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Death Notices and Obituaries of Quitman County Georgia

Quitman, Dec. 23.—Randolph Avera died at his home here last night at the age of 86. He came here from Houston county fifty four years ago and was one of the oldest citizens in this section and was widely known belonging to a prominent family.
He was one of the first settlers on the site of Quitman and was the first clerk of the superior court after the county was organized in 1859. He was one of a groupe of people who came here together and all of them reached remarkable old ages, Judge Morton and
    Mrs. Larinia Young dying last year. Of them only Mrs. Avera and Mrs J. O. Morton survive both being in their eighties.
Mr. Avera Is survived by three sons, all prominent citizens. John R. Avera, Jr. and C. Y, Avera, and one daughter, Miss Clara Avera. The funeral and interment occurred here this afternoon.
Date: 1912-12-24; Paper: Macon Telegraph

Quitman, Dec. 23.—Mrs. Carrie L. Belcher died here Sunday morning at 2 o'clock and the funeral took place Sunday afternoon at Concord. She was 72 years old. a native of Stewart county and a most estimable woman. She Is survived by four sons, Homer L. Belcher, Sidney T. Alphonse and Charley Belcher, and one daughter, Mrs. Peyton, of Worth county.
Date: 1912-12-24; Paper: Macon Telegraph

GEORGETOWN, Aug. 22.—Judge J. E. Dozier for twenty-five years ordinary of Quitman county, died very suddenly at his home—today. Judge Dozier was one of the most prominent men In this county, known for his Integrity, honor and honesty. He was loved by all classes. His place will be hard to fill. He leaves a wife, formerly Miss Emily Good©, and two daughters, Mrs, Loven Gary and Mrs. L. E. Gibson.
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 1916  Paper: Macon Telegraph (Macon, GA)  Page: Three 

Eufaula, Ala., Aug. 21.—Judge J. Eugene Dozier, aged about 66 dropped dead Monday at 1:30 o'clock on the back porch or his home at Georgetown, Ga. He was standing near the well. He had spent his life in Quitman county, or which he has been ordinary 25 years and was one of the best known and most Influential men in south Georgia.  He had just been nominated for a coming term or four years.
     Besides his wife, who is a sister of the late Samuel W Goode, of Atlanta, he leaves two daughters, Mrs. L. Gary of Georgetown, and Mrs. Lawrence Gibson, of Atlanta; three brothers, Walter Dozier, of Shellman, Ga.: Edgar Dozier, of Waycross; Louis Dozier, of Valdosta, Ga., and two sisters, Mrs. Hill of Blackshear, Ga. and Mrs. T. J. Ramser of  Eufaula.
Date: Tuesday, August 22, 1916 Location: Georgia Paper: Columbus Ledger

A Quitman County Youth Killed
Atlanta. October 26, Frank Duke of Quitman County, a lad of thirteen while out gaming, had the top of his head blown off by the accidental discharge of his gun.
Date: Friday, October 28, 1881   Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph (Macon, GA)   Volume: LV   Issue: 43   Page: 5 

M. L. Duskin is Dead in Quitman County
LUMPKIN, Ga., Sept. 4.—Yesterday morning at his home In Quitman county, M. L. Duskin, who has been ill for several weeks with typhoid fever, paused away, he was 72 years of age, and has always lived in Stewart county, with the exception of the past few yearn, which have been spent in Quitman county. His wife was Miss Mariah Perkins before her marriage to Mr. Keith, who lived only a short while, One child survives Mr. and Mrs. Duskin, that being Mrs. Lena Kaigler, of Quitman county.
Mr. Duskin went to the civil war from Stewart county, having Been a member of "Stewart Greys," of the Second Georgia regiment.
Funeral services were held at Providence church yesterday morning at 11 o'clock and, interment made Immediately after services, in the cemetery adjoining
Date: Tuesday, September 5, 1911  Paper: Macon Telegraph (Macon, GA)  Page: Nine

Quitman, May 1.—Mrs. J, W. Gardner died at her home in Pavo, Tuesday night, and the funeral occurred there Wednesday. She was the mother of J, J. D. Gardner, of Pavo, and B. C. Gardner, of Camilla, and was a prominent and highly respected lady. [1915-05-02 Paper: Macon Telegraph]

H. Herbert of Quitman Died at the age of 82
Quitman, March 9 - H. Hubert died at his residense this morning at the age of 82. He was a native of Scriven County and had lived here thirty years. He is survived by a wife and two daughters, Misses Mattie and Corinne Hubert of Quitman; three sons, Robert Hubert, 217 West Thirty-fifth street, Savannah; Marion Hubert, 8 green Street, Augusta, and James Hubert, of Athens. The funeral will be held here tomorrow at 10 o'clock. [1913-03-10; Paper: Macon Telegraph ]

