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Richmond County, Georgia
Marriage Bonds 1785 - 1830


The following marriages were taken from original bonds on file in the office of Judge of Court of Ordinary. The pages given refer to Minutes of Inferior Court 1791 - 1818 I which a few were copied.
The words, "to certain ministers of the Gospel or Justices' of the Peace", means they were authorized to join in matrimony the persons to whom the license was issued.
The law to record marriages in Georgia was not passed till 1806. Hence there were no actual returns prior to that date.
Before 1798 forms were not used, all were written out, usually by the groom, seldom by the Register of Probate. The writing is still remarkably clear in nearly every instance.
The Gardner's who witnessed so many of the bonds 1785 - 1790 were sons of Lewis Gardner. R. P. John, Ashel and Jason are known to have been, probably Thomas and one of the Wm. Gardner's, of which there were three, one who signed W. Gardner, one Wm. Gardner, another Wm. Gardner. One Wm. was a brother of Lewis, probably another was Wm. Jr.
From 1806 to 1812 only sixty five marriages were recorded in the first book. Evidently the new law did not seem important, or the slowness and dangers of travel discouraged its application. These marriages are published in Vol. 3, pp., 124-126. Joseph Habersham Historical Collections.
From 1812 to 1830 the original bonds were compared with the second book, and only those not recorded therein were taken. Wills, administration of estates and guardian's bonds prove even from a legal standpoint that most of these marriages actually took place, notably that of George Walton, Jr. and Sarah M. Walker Jan. 10, 1809, parents of Madame Octavia LeVert.

Richmond County Georgia
Original Marriage Bonds
Arranged Alphabetically as to Men's Names

Georgia: We jointly and severally promise to pay or cause to be paid unto Lewis Gardner, Esqr., Register of Probate for the County of Richmond or to his Successors Registers for said County the full and just sum of five hundred pounds Georgia currency. To which payment well and truly to be made, we bind Ourselves, Our Heirs, Executs. and Admrs. and each of them jointly and firmly be these presents. Sealed with Our Seals and Dated this 12th Day of May 1787.
The Condition of the Above Obligation is such that whereas the said Lewis Gardner hath Licensed James Hamilton, Esqr., to Join in the Holy State of Matrimony William Ayres and Margaret Jones. Now if the said William Ayres and Thomas Ayres doth well and truly save harmless the said Lewis Gardner Esqr., and all other persons concerned as well in executing as granting said License. Then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Test: James Donnelly. (Signed) William Ayres,
Thomas Ayres.

On the outside; William Ayres and Frances Jones were married
12th of May 1787, By__________________________

Abel, Ansley and Lydia Morris, Jan. 30, 1790;
Henry Williams, Sec. Ashel & Jason Gardner, Test
Arrington, William and Mary Adkison, Feb. 3, 1787;
James Aldridge, Sec. W. & T. Gardner, Test (Signed) Wm. Etherington
Andrews, Benjamin and Elizabeth Lee, Feb. 25, 1788;
John Stith, Sec. John Andrew, W. Gardner, Test
Allen, Robert and Elizabeth Anderson, June 13, 1796;
David Allen, Sec. By Absolom Rhodes
Arrington, Henry and Mary Bugg, (wid.), Apr. 12, 1792 ;
Archibald Hatcher, Sec. By Philip Clayton, J.P.
Athey, Elijah and Frances Bell, Jan. 13, 1802;
Herbert Dunnevent, Sec.
Aiken, William and Polly Evans, Mar. 9, 1802;
John G. Evans, Sec.
Austin, John and Fanny Crittenden, Aug. 12, 1788;
John Shackleford, Sec.
Atkinson, Dixon and Ursula Shepherd, Aug. 17, 1802;
Benajah King, Sec.
Adams, John Strong and Sarah Eve, Mar 2, 1803;
John Course, Sec. Oswell Eve for John S. Adams
Athey, Zephemiah and Mahaney Coursey, Feb. 14, 1803
James Burrough. Jr. Sec.
Atwell, John and Lucretia Walls, Apr. 1, 1803;
Thos. McDade, Sec.
Allen, Samuel and Susanna Ruff, Dec. 27, 1804;
Angus Martin, Sec.
Allen, Young and Jane Anderson, Feb 24, 1804;
Robt. Allen, Sec.
Allen, John and Nelly Nevils, Dec. 23, 1807;
David Faucett, Sec.
Avret, Jesse and Nancy Hudson, Sept. 1, 1808;
James Violean, Sec.
Anderson, Eleazer and Fanny Rowland, Jun. 8, 1808;
Wm. Shepperd, Sec. By Etheldred Tarver, J.P.
Allen, Benjamin and Nancy C. Patterson, Feb. 10, 1809;
James Fulcher, Sec.
Allen, William and Elizabeth Calhoun, May 27, 1809;
Robert Allen, Sec. By John Collins, J.P.
Albriton, Amos and Catherine Collins, Jan. 9, 1809;
Ackabad Ledbetter, Sec.
Allen, Alex M. and Mary Jones, May 14, 1810;
George Allen, Sec.
Allard, Peter Lewis and Maria A. Magnan, Jul. 2, 1810;
William Brux, Sec.
Abbott, Hezekiah and Polly McDade, Feb. 25, 1811;
Thos. McDade, Sec. Mary Herbert, Test
Atwell, James and Elizabeth Tally, Jan. 4, 1811;
Henry McCullough, Sec.
Albritton, James and Sally Pound, Dec. 21, 1813;
By Z. Sinquefield, J. P.
Anderson, John M. and Mary Holonsbake, May 5, 1813;
By Matthew Fox, J.P.
Anthony, Isaac and Tabitha Clanton, Feb. 26, 1813;
Samuel B. Hill, Sec.
Abbott, Zachariah and Margaret Bearding, Dec. 28, 1816;
Wm. McDide, Sec.
Arrington, John and Nancy Dyass, Aug. 8, 1816;
Samuel Harrison, Sec.
Ansley, Jesse and Catherine Urquhart, Dec. 14, 1818;
John Dent, Sec.
Aimar, Sebastian and Adela Menard, May 14, 1818;
P. Menard, Sec.
Anderson, Thomas and Sarah Anderson, Mar. 26, 1816;
John Finegan, Sec.
Ausburn, Samuel and Mary Abbott, Mar.11, 1819;
William McDade, Sec.
Alleoud, Marc and C. C. Martinet, Feb. 7, 1820;
L. Barie, Sec.
Allen, Dr. John R. and Mary Lucy Allen, June 7, 1823;
Appleton, Samuel and Anne L. Duren, Sept. 1, 1823;
Chas. Janes, Sec.
Abrahams, Bernard and Elizabeth Gould, July 29, 1826;
Lewis Leon, Sec.
Allen, John and Caroline Prater, July 31, 1826;
Wm. B. Hammond, Sec.
Armour, John B. and Rebecca Hammond, Dec. 10, 1826;
By A. J. Raiford, J.P.
Averett, Thomas and Susan Stanley, Oct. 8, 1829;
Green B. James, Sec.
Adams, John M. and Sarah S. McMurphy, Oct. 8, 1829;
Chas. T. Pollard, Sec.
Arrington, Willis and Caroline Adkinson, Sept. 29, 1830;
George A. B. Walker, Sec.
Atkinson, Robt. R. and Sara Ann Fudge, Nov. 27, 1832;
Richard Brown, Sec.
Atwell, James and Mary Martin, Dec. 12, 1836;
Henry McCullough, Sec.
Avret, Chas. C. P. and Celia Weeks, Nov. 21, 1837;
Vincent Tinley, Sec.
Avret, William A. and Elizabeth Tinley, Dec. 5, 1837;
David Tinley, Sec.
Allen, William R. and Martha Netherand, Nov. 28, 1837;
John Allen, Sec.
Anderson, Elijah P. and Martha Bryant, Mar. 20, 1837;
Elisha A. Allen, Sec.
Ashford, Dennis H. and Eliza J. Fisher, Oct. 28, 1839;
By A. M. Cunningham.
Averett, Alex. and Sarah Luckey, Nov. 22, 1839;
John F. Carswell, Sec.
Avrett, Joseph B. and Amanda McNair, Jan. 2, 1839;
John F. Carswell, Sec.

