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1798 - 1840 Wills of Richmond County, Georgia

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Source: HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS of the Georgia Chapters DAUGHTERS of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION Volume II Records of Richmond County, Georgia Formerly Saint Paul's Parish Abstracted and compiled 1927 By (Mrs. John Lee) Grace Gillam Davidson State Historian, Georgia D. A. R., 1926-1928 - Transcribed by Vickie Minchew

MONTGOMERY, JOHN, HARFORD-Page 3-of Augusta, physician. To To wife Mary home place on Broad and Ellis Streets. Sons John Harford Montgomery and William Watts Mongomery. To son John H., three story "brick house in Philadelphia, Pa., conveyed to me by Mary McNeal by deed in indenture July 17, 1783. To son John H. lot on Broad St. now occupied by Mrs. Sarah Fox, other half to son Robert W., lately occupied by David Reid. To wife Mary property in town of Tandragee, County of Armah, Ireland. Wife Mary sole Excx. and guardian of two sons above till they are 21. Signed Dec. 10, 1S00. Probated Dec. 31, 1800. Wit: James F. Hull, Mugh M. Hull, Joseph Hutchinson.

MOORE, MARY-Page 14-Widow of Augusta, children, Sarah, Mary, Dolly, Susannah, Betsy and James (minor) Matthew Henderson, hushand of Sarah and Dolly Moore, Exers. Signed Jan. 28, 1802. Probated Apr, 12, 1802. Wit: Robt. McCreary, Jane McCreary.
     Returns of Dolly Moore, Exer. for 1802 show expenses to Edgefield Court House, to Riceboro, and to Orangeburgh, S.. C, paid Ordinary of Orangeburgh. S. C. fee.
     Returns for 1803-show Dolly Moore, now Dolly Dasher, Exer. expenses as above.

MILNER, SMITH-Page 17-To dau. Lucy Milner $2.00, having given her a slave Phillis, by deed of gift now on record in Va. Residue to be divided among my other children: John Jones Milner, Anna Milner, Elizabeth Milner, Susannah Milner. Bro. Benjamin and son John Jones Milner, Exers. Signed Nov. 13, 1802. Probated Dec. 27, 1802. Wit: Robert Wyche, Abraham Jones, Jacob Bostick.

MEAD, WILLIAM-Page 31-of Cupboard, Richmond Co. To son Nicholas one guinea and no more, having already received his share. To dau. Elizabeth Gordon, 15. To sons Mahlon and Stith Mead lands in Va., in the hands of Robert Mead, Chas. Talbot and John Calloway. To dau. Martha McMilan, wife of Alex. McMillan, land whereon she lives, and slaves. Legacy to dau. Priscilla Sims, wife of Benjamin Sims. To son Cowles Mead, land which I have already given him etc. To son Marton Mead, land which I have already given him. Legacy to dau. Catherine Jones, wife of Thomas Jones. Legacy to son William Mead. Land to William Jefferson McMillan. Son Stith Mead, Exer. Signed Feb.19,1805. Probated Jan.6,1806. Wit: James Younger, J.Hamill, John D'Antignac,J.P.

McKINNE, JOHN-Page 42-of Augusta, bricklayer. To wife Elizabeth McKinne, $10.00, to friend Elizabeth Jarvis of Augusta, as long as she remains single house where I now reside, To William Jarvis, son of said Elizabeth after the marriage of said Elizabeth. If he dies previous, property to go to my brothers and sisters then alive. Friends Absolom Rhodes and John Sears Exers. Signed Oct. 3, 1807. Probated Jan. 4, 1808. Wit: George Pearson, Cosby Dickinson, William McTyre.

McNAIR, DANIEL-Page 83-To wife Elean home etc. To dau. Anna $100.00, to son Martin, slave, to son Robert, slave, to dau. Harriet, slave, to son James S., slave. To last four my land in Randolph Co. Wife Elean Martin McNair, Excx. Signed Mar. 9, 1811. Probated July 5, 1811. Wit: James Lucky, Mark Whitaker, Mary McNair.

MAGEE, HUGH-Page 98-Wife Mary, son William Henry Magee,minor, joint heirs. Wife Mary and George Allen, Exers. Signed Sept. 28, 1812. Probated Sept. 6, 1813. Wit: James S. Frierson, Samuel Lowther, Isaac Low

MATTHEWS, GEORGE-Page 100-of Augusta. To Jesse Watson of Augusta my set of Encyclopedias. To the female Asylum $25.00. Residue to Richmond Academy. Jesse Watson, Robert Campbell and Augustus Slaughter, Exers. Signed Sept. 9, 1813. Probated Nov. 1, 1813. Wit: William Bones, Moses Rogers.

McKINNE, FELIX & JOHN-Page 119-We appoint the survivor with Barna McKinne, Exers. The survivor of the testators to have all property. If we die without heirs, our bro. Barna McKinne to have half estate, bro. Joseph P. McKinne one quarter, nephew Alfred McKinne Hobby one quarter. Signed Aug. 10, 1810. Probated July 3, 1815. Wit: Joseph Hutchinson, John Tanner, John Willson.
    Codicil: In case of death of both testators, a slave to each of our nieces: Sarah Mcintosh, Mary Ann Mcintosh and our cousin Eliza Pope.

MAGNAN, MAGNAN-Page 124-Louisa Susan Victoria Magnan, born in the Parish of Hierone, Artiboute', San Domingo, now a resident of Augusta. I declare I am married to Mr. John Battee Magnan, and that we have had one son and five daughters, only one named Henrietta who is mentally incapable. Friends Peter Guinen and William Brux, guardians of Henrietta. To each of the other children $5.00. Signed Apr. 4, 1812. Probated Oct. 3, 1815. Wit: B. Bignon, D. Bignon,, B. Piquet.

MATHESON, ALEXR.-Page 133-Receipt as Administrator of estate of Duncan Matheson for his part of Duncan Matheson estate, copartner of Robert (Harper. Signed Mar. 28, 1814. Wit: Edward Quinn.

MATHESON, MURDOCK-Page 148-merchant of Augusta, a native of Ross Shire Scotland. To cousin Alexr. Matheson in above Shire, 40. To bro. William Matheson, $2000.00, to father Roderick Matheson in the Parish of Lochelsh Ross Shire, Scotland, residue. Friends Alex Matheson, James Fraser, Peter Bennock, of Augusta, Exers. Signed Aug. 30, 1817. Probated Oct. 15, 1817. Wit: William Strong, Alex Leggett, D. Dunn.

MALONE, ISHAM-Page 13 5-To each of my married and widowed sisters (not named) $800.00. To sister Susan Malone $1000.00. To bro. Thomas Malone, $1500.00. To mother $150.00. To niece Mary Agnes Malone, dau. of my bro. John and his wife Nancy $500.0. To Alex. John Malone, son of the late Miss Susan Stewart, now Susan Thompson, $4000.00 to be taken from his mother and put under the direction of my executor. Brother L. Malone $750.00 to purchase a mulatto, property of Benjamin and set him free. To bros Thomas L. Malone, John Willson, John Tanner and Dr. Anderson Watkins $500.00 each. Dr. Anderson Watkins and John Willson Exers. Signed Feb. 17, 1815. Probated Sept. 2, 1816. Wit: George Walton, P. Walker, A. Hannah.

