for him hosts of friends. He is extremely considerate of his fellow man and can always be counted upon to devote his time and substance to any civic or patriotic enterprise.

James Biggers Key
James Biggers Key was born June 21, 1877 in Harris County, Georgia, the son of Howard W. Key, born in Columbus, Ga., in 1852 and Ozella Biggers Key, born in Harris County, Ga., in 1854. Both parents are now deceased. James B. Kev is the brother of Mrs. Ozella K. Blankenship, Howard W. Key, Jr., Ben W. Key, Bascom B. Key and Mrs. Emmie K. Chase. He received his early education in the Columbus Public Schools and then went to the Webb Brothers Preparatory School in Bellbuckle, Tennessee. His schooling was completed at the Southwestern University, Jack-son, Tennessee. When he was nineteen years of age he was married to Miss Lyda Mae Botts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Botts, in Jackson, Tennessee, March 3, 1897. To this union were born the following children; Jack B. Key, Jack son, Tennessee, 1897; Mrs. Theo Golden, Jr., 1899; James B. Key, Jr., 1900 (Deceased); Mrs. Louis P. Dowdell, Jr., 1902 and Mrs. Philip M. Ham, 1906. All except Jack were born in Columbus, Georgia. Mr. Key began his busines career in 1901 and operated a Wholesale Grocery and Fanner's Supply business until 1915. In 1916 he entered the cotton warehouse business and also became Vice President of Merchants & Mechanics Bank. Three years later he became President of Merchants & Mechanics Bank and held this office until 1938 when he was succeeded as President by his son, Jack B. Key. Mr. Key at that time became Chairman of the Board of Directors, which position he now holds. An outstanding business man since early life, Mr. Key has many prominent connections. He is Vice-President and a Director of Hardaway Contracting Company, one of the oldest and largest contracting concerns in the South, a Director of the Nehi Corporation, the Tom Huston Peanut Company, and Vice-President and Director of the Columbus Mutual Building and Loan Association. His civic accomplishments and honors merit much admiration. He was Alderman of the City of Columbus, Police Commissioner of Columbus, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners of Muscogee County, Chairman of Muscogee County Democratic Executive Committee, member of City Planning Board, member Board of Trustees Columbus Public Schools and Chairman of all Liberty Loan Drives for West Georgia during World War I. He is a member of the Board of Stewards of St. Luke Methodist Church, Director Columbus Y.M.C.A., Boy Scouts of America, Past President of Columbus Rotary Club, Member of Columbus Country Club and the Bankers Club of New York. His political party is Democratic. Mr. Key's business acumen merits respect and admiration. His genial, considerate personality endears him to his fellow citizens. He has contributed liberally to the growth and development of his community.

Gary Wood King
Gary Wood King was born in Chattahoochee County, Georgia, March 7, 1918 and died August 23, 1947. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. King who are now living at 2305 Schaul St., Columbus, Ga. He was one of seven children, the other six still living. The brothers are Jack, G. Dean Allen, Harry Lee King and the sisters Mrs. George Thomas, Mrs. J. M. Binns and Miss Patricia King, all of Columbus, Georgia. He was educated in the Columbus Public Schools. "Wood," as he was known to his innumerable friends was married to Miss Rachel Wilkerson September 23, 1945, in Rome, Georgia. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Thomas Wilkerson. To this union were born twin daughters, Pamela and Penelope, May 17, 1946 in Columbus. Mr. King entered business in auto service and accessories in 1936. He remained in this until 1942 when he began to devote his time to the War effort, serving as flight instructor on a primary program, War Training Service, for Naval Cadets attending Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Ala. He joined Naval Reserve on August 5, 1943 and entered active service on October 17, 1944. After completion of "boot training" he was assigned to Naval Air Base at Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, La., as Aviation Pilot 1st Class. He was com-missioned an ensign (USNR) and assigned to Naval Air Station at Memphis, Tenn., as flight instructor where he remained until released from active duty upon termination of the war. On Feb. 15, 1946 he purchased the lease of Swaby School of the Air and organized King's School of Aviation, Municipal Airport, with his brothers Dean and Jack King. He was also airport manager. A young man of vision, he never failed to obtain his objective. His greatest virtues were congeniality and tolerance. His personality was outstanding and he left an indelible impression in his profession as an airport operator and as an individual. Aviation in this com-munity was dealt a severe blow by his untimely death. During his brief lifetime, he devoted himself to service and love of his fellowman. He was a Boy Scout; Demo-lay; an athlete at the two local high schools as a football player; a lifetime member of the Wynnton Methodist Church; a member of Aviation Committee of Chamber of Commerce, of the Civitan and Lion's Clubs, and of the Georgia Aviation Trade Association. Except for his war service, he had been in business for himself for eleven years although only 29 years of age, a tribute to his ability to organize and successfully direct his efforts. During this period of time, he gained hundreds of friends and was believed to be one of the most popular young men in Columbus.

Ralph Irwin King
Ralph Irwin King was born September 27,1893 in Midland, Georgia, the youngest child of Isaac Tamlin King of Talbot County and Ida Matilda Brooks of Columbus, Georgia. He is the brother of E. Buford King, Sr., Mrs. J. T. Smith, Mrs. G. S. Hamer, and the late George L. King. Mr. King was married to Martha Rogers Brooks, daughter of Julia Gibson Brooks and John Reese Brooks, M.D., of Agricola, Georgia. The date of their marriage was August 19, 1930. They are the parents of two daughters, Martha Rogers and Mary Matilda King. After attending Midland school Mr. King entered Massey's Business College of this city. On completion of this course he was employed by J. T. Whatley and Co., where he remained until entering the service of his country. On his return from World War I he was employed by the Atlantic Ice and Coal Company for a short period after which he helped organize the McCoy-King Grocery Company. He later sold his interest and organized King Grocery Company, a wholesale grocery and food store. In addition to this he later founded the King's Self Service Stores, a local chain of the finest retail food stores in the South. He is at the present time president of both the wholesale and retail stores. He was one of the organizers of the Columbus Realty Co., owners of the largest office building in the city. Mr. King is a Methodist and has served as chairman of the Board of Stewards. He has served as chairman of the Finance Committee of St. Luke Church for a number of years and was a member of the building committee which supervised the building of a $450,000.00 sanctuary. He is a member and Past President of the Rotary Club, member of the Executives Club, Country Club, Officers Club of Fort Benning Bachelors Club, American Legion and Mt. Hermon Lodge. He is a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank and the First Federal Savings & Loan Association. He was a charter member and past President of the Lions Club and served two years as president of the Merchants Association and a number of years as director. For two years he was president of the Chamber of Commerce which he also formerly served as director. Ralph King's pleasing personality has won for him many friends in all walks of life. In his business dealings he is positive and firm and his word is his bond. Whenever called upon to help his fellow man he is always most generous of his time and substance.

James Bartow Knight, Jr.
James Bartow Knight, Jr. was born in Pound, Ga., Nov. 17, 1882. His parents were James Thomas Knight (deceased) of Butler, Ga. and Nancy Elizabeth Waller, of Pound, Ga. (deceased). His brothers and sisters are Martha Belle (Mrs. C. V. Palmer), Enoch Jacques, Jewel Estelle (Mrs. H. T. Herndon), Walter Douglas, Ruth Irene (Mrs. Wm. H. Atkinson) and Harry Exton Knight. He attended County School at Pound, Ga. and the Sixteenth St. Grammar School at Columbus, Ga. (Now Woodall School). He married Adah Reuben Hoffman at Waverly, Ala. Jan. 17, 1907. Their children are Theresa (Mrs. Frederick Wynne Dismuke) Oct. 31, 1908, Evelyn Westmoreland (Mrs. Albert Edward Wynne, Jr) Sept. 25, 1912, Elizabeth Isabella (Knight) Mrs. A. C. Gillem IV, Dec. 21, 1920, James Bartow Knight III, Aug. 16, 1925. The Grandchildren are Theresa Knight (Dismuke,) (Mrs. Wm. B. Caldwell,) Frederick Wynne Dismuke, Jr., Dorothy Reuben Wynne, Albert Edwards Wynne, III, Nancy Elizabeth Gillem, Oct. 4, 1943 and Alvan Cullom Gillem V, June 24, 1947. Mr. Knight died Nov. 10, 1947. He was Mayor of Columbus and City Commissioner for around 20 years, member of the Rotary Club, Muscogee Fishing Club, Chamber of Commerce, St. Paul Church Steward for 25 Years and was Chairman of Board, Chairman of Finance Committee and Member of Board of Trustees, Director of Merchants & Mechanics Bank, Y. M. C. A. , and Family Welfare Board. He was also a member of the Country Club and Executive Club. He was President of J. T. Knight & Son, which business he started and later took his father in as a partner.

James Bartow Knight, III
James Bartow Knight, III, was born August 16, 1924 in Columbus, Ga. He is the son of James Bartow Knight, Jr. and Adah Reuben (Hoffman) Knight. He attended 16th St. Grammar School and Columbus High School. He went to the University of Georgia, pledged S. A. E. but joined the Army after the Pearl Harbor attack. He has. three sisters, Mrs. Frederick W. Dismuke, Mrs. Albert E. Wynne and Mrs. Alvan C. Gillem, wife of Colonel A. C. Gillem IV. He is Vice-President of J. T. Knight & Son. He was an aerial gunner and bombardment armorer during the War and won the Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, 4 Stars and 4 Oak Leaf Clusters, the Good Conduct Medal and the Presidential Ribbon. He is a member of the Country Club, Muscogee Fishing Club, The Bachelors and the Quarterback Club. He is a member of the Board of Stewards of the St. Paul Methodist Church.

Albert Frederick Kunze
Albert Frederick Kunze was born in Baltimore, Maryland, April 29, 1884. He was the son of Frederick William Kunze and Mary (Dietzel) Kunze and was one of five boys, his brothers being; William Franklin (deceased), John Frederick, Louis Charles and George Francis. He was educated in the Public Schools in Baltimore and graduated from High School at an early age and entered Loyola College where he matriculated in 1904. Mr. Kunze was married to Rose V'DePaul Fairley, daughter of Thomas T. Fairley and Rose (Gettier) Fairley, July 30, 1910 in Baltimore. To this union were born four children; Albert F., Louis T., Mary Helen, now Mrs. Howard Grimes, and Francis I who lost his life in World War II. There are three grand-children; Albert F. Kunze, Jr. and Patricia and Rosemary Grimes. His first adventure in the business world was with a large merchant tailoring concern in Baltimore where by his energy and willingness he advanced to manager of branch stores in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Norfolk and Richmond; later leaving this style of business to associate himself with a large manufacturing stationery concern in Baltimore where he remained until 1912 when he and his brother, Louis, organized the Columbus Office Supply Co. in Columbus, Ga. He retained his association with this firm until his untimely demise at the age of 59. This occurred September 15th, 1943. "Al" Kunze, as he was called by his scores of friends, made a notable contribution to the City of Columbus. He was elected President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce in 1914 and held this office for four years. During that time he was a leading member of a limited group whose ceaseless and untiring efforts were instrumental in establishing Fort Benning here. For many years he was engaged in Ceramic engineering, being treasurer of the Minter System, Inc. Well-known for his genial and friendly disposition, Mr. Kunze was regarded by many as one of the most popular citizens of this city. He had a sympathetic nature and could always be relied upon to assist whenever his services were needed.