Benton, Mordecai and Priscilla Pratt, Dec. 8, 1785;
By Rev. Mr. Marshall
Beckham, Sherwood and Mary Stephens, Apr. 9, 1794;
Samuel Beckham, Sec. to Rev. Adam Boyd
Bugg, Samuel and Charlott Tobler, Dec. 5, 1786;
William Bugg, Sec.
Brooks, Thomas and Ann Dick, July 4, 1786;
Col. L. B. Bostick, James Harris, Sec.
Bragg, Elijah and Sophia McCord, Jun. 15, 1787;
Thomas Phelan, Sec.
Beckham, Solomon and Susanna Weathers, Sep. 18, 1787;
Alex Johnston, Sec. W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Barnett, Joel and Elizabeth Crawford, Feb. 3, 1787;
William Barnet, Sec., W. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Bugg, Sherwood and Sary Ann Jones, May 13, 1788;
Ashel Gardner, Sec., Jason Gardner, Test.
Bugg, Edmond and Lyda Andrew, Sep. 17, 1788;
W. Gardner, Sec. to Rev. Abraham Marshall
Barrow, Rueben and Patience Ann Tice, May 13, 1790;
To, Nathan Harris, J.P.
Burton, Robert, no bride, Nov. 4, 1790;
William Howell, Sec. To, Rev. Adam Boyd
Beal, James and Ruth Harris, Jul. 15, 1790;
Ashel Gardner, Sec., John & Jason Gardner, Test.
Bostick, Hillery and Elizabeth Jarvis, Apr. 28, 1790;
Pg. 208, 1798; To, Rev. Adam Boyd
Bullock, Dan and Jane Maxwell, Nov. 11, 1789;
Abner Simms, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Bourke, Michael M. D. and Anne Fishburne, (wid.) Mar. 12, 1792;
Pg. 14; To. Rev. Adam Boyd or Phillip Clayton, J.P.
Barnett, William and Anna Crawford, Dec. 23. 1789;
Joel Crawford, Sec., William Gardner, Test.
Bostick, Littleberry and Polly Phillips, Oct. 30, 1792;
Pg. 21
Butler, Thomas and Margaret Cooper, dau. of Annanias Cooper, Apr. 3, 1794;
Pg. 39; James Cooper, Sec.
Belcher, Ferrel and Sarah Vaughn, Dec. 8, 1794;
Pg. 49; James Richards, Sec., James Morse, Test. To, Littleberry Bostick, Esq.
Berryhill, Samuel and Ann Hall, Mar. 16, 1795;
Pg. 58; Wm. Conner, Sec. To,Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Briscoe, John and Mary Gray, Mar. 9, 1795;
Joseph Wood, Sec., Stephen F. Randolph, Test. To, Philip Clayton, Esq.
Butler, William and Priscilla Cobb, Jan. 4, 1796;
Jacob McCullough, Sec., John Flint, Test.
Boutet, Peter and Susannah Aldridge, Jul. 2, 1796;
John Laconture, Sec., Wm. Aldridge, Test. To, Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Ball, William and Charlotte Lee, Jan. 1, 1796;
Pg. 188, Ferrel Beisher, Sec., Wm. Mead, Test. To, Littleberry Bostick, Esq.
Bryant, William and Mary Holly, Jun. 5, 1796;
Pg. 192; Pleasant Tindel, Sec., Sarah P. Mead, Test. To; Thos. Waggoner, Esq.
Buchanan, James and Jane Chambers, Jul. 9, 1797;
Joseph Cox, Sec., D. Cockraham Test. To, Joseph Hutchinson, Esq.
Baldwin, Augustus and Rebecca Thompson Cocke, Jan. 7, 1799;
John Bacon, Sec., Josiah Sturges, Test.
Burke, Dr. Michael and Elizabeth Elbert, May 4, 1799;
Laird M. Harris, Sec.
Bloxson, Daniel and Rebecca Clark, Jul. 11, 1799;
Richard Martin, Sec., A. Rhodes, J.P., Test.
Burch, Chas. And Sarah Howell, Dec. 4, 1798;
Birdig Howell, Sec., Tilman S. Dixon, Dep. Clk.
Bynes, Edmund and Milly Walker, Jan. 22, 1799;
John McTyer, Sec., Tillman Dixon, Dep. Clk.
Burnett, John and Peggy Turner, Jan. 20, 1799;
Tillman S. Dixon, Sec.
Burch, Richard and Priscilla James, Dec. 11, 1799;
Evan James, Sec., George Watkins, Test.
Blair, Alex. and Eliza McKinne, Feb. 21, 1799;
Hugh Nesbit, Sec., Tillman S. Dixon, Test.
Blackston, John and Catherine Harvey, Apr.11, 1799;
Argyle Blackston, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Barnard, Timothy and Martha Galplin, Oct. 7, 1800;
Abraham Jones, Sec., E. B. Jenkins, Test.
Bostick, John and Elizabeth Hayles, Mar. 5, 1800;
Nathan Bostick, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Blache, Anthony and Fanny McTyeire, Feb. 11, 1801;
Francis Trotti, Sec.
Bowen, Jabes, Jr. and Caroline Dennise, May 16, 1801;
Geo. Watkins, Clk. & Sec.
Bradbury, John and Elizabeth Dunnevent, Dec. 1, 1801;
Herbert Dunnevent, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Bradbury, James and Elizabeth Miller, Nov. 20, 1801;
Jacob Miller, Sec.
Bostick, Littleberry, Jr. and Lucy Evans, Jun. 17, 1801;
Henry Greenwood, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Beall, Francis and Sarah Gregory, Mar. 3, 1801;
Robt. Beall, Sec.
Bell, Wm. Harrison and Jane Bell, Oct. 18, 1802;
Nathaniel Snead, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Barker, Reese and Nancy Bradbury, Sep. 23, 1802;
George Moy, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Barton, David and Hannah Chance, Sep. 25, 1802;
James Barton, Sec., Geo, Watkins, Clk.
Bostick, Jacob and Rebeca Beal, Feb. 13, 1803 or 1804;
Hillery Bostick, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Bostick, Reese and Margaret Jones, Apr. 23, 1803;
Jacob Bostick, Sec., Thos. McCall Harris, Sec., J. Hamill, J.P. Test.
Bell, Zachariah and Elizabeth Hall, Mar. 31, 1803;
Benjamin Payne, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Bacon, William and Lucy Ware, Mar. 5, 1803;
Geo. F. Randolph, Sec.
Brown, John and Elizabeth Rozar, May 19, 1803;
Samuel Allen, Jr. Sec., Joseph Hutchinson, Test.
Boisclair, Lewis Forman and Marie Rose Cambry, Sep. 12, 1804;
Nick LeMilleur, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Barham, Timothy and Rebecca Savidge, Oct. 13, 1804;
Hardy Foster, Sec., A. Watkins, Test.
Boyd, Thomas and Betsy Critchfield, Aug. 1, 1805;
Obed Stilton, Sec., J. Hamil, Test.
Bulger, Daniel and Anna Fears, Nov. 30, 1805;
Nelon Crawford, Sec., J. Hamil, Test.
Byne, Edmund and Easter Brack, Aug. 27, 1806;
Robert Allen, Sec., John Murray, Sec.
Barnes, John B. and Mary Ann Hammond, Jul. 1, 1806;
Chas. Tubman, Sec. N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Bird, Eborn and Miss Sally Armstrong, Sept. 14, 1806;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Burke, Michael and Sarah Armstrong, Mar. ? 1806;
Jos. G. Cormick, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Beggs, James and Anna Goodwin, May 28, 1807;
Donald McIver, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Beach, Charles and Mary Redding, Mar. 14, 1807;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., Thos. Quizenberry, Sec., N. W. Herbert , Test.
Burdell, Thomas and Sarah Phinizy, Mar. 18, 1807;
Andrew G. Semmes, Sec., Isaac Herbert,Clk.
Bell, Josiah and Lucretia Bell, Apr. 11, 1807;
Daniel Hubbard, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Brandon, James and Patsy Tindley, Jan. 12, 1807or 1808;
Joshua Sego, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Boyd, John and Eliza Cane, June 2, 1807;
Matthew Fox, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Bedingfield, John and Harriet Eliza Hargrove, May 27, 1807;
Nick Pope, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk. by A. Marshall, May 28, 1807
Barham, Charles and Elizabeth Whittington, Mar. 7, 1808;
Alex H. Allison, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test
Bruner, John D. and Sarah Macdade, May 6, 1808;
Thos. Macdade, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test
Bond, James and Elizabeth Shaw, Mar. 4, 1808;
Amos Newton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Bennett, Jacob and Mary Moore, Mar. 7, 1809;
Thos. Knapen, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Beal, James and Elizabeth Ware, Nov. 1, 1809;
William Micou, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Brandon, John and Lydia Knight, Sep. 27, 1810;
Anselm Bugg, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Beaulard, John Adrian and Elizabeth Sayrs, Jan. 17, 1810;
John Sayrs, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Burch, Edward and Eliza Brandon, Nov. 2, 1810;
Augustin Hewlett, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bulger, John and Elizabeth Clarke, Apr. 16, 1810;
Robert Hoy, Sec. Isaac Herbert, Test.
Bugg, William A. and Mary M. Wright, May 3, 1810;
Samuel Lark, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O. Test.
Bignon, Jos. Dominique and Marie C. A. Dugas, Apr. 24, 1810;
Francis Bonyer, Sec., No test.
Borage, James and Mary Palmer, Aug. 7, 1816;
Issac Palmer, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Bealle, Hezekiah and Daphne Hornsby, Jul. 4, 1816;
Thos. C. Kendrick, Sec., Isaac Herbert, test.
Burroughs, Raymond and Eliza Foster, Mar. 5, 1817;
J. G. Stallings, Sec. Isaac Herbert, test.
Bloxsom, Daniel and Jane Elizabeth Crookshanks, Feb. 6, 1817;
James Primrose, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Blease, Thos. W. and Bethany Coleman, Jul. 13, 1818;
Martin Cashin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Beers, Jona Sturges and Cornelia R. T. Walker, Mar. 4, 1818;
Alex Cunningham, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test
Bones, Thos. A. and Eliza Phinizy, Jan. 15, 1818;
Edward Quinn, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test
Bones, John and Maria F. Eve, Apr. 8, 1818;
James C. Campbell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Barnes, John A. and Eliza Caroline Speights, May 13, 1818;
Milledge Galphin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Blackston, James and Rebecca Newman, Sep. 8, 1818;
James Newman, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Berry, Dabney and Ann M. Holcombe, Dec. 12, 1818;
W. T. Young, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bailey, H. and Margaret Willson, Aug. 20, 1818;
John Briggs, Sec., J. B. Herbert, Test.
Brantley, John and Willie Heath, Sep. 24, 1818;
J. W. Lamkin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Byrd, Henry and Ann C. Wingate, Jul. 22, 1820;
John McKenzie, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Blackston, Argile and Sarah Burges, Jan. 7, 1819;
Littleton Collins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Brennan, Eugene and Martha Moorfield, Jan. 9, 1819;
John W. Pritchard, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bottom, Davis and Sarah Kimble, Mar. 5, 1819;
George Mureal, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Beazley, Lemuel and Caroline Rosure(?), Nov. 23, 1819;
George Doughty, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bullfinch, Benjamin and Elizabeth Beaulard, Aug. 24, 1819;
Daniel S. Shaffer, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bealle, Reason D. and Mary Roberts, Feb. 11, 1819;
James G. Blunt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Byrne, John and Keziah Stallings, Jun. 21, 1820;
Jere. Luther, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bass, Henry and Amelia M. Love, Jan. 4, 1820;
Samuel K. Hodges, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Brown, Samuel and Maria Murphy, Jul. 23, 1821;
Bryan Daniel, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bradshaw, John and Barbara Pharoah, Jan. 7, 1822;
Shadrack Bradshaw, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bonyer, Balthazar and Mary Youngblood, Apr. 3, 1822;
James B. Lafitte, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Boland, Richard and Margaret Quin, Apr. 22, 1822;
N. Cashin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bush, Littleberry and Ann Panton, Jun. 21, 1823;
Holland McTyre, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Biglow, Alonzo B. and Martha Ann Danforth, Apr. 23, 1823;
Washington Poe, Sec., Isaac Herbert C.C.O.
Bennett, Thomas and Elizabeth Willcox, Mar. 5, 1823;
Henry Dixon, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Biosclair, Peter F. and Maria Wray, Jul. 12, 1823;
Jas. C. Morgan, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Butler, Joseph and Willeford J. Rabb, Jul. 30, 1823;
B. James, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Briggs, William C. and Elizabeth S. Bruton, Feb. 16, 1824;
Thomas Warrell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bell, William A. and Avargia C. Jones, Feb. 2, 1825;
George Murrah, Sec., H. Murray, Test.
Battey, Cephas and Mary Agnes Magruder, Oct. 8, 1825;
Geo. W. Magruder, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bradford, Randolph and Elizabeth Rebecca Neal, Oct. 12, 1825;
David Reid, Sec., H. Murray, Test.
Brown, Joshua and Harriet Sheffield, Oct. 4, 1825;
Joshua Fowler, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Burch, Blanton and Rebecca Barton, Jun. 13, 1825;
Vincent Tinley, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Bethune, Malcom and Nancy Buck, Aug. 18, 1825;
James E. Daniel, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Burton, Ira and Elizabeth Hammond, Aug, 10, 1825;
Philip H. Mantz, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Burch, Charles and Jane Wiggins, Jan. 7, 1828;
William Wiggins, Sec., Robert Walton, C.C.O.
Blount, Stephen B. and Emily B. Denham, Aug. 17, 1826;
Augustus V. Denham, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Burk, Francis and Mary Burk, Feb. 18, 1826;
William Tayn, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bradlley, Patrick and Mary Ann Mills, Feb. 8, 1827;
George Dunbar, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Bugg, Jacob C. and Eliza Sanders, Jan. 25, 1827;
Wm. B. Shelton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Boggs, Archd. and Mary Ann Roberton, Sep. 13, 1827;
Oliver Wetman, Sec., Robert Walton, C.C.O.
Bryant, James and Martha Palmer, Mar. 20, 1827;
William Briant, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Brooks, Jordan P. and Ann F. McAlroy, Apr. 19. 1827;
William Hanly, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Brown, H. G. and Sarah Ann Grant, Mar. 15, 1827;
Issac Grant, Sec., Will Marks, (?) Dep. Clk.
Bradbury, Joseph and Elizabeth Wood, Jan. 5, 1828;
Arthur C. Fogil, Sec., Robert Walyton, C.C.O.
Black, Charles and Janet J. Reid, Dec. 15, 1828;
Edward J. Black, Sec., W. Longstreet, Test.
Bell, Dempsey and Ansley L. Key, Oct. 3, 1829;
By Benj. Rowland, J.P. (not recorded)
Beard, Thos. L. and Susan M. Ligon, May 29, 1829;
John M. Silbert, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.
Barton, Benj. F. and Mary M. Simms, Jun. 4, 1829;
Daniel Hand, Sec.
Buffington, James and Frances Ganet or Garret, Feb. 24, 1829;
Benj. Rowland, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Test.
Bradbury, Morris and Mary Ann McCuller, Jan. 15, 1829;
Wm. Whitcombe, Sec. S. M. Jackson, Dept. Clk.
Bragden, John and Lucy Weaver, May 1, 1829;
John Stuckey, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Dep. Clk.
Barton, James T. and Jane B. Thomas, Feb. 18, 1829;
Ayres S. Turpin, Sec., Wm. Jackson, Test.
Bacon, William, and Eliza Castin, Dec. 23, 1829;
Wm. Jackson, Sec., John E. Bacon, Test.
Baird, Nelson and Amelia Riddle, Oct. 8, 1829;
Wm. Longstreet, Test. and Sec.