McDADE, THOMAS-Page 151-June 2, 1814, I Thomas McDade, do give and bequeath to Martha my wife, three slaves etc. Probated Jan. 5, 1818. Wit: John Sloan, Elijah Albet, John Smith.

MILLEDGE, JOHN-Page 154-Legacy to adopted son Dr. Milledge Galphin. My children John and Thomas Milledge having a long minority to pass through, I constitute my wife Ann Milledge, Excx. Thomas G. Lamar, (my bro-in-law) Thomas Cumming, William B. Barnes, Thomas Flournoy, Stephen Smith, William B. Bullock, Charles Harris, John P. Williamson, James S. Bullock, William Cumming, Exers. Cousin Mary Milledge to continue a member of the household. Signed Feb. 9, 1818. Probated Feb. 16, 1818. Wit: ElizaC. Speights, Benjamin H. Meigs, Daniel Bloxsom.

MAC LEAN, WILLIAM-Page 17 5-All property to be equally divided between my wife Caroline and my children Robert and William Barnes Maclean. Wages of a slave to be paid to my bro. Andrew for the benefit of his children. Wife Caroline and friend William W. Montgomery, Exers. Signed Oct. 25, 1819. Probated Nov. 18. 1819. Wit: John Course, Catherine D. Hammond, John Moore.

McIVER, JOHN-Page 198-Copy of will of John Mclver as recorded in New York City. John Mclver formerly of State of Ga. now of New York City, gentleman. Sister Mrs. Barbara Reed of Stomoway Lewis Island, Scotland. James Reed, son of said Barbara. Heirs of David Reed, late of Augusta, my nieces daus. of my bros. Murdock and Evander, residing in Scotland. Ann Mclver, residing at the Pee Dee in S. C. dau. of Donald Mclvr of S. C. Nephew Sir. Alex. McKenzie of Ross Shire, Scotland. Children of Kenneth Mclver in Scotland. John Taylor, Amasa Jackson, merchants of Augusta and Sir Alex McKenzie of Scotland, Exers. Signed Oct. 5, 1814. Probated Feb. 14, 1822. Wit: Sarah Jones, Theodore McKeese, Wm. Keese.
    Codicil: To Belen Mclver and her single sister 1000.

McTYEIR, FRIZZELL-Page 22 6-of Burke Co. To beloved wife all property mentioned in a marriage settlement. To daughters Catharine, Mary, Hannah and Prances, $5.00 each. To the children of William McTyeire, dec'd, the children of my son Robert McTyeire, dec'd, the children of my daughter Elizabeth Lampkin, dec'd, the children of my daughter Nancy McNeal, dec'd, the balance of the property. One-fifth of entire estate in trust for daughter Rebecca Dunham, wife of Samuel Dunham and her children. John Barry, Absolom Rhodes and Holland McTyeire, of Richmond Co., Exers. Signed Sept. 17, 1822. Probated May 5, 1823. Wit: Simeon Russell Moses Roff, Jr., Joseph P. Mahany.

MEIGS, DANIEL-Page 253-Wife and all my children, not named, except son Daniel John Adams Meigs, minor. Brother Jonathan Meigs of Savannah, Ga. Exer. Signed Aug. 9, 1826. Probated Aug. 21, 1826. Wit: B. P. Campbell, John McKinne, T. M. Hubble.

MALLOY, THOMAS McNALLY-Page 313-Native of Parish of Clones, Manahan Co. Ireland. Mother Helena Malloy, bro. Michael Malloy, sister Catherine Malloy. James Harper of Augusta and P. Callahan of Hamburg, Exers. Signed Apr. 17, 1829. Probated Sept. 28, 1829. Wit: George Dunbar, Andrew Maclean.

MARSHALL, HOWELL R.-Page 315-True copy from Edgefield, S. C. To George A. B. Walker money to buy certain slaves belonging to the estate of my dec'd uncle Edward Rowell, and set them free, legacies to sisters Elizabeth Sibley, Ann Westbrook and Rebecca B. Jackson. George L. Twiggs and Valentine Walker, Exers. Signed Dec. 18, 1829. Probated Mar. 1, 1830. Wit: Randolph Bradford, Henry Greenwood, Michael Boisclair.

MURPHY, EDMOND-Page 324-Sons, James, Nicholas, Alex. Leroy, daughter Nancy Rhodes, children of Mary Rayney, wife of Chas. Reyney, Maria Brown, wife of Samuel Brown, Vicy Hull, two children, minors. Elizabeth Ann Murphy, unmarried. Sons Nicholas and Alex Exers. Signed Dec. 16, 1826. Probated Dec. 24, 1827. Wit: Alex. Avret, John Brandon, P. H. Mantz, J. P.

McTYEIR, MARY-Page 336-To the children of Edmond Murphy, dec'd, to wit: Nicholas, Mary Rainey (wife of Chas. Rainey) Maria Brown (wife of Samuel Brown), Alex, Elizabeth Ann Evans (wife of Robert Evans), Leroy H., land in Burke Co., share equally. To the children of my brother Absolom Rhodes, to wit: John A., Elizabeth W. (wife of Richard B. Day), Aaron, Nancy B., Mary B., Lavinia and Caroline Cornelia Smelt, slaves. To Mrs. Sarah Rhodes, Menomia J. Ligon, Wm. J. Rhodes and Lavinia Carswell, $50.00 each. Bro. Absolom Rhodes, nephew John A. Rhodes, Exers. Signed May 17, 1S29. Probated Jan. 3, 1831. Wit: John H. Mann, Almond Day, A. R. Ralston.

MITCHBELL, WILLIAM A.-Page 410-To Mrs. Almira Carrington of Bristol, Conn., and William and Leicester Carrington, Mary, Almira, and Juliette Carrington, her heirs, legacies. Uncles; Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Charles Thompson and AIozo Thompson. Sister Mary L. Norton. Sylvester Norton, Exer. In case of his death, Thomas Mitchell of Bristol, Conn. Signed Sept. 3, 1834. Probated Jan. 26, 1835. Wit: A. Knowlton, J. C. Plant, Ralph Ketchum.

McMILLAN, MARTHA-Page 396-of Augusta. Daus. Martha, wife of Wm. H. Jones, Mary, wife of Fielding Bradford, Emily, wife of John W. Wilde, Louisa McMillan, unmarried. Grandau. Ellen Mary Jones, dau. of my dec'd dau. Priscilla Jones and the Rev. Lot Jones. Son: William Jefferson McMillan. Son-in-law William H. Jones, sole Exer. Signed Feb. 3, 1834. Probated Nov. 3, 1834. Wit: James W. Davis, James McLaws, Henry H. Cumming.

