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Wills of Richmond County, Georgia

Richmond County, Georgia

WILLS, 1777-1797

Source: HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS of the Georgia Chapters DAUGHTERS of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION Volume II Records of Richmond County, Georgia Formerly Saint Paul's Parish Abstracted and compiled 1927 By (Mrs. John Lee) Grace Gillam Davidson State Historian, Georgia D. A. R., 1926-1928

The following wills were taken from the originals found in files, the first book of Wills 1777-1797 in which they are supposed to be recorded having been withdrawn by the Judge of Court of Ordinary from the use of the public. Several were found not listed in the index to the above book on page 120, Vol. 3, Joseph Habersham Collections, as taken by Miss Helen Prescott.

APPLING, JOHN—of Nottoway Parish, Amelia Co.—To be buried at the direction of his friends Chas. Connally and Wm. Cryer, and beloved wife Martha Appling, who are appointed Excrs. and Excx. "My six children", John, Daniel and William Appling. Daus. Elizabeth, Lucy and Patty Appling, certain slaves, etc. Signed Oct. 25, 1773. Probated Amelia Co., Va. Nov. 3, 1775. Wit: Chas. Jackson, Philip Jackson, Mary Jackson. Martha Appling, Excx., qualifies in Richmond Co., Ga., Nov. 1777. Wm. Jackson, R. P. Recorded Book "A" follos 3 and 4.

AYRES, ABRAHAM—of Richmond Co. Ga.—To son Thomas, land on which I now live, with a tract on other sid© of Little River. Wife Elizabeth to live on home place during life or widowhood. Certain tract on Kiokee to be sold by executors and divided between my daughtrs Rebecca and Gene Ayres. Wife Elizabeth and friend Mr. James Matthews Excrs. Signed Jul. 6, 17.83. Probated Mar. 4, 1784. Wit: Shadrach Mims, James Cartledge, Barnas Pace. Estate appraised Mar 29, 17 84 by John Germany, Reuben Blanchard and Samuel Pain. A memorandum of old book accounts remaining of Abraham Ayers, dec'd, that the people are dispersed, some run away, some dead and not be come at. Debtors: Isaac Wood, Josiah Dun, James Smith, John Hatton, or Holton, Richard Johnston, George Parks, Samuel McCarty, William Standly, Daniel Wallowhorn (Wolecon?) Job. Smith, St., Absolom Horn, William Mangram, Doctor York, John Jackson, Edward Upton, John Cobb, Robert Mims.

BUGG, WILLIAM—In a lower state of health, but perfect traaquillty of mind, body to be buried at the discretion of my wife Lucy Bugg, my bro. Sherwood Bugg, my bro-in-law Peter Paris and my uncle Wm. Hobson, whom I appoint my Excrs. Son John Bugg, dau. Elizabeth Bugg both to be educated, seem to be minors. If they die without heirs, the property to he divided between my wife and my sisters and hrothers. Signed Mar. 12, 1780. Probated May 17, 1780. Wit: John Ledbetter, John Tawin, George Seegar, R. P. R. C. Recorded in Book "A" second time May 10, 1790, Lewis Gardner.

BEDINGFIELD, JOHN—Legatees, son Charles Bedingfield, daus. Patty and Polly Bedingfield. John Bedingfield (relationship not given) Son-in-law John Wiles. Mentions lot of land bought from Mr. Sharewood Bugg. Wm. Glascock, Adam Wiles and son Charles Bedingfield, Excrs. Signed Nov. 24, 1781. Wit: Daniel Wolecon, Thos. Garnett, Peter Bemock, John Mooney. Probated Mar. 14, 1782.

BEALL, JACOB—To two sons James and Nathan, 300 acres of land on south side of Savannah River, known as "The Mounts", when James shall come of age, and several slaves. To wife Elliner slaves Cassandra and Toby, household furniture etc., for life. To three sons Hezekiah, Zephemiah and Nathan all real estate in S. C. and Ga. To dau. Rebekah Bostick slaves. Littleberry Bostick, Zephemiah and Hezekiah Beall, Excrs. Signed May 7, 1781. Wit: Batt Jones, Betsey Hatcher, Virlinder Phillips. Inventory taken Mar. 5, 1782; Brittian Dawson, George Wyche, Appraisers.

BUGG, EDMUND—Jan. 17, 1782—To sons William and Edmund Bugg, plantation of 500 acres know.n as Pippirs plantation on which I now live. To three sons, viz: Jeremiah, Samuel and Jacob. To all five sons under age a plantation known as Greenbryer and my Interest in a tract of land I purchased the warrant of survey from Wm. Sims, Surveyor, situated in the Back Swamp. To grandson Basil Lamar, a slave, to dau. Sally Lamar two slaves, to dau. Polly slaves etc., to wife Obedience, life estate. Wife Obedience, sons William and Jeremiah, Excrs. Wit: R. Middleton, Robert Bonner, James Martin. No date of probate but an Inventory of negroes, cattle, etc., made Jan. 21, 1783, appraised by Nathaniel Hicks, Daniel Wallicon and Sherwood Bugg. Returns of William Bugg, Excr. 1806-1808 no data. Agreement of heirs Jan. 26, 1807, having met at the late residence of Mrs. Obedience Bugg, our late mother and grandmother, hut now dec'd, to receive from William Bugg the surviving Excr. our shares. Signed by: William Bugg, Edmund Bugg, Richard Johnson, Jacob Bugg, E. Lamar for self and minor James, Samuel Bugg, Benj. F. Harris, gdn. of the heirs of Samuel Bugg dec'd. Wm. A. Bugg, Jr., Bdward W. Wade, M. T. Bacon. Robert Lamar, Chas. Lamar. Lots drawn by: Samuel Bugg, the heir of Jere. Bugg. Edmund Bugg. Heirs of Samuel Bugg. Heirs of James Lamar. Richard Johnson, William Bugg, Jacob Bugg. Lewis Harris, Edmund Rowell, Zachariah Williams, commissioners to divide estate.

BALDWIN, DAVID—(Non cupative) To eldest son William, a slave in the hands of Robt. Middleton. To dau. Ann and sons Ephraim and Owen, slaves, etc. Wife Sarah, life estate. Wife Sarah and John Moore, Excrs. Signed Aug. 24, 1782. Wit: John Moore, Mordecai Moore. Executors John Moore and Sarah his wife, named Excr. and Excx., qualified Nov. 22, 1785. Estate appraised by James Stewart, Mordecai Moore and Richard Moore, Aug. 2 8, 17.83.

BARRETT, THOMAS—All estate, real and peraonal, to be divided between son Dominick Barrett and Unity Barrett, my daughter. Friend Chas. Crawford, Excr. Signed Sep. 23, 1785. Probated Jan. 3, 1786. Wit: James A. Aldridge. David Maxwell, Benj. Grubbs, Alid Vaughan, Thos. Richardson, Wm. Barnett, appointed appraisers Feb. 21, 1786.

BUGG, JEREMIAH—Book A—Page 57—To wife Mary, tract of land on Greenbryer Creek, Richmond Co., adjoining land whereon Isaac Wood now lives, 100 acres of which was devised me by my late father, the remainder purchased from by brother William Bugg. If she dies before my son Samuel, the property to go to him. Child in esse. Samuel a minor. Brothers William, Edmund, and Samuel Bugg, Excrs. Signed Aug. 30, 178 6. Probated Mar. 4, 1787. Wit: Sherw. Bugg, N. H. Bugg, Seaborn Jones. Estate appraised Aug. 27. 1787 hy Henry Arinton (Arrington), Henry Tuclknet (Turknet) Sherwd. Bugg. Returns .of William and Samuel Bugg of profits etc. of estate of Jeremiah Bugg touching his orphan Samuel from Jan. 1793, when the widow married till Apr. 3, 1800.