Crawford, Joel and Nancy Barnett, Jan. 26, 1790;
Joel Barnett, Sec., William Gardner, Test.
Cowls, William and Ann Meriwether, Dec. 8, 1790;
John Shackleford, Sec., Nichs. Meriwether, Test. Jason Gardner, Test.
Cleveland, Niel and Jane Cornell, Aug. 24, 1790;
Mack Farguson, Sec., Beverly Lowe, Sec., Ashel and John Gardner, Test.
Collins, James and Ann Headspeth, Aug. 8, 1790;
Page 211; Mark Hart, Sec. No Test.
Caldwell, Paul and Sarah Germany, Jul. 9, 1789;
Alex Gardner, Sec., Ashel & John Gardner, Test.
Crittendon, William and Ann Cousin, May 13, 1789;
William Cousins Sec., Jas. Stallings, J.P.
Chambless, Thomas and Sarah Aldridge, May 6, 1788;
Hugh Golightly, Sec., Wm. and Jason Gardner, Test.
Caldwell, John and Margaret Culbreath, Jan. 22, 1788;
Thomas Hanson, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Clark, Gilbert and Milly Avery, Jan. 26, 1788;
Daniel McNeil, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Carr, Thomas and Frances Bacon, Nov. 11, 1787;
James Hamilton, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Caldwell, James and Elizabeth Culbreath, Jan. 10, 1787;
Joseph Richardson, Sec., Wm. Gardner, Test.
Crawford, Robert and Elizabeth Maxwell, Dec. 26, 1786;
Edward Maxwell, Sec., W. & A. Gardner, Test.
Culbreath, John and Mary Johns, Dec. 21, 1789;
John Johns, Sec., Jason Gardner, Test.
Cliett, Jesse and Rhoda Harvey, Mar. 6, 1790;
Jonathan Cliett, Sec., Joel Cloud, Test., Jason Gardner, Test.
Cobb, Thomas and Catherine Stith, June 7, 1790;
John Cobb, Sec., Ashel & Jason Gardner, Test. (Note of consent from Wm. Stith, Father of Catherine, same date)
Collins, Stephen and Sarah Shackleford, Mar. 29, 1787;
Robt. Walton, Sec., Thos. Carr, Test.
Chance, Isaac (planter) and Henrietta Grubbs (spinster), Aug. 6, 1791;
Willoughby Barton, Sec. to Wm. Lee, J.P., J. Meriwether, R.P.
Callhoun, Wm. and Rachel Triplett, Feb. 8, 1792;
Pg. 14; Eleazar Brack, Sec., W. Freeman, Test. to Rev. Hope Hull
Carson, William and Sarah McLeod (widow), Jun. 3, 1793;
Pg. 27; James Edwards, Sec. to Dalziel Hunter, Esq.
Crawford, David and Mary Wood, Sep. 10, 1793;
Pg. 30; Joseph Stiles, Sec. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Cosby, John (chearmaker) and Sarah Glover, Dau. of Joshua Glover of
Columbia Co., Dec. 22, 1793; Daniel Bruce, Sec. to Philip Clayton, Esq.
Charity, James and Nancy Smith, Apr. 4, 1795;
Pg. 59; William Smith, Sec. to Philip Clayton, Esq.
Cruse, Anglehart or Englehart, and Elizabeth Trap, Mar. 9, 1795;
Pg. 189; John Kraatz, Sec., George Pearson, Test. to John Leath, Esq.
Carnes, Thomas P. and Elizabeth Bostick, both of this place, Nov. 19, 1795;
Pg. 185, Peter J. Carnes, Sec., Geo. Naylor, Test. to Rev. Mr. Palmer
Crookshanks, Patrick and Charity Primrose, Dec. 5. 1795;
Pg. 186, Robert Walker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test. to Issac Herbert, Esq.
Collins, John and Martha Britt, both of Richmond, Co., June 12, 1795;
George Collins, Sec., James Anderson, Test. to Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Carlin, John and Rachel Jones, Jul. 6, 1797;
Pg. 200, Ananias Cooper, Sec. to Joseph Hutchinson, Esq.
Channing, John and Mary Taylor, both of Richmond Co., Jan. 21, 1797;
Pg. 197, John Smith, Sec. to Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Cooper, James and Susannah Winslow, May 6, 1797;
Pg. 99 Ananias Cooper, Sec., Sarah Mead, Test. to Rev. Adam Boyd
Cook, John (Blacksmith) and Elizabeth Bins, Jan. 8, 1797;
Mike McKie, Sec. to Abraham Jones, Esq.
Crussle or Crosley, Henry and Letty Martin, May 8, 1797;
Pg. 200, William Coke, Sec. No signatures
Casterson, Thomas and Ann Lamkin, Apr. 18, 1798;
Pg. 207, Isaac Lacey, Sec. to John Catlett, Esq.
Clark, William and Anne Wood, both of Richmond, Co.,Jul. 14, 1798;
Pg. 210, George Hennescsey, Sec. to Rev. Adam Boyd
Coats, Jesse and Sarah Lee, Jul. 25, 1798;
Pg. 210, Edward Primrose, Sec., William Lee, Test. to Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Clemmons, John and Ann Wilson, Nov. 3, 1798;
John Tinley, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Conn, George and Nancy Tyler, Apr. 27, 1799;
John Furey, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Collins, Lewis and (?) Allen, Jan. 2, 1799;
Major C. Collins, Sec., Tilman S. Dixon, Test.
Clark, William W. and Sarah Bailey, Feb. 20, 1800;
James Murphy, Sec., Joseph Hutchinson, Test.
Cunningham, Chas. and Ann Prichard Eve, Nov. 25, 1800;
John Cunningham, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Collins, Major and Mary Triplett, Mar. 4, 1800;
Jesse Pumphrey, Sec.
Cox, Taliaferro and Honor Cox, Nov. 8, 1801;
Wm. Hundley, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Cousins, James and Elizabeth Downs, Nov. 25, 1801;
James Willson, Sec., U. Thweatt, Test.
Clayton, Philip and Eliza Carnes, Nov. 15, 1801;
Thos. P. Carnes, Sec.
Collins, Moses and (no brides name), May 26, 1802;
Samuel Williams, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Cousins, Charles and Frances Crittenden, Nov. 20, 1802;
George Downs, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Casey, Abraham and Hannah Hatley, Sep. 23, 1802;
Sharod Hatley, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Collins, John and Mary Smith, Nov. 1, 1802;
Lewis Collins, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Cruse, Englehart and Katherine Shaw, Jan. 16, 1802;
Hodgen Holmes, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Cumming, John and Susanna Moore, Apr, 17, 1802;
Thomas Jones, Sec.
Cain, Abel and Poly Griffin, Apr. 30, 1802;
Thomas Griffin, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Collins, James and Polly Shepherd, Nov. 21, 1804;
William Lyon, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Carmichael, John and Rachel Davis, May 1, 1804;
John Neilson, Sec., J. Hamil, Test.
Collins, Joseph and Sarah Williams, Apr. 4, 1804;
James Sanders Walker, Sec.
Clayton, George Roots and Eliza Mildred Hargrove, Jan. 16, 1804;
Philip Clayton, Sec.
Crawford, William H. and Susanna Jourdaine, Apr. 28, 1804;
Nicholas Ware, Sec.
Cone, John, Jr. and Mary Kirkland, May 20, 1805;
John Cone, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Churchwell, Thomas and Phillis Beckcom, Jul. 18, 1805;
John Williams, Sec. , Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Collins, Michael and Minornia Shepherd, Nov. 23, 1805;
James Walker, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Cone, William and Dorcas Bugg, Aug. 24, 1806;
Middleton Cone, Sec. by John Carter, J.P.
Calvert, Mason and Sarah Rozar, Apr. 4, 1806;
Micajah Stevens,Jr. Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
Clarke, Gabriel and Sarah Fears, May 3, 1806;
Daniel Bulger, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Cone, James and Patsy Youngblood, Jan. 8, 1807;
Edward Henry Hagin, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Clayton, Augustus S. and Julia Carnes, Dec. 19, 1807;
Rodman Tulloss, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Carmichael, John and Mary Eve, Dec. 3, 1807;
Anderson Watkins, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Caldwell, Isaac W. and Mary Frost, Jul. 31, 1807;
George Moye, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cupper, Samuel G. and Mary Hopkins, Jun. 30, 1807;
Edmond Buchanan, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Cain, John and Sarah Harrison, May 27, 1808;
Duncan Mattheson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Camfield, Abiel and Rebecca Longstreet, May 18, 1809;
Thadeus Phelps, Sec. David Bull, Test.
Coutteau, Chas. and Mary Bell, Apr. 20, 1809;
Alex Spencer, Sec.
Carman, Fredrick and Elizabeth Rony, Aug. 9, 1810;
A. J. Dill, Sec., N.W. Herbert, Test.
Collins, Moses and Elizabeth Houpt, Jan. 18, 1810;
Reuben Walker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Collins, David and Patsy Lyons, Oct. 3, 1810;
Hill Bunch, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Castellou, William H. and Rhody Brewer, Jan. 13, 1810;
Richard Bush, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cliett, John and Eleanor Crawford, Dec. 13, 1810;
Owen Williams, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Christian, Abda and Ann Morse, May 30, 1810;
Andrew J. Dill, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Chappell, John J. and S. M. Greene, May 11, 1811;
By J. R. Thompson, Pastor. Presby. Church, Augusta
Crawford, David and Linny Wicker, Nov. 12, 1811;
Henry Hatcher, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Carter, John and Nancy Ryals, Aug. 22, 1811;
John Scott, Sec., Issac Herbert, Test.
Carolina, Daniel and Diana Thomas, Dec. 28, 1811;
James Bosworth, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cheatham, Anthony and Mary W. Collins, Nov. 12, 1812;
Chas. Fretwell, Sec. Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cliatt, Jesse and Frances Mosley, Nov. 25, 1812;
Issac Cliatt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Collins, Robert and Sarah Rooks, May 2, 1812;
John Hill, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Crawford, William and Mary Ann Downs, Jun 17, 1812;
J. P. Allen, J.P., Columbia Co.
Carswell, James A. and Lavinia Rhodes, Jan. 18, 1812;
John H. Mann, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Collins, Littleton and Nancy Wood, July 8, 1815;
James Blackstone, Sec. Isaac Herbert, Test.
Coulter, Henry N. and Harriet E. Starnes, Nov. 7, 1815;
James G. Blunt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Clarke, Gabriel and Jane Brown, Mar. 6, 1816;
David Bowman, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Clarke, William C. W. and Tabitha Bolware, Aug. 5, 1816;
Beverly Bostick, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cotton, John R. and Elizabeth Liverman, Mar. 6, 1816;
James W. Cotton, Jr., Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Crafton, Bennett and Maria Beal, Mar. 15, 1816;
Thos. G. Walton, Sec., J. B. Herbert, Test.
Clarke, Gabriel and Jane Boulware, Nov. 20, 1817;
P. Stovall, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Caribo, Henry and Elizabeth Mason, May 9, 1817;
Horation Patel, Jr., Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Campbell, Levi and Elizabeth Johnson, Dec. 8, 1817;
Thos. Wood, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cliett, Jonathan and Milly Mosley, Jan. 7, 1817;
L. Barie, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cliatt, Isham and Lucy Runnels, Jul. 10, 1817;
L. Barie, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Cliatt, Jehu and Elizabeth Savage, Nov. 11, 1818;
Isham Cliatt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Collins, Otho W. and Leonora E. Dinkins, May 13, 1818;
Richard J. Eastern, Sec.
Campbell, James C. and Mary R. Eve, Apr. 8, 1818;
John Bones, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Collins, George and Mary Sloan, July 17, 1818;
William Briant, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Caribo, Henry and Nelly Stidman, Mar. 25, 1818;
F. C. Coniat, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cone, Robert and Mourning Robinson, Feb. 2, 1819;
James Francis, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Clarke, Nathaniel and Ann M. Redding, May 21, 1819;
Geo. R. Bridges, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Clements, Daniel and Elizabeth Ware, Aug. 24, 1819;
John Marshell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Crane, Moses and Elizabeth Talley, Jul. 28, 1820;
William Sego, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Caffin, Nicholas Hilaise and Margaret Goodall, Aug. 19, 1820;
John Lynch, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cummins, Luther and Caroline Wilson, Jul. 31, 1800;
Benjamin Brantly, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cogil, Geo. Harison and Nancy Hill, Sep. 6, 1822;
Ezekiel Nelms, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Carter, Dr. John and Martha M. Flournoy, Jan. 30, 1822;
Patrick H. Carnes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Crump, Philip and Elizabeth Ann Smith, Oct. 3, 1822;
Gabriel Clarke, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Crawford, William H. and Mary Powell, Jan. 5, 1824;
P. H. Brown, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Crawford, Nathan and Eliza Roberts, May 17, 1823;
Geo. B. Walker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Carson, Robert and Louisa McConn, Dec. 31, 1823;
Geo. W. McCoof, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Collins, Jesse and Elizabeth A. Collins, Dec. 5, 1823;
Benj. Rowland, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cooper, John and Sarah Hatcher, Nov. 26, 1823;
Robert Cone, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Collins, George W. and Catherine Kidd, Dec. 10, 1823;
Jesse Kent, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cliatt, Issac and Sarah Smars, Dec. 23, 1824;
Issac Watkins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Cook, William and Ann Hammond, Dec. 22, 1824;
John S. Campbell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Covenst, Littleberry and Harriet Bryan, Jan. 22, 1825;
John A. Rhodes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Carswell, Edward and Mahala Knight, Sep. 7, 1825;
Joseph Collins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Clarke, Ulric B. and Catherine A. Watkins, Jan. 17, 1825;
John W. Danforth, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Craige, Allen and Mary Luther, Jun. 7, 1827;
A. G. Raiford, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Clegg, Allen and Jane Maharie, Sep. 6, 1828
Cather, David and Elizabeth Shannon, Apr. 30, 1828;
Silas Taylor, Sec., Wm. Jackson, Test.
Chew, Benjamin F. and Lucy V. Bufort, May 4, 1828;
Paul G. Cottel, Sec., Robert Walton, C.C.O.
Crowley, Martin and Mrs. Eliza Hammon, May 30, 1829;
Jesse Thompson, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Test.
Clarke, James and Mary Loyge, Apr. 11, 1829;
S. M. Garnett, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.
Crothers, Willim and Mary Wright, Oct. 19, 1829;
Artemus Gould, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.
Cambaa, Revel and Mary Inglet, Jun. 12, 1824;
Matthew D. Holsonbake, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.