McFARLANE, ANN-Page 418-Aged and infirm. ALL property including my draws in approaching Land and Gold Lotteries of this state to dau. Mary McFariane, who has watched over and supported me in my old age. Mary sole Exer. Signed May 30, 1832. Probated Sept. 7, 1835. Wit: Asaph Waterman, Wm. H. Jones, G. McLaughlin.

MUSGROVE, ROBERT H.-Page 421-To most excellent motherinlaw, Mrs. Tabitha Bustin, support for life. Residue to be divided among my six children, viz: William Cumming, Jane Catherine, Edward Harrison, Francis Laurence, Robert Austin and Mary Barnes and my bro.-in-law Edward Bustin. Augustus Moore, William Cumming and Edward Bustin, Exers. iSigned Feb. 8, 1830. Probated Oct. 26, 1835. Wit: G. B. Lamar, G. R. Rountree, Samuel Clarke.

MARVIN, MARY M.-Page 459.-The wife of Aaron Marvin of Mobile, Ala., but late of Augusta, Ga. To Aaron all money received from the estate of the late Chas. Bussey of Edgefield, S. C, also that part of the estate of the late William A. Bugg of Richmond Co. to which I am entitled for life, at his death to go to my son Chas. A. Bugg of Augusta. Friends, Peter Boisclair, Andrew J. Miller of Augusta and Chas. Labuzan of Mobile, Ala., Exers. Signed Mar. 30, 183 6.Probated July 19, 1836. Wit: Ralt L. Crawford, Nathan Crawford, M. D., Wm. W. Duck. M. D.

MOISE, JACOB-Page 479-merchant of Augusta. Annuity to mother and sister, not named, wife and children, not named. To be buried on the Sand Hills by my dau. Eleanor Jane. Wife, brothers Abraham and Isaac and bro.-in-law John J. Coben, Exers. Signed Dec. 27, 1837. Probated Feb. 5, 1838. Wit: John Howard, J. Henry, George W. Morgan.

McKENNY, THOMAS-Page 50 8-Being in danger of death from sickness, Father, Matthew McKenny of Ireland. Money deposited in Mechanics Bank, Boston, Mass., to Rev. John Barry for religious purposes. Francis McTier and John J. McGuire, Exers. Probated Dec. 2, 1839. Wit: Barny Brogan.

McGOVERN, JAMBS-Page 486-of Augusta. Father, Bernard McGocern, mother, Margaret McGovern, sister Mary Gersons (?) all of County Antrim, Ireland. Legacy to Rev. John Barry, Clergyman of Catholic Church of Augusta, known as Holy Trinity. Samuel Bones, Wm. Harper of Augusta, and Thos. McGraw of Mobile (my uncle), Exers. Signed Nov. 8, 1838. Probated Jan. 7, 1839. Wit: John Edgar, Richard Patten, John Horan.

McWHORTER, SUSAN CLARK-Page 500-of Augusta. Children, Benjah S. McWhorter, Susan Clark McWhorter, George Gray McWhorter, Eliza Simpkins McWhorter, John P. King McWhorter, some under age. Slaves given her by Dr. Jacob G. McWhorter in their marriage settlement, 1817 mentioned. John P. King and Andrew J, Miller, Exers. & Trustees. Signed July 7, 1836. Probated May 6, 1839. Wit: Maria E. Simkins, E. A. Glascock, Arthur Simkins.

MIMS, BRITTON-Page 371-Wife Mary Ann, minor sons Britton and Lawrence. Daus., Harriet Holmes and her children, Caroline America Rogers and her children, Louisanne Penn and her children. Wife Mary Ann and sons Britton and William, Exers. Signed Aug. 2 6 1833. Probated Nov. 9, 1833. Wit: George M. Walker, John H. Mann, Peter P. Boisclair.

NESBITT, HUGH-Page 288-Wife, Eleanor L., and six children, viz: Elizabeth B. Nesbitt, Hugh O'Keefe Nesbitt, John Nesbitt, Robert Nesbitt, Mary Ann White Nesbitt, Thomas Nesbitt. Anderson Watkins, John Moore and Wm. Bones, Exers. Samuel Clarke and John P. King, Guardians. Signed July 19, 1827. Probated Nov. 12, IS28. Wit: John Forsyth, B. P. Campbell, Arthur Shaaff,

OSBORNE, HENRY-Page 5-Wife Catherine (formerly Howell now Osborne) and dau. Maria James. Wife Catherine sole Excx. Signed Nov. 8, 1792. Probated Dec. 31, 1800. Wit: James Gunn, Th. Gibbons, Jno. Howell.

OAKMAN, HENRY W.-Page 354-of Barnwell Dist. S. C. Lands, lots, etc., in Barnwell Dist S. C , to dau. Mary Ann Oakman, lands, lots, etc., in Barnwell Dist. S. C. to son Wm. Henry Oakman, both under age. Friends Jennings O Bannon and John Rickenbacker, and Bro. Wm. Henry Oakman, Exers. Signed Dec. 30, 1820. Probated Aug. 20, 1830, Barnwell, S. C. This is cert. copy. Wit. F. Trotti, B. H. Brown, A. Patterson.

O'CONNELL, JAMES-Page 488--Mother Ann O'Connell sole heir. John J. McGuire and Thos. Duffy, Exers. Signed Dec. 8, 1838. Probated Jan. 7, 1839. Wit: John Barry, Wm. H. Hughes, Hugh Meogan.

PACE, DRURY-Page 8--To sons William and Drury, land in Edgefield Co., S. C. To son Richard land in Lincoln Co. Ga. To son Barnabas, land in Richmond Co. Ga. Slaves to daus. Nancy, Fanny, Rhody, Polly Pace, three last youngest daughters. Wife Mary all land in Georgia, etc. for life. Signed Jan. 26, 1801. Probated May 4, 1801. Wit: John Catlett, Ann Bussey.

POISSON, DR. LOUIS-Page 126-Born in Nantz, Prance, 72 years old. Wife Jeane Anne Gigault all my property in this country, Europe and the West Indies. At her death to dau. Mary Poisson, Mondonville, married. Dec'd son John Julien who died in S. C. and his children, Jean Devis, Louis and John Julien Poisson. Signed Aug. 4, 1812. Probated Sept. 18, 1815. Wit: P. Guerin, P. Boutet, John D'Antignac.

PEARRE, JAMES-Pages 140-Lands in Franklin, Wilkinson, Wilkes, Elbert, Jackson and Warren counties mentioned. Dau. Mary Ann wife of Thos. H. Penn, dau. Cassandra Pearre, son Humphrey G. Pearre, minors. Friends John Tyler Allen, Levi Pearre, Anderson Crawford and son Humphrey G. Exers. Signed Dec. 5, 1816. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Wit: W. W. Montgomery, W. P. Dearmond, Benj. H. Meigs.

POWER'S, LOVEY-Page 356-of Augusta, that my aged mother shall live with my sister, $150.00 annuity. Residue of estate to Dr. Alex. Cunningham and John H. Mann, as trustees for my beloved dau. Eliza Olivia Collins, wife of Joseph Collins and the children which she has now, or may have, including my grandaughter Emma Bracket Hartford. Son-in-law Joseph Collins and friend Amory Sibley, Exers. Signed Apr. 11, 1832. Probated July 2, 1832. Wit: J. Shaw, Mary Beach, Rebecca Quizenberry.