Louis Charles Kunze
Louis Charles Kunze was born in Baltimore, Maryland, November 26. 1890, the son of Frederick William Kunze and Mary Josephine (Dietzel) Kunze, both of whom were born in Baltimore. The immediate family consisted of five boys; William Franklin, Albert Frederick, (both deceased) John Frederick and George Francis. Left an orphan on his paternal side when four years old, Mr. Kunze started early to begin life's battle. His first employment was with a large bank supply house in Baltimore at the age of 14. His diligence and ambition earned him quarterly promotions until at the age of 17 he was sent to Georgia to represent his company. He soon developed this into the company's leading territory, making headquarters in Atlanta. Seeing the possibilities in Columbus, at the age of 21, he organized the Columbus Office Supply Company on October 1, 1912, being elected its first president, which office he still holds. In 1946 he organized the COSCO Studios and the COSCO Photo Engraving Co. He was married to Gertrude Adele Deignan, the daughter of Patrick and Mary Elizabeth (Clark) Deignan, November 15, 1916. This happy union was blessed with three children; Louis Charles, Jr.; Gertrude Adele (now Mrs. Frank Daniell); and Joseph Francis. He now has six grandchildren, Rita Kaye and Charles Jackson Kunze; Marie Adele and Diane Mary Daniell; and Katherine Mary and Joseph Francis Kunze, Jr. L. C. Kunze was a charter member of the Kiwanis Club and one of the first Directors, a former director and still a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the first State Deputy of the Knights of Columbus from Columbus and a member of the Supreme Council for eight years, a member of B. P. O. E. and former exalted ruler. He is at present Chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee of the Muscogee County School District having served on the Board of Education since 1936. He has been Chairman of the NCCS USO Operating Committee since August 1941 and is a member of the Citizens and Military Council. His success has been attained by his fidelity to duty, his un-erring business judgment and by devoting his entire time to his business. He is of a very generous nature and has a most pleasing personality numbering his host of friends by his acquaintances.

James Philips Kyle
James Philips Kyle was born in Columbus, Georgia, March 6, 1853 and died January 7, 1938 in his hometown. He was the son of John Kyle, born in 1814 in Tyrone County, Ireland and died August 4, 1856 and Elizabeth Philips Kyle who was born in Putnam County, Georgia, October 27,1828 and died in Columbus February 2, 1912. James Kyle was the brother of Lucy Kyle Norwood (Mrs. John Norwood) and Johnnie Kyle Woodruff (Mrs. Henry L. Woodruff). He was united in marriage to Miss Adelaide Buford Swift, daughter of George Parker Swift and Cornelia Adelaide Swift, in Columbus, Georgia, April 19, 1883, by the Reverend William Hunter of the Trinity Episcopal Church. Mrs. Kyle was born in Waynmanville, Upson County, Georgia, May 18, 1859 and died May 26, 1938. To this couple were born three children; Edith Kyle Crawford ( Mrs. Henry B. Crawford) June 2, 1886, Elizabeth Kyle Spencer (Mrs. Richard P. Spencer III), January 28, 1888 and George Swift Kyle, February 25, 1890, all in Columbus, Georgia. There are five grandchildren: Elizabeth Spencer Garrard (Mrs. Gardiner W. Garrard), Richard Perry Spencer IV, James Kyle Spencer, George Swift Kyle, Jr., and Fleming Clason Kyle. Mr. Kyle was left an orphan on his paternal side when but three years of age. He became associated with his uncle in the mercantile business of J. Kyle & Company while still a young man. Later he was made Secretary and Treasurer of the Muscogee Manufacturing Company. He served in this capacity from 1897 to 1934. He was a pioneer in the manufacturing industry, having been connected with the Swift manufacturing interests in their beginning. In 1906 he accepted the office of Secretary and Treasurer of the Swift Spinning Mills and served continually until 1921. He was also a director of the same company. He was a member of a family who have had a great part in building up the cotton mill industry in Columbus and the state and also contributed greatly to the social, cultural and business life of the community. He was a member of the Columbus Volunteer Fire Department, Masons, Mt. Hermon Lodge 304 and Knight Templar, and St. Aldemar Commandery No. 3. He was a staunch member of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus and served as deacon, elder and a trustee. He belonged to the Democratic party. Mr. Kyle was of the highest type of citizenry, modest, reserved and home loving. His pleasing personality and unfailing consideration won for him the highest esteem of his friends and neighbors.

Robert Magruder Lewis
Robert Magruder Lewis was born in Columbus, Georgia, July 23, 1894, a member of a prominent Columbus family. His parents are both deceased. His father, James Angevine Lewis was born in Fort Gaines, Ga., August 3, 1848 and his mother, Robena Hicks Bass, July 17, 1866 in Columbus. The untimely death of Mr. Robert Lewis occurred at his home in Columbus May 13,1946, from a sudden heart attack. At this time he was fifty-one years old and would have celebrated his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on November 9, 1946. He attended the local school system and graduated from Bingham College at Asheville, N. C. Subsequently he took a two-year course at Georgia Tech. He left Tech to volunteer for 15th Officers Training School in World War I and graduated as a first Lieutenant. He was the brother of David   Gawley (Deceased), James A. Jr., (Deceased), Fannie Emma (Mrs. Owen D. Edge), Bass Hicks Lewis, and Mrs. Burrus Munn (Vernon). Mr. Lewis was married to Georgia Isabel McKee, November 9, 1921 in Columbus, Ga. She was the daughter of Lee Bourke McKee and Florence Belle Mahone. To this couple was born a son, Robert Magruder Lewis, Jr. April 22, 1925. He married Laura Jeanne Anderson, April 4, 1947. Two granddaughters, Laura Jeanne Lewis and Leland Anderson Lewis have now joined the family. He served as secretary-treasurer of William Beach Hardware Company until a few years before his death when he resigned to devote his entire time to his farm and property interests. Robert Lewis was a Director of the Columbus Bank & Trust Co. for twenty-five years. He was a member of Mt. Hermon Lodge of Masons, Shriners, Executives Club, Country Club, Bachelors, Charter Member of Kiwanis Club and former member of Lion's Club.   He attended the St. Paul Methodist Church. He was pleasant, friendly and amiable with a spirit of goodwill to all mankind. Quietly and unostentatiously, he went along the path of duty and met the obligations of life with fine fidelity. His personal modesty was as genuine as it was refreshing.   He was a gentleman.

Clifford Orleans Livingston
Clifford Orleans Livingston was born August 9, 1900 in Covington, Louisiana. He is the son of George S. Livingston and May Lavin Livingston of Saganaw, Michigan. He had one brother, John H. Livingston and one sister Clara Louise, both of whom are now deceased. His grammar school education was acquired in Chadbourn, North Carolina. Later he attended Georgia Tech night school for one year, 1928-29. Mr. Livingston was married to Eunice Marshall in Columbus. Ga. June 30, 1938. She is the daughter of Thomas and Ola Rigsby Marshall. To them were born three children, namely: Clifford O. Jr., June 18, 1939; May Judy, January 22, 1941; and Tommy George, November 9, 1946. Cliff  Livingston   has  lived in Georgia from time to time since he was two years old. His family moved from Covington, La. to Brunswick, Ga. in 1902. After remaining there a few years they moved to Chadbourn, N. C. where he went to grammar school. His father was in the lumber business and Cliff received his earliest business education in the building industry. He obtained employment with the Johns-Manville Roofing Co. as salesman with Georgia as his territory. In 1933 he came to Columbus as Manager of the Building Material Department of the Columbus Iron Works Co. Later he organized the Jordan Supply Company and managed this firm until he started the Suburban Bus Line June 15, 1942 with two buses. He has been so successful that in the short span of eight years this line now runs about twenty-three buses. He also owns the Livingston Storage and Transfer Company. He is now serving a term as one of the commissioners of Muscogee County. His diligent efforts and sound judgment have crowned his business with success and gained it a well deserved reputation throughout the territory served. He is a member of the Executives Club, Quarterback, Kiwanis. Masons, Elks, Shriners, Al Oula Shrine Club and Merchants Asso. He is Director of the Boys Club and Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Chattahoochee Valley Saddle Horse Asso. and a Democrat. He is a Steward in the Wynnton Methodist Church.

William Franklin Loflin
William Franklin Loflin was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, May 30, 1894, the son of John A. Loflin, born 1871 and died 1946 and Sara E. Loflin, born 1869 and died 1946, both of Tyro, North Carolina. He has three brothers and four sisters. He attended the Tyro High School in 1911 and the North Carolina College and the Mt. Pleasant Institute from 1912 to 1916 where he won a B. S. degree. After this, he went to Chicago, III., where he joined the Walton School of Commerce and the International Accountants Society. Mr. Loflin was married to Dolores Watkins Agee October 4, 1917, in Knoxville, Tenn. She is the daughter of William Lawrence Agee, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Watkins Agee of Birmingham, Ala., and Knoxville, Tenn. To this union were born two sons; William Franklin, Jr., November 20, 1919 and Robert Lawrence, February 5, 1921, both in Knoxville, He was principal of Granite Quarry, N. C. High School in 1914 and 1915, and then Assistant Secretary of the Spencer, N. C. YMCA for the next year. From 1917 to 1920 he was general Manager of the Knoxville Ice Cream & Pure Milk Co. He practiced Public Accounting until January 1, 1922 when he joined the staff of Neville, Mclver, Barnes & Co., C. P. A/s and on July 17, 1922 was appointed resident man-ager of the Columbus office. On July 1, 1932 he purchased this office and operated under the firm name of Wm. F. Loflin & Co., C. P. A.'s with offices in Columbus, Dothan, Ala., and Washington, D. C. He was appointed to the Ga. State Board of Accountancy of C. P. A.'s, April 1, 1935 where he served for eight years. In Civic work he has been very active. He is a member of the Lions Club of Columbus, having served as president in 1934. In 1939 he was District Governor of Lions International. He has been chairman of many important committees of the Ga. Society of C. P. A.'s and was elected president of the Society in 1939 where he served one year. He sponsored, organized and was the first president of the Chattahoochee Valley Chapter of Cost Accountants in 1945. He is now a member of the following societies and clubs: American Institute of Accountants, Ga. Society of C. P. A.'s, Research Institute of America, Inc., Y. M. C. A., Chamber of Commerce, Masons to 32nd Degree, Executives Club, Al Sihah Temple of Macon, Columbus Country Club and Atlanta Athletic Club. He is a Democrat and a member of the St. Luke Methodist Church. In 1948 he was elected National Director of the National Association of Cost Accountants, and elected member of Council of the American Institute of Accountants. In 1949 was appointed chairman of the Georgia State Board of Accountancy. The two latter offices are for a three year term. Mr. Loflin is a man of high ambitions, lofty ideals, and strong determination-a Christian gentleman of pleasing personality held in high esteem by everyone.