Danely, Daniel and Elizabeth Praiter, Apr. 10, 1788;
James Danelly, Sec., Wm. and Ashel Gardner, Test.
Day, John and Fearibey Bullock, May 31, 1788;
John Kendrick, Sec., Ashel and John Gardner, Test. to Henry Allison, Esq.
Drane, Benjamin and Rachel Harris, Feb. 2, 1788;
Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test. to Abraham Marshall. Note of consent
from Benj. Harris, Father of Rachel
Davis, Thomas and Ruth Philips, Dec. 11, 1789;
Clementius Davis, Sec., Wm. Gardner, Test.
Dillard, George and Guriah Grubbs, Jan. 15, 1789;
Frederick Cobb, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Damaron, Charles and Mary Moise, May 19, 1789;
Peter Culbreath, Sec., Ashel & John Gardner, Test.
Danelly, Andrew and Jane Harris, Feb. 24, 1790;
Samuel Robinson, Sec., Sarah Gardner, Test.
Dearmond, William of Richmond, Co. and Anne Pearre (spinster) of Columbia,
Co., Dec. 20, 1791; Pg. 11, Robert Cresswell, Sec., James Pearre, Sec., M.
Urquhart, Test. Isaac Wingate, Test. to James Hamilton, Esq.
Dicken, James G. (merchant) and Mary Hicks (spinster), both of Augusta,
Jan. 19, 1792; Pg. 12; Thomas Bray, Sec., W. Jeter, Sr., Test. to Dalziel
Hunter, Esq.
Davis, Richard Child and Eliza Nettles, Aug. 21, 1794;
Pg. 43, William Evans, Sec., James Richards, Test. to Philip Clayton, Esq.
Dunham, Samuel and Rebecca McTyre, both of Richmond Co., Mar. 8, 1796;
Pg. 189, Leonard Smith, Sec., James Morse, Test. to John Leath, Esq.
Dearmond, William and Polly Nowland, Jul. 4, 1799;
Francis Valloton, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Dawson, Dread and Elizabeth Patterson, May 30, 1800;
John Harwood, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Dickinson, Cosby and Hannah Cockraham, Jan. 14, 1800;
Murdock Martin, Sec., Joseph Hutchinson, Test.
Donaldson, Peter and Nancy Mann, Feb. 11, 1808;
William Howard, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Dalton, Henry and Winnefred Lamkin, Jan. 8, 1801;
Cleophas Lamkin, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Darby, Jeremiah and Fanny Cook, Mar. 10, 1801;
Andrew Knox, Sec., William Jenkins, Test.
Danforth, Jacob and Polly Johnston, Dec. 10, 1802;
William Micou, Sec.
Darling, John and Mary Pace, Dec. 30, 1803;
Benjamin Ricketson, Sec.
Daily, Joseph and Mary Hunter, Jan. 5, 1804;
Samuel McCullock, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Downs, Ambrose and Elizabeth McCoy, Oct. 15, 1806;
Jason Gardner, Sec.,
Dalton, Barnabas and Polly Caine, June 19, 1808;
Recorded; Peter Donaldson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Married by: James Holcombe
Dill, Audrey J. and Eliza Savage, Aug. 2, 1808;
Recorded; Robert Johnson, Sec., Benjamin Pierce, Test. by Rev. Reddick
Darling, Joseph and Polly Dunnivent, Dec. 31, 1808;
John Darling, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Daniel, Jeptha and Sarah Rowland, Nov. 12, 1808;
Etheldred Tarver, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dufaur, Antony James M. Joseph and Michile Lubanne Victorie Magnan,
Dec. 31, 1808; James Philip Rossignot-Grandmont, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Darling, Benjamin and Mary Lamkin, Jan. 2, 1809;
Joseph Darling, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Danely, John and Ellen Lucky, Jun. 13, 1809;
James Lucky, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dill, Jacob and Ann Buxton, Aug. 5, 1809;
Obadiah Crawford, Sec., Issac Herbert, Test.
Downs, Isaac and Mary Ann Crittinton, Jan. 9, 1809;
Jacob Downs, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Davis, Hightower and Sara Smith, Oct. 17, 1810;
Benjamin Pierce, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test. Recorded; by Walter Leigh, J.P.
Dockle, Jacob Christopher and Mrs. Sally Stroder, Aug. 6, 1810;
Recorded by William Brantley
Dye, Benjamin and Nancy Ross, Dec. 19, 1810;
John Chason, Sec., Isaac Herbert, J.P. & C.C.O.
Dame, Charles and Sarah Ann Liverman, Sep. 5, 1812;
George Kennedy, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dunn, Chas. Chapman and Rebecca Moore, Aug. 12, 1812;
David McKinney, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Doggett, Reuben and Betsy Lamkin, Dec. 24, 1812;
Hardy Foster, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Douglas, Samuel C. and Phebe Talbot Cresswell, Apr. 11, 1812;
Freeman Walker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Davis, Aaron and Peggy Cain, Oct. 15, 1814;
A. Cain, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Deas, Francis and Sally Casteloe, Apr. 29, 1814;
Joseph Martin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Danforth, J. R. and Rachel Vanzant, Mar. 18, 1815;
Abel Vanzant, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Davenport, John M. and Martha Furey, May 12, 1815;
Samuel W. Miller, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dyer, Moses and Kitty Watson, Jul. 7, 1815;
A. Cain, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Danforth, Joshua and Rachel Doughty, Oct. 9, 1816;
John Holcombe, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dawsey, Joseph and Ann Chance, Sep. 12, 1816;
George Kennedy, Sec.
DeCelis, Jose and Elizabeth Belcher, May 11, 1816;
Francis Deas, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Daniel, Neeham and Elizabeth Carswell, Dec. 31, 1817;
Samuel B. Tarver, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dortic, Sebastain C. and Ann Adelle Parisot, Nov. 10, 1818;
L. P. Dugas, Sec. Isaac Herbert, Test.
Dill, Phillip and Anne Coleman, May 19, 1818;
Andrew J. Dill, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dillon, Robert and Sarah Burdell, Apr. 13, 1818;
William Sims, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Delamar, Thomas and Hannah Longis, Aug. 11, 1819;
John Lamkin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dugas, L. P. and Elizabeth McKay, Jun. 2, 1819;
J. Ganahl, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dukes, Robert and Martha Lanthrop, Apr. 24, 1819;
James Lunday, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dearmont, William P. and Elizabeth Feurey, Jun. 15, 1820;
Patrick H. Carnes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Daniel, John and Elizabeth Bone, Jan. 13, 1821;
Reuben Gay, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dimon, Robert and Adeline Sterlen, Jul. 26, 1821;
Jesse Dimon, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C. O.
Daniel, Bryan and Harriet Rowland, Dec. 14, 1822;
Alex. Murphey, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Darsey, Joel and Catharine Wright, Dec. 3, 1822;
James B. Robinson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Daveney, Samuel and Polly Dolton, Mar. 15, 1823;
William Morgan, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dossett, William and Mary Bell, Dec. 16, 1823;
Robert Morris, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Duren, George and Charlotte Snead, Nov. 20, 1823;
Thomas Kesterson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Danforth, Abraham and Ann Anderson, Nov. 16, 1824;
Nathaniel L. Sturges, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Demarest, Benjamin and Nancy Lyles, Mar. 13, 1824;
William Thompson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Dumingoes, Emanuel and Jincey Netherland, Oct. 6, 1824;
H. Murray, Test. Signed by both
Dortic, Germain Theodore and Ann Frances E. Lafitte, Sep. 6, 1826;
Seb. C. Dortic, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Delaigle, Chas. L. and Mary E. M. Watkins, Jan. 21, 1829;
James L. Coleman, Sec., James McLaws, Test.
Dismukes, Reuben and Elsey Bailey, Mar. 3, 1827;
Zachariah Savage, Sec., Will Mackie, Test. D. C., William Duncan, Test.
Downs, Isaac and Elizabeth Bennett, Dec. 23, 1827;
Wm. B. Hammond, Sec., Robert Walton, Test.
Dyas, Henry and Nancy Savage, Jul. 25, 1827;
By William Sego, J. P., Not recorded
Dillac, Antonie P. and Mrs. Sarah Singer, Nov. 27, 1828;
By James Holcomb, Parson; Not recorded
Dasher, Thomas J. and Sophia L. Clarke, May 28, 1828;
William B. Sheton, Sec., Robert Walton, C. C. O.
Duffy, Thomas and Catherine Dunbar, Jan. 26, 1829;
George Dunbar, Sec.

Eubanks, John and Mary Garnett, Jun. 1, 1787;
Eli Garnett, Sec., Major Eubanks, Sec., W. & A. Gardner, Test.
Elam, Daniel and Verlinder Johnston, Jun. 23, 1789;
Perry Willson, Sec., Jason and John Gardner, Test.
Evingham, Thomas & Mary Shadwick, both of Richmond Co., Feb. 26, 1795;
Pg 57, Littleberry Bostick, Esq.
Eads, John and Jane Fee, Nov. 30, 1797;
Pg. 204,William Fee, Sec., Michael Fee, Test., to Wm. Longstreet, Esq.
Elkins, Reuben and Elizabeth Davis, Jan. 23, 1797; Pg. 197;
George Pearson, Sec., Nathaniel Wilder, Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Edwards, Augustine and Sarah Leigh, Apr. 23, 1799;
John Garrett, Sec.
Ellington, Rice and Nancy Garrett, Apr. 24, 1800;
John Garrett, Sec.
Entakin, Isaac and Elizabeth Cobb, Dec. 16, 1801;
James Cobb, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Early, Eleazer and Miss Jane Meriwether Patterson, Oct. 19, 1803;
John Forsyth, Sec.
Evans, George W. and Elizabeth Course, May 25, 1803;
John Campbell, Sec.
Evans, Liewellen and Mary Harris, dau. of Ezekiel, Jun. 25, 1804;
Britton Capel, Sec., Geroge Watkins, Clk.
Evans, Henry and Darcus Hudson, Nov. 24, 1808;
Bird B. Tindell, J.P. recorded.
Easter, Wheeler and Milly McDaniel, Jan. 19, 1808;
By Etheldred Tarver, J.P. recorded.
Edwards, Andrew N. M. and Sarah Clanton, Dec. 29, 1809;
James Moss, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Edwards, Andrew N. M. and Charlotte Shadwick, Dec. 12, 1812:
Thomas Cummings, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Edwards, Andrew N.M. and Ann Norman, Mar. 17, 1818;
John Roberts, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Edney, John M. and Eliza Fall, Feb. 5, 1817;
John Kerr, Sec.
Elligood, Thomas and Louisa Vanzant, Feb. 18, 1819;
James W. Cotteu, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Evans, Richard and Ann McCullough, Nov. 6, 1820;
Alex. Kennedy, Sec.
Egan, William Henry and Anne Quin, Nov. 7, 1821;
Gerrard McLaughlin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Evans, John M. C. and Judy Washington, Sep.15, 1825;
William Morgan, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Eve, John and Sarah Carmichael, Jan. 14, 1823;
B. Fitzsimmons, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Elliott, Elijah and Nancy Allen, Oct. 6, 1826;
James Tellison, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Everitt, John and Ann Everitt, Mar. 13, 1826;
Daniel M. Bruner, Sec., Henry Murray, Dep. C. C. O.
Englet, Martin and Miss Mahaly Whiteaker, Sep. 5, 1828;
Benjamin Rowland, Sec., S. M. Jackson, Dep. Clk.

Foster, John and Elizabeth Savage, Sep. 3, 1785;
Mr. Tinsley Arthur Jenkins, Sec., Alexander Hamilton, Test.
Ford, William and Cassiah Jones, Mar. 14, 1780;
Mr. Marshall Hezekiah Jones, Sec., James Hamilton, Test.
Foles, Conrod and Sarah Lamar, Apr. 30, 1787;
Peter Youngblood, Sec., W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Finney, Benjamin and Ann Beal, Feb. 3, 1879;
Littleton Yarbrough, Sec., Walter Drane, Test. Wm. Gardner, Test.
Furney, William and Sarah McTyre, Oct. 28, 1815;
John Barrie, Sec., Joseph B. Herbert, Test.
Frederick, Jacob and Clarissa Ware, Sep. 22, 1819;
Wm. Wyatt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Farrar, Absolom and Mildred Clark, widow, Dec. 5, 1790;
Michael McNeill, Sec., Jason Gardner, Test. Samuel Magruder, Test
Fenner, James and Lemendar Wilkins, Sep. 22, 1794;
Joseph McCollough, Sec., John Kennedy, Test. to Littleberry Bostick, Esq.
Pg. 44
Foll, George and Lucky Shoemake, both of Richmond Co., May 28, 1794;
Pg. 41, George Pearson, Sec., James Buchanan, Test. to; Rev. Adam Boyd
Fitzgibbons, James and Dicey Joiner, Nov. 14, 1794, Pg 48;
James Edwards, Sec., H. Caldwell, Test. to; James McCormick
of Warren Co.
Floyd, James B. and Mary Bryson, Apr. 15, 1796; Pg. 191;
Patrick Bryson, Sec., Wm. Mead, Test. to Wm. Longstreet, J. P.
Frith, Joseph and Prudence Rickerson, both of Richmond Co., Aug. 29, 1795;
Pg. 182, Wm. Huett, Sec., James H. Simmons, Test. to John Course, Esq.
Foster, William and Ann Cox, Pg. 201 says Anne Pogue; Sep. 13, 1797;
Samuel Lockington, Sec. John Burke, Test. to; Wm. Longstreet, Esq.
Folds, Amos and Mary Ann Wilkins, Jun. 28, 1798;
Samuel Wilkins, Sec., Jer. Wood, Test. to Thomas Waggoner, Esq.
Fox, Nicholas and Mrs. Sarah B. Watkins, Dec. 18, 1798;
Wm. Cocke, Sec., Tilman S. Dixon, Test.
Fullerton, Hugh and Rebecca Dove, Jan. 20, 1799;
Wm. Clark, Sec., Tilman S. Dixon, Test.
Fussell, Thomas and Susannah Willis, Jul. 30, 1799;
James Lyle, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Fields, Eli and Elizabeth Crawford Jul. 4, 1801;
Cornelius Cargill, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Flournoy, Thomas and Sophia Davies, Jul. 14, 1801;
John Milledge, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Fennel, Etheldred and Mary Kennedy, Aug. 13, 1803;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Foster, Joshua and Miss Lucy Savidge, Dec. 5, 1803;
James Savidge, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Fretwell, Chas. and Esther Anderson, May 29, 1804;
Elisha Anderson, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Foster, Arthur and Jerusha Garnett, Sep. 1, 1808;
Chas. Barham, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Fudge, Benjamin and Lydia Collins, Sep. 12, 1806;
Jesse Pumphrey, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Fulcher, Armsted and Nancy Daniel, Jul. 23, 1806;
John Fulcher, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Flint, John and Margaret Butler, Jan. 13, 1807;
By John H. Thompson, Recorded
Fausett, Abraham and Sarah Paterson, Dec. 22, 1807;
Samuel Hutchinson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Fulcher, John and Mary Coulson, Jan. 30, 1809;
Recorded; Armsted Fulcher, Sec. , Issac Herbert, Test.
Foster, Arthur and Mary Davis, Jul. 15, 1810;
Recorded by Loveless Savage
Foster, William and Mrs. Ann Bowles, Feb. 3, 1810;
Joseph Henderson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fullerton, Hugh and Mary Cox, Dec. 29, 1810;
Andrew Harrison, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Fernandi, Wm. P. and Harriett Bowers, Aug. 14, 1813;
Issac S. Tuttle, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Foster, Hardy and Elizabeth W. Hill, Aug. 9, 1813;
James Foster, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Frederick, Jacob and Rebecca F. Powers, Apr. 30, 1814;
David McKinney, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Foster, Collier and Lucinda Bowdre, Jan. 4, 1815;
Robert Foster, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Frazer, William and Susannah Jones, Jul. 10, 1817;
Moses Morgan, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Fletcher, Christopher and Elizabeth Townsend, Dec. 28, 1819;
Joseph E. Biggs, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Francis, James and Lucy Downs, Mar. 19, 1819;
John Whitehead, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fryer, John and Mary Godley, Dec. 16, 1819;
Wm. Chisholm, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Fowler, Joshua and Ann Maria Suffield, Oct. 2, 1820;
Thomas Morris, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Fowler, William and Sally Mauldin, Apr. 27, 1822;
J. W. Meredith, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Frazier, William and Delilah Morgan, Oct. 2, 1820;
John Lathom, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Finney, James and Bridget Hughes, May 26, 1823;
John Daniel, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fowler, John and Susannah Braden, Nov. 8, 1823;
William Lewis, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fraser, Reuben and Lavina Heath, Mar. 18, 1823;
William Lewis, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Flanigan, Gamwell and Winney Snead, Aug. 31, 1824;
Joseph Darling, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fogil, John and Catherine Moye, May 3, 1827;
H. Stanton, Sec., Issac Herbert, C.C.O.
Fetters, John and Abatha M. Eubanks, Apr. 12, 1827;
John Lamkin, Sec., Mill Mackie, D. C.
Fretwell, Littleton B. and Lavina Netherland, Dec. 28, 1827;
Jimpsey Netherland, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Dep. C.C.O. by Wm. Sego, J.P.
Finn, John and Mrs. Ann S. Thomas, Feb. 5, 1828;
Lewis D. Ford, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Dep. C.C.O.
Foster, Sterling and Elizabeth Griffin, Dec. 8, 1828;
Zachariah Garnett, Sec., W. Longstreet, Test.