QUINN, EDWARD'-Page 44 0-Late of Augusta, Ga., but now of Brook Bank, near Clones County Minaghan Ireland, Esq. Wife Jane Quinn, sister Elizabeth Sloan, residence near Clones, life estate to go at her death to the right Rev. John England Roman, Catholic Bishop of Charleston, S. -C. Aunt Jane Quigley of Glenairy, County Antrim, Ireland. Aunt Anne Byrne, of Glenairy, County Antrim, Ireland. Elizabeth McGuigan otherwise Henry of the same place in consideration of her attention to my dec'd sister Mary Eliza Quinn, dau. of John and Nancy McAllister lite estate. To Henry B. Thompson of Wilkes or Talliaferro Co. Ga., as trustee for John Edward Rice, minor, eldest son of Thos. D. Rice of the same place, and Rev. John Barry of Augusta, one-fourth my estate of slaves. John Bruce and Robert Campbell of Augusta, Exers. Signed Mar. 19, 1834. Probated July 12, 1S36. Wit: Daniel Noland, Mark Wilson, Telemachus E. Willard.

ROBINS, ARCHIBALD-Page 12-All estate in Georgia to be sold for cash, then divided between Zachariah McTyeire, son of Holland McTyeire and Jesse A. McTyeire, son of William McTyeire, both minors. My trunk to Zachariah and my fiddle to Jesse A. McTyeire. Holland and William McTyeire, Exers. Signed Jan. 3, 1802. Probated Feb. 1, 1802. Wit: Wm. Moody, Milly Riley.

ROBESON, DAVID-Page 19-My wife and children to divide property equally between them after they have each received as much as my son David. Signed Sept. 22, 1803. Probated Oct. 3, 1803.Wit: Joshua Whiteaker, Wm. Bryant, James Holley.

REDMAN WILLIAM-Page 33.-Dec'd. Thomas Dobbins asks for a child's part of the estate of William Redman, dec'd for himself and wife Mary Robbins, late Mary Redman, being my right of dower. Signed Sept. 9, 1793. Recorded Jan. 18, 1806. Wit: John Poster, J. P.

RAE, ISABELLA-Page 43-At present of Richmond Co. To my nephews James Rae Wilkinson and Seaborn Jones Wilkinson, sons of my friend John B. Wilkinson, all my estate after the death of my honored grandmother Phoebe Johnson. Friends John B. Wilkinson, Seaborn Jones, Exers. Signed Nov. 19, 1807. Probated June 6, 1808. Wit: Eliza Clayton, D. Walton, George Walton.

ROSS, WILLIAM-Page 120-of Augusta. To friend Adam Hutcheson of Augusta, merchant, $1000.00. To friend Thos. Gardner of Savannah, merchant, the residue of all my property in the U. S. A. Property in Scotland at the death of my father to go to sister Margaret Ross for life, at her death to her second son by the name of Wm. Gilmore. Other children mentioned but not named. Friends Thos. Gardner of Savannah and Adam Hutcheson of Augusta, Exers. Signed Apr. 8, 1815. Probated Sept. 11, 1815. Wit: James Gardner, John Martin.

ROWELL, EDWARD-Page 295-To wife Grace Rowell and her heirs half of estate including home place. To nephew Howell R. Marshall my tract of land known as the Beach Island plantation with stock, slaves, etc. The rest of the estate to be sold and divided among the children of my half brothers and sisters. Not named. Nephew Howell R. Marshall, friends Valentine Walker and George Twiggs, Exers. Signed Mar. 15, 1829. Probated Apr. 6, 1829. Wit: James Beal, Elbert A. Holt, John T. Greenwood.

RAINEY, JOHN-Page 176-of Augusta. To father and mother, James and Elizabeth Rainey of Antrim, Ireland all ready money. My uncle John Rainey of Dumnal to deliver up bonds in his possession. Watch to bro. Robert Rainey. Brothers and sisters mentioned, but not named except Elizabeth Clover. Books and trunk to James Loughridge of Laurens, S. C. Bible to Thos. A. Bones or his wife Eliza Bones. The contents of his trunk to be divided among John Crawford, James Cust, Alex. Millar, Thos. Adams, John Milford and Wm. Bones, Jr. James Fraser, John Bones, James, Cust, Thomas A. Bones, Exers. Signed Aug. 1819. Probated Feb. 18, 1820. Wit: Washington Poe, Hays Bowdre.

ROLEN, WILLIAM-Page 320-of Augusta. To son John, minor, all estate after payment of debts. If son John dies without issue property to go to my two brothers, Zachariah and John Rolen. Friend William Robertson, Jr., Exer. and guardian. Signed Apr. 10, 1830. Probated May 3, 1830. Wit: B. P. Lyon, Samuel Hammond, P. M. Robertson.

RUPPIN. HARRIETT, P.-Page 419-of Augusta. Household furniture to be sold and money to be given with his father's miniature to son when he is 21 or marries, my gold watch and candlestand to go to son Albert G. Ruffin when he is 21 or marries. P. H. Mantz to be appointed guardian. John Edgar to take the children in his home and rear them. If both die without Issue the hire of the negroes to go to Nancy Dillon and her child or children for five years, the next four years to Mrs. William Thompson and her children and Mrs. Wm. McNorton and Susan Johnson. Philip Mantz and John Edgar, Exers. Signed Aug. 15, 1835. Probated Sept. 7, 1835. Wit: Philip Crump, Michael Wagner, J. W. Meredith, J.P.

RHODES, LEWIS, B.-Page 466-To wife Mary all estate for life, or until youngest son Hiram Rhodes is 21, other children not named. James D. Haymie, Absolom W. Rhodes, Exers. Signed Dec. 12, 1835. Probated Aug. 1, 1836. Wit: Jonathan Huff, Thos. B. Rhodes, Robt. White.

REID, DAVID-Page 467-ALL property to mother Elizabeth Abeth Reid in fee simple. Signed June 3, 1836. Probated Mar. 6, 1837. Wit: Wm. M. D'Antignac, Bennet Harris.

RHODES, AARON-Page 489-Property to be equally divided, half to "my wife", half to my three children towit: Mary Louisa, Charles and Martha Elizabeth. Father Absalom Rhodes, brother John A. Rhodes, Exers. Signed Mar. 26, 1838. Probated Jan. 7, 1839. Wit: oHenry Johnson, James E. Cashin, Thos. C. Beale.

SMITH, JOHN-Page 11-At present of Spirit Creek, Richmond Co. As my living wife before she married me saw fit to secure all her property to her children, I leave her twenty five cents. After all debts are paid, residue to be divided between my three nephews, John Smith son of David, James and John Smith, sons of William, all living in Scotland. Friends Alex. Graham of Burke Co., and Bdward Primrose of Augusta, Exers. Signed Jan. 9, 1800. Probated Oct. 6, 1801. Wit: Holland McTyeire, Seaborn Jones, Lucy Beard.