Georgetown, August 17, 1888. – Died, at his mother’s house, at 1 o’clock, p.m., Mr. Pope E. Jordan, of typhoid malarial fever. Just one week ago ha came home from Birmingham, Ala., and took his bed. Since then the fever has never been broken. He leaves many friends to mourn his death. [Columbus Daily Enquirer - 19 Aug. 1888 - Contributed by Marla Zwakman]

CAPTAIN KINGSBERRY DEAD; U. C. VETERAN - Burial Is to Take Place at Qultman Today With Masonic Honors—Early Settler of County
Quitman June 15.—Capt. T. Kingsberry. of Valdosta, died yesterday and will be burled here tomorrow afternoon with Masonic honors. He was about 80 years old and was one of the first settlers In this county. He was a prominent lawyer, being division counsel ot the Atlantic Coast Line Railway some years ago. He is survived by three childreh., Ed .and James Kingsberry and Miss Annie Kingsberry. He was also a Confederate veteran.  [1912-06-16; Paper: Macon Telegraph ]

Killed by a Train. Horrible Death of Ordinary Lee, of Quitman County
GEORGETOWN, November 2 — [Special.]
A deplorable accident occurred here today resulting in the horrible death of Hon. John W. Lee, the  Ordinary of Quitman County.   He was on his way to Columbus. tried to cross the railroad track, but was struck by the engine of the cannon ball train and carried between twenty and thirty yards. His death was almost instantaneous. [November 3, 1892  Paper: Columbus Daily Enquirer (Columbus, GA)  Volume: XXXIII  Issue: 271  Page: 1 ]

Quitman, May 1.—Mrs. W. B. Long died at her home at Hickory Head after a long Illness, She Is survived by the following children: W, C. Long, treasurer of Brooks county; Mrs, J. J. Reese, of Rome; Mrs. Cowart and Oscar Long, of Macon; Mrs. Will Powell, W. D. Long, Mrs. J. B. Shiver, Mrs. Eunice Ross and Miss Callie Long. [1915-05-02 Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Quitman  Jun 24.—Mrs,   A. J. Lowe, of Brunswick, who was visiting relatives and friends In this county, died Monday night at the home of Frank Barker who lives several miles from Quitman. She had been ill about a week is survived by her husband, the body was shipped to Brunswick for interment. [1915-06-25; Paper: Macon Telegraph]

A four year old daughter of Mr. Henry Rogers, who lives in the lower part of Quitman county, was burned to death on the night of the 16th inst. [Columbus Daily Enquirer 24 Nov. 1880 - Contributed by Marla Zwakman]

Mr. J. E. Smith, of Quitman county, had the misfortune to have his gin house blown down, with four bales of seed cotton and all his planting seed in it. The cotton and seed were badly damaged. Afterward, the house, with gin and gin gear, was destroyed by fire. [ Friday, March 12, 1880  Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph (Macon, GA)  Volume: LV  Issue: 12  Page: 8 ]

Mr. F. J. Spain Dies Of Heart Failure, Prominent Citizen Of Quitman Whose Loss Is Felt As A Personal One
Quitman Ga. - March 23,—The death here last night by heart disease of Mr. P. J. Spain has saddened the entire community, the people of which have reason to regard it as an Individual and personal loss. Mr. Spain was for a man of his age well preserved and robust physical typo, still in the prime of life at 59 years of age, and his death was an additional shock in that it was unexpected, although he had been ailing: some time, He was an active man, engaged in several pursuits, and was unusually beloved in this section. He was president of the Atlantic and Gulf Mills, of the Perry Naval Stores Company, of the West Coast Lumber Company and a director in the Bank of Quitman and of the South Georgia and West Coast Railway Company. He was eminently successful In business affairs, was an extensive planter, and leaves an estate valued probably at over half a million dollars.
Mr. Spain was widely connected in Thomas and Brooks counties and leaves three sons and two daughters, J. W. Spain, general manager of the Atlantic Cotton Mills; Frank Spain, cashier in the Quitman Bank;  Mrs. Herbert Stubbs and Miss Helen and Guy Spain. Dr. M. M. Stapler of Macon is his brother-in-law.
The mayor Issued a proclamation closing all the public offices during the hour of the funeral.
Date: 1906-03-29; Paper: Macon Telegraph