Gardner, Alex. and Elizabeth Pratt, Jun. 4, 1785;
Jesse Offutt, Sec., Wm. Hobson Bacon, Sec. Alexr. Hamilton, Test.
to Rev. Mr. Marshall
Grubbs, Joab and Elizabeth Atkinson, Jul. 1, 1786;
James Aldridge Sec., to Rev. Mr. Tinsley
Garnett, John and Elizabeth Crawford, Dec. 14, 1786;
Eli Garnett, Sec., Joshua Wynne, Sc., Sarah Gardner, Test.
Gartrell, John and Elizabeth Jones, May 11, 1787;
Zachariah Spires, Sec., W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Golightly, Hugh and Mary Harris, Dec. 22, 1787;
Alex. Vaughn, Sec., W. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Grier, Thomas and Lettisha Grinage, Dec. 10, 1788;
Joshua Grinage, Sec., W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Gantley, John and Mary McMunn, Oct. 31, 1789;
Habakkuk Wright, Sec., Wm. Gardner, Test., Jason Gardner, Test.
Gardner, James and Sarah Hodgkis, Sep. 5, 1793;
Pg. 29 - George Barnes, Sec. to Rev. Adam Boyd
Gilbert, Morris or Mauris and Winfrey Bozman, both of Richmond, Co.,
Jun. 19,1793 - Pg. 27, Samuel Bozman, Sec. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Gantt, Richard and Sarah Allen, May 22, 1794;
Pg. 41, Wilson Woodrough, Sec., John C. Allen, Test. to Philip Clayton, Esq.
Gibson, Alex. (carpenter) of Richmond, Co., and Winney Bullock, of Columbia
Co., Feb. 5, 1794; Wm. Bellamy, Sec., J. M. Simmons, Test. to Walter Drain,
Gathright, Miles and Mary Collins, Aug. 29, 1795;
William Lyon, Sec., Leven Collins, Test. to Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Goodwin, Wyche and Anne Powers, Jan. 14, 1798;
Littleton Wyche, Sec. to Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Gasque, Nathan and Jane Savage, Dec. 21, 1799;
Archd. Odum, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Gaines, Geo. G. and Peggy Duhart, Jul. 12, 1800;
George Watkins, Sec., Thomas Cowles, Test.
Graves, George and Mary Scott, Jun. 26, 1800;
William Cocke, Sec., George Watkins, Clk.
Grant, Joseph and Ann Lillibridge, Oct. 7, 1801;
John Bacon, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Greenwood, Henry and Sarah Dawson, Feb. 17, 1802;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Grubbs, Thomas and Mary Syms, Feb. 22, 1802;
James Syms, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Greenwood, Henry and Miss Sally Twiggs, Sep.9, 1803;
Obediah Crawford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Garnett, Zachariah and Susannah Evans, Feb. 21, 1803;
John W. Shackleford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Gardner, Thomas and Anne McKinne, Dec. 30, 1804;
Barna McKinne, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Goodwin, James and Jency Green, May 9, 1802;
Isham Malone, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Garnett, Zachariah and Susannah Foster, Sep. 2, 1805;
Archibald H. Odum, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Goodson, Jacob and Nancy Filips, Mar. 11, 1808;
John Hill, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test., by James Fulcher, J.P., Mar. 20, 1808
Gardner, James and Elizabeth Blair, May 6 1809;
Thomas Gardner, Sec., Felix McKinne, Test.
Greenway, Samuel and Elizabeth Mary McCollough, Dec. 18, 1809;
Jacob McCollough, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Garnet, Asa and Charity Holcomb, Feb, 4, 1809;
Solomon Byrd, Sec., Thos. C. Russell, J.P., Test.
Gordon, Patrick and Rebecca Jones, Nov. 4, 1809;
Samuel Lucky, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Goodall, William and Margaret Magill, Jun. 19, 1811;
Alex Hannah, Sec.
Gasc, Frederick and Sophia Miller, Jul. 20, 1812;
Peter Primrose, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Gault, Thos. John and Ann Elizabeth Fell, Dec. 30 1813;
Patrick H. Carnes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Goff, Samuel and Margaret Downie, Jun. 3, 1813;
George Kennedy, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Garrett, Joseph and Elizabeth Pounds, Aug. 8, 1814;
William Harris, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Gregory, Francis and Mary Hodge, Apr. 9, 1814;
Thos. Bussey, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Glover, William and Susan Megill, Apr. 5, 1815;
James Fears, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Glascock, Edmond B. and Sarah W. Lacy, Mar. 20, 1817;
Thos. H. Handley, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Ginn, Thomas and Maria Whittington, Feb. 15, 1819;
Ephraim Whittington, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Grace, Thomas and Elizabeth Allen, Nov. 30, 1818;
Samuel Tarver, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Green, Bartlet c. and Susan Davis, Dec. 21, 1819;
Jesse Johnson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Griffin, John C. and Mary Bosworth, Feb. 4, 1819;
Benj. Brantly, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Ganahl, Joseph and Charlotte Eliza Conn, Jun. 17, 1820;
Wm. Sims, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Gardner, John and Elizabeth Thuston, Jan. 5, 1820;
Joseph Boulineau, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Goodwin, Jesse and Mary Colwell, Nov. 8, 1820;
James R. Tilley, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Gordon, Alex. and Rebecca Gordon, Feb. 2, 1820;
John Turpin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Glass, John and Susan P. Snead, Jun. 22, 1821;
Milton Antony, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Green, John C. and Eliza C. Green, Mar. 8, 1821;
Jesse D. Green, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Glendenning, Wm. and Barsheba Hudson, Feb. 8, 1823;
John M. C. Evans, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Godbehere, James and Mary Mann, Mar. 18, 1824;
J. M. Doughty, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Gardiner, Thos. And Sabinah Lee, Jun. 3, 1825;
John Walker, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Germand, Wm. and Susan Cheves, May 6, 1825;
Edwin Nichols, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Grace, Samuel and Nancy M. Ladler, Jan. 26, 1825;
Thos. T. Grace, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Griffin, Henry and Abigail Hall, Dec. 6, 1825;
G. Parker, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Gorton, Henry and Mary H. Johnson, Jul. 19, 1826;
G. W. McCoy, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Gallaghoe, or Gallaghor, John and Ann Scott, Jul. 12, 1827;
Wm. Hanly, Sec., Will Mackie, D.C.
Gardner, James P. of Columbia Co. and Mary M. Gardner of Richmond Co.,
Mar. 1, 1827; Wm. Gould, Sec., Will Mackie, D.C.
Germany, Wm. J. and Olivia E. Watson, Feb. 2, 1827;
F.C. Taylor, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Gardiner, Geo. W. and Frances P. Fowler, May 8, 1830;
Geo. M. Walker, Sec., John R. Kain, Test.
Gregory, John and Miss Ann H. Fortuneberry, Apr. 9, 1828;
Samuel M. Garnett, Sec., Robt. Walton, C.C.O.
Grumbles, William and Ann Oliver, Jul. 29, 1828;
Samuel C. Douglas, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Clk.
Gunn, David and Peggy Hickey, Apr. 22, 1828;
Wyley Jones, Sec., Robt. Walton, C.C.O.
Glascock, Edmund B. and Amelia S. F. Labuzan, Sep. 26, 1829;
John M. Danforth, Sec., Samuel M. Jackson, Test.