William Graham Love
William Graham Love, Attorney at Law, was born in Quincy, Gadsden   County,   Florida. His father, Judge Edward Curry Love, died on October 5, 1891. His mother, Mary Donnell Graham (Smith) Love, died in 1883. Both father and mother were born in Gadsden County, Florida, and were married at Mt. Pleasant, Florida on February 8th, 1871. Born to this union were four sons, namely; Judge Edward C. Love, for 30 years or more, and until his voluntary retirement, Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida, Dr. James D. Love, eminent physician of Jacksonville, Florida, who died on March 26, 1930, and Dr. Herbert A. Love, D. D., a Presbyterian minister, who died in 1943. The three last named being brothers of William Graham Love. William Graham Love, married Miss Lallette Wootten in Washington, Georgia on December 11, 1912. To this union there was born two sons, namely, Dr. William G. Love, Jr., a surgeon of Columbus, Georgia, and Richard Wootten Love. Both born in Washington, Georgia, William G. Love, Jr., being born on July 6, 1914, and Richard Wootten Love on October 2, 1916. Lallette Wootten Love, wife of William Graham Love, died in Columbus, Georgia, on April 1st, 1941. Educated at Florida State College (now University of Florida), and graduated with degree of Bachelor of Law at University of Georgia on June 21, 1899. Returned to Columbus where he was associated with Hon. John D. Little, then Speaker of the House of Representatives of Georgia, for two years and until he formed a partnership for the practice of law with the late Peter Preer, which continued until 1906, and in 1907 formed a partnership with Hon. T. Hicks Fort, which continued for 37 years, and until Mr. Fort was appointed Judge of the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit. He has been Local Counsel for the Southern Railway and Central of Georgia Railway Company for more than 40 years, and for 20 years Attorney for Columbus Mutual Loan Association, one of the oldest building and loan associations in Georgia. Is also a member of the Board of Directors of this Association. Was a member of Columbian Lodge F. & A. M., Knights of Pythias, and Elks Lodge of Columbus, of which latter he is a Past Exalted Ruler. Member of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, and in 1933 was ordained a Deacon therein, and on March 25th, 1934, was ordained a Ruling Elder of that Church, in which latter capacity he is now serving. Served as Alderman from the Fourth ward for two years under Hon. Lucius H. Chappell, as Mayor, and two years under Hon. Rhodes Brown, as Mayor, and during these four years was Mayor pro tempore of Columbus. Former President of Columbus Bar Association. Member of Columbus Lawyers Club, and Georgia Bar Association, of which latter he was formerly a Vice-President and Chairman of its Executive Committee.

Joseph Arthur Lynch
Joseph Arthur Lynch was born in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia, October 28, 1895. He is the son of Richard Andrew Lynch of Charleston, S. C. and Marguerite Curran Lynch of Columbus, Georgia. Both parents are deceased. He was educated in the Columbus Public Schools later attending St. Bernard College and the University of Georgia. Since he had decided to pursue a course in law he attended Cumberland University and Atlanta Law School for LLB Degrees. He is the brother of Francis Curran Lynch and Benjamin Curran Lynch, both deceased, and Mrs. Conrad Carl Stroeck of San Antonio, Texas. Georgia Flewellen Mitchell married Arthur Lynch, as he is generally known, in Columbus, Georgia November 12, 1919. Her parents were Jule C. and Ellen Hardin Mitchell. After a number of years of happy marriage, Mrs. Lynch passed from this life. Joseph Arthur Lynch, Jr., who was born on November 24, 1920, is their only son. On March 23, 1943 Mr. Lynch married Emmett Curtis, the daughter of Walter Wells and Mary Lavender Lowe Curtis, in Columbus, Georgia. The grandchildren of Arthur Lynch are Georgia Mitchell Lynch and Arthur Cameron Lynch. Lawyer and Advertising Executive are claimed by Mr. Lynch as his profession at the present time. Among his other accomplishments are serving as Recorder of the City of Columbus for about twenty-three years and being Chairman of the Muscogee County Board of Registrars for about ten years. He was the first Commander of the Charles S. Harrison Post No. 35, American Legion and the First President of the Lions Club of Columbus, Georgia. He is Past Captain of the Quarterback Club of Columbus, Past Exalted Ruler of BPOE No. Ill and Past President of the Rotary Club. He is a member of the Columbus-Muscogee County Planning Board, BPOE No. Ill, F & AM 304 Kappa Sigma, Ga. Bar Association, Country Club, Officers' Club, Quarterback Club, Rotary and Lawyers Club. He was a World War I Infantry Captain and was wounded in action in three major engagements.   He served with the Fourth Infantry Division, USA(Regular).

Edwin Dennis Martin
Edwin Dennis Martin was born on January 30, 1920 in Columbus, Georgia. His parents, R. E. Martin, Sr., born in Harris County, Georgia, and Hattie Lou Miller Martin, Columbus, are now deceased. He has one brother, Roy Elmo Martin, Jr. His elementary education was acquired at Rose Hill Grammar School in Columbus, Georgia. Following his graduation from Columbus High School, he attended the University of Georgia where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce in 1940. On May 19, 1940, Mr. Martin was married to Miss Emily Pa-tricia Loomis in Avon Park, Florida, she being the daughter of Edward Percy and Rosa May Hickie Loomis. Upon completing his education, Mr. Martin became associated with his father, R. E. Martin, Sr., and his brother, R. E. Martin, Jr., in the operation of Martin Theatres, Martin Realty Company, Idle Hour Park, and other business enterprises. He is President or Martin theatres of Georgia, Inc., President of Martin Theatres of Florida, Inc.; Vice-President of Martin Theatres of Alabama, Inc., and a partner in Martin Realty Company. During the period May 18, 1943-December 5, 1945, he served in the Armed Forces and was discharged with a rating of Technical Sergeant. He began service at Camp Stewart in Savannah, Georgia, with the Anti-Aircraft Unit of the 593rd Automatic Weapons Company; from there he was sent to the Anti-Aircraft Artillery School at Camp Davis, North Carolina and Fort Bliss, Texas; later was assigned to Headquarters, 20th Infantry Regiment Training Center in Camp Maxey, Texas, and the Parachute School at Fort Benning, Georgia. He is a director of the Boys Club of Columbus, and a member of the Flying Fisherman's Club, Country Club of Columbus, Quarterback Club, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and is a Director of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Keenly interested in the Motion Picture Industry, he is a director of the South-eastern Theatre Owners Association, Confederacy of Southern Theatre Associations, Theatre Owners of America, Motion Picture Exhibitor of Florida, Alabama Theatres Association; and Treasurer of the Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia. Mr. Martin is a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Georgia.

Roy Elmo Martin, Jr.
Roy Elmo Martin, Jr. was born on March 25, 1917 in Columbus. His parents, R. E. Martin, Sr., born in Harris County, Georgia, and Hattie Lou Miller Martin, Columbus, are now deceased. He has one brother, Edwin Dennis Martin. His elementary education was acquired in the Public Schools of Columbus. Following his graduation from Columbus High School, he attended the University of Georgia, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Com-merce Degree in 1939. On March 25, 1949, he was married to Miss Miriam Ann Henson of Athens, Georgia, she being the daughter of Carlton Monroe Henson, deceased, and Nell Meadow Henson. He has two children by a former marriage, Leah LeNoir Martin, born October 6, 1939 and Roy Elmo Martin, III, born December 13, 1942. A daughter Miriam Meadow Martin, was born April 19, 1951. In the summer of 1939, he beTheatres, Martin Realty Company, Idle Hour Park and other business enterprises. He is President of Martin Theatres of Alabama, Inc.; Vice President of Martin Theatres of Georgia, Inc.; Martin Theatres of Florida, Inc. and a partner in Martin Realty Company. Keenly interested in the civic life and advancement of both Columbus and Phenix City, he served as President of the Phenix City Chamber of Commerce for four years. He is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Real Estate Board, B. P. O. Elks, Columbus Country Club, Surf Club of Miami Beach, Florida, St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club, Tallahassee Yacht Association, Quarterback Club, Ponte Vedra Association, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and a Director of the Variety Club of Atlanta.

Roy Elmo Martin
Roy Elmo Martin was born in Harris County, Georgia, March 6, 1885 and was killed in an airplane accident Feb. 11, 1948. He was the son of Jerry T. and Carrie Cox Martin, both of Harris County, and both now deceased. He was the brother of Hugh, Ernest, Eddie Leon, Mrs. Jessie Wynn of Phenix City, Alabama, and Mrs. Janie Hudson of Macon, Georgia. Mr. Martin obtained his early schooling in the Public Schools of Harris County and later graduated from Massey Business College of Columbus, Georgia in 1901. He was married to Miss Hattie Lou Miller in Atlanta, Georgia, June 12, 1916. His wife was the daughter of Sarah Frances and Jesse E. Miller of Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Martin were blessed with two boys, Roy E. Martin, Jr., born March 25, 1917 and Edwin Dennis Martin, born January 30, 1920, both in Columbus, Georgia.  Roy, Jr. now has three children, a boy, Roy Elmo Martin, 111, and two girls, Leah LeNoir Martin, and Miriam Meadow Martin.   Mrs. Roy Martin, Sr. died June 14, 1928. Desiring more adventure and financial return than the farm on which he was born afforded, he ventured into business with a retail furniture company. Later he branched out into other enterprises, concentrating on real estate. However, at that time he became fascinated by a business called the "nickelodeon", which was the theatre of that day. In 1912 he purchased the Bonita Theatre in Columbus, Georgia. Fulfilling his ambition and desire for other theatres, he built the Grand Theatre in Columbus. Still filled with the spirit of "Show Business" other theatres sprang up under his tutelage, including additional theatres in Columbus and surrounding territory, until the Circuit comprised ten theatres in this locality. In 1927 it was his pleasure to build what was then one of the largest theatres in the South-The Royal Theatre in Columbus, with a seating capacity of over 2700. During these years he also acquired a vast amount of real estate holdings. His slogan-"Work while other men play" proved very profitable as today Martin Theatres operate a Circuit of 140 theatres throughout Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee, and has extensive real estate holdings including hotels, amusement parks, office buildings, business properties and residences throughout the Southeast. His two sons now own and operate the Martin enterprises. Mr. Martin was a member of the Variety Clubs of America, the Elks Club and the Rose Hill Baptist Church. Mr. Martin was courageous, efficient and possessed a very attractive personality. His business sagacity and industriousness were admired by all who knew him and his untimely demise was mourned by thousands of friends.

