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This may not be a complete list.
Source: GNIS
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Billingsley Cemetery 345618N 0831122W Satolah
Burrell Cemetery 345614N 0831130W Satolah
Burton Cemetery 344941N 0833342W Lake Burton
Craig Cemetery 344848N 0833156W Lake Burton
Crukleton Cemetery 345024N 0832814W Tiger
Dotson Cemetery 345245N 0832205W Rabun Bald
Duncan Cemetery 345813N 0831506W Rabun Bald
Duncan Cemetery 345107N 0832146W Rainy Mountain
Eden Cemetery 344624N 0832554W Tiger
Frady Cemetery 345144N 0833215W Lake Burton
Germany Cemetery 345322N 0832755W Dillard
Glade Hope Cemetery 345943N 0830844W Satolah
Godfrey Cemetery 344951N 0831918W Rainy Mountain
Green Cemetery 345302N 0832025W Rabun Bald
Hale Cemetery 345711N 0831506W Rabun Bald
Hamby Cemetery 345505N 0831428W Satolah
Hedden Cemetery 345838N 0831027W Satolah
Holden Cemetery 345401N 0831122W Satolah
Jameson Cemetery 344743N 0832709W  Tiger
Kell Cemetery 345532N 0831559W Rabun Bald
Kelly Cemetery 345827N 0832155W Rabun Bald
McCurry Cemetery 345509N 0832335W Dillard
Mount Zion Cemetery 344800N 0833352W Lake Burton
Page Cemetery 345613N 0831142W Satolah
Pickett Cemetery 345258N 0832425W Dillard
Roane Cemetery 345151N 0832457W Tiger
Speed Cemetery 345238N  0831558W Rabun Bald
Stonecyphen Cemetery 345040N 0833457W Lake Burton
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 345737N 0832344W Dillard



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