Howard, Thos. and Agness Bennett, May 30, 1785;
Daniel McCarty, Sec., Alex. Hamilton, Test. to Capt. Henry Allison Magistrate
Hudson, Isaac and Mary Shepherd, Dec. 21, 1785;
John Tabor, Sec., Alex. Hamilton, Test. to Capt. James Hamilton
Henley, John and Phoebe Sladen, Mar. 17, 1787;
Isaac Low, Sec., W. Gardner, Test.
Hanson, Thos. and Elizabeth Evans, Feb. 20, 1788;
Samuel Hanson, Sec., W. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Hodgen, Wm. and Agnes Childrey, Dec. 11, 1787;
Joseph Hodgen, Sec., W. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Hornady, Nathan and Ruth Moore, Aug. 11, 1789;
Wm. Lacey, Sec., Wm. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Heath, Royster and Elizabeth Parham, Feb. 9, 1789;
Wiatt Bonner, Sec., Wm. Gardner Test., Matthew Duncan, Test.
Howard, Aquila and Elizabeth Short, May 9, 1790;
Edward Short, Sec., Wm. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Hollingshead, John and Elizabeth Dunham, May 22, 1790;
Zacharias Rae, Sec., Thomas Townsend, Test.
Horn, John and Elizabeth Reed, Feb. 13, 1790;
Thos. Kindrick, Sec., Jason & John Gardner, Test.
Hills, Nathan, Esqr. and Susannah Reily of Richmond Co., June 10, 1792;
Pg. 18, Godfrey Zimmerman, Sec. W. Freman, R. P. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Hammond, James and Christian Allen, both of Richmond, Co., May 2, 1793;
Pg. 25, Michael McGonnary, Sec., W. Freeman, R.P. to Philip Clayton, Esq.
Hunster, Lewis and Milly Moore, both of Richmond, Co., Dec. 26, 1794; Pg. 50- Conrod Liverman, Sec., Samuel Lockhart, Test. to Andrew Whitfield, J.P.
Hawkins, Abimalek and Sarah Raglin, Mar. 8, 1795;
Pg. 58 - David Cockraham, Test.
Hobbs, Wm. and Martha Holley, Apr. 16, 1795;
Pg. 59- Pleasant Tindal, Sec., Eli Holley, Test. to Thos. Wagnon, Esqr.
Harwood, John and Elizabeth Dawson, both of Richmond, Co., Oct. 27, 1795;
Pg. 184 - Frederick Ballard, Sec., Sarah P. Mead, Test.
Hull, Geo. J. and Sarah Williams, Nov. 12, 1795;
Joseph Ware, Sec., J. Harris, Test. to Rev. Elihu Palmer
Hatcher, Archibald and Mary Arinton, both of Richmond, Co.,May 4, 1795;
Pg. 61- John Mackintosh, Sec., of Chatham Co., Joseph Ware, Test.
Hatcher, Henry and Anne Wicker, Jun. 14, 1796;
Pg. 192- Samuel Bugg, Sec., J. M. Simmons, Test. to John Leath, Esq.
Holley, James and Mary Bryant, both of Richmond, Co.,Mar. 21, 1796;
Pg. 190- Wm. Bryant, Sec., John Mead, Test. to Thos. Waggoner, J.P.
Harkins, James and Frances Mitchell, Jan. 9, 1797;
Pg. 196- John Furey, Sec., David Taylor, Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Harkins, Roger and Elizabeth Bugg, Oct. 24, 1797;
Matthew Fox, Sec., Timothy Johnson, Test. to Abraham Jones, Esq.
Hill, John and Elizabeth Champion, both of Richmond, Co., Feb. 5, 1797;
Pg. 197, Wilson Watkins, Sec., J. P. Mead, Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Holmes, Hedgen and Elizabeth Watson, May 21, 1798;
Pg. 208, Wm. McTyre, Sec., Sarah Mead, Test.
Houghton, Michael and Elizabeth Harris, Nov. 2, 1798;
David C. Neal, Sec.
Howell, Daniel and Catherine Wall, Mar. 23, 1798;
Pg. 205, Burdick Howell, Sec., Wm. Sykes, Test. to Wm. Rowland, Esq.
Harrigil, Joseph and Rebecca Dudley, Sep. 24, 1799;
Malbry Morris, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Howell, Malachia and Elizabeth Harris, Sep. 24 1799;
Nicholas Ware, Sec., Joseph Ware, Test.
Harris, Laird M. and Elizabeth Dallas, Jan. 29, 1800;
Freeman Walker, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Hagans, Isom and Nancy Anderson, Nov. 23, 1801;
Archibald Welch, Sec., U. Thweatt, Test.
Hatcher, John and Sarah Buxton, Feb 14, 1801;
Uriah Thweatt, Sec.,
Hull, James F. and Magdalane Agatha O'Keefe, Dec. 23, 1802;
William Scott, Sec., Joseph Cormick, Test.
Harrison, William and Fanny Futerill, Feb. 10, 1803;
John Wiggins, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Hobby, William J. and Polly Williamson, Feb. 1, 1803;
Alex. Blair, Sec.
Hart, William and Elizabeth Low, Aug. 16, 1804;
Abraham Fausett, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Haupt, Philip and Elizabeth Smith, Apr, 11, 1804;
Lewis Hunster, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Harris, Michael and Ann M. Turman, Mar. 2, 1804;
John Campbell, Sec.
Harvey, John and Rachel Harris, Dec. 21, 1804;
Geo. Y. Macmurphy, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Hagins, Edward and Sally Youngblood, Jan. 8, 1807;
James Cone, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test. by John Carter, J.P.
Henderson, Joseph and Catharine Edington, Apr. 13, 1805;
John McNealy, Sec., Geo, Watkins, Clk.
Holmes, D. G. and Miss Barbara Galphin, May 15, 1805;
Michael Burke, Sec.
Howard, John and Louisa Stoner, Apr. 3, 1806;
David Urquhart, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Harper, Solomon and Polly Cannon, May 12, 1807;
Gerard Lastigne, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hartridge, John Earl and Leah Ann Sandwich, Dec. 26, 1807;
Thos. Barrett, Sec., Lucy Lamar, Test.
Harvey, German and Gracey Washington, Feb. 26, 1808;
Mark Whiteaker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hill, John and Mary Davis, Jul. 4, 1808;
John Carmichael, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hewlitt, Augustin and Margaret Fulcher, Dec. 12, 1808;
David Patterson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hodge, John and Mary Washington, Jul. 22, 1808;
Micajah Stevens, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hall, James B. and Jane Kennedy, Feb. 20, 1809;
Benj. Pierce, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hall, James M. and Amelia Ogg, Jun. 24, 1809;
Martin Hayes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hewlitt, Augustin and Levicia Brown, Nov. 17, 1810;
John Kelley, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O. & J.P.
Harrison, Samuel and Patsy Hill, Jan. 18, 1810;
John Hill, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hill, John Jr. and Elizabeth Carter, Dec. 15, 1810;
John Hill, Sr. Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O. & J.P.
Hill, John and Elizabeth Lantrip, Feb. 5, 1810;
John Preskitt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
These two John Hill's entirely different signatures.
Holsonbake, ? and Anna Dismukes, Apr. 16, 1810;
Notley Whitcumbe, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hill, Benjamin and Harriet Bebe, May 2, 1811;
Samuel Hale, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Harris, Jeremiah and Elinor Beal, Jan. 28, 1812;
Recorded- Walton Harris, Sec., by Lewis Harris, J.P.
Haynes, Francis and Maria Theresa Saint, Jun. 6, 1812;
Francis Bonyer, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test. Recorded
Hester, Wilson and Susannah Weaver, Dec. 21, 1813;
Stephen Weaver, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Howard, Thomas and Henrietta Davis, Jan. 14, 1813;
John Howard, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hodges, Henry W. and Mary Beal, Apr. 25, 1814;
Jonathan Cliett, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hollonsbake, Matthew and Martha Weakley, Feb. 25, 1815;
Matthew D. Hollinsbake, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Holt, William B. P. and Martha Clanton, Aug. 30, 1815;
Wm. Blackwell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Harris, Alex. F. and Elizabeth Burkes, Sep.5, 1816;
A. Tredewell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Howard, Benjamin and Elizabeth Gordon, May 2, 1816;
John Howard, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Hall, Jeremiah and Lucy Hoptkins, Nov. 13, 1817;
Williams Adams, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Howe, Joseph and Eliza Howe, Aug. 25, 1817;
A. Peazon, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Huntington, Alfred J. and Caroline Sims, May 19, 1818;
John Smith, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Harmon, Matthew and Mary Rues, Dec. 28, 1819;
Wm. Frazure, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Hawes, Samuel and Mary Richardson, Feb. 20, 1819;
Edward Hawes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Henderson, Robt. and Elizabeth W. Pate, Jun. 30, 1819;
Alex. Nisbet, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Huff, John and Elizabeth Roberts, Jan. 11, 1819;
P. Brown, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hust, Harmon and Mary Roney, Mar. 22, 1819;
Major Watson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C O.
Hancock, Joseph and Levina Vall, Dec. 16, 1820;
John Clark, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Harmon, Chas. and Adeline E. Dinkins, Nov. 22, 1820;
James Clay, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hannon, Tippoo S. and Eliza Hammond, Apr. 22, 1820;
Dennis Cain, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Hall, Lorenzo P. and Elizabeth Davis, Nov. 22, 1820;
Geo. Blunt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hood, Benjamin and Ann Barlow, Jan. 5, 1822;
Daniel Cooper, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hutchinson, William and Anne Burnes, Dec. 7, 1822;
William Houssley, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hall, Daniel and Sarah Daniel, Aug. 27, 1824;
Geo. W. Walker, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Harrison, Lemuel and Mary Hornby, Dec. 23, 1824;
Geo. G. Holcombe, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Holme, Horatio N. and Margaret Mc Murray Fleming, Apr. 13, 1824;
Thomas Stewart, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Huestis, Moses B. and Elizabeth Boyd, Mar. 31, 1824;
Timothy W. Holt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hatfield, Caleb S. and Maria Shaffer, Sep. 14, 1825;
Wm. B. Jenkins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Hilburn, Levy and Elizabeth Williams, Feb. 1, 1825;
Robert Roman, Sec., H. Murray, Test.
Holt, Elbert and Rebecca Hart, Oct. 5, 1825;
H. W. Carter, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Heckle, John and Susan McGarr, Sep. 2, 1826;
John Lamkin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Holley, Eli and Elizabeth Atkinson, Apr. 9, 1827;
Benj. Rowland, Sec., Will Mackle, D. C.
Hubbard, Osborn and Mary Ann Gould, Mar. 5, 1827;
Bernard Abrahams, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Ham, John B. and Margaret E. J. Walker, May 15, 1828;
Joseph S. Camfield, Sec., Robt. Walton, C. C. O.
Hayden, Lawrence and Catharine Heery?, Dec. 29, 1828;
Bartholomew Kernis, Sec., W. Longstreet, C. C. O.
Henry, Dexter and Nancy Hopkins, Oct. 28, 1828;
John Lamkin, Sec.
Hill, Benjamin K. and Mrs. Susannah C. King, Jul. 3, 1828;
Daniel Robins, Sec., W. Longstreet, C. C. O.
Heard, Thomas N. and Elizabeth Ann Barton, Dec. 23, 1829;
Wm. M. Martin, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.

Iverson, Robert and Margaret Harris, Mar. 25, 1808;
Robt. Wyche, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Inglet, William and Nancy Blackstone, Sep. 8, 1818;
James Blackston, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Inglet, Hugh and Milly Dismukes, Dec. 14, 1822;
Matthew Holosonbake, Sec.,
Inglet, Abraham and Sarah Forgerson, Oct. 3, 1825;
Matthew D. Holosonbake, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Inglet, Andrew and Mahala Philips, Jan. 12, 1827;
Warrington Haynie, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Inglet, Matthew W. and Annis Baggett, Dec. 1, 1828;
Benj. Rowland, Sec., W. Longstreet, Test.

Jenkins, Arthur and Sarah Morris, Nov. 26, 1785;
John Morris, Sec., Chas. Crawford, Esq.
Johnston, Thos. And Susanna Dunn, Aug. 8, 1786;
Isaac Pinson, Sec., Robt. Bartlett, Test. to Capt. Rhesa Howard
Jones, Richard and Mary Short, Jan. 26, 1787;
Thos. Short, Jr., Sec., W. Gardner, Test.
Johnston, Daniel and Virlenda Ellis, Sep. 22, 1787;
Alex. Johnston, Sec., W. & J. Gardner, Test.
Jones, Joel and Bathsheba Lowtrip, Jun. 223, 1790;
Wm. Shepperd, Sec., Ashel & Jason Gardner, Test.
Jernigan, Hardy Rice, planter of Richmond Co., and Rebecca Lee, spinster
of Richmond Co., Dec. 28, 1791; Edward Primrose, Sec., Will Spencer, Sec.,
J. Meriwether, R. P. Test.
Jones, Joel and Nancy Middleton, both of Richmond, Co., Jul. 3, 1792;
Pg. 19, Wm. Shepperd, Sec., W. Freeman, R. P. Test. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Jones, Thomas (boatwright) and Elizabeth Boyd, (widow), Mar. 27, 1792;
James Barnes, Sec., W. Freeman, R. P. Test. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Jones, James and Mary Darling, both of Richmond, Co., Jul. 3, 1792;
Wm. Shepperd, Sec., W. Freeman, R. P. Test. to Rev. Lovelace Savage
Jones, Hezekiah, Esq. and Obedience Mitchell of this Co., Aug. 4, 1792;
Pg. 20, Jesse Rice, Sec., W. Freeman, R. P. Test. to Rev. Abraham Marshall
Jarratt, Archelaus and Martha Key, Nov. 14, 1796;
James Scott, Sec., James O. Cosby, Test. to rev. Adam Boyd.
Jones, Joshua and Sally Morris, Aug. 5, 1796;
Pg. 193, Wm. Morris, Sec., Wyche Goodwin, Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esq.
Jones, Henry and Frances Jones, (widow), both of Richmond Co., Dec. 21,
1797; Pg. 204, John Milner, Sec., Sarah P. Mead, Test. to Zephanniah Beal,
James, William and Mary McGinn, Jan. 27, 1798; Pg. 205,
John Flint, Sec., M. M. Hart (?) Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esqr.
Jones, Samuel W. and Christianna Tobler, Nov. 1, 1798;
James Scott, Sec., Tilman S. Dixon, Test.
Jarvis, Floyd and Sarah Hawkins, Aug. 24, 1799;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Jenkins, Richard and Jane Smith, Mar. 30, 1800;
John Swafferd, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Jones, Abraham or Abram and Elizabeth Watson Beal, Jul. 27, 1802;
John Bacon, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Jones, Thomas and Catharine Mead, Jan. 20, 1803;
Cowles Mead, Sec.
Jackson, Richard and Peggy Hatcher, Feb. 19, 1803;
Matthew Channell, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Jones, Charles and Elizabeth Brownson, Jan. 18, 1804;
Holland McTyre, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Jewel, Kinchen and Elizabeth Harrison, Apr. 9, 1806;
John Wiggins, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Johnson, Caesar and Prissilla Kelly, Jan. 25, 1807;
Walter Leigh, J.P. recorded as Asaar Johnson
Jarvis, Floyd and Nancy Sneed, Jul. 1, 1807;
James Hamilton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Jones, Seaborn and Elizabeth Harris, Oct. 6, 1807;
James Fraser, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Johnston, Elijah and Sally Collins, Nov. 20, 1808;
James Holcombe, Sec., recorded.
Johnson, Robert and Jane Lacy, Jul. 9, 1808;
Recorded by Benj. B. Tindall, J.P.
Jones, William and Corally Boisclair, Jul. 28, 1810;
Andrew G. Semmes, Sec.,
Jones, John and Elizabeth Thomas, Jun. 22, 1811;
James Barton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Jones, Thomas and Priscilla Jones, Dec. 30, 1818;
Geo. W. Watkins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C. O.
Jones, Joseph and Elizabeth Cliatt, Apr. 1, 1819;
Isaac Cliatt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C.O.
Jones, William H. and Martha McMillan, Nov. 13, 1819;
John Dent, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
James, Jordan and Nancy Osalt, Jan. 13, 1820;
William Rabb, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Johnson, William and Judith Cliatt, Jul. 17, 1821;
James Cliatt, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Jones, Chauncy and Mary H. Pearson, Nov. 8, 1821;
John H. Mann, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Johnson, Jesse and Lacretia Watson, Mar 27, 1823;
Livingston Skinner, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C.O.
Johnson, Richard H. and Catharine Maclean, Jan. 4, 1823;
John Marshall, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Juhan, Nathaniel B. and Henrietta Hornby, Oct. 14, 1823;
John Macky, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
James, James B. and Mahaly Smith, Oct. 4, 1824;
Jordan James, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Johnson, Emanuel and Mary Kirklin, Aug. 4, 1824;
Abraham Glissen, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Jones, Rev. Lot. And Priscilla McMillan, Jun. 1, 1825;
William H. Jones, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
James, William W. and Avey Haney, Aug. 14, 1826;
By Val. Walker, J.I.C.
Jackson, Julius and Sally A. Sloan, May 6, 1828;
John Howard, Sec., Robt. Walton, Clk.
Johnston, Henry and Catharine McPherson, Jul. 22, 1829;
Wm. B. Shelton, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.

Kindred, John and Rebecca Day, Nov. 9, 1787;
John Offutt, Sec., Mathias Beavers, Sec., W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Kendall, Henry and Elizabeth Penny Wright, Oct. 28, 1788;
Wm. Gardner, Sec., Alex. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Kennedy, John and Elizabeth Webster, (wid.), both of Richmond Co.,
Aug. 12, 1791; Wm. Rowland, Sec., Micajah Wilkerson, Sec.,
J. Meriwether, R.P. Test. to Philip Clayton, Esqr.
Kindrick, Thomas and Theodope Day, Mar. 25, 1791;
Jesse Offitt, Sec., Nathaniel Kindrick, Sec., Ashel & Wm. Gardner, Test.
Kelsey, Noah and Sally Hawkins, both of Augusta, Feb. 4, 1792;
Pg. 13, John Kelly, Sec., P. Clayton, J.P. Test. to Philip Clayton, Esqr.
Kite, John and Mary Dicks, Oct. 19, 1795;
Aaron Kite, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test. to Wm. Longstreet, Esqr.
King, John and Celia Reid, Apr. 12, 1797;
Aaron Kite, Sec., to Wm. Longstreet, Esqr.
Kraatz, John and Elizabeth Tally, Nov. 20, 1799;
Francis Trotti, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Kennedy, John and Charity Sanders, Oct. 24, 1800;
Robt. McTyre, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Kelsey, Noah and Letty Crossie, Jul. 10, 1801;
Thos. Flournoy, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Ker, Wm. Powell and Rhody Hayes, May 2, 1801;
James Buchanan, Sec.,
Kinder, David and Polly Simpson, Mar. 3, 1802;
Isaac Cliatt, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Knight, Satty and Polly Burch, Apr. 13, 1802;
David Daniel, Sec.
Knight, John and Sarah Tarver, Mar. 9, 1803;
Nehemiah Knight, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Kelly, Morris and Rebecca Kitchen, Apr. 27, 1803;
Thomas Jones, Sec., J. Hamil, N.P., Test.
Kempel, Abraham and Elizabeth Meiger, Mar. 6, 1805;
Chas. Johnson, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Kerr, Hugh and Lucy Thompson of Warren Co., Feb. 19, 1806;
Recorded; Asaph Waterman, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Kesterson, Thomas and Nancy Fears, Feb. 15, 1806;
Hugh Kerr, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
King, Richard and Dolly Sessoms, Sep. 9, 1808;
Henry King, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Kelly, David and Polly Winters, Jan. 19, 1809;
James Neatherlin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Kelly, John and Mrs. Susannah Ward, Sep. 9, 1810;
by Thomas Gabard, J.P.
Kesterson, Thomas and Charlotte Lamkin, Dec. 27, 1810;
Andw. Harrison, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Knight, James and Elizabeth Valloton, Nov. 29, 1810;
Hugh Valloton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, J.P. & C. C. O.
Knapen, Thomas and Emily Hughes, Aug. 24, 1813;
Stephen Weston, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Knaves, John and Sarah Brigs, Apr. 13, 1815;
A. Cain, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Knaves, John and Elizabeth Stokes, Sep. 16, 1815;
Joseph Smith, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Kimball, Bartholomew and Mary Kennedy, May, 7, 1817;
Geo. Wallace, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Kenny, John and Catharine Kelly, Nov. 3, 1818;
John Cashin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Kimball, John H. and Elvira Smith, Jun. 10, 1818;
Wm. P. Dearmond, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Key, Joshua and Sarah Elizabeth Marshall, Sep. 1, 1819;
Benj. H. Warren, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Kerr, John and Catharine R. E. Burke, Jul. 12, 1821;
Wm. Montgomery, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Kirkpatrick, Daniel and Ann M. St. Maries?, Feb. 24,1823;
Geo. Dunbar, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Knight, Enoch and Susan Bugg, Sep. 3, 1823;
John Creswell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Kennedy, Edwrd and Lucretia Atwell, Sep. 23, 1825;
James Atwell, Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Kibbe, William and Mary Williams, Feb. 1, 1826;
Wm. Gaylord, Sec., Henry Murray, Dep. C. C. O.
Kerns, Bartholomew and Ellen Heery, Feb. 1, 1828;
John McDonough, Sec., Robt. Walton, Clk.
Kendrick, Wm. O. and Mary McLean, Jul. 2 1828;
James R. Allen, Sec., W. Longstreet, C. C. O.

Lindsey, William and Martha Dismick, (Dismuke?), May 10, 1786;
Simeon Jones, Sec. to Henry Allison, Esqr. Test torn off.
Lawson, William and Rachel Felps, Nov. 9, 1786;
Wm. Lawson, Sec., James Hamilton, Test. to Rev. Mr. Sturges.
Lacey, William and Mary Moore, Jul. 20, 1789;
Robt. Quin, Sec., Wm. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
Lamar, James, Jr., and Alasanah Howard, Jan. 24, 1790;
Ashel Gardner, Sec., Jason & john Gardner, Test.
Letherin, James and Polly Tindley, both of Richmond, Co., Apr. 23, 1793;
Pg. 25, John Tindley, Sec., W. Freeman, R.P. Test. to Wm. Lee, Esqr.
Lamar, Basil of Richmond Co., and Rebecca Kelly of Columbia Co., Jan. 21,
1795; Samuel Bugg, Sec., Jas. Palmer, Test. to John Leath, Esqr. Pg. 53.
Locklin, William and Mary Foster, May 30, 1798;
Pg. 208; George Fee, Sec., Sarah P. Mead, Test. to Robt. Crawford, Esqr.
Lockhart, Samuel and Mary Moore, Jan. 10, 1798;
Lewis Hunster, Sec., David Allen, Test. to Absolom Rhodes, Esqr.
Lockington, Samuel and Elizabeth Fee, Sep. 21, 1799;
George Fee, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Lutgert, John and Mary Deane, Feb. 15, 1800;
Martin Wiseman, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Lemle, Daniel and Elizabeth Webster, Jan. 8, 1801;
Absolom Rhodes, Sec.
Lee, Lewis and Jenny Triplett, Feb. 23, 1802;
Wm. Shepperd, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Lenoir, Fisher and Christiana Jones, Sep. 14, 1802;
George Morse, Sec.
Luckey, James and Sarah Conner, Nov. 13, 1802;
John Hobbs, Sec.
Lanthrip, John and Elizabeth Prescott, Apr. 9, 1803;
John Tinley, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Liverman, John and Elizabeth Moore, Jun. 7, 1805;
James Prather, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Lambeth, John and Sally Sikes, Mar. 31, 1808;
William Sikes, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Lallentedt, Larson and Mary Dalton, Nov. 30, 1809;
Peter Donaldson, Sec., Isaac Herbert. Test.
LaRoche, Isaac and Eliza Oliver, Jun. 15, 1809;
Newel W. Herbert, Sec.,
Ledbetter, Ackabod and Catharine Collins, Jan. 9, 1809;
Jere McCarter, Sec., Isaac Herbert. Test.
Lamkin, Samson and Martha Carter, Jan. 25, 1811;
Nathaniel C. Snead, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lyon, John and Elizabeth Coleman, Aug. 2, 1811;
Thos. Lanthorp, Sec., Isaac Herbert. Test.
Lambeth, John and Mary Bond, Apr.10, 1812;
James Bond, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Longstreet, Gilbert and Betsy H. Leigh, Nov. 2, 1812;
Abiel Camfield, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Leith, Charles and Mary Gardner, Jan. 9, 1813;
John Roberts, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Longstreet, James and Mary Ann Dent, Dec. 30, 1813;
Samuel Hale, Sec., Isaac Herbert. Test.
Lumpkin, Philip and Nancy Bugg, Dec. 11, 1813;
Edmond Bugg, Sec., Isaac Herbert. Test.
Lissenhoff, Frederick and Eliza Edrington, Mar. 2, 1814;
Geo. Walton, Sec.
Lee, John and Isabella Fletcher, Aug. 16, 1816;
Robt. Fraser, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Leslie, James and Harriett Askew, Mar. 12, 1816;
John C. Holcombe, Sec.
Lang, Robert and Helena Prignet, Feb. 10, 1817;
Samuel K. Miller, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Leon, Lewis and Sarah Meckie, Jun. 15, 1818;
Andrew J. Dill, Sec., Isaac Herbert. C. C.O.
Lallerstedt, Larson and Rebecca Wallace, Apr. 18, 1820;
B. S. Dalton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lambeth, John and Sarah Hammond, Sep. 7, 1820;
John Armstrong, Sec., Isaac Herbert. C. C.O.
Leeds, Nathan and Mary Silbert, Nov. 25, 1820;
John Lund, Sec., Isaac Herbert. C. C. O.
Lamar, G. B. and Jane M. Creswell, Oct. 17, 1821;
John Creswell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Langford, Carter and Mary Vigal, Feb. 3, 1821;
Wm. P. Bell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Leonard, Samuel and Susannah Birns, Sep. 8, 1821;
John Marshall, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lamar, Geo. W. and Sarah Ann Talbot, May 21, 1823;
J. V. W. Lacy, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lambeth, Thoms and Lucy Miels, Feb. 5, 1823;
Redden Atwell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lang, Thomas and Maria E. Savage, Aug. 14, 1823;
Geo. W. Evans, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lucky, John and Mary Prather, Apr. 9, 1823;
Samuel Williamson, Sec., Isaac Herbert. C. C. O.
Lucky, William and Martha Collins, Jul. 23, 1822;
John Collins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lyon, James and Mary Newman, Jul. 10, 1823;
John Collins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lamar, John T. and Louisa V. Wray, Nov. 21, 1826;
Thos. J. Parmelee, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lynch, Christopher and Mary Carmon, Sep. 9, 1826;
Isaac Taylor, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Livingston, Altamont and Frances Wamble, Nov. 1, 1827;
by Wm. Co?son, J. P., Not Recorded.
Lawrence, Wm. Washington and Selty Hargrove, Jan. 6, 1827;
James Murphey, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Lawrence, Garrett and Eliza Humphries, Aug. 29, 1828;
William Thompson, Sec.
Lawson, Albert and Sarah Wyette, Dec. 9, 1828;
Archd. Byrd, Sec.
Leigh, Wistly and Ann McCurdy, Jul. 2, 1829;
Bernard Abrahams, Sec., W. Longstreet, Test.