John B. McCollum
John B. McCollum was born in Micanopy, Fla., September 14, 1885, a son of Robert Clyde and Frances (Saunders) McCollum. He was married June 27, 1922, to Miss Florrie Pearl Coffin, of Richland, Ga. Their children are Florrie Belle (Mrs. Spencer R. Garrett), Mary Clemence (Mrs. James Lee Garrett) and Sarah Alice McCollum. (Mrs. George Cliff Johnson, Jr.). Mr. McCollum was educated in the public schools of Dawson, Ga.. and at the Southern College of Photography   a t McMinnville, Tenn., and Winona Lake, Ind. He opened a studio in Columbus in 1910 and soon advanced to the front rank of his profession. He has been both happy and successful in his work, for the love of art and photography is native to John B. McCollum. He began to draw and paint in early childhood, and the profession he adopted has given ample opportunity for self-expression in the work he loves. Outstanding in photographic circles, Mr. McCollum is past president of the Georgia Photo Finishers Association, past president of the Georgia Photographers Association ; is vice-president and a director of the Southeastern Photographers Association and past territorial vice-president of the National Photo Finishers Association. He was one of the pioneers in the development of the pecan growing industry in West Georgia and owns a pecan grove. He is interested in agriculture and owns and operates a cattle farm in Alabama near Columbus. Mr. McCollum is past president of the West Georgia Hospital Association (Blue Cross) which makes possible hospitalization for the mass of people at reasonable cost; is one of the five executive directors of the Elks' Aidmore Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, devoted to the hospitalization of crippled children in Georgia; is past chairman of the Crippled Children's Committee of the Columbus Rotary Club; and is a past president and director of the Columbus Merchants Association. He was a director of the Columbus Boys' Club. With a keen realization of civic and personal responsibility, he makes a whole-hearted contribution to community calls and activities and to philanthropic causes. He was chairman of the Hi-Neighbor program for 1948-1949. He is now Exalted Ruler of Columbus Elks Lodge No. 111.

Lee Bourke McKee
Lee Bourke McKee was born in Columbus, Georgia, June 25, 1868 and died April 11, 1937 at his home at 1413 4th Ave., Columbus. He was the son of Georgia Maria Smith, born Nov. 8,1837 in Savannah, Ga. and died Dec. 8, 1905 in Columbus and John Grubb Mc-Kee, born April 10, 1838 in Philadelphia, Pa., and died September 15, 1902 in Columbus. Bourke was the brother of Elizabeth, Cloyde, Georgia, and J. Wiley McKee. He received his education in Slade School and other private schools of Columbus. He was married to Florence Belle Mahone, January 1, 1895 in Haddock, Jones County, Georgia. She was the daughter of William Garrard Mahone and Isabelle Saucer Key. They are the parents of William Cloyde McKee, born December 18, 1895 in Troy, Ala., and died in Columbus, Ga., Nov. 4, 1937, and Georgia Isabel McKee (Mrs. Robert Magruder Lewis) born Sept. 29, 1899 in Columbus, Ga. There are two grandchildren: Mary Florence McKee (Mrs. Charles Fell White Anderson of Baltimore, Md.) and Robert Magruder Lewis, Jr.; four great-grandchildren : twins, William Bagwell Anderson and George Magruder Anderson, two girls, Laura Jeanne Lewis, and Leland Anderson Lewis. Mr. McKee was a member of one of Columbus' pioneer families. His grandfather, Hockley Cloyde McKee settled here from Philadelphia and his father was born in Columbus and served as a Captain in the Confederate Army. His mother's parents settled in Savannah from Higginon, Conn. She was a direct descendant of the distinguished Brainard family of Revolutionary fame. He lived in Columbus all of his life with the exception of a few years in Denver Col. and in Troy, Ala. He was associated in business with Brannon and Carson Company, a wholesale drug firm. For 40 years he served as traveling salesman and vice president of the company. Every customer in his territory was his warm personal friend. He was most loyal to his business and gave it the best that was in him in the form of long and faithful service. He was a devout member of the St. Paul Methodist Church, serving on the Board of Stewards. The Democratic Party was his political choice. His most outstanding traits of character were his sterling integrity, courtesy, and friendliness forming a lovable personality and though of a retiring disposition these qualities made for him a host of friends.

William Thomas McKee
William Thomas McKee was born in Upatoi, Georgia, September 9th, 1864. He is the son of George Henderson McKee, born December 12th, 1828 and Jane Elizabeth McKee who was born Jane Elizabeth Williamson, June 30th, 1835, in Mt. Airy, Georgia. He had three sisters, Lillian, Born Oct. 23, 1855; Mary Elizabeth, born Nov. 2, 1857; Sidney Glaze, born August 13th, 1866 and one brother, Stephen Henderson, born Oct. 5, 1868. William McKee obtained the first part of his education in the County Schools. For three years beginning in 1881 he attended Gordon Institute at Barnesville, Georgia. In the next three years he acquired a college education at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia where he matriculated with a B. S. Degree. He was married to Gennie Mae Jenkins, the daughter of S. H. Jenkins and Emma Richardson Jenkins. To this union were born the following children; W. T. McKee, Jr., March 17, 1900, Upatoi, Ga., George Sterling, March 27, 1902, Upatoi, Ga., and Jean, March 23, 1917 in Midland, Ga. He now has five grandchildren, Richard Sterling and Carole Anne McKee of Philadelphia, Penn., and Jerry McKee, Rosemary Adams and James Edward Adams of Columbus, Ga. On June 27th, 1885 on his return from college Mr. McKee took charge of his father's farming and cattle interests during the elder McKee's illness. Although he has engaged in and been interested in other types of business since then farming and cattle raising have always been his principle interests. At one time he had interests in a loan business and helped organize the Beach Mosely Hardware Company which he financed for many years until he finally sold his stock. He never wanted or sought any public office but was called upon to fill in several times and was always ready when needed. He was Chairman of Muscogee County Board of Tax Equalizers for many years in which capacity he served admirably and faithfully. He is a charter member, director and vice president of First Federal Savings and Loan Association. Mr. McKee has always been most generous in his contributions to churches and other charitable institutions. He is a member of Midland Lodge F. & A. M. No. 144, Midland, Ga., and of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. He is also a Democrat. His industry and strength of character have made Mr. McKee an outstanding figure in his community.

Sidney Johnson McMath
Sidney Johnson McMath was born in Montevallo, Alabama, October 9, 1863. He was the son of John D. McMath and Martha Thomas McMath. Sidney was one of eight children in the family. There were three brothers and five sisters. All are now deceased with the exception of one brother, namely John H. McMath. Mr. McMath received his college education at Howard College in Marion, Alabama. Lula Seals and Sidney McMath were united in marriage in Troy, Alabama, January 10, 1893. They were the parents of two children, Hugh McMath and Louise McMath, now Mrs. DeWitt Duskin. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney McMath are the grandparents of three, DeWitt Duskin, Jr., Mrs. W. E. Dillard, Jr. and Mrs. Hooper Turner. Mr. McMath departed this life September 11, 1939. His occupation for many years was serving as Freight Agent for the Central of Georgia Railway in Columbus, Ga. and Troy, Alabama. He was elected to the County Commission and served one term in 1923. The Masons and the Kiwanis Club of Columbus counted him as one of their members and he served on the board of the Red Cross. For many years he was deacon of the First Baptist Church of Columbus, Ga.

Frederick Monroe Miller
Frederick Monroe Miller was born in Columbus, Georgia, September 22, 1903. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Z. Miller of Muscogee County, Georgia. His father and mother are deceased. Fred has two brothers, Walter L. and Jesse L. Miller and two sisters, Viola K. Miller and Mrs. Earle Taylor. He received his early education in the Public Schools of Columbus and later took a Pre-Medical Course at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Alabama. He graduated with a D.D.S. Degree from the Atlanta Southern Dental College and soon thereafter started the practice of Dentistry in Columbus, Georgia. This was in 1925 and today he enjoys the enviable reputation of being one of the better dentists in this city. Dr. Miller was married to Miss Naomi Welch on June 21, 1936 in Pelham, Georgia. To this union born one son, Frederick Monroe Miller, Jr., May 16, 1938 in Columbus, Georgia About three years after beginning his practice, Dr. Miller was elected President of the Fourth District Dental Association. His success in his chosen profession is at-tested by the enormous practice he has continually enjoyed. His courteous, considerate attitude, friendly disposition and attractive personality have endeared him to all his patients and friends. His conscientiousness and the excellent quality of his work have earned him the trust of his patients and the admiration of his fellow dentists. He was elected to honorable fellowship in the Georgia Dental Association. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and Al Oula Shrine. His civic and social interests include membership in the Rotary Club, the Columbus Country Club, Delta Sigma Delta and Omicron Kappa Upsilon Fraternities. He is a devout christian, being a member of the Baptist Church. Dr. Frederick Miller is liberal to generosity and his kind deeds are numbered only by his opportunities.

Walter Land Miller
Walter Land Miller was born in Columbus, Georgia November 7, 1888. He is the son of T. Z .Miller and Elizabeth Land Miller, de-ceased, both of Muscogee County, Georgia. Walter was one of six children, four boys and two girls. Besides Walter they are: Dr. J. L. Miller, Dr. F. M. Miller, John T. Miller, Mrs. Augie Mae Taylor and Miss Viola K. Miller. He "was educated in the local public schools attending the Genitan Grammar School. Walter Miller was married to Miss Gertrude Singer of Lafayette, Alabama, October 28, 1925. His wife is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Singer. Two children, a boy and a girl, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Miller. They are as follows: Walter Land Miller, Jr. and Margarett Elizabeth Miller, both born in Columbus, Ga. He lists his main occupation as shoe merchant and his secondary one as dairy farmer. Since 1920, he has been president of Miller-Taylor Shoe Co., the leading distributor of dress shoes for this area. This firm has remodeled their store in the last few years and is now housed in one of the most modern and beautiful buildings on Broadway. As a Dairy Farmer he not only supplies raw milk from his own dairy but acts as Sec-Treas. of the Wells Dairies Cooperative where milk is pasteurized and processed for the consumer. Mr. Miller has many other noteworthy accomplishments to his credit, both civic and business. Among them are, Past President of the Merchants Association, Service on War Production Board during World War No. 2 as member of the Shoe Retailers Advisory Committee, Director of the National Shoe Retailers Asso., Secretary and Treas. of Alaga Feed Corp. since 1943, Sec. & Treas. of Wells Dairies Co-op since 1936. He is a member of Kiwanis Club, Shriners, Elks, Odd Fellows, Country Club, Democratic Party and the First Baptist Church.