BOOKER, THOMAS—Apprehensive of death—To hrothers Gideon and William Flournoy Booker, 350 acres of land in Prince Edward Co. Va., part of a 500 acre tract willed me by my father, the remaining 150 acres to my bro. John Booker. To sister Mary Williams Booker, slave, to bro. William! Flournoy Booker a tract ot land granted me 'by the State of Georgia. Bros. Gideon and Wm. F. Booker, Excrs. Signed Nov. 3, 1788. Probated Sept. 24, 1789. Wit: John Zachry, Daniel Zachry, Sarah Zachry. Will Kennedy, James Gardner and George Barnes appointed appraisers Peb. 16, 1793.

BINNEDAN, ISAAC—Power of attorney to James P. Schmedt. Witnessed by John T. Spies and Christopher Williams at Charleston, 1781.

BARRON, WILLIAM—Book A, Page 86—All property to be divided between my dau. Sarah Norwood and her two sons, John Barron and William Barron. John Lamar and Nathaniel Perry, Excrs. Signed Mar. 25, 1790. Probated Oct. 9, 1790. Wit: Catherine Lamar, John Poston, Basil Lamar.

BARNES, JAMES—Book C—Page 19, 20—Lawful debts to ibe paid off of the sale of three lots and improvements purchased from Wm. Elliott in Springfield. Lot on which he lives to be given to his wife Jemmina Barnes during life, at iher death to go to my two nephews, James Swain and Martin West. James Brown and Godfrey Zimmerman, merchants of Augusta, Excrs. Signed Dec. 18, 1792. Wit: John Stiles, Joseph Stiles, Jesse Rice.

COWEN, THOMAS—Book A—Wife Abigail, three dau.s. Sarah, Jean and Elizabeth. To loving son Samuel Blair my part of the harness and wagon. To Benjamin Murray an orphan not living with us, certain personal property when 21, dau. Sarah Blair not to have anything except my part in the wagon, etc., until his wife and other two daughters are provided for. Wife Abigail and son Samuel Blair, Excrs. Signed Oct. 19, 1784. Probated Feb. 15, 1785. Wit: John Torrence, John Smith.

CRAWFORD, JOEL—Book A.—Page 60—To each child as they come of age, a slave, the eldest child to have first choice. To wife Prances, the remainder of the estate, as long as she lives or remains a widow. My executors to make a deed to Nathaniel Barnett to 200 acres land to be taken from the upper part of my tract of land on little Ogeechee. All other landsin Ga., and S. C. to be equally divided among my sons. Wife Frances sole Excx., during widowhood. If she marries my sons Robert, Nathan and Joel to be Excrs. Signed Oct. 28, 1787. Probated Nov. 19, 1788. Wit: John Gibson, John Mowbray, Benjamin Mosley, Nathaniel Barnett.

CONNELL, THOMAS—Book B, Page 100—James Gardner's return or acount of estate which included a house and lot on Broad Street, occupied 'by Henry McDonald. The late concern of Connell & McDonald mentioned. Sale 1791.

CRAWFORD, NATHAN—Book A. Page 82—Low state of health, brothers Joel, David, William, Charles, and Robert Crawford, three sisters not named, to have my land in S. C. Mother Frances Crawford. Brother Joe Crawford, sole Excr. Signed Nov. 11, 1789. Probated Oct. 27, 1790. Wit: Nathaniel Barnett, William Barnett.

CLEM, VALENTINE—Book C. Page 3—Wife Catherine, sons David and Henry and all my children. Wife Catherine and friend John Stor or Star, Excrs. Signed Jan. 3, 1791. Probated Oct. 3, 1791. Wit: Crad Bumette, Lewis Harris, Lewis Girdine.

CLAY, ABIA—Weak of body, etc.—To son 'Samuel Clay, slaves etc. If he should die without heirs, to be legally divided among the children of Robey Cocke of York Co. Va. Wm. Freeman, Esq. Excr. Signed Nov. 20, 1791. Probated Jan, 30, 1792. Wit: John Furey, Chas. Statham. William Jones.

Feb. 22, 1797—John Mead, R. P. appoints James Brown, Sr., Godfrey Zimmerman, Abraham Jones, Henry Smerdon (?), George B. Moore, appraisers. Jesse Clay being administrator. Feb. 22, 1797 Letters of administration issued Jesse Clay on estate of Abia Clay, dec'd. George Walker and Wilson Woodroof, Sec. Returns of Jesse Clay for 1795 show cash for schooling Samuel Clay.

COCKE, WILLIAM—of Augusta, wife Rebecca, minor children, not named. Wife Rebeca, sons of William, Nathaniel and John Cocke, Excrs. Aug. 27, 1796. Sudden death prevented the proper signing of this will, but Abram Jones, Wm. Longstreet and Will Robertson declared it to be his handwriting, etc. Jan. 2, 1797. No other record of probate.

CAMPBELL, McCARTON—Heretofore by deed of trust to Chas. Cotesworth Pinckney and Chas. Drayton of Charleston, certain land and slaves for the benefit of my wife Sarah, she desires that she he given a child's part, and he so states. The horns in Augusta to be hers until my son Edward arrives at the age of 21. Desires estate to be held intact till all my children are 21, wife to be guardian together with my friends Philip Gordon Gadsden and Bdward Rutledge, Sr. John Fenwick and Josiah Tatnall, Jr. If she desires to move to Charleston he is willing. Signed Nov. 13, 1793. Probated Dec. 21, 1793. Wit: Edward Telfair, Robt. Forsyth, Wm. Wallace. Further appraisement of estate of Macarton Campbell, dec'd, as shown by Mrs. Sarah Jones (late Campbell), Excx. and Josiah Tatnall, Jr., Excr.

CARNES, PETER—Attorney at law, wife Elizabeth Carnes, sons John and Patrick minors, John seems to be the younger. It they die without issue their ;part to go to my .nephews, Thomas P. Carnes and Peter J. Carnes, Esqrs. Wife Elizabeth, Excx. during widowhood. George Walker and Seaborn Jones to be guardians of my two sons aforesaid. Signed July 3, 1794. Probated Aug. 11, 1794. Wit: Dennis Smelt, John Murray, Jno. Rowell, Jesse Newton, Willson Watkins. List of lands (no date) made by Elizabeth Carnes Excx. 2300 acres in Franklin Co., granted Sept 21, 1785, etc.

DYASS, MOSES—-Sons, Moses and John Dyass, son-in-law Thomas Grubbs, daughter Ann Grubbs. Home place plantation given Moses Dyass, and plantation on the Euchee Creek in the Dist. of Augusta given John Dyass. Wife Ann Dyass, Excx. Signed Apr. 20, 1767. Wit: John Gordon, Peter Parris, Sarah Foster. Probated Aug. 16, 1777.

DIKES, GEORGES, Sr.—Being in perfect mind, but very sick. Slave to wife Unity for life, at her death to go to my three last children. Noah Dikes, Rebecca Dikes and Martha Dikes. To wife Unity horse Hero, saddle etc. for life, to go at her death to children Jesse, George, Unity, Levi and Mary Dikes. To his four sons his shoemakers, coopers and wheelwrights tools. To daus. Susannah Granber'y and Esther Tyson five shillings. Sons George and Jesse, Excrs. Signed Apr. 19, 1790. Probated Sep. 6, 1790. Wit: Wm. MoDowel, James Upton, Asa Travis.