SNEAD, GARLAND-Page 15-of Augusta. One-third of estate to wife Agnes, two-thirds to son John Claburn and child in esse. Wm. Bell, Sr. Wm. Bell, Jr., John Snead, Nathaniel Snead, Exers. Signed June 28, 1802. Probated July 5, 1802. Wit: Chas. Johnson, Robt. Tolefree.

SMITH, JOHN ERDMAN-Page 18-of Augusta. Sundry tracts of land, lots in Augusta, printing implements, slaves, etc., to be sold after being advertised in Ga., S. C , Md. and Pa. My wile Catharine to have half the proceeds, the other half to mother Barbara Smith of Nuremburg, Germany, and my sister Susanna Maria Krunstlerin of the same place. Wife Catharine, friends Robert Cresswell, Dennis Smelt and George Graves, Exers. Signed Jan. 10, 1803. Probated Feb. 7, 1803. Wit: Zen. J. Gaines, Chas. Lamar, David B. Butler.

SIMMONS, JAMBS M.-Page 23-Bro. Thos. Simmons now at school at Mr. Springers in Wilkes Co., remain there. A tract of land in Washington Co., on Buffalo Creek, grantd in the name of Patrick Connelly be his. The part of the estate now in the hands of Col. Wm. Mead, to which I am entitled through the right of marriage with my wife Mary Simmons be equally distributed among the said Col. Mead's children, as follows; Patsy, Sowles, Martin, Kitty and Billy. I also relinquish my claim to any part of said estate now in possession of Col. Mead which is in the custody of Mr. Robert Walker of Dinwiddee Co., Va. To Priscilla Mead, second dau. of Col. Mead by his present wife a tract of land in Washington now Grene Co., in the name of James Simmons, in about six miles of Col. Robert Middleton's. I desire that Thos. Simmons possess all residue. Friends Ambrose Gordon, Thos. Glascock, Abraham Jones, Exers. Signed Feb. 24, 1793. Probated Aug. 17, 1802. Wit: Robert Walker, George Lord.
     In a codicil be mentions a board bill Col. Mead holds against him.

SMITH, CATHARINE-Page 29-of Augusta, widow. Legatees; Patsy Cresswell, dau. of Robert, Caroline Elizabeth Smelt, dau. of Dennis, John Erdman B. Bulter, son of David B., to be paid at once. To Sally Bray (under age), Nancy Bray, Suky or Susannah Bray (younger) daughters of Thos. Bray, dec'd. Jane Cresswell, wife of Robt. Cresswell, Dennis Smelt, physician. Robert and Jane Cresswell and Dennis Smelt, Exers. Signed June 1, 1803. Probated Nov. 4, 1805. Wit: Dennis Drlscoll, George Smith Houston, David B. B. Butler, J. P.

SHAW, ASA-Page 31-of Augusta. Legatees: Jonathan S. Sturges and Henry A. C. Sturges, sons of Josiah Sturges, merchant of Augusta. Residue to father, Ebenezer Shaw, bros. Silas and David Shaw and sister Polly and Susan Shaw. Josiah Sturges, Exer. Signed Nov. 20, 1805. Probated Dec. 4, 1805. Wit: Ralph Ketchum. Abraham A. Leggett, George Watkins.

SOMERS, LAWRENCE-Page 33-ALL property to be sold to secure Capt. John Cormick in a debt of security for my store. The rest to go to Mrs. Catharine Dugan and her heirs who live in Alexandria, Va. John Cormick and Mrs. Catharine Dugan, Exers.

SAVAGE. JOHN-Page 91-To wife Elizabeth one-fourth of estate. To Son Daniel, dau. Ann, son Wm. Burney one-fourth each, all under age. Wife Elizabeth and son Daniel, Exers. Signed Dec. 14, 1810. Probated Jan. 6, 1S13. Wit: Casper Nail, Samuel Burgess, Jasper Nixon.

SCURRY, RICHARDSON OWEN--Page 158-Dau. Elizabeth Melvina Mounger Scurry, sole heir. Mr. Benj. Leigh of Columbia and his wife Mary to have entire charge of her person and property. That John Downer, his wife nor either of their daus. shall ever have charge of my dau. nor any of that family connection. If my child dies before she is 21, the property to go to my sisters Lydia and Betsy Scurry of Pendleton Dist. S. C. Signed Nov. 9, 1817. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Wit: Edward Byrd, Wm. P. Dearmond, John Turpin.

SANDWICH, THOMAS, Sr.-Page 159-Whereas my dear children by my first marriage are well provided for. I appoint Thos. Cumming and John E. Hartridge trustees for my present wife Margaret and the children I may have by her. This action explained by letters which his executors must preserve. Dr. Thompson having requested their destruction however. Several sons under age. Mentions land in Lincoln Co., sold by my son Thos. Kirby to me. Thos. Cumming, John E. Hartridge, Exers. Signed Feb. 10, 1816. Probated Mar. 9, 1816. Wit: Wm. Cowles, George Adam, George B. Wardlaw.

SABIN, Rev. ELIJAH R.-Page 161-of Hamden, Penobscof Co., Maine, at present in Augusta. Beloved wife (not named) To eldest son Lorenzo, gold watch, to second son John Clarke, sleeve buttons, to other children some small present. My manuscripts to be given to Rev. Martin Rutter, with liberty to publish. Wife, Simeon Stetson and Joseph Brazer all of Hamden, Maine, Exers. Signed Apr. 24, 1818. Probated May 4, .1818. Wit: Samuel Dunaway, Josephus Wheelock, John H. Mann.

SMELT, DENNIS, M. D.-Page 170-$300.00 each to Methodist Church and poor house of Augusta. Residue to wife Mary Smelt, during widowhood. If she marries to be given the grandson of my bro. William Smelt, dec'd, by the name of Dennis Smelt Winston now of Louisa Co., Va. Friend James Fraser, Exer. Signed Aug. 29, 1818. Probated Nov. 17, 1818. Wit: Benj. H. Meigs, D. Rocbe, John Caldwell.

SKINNER, WILLIAM, Sr.-Page 182-To son John 800 acres where I now live, to son Thomas, Slaves, to sons Leavington, Seaborn, William, dau. Sarah Smith, slaves. Son-in-law Arthur Smith land whereon he now lives, to dau. Caroline Skinner, slaves, etc. Sons: John, William, Leavington and Thomas, Exers. Signed "Apr. 20, 1820. Probated July 3, 1820. Wit: L. Coleman, Elizabeth Willcox, John Willcox, J. P.

SEARLE.ELISHA-Page 189-of Augusta. To Abigail Searle, formerly Abigail Baldwin, $5.00. To my daus. Maria and Martha Ann Searle of Mass., the residue, both under age. Robert Raymund Reid, Asaph Waterman, John Hollingbead, all of Augusta, Exers. Signed Feb. 15, 1821. Probated Mar. 26, 18-21. Wit: Milton Antony, Thos. Matthews, John H. Mann.