John Easter Minter
John Easter Minter was born in Baldwin County, Georgia, August 2, 1868, and died in Columbus, Georgia, May 20, 1947. He was the son of Floyd and Martha Chambers Minter, both deceased, who were also born in Baldwin County. He was the brother of M. M. Minter and Charles Floyd Minter, both deceased, and Thomas Minter of Cason, Texas. Mr. Minter attended the Baldwin County Schools and, later, the Southern Business University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was married to Miss Winnifred Moore in Tampa, Florida, March 27, 1895. She was the daughter of Samuel Lewis and Julia Bradley Moore of Monticello, Florida. Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Minter: Winnifred Bradley, now the wife of Lt. Col. Jacob R. Moon, U. S. Army, and John Easter Minter Jr. He is survived by four grandchildren: Mrs. William Nielsen, Jacob Robert Moon jr., Marti Minter and John Easter Minter III and three great - grandchildren: Cynthia Winnifred Smith, Kenneth Cooper Smith and Jennifer Nielsen. Mrs. Minter departed this life May 28, 1929, in Columbus, Georgia. John Easter Minter began his career in business at the age of 20 years at Stevens Pottery, Georgia in 1888. In 1892 he was made assistant manager of the H. Stevens Sons Sewer Pipe Company in Macon, Georgia. He held this position until 1909 and during this time invented and patented several machines used in sewer pipe manufacture. He came to Columbus as one of the organizers of the Columbus Sewer Pipe Company. This plant was planned and constructed under his supervision and he held the position of General Manager until 1919. He designed the plant of the Dixie Brick Company, at Dixieland, Alabama, in which the Minter system of kilns, originated by his brother, M. M. Minter, was installed. He became president in 1939, serving in that capacity until his retirement in 1942. Mr. Minter was an organizer and officer of the Clay Products Exchange which was formed as a sales organization in 1933. He designed and invented processes making for improvement in clay-goods production and some of the most beautiful face brick produced in the South were manufactured under his supervision. At one time he was Senior Councilor of the United Commercial Travelers of America, Charter Member and Treasurer of the Southern Clay Products Association, Director of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Elks, Muscogee Club, Kiwanis Club, and Columbus Country Club. He belonged to the Methodist Church of Baldwin County and was a Democrat. Mr. Minter's popularity was as wide as his acquaintanceship, and his kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity made his presence a joy. He was most considerate, and delighted when he could help others. He was always active in humanitarian work and a leader in the community in civic enterprises.

Hilary Richard Mott
Hilary Richard Mott was born in Red Level, Alabama, August 24, 1884. He is the son of J. D. Mott, who is now deceased, and Elizabeth Mathews Mott, who still lives in Red Level. Mr. Mott was one of eight brothers. He attended school at the Highland Home Jr. College and at the University of Alabama. He was married to Mrs. Ella Gunn McEwen, the daughter of Edwin C. and Emmie Webb Gunn, of Pensacola, Florida, July 6, 1942. They have no children. Upon completing his education, Mr. Mott became connected with the Post Office Department in 1906. From 1914 to 1920 he served that department as a Post Office Inspector, with headquarters in New York City. He resigned in 1920 to accept the Vice-Presidency of what is now the Nehi Corporation of Columbus, Georgia.  He held this office continuously until he was elected President in 1934. After serving in this important position for the next six years he was made Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nehi, which office he holds at the present time. Since Nehi Corporation is nationally known and distributes its products in every state in the Union, the outstanding business ability and leadership of Mr. Mott may be readily discerned. He is now rounding out his twenty-eighth year as an executive of this multi-million dollar corporation. The phenominal expansion and progress enjoyed by the Nehi Corporation under his leadership attests to the efficient management and sound judgment of Mr. Mott. Since 1936, he has been a Director of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank of Columbus, Georgia. He is also a Director of the Southern Industrial Council of Nashville, Tennessee. He belongs to the Columbus Country Club, The Bachelors, and is a Democrat. Mr. Mott is appreciated as a substantial, constructive citizen, who was unusually successful in his own business affairs, and who through the exercise of his talents and abilities contributed to the general upbuilding of the community. Mr. Mott now manages the farming of his country estate where he and his wife live in their colonial home, Hilaire.

Clarence LaFayette Mullin
Clarence LaFayette Mullin was horn at Smith Station, Lee County, Alabama, October 6,1884, the son of Samuel L. Mullin and Alice (Murphy) Mullin. His father was born in Harris County, Georgia, in 1838 and his mother was born in Lee County, Alabama in 1858. The Mullin family originally came from Ireland and settled in South Carolina. John Mullin, grand-father of Clarence, was born in South Carolina in 1799. Leaving South Carolina he moved to Georgia and, after living in that state several years, he settled in Lee County, Alabama, where he died in 1854. Samuel L. Mullin also settled in Lee County, Alabama, and became a  prominent   planter.   He was twice married, his first wife was Sally (Reid) Mullin and to them were born two children, Annie and Sarah.   Several years after the death of his first wife, he married Miss Alice Murphy of Opelika and to this union were horn three sons and one daughter, Clarence L.; Samuel L., Jr. (deceased);   H.   Palmer  and Mae Fannie, now Mrs. Robert A. Ellineton of Montgomery, Alabama. Mr. Mullin grew up on his father's plantation. He attended the public school, graduated from high school in 1902 and subsequently matriculated at Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1905. He then took special commercial training at Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, New York. Returning home in February 1906, he associated himself as a runner in the Phenix Girard Bank. By his energy, honesty and ability, he rose from that position through every department until he was elected President in 1914. This position he still holds, having built one of the most substantial banking institutions in this section of the state. Mr. Mullin also owns several farms, The Mullin Company (which deals with farm equipment) and the C. L. Mullin & company (Handling bonds, real estate and insurance). In April 1909 Mr. Mullin was married to the late Edna Robinson, daughter of the late Dr. Edgar E. and Alice Smith Robinson of Oxford, Ohio. Her father was a Minister of the Presbyterian Church. To them were born two sons, Clarence L. Jr. (deceased), S. Robin and a daughter, Leslie. Mr. Mullin is a member of the First Baptist Church in Columbus, The Alabama Historical Society, Kiwanis Club and is affiliated with the Wilson Williams Lodge No. 351, A.F. & A.M.; Darley Chapter, R.A.M.; St. Aldemar Commandery, K. T.; Robert E. Lee Lodge, Knights of Pythias, all at Columbus; Al Sihah Temple of the Mystic Shrine of Macon, Georgia. In November 1950 Mr. Mullin married Margaret Elizabeth Cox of Birmingham, Alabama, the only daughter of the late Dr. James William Cox and Ethelle Lovejoy Cox. As a business man, Mr. Mullin's sound judgment is unequaled. He is affable and always most considerate and generous. He has many friends and is known for his unfailing courtesy.

Dr. Nathaniel G. Oattis
Dr. Nathaniel G. Oattis, son of Captain N. G. Oattis (C.S.A.) and Sallie Meachum Oattis was born at Midland, Muscogee Co., Georgia, October 19th, 1875. He has two brothers and a sister living, and one brother, Harrison M. Oattis,   dead.   The   two living brothers are James Felder and Henry Walpole Oattis of Atlanta. His sister is Mrs. J. W. Webster of Winchester, Ky.  His mother, Sallie Meachum Oattis, and all of her children were born in the same  house   at  Midland. His father, Captain Oattis,  was an extensive farmer, a school teacher and took quite a lead in politics. He was a member of the legislature a number of times and was County School Commissioner for more than thirty years. Captain Oattis was appointed by the Governor to give examination to his successor. Dr. Oattis attended the rural school at Midland until he was about fifteen years old and then went through public schools in Columbus. After working at whatever kind of job he could get for about three years, he entered dental college and worked his way through. He graduated from the Atlanta Southern Dental College in April 1903 with honors. He has, all through his professional career, enjoyed a nice practice and has been quite active in dental societies. He has contributed numerous papers and clinics to his local District Society and the Georgia State Dental Association. He is a member of the Psi Omega Dental Fraternity and also the honorary fraternity, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. This latter fraternity did not come into existence until about twenty-five years after he finished college and its members consist of only a small per cent of all graduates of Class A dental schools in the United States and Canada. Dr. Oattis should be especially proud of the fact he was asked to become a member of this fraternity because without knowing anything about it, his records in college were examined and it was found that he was eligible to membership. He was so notified and was presented with a gold key. Dr. Oattis is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, 32 degree Mason, an Elk and a Democrat. He married Louise Riley of Perry, Georgia in October 1907 and they had one daughter Martha Callaway, now Mrs. M. J. Carroll, Edgewater, Md. Louise Riley Oattis died in September 1925. On September 12, 1931, Dr. Oattis married Mrs. Ada Belle Lummus Dooley, the daughter of Ezra Frank Lummus and Julia Wendt Lummus. Their home is at 1611 Park Drive (Overlook) Columbus, Georgia. He is the grand-father of Frank Carroll, Kenneth S. Olson, Robert Earle Olson and Caren Dooley and the great grandfather of Kenneth (Buddy) S. Olson III.

Harbin King Park
Harbin King Park was born May 9. 1899 in Rome, Georgia. His father was Benjamin M. Park, born 1861 and died in 1946. His place of birth was Rockhill, Ga. Sarah Norrell Park, the mother was born in Sugar Valley, Ga. in 1868 and died in 1944. Harbin is the brother of J. Carl Park of Birmingham, Alabama, and James A. Park of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He received his early education in the Public Schools of Rome, Ga. He later graduated from the School of Banking at Rutgers University in 1937. On February 24, 1928 he was married to Miss Mary Flournoy, the daughter of Mrs. Minnie L. Flournoy, in Columbus, Ga. In 1916 he began his banking career with the First National Bank of Birmingham, leaving their employ to become an Assistant National Bank Examiner. In 1922 he was elected Cashier of the First National Bank of Columbus. Later when the First National interests acquired the Muscogee Bank he became Vice President of this institution. A merger in 1932 consolidated this bank with the First National and Home Savings Bank which later became the First National with Mr. Park as Vice President. In 1936 he was elected President. Mr. Park now holds and has held many important positions. He is Vice President of the Southland Mortgage Co. and a Director of the Columbus Transportation Co., Home Ins. Co. of N. Y., Schwob Mfg. Co., Centennial Cotton Gin. Co., Cooperative Federal Savings & Loan Assn., Treasurer, United Givers, Inc., Armed Services YMCA, Past Commander, Chas. S. Harrison Post, American Legion; Past President, Cols. Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Country Club and Columbus Lion's Club. He is Chairman of the Board of the Muscogee County Department of Public Welfare. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club, Elks, Masons and Shriners. He belongs to the First Baptist Church. He served ten months in France in the First World War as a U. S. Marine.