DIXON, ROBERT—Wife Ann, house and lot whereon I now live, slaves etc. at her death or marriage to goj to my three eldest sons, John Lyddell Dixon, Henry Dixon, Tillman Dixon. Other children, Sarah Parks Dixon, Ann Dixon, Caroline McDonald Dixon, Maria Pellshia. Dixon. Whereas hy virtue of my marriage with my wife Ann I shall be entitled to receive from the estate of Lyddall Bacon, her father on the death of Mary Bacon, her mother certain property. I give it to my wife Ann for life or widowhood to be divided among seven children at her death or marriage. Mentions land on Buffalo Creek, Washington Co. Some of the daughters under age. Wife and three sons, Excrs. Signed Oct. 26, 1792. Probated Jan. 31, 1793. Wit: W. Williamson, Reuben Coleman, Boiling Hall, Thos. P. Carnes.

EVANS, MARY—To sons, Charles, Benjamin, Barwell and Richard Evan, daughters Mary Parcloth and Fanny McCrarry five shillings each. To grandson Ruel Evans, slaves etc. To son Frederick Evans, land etc. Son Frederick and grandson Ruel Evans, Excrs. Wit: James Holly, Frederick Anderson. Signed Jan. 28, 1794. No date of probate, but appraised by Ephraim Ponder, James Holly and Wm. MeGie, Feb. 11, 1795.

FRASER, ALEXANDER—Dearly beloved wife Elizabeth, and Penelope, Mary and Barbary, my well beloved children, the land whereon I now live to be held by my wife Elizabeth until the said children arrive at full age, then to be sold and equally divided among them. Other daughters Elizabeth and Charity. To son Dyer Fraser, personal estate and half a debt of ten pounds due from Robert Middleton. Wife Elizabeth and friend Henry Graybill, Excrs. Signed Aug. 6, 1781. Wit: Robert Whitton, Edmd. Cartlidge, Henry Graybill. John Peak, Wm. Tompson, Col. McNeal and Edmund Cartledge appointed appraisers Sept. 1, 1783.

FLY, JEREMIAH—Book C—To daughter Susan Fly all property. Martin Moore of Richmond Co., Excr. Signed Feb. 13, 1785. Probated Peb. 19, 1785. Wit: William Dee, Henry Elliott. Wm. Lee, Edward Burch, Chas. Burch, Samuel McCullough and John Smith, appointed appraisers Peb. 19, 1785.

FARISH, ROBERT—of the Village of Campbelton, county of Edgefield, State of South Carolina. Legatess; friends Abraham Jones of Augusta, Marshall Martin, Senior, Col. John C. Mart . . . (obliterated by broken page) Signed June 29, 1795. Wit: T. H. McPherson, E. Holleman. Abraham Jones appointed administrator, with will annexed Sept. 24, 1795. William Poe, Sec. Probated Jul. 11, 1795.

GOLDWIRE, JAMES—of the Parish of St. Paul, planter. All estate to sons James Little Goldwire and John his brother, to be kept together till they are ot age. Signed June 10, 1780. Probated Mar. 16, 17,81. Bro. John Goldwire and Abram Marshall of the Parish of St. Paul, Excrs. Wit: Isaac Avrea, Thomas Holliday, Chas. Stewart, before Joseph Maddock, J. P.

GLASCOCK, WILLIAM—Land in Dinwiddie Co. Va. to be sold and if Mr. Bailey still wants it, to be allowed to buy it. Land in Franklin Co. Ga. to be sold also. Wife Elizabeth, riding chair, household furniture etc., absolutely. Children of my son Thomas Glascock, Esq., children of my daughter Blanche, wife of Robert Walton, Esq.^^ Son Thomas Glascock and friends Robert Walton and Abraham Jones, Excrs. Signed July 6, 1792. Probated Dec. 23, 1793. Wit: Eliza Bugg, John Milton, Seaborn Jones. Estate appraised Dec. 31, 1793 by: Samuel Jack, Godfrey Zimmerman, Edward Rowell and Thomas Watkins.

HARVEY, RICHART*—Wife Mary, child in esse, hros. Thomas and Nathan Harvey. Wife Mary and friend Henry Graybill, Excrs. Signed May 19, 1781. Probated Sept. 24, 1781. Wit: Ezekiel Stallings, John Ramsey, Edmd. Cartledge. Evan Harvey, James Orrick, Wm. Shields, Hezekiah Bursey, Benj., Scott and James Harvey, appointed) appraisers Oct. 3, 17 82. John Appling, R. P.

HARRIS, BENJAMIN—Very sick—To son George Harris tive shillings. To sons, Benjamin, Zephamiah, Ezekiel and James twenty shillings. To dau. Mary five shillings. To daus. Sarah and Belinda 50 acres land to >be taken from a tract of 250 acres in Burke Co. To dau. Rachel three pounds sterling, to loving wife Sarah, residue of estate. Wife Sarah sole Excx. Signed Nov. 6, 1785. No date of probate. Wit: Thos. Hamilton, Andrew Russell, Concord Hamilton. Thos. Hamilton, Lewis Gardner, Habakkuk Wright and Henry Allison appointed appraisers Dec. 17, 1785.

HODGEN, JOHN—Very sick—To son Wm. Hodgen, 100 acres land, where he now lives, adjoining John Landrum and my old survey. To son Stephen 200 acres ot new and old survey, to son Robert 100 acres adjoining Stubbs land, to son John the remainder of lands where I now live. To two daus. Lidya and Hannah Hodgen cattle. To wife Mary horse and saddle above her dowry. Trusty friend Abraham Johnston of Richmond Co., and son William Hodgen, Excrs. Wit Daniel Williams, Abram Johnson, James Pierce. Signed Nov. 17, 1789. Probated Dec. 19, 1789. Daniel Williams, Francis Jones, Aheafher Davis, Thomas Ansley and Wm. Thomas appointed appraisers. Recorded in Book A. This will not in index Vol. 3. Joseph Habersham Historical Collections.

HARRIS, SARAH—of Henry Co. Va.—To two granddaughters Lucindy and Mourning Harris, a slave, to Lucindy a heifer, the increase to go to Richard Dunn and his heirs. Friends Waters and Richard Dunn, Excrs. Signed Peb. 22, 1786. Probated Dec. 7, 1789. Wit: Wm. Dunn, John Cox, before Lewis Gardner, R. P. Book "A".

HUFF, ELIZABETH—Book "A"—To daughter Marthey Huff one slave and forty pounds in money. Signed June 1, 1787. Probated June 4, 1787. Wit: Wm. Whittington, Samuel Wright, Betty Leach.

HOLLINGER, TITUS—To son William, legacy. To James Hollinger, son of Catherine Conn, suit of clothes. To dau. Elizabeth Hollinger $1.00, she having received her share. Residue of estate to Elizabeth Adams and her children, relationship not given. Edward Telfair and Wm. Bugg, Excrs. Signed Oct. 2, 1789. No date of probate. Wit: Joseph Brown, D. Hunter, J. P.

HERRIN, ANN MADELIN—All wearing clothes and other estate to be divided equally between my two daughters Nancy and Betsy. Signed July 27, 1778. Probated Apr. 20, 1791. Wit: William Glascock, Edmd. Bugg.