SMARS, REBECCA-Page 292-All property to two daughters, Nancy and Elizabeth. Wm. M. Williams, Wm. P. Beale, Exers. Signed Sept. 23, 1S28. Probated Mar. 2, 1829. Wit: Robert Bailey, Isaac Cliatt, A. P., Robertson.

SEGO, JOSHUA-Page 255-To wife Nancy, house, slaves, etc. All my children, two youngest Alfred and Martha, both under sixteen. To eldest son Abraham, land in Habersham Co. 10th Dist., be not eighteen. To dau. Rebecca Sego, now Rebecca Findlay, a slave. Son Abraham, friends Robert Allen and George Twiggs, Exers. Signed Nov. 2, 1826. Probated Dec. 18, 1826. Wit: James Brandon, Middleton Sego, George Twiggs.

SENGES, JOHN-Page 316-Declares be is lawfully married to Sarah Megars, my wife, and have by said marriage an only son, John Joseph Senges, born May 5, 1822. To him the home two miles from town on the Savannah Road. Property listed 202 acres in 18th Dist. Lee Co., drawn by me in last lottery, three slaves. Wife to enjoy property all her Life, whether married again or not. Louis Barie of Augusta, Exer., and guardian. Done at Augusta in the house of James B. Lafitte, April 2, 1828. Signed: Jean Senges. Wit: J. P. Setze, G. T. Dortic, James B. Lafitte.

SAVAGE, DANIEL-Page 34 2-Property of wife before marriage not to be meddled with by executors. My children Caesar, Edmond, and Sarah, all minors. Step-daughter Mary A. Smead. Brother Wm. B. Savage, sister Anna Bush. Signed Mar. 11, 1831. Probated Aug. 13, 1831. Wit: L. W. Barney, Robt. Barber, M. CO., E. W. Couch. Edmund B. Glascock, bro. Wm. B. Savage, Exers.

SHUYTER, MARY-Page 471-of Augusta. To dau. Anna Frances Eliza Slaughter, wife of Augustin Slaughter, all estate in trust of executors. If she dies without heirs, property to go to Prances Gerald Ford, Edward E. Ford, Lewis D. Ford, children of Gabriel H. Ford of Morristown, N. J. Augustus B. Longstreet, Rev. Edward B. Ford, Dr. Lewis D. Ford, Exers. Signed Mar. 3, 183 5. Probated July 3, 1837. Wit: Wm. W. Mann, M. Cook, Sarah Brown.

SNEAD, NANCY-Page 501-To grand children, Ann Virginia, Garland Augustus, Julia Frances, John Claiborn, the children of my son John C. Snead, a slave. To my dau. Caroline G. Reilly, wife of John Reilly, a slave. To grandau. Mary Ann Reilly a slave, Son John C. Snead, sole Exer. Signed Sept. 7, 1838. Probated July 1, 1839. Wit: Michael Reilly, Sarah A. Silbert, Henry B. Holcomb.

STOY, ABIGAIL-Page 504-To sons John W. and Thaddeus S. Stoy all estate Including land in Cobb Co. To grandau. Laura Stoy dau. of dec'd son Henry Stoy, $100.00 and all the wearing apparel of my dec'd dau. Laura Therese Stoy. Son John W. and Thaddeus Stoy, Exers. Signed May 22, 1839. Wit: Caleb W. Key, John Winters, Wm. J. Mealing, T. W. Miller, N. P.

TINLEY, DAVID-Page 30-dec'd. Division of estate. Legatees: John, Eizabeth, Nancy, Patsy, Barbara and Philip Tinley, James Leatherland, Alexander Wilson. Joseph Ware, Samuel Way and Willoughby Barton, Distributors.

TULLOSS, JOSHUA-Page 53-All property to wife Ursula and three children; Eliza, Arthur and James Alford. Notes due estate from Rodom Tulloss, Jason Gardner, Henry Evans. Wife Ursula, Holland McTyeire and Wm. Crawford, Exers. Signed Mav 11, 1809. Wit: George Gibson, Harrison Bell, Edward D. Harbins, Thos. C. Russell. Probated Nov. 6, 1809.

TINDLBY, WILLIAM-Page 9 2-Wife Nancy, life estate-to be divided among all my children at her death. Signed May 6, 1811. Probated Mar. 16, 1812. Wit; Marshall Landtrip, James Brandon, Thos. Landtrip, Joshua Sego.

TURKENETT, HENRY-Page 4 6--planter. To be buried alongside my late wife Mary Turkenett. To my young friend Polly A. Benton now living with me, a slave. Residue of estate to two sons, George Allen and Alex. M. Turkenett, both less than twenty one. If they are without issue, property to go to Samuel Allen, Jr., George Allen, Alex. M. Allen, sons of Samuel Allen, Sr., and to Polly Benton. George Allen and Alex. M. Allen, guardians of sons with Samuel Allen, Jr., Exer. Signed Oct. 5, 1801. Probated May 2, 1808. Wit: George Walker, Wm. Allen, J. W. Lacy, J. P.

TAYLOR, JOHN-Page 109-Now living in Edgefield Co. S. C. Mentions land already given to son Walter, daus. Margaret and Susannah. Small legacies to dau. Susannah Brackett, and son Walter. To son David, land in the swamp below Augusta where I formerly lived. Dau. Margaret B. Butler. Mentions land adjoining bro. James Taylor. Sons Walter and David, son-in-law David B. Butler, Exers. Signed Nov. 18, 1799. Wit: Robt. Alexander, John Willson, Jr., John Willson, J. P.

TWIGGS, JOHN-Page 138-All estate to wife, Ruth for life, at her death to be divided among my sons, Abraham, George, Levy, David, Asa and my dau. Sarah Twiggs, now Sarah Greenwood. Wife Ruth sons Abraham and George, Exers. Signed Apr. 26, 1815. Probated Oct. 2, 1816. Wit: Alex. M. Allen, Wm. Hart, Isaac Low.

THOMPSON, JOHN R.-Page 142-of Augusta. All estate to my son Alex. B. Thompson when he is twenty one. If he should die without issue to go to my mother Amelia Thompson and my sisters Amelia C, Margaret Ann and Catharine Thompson. Thos. Cumming, Augustus Moore, John Hartford Montgomery, Exers. My friend and father-in-law Caleb Baldwin and my bro. William R. Thompson guardians of my son Alex. B. Thompson. Signed Sept. 12, 1816. Probated Sept. 19, 1816. Wit: John Dent, Augustus B. Longstreet, Mary Montgomery.

THOMPSON, NANCY-Page 19 3-of Augusta. Sons Jesse and John under age. Jesse to be continued in schoolman Tenn. John to be placed wherever executors decide. A slave in possession of my bro. Gibson Clarke to son Drury, to be delivered to Mr. Jaret Groce with whom Drury now is (Drury under age. To dau. Elizabeth, under age and unmarried. Bro. Gen'l. John Clarke, Exer. and Guardian. Signed April 27, 1819. Wit: Wm. J. Hobby, Carey Taher, A. McKinstry.