James Edward Passmore, Sr.
James Edward Passmore, Sr. was born May 8, 1885 in Lowndes County near Valdosta, Georgia. He was the son of Daniel W. and Rachael Passmore who were born near Valdosta, Ga. and who are both now deceased. He acquired his education by attending elementary and High School in Valdosta and later a business college. In addition to James there were four other brothers and four sisters in the family. Mr. Passmore was united in marriage with Miss Nina Murrah, October 14, 1916, in Columbus, Ga. She is the daughter of Edward L. and Ella Goodman Murrah. Mr. and Mrs. Passmore are the parents of three sons and one daughter. They are: James Edward Passmore, Jr. born September 17, 1917 at Macon, Ga.; Eleanor Murrah Passmore, June 15, 1919 at Macon; John Murrah Passmore, July 16, 1923 at Macon and Lewis Nolan Passmore, November 23, 1925 in Columbus, Ga. Five grandchildren are now members of the Passmore family. They are Janie Lee, Nina Margaret and Mary Eleanor, children of James Edward Passmore, Jr.; John Murrah Passmore, Jr.; and Janice Harvey Passmore, daughter of Lewis N. Passmore. James Edward Passmore, Sr. was a business and fraternal leader here for a generation. He died September 21, 1949 at the age of 64. It was a tribute to the life that he lived that this man could summon a host of friends who deeply mourned him when he died. He had been a florist, and his Venetian Blind business, which flourished from the time this product reached wide popularity as a household item, was the biggest of its kind here. He numbered his friends among the leaders of every facet of community life. He was a member of St. Luke Methodist Church and had achieved the 32nd Degree of Scottish Rite Masonry. He had spent his whole life in South and Southwest Georgia. Mr. Passmore was widely known in the Columbus area, and his many friends and business associates shared the family's loss in his passing.

Murphey Pound
Murphey Pound was born November 7, 1892 in Barnesville, Georgia and departed from this life in Columbus, Georgia, August 16, 1942, He was the son of Jere M. Pound who was born March 23, 1864 in Liberty Hill, Ga., and died February 8, 1935. Professor Jere Pound was a prominent educator of Georgia, having held positions of State School Superintendent, Superintendent of Bibb School in Macon, Georgia, President of Georgia State Teachers College in Athens, Georgia, President of Georgia State Woman's College in Valdosta, Georgia and President of Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia. Murphey Pound's mother was Mrs. Ada Murphey Pound and she was born March 12, 1868 in Upson County, Georgia. He was one of eight children, four brothers and three sisters. They are Merritt B., Jere M. (deceased), E. A., and W. S. Pound, Mrs. Russell Edwards, Mrs. Tryon Huggins, and Miss Ida E. Pound (deceased). With the family background that he had, it was inevitable that he should receive a good education. He attended Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Ga., and in 1914 graduated from the Georgia School of Technology with a degree in engineering. He was married to Miss Eva Freeman Garrett, November 29, 1922 in the Church of Ascention in Montgomery, Alabama. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gaswell William Garrett. Two boys and a girl were born to this union. Murphey Pound, Jr., was born July 25, 1925 in West Point, Georgia, Jere Madison Pound, July 17, 1931 in Columbus, Georgia, and Eva Garrett Pound July 17, 1932 also in Columbus, Georgia. From 1914 until late 1929, except for the period of his military service in World War I as a second Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Air Force, he practiced his profession as a Civil and Technical Engineer with various prominent connections. He began his career as a Civil Engineer for the Southern Railway at Charlottesville, Virginia. He remained here for three years when he assumed the position of resident engineer for Robert & Co. of Atlanta for the building of the mills at Porterdale, Georgia. Next he became associated with Algernon Blair, of Montgomery, Alabama and then with Batson Cook Co., of West Point, Georgia where he remained until 1929. In 1930 he founded the Murphey Pound Construction Company of Columbus, Georgia, a contracting concern that still bears his name and is one of the foremost organizations of its kind in West Georgia. He was a devout member of St. Luke Methodist Church of Columbus, a member of the local Kiwanis Club, the Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity of Ga. Tech and a Democrat. Mr. Pound was progressive, public spirited, liberal and influential. He possessed a most pleasant disposition and because of his honest reputation held the respect and esteem of his fellow citizens.

Lorin Doyle Raines
Lorin Doyle Raines was born in Robbins, Tennessee, June 16, 1900, the son of William Silas and Hettie Susie Harvey Raines. Lorin has three brothers, Clarence Leslie, Major Adam and Claude Robert and two sisters, Lena Montenas and Dora Ethel. Mr. Raines attended Grammar and High School at Robbins, Tennessee, where he graduated in 1918. He immediately enlisted in the U. S. Army and served overseas for one year. He then attended the University of Tennessee where he studied Mechanical Engineering for two years. He has had various other short courses of special engineering. He was married to Phie Helene Meadows, March 31, 1920, in Memphis, Tenn. His wife is the daughter of Charles Jonathan and Jennie Belle White Meadows. To this union the following children were born: Virginia Sue, Lorin Doyle, Jr., Marian Jocelyn, Charles William, Phil Vierre, Patricia Lynn, Sarah Lee, and Phie Sandra. Lorin Raines worked for the Engineering Dept. of the Memphis Street Railway Co. from 1922 to 1923 when he became connected with M. M. Bosworth Co. of Memphis, Tenn., as designer. From 1925 through 1932 he was associated with T. Firth Lockwood, Columbus architect, during which time this office designed many schools as well as other municipal projects. Some of the finer homes in Peacock Woods and on Wynnton Road, Central High School in Phenix City and some South Georgia projects were planned by them. As a partner in Housing Architects he collaborated on the plans for Booker T. Washington Apts., George Foster Peabody Apts., Newton T. Baker Village Homes, Benning Park Homes, Frederick Douglas Homes, and Riverview Court Apts., and Baker Village High School. For two years he worked for the War Department and designed many of the permanent type buildings on the main post at Fort Benning. During World War II he was connected with the United States Civil Service Commission and the Veterans Administration, returning to Columbus in Oct. 1945 where he reopened his offices for the practice of Architecture. He has of late, been retained by the City of Columbus, for the purpose of constructing new and remodeling the old stations of the Fire Dept. of the City. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Alabama Society of Architects, Georgia Engineering Society, National Association of Housing officials and the Columbus and Phenix City Chambers of Commerce.

Frank Charles Reich
Frank Charles Reich was born September 1, 1862 at 1104 Broadway, Columbus, Ga. His father Frederick Reich and his mother Maria Cresentia Reich arrived in Columbus in 1855 from Germany, where both were born. They are buried here in Riverdale Cemetery. He survives one brother, Fred W. Reich and two sisters, Mrs. Matilda Weber and Mrs. Carl F. Schomburg. He attended the first Public School in Columbus on 10th St. and 2nd Ave., in old Presbyterian Church Building. Later went to Capt. Jerry J. Slade's School for boys. As there were no High Schools here at that time he was sent to Freiburg in Baden, Germany to complete his education. He finished High School and enrolled in the University there to study Chemistry. After five years he returned to Columbus and later graduated from Moore's Business University in Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Reich was married to Miss Annie Owens, the daughter of James and Regina Huffman Owens of Columbus, on November 10, 1886. She departed this life July 28, 1937 and is buried in Riverdale Cemetery. Four sons were born to this union; Frank C. Reich, Jr., April 1st, 1888, William Owens Reich, Feb. 26, 1891, Joseph Henry Reich, Dec. 31, 1892 and Harry Walker Reich, Oct. 1, 1896, all in Columbus. The grandchildren are William Owens Reich, Jr., lost in World War II, Frances Reich Brooks, Joseph H. Reich, Jr., Frank Doran Reich and Frank Charles Reich, III. Frank Reich acted as bookkeeper and credit manager for one of the largest retail and wholesale dry goods stores in Columbus for 15 years, then established the Reich Dry Goods Company, wholesale dry goods, notions and clothing manufacturers which was located in the old Gunby Building on 11th St. He served as President until liquidation and is now retired. He is a director of the First National Bank. He was drafted to represent the 6th ward in the City Council serving about 16 years. He served as Secretary and Treasurer of Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 and Stonewall Hose Co. No. 4 and Secretary of Board of Control of the Volunteer Fire Department and also Treasurer of Columbus Public Library. As Chairman of the Utility Committee in the City Council he was one of the principal advocates for the planning and building of the Columbus Water Works System to use Chattahoochee River Water as a source of supply. He proved to be a great believer in the future of Columbus by liberal investments in real estate, industries and financial organizations. He was President and Director of Travelers Protective Association of America, member of the Chamber of Commerce, President of Tax Payers League of Columbus and Muscogee County and organized and served as President of the Columbus Athletic Club, also Director Home Savings and Muscogee Bank.

Gerald Benjamin Saunders
Gerald Benjamin Saunders was born August 16, 1900 in Lilesville, Anson County, North Carolina. He is the son of J. T. Saunders, born September 18, 1863 in Lilesville, N. C. and Fitzgerald Thomas Saunders, born June 16, 1870 in Monroe, Union County, North Carolina. Gerald was one of four brothers and two sisters. He was educated in Lilesville, N. C. where he graduated from High School in June 1918. He was united in marriage with Charlotte Alexander, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abel C. Alexander of Waverly Hall, Ga. Their marriage took place August 5, 1939. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Saunders are the parents of Charlotte Alexander Saunders, born February 25, 1941; Nancy Thomas Saunders, born November 23, 1942; Gerald Benjamin Saunders, Jr., born January 31, 1946 and Richard Vaden Saunders, born January 9, 1949. Mr. Saunders began his business career as bookkeeper for the Alexander Brothers Lumber Company in July 1918. At this time it was located in Ellerslie, Georgia. This firm was engaged in the manufacture of lumber at that time, as it still is today. The plant was moved to Cataula, Georgia in 1923 and six years after his beginning as bookkeeper in 1918 Gerald Saunders was made manager of the firm. Through his constant effort to advance and his active interest in the business of his choice, he was made President of the Company in 1939, in which capacity he still serves. He has also been successful in a political way, as he served in the State Legislature as a Representative from Harris County from 1935 to 1939 and in the State Senate in 1949 and 1950. He was made a director of the Merchants & Mechanics Bank of Columbus in 1942 and was a partner in Williams Construction Co. from its organization in 1940 until 1943 when he sold his interest. Gerald Saunders is a member of the Columbus Country Club and the Democratic Party. He belongs to the Baptist Church of Waverly Hall, Ga. He possesses a very engaging personality and is most considerate and generous.