HUNT, GEORGE—Before he sets out on .his intended voyage to Europe, he makes his will. Estate to be equally divided between his wife Ruth and son George. Wife Ruth, Excx. Wit: S. Brown, Wm. Redlick, W. Williamson. Signed June 4, 1792. Probated Sep. 25, 1797.

JACKSON, WILLIAM—Wife Lucy sole heir and Excx. Signed Jun. 18, 1779. Probated Jun. 4, 1781. Wit: Benj. Pew, Ignatius Few, Henry Candler.

JOHNSTON, SAMUEL—Wife, Olley, sons Alex. Cornelius, Daniel, Jacob and John Johnston. Daus. Olley, Nelly, Sarah and Maggy. What is due me from estate of Cornelius McCarty, dec'd to he divided equally. Wife Olley, son Alex, and' friend Matthew Harris, Excrs. Signed Oct. 12, 1787. Probated Jul. 16, 1788. Wit: John Kelly, David Tomlinson, Henry Massey. "To Col. Gardner. Very dear sir; Notwithstanding Mr. Johnson's dying request for me to act as Executor of his estate, yet my peculiar circumstances renders it unpractahle seeing I act as a preacher of the Gospel upon the Itenerent plan, and therefore it is my desire that the other Exrs. may do the business. I am, yours affectionately, Matthew Harris, I. C. C. state May 5, 1788.

JARVIS, ELIZABETH—To sons William and John Jarvis one shilling. To daus. Sarah Prater and Jane Bostick one shilling. To my four children, Patrick, Mary, Nicholas and Thos. Jarvis, all real estate, one lot in Augusta No. 7, one tract of land known as the Cupboard, bounded on all sides vacant when surveyed, when they come to the age of 21, or at the discretion of my son Patrick Jarvis, who is Excr. Signed Dec. 28. 1779. Probated but no date. Wit: John Wilkinson, E. P. Folliott, Susannah MoMurphey.

JOHNSTON, DANIEL—Book A, Page 62—Wife Verlinder, all estate during life or widowhood, then half to her, half to my brothers and sisters then living. Wit: Perry Willson, Nathan Harris. Signed Aug. IS, 1788. Probated May 6, 1789. John Peree (Perry?) John Gartrell, Zachariah Spires, Isaiah Wright, Wm. Jones, Wm. Lovelace and Daniel Elam, appointed appraisers.

JAMESON, JOHN—of Wilkes Co. Ga. storekeeper, being ready to go on an expedition against the Indians make this my last will etc. To Elizabeth Dove (relationship not given), horse, cattle, household goods, etc. To beloved mother Mary, 30 pounds. To bro. Samuel Jameson 400 acres of land in Westmoreland Co. Penna., adjoining Richard Wallis, to hro. Isaac Jameson all the remainder ot my estate, he to pay to my sister Rachel Jameson 20£. Col. Nathaniel Cocke of Augusta, Ga. bro. Isaac Jameson of Cumberland Co. Pa. Excrs. Signed July 11, 1787. Probated Mar. 26, 1789. Wit: Wm. Davis, Abner Hammond, Jeremiah Duckworth. Nathaniel Cocke qualified as Excr. July 2, 1789. Thos. Pace, Caleb Higginbotham, Daniel McGehee, Joseph Fargeson, John Leath, James Stallings,-Jonathan Wood, appointed appraisers.

JONES, JOHN—of Wrightabiorougji Township, Parish of St.; Pauls, Prov. of Ga. To eldest son Richard twenty shillings, to dau. Ann Brown, ten shillings, to daus. Phillipini Stanfield, Margaret Day, Mary Anglin and son John Jones, five shillings each. To son James Jones, five shillings and knowing him to he weak in his senses direct my two sons Jonathan and Nathan to take proper care of him. My loving wife Mary to enjoy the houses and plantation where I now dwell, to go to Nathan and Jonathan at her death and their majority. Executors to make over to John Coates a tract of land on Bush River in S. C. in receipt of purchase price. Friend Daniel Williams and wife Mary, Excrs. Signed Jan. 1, 1781. Probated Jan. 28, 1783 before James Bowdre, J. P., James McFarland, J. P. Wit: John Stubbs, Nathaniel Jackson, Susanna Butler.

LOW, ISAAC, Sr.—Beloved wife (not named), minor children, William and Ann. Sons, Isaac, Jr. and George. Daus. Esther Hart, Burey or Burer Hlckenbotom, grandau. Grace Hickenbotom. Abraham Johnston and George Low, Excrs. Signed Jan. 4, 1790. Probated May 17, 1790. Wit: And. Hay, Peter Zackry, Thos. Watson. ,y

LANDERS, MARY—of Augusta—If Mrs. Ann Murray, wife of Dr. John Murray survives me, she to have carriage, horses and wearing apparel (relationship not given) Amasa Jackson, Trustee and Excr. Signed Sept. 5, 1794. Probated Jul. 16, 1796. Wit: Godfrey Zimmerman, Isaac Herbert, John Murray.

MARSHALL, DANIEL—Minister of the Gospel. Wife Martha, eldest son Daniel. Oldest dau. Eunice having received her part when she married. The remainder to 'be divided between Daniel, Abraham, John, Zacheus, Levy, Moses, Solomon, Joseph and Mary equally. Wife Martha, oldest sons Daniel and Abraham, Excrs. Wit: Zacheus Marshall, Solomon Marshall, Joseph Marshall. Signed Nov. 20, 1780. Probated Nov. 23, 1784. James Sims, Samuel Cartledge, Holland Middleton, Levy Lancaster and Joseph Ray appointed appraisers.

MORGAN, JESSE—Tract of land in Washington Co. adjoining William Pilchers to be sold. To wife Delilah tract on which I now live, etc., at her death to son Hennary M. To each ot my daus. bed and furniture. To sons Garlant and Edward Plessant, land in Washington Co. Wife Delilah, Excr. Wit: Owen Port, Uriah Mott, Zeha miah Mott. Signed Dec. 5, 1784. Probated Dec. 20, 1785. Probated in Washington Co. also. Estate appraised by Jas. Robinson, Euriah Mott, Wm. Marier.

MOORE, RICHARD—Younger son, James Moore, sole Excr. To him two bonds in the hands of David Humphreys and Joseph Hughes. To sons John, Mordecai, Richard, Thomas, Jonas and to daus. Mary Mooney, Prudence Ryan, Abigail Thomas, Sarah Pirkins, five shillings each. Signed Sept. 20, 1784, no date of probate or appraisement. Wit: Alex Moore, William York, Thos. Linn.

McCARTY, DANIEL—'(Copy)—of Lincoln Co. N. C—To wife (not named) all my lands, tenements, houses and stock for life. To son-in-law David Pomlinson or Tomlinson, 300 acres land on Little River in Ga. To son-in-law John Kelly, the land whereon he how lives, and after the death of; my wife, household furniture, etc. To grandson David Kelly, a slave called Dublin, when he comes of age. To dau. Jemimah Blair, wife of Hugh Blair, slave Sarah, at her death to go to her son Hugh Blair. To sons John and Jacob McCarty and sons-in-law David Tomlinson, John Kelly and Samuel Johnston and my widow and dau. Ann Bennett the whole of the estate of Cornelius McCarty, dec'd formerly living on Santilina Island. To sons David and Cornelius McCarty, sons-in-law Hugh Blair and Joseph Baker, five shillings. Wife Agness McCarty, son John McCarty and son-in-law John Kelly, Excrs. Signed Aug. 14, 1782. No date of probate or appraisement. Wit: William Crawford, Robert Crawford, Emelia Crawford.