Martin, Charles and Eady Harriod, Dec. 28, 1785;
Wm. Gaines, Sec., Richard Griffin Bouche, Test. to Rev. Mr. Savage.
Monroe, Daniel and Sarah McNeill, Dec. 11, 1786;
William Hoge, Sec., W. Gardner, Test.
Moise, David and Aylse McCormick, Jan. 15, 1787;
James Caldwell, Sec., John Bush, Test.
Maxwell, Edward and Jane Sinquefield, Mar. 12, 1787;
John Brandon, Sec., W. & J. Gardner, Test.
Murphy, James and Mary Rhodes, Jan. 30, 1786;
Daniel Dannelly, Sec., Edward Maxwell, Test.
Money, John and Mary Mendenghall, Oct. 8, 1789;
James Ryan, Sec., Beverly Lowe, Test.
Magruder, Samuel and Martha Ellis, Feb. 14, 1888;
Walter Drane, Sec., W. & Ashel Gardner, Test.
McNeil, Daniel and Margaret Marshall, Apr. 23, 1788;
William Hoge, Sec., W. Gardner, Test.
Mitchell, Benjamin and Mourning Harris, Jul. 30, 1789;
Jehu Gaultney, Sec., Wm. & Jason Gardner, Test.
Medlock, George and Mary Pearre, Sep. 8, 1789;
James Pearre, Sec., Wm. Gardner, Test.
Meriwether, James, Esqr. And Susannah Hatcher, May 14, 1790;
Geo. Hadley, Sec., M. (?) Urquhart, Sec., Lewis Gardner, Test.
Mote, Jeremiah and Mary Butler, Sep. 4, 1790;
John Monney or Monneg, Sec., Ashel & Jason Gardner, Test.
McGurdy, John and Susannah Hills, Nov. 30, 1790;
To; Rev. Adam Boyd, no wit; or Sec.
McLeod, Robert and Martha Hudnal, Aug. 14, 1790;
Elias Lazenby, Stc., William Ford, Sec., John Ford, Test. Ashel Gardner, Test.
Macklemore, Matthew and Anne Bailey, Mar. 23, 1790;
Joseph Burch, Sec., Wm. Mead, Test. to Rev. Wm. Franklin. Pg. 190
Mote, John and Rachel Mote, May 21, 1790;
William Mote, Sec. Ashel & John Gardner, Test.
Moore, John (blacksmith) and Catherine Thompson, wid., both of Richmond
Co., Nov. 16, 1791; Pg. 9, Wm. Dearmond, Test. Samuel Hemphill, Test.,
J. Meriwether, R.P. to Dalziel Hunter, Esq.
Morgan, Andrew and Jane Burnett, Dec. 22, 1792;
Wilson Woodroof, Sec. W. Freman, R.P. to Rev. Adam Boyd.
Morris, Nicholas and Sarah Harrigan, both of Richmond Co., Sep. 1, 1792;
Pg. 20, Jonathan Weaver, Sec., W. Freeman, R.P. to Zephamiah Beal, Esq.
McGee, Jonathan, planter, and Rebecca James, orphan, both of Richmond
Co., Nov. 19, 1793; Pg. 32, John Berryhill, Sec., Chas. Crawford, Test. to
Wm. Lee, Esqr.
McAfee, James, weaver, and Sarah Prater, widow, of Richmond, Co.,
Jan. 2, 1794; Pg. 35, Duncan Cameron, Sec., Geo. Pearson, Test. to
Rev. Adam Boyd.
McSwine, John and Elizabeth Youngblood, both of Richmond Co., Oct. 1, 1794;
Pg. 45, John Manon, Sec., to Wm. Rowland, Esqr.
Miller, Nathaniel and Mary Slade, both of Richmond Co., May 14, 1785;
Pg. 61, Wm. McTyeire, Sec., to Abraham Jones, Esqr.
McTyre, Holland of Richmond, Co., and Sarah Sinkfield, of Columbia Co.,
Oct. 27, 1795; Pg. 184, Laurence Trotti, Sec., Sarah P. Mead, Test.
McMillan, Alex. and Martha Mead, Apr. 21, 1795;
Pg. 60, John Pollard, Sec., Bird Martin, Test.
Martin, Angus and Elizabeth Lowe, Dec. 23, 1795;
Pg. 204, Joseph Stiles, Sec., John Cook, Test. to Rev. Abraham Marshall.
Morann, Basil and Winny Blackstone, Nov. 4, 1797;
John McCoy, Sec., to John Cook, Test. to Rev. Abraham Marshall.
McKinne, John and Elizabeth Malone, Dec. 11, 1798;
John Sayrs, Sec.
Martin, Richard and Eleanor Clark, Jul. 10, 1799;
Wm. Nettles, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McNeill, John and Nancy McTyeire, Jun. 12, 1799;
John Carter, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Monk, Willis and Frances Holly, Sep. 21, 1799;
Eli Holly, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Magee, Hugh and Mary Dearmond, Oct. 25, 1800;
Benj. Nowland, Sec., Francis Vallotton, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Meredith, John and Rebecca Hinton, Jan. 11, 1800;
Thos. Herron, Sec.
McDade, John and Milly Fortuneberry, Feb. 20, 1801;
Joakim Faulkenberry, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McTyer, Frizzell and Mary Murphy, Mar. 12, 1801;
James Murphy, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Moore, John and Elizabeth Young, Jan. 14, 1801;
William Young, Sec., Angus Martin, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Martin, Alex. and Nancy Clark, Jun. 30, 1802;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McCoy, Lewis and Jane Brandon, Dec. 24, 1803;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McGar, Edward and Martha Anderson, Nov. 6, 1804;
Matthias Liverman, Sec., Bird Tindill, Sec. Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McGar, William and Eliza Leath, Oct. 12, 1804;
Samuel Allen, Jr., Sec., Anderson Watkins, Test.
McManus, John and Milly Riley, Dec. 15, 1804;
John Kennedy, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McNair, John and Mary Luckey, Aug. 13, 1804;
James Luckey, Sec.,
Middleton, John and Elizabeth Scott, Feb. 23, 1804;
Geo. Graves, Sec., Anderson Watkins, Test.
Moore, Thomas and Martha Jones, Mar. 29, 1804;
John McKinne, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Morris, Thomas and Nancy Baggett, Dec. 11, 1804;
Rhese Morris, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Murphey, James and Mary Fears, Nov. 19, 1804;
William Clark, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McCullough, Henry and Mrs. Sarah Tally, Jan. 17, 1805;
Edward Burch, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McMurphy, Geo. Y. and Keziah P. Martin, Nov. 28, 1805;
Geo. F. Randolph, Sec., J. Hamill, Test.
McNair, Daniel and Ann Martin, Dec. 3, 1805;
John McNair, Sec., Val. Walker, J.I.C. certifies that he married the above
couple Dec. 10, 1805. Jan. 18, 1830 returned, recorded.
Marshall, John and Elizabeth McGill, Jun. 8, 1805;
Isaac Wilcox, Sec.,
Martin, Angus and Mrs. Isabel Ringland, May 1, 1805;
John Carmichael, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Moore, Augustus and Keziah Louisa Miller, Mar. 18, 1805;
John Mead, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Murphy, Nicholas and Ann Collins, Jan. 30, 1805;
Thomas McDade, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
McCulloch, Chas. and Mary Wilkes, Dec. 3, 1806;
Zachariah Bell, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Morris, John and Nancy Lesley, Apr. 1, 1806;
Reason Beal, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Clk.
McDade, Thomas and Martha Wasdon, Dec. 5, 1807;
Henry Hatcher, Sec.,
Morris, Joseph and Anne Culbreath, Dec. 3, 1807; by
Wm. Wilkins, Sec., J. P. Recorded
Martin, Joseph and Caty Presser, Jul. 14, 1808;
Chas. Jones, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Matthewson, Daniel and Delilah Cobb, Sep. 7, 1807;
John Allen, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Matthaci, John Henry and Margaret Gordon, Oct. 6, 1808;
Benjamin Sims, Sec., Joseph P. McKinne, Test.
Miles, Bird Aderson and Lucy Patterson, Aug. 24, 1808;
Dread Dawson, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Meals, Joshua and Mildred Jane Bostwick, Jul. 10, 1809; by
John Garvin, E.M.E.E. Recorded.
Martin, Alex. and Ann Savage, Jan. 2, 1810;
Angus Martin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Magee, David and Sarah Rooks, Jul. 28, 1809;
Kinchen Jewel, Sec., Newel W. Herbert, Test.
McCaskel, John and Eliza Nelson, Jul. 14, 1810;
James Ward, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
McCollough, Jacob and Sukey Lambeth, Jan. 18, 1810;
Samuel Greenaway, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McEachin, Archibald and Ester Stallings, Aug. 1, 1810;
W. B. McGehee, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
McKinne, Barna and Ann Galphin, Sep. 4, 1810;
Patrick Kelly, Sec., Felix McKinne, Test.
McManus, Robert and Polly Cane, Jun. 15, 1810;
John H. Mann, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Morgan, Moses and Alsie McCain, Dec. 28, 1810;
John Hill, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Malone, John and Ann Glascock, Mar. 7, 1811;
Wm. T. Brantly, Recorded.
Mann, John H. and Henrietta Stallings, Jul. 13, 1811;
Harmon W. Bozman, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Matthews, William and Cathrine Collins, Nov. 23, 1812; by
Robert Allen, Recorded.
McDade, William and Nancy Fortuneberry (Faulkenberry?) Dec. 24, 1812;
John McDade, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
McKinne, Joseph and Ann Gardner, Apr. 13, 1813;
John McKinne, Sec., Robt. Walker, Judge. Recorded.
McKinney, David and Constance Sophia Bigar, Mar. 24, 1813;
John Bigar, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Maher, John and Elizabeth Claxton, Jul. 28, 1816; by
John Liverman, D.M.E.C. Not recorded.
Marye, Robt. V. and Sarah T. Blackwell, Dec. 5, 1816;
Thos. H. Penn, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Test.
Morgan, James and Mary Dathney, Apr. 6, 1816;
Thos. Glascock, Sec., Edward Byrd, Test.
Musgrove, Robt. H. and Jane W. Bustin, May 8, 1816;
Robert Lang, Jr., Sec., John Nesbitt, Sec.
Mackie, William and Sarah Herbert, May 14, 1817;
Thos. McDowall, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Mazle, John and Mary Ann Burch, Jan. 28, 1817;
Robt. Dukes, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Mazo, William and Sarah Prater, May 24, 1817;
B.S. Dalton, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
McCarthy, John and Perelia Philips, Sep. 8, 1818;
James Harris, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Moye, Thomas and Janet Fowler, Nov. 4, 1818;
Gideon Prickett, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Matthews, Graves and Matilda Gibson, Jul. 23, 1819;
Abel Dimon, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Morgan, Eldridge and Sally Morris, Jul. 1, 1819;
Moses Morgan, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McTyre, Robert and Elizabeth Savage, Feb. 4, 1819;
Geo. Bullock, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Murrah, George and Elizabeth B. McCaskell, Feb. 10, 1819;
W. Lamkin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.
Maharry, Joseph P. and Mary Ann Brown, Sep. 29, 1820;
John T. Lamar, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Miller, Francis and Hannah Messer or mercer, Sep. 2, 1820;
Thos. Reynolds, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Monk, Eli and Sarah Willis, Aug. 10, 1821;
Geo. Foldes, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Morand, Eli and Sarah Willis, Aug. 15, 1821;
Alexis Tardy, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Maguire, James and Sarah McFarland, Jan. 7, 1822;
B.Kerins, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McGlenan, John and Eliza Jordan Mar. 14, 1822;
C. Santi, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Mealing, William and Elizabeth Mobley, Jun. 22, 1822;
William Hatfield, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Murray, James and Catharine A. Pembleton, Feb. 13, 1822;
Timothy Maddin, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Mayson, Chas. C. and Margaret Eugenia Dubose, Oct. 29, 1823;
James Moore, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Musgrove, Harrison and Amanda Ann McGar, Sep. 8, 1823;
D. Cooke, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Mackey, John and Wilhellmina Hunter, Mar. 30. 1824;
Wm. P. Cochran, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McKenny, John and Eliza Collins, Jan. 9, 1824;
Chas. Evans, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Murdock, Fielding W. and Letty Newman, Nov. 8, 1824;
James Fox, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McGar, John and Martha McGruder, Nov. 2, 1825;
James A. Adams, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
McNair, James and Elizabeth Palmer, Dec. 21, 1925;
Martin McNair, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Miller, James and Mary Ann Spiers, Nov. 1, 1825;
Wm. Duncan, Sec., Henry Murray, Test.
Murrah, George and Elizabeth McCaskill, Aug. 4, 1825;
Wm. T. Brantly, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
McDerman, Stephen and Elizabeth Edney, Dec. 20, 1826;
Chas. F. Jones, Sec., Isaac Herbert. C.C.O.
Morgan, Millenton and Mary Davis, Dec. 12, 1826;
Wm. McCain, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Murphey, Alex and Mariah Tarver, Jan. 26, 1826;
Bryan Daniel, Sec., Henry Murray, Dep. C.C.O.
McCain, William and Elizabeth Watkins, May 19, 1827;
James W. Wilcox, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Miller, Baldwin B. and Rosina S. Morrison, Oct. 25, 1827;
Edw. Hughes, Sec., Robt. Walton, C.C.O.
Morgan, Ellis and Margaret Morris, Feb. 14, 1827;
Hez. Salmon, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C.C.O.
Minis, Chas. E. and Eliza E. Martin, Dec. 8, 1828;
Wm. M. Martin, Sec., S. M. Jackson, Dep. Clk.
Moore, Jeffrey and Isabella Lamar, Feb. 7, 1828;
Wm. B. Shelton, Sec., S. M. Jackson, Dep. Clk.
Morgan, Millenton and Elizabeth Brown, Dec. 13, 1828;
David Everett, Sec., W. Longstreet, Test.
McDonough, James and Ellen Mitchell, Jun. 1, 1829;
B. Kearns, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.
McLaughlin, Gerrard and Laura C. Wray, Jun. 3, 1829;
Artemus Gould, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Test.
Moore, William and Polly Hooker, Nov. 17, 1829;
Thos. Guin, Sec., Wm. Longstreet, Clk.

Nettles, Israel and Elizabeth Clarkson, Dec. 13, 1796; to;
John Catlett, Esqr. Nelson Crawford, Sec., Samuel M. Smyth, Sec.
Nettles, Williamd and Nancy Bryson, Aug. 22, 1799;
James B. Floyd, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Nesbitt, Hugh and Polly Barden, Feb. 10, 1800;
Hugh M. Hull, Sec., James Walker, Test.
Nowland, Benjamin, and Nancy Barton, May 17, 1802;
Hugh Magee, Sec., Geo. Watkins, Clk.
Newton, Amos and Harriett Bond, Sep. 1, 1806;
Nelson Crawford, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Norwood, William and Kesiah Langham, May 9, 1806;
James Langham, Sec., Gustavus Kennedy, Sec., N. W. Herbert, Dep. Clk.
Nesbitt, Allen and Agnes Ann Taylor, Jul. 30, 1807;
John Campbell, Sec., Isaac Herbert, C. C. O.
Neilson, John and Maria Dent, Oct. 10, 1809;
William Bones, Sec., Isaac Herbert, Test.

Historical collections of the Georgia chapters,
Daughters of the American Revolution
by Wm Longstreet
Atlanta, Ga.: C.P. Byrd, state printer, 1926
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Suzan Stern - 2011

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