Frederick Herman Schomburg
Frederick Herman Schomburg was born October 17, 1881 in Columbus, Georgia the son of Carl Frederick Schomburg and Minnie (Wilhelmina) Emma Reich Schomburg. The father was born in Hanover, Germany May 25, 1852 and the mother in Columbus, Georgia. Both are now deceased, the former October 23, 1937 and the latter February 4, 1901. Frederick Schomburg has three brothers; Carl L., Herbert H., and Otto M. Schomburg and two sisters; Mrs. Minnie S. Newman and Mrs. Gertrude S. Ingle. He received his education in the public schools of Columbus, graduating from Columbus High School in 1899. But even before graduation he had begun his business life by working afternoons and Saturdays in his fathers jewelry store from the time he was fourteen years old. After finishing school he began working full time and soon was Secretary and Treasurer of the firm. By his conscientious application to work he followed in the footsteps of his father and was made President of C. Schomburg & Son. This jewelry concern has been serving Columbus for about 76 years. Fred H. Schomburg, Jr. is now President. Mr. Schomburg was united in marriage to Mary Lucile Molder, the daughter of Mary Lou Scarborough Molder and Joseph Carson Molder. The marriage was performed in Columbus, Georgia, April 3, 1912 and to this union were born three children; Martha Lucile now Mrs. Eugene M. Martin, November 27, 1913, Fred H., Jr., July 14, 1916, and Minnie Louise, now Mrs. Charles W. Powell, April 16, 1919. There are seven grandchildren; Patricia Dianne Martin, Michael Galen Martin, Peter Christopher Martin, Charles Frederick Powell, Donald William Powell, Lee Thornton Schomburg and Cornelia Lucile Schomburg;. He served as Secretary and President of the Georgia Retail Jewelers Association. He has long been identified with Civic Progress in Columbus being president of the First Community Chest Organization in 1925, the Chamber of Commerce in 1925, the Rotary Club in 1944 and the Chattahoochee Valley Exposition since 1927. He is a Masonic member of York Rite, Scottish Rite and Shrine. He has been a Council Member of the Boy Scouts of America since 1921 and served as chairman of the first boy scout camp and assisted in the building of Camp McKenzie. He was awarded the Silver Beaver by the Columbus Council. He served for 12 years in the Georgia National Guard being a Lieutenant for three years and a Captain for five years before retiring in 1912. He attends the First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Schomburg is a man of quiet, modest and retiring disposition but always courteous and generous with his fellow man. He holds the respect and esteem of all his acquaintances by his honesty and fairness in all business dealings.

Albert James Snipes
Albert James Snipes was born in Shellman, Randolph County, Georgia, November 19, 1910. His father, W. S. Snipes was born October 2, 1871 and died in the year 1926. His mother, Mrs. Effie Snipes was born December 8, 1872 and is still living. Albert has one brother, Ross and one sister, Mrs. Willie Arthur. He first attended grammar school at Midway, a County school, but later transferred to the Wynnton Grammar School. Columbus High School was chosen for his further education. Albert Snipes was married at an early age, and to this union were born two boys, Albert James Snipes, Jr., August 25, 1932 and William Douglas Snipes born April 19, 1935. In November of 1939 he was married to his present wife, the former Nellie Ree Graham. She is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. James Monroe Graham. In his early twenties Albert went into partnership in the operation of a diner. By careful management and much hard work he was able to purchase his partner's interest after a few years. He then moved to the corner of Third Avenue and Seventeenth Street and called his restaurant the Goo-Goo. With the benefit of this much greater space together with his courteous service and well prepared food he attracted hundreds of customers. In 1939 he constructed one of the most modern restaurants in this part of the state. The excellent reputation of the Goo-Goo has not been con-fined to this city alone but has been spread over this section of the Southeast. In civic affairs he is quite active being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Exchange Club. He is also a member of the Country Club and President of the Columbus Restaurant Association and a member of the State and National Restaurant Associations. He is a 32nd Degree Mason, Shriner and Elk. Religiously he is a Methodist and politically a Democrat. His chief characteristics are industry, frugality, honesty, generosity, efficiency and courtesy. Every acquaintance he makes a friend and his dealings with the general public are such as to endear him to the entire community. No business man conducts his business upon a higher plane and such conduct has proved to be a blessing both to himself and to his customers.

Porter Mitchell Strickland
Porter Mitchell Strickland, born December 26, 1904 in Bristol, Liberty County, Florida, the son of Henry Mitchell Strickland and Mahala Frances (Smith) Strickland of Bristol, Florida. His father was born March 6, 1873 and his mother, April 15, 1879. Mr. Strickland has three brothers and two sisters; Wm. M. Strickland of Blountstown, Fla.; E. H. Strickland, of Bristol, Fla.; A. D. Strickland of Columbus, Ga. and Mrs. L. J. Ramsey and Mrs. Lee Duggar, both of Bristol, Florida. He received his grammar school education and also attended High School in his home town. A business administration course at the University of Florida at Gainesville rounded out his education. Margaret Aline Whitehurst, the daughter of Benjamin Warren and Margaret McPhaul Whitehurst of Sparks, Ga., was married to P. M. Strickland June 22, 1927 in Sparks. Mr. and Mrs. Strickland are the parents of two daughters; Margaret Frances, born May 10, 1928 and married Jan. 8, 1950 to Dr. Jose Carlos Serrato of Monterey, Mexico; and Portia Aline, born October 15, 1936. The Stricklands now have one grandchild, Jose Carlos Serrato III, born September 24, 1951. P. M. Strickland began his business career by working three years in a grocery store in Bristol, Florida. He then became interested in the automobile business and accepted a job with the C. R. Shaw Automobile Co. in Quincy, Fla. and in 1925 was transferred to Sylvester, Ga., becoming accountant in the Sylvester Motor Co., Ford Dealers. The next year he became the authorized Ford Dealer and operated the Sylvester Motor Company until 1930 when he joined the Strickland Motor Co. of Cordele, Ga. as office Mgr. While serving there he helped organize the First National Bank of Cordele in 1934. In 1936 he organized the Strickland-Rodgers Motor Co. of Columbus, buying out the firm of Burrus Motor Co., Ford Dealers, and operated this dealership until March 1940 when he sold out to Hardaway Motor Co. He then became the first exclusive Lincoln-Mercury dealer in the Atlanta Branch and operated until 1947 when he organized the Strickland Motors, Inc. This firm, which Mr. Strickland still heads, moved into one of the largest and most modern business structures in the city in 1948 on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Twelfth Street. Mr. Strickland is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the Phenix City Chamber of Commerce. He is a devout and respected member of the Wynnton Methodist Church. He is not only unusually successful in the business world but his engaging personality and genuine interest in his fellow man have guaranteed his success in popularity in this community.

David A. Striffler
David A. Striffler was born in Cass City, Michigan, August 3, 1883. He is the son of John H. and Mary B. Striffler, both of whom were born in Buffalo, New York, and are both now deceased. Mr. Striffler has one sister, Mrs. William R. Kaiser of Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from High School he obtained further education by attending the Detroit Business University and later the Cincinnati College of Sanitary Science and Embalming. . David Striffler was united in marriage with Mary Ida Thompson of Columbus, Georgia, on December 11, 1919. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Thompson of Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Striffler are the parents of one daughter, Peggy, born in Columbus, Georgia, January 15, 1930. He began his business career in Columbus with the C. L. Torbett Company on February 1, 1908. On October 1, 1913, he joined the firm of Herring and Knight where he worked until August 1, 1923. At this time he established his own business which has prospered to the present date. The D. A. Striffler Company, located at 13th St. and 11th Avenue, is one of the leading mortician firms of Columbus, Ga. D. A. Striffler was invited and accepted into membership in the National Selected Morticians in 1931 and was elected to the Board of Control in 1950 for a three year term. He represents district eleven which is comprised of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. He is a member and has been Treasurer of the Rose Hill Baptist Church for the past thirty years and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia Baptist Children's Home and of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army. He belongs to the Executives Club, the Rose Hill Masonic Lodge No. 484, Odd Fellows Lodge No. 480, the Columbus Country Club, W. O. W. and a 32nd Degree Mason in the Scottish Rite Bodies. Mr. Striffler's warm, friendly personality and generosity to his fellow man have endeared him to the whole community.

Roy Walter Swope
Roy Walter Swope was born June 10, 1875 in Rudolph, Ohio. His parents were Elizabeth Bradshaw, born 1853 and died in 1900, and Henry Carter Swope, born 1840 and died in 1907. Roy is the brother of Mrs. Maude Swope Skipper and Mrs. Ida Swope Anderson, both still living and Mrs. Jessie Swope Winston who is deceased. He received a high school education and a course in business administration. He was married to Francis Schondlemeyer who was born in 1884 and died April 1948. She was the daughter of Mathew and Selina Schondelmeyer. This couple remained childless. As a young man he was connected with his father in business. By his strict and unrelenting devotion to duty he rose steadily until he became President of the Centennial Cotton Gin Company, which responsible office he still occupies. In addition to producing cotton gins this large concern manufactures different types of truck bodies. Mr. Roy Swope is a kind and very charitable man. Having acquired the material things of life the hard way he is sympathetic and understanding to those in trouble. He is of a modest, retiring nature and the only return he asks for his many generosities is the knowledge that he has done a good deed. Even though advanced in years his mind is still alert and his endurance remarkable. He belongs to the Mason, Shriners, Country Club and Fort Benning Officers' Club. He has gained the admiration and respect of all his business associates and the love and esteem of a host of friends.

Frank Tillery
Frank Tillery was born in Opelika, Alabama, September 16, 1902. He is the son of John W. Tillery who was born June 28, 1871 in Lee County, Alabama where he still resides. Frank's mother, Mrs. Clara Smith Tillery was born at Mountain Hill, Harris County, Georgia on March 1, 1867 and died June 11, 1932. He is the brother of L. R. Tillery of West Point, Georgia, John Tillery, Jr., of Opelika, Alabama and Mrs. M. M. Moreman of West Point, Georgia. He was united in marriage to Miss Bernice Claire O'Neal on April 20, 1946 at the First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Hugh O'Neall and Kate Pelletier O'Neall. After attending the Grammar and High School at West Point, Ga., he went to college at Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn. Upon graduation from Auburn he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1932 from the Atlanta Southern Dental College. Dr. Frank Tillery began the practice of dentistry in Columbus, Georgia in 1932 and by his quiet, unassuming manner, attractive personality and stainless integrity coupled with the undeniable quality of his work, he has attracted a large, satisfied clientele. He enjoys an enviable reputation for honesty and his popularity is as wide as the area of his acquaintances. He is Past President of the Fourth District Dental Society and served as Treasurer of the Georgia Dental Association from 1937 to 1946. He was a member of the American Dental Association and the Western District Dental Society. He is a life-member of Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity. He was formerly a member of the U. S. Dental Corps, Reserve, as First Lieutenant. He served on the staff of the Examining Board for Selective Service during World War II. Dr. Tillery has affiliated himself with the Methodist Church and votes the Democratic Ticket. He is always courteous, considerate and charitable to his fellow citizens.

Jack Walton
Jack Walton was born in Columbus, Georgia, March 25, 1903. His father, who was a postmaster, was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, February 16, 1875 and died September 6, 1932. His mother, Mary Preer Walton, was born in Columbus, Georgia, December 18, 1876 and died December 9, 1913. He had two brothers, Preer who is still surviving and Charles E. Jr., deceased. After attending the public schools of Columbus, he entered Riverside military Academy at Gainesville, Georgia. His college education was obtained at Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Alabama. Mr. Walton was married to Miss Mary Ivey Cotton, the daughter of Mary Ivey Cotton and William Godwin Cotton of Columbus. This couple remained childless. He early became identified with the business, social and fraternal life of Columbus. Genial, affable and pleasant, he was an ideal hotel man and for several years was associated with his father in the management of hotel property. One of his earliest undertakings as a hotel man was the opening of the Highland's Country Club owned by Scott Hudson of Atlanta, at Highlands, North Carolina. In 1932 he acquired the Waverly Hotel in Columbus which, under his supervision reached a zenith of popularity. He continued to operate this hotel until his death. Four large apartment houses were also developed and managed by him. They were the Waltonian, The Palms, The Magnolia and Magnolia Court. In addition to these enterprises he successfully operated the City Pharmacy, a Columbus drug store. He was the original developer of the St. Elmo Drug Store and the St. Elmo Beauty Shop. The fact that these institutions are still operating successfully is a tribute to the farsightedness and sound business judgment of Mr. Walton. Not only was Mr. Walton active in business circles, but occupied a prominent place in the Civic affairs of the community as well. He was Past Grand Master of Mount Hermon Lodge of Columbus, Past Exalted Ruler of B. P. O. E., Past President of Georgia Hotel Association. He was a member of Al Sihah Temple, Shriners, Rotary Club, American Hotel Association, Hotel Greeters Society and a life member of the Fort Benning Officers' Club. He was a Republican and belonged to the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus. Jack Walton was held in high esteem in both business and social circles. His pleasing personality made him universally popular.

Albert Gray Wells
Albert Gray Wells was born in Marion County, Georgia, January 3, 1890. He is the son of William Stevens Wells, born January 15, 1856 and Eula Jane McMichael Wells, born April 8, 1860. Both of his parents are deceased. His education was obtained in the local Marion County Grammar schools and he completed the courses of study at the Marion County High School. Albert Wells was one of a family containing eleven children. He had two sisters and eight brothers. They were Eunice Wells Brown, Mary Eula Wells Perry, James Emmett, William Mark, Joseph Oliver, Mikel Borney, Wimbrick Loving, Thomas Franklin, Edward and Robert Boyett Wells. He was united in marriage to Willie Emma Preston April 10, 1911 in Columbus, Georgia. She was the daughter of William E, Preston and Nancy A. Miller Preston. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wells are the parents of Jessie Gray Wells, born December 24, 1913 in Buena Vista, Georgia. His grandchildren are Nancy Ann Snipes and Steven. Gray Snipes. Mr. Wells has been associated with the dairy business practically all of his life. His early youth was spent on a Marion County farm where raising and handling dairy cattle was one of the major occupations. Soon after coming to Columbus he organized Wells Dairies and was elected President of this firm in 1936. Wells Dairies Co-operative, of which he is now president, was formed from a group of dairymen and others who were interested in merchandising high quality pasteurized milk to the consumer. This Company has been very successful in its operations and is in the process of constructing a very large and modern pasteurizing plant. They also manufacture and distribute delicious ice cream in many flavors. The subject of this sketch is a member of the Dairymen's Association, a member of the Rotary Club, the Wynnton Methodist Church of Columbus and is a Democrat

Charlie Frank Williams
Born December 20, 1891, Charlie Frank Williams, now at the age of fifty-nine, has achieved unusual distinction in the industrial, civic and social life of Columbus, to all of which he has contributed generously of his time, talents and means. The son of Warren Williams and Cora Alethia (Booker) Williams, Charlie Frank Williams was one of six children. He was married to Loma LaDelle Tefft, who died August 3, 1926, and February 7, 1928 he was married to Ethel George Chandler. He has four children, Cora Williams Riley, Ethel Williams Foley, Camille and Cathryn. Charlie Frank Williams served as a lieutenant of infantry in World War I. Though not actually in the armed forces in World War II, Mr. Williams rendered an outstanding service by constructing large military installations for our Government with phenomenal speed when the element of time was of paramount importance to the National emergency. Possessed of a genius for organization and a characteristic efficiency of movement, it was within a matter of a very few months that he built army camps and cantonments for the accommodation of tens of thousands of soldiers, notably at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, Camp Gordon Johnston, Florida, Tyndall Field, Florida and at Fort Benning, Georgia. His civic and social life is never neglected and he is a leader in each. From 1946 to 1950, during which time the new club house was built, Mr. Williams was President of the Country Club of Colum-bus. He was the first president of the Columbus Quarterback Club. He has four grandchildren, Charlie Frank Riley, Ethelyn Williams Riley, Jacob Lewis Riley, III, and Frank Daniel Foley, III. Mr. Williams organized the Williams Lumber Company and later the Williams Construction Company, both of which are partnerships, and from the inception he has been the chief executive. He is President of Gas Light Company of Columbus, a director of Columbus Bank & Trust Co., Tom Huston Peanut Co., Columbus Fiber Mills, Columbus Plumbing, Heating & Mill Supply Co., Moss Construction Company, The Concrete Company, and Muscogee Sales Corporation. He is an alumnus of Alabama Polytechnic Institute, a past president of the Board of Education of Phenix City, Alabama, a Shriner, and a former member of the Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs. His vision and efforts materially contributed to the erection of Warren Williams Homes, to the establishment of the Catholic Hospital Building fund and the new Y.M.C.A. building fund. It was Mr. Williams who contributed the new Chapel to the First Baptist Church, of which he is a member.

Joseph Augustus Willman
Joseph Augustus Willman was born March 5, 1907, in Talladega, Alabama, the son of the late Joseph Willman, who also was born in Talladega, on February 29, 1860, and Anne Lesser Willman, who was born in Childersburg, Alabama, March 3, 1868. His mother is now residing at 2207 18th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia, and his only sister, Mrs. L. C. Koch, is now living in Kensington, Connecticut. He attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1931, and Harvard University where he acquired his Master of Science Degree in 1938. Meda Myron Ray, Estaboga, Alabama, became his first wife in 1931. She passed away in Columbus, Georgia, on May 14, 1949, leaving three children-Joseph Augustus Willman, Jr., born April 18,1932, in Talladega; Mary Ann Willman, born November 10, 1933, in Talladega; and Meda Margaret Willman, born October 27, 1941, in Columbus, Georgia. The former Helen Gardiner, of Columbus, Georgia, became Mr. Willman's second wife in Columbus on May 29, 1950 He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu and Phi Kappa Phi honorary fraternities and Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity at Auburn, and Delta Omega honorary fraternity at Harvard. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Georgia, and a member of the Masonic Lodge, the Kiwanis Club and the International City Managers' Association. Mr. Willman was employed as Sanitary Engineer in Meridian, Mississippi, in 1934, and worked at this job until 1938. At this time he accepted a position with the Georgia State Health Department as Public Health Engineer where he remained until 1940, when he came to Columbus as the Public Health Engineer of Muscogee County. After working industriously and satisfactorily for seven years in this capacity, he was chosen as City Manager of Columbus, Georgia, in September of 1947, which position he now holds. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Columbus and is a Democrat. His quiet, unassuming manner and consideration for others has won for him innumerable friends. He is energetically inaugurating or backing every forward movement for the advancement of the city and community.

Jim Woodruff, Jr.
Jim Woodruff, Jr. was born September 29, 1914 in Columbus, Georgia. His father, James Waldo Woodruff, was born in Columbus, March 9, 1879, and his mother, the former Ethel Illges, was born here on December 23, 1887. Jim is one of four children. His sisters are Mrs. Philip H. (Ethel) Draper and Miss Emily Woodruff. His brother is John Barnett Wood-ruff. Mr. Woodruff completed the fifth grade at Sixteenth Street School, transferring to Wynnton School to complete his grammar grades. He attended Columbus High School for one year and was elected President of the Freshman Class. He then graduated in June, 1934 from Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia, where he served as Head Monitor his senior year. He studied Business Administration at the University of Georgia. Mr. Woodruff entered the profession of radio broadcasting in July, 1935, as Executive Manager of Radio Station WRBL in which position he still serves. He was President of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters in 1938 and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Broadcasters from 1940 to 1944. In July, 1944, he entered the Armed Forces, receiving Basic Training at Camp Crowder, Missouri, and graduating from the Armed Forces Radio School in Los Angeles, California. He served overseas in the operation of Armed Forces Radio Stations in Karachi, New Delhi and Calcutta, India, from March, 1945, through May, 1946. He received honorable discharge as a Technical Sergeant June 25, 1946. Margaret Jeanne Chevin became his wife, November 6, 1946, in Miami Beach, Florida. They have three children. Deborah Jeanne, born August 11, 1947; James Waldo III, born March 16. 1949; and Carol Chevin, born September 4, 1951. Mrs. Woodruff's parents are Mr. and Mrs. John C. Chevin of Cleveland, Ohio. Jim Woodruff, Jr. served as President of the Columbus Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1942 and was recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for that year in recognition of his many contributions to the community. He served three successive terms as President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, 1948-1950. He was Third District Director of the Infantile Paralysis Campaigns in 1947, 1948 and 1949. As Executive Vice-President of the Chattahoochee Valley Chamber of Commerce since 1948, he has actively sought development of the Chattahoochee River which will bring water navigation to Columbus. He served as President of the Southeastern Resources Development Association, comprising the four states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, during one term, 1951-52, in furtherance of river development work and water conservation. Mr. Woodruff has been a member of the Columbus Rotary Club since August 1933. He is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, American Legion, Masons and Elks.

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