McGlLTON, JAMES—To bro. John McGilton all my estate in S. C. and Ga. If said bro. never applies tor it to go to my friend Patrick Jarvis, whom I appoint Excr. Signed July 8, 1785. No date of probate or appraisement. Wit: Littleberry Bostwick, Josias Gilbert, James Garner. On the reverse of this will:—Col. Sanders informs me as well as McGilton that Nicholas Lazarus's bounty warrant which McGilton has the power of attorney to act for is in Mr. Goroms office (Gorham) and was run by Henry Candler. Also his brother's Vance Mc-Gilton's is likewise. No date or signature.

MORRIS, THOMAS—Planter—To son Rees, land whereon he now lives, he paying his sister, my dau. Mary Johnson twenty pounds three years after my decease. To son John, land whereon I now live, he paying his sister Sarah Morris, my dau. twenty pounds. To Mrs. Sarah Foulsham (relationship not given), cow, etc. Signed Nov. 1, 1785. No date of probate or appraisement. Wit: Sarah Foulsham, Robert Glaister.

MEERS, STEPHEN—Book "A"—Page 65—Merchant of Augusta. To Mrs. Anne Wilkinson, widow for the great esteem I have for her and the trouble I have given her in my last illness £500, and one black satin sack and petticoat which were my late wife's. To Miss Sarah Wilkinson, dau. of said Anne, a suit ot Lelock lutestring which was my wife's. Grandson Stephen Meers, son of Solomon to be educated. Residue to be divided between my two sons, Solomon and Samuel. Son Samuel, Excr. Signed Sept. 9, 1789. Probated Oct. 2, 1789 in Wilkes Co. Wit: Emanuel Wambersie, Anthony Poullains, Florence Sullivan, Esq. Wm. Barry, Gentleman Amasa Jackson qualified as Administrator.

MITCHELL, JOHN—To wife Mary household goods, etc. Legacy upon which to rear children in hands of John Kelly as trustee. To son John a slave, sons Benjamin, and William. Daus. Guieey, Polly and Rachel, cows, etc. Son-in-law Jehu Goteny (Goting?) Wife Mary, Hugh Blair, Wm. Mitchell, Jehu Goting (?) Excrs. Signed Jul. 22, 1789. Probated Oct. 20, 1789. Wit: John Crawford. Peter Malone, John Kelly. Recorded in Book "A".

MEALS, JOHN—of Augusta—To Mrs. Fanny Forsyth, Mrs. Sally Armstrong dau. of said Fanny, to master Robert Moriah Forsyth to Master John Forsyth and to Mr. Wm. Minor, a suit of mourning. To Robert Forsyth my interest in 200 acres in Wilkes Co. adjoining Joseph Pannill, and 200 acres in Washington Co., and the lands in the division of Richard Call. To Thos. Cumming and William Wallace part of a 1500 acre tract on Ogeechee River, Washington Co., originally granted to John and George Gaphin, and conveyed hy them to me. Mentions firm of Forsyth and Meals and John Meals & Co. Residue to nephew and niece Joshua and Molly Meals, son and dau. of my bro. Joshua Meals of New York City. Prirnds Robert Forsyth and Andrew Innes, Excrs. Signed Dec. 22, 1791 Prohated Dec. 29, 1791. Wit: Dennis Smelt, John Powell, Wm. Minor, Jr. Inventory shows a masonic apron and past masters jewel. Apr. 23, 1794 Joshua Meals appointed Administrator, Patrick Hayes, Sec.

MAY, JOHN—Planter—To sons John, James and Joseph May, and to daus. Sarah Sutton, Sealy Orrick and Milly Holiday, one shilling each. Residue to he equally divided between my son William May and Jacob Brooks, whom I appoint Excrs. Wit: Ambrose Jones, Mary Jones, Michael McNeill. Signed Mar. 21, 1785. Probated Oct. 11, 1785. James McNeill, Edward Hails, James Simson, Wm. Childree, B._Mosely, Appraisers.

MOTT, URIAH—Entire estate to wife Jean for life, to be divided equally among my four children, namely, Zephamiah, Jean and Sarah Mott and Feaby Thomas, paying unto my daughter Elizabeth Boyed one shilling. Zephamiah Mott, Jean Mott, Excrs. (another name torn oft) Signed Mar. 4, 1792. Probated Jul. 13, 1792. Wit: Loveless Savldge, Daniel Connell.

MURRAY, ALEX. ROSS—At present ot the city of Augusta. Father James Ross of Balnycake, North Brittian, mother, not named. Illgitimate sons Wm. Murray, son of Mary Don, and Alex Murray son of Mary Scott, both of North Brittian aforesaid. To Mrs. Letty Crossle, wife of my friend and partner Henry Crossle $100.00. Thos. Cumming, David Reid, George Hogarth, Henry Crossle Excrs. Signed Feb. 16, 1798. Probated Feb. 26, 1798. Wit: John Murray, Henry Crossle, Anthony Hunter.

PHILIPS, JOHN—Wife Ruth. Sons, George and Jeremiah; daus. Willery, Nerlends, Ruth and Mary. Mentions real estate hut location not given. Wife Ruth, son George and Jacob Beal, Excrs. Signed Mar. 28, 1777. Wit: John Henderson, Wm. Fenn, Tabitha Harris, Hezekiah Beall appointed Admr. Oct. 28, 1784. Nathaniel Beall and Littleberry Bostick, Sec. Sherd. Bugg, George Handly, Test. Probated Aug. 16, 1777.

PITTMAN, JOHN—To wife Mary, my Kiokee plantation and slaves for widowhood ot life, then to go to children Grace and Timothy Pittman. To son Phillip Pittman, 200 acres in Wilkes Co. To dau. Patty Pittman and grandson Jesse Pittman, 100 acres each in Wilkes Co. To sons Buckner and John Pittman, one shilling each. The residue to go to seven (?) youngest children: Mary Rogers, James,. Patty, Timothy and Grace Pittman. (says five youngest in another place) Son-in-law Peleg Rogers, and Phillip Pittman, Excrs. Wit: Wm. Courson, Zachriah Marchel (Marshall). James Jimison (Jameson). Signed Apr. 14, 1782. Probated Apr. 22, 1785. Michael McNeill, Hugh Rogers, Ambros Jones, John Pittman, James Sims, appointed appraisers.

PETTY, JOHN—Merchant of Annapolus—Mentions nephew William Petty. Real and personal property given to John Petty in trust for himself and other neices and nephews (not named). William Petty, Excr. Wit: Ralph Higinbotham, Phillip B. Key, John Tootel, James Smyth.

RANDOLPH, GEORGE—Gentleman of Augusta.—To wife Mary, household furniture, cattle etc., and £300 Georgia currency, and house and lot till son Edward is of age. To Richard Randolph now at the Northward (son of Sarah Robinson) £100 Ga. currency. Dau. Mary Randolph and child in esse. Wife Mary, Samuel Jack, bro. Edward Randolph and Wm. Goodgion, Excrs. Wit: Wm. Johnson, John Bacon, Chas. Clark. Signed Jul. 5, 1778. Probated Oct. 31, 17 85. Moody Burt, James Pox and Wm. Freeman, appointed appraisers.

RICKETSON, TIMOTHY, Sr.—To son Timothy ten shillings, he having received real estate etc. To son Marmaduke and dau. Abigall Langhtrip, ten shillings each. To wife Martha, one-third of estate during widowhood; to grandson Jordon Ricketson, two-thirds estate. If he dies before he has lawful issue, to be given to my dau. Abigail Langhtrip and her five children, viz; Huldy, Bathsheba, Mary, John and Benjamin Langhtrip. Wife Mary and Wm. Glascock, Excrs. Wit: Daniel Ayres, Wm. Thompson, Gideon Mason. Signed Mar. 2, 1786, no date of probate. Andrew Whitefield, John Rhodes, George Rowland, appointed appraisers 1786. Inventory Jan. 18, 1787.

STORY, ROBERT—Province of Ga.—Wife Prudence and dau. Nelly, joint heirs and Excrs. Signed Mar. 1, 1781. Wit: N. Polhill, T. Polhill. Probated before James Bulloch, Esq. Clerk ot Chatham Co., Oct. 8, 1789 by the oath pt Thos. Polhill.

SCOTT, JOHN—of Granville Co. S. C.—To Samuel Scott, my eldest son, 300 acres land in Richmond Co. Ga., granted in my name 4th ot May 1773, and nineteen slaves, half of all moveable effects, cattle, money, etc. To James Scott, my youngest son, 2 00 acres on Savannah River in Ga. granted to me in two tracts of 100 acres each, Jul. 5, 1774, and nineteen slaves and half all moveable estate. Said sons Samuel and James, Excrs. Signed Jan. 4, 1780. Probated Ninety-Six Dist. S. 0. Nov. 23, 1782, John Ewing Calhoun, Ordy. Wit: John Douglass, Samuel Boyd, John Boyd. John Sharptor. (Certified Copy).

SIDWELL, JOHN—ot Wrightsborough—in Ga.—To only son Nathan Sidewell, land whereon I now live, 400 acres in township of Wrightboro with farm tools, etc. To wife Catherine, the house where I now dwell with furniture etc. Daus. Mary, Hannah, Eamee and Susanna, all under 18 years of age. Friend Joseph Mendenhall and son Nathan Sidwell, Excrs. Signed Apr. 5, 17 82. Wit: Daniel Williams, J. . . . Barnes. This will not in index in Vol. 3, Joseph Habersham Collections.

SPEAR, WILLIAM—ot Cecil Co. Md.—Brother James Spear of Cecil Co. Md. sole heir and Excr. Signed Sept. 1, 177—. Probated July 22, 1791 in Cecil Co. Md. Wit: Jonas Holson, Chas. Whitlock. Richd. Sleator.

SHERWOOD, WILLIAM—rRopemaker, late of the city of New York, now ot the vicinity of Augusta, Ga. To wife Charity all the household furniture, the furniture in possession of my mother to be equally divided between my two children, Moses and Mary. Mentions lease ot land in New York 23 ft. x 100. Wife Charity and Andrew Innes, merchant ot Augusta, Excrs. Signed Jul. 25, 1793. Probated Aug. 7, 1793. Wit: Jesse Newton, Yelverton Reardon, Wm. H. Jack.

TOWNSEND, RUTH—of Augusta—Legacies to sons Nathaniel, Edmond, Ansell Hicks, and dau. Mary Hicks. Friend Godfrey Zimmerman and son Edmond Hicks, Excrs. Signed Sep. 28, 1790, no date of probate. Wit; Rich'd. Burton, Christian Gray, D. Hunter, J. P. Not listed in Vol. 3 Joseph Habersham Collections.

TURKEYNET. PETER—planter—To wife Christian, four slaves, £250 of Ga money and household furniture, land to he given at her death to my eldest son Peter Turkeynet. To three sons Henry, George and David, 500 acres etc. To oldest dau. Charlotte Turkeynet youngest dau. (not named) slave etc., both unmarried. To each child £250 of Ga. Money. All crops on hand and debts due me on hats and furs on hand and everything belonging to my trade (hatters) to be equally divided between wife and children. No person to have the liberty of cutting timber off the land except for use of the plantation and none for sale. None of his children to be bound out to any person or any trade, but to he maintained till they come of age. Son Peter and Mr. Adam Hiles, Excrs. Signed: Peter Torgintz or Tongintz. April 22, 1778. Wit: Lud Williams, John Starr, John Tobler. Nov. 15, 1785—Letters of Admr. granted Henry Turknet. Lewis Glrdine and Moody Burt, Sec. Maj. Randolph, Test. Memorandum of estate (no date) shows division of slaves, according to will, to Christian Jordan, proving her to be the widow, remarried. Peter, George, Henry, David, Sharlot and Christian Turknet, children. William, Jeremiah and Edmund Bugg, appraisers. Georgia money £2922, Shillings 15- Continental Money 7846 Dollars. South Dollars 1180.

TIGHLMAN, AARON—(non-cupative)—Joseph Slade declared that Aaron Tilghlman in his lite time in sound mind and memory said that after his debts were paid he wanted his sister Sally to have his mare, and his sister Vincey his slave. AC the same time Jeremiah Slade declared that on the 2nd of May, instant he heard Aaron say this while lying1 sick. He further declares said Aaron died May 7, 1792. Joseph Slade, Excr. Appraisers appointed by Wm. Freeman, R. P. on rights, etc. of Aaron Tilghman, dec'd, having applied to Joseph Slade, Excr. find such articles etc. below: I dutch Blanket; Coat, waistcoat, 1 pr. Breeches; 1 pr. Overalls, 1 pr. stockings; 1 small sorrell horse in possession of John McKinne; 1 Halt; 1 promissory note on Stephen Ploid for 3,500 slaves which are now on demand etc. Nathaniel Cocke, James Pearre, Chas. Simmons. It appears by accounts a balance in N. C. currency of £89; 10--0 In sterling £6: 3 . . 7%; 1 negro, 1 mare mentioned in the will in hands of Samuel Pope in S. C. JOSEPH SLADE.

VERNON, JAMBS—of the township of Wrightsborough in Ga. To four sons, Amos, James, Robert and Solomon Vernon, all my lands being in the whole 600 acres, 350 of which I now live on, 250 being of the mill tract, so called which was left to me by my father's last will, to he equally divided, eldest son Amos to have the part whereon the house stands. To wife Content, all moveable property except my desk which I give to my dau. Theodate. Friends Joseph Mendenhall and Daniel Williams, Excrs. Son Amos to be put apprentice at the age of 15 to Joseph Mendenhall to learn his art of hatting. James to Joseph Middleton at the age of 16 to learn his art of house carpenter and joiner. Robert to Daniel Williams to learn his art of wheel making and shop joinering at 18 years. Signed Feb. 2, 1782. Prohated Sep. 8, 1785 by Daniel Williams before Chas. Linn, J. P. Wit: Daniel Williams, James Brown, Catherine Sidwell.

VAUGHN, JAMES—planter of Richmond Co.—To wife Jane one-third ot my estate, to brothers William and John two-thirds of estate. Robert Vaughn, Esq. bro. John Vaughn, planter, Excrs. Wit: Thos. Kearnes. Hezekiah Jones. Signed Nov. 19, 1793. Probated Dec. 21, 1793. Estate appraised by John MaManes, John McTaser, and Thomas Bryan.

WALTON, JOHN—of the Parish of St. John and State of Ga.—To beloved wife Elizabeth I lend the plantation purchased ot her father, -Leonard Claiborne, known by the name of the "upper place", in lieu of dower. Slaves, plate, carriages, horses, etc., in tee simple. To son Leonard Claiborn all my lands at New Savannah' when he is 21. To dau. Elizabeth Martha Walton, 500 acres on Savannah River in St. George Parish known as Sweet Water plantation. To son John and the child my wife now goes with residue of lands. Friends Wm. Glascock, Britton Dawson and bro. George Walton, ^ Ecxs. Signed June 11, 1778. Wit: Barbara Manson, And. McLean, Donald Cameron. Appraisement of estate of John Walton, late of New Savannah in Richmond Co. Aug. 1, 1783. Thos. Glascock, Jeremiah Bugg, Edward Rowell, Appraisers. Note: Several negroes were sold during the British Invasion and two are now run away, and the stock heing plundered and dispersed, can not now be produced hy the Excrs. and they ask for more time.

WELLS, HUMPHREY—of Parish ot St. Paul province of Ga.—Surgeon. To oldest son Humphrey all my lands in the new purchase, also all my land in Maryland. To son George 1000 acres bought of Nathaniel Young, lying on both sides of Kinyon. Creek and 100 acres bought of Michael Ely between Young's land and the Quaker Road. To son Samuel, 150 acres bought of John Lewis between the land I "bought of Ely and Lim'backers and 100 acres bought of Nathaniel Parsley. The land I surveyed in S. C. to be divided between my daughter Sibbella and my youngest son, Jessee. 300 acres bought of James Bruer containing mill seat be sold. To beloved wife Abigail, estate for life or widowhood. All children minors. Chas. Crawford, Esq. and wife Abigail Wells Excrs. Signed Aug 1781. Wit: paper torn, . . . cus or eus . . . . Holeman, Ricketson. Inventory made by Thos. Pace and David Harris, Mar. 21, 1782. Another inventory ordered made Jun. 29, 1785, Abraham Jones, Admr. Chas. Simmons, Benj. Leigh, James Gray, Appraisers, Sep. 12, 17,88. Abraham Jones, Admr. Inventory shows: Bounty warrant 1107% acres in Franklin Co. in the name of the heirs of Dr. H. Y. Wells, Jr. dated Jul. 28, 1784. Audited cert, dated 6th June 1787 name of Dr. H. Y. Wells for £112 . . 0 . . 0.

WILLIAMS, CHAPLIN—to wife Susanna life estate, to be divided among my three children, Sarah, Jane and Elihu, when of age or marry. Britton Dawson and Lud WUliams, Excrs. and Guardians. Signed June 18, 1781. Wit: Pryde Williams, Grace Rowell, Ann 'Skelton. Estate appraised in Effingham Co., Daniel Howell, McKeen Green, John Green, and Cotton Rawls qualified as Admrs. May 20, 1786. Lud Williams, Excr.

WILLIAMS, PRYDE—planter—To Maryan Cornell, dau. of Elizabeth Cornell of this county, slaves, cattle, etc. to be applied to the education of said Maryan, and maintenance of Elizabeth Cornel and her family. If said Maryan die without issue, entire estate to be at the disposal of Lud Williams, who together with my trusty friend Edward Rowell I appoint Excrs. Signed Dec. 30, 1782. Wit: Wm. Bugg, Fields Farrar, John Hicks. Appraisers appointed Mar. 24, 1785; Brittan Dawson, George Wyche, Samuel Bugg, Jeremiah Bugg, Hugh Magee, Howell Rowlett.

WADE, JOHN—carpenter—To son Benjamin Wade, slave, horse, saddle, working tools and clothes. The residue to my dau. Rachel Wade, whom I appoint sole Excx. Wit: Hugh Rogers, Valentine Hatcher, Thos. Shadwick. Signed Dec. 5, 1786. Probated Mar. 31, 1787. David Walker, Andrew Hay, Stephen Day, Lyttleton Yarborough Burroughs Hickenbotham, Matthew Duncan, appointed Appraisers May 14, 1787.

WELLS, BENJAMIN—'Wife Mary to have both personal and real estate, during widowhood for support of herself and children. If she marries to have one-third, the remainder to be divided among my six children, viz: Ann, Jordan, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Martha, sons to pay £10 each to the estate having already received that. Beloved wife Mary sole Excx. Wit: John Coleman, Phillip Paul, Edm. Cartledge. Signed June 3, 1784. Waters Dunn, Samuel Scott, David Pearyman, James Cobb, Joseph Batson, appointed Appraisers May 12, 1787.

WRIGHT, DIONYSIUS—of Ninety-Six Dist. S. C.—To sons Shadrach and Mesech, sons-in-law John Gotten and Charity his wife, Abner Willingham and Peace his wife, Wm. Mims and Naomi his wife five shillings each. To son Abednego Wright, slave, son Hahakkuk Wright £100 etc.; to son Isaah Wright 40 0 acres in Ga. being part of the plantation whereon I lived, adjoining William Saterwhite. To son Albeart Wright, land and dwellings whereon I lived. To dau. Concord and Elizabeth Penny Wright a slave. To wife Elizabeth Wright, residue for life at her death to dau. Unity Wright. Wife Elizabeth and son Abednego, Excrs. Land on Kiokee Creek in Ga. to son Shadrach Wright upon his paying Habakkuk Wright £75. Signed May 9, 1779, Probated Mar. 20, 1780 before Wm. Candler, J. P. of Richmond Co. Wit: Lewis Gardner, James Harvey, Richard Harvey.

WRIGHT, UNITY—To nephew Dionysius William Wright, cattle. To Charity Cotton, my niece and a minor, cattle and 150 acres on Uchie Creek adjoining Mark Robinson. To EUzabeth Penny Wright, horse and saddle, to sister Mary Mimms £5. The residue to the children of my sister Peace Brown. If Charity Cotton (above) dies without heirs, her sisters Elizabeth Penny Cotton and Lucretia Schultz to inherit her share. Abednego Wright, Excr. Charity Schultz, Excx. Signed Jun. 25, 178,8. Probated Mar. 29, 1789. Wit: Thos. Hamilton, Concord Hamilton, Penny Wright. Thos. Hamilton, Penny Kendall sub. witnesses. Hugh Millican, Isaah Wright, Habbackkuk Wright, James Waters and Jesse Ottutt appointed Appraisers Apr 23, 1788.

WOLECON, DANIEL—Planter—To grandson Daniel Wood, lot etc. on Broad Street in Augusta, where John Meals, Esq. now keeps the Treas. Office, known as 26, also one tract of land on Little River, Richmond Co. purchased of Hugh Middleton, one tract on Savage's Creek adjoining Dr. James Lander. To grandson Jeremiah Wood, lot of land near the ferry in Augusta known as No. 1, also a tract of land on Greenbrier Creek formerly Wm. Mansons. To grandau. Honor Cox, slaves etc. To Lucy Tutt, formerly the wife of my dec'd son Daniel and her child, five shillings. To grandau. Mary Wood. £300 to 'be paid by George Walton; for lots Nos. 50 and 51 on Ellis Street. To grandson Jos. Wood a slave, etc. which with the land in Carolina inherited from his father, Isaac Wood is a sufficiency. To wife Mary, privilege of remaining on the land at the Sandhar where we now live, and a maintenance etc., at her death to go to grandson John Wood and grandaus., Martha, Nelly, Mary and Elizabeth Wood. To grandau. Sarah Gage and to her children after her death, slaves. Grandson Joseph Wood and friend Samuel Scott, Excrs. Wit: John Holt, Seaborn Jones, Nicholas Hobson Bugg. Signed Sep. 5, 1789. Probated Sep. 10, 1789. David Mims of Richmond Co. Excr. ot will of Samuel Scott of Edgefield Dist. dec'd, who died as Excr. of Daniel Wolecon, renounces all caims to executorship of said Daniel Wolecon, dec'd. Peb. 26, 1812.

WASHINGTON, THOMAS—Charleston, Mar. 2, 1791—My wife Charles to receive all property I got with her and which she was entitled to before marriage, and the brick house purchased for her from Nathaniel Pendleton, Esq., in lieu of dower. My children (not named) share and share alike in the residue of estate when 21 years of age. In'the meantime I allow £400 annually for their maintenance, they to remain in Charleston under Miss Myres as at present or any other place my Executors think fit. My Executors shall prosecute as far as the law will allow the persons who have aided and acted in persecuting me since my arrival in this State, and particularly in this last instance when not only my character, property and liberty, but also my life has been wantonly sported with. In consequence of this my Executors shall avenge in any manner they may think fit; Richard Sampson, Alexr. Moultrie, Wm. Clay Snipes, Robert Oodhue Harper, Peter Conway, Geo. Frederick Newman, and the rest of their associates on this fatal occasion,, all the mortification they are entitled to on the occasion of my decease. Edward Telfair, Hy Osborne, and George Walton of Ga., (Effaced) of S. C. Excrs. Wit: Thos. Baskett, Peter Le Poole, Felix Meklagenzig. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 18, 1791—Before James Meriwether, R. P., of Richmond Co., appeared Thos Gibbons, attorney at law ot Savannah, declaring that he 'believed this to ibe the handwriting of Thos. Washington. The first two witnesses he does not know, but believes Le Poole to have been a merchant in Charleston.

WEBSTER, ONNER—To sister Prances Webster all estate, real and personal. Signed Feb. 27, 1792. Probated Apr. 11, 1792. Wit: Marmaduke Ricketson, John Willcox. Jul. 5, 1792—Letters of administration granted John Willcox on estate of Honor Webster, James Buckanan, Sec.

WELDON, JACOB—Planter—.Wife (Cottorn (?) (Catharine?) goods and chattels for life. To son Iseck (Isaac) and daus. Nancy, Hannah, Gille, and Mary, five shillings each. To son Joseph, moveable estate after wife's death. To son John, 300 acres where John Boiler formerly lived. To son Andrew, 270 acres where the mill stands. Wife Cottorn (?): (Catharine?) and son Joesph, Excrs. Wit: Abr. Ayres, Owen Sullevin, Thos. Sui levin, Lemuel Keith. Signed Jan. 25, 1779. Owen Swilleven, Michael Griffin, John Germany, Edmond Cartledge, and Ely Garnet, appointed Appraisers July 31, 1783. Catron Weldon, Excx.

WOOD, NATHANIEL—of St. Paul's Parish—To wife (not named) 200 acres of land whereon I now Uve joining land granted John Parker, cattle, a grey horse, sorrel mare, smooth bore gun, household furniture etc. To son Joshua one shiUing, the rest to be divided among my nine children (not named) Zedekiah, my second son to be Excr. Signed Peb. 20, 1775. Probated May 16, 1775. Wit: Thos. Lamar, Robt. Savage, Daniel McNair. Proven before Henry Downs, J. P. of St. Paul's Parish.

WATTS, JOSEPH—of Burke Co.—Planter—First requests that he be buried along side his friend John Hall, Esq. in the burial ground enclosed at his late place in, Burke, where his parents also lie; that his funeral be attended by Masons and a monument be erected. Requests that his slaves he well treated, and families not separated. To his friends Balthazer Shaffer of Savannah and Patrick Hayes of Augusta, all kitchen and household furniture, watch, clocks, horses and cattle. For the benefit of Balthazer Shaffer's daus. three hundred pounds. My silver tankard (which was a present) to George Lord of Augusta. Mourning rings to the foUowing: Patrick Hayes, Balthazer Shaffer, John H. Hontgomery, Sally Hills (dau. of Ebenezer Hills), Stratford Brown, John Mclver, Ebenezer Hills, David Reid and George Lord. 450 acres of land in Liberty Co. to Harford Montgomery, and 547 acres in Wilkes Co. to Wm. Watts Montgomery, both the children of John Harford Montgomery. One-fourth the residue of estate to Hiram's Lodge No. 2 in Savannah to be approporiated for charity, with the concurrence of my friend Balthaser Shaffer. One-fourth for the purpose of promoting the Christian religion under direction of Ebenezer Hills of Savannah, Three slaves to Sally, dau .of Ebenezer Hills. The rest of the estate to his brothers James, John and William Watts of Liverpool, Eng. Friends Balthazer Shaffer, Stratford Brown, John Harford Montgomery and Ebenezer Hills, Excrs. Signed Feb. 28, 1795. Probated July 14, 1796 in Chatham Co. before Edward White, R. P. C. C. Wit: George Irvin Hull, Robt. Mein, Matthew Eppinger. Affidavit of George Lord, before John Mead, R. P. for Richmond Co. Oct. 2 5, 1796 that this is a true copy of the above will as recorded in Burke Oo. Peter Robinson, Simeon Lowry and Noah Kelsey, appointed Appraisers Oct. 26, 1796, John Harford Montgomery, Excr.

WILLLIAMS, BENJAMIN—To wife Sarah home farm, stock, tools, furniture for life or widowhood, to son Robert at her death, except household furniture, to daus. Ann and Mary. Also 200 acres land adjoining where I now live, which was surveyed in the name of Joseph Anderson. 450 acres land on Spirit Creek adjoining lands of Drury Manning to Joseph Anderson in fee simple. Wife Sarah and Joseph Anderson, Excrs. Wit: Hugh Montgomery, David Montgomery. Signed Feb. 13, 1796. Probated June 13, 1796. Elijah Anderson, Martin Moore and Henry Moore, appointed Appraisers, Thos. Waggener, J. P. ,

WATKINS, THOMAS—To sister Polly Hughes Nuckkols, all the property allotted to me in the division of Father's property at the death ot my mother, and legacy from mother also. To my relation Polly Walton, dau. of Robt. Walton of Richmond, twenty guineas as a token of my affection. To beloved wife Sarah Benson Watkins, all other property. Bros. Robert, George and Anderson Watkins and friends Sherwood Bugg and Abraham Jones, Excrs. Wit: John Powell, Cowles Mead, Abram Jones, J. P. Signed Nov. 22, 1796. Probated July 12, 1797 before Benj. Talliaferro one Of the Judges of Superior Courts in Ga., in Jefferson Co.

ZACHRY, JAMES—To wife Mary land I now live on, being 200 acres on both sides ot Uchee Creek, slaves, horses etc., for life subject to the maintenance of my dau. Betty, an idiot. To son William 200 acres land on Uchee Creek on which he now lives. To dau. Mary Tinsley, land etc. To John and James Blackstone (relationship not given) 150 acres of land in. fee simple. After the decease ofmy wife, her Ute estate to go to William and James Yarbrough, my grandsons, lawful sons of Littleton Yarbrough. Residue to all my children, viz; John Zachry, Winefred Blackstone, James Zachry, dec'd. William Zachry, Mary Tinsly, Pelithal Adams, Betty Zachry, Martha Yarbrough. Wife Mary, sole Excx. Wit: Daniel Elam, Micah McDonough, Betty Ann Tindill. Signed Jan. 20, 1790. Probated Mar. 8, 1790. Anderson Crawford, Isaac Low, Jr., John Booker, William Barnett, David Walker, appointed Appraisers.


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