Quitman, May 1,—Mrs. G, B. Stafford, aged 37, died at her home here, after an Illness of only a few days. Her husband died only a few months ago, and her death leaves orphaned four small children. She Is survived by two brothers, J. A. Wright, of Princeton, Fla.; A. E. Wright, of Quitman, and one sister, Mrs. Viola Jones, of Princeton. [1915-05-02 Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Deceased Name: Eddie L. Stroud: First Black Quitman Police Chief Dies
Quitman — This Brooks County town's first black police chief has passed away.
    Eddie L. Stroud served as police chief of the Quitman Police Department throughout the 1980s. He served as a Quitman police officer for nearly 40 years before retiring in 2005. He died Friday. He was 66.
    "From Day One, the man had a lot of leadership ability," Quitman Police Lt. Willie Charles Clemons said Wednesday of Stroud, who hired him as a police officer in 1987. "He taught me a lot of things about law enforcement. You have to believe in yourself first. You have to remember that you serve the people and to be respectful. He loved policing."
    A 1962 graduate of Washington Street High School, Stroud's police career started in Adel before coming home to the Quitman police force on June 15, 1969, according to Quitman records. He advanced to sergeant in December 1972. As a captain, he sat in as interim chief for a period in late 1979-early 1980.
    On March 20, 1980, Quitman city commissioners appointed the 35-year-old Stroud as police chief. He was the city's first black police chief and, Clemons said, Georgia's second black police chief.
    In announcing the historic promotion, Quitman City Commissioner Wayne Carroll described Stroud as the "people's choice for chief," according to the March 21, 1980, edition of The Valdosta Daily Times.
    Stroud was selected over a white candidate for the job in a 3-2 vote. A March 25, 1980, Times article reported the choice as controversial. City commissioners took calls for and against the concept of hiring a black police chief.
    The article claimed the controversy was mostly caused by political differences between two opposing camps within the Quitman City Commission. Carroll, who strongly backed Stroud, said then that his calls ran 20 to one in favor of the new police chief.
    As chief, Stroud was a no-nonsense administrator. "He was dedicated to policing," Clemons said, adding that Stroud had no real outside hobbies. He devoted his attentions fully to policing.
    Stroud ended his term as chief in June 1990, but he continued working as a Quitman police investigator through his retirement in May 2005.
    Clemons said Stroud's example inspired him to become an officer and set the bar for his career. "He must have inspired me," Clemons said. "I'm still here."
    Stroud's funeral services are scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday at Beulah Baptist Church on Quitman's South Martin Luther King Drive. Burial follows in Northend Cemetery.
    A wake will be held for him at Stevens-McGhee Funeral Home.
Law officers attending the funeral service are asked to meet at 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the Quitman Police Department, 308 S. Lee St.
Valdosta Daily Times (GA) - February 4, 2010

Mrs. Henry G. Turner Dies at Quitman Home
Quitman, Ga„ April 20—Mrs. Henry G. Turner, widow of the late Judge Turner, died at her family home here this morning at 5:30 o'clock, after an illness of several  months. Mrs. Turner formerly was  Miss Lavinia Morton, only surviving child of the late Judge J.G. Morton, one of the  pioneer  ___alists and big farmers of this county.  She leaves the following children: Henry Turner, Mrs. Samuel Bennet, of Albany; State Senator S. M. Turner.  The funeral will take place here tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. [1914-04-21; Paper: Columbus Daily Enquirer]

GEORGETOWN, Ga., April 1. – Mr. Walter Vining died this morning at an infirmary in Montgomery whither he went a few days ago to have an operation performed, the operation being necessary in consequence of a wound he received in the neck several weeks ago in a pistol duel between him and his brother-in-law, Mr. G. A. Kaigler. His remains were brought home today and laid to rest by the side of his father, Rev. J. Conners, conducting the funeral services. [Macon Telegraph 2 Apr. 1910 - Contributed by Marla Zwakman]

Quitman Nov. 21-Mrs. J. H. Wade died very suddenly here today at noon. She had been ill for some months, but was much better, and was sitting In a chair conversing with members of the family when death came.
She has been one of the most prominent women in Quitman for years, a director of the library, officer of the U. D. C. chapter and a most beloved woman. She was the widow of J. H. Wade, a Confederate veteran. She was a Miss Newlove, of Wheeling, W. Va. She is survived by a son, L.H.. Wade, two daughters, Mrs. A. B. Jones and Mrs. R O. Blackwell, two brothers, Henry and Will Seaman, of Waycross. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon. [1914-11-22; Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Quitman Nov. 21—Mrs. John Whipple died here this afternoon atter an illness of some months. She was a Miss Davis of Augusta, and has no relatives. She is survived by her husband and one child. The funeral will take place here tomorrow afternoon. [1914-11-22; Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Prominent Citizen Of Quitman Is Dead
Quitman Ga. Oct 4 - T.A. Whipple, a well known citizen, was found dead in his bed Friday at 4 o'clock. He was 63 years old and death was caused by heart trouble, from which he suffered some time. He is survived by his wife, by four sons, W.A. Elisha, T. J. and by two daughters, Mrs. B.F. Garrett and Mrs. F.M. Carlisle. The funeral will take place at Lebanon church, in this city. [1913-10-05; Paper: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer]

Quitman, May 1.—Mrs. Ed Wright died very suddenly at her home here, having a seizure from heart trouble, from which she died before a physician could reach her. She was 27 years old and the daughter of Mr. Eli McPhall, one of the most prominent citizens in the county. The funeral occurred yesterday at Concord church. [1915-05-02 Paper: Macon Telegraph


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