TWIGGS, ABRAHAM-Page 225 - To wife Eliza Mary Hooper and daughter Indiana Cordelia (not of age) all estate. Wife appointed guardian. Wife, bro. George Twiggs and friend Wm. W. Montgomery, Exers. Signed Jan. 23, 182 3. Probated Feb. 3, 182 3. Wit: Henry Greenwood, Susan, A. G. Mcintosh, W. W. Holt, Milton Antony.

TOOLE, JARVIS-Page 369-of Mount Claire, Richmond, Co. To son James 202% acres of land in 11th Dist. Muscogee Co., slaves etc. To grandchildren John P., Alfred C-, David R., Clara V., and Lucy S., .minors, the children of my dau. Harriet N. Holt, eleven slaves. To grandchildren, James Jeremiah, Harriet Mary, William, John and Susannah Toole, minors, children of my son George W. Toole eight slaves. To son George W. Toole land in 7th Dist. Irwin Co. To Mrs. 'Susannah Cumming and EUza Murren a slave each. To wife Susannah home, slaves, etc. Wife Susannah, Excx. Signed Jan. 1, 1829. Probated Oct. 8, 1833. Wit: R. A. Reid, David Reid, Loyd W. Shackelford.

TUBMAN, RICHARD-Page 447-at present of Augusta. Legacies to Free School and St. Paul's Church of Augusta. Land inherited from my father in Charles Co. Md. to the youngest son of Thomas B. Tubman when 25 years old. To Richard Tubman Whitaker, son of James S. Whitaker of Augusta, and to Emily H. Thomas, dau. of Western B. Thomas, of Augusta, bank stock. Residue of estate to wife Emily H. Tubman, at her death to go to Richmond Co. Academy. Wife Emily H. Tubman, Excx. Signed July 1, 1833. Probated Nov. 14, 1836. Wit: A. Boggs, Henry H. Field, W. B. Thomas.

Written in French.

VALLOTTON, FRANCIS-'Page 3 8-To wife Rachel entire estate for life if she makes no charge for maintaining and schooling my young children at her death to go to children; Hugh, Francis Stephen, Elizabeth, Jane and Thomas Augustus Vallotton. Wife Rachel, friends Eli Emanuel and Abraham Twiggs, Exers. Signed July 22, 1807. Wit: Augustus Baldwin, George W. Evans, John D'Antignac.

VERDERY, MATTHEWSON-Page 4 54-Executors to sell three houses and lots in the city of Bordeaux, France tor distribution. To wife Adele, all property in America not otherwise disposed of. To son Augustus Verdery, land in Columbia Co. on which my son Benj. F. now resides, in trust for Benj. F., to go to his children at his death. To dau. Clio Verdery, a slave. To son Eugene Verdery, land on. which be lives called Hatcher place. To son Augustus life estate in the Mill Plantation where he now lives. To dau. Clio, carriage and horses, plate, household furniture at the death of her mother. Son Mandossee legacy of money. Mentions an indemnity against the French Govt, for 24,000 francs for loss of property in Island of St. Domingo. Friends: Col. Wm. Cumming, Leon P. Dugas, son Augustus Verdery Exers. Signed June 18, 1835. Probated Jan. 23, 1837. Wit: James B. Lafitte, G. T. Dortic, Henry H. Gumming; John W. Wilde, N. P.

URQUHART, ANN-Page 477-widow. To sister Mary Fox my farm in said Co., called Stockdale, slaves, etc. To niece Ann E. Jackson, slaves. To grand nephews Wm. B. and James W. Jackson slaves, etc. In trust for the use of Mary Ann Verdery, wife of Benj. F. Verdery. Grand nephew Samuel Fox, son of Benj. Fox. To Mrs. Rachel Sturges of Burke Co and her son William, slave. To grand niece Amelia Jenkins, wife of Albert Jenkins, of Morgan Co., slaves. To grand nephew Richard Fox, son of Richard Pox, slaves. To nephew Benj. Fox, slaves. To Mrs. Ann Murphy, wife of Nicholas Murphy, slaves. To Mrs. Julia Polhill, wife of Joseph Polhill $200.00. To Mrs. Rachel Goddy of Troup Co., $200.00. To grand nephews Samuel M. Jackson and Steele White $500.00 each, to nephew Richard Fox $500.00. To Edward Stephen Bourquin, son of Francis Bourquin of Chatham Co. $500.00. To Mrs. Margaret Barnard wife of Timothy Barnard of Chatham Co. $500.00. Benj. Fox, Andrew J. Miller and James W. Jackson, Exers. Signed July 22, 1837. Probated Mar. 5, 1838. Wit: J. C. Miller, Henry R. Philpot, Thos. W. Miller.

WALKER, THOMAS-Page 56-"being aged, etc." Wife with all her children viz: Elijah, Reuben, Abraham, John, Margaret, Rebecca, Rachel all under age. To dau. Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Lewis slave and everything she has heretofore received. To dau. Patty, wife of John Davis the same. To son Isaac the same. Wife and Chas. Burch, Exers. Signed Peh. 17, 1797. Probated Sept. 3, 1810.
  Codicil: Sons Benjamin and William not mentioned above, share lands with above named four sons. Wit: to will Edward Burch, Michael Henderson. Wit: to codicil, Bashford Robbins, Reubin Walker, Abraham Walker.

WILLSON, JOHN-Page 9 5-of Augusta, merchant, citizen of U. S. Legacies to bro. Joseph Willson of Ireland and bro. Hugh Willson of Carlisle, Pa. Nephew and partner John Willson all stock in trade etc. Friend John Course and nephew John Willson, Exers. Richard Tubman and Hugh Nesbit, Guardians of emancipated slaves. Signed May 8, 1812. Probated May 13, 1813. Wit: Abraham Twiggs, John Campbell, Ralph Thomas.

WARE, JOSEPH-Page 44.-To daughter Polly Arrington, not 17, a slave. Residue to wife Elizabeth and all my children; Robert Dawson, Polly Arrington, Joseph, Edward Rowell, Henry Britton and William Ware, (sons not 21). Friends, Nicholas Ware, David Reid, Lewis Harris, William Bacon, and my wife Elizabeth, Exers. Signed Mar. 18, 1808. Probated May 2, 1808. Wit: Edmund Bacon, Zach Williams, John D'Antignac, J. P.

WHITEBEAD, AMOS-Page 108-of Burke Co. To Samuel Cresswell, bro. of my wife, slave. To Augustus Beverly Walker, son and Ann Eliza Amanda Walker, dau. of my friend Freeman Walker, a slave each. To Mary Zemula Tabitha Walker, youngest dau. of Freeman Walker, slaves. To my beloved wife Zemula and her heirs, residue of estate. Wife and friend Freeman Walker, Exers. Signed Nov. 30, 1814. Probated Feb. 13, 1815. Wit: Elizabeth Cresswell, Robert R. Reid, F. Walker.

WILLLSON, HU--Page 128-Acknowledges receipt of $4000.00 from the estate of his brother John Willson, dec'd of Augusta, and releases all claim to further demands, particularly the manumitted slaves. Signed Aug. 5, 1815 at Philadelphia, Pa. Wit: William Barnes, William White.

WILLSON, JOSEPH-Page 144-of Ireland. Acknowledges receipt from the estate of his brother John Willson, dec'd of Augusta, and releases all claim to further demands, particularly the manumitted slave. Signed Sept. 6, 1816. Wit: Alex. Macky, Joseph Willson, Jr.

WILLSON, JOHN-Page 204-of Augusta, merchant. To beloved father Joseph Willson of Ballygallon, Ireland, $2000.00. If he should die before receiving it, it to go to my six sisters: Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachael, Martha and Betty, last two named unmarried. Each to have $2000.00 also. To my twin nephews Egleston and John Knox, sons of my sister. Mary Knox, near Colerain, Ireland legacy. To Emma Hayles, eldest dau. of my co-partner, John Hayles, $1000.00. To my bro. Joseph Willson of Colerain, Ireland, $1000.00. To my beloved Aunt Sibey Willson, wife of my uncle Hugh Willson of Williamsport, Pa., $2000.00. Mentions nephews John and Alex. Macky now living with me as guardians of slaves. Nicholas Ware and John Campbell, and John Hayles, guardians of said nephews. They to become citizens of U. S.. Mention pew in Christ Episcopal Church. Col. John McKinne, John Campbell, John Hayles of Augusta, and Robert Campbell of Savannah, Exers.
   Codicil: Removes McKinne and Hayles and substitutes John Moore. Signed Mar. 30, 1819. Probated June 6, 1822. Wit: Nicholas Ware, John Course, Patrick Kelly, Thos. Flournoy.

WALSHE, JOHN-Page 223-Property to be divided between my wife, not named, and three sons, John, Michael and Trasy. Stephen Mullaly, sole Exer. Signed Oct. 4, 1822. Probated Oct. 8, 1822. Wit: J. W. Meredith, James A. Dougherty, Stephen Mullaly.

WOOLFOLK, ALLSTIN-Page 260-Wife Louisa L. to have two-thirds of my property, other third to my dau. Permelia when she marries. Wife Louisa L. Excx. for property in Georgia, Alexander McKenzie and Robt. H. Musgrove, Exers., for property in Miss and La. Ira Bowman and Robert Smith, Exers
   Codicil: To my natural son, James Triplett, son of Peggy Triplett of Miss., $5000.00. Wit: John P. King, A. Cunningham, G. R. Rountree. Signed Jul. 10, 1827. Probated Sep. 3, 1827.

WARE, NICHOLAS-Page 240-of Augusta, all just debts to be paid. To wife Susan young hay horses and carriage, and, to her and my children severally equal portions of residue of estate, children not named, but all minors. Wife Susan, son Robert, when he comes of age, bro. Geo. Ware, friends Wm. W. Holt, Richard Tubman and Abraham Walker, Exers. Signed Aug. 16, 1824. Probated Oct. 25, 1824. Wit: John Howard, Wm. Longstreet, Nathaniel Lord.

WATKINS, ROBERT-Page 277-To nephew Isaac Thomas Watkins, real and personal estate To my brother Claiborn Anderson Watkins my part of the Library belongings to the estate of my father. To my brother John Robert Watkins The History of the Indies, by Rynal my sword and epaulettes, the Dirk formerly my fathers and my sword cane. Robert Walton, of Augusta, Exer.. Signed Mar. 9, 1828. Probated Apr. 7, 1828. Wit: William Smith, W. B. Clark, Mary Hatcher.

WATKINS, ANDERSON-Page 281-To wife Catherine one half my estate A trust fund for the use of my niece Evelina S. Walton, wife of Robert Walton and her children. To the wardens of St. Paul's church, the debt they owe me. Trust fund for the use of my nephew George Claiborn Watkins (under age), son of my dec'd bro. Isaac Watkins. Residue to be divided equally between the children of my bro. George Watkins, the children of my sister Polly Hughes Nuckols of Ky., and the children of my dec'd bro. Isaac Watkins of Arkansas, Terr. John Bones, William Smith and Paul F. Eve, Exers. Signed June 2, 1828. Probated Oct. 24, 1828. Wit: Thos. Cumming, Chas. A. Crawford, Augustus Moore.

WALKER, JOHN D.-Page 300.-To nephew Dr. James Bayard Walker, $300.00. To bro. Benj. G. Walker one-third estate, to sisters, Margaret, Rebecca and Rachel Walker, one-third, to children of my dec'd bro. Reuben Walker one-third. Bro. Benj. G. Walker, Exer. Signed June 1829. Probated July 6, 1829. Wit: Chas. J. Jenkins, Albert W. Jones.

WALKER, FREEMAN-Page 268-Bulk of estate to wife Mary Garlington Walker, and two youngest children Sarah Wyatt Minge, and John David Walker. Three elder children George Augustus Beverly, Ann Eliza Amanda, William Henry Talbot Walker having received an education etc. Son George Augustus Beverly and brother Valentine Walker, Exers. Signed July 10, 1827. Probated Oct. 15, 1827. Wit: D. Z. Ward, John Hudson, Elizabeth Cresswell.

WALSTON, RISDON F.-Page 331-At present of Augusta. To my nephew Jarvis A. Ballard and his three sisters, Sarah A. Ballard, Betty Irving and Henryetta Pool, all my estate including what I may recover in Maryland. Nephew Jarvis Ballard, Exer. Signed Mar. 11, 1826. Probated Aug. 17, 1830. Wit: W. B. Jenkins, Ira Burton, William Jackson.

WARD, BDWARD-Page 344-To wife Prances household furniture etc., to sister Ann, slave, to bro. Thomas Ward, horse, etc., brother William, gold watch. Residue to father and mother (not named). Signed Sept. 14, 1830. Probated Sept. 20, 1830. Wit: Henry Lockhart, James W. Lamkin, Elisha Burson, J. P.

WOOLFOLK, LOUISA, L.-Page 3 51--To Emmilia V. Caller and her son Nathaniel $500.00. To son-in-law George R. Rountree, $2000.00 to grandson Allstin Rountree my gold watch, diamod breast pin, sword cane and pistols which belonged to my dec'd husband. My own watch to my dau. Parmelia Rountree, wife of George R. Rountree, to give to her first daughter if she should have one. It Parmelia dies without children money to go to Mrs. Nancy Choar. Robert H. Musgrove, John Woolfolk, Edward Bustin and Oliver Wetmore, trustees for Parmelia. Robert H. Musgrove and George R. Roundtree, Exers. Signed Oct. 2, 1830. Probated Jan. 7, 1832. Wit: John P. King, A. Cunningham, Wm. G. Grimes.

WHITE, MARY ANN, B.-Page 366-John Bones and Paul Fitzsimmons, trustees for house on Broad Street belonging to my son George White for the benefit of my dau. Eliza Poe. John Bones and Robt. P. Poe, trustees for property of dau. Mary Ann Longstreet. Household linen to be equally divided among my three daughters, Eliza Poe, Mary Ann Longstreet and Elanor Fitzsimmons. To three grandchildren; Mary Ann W. Poe, William C. Poe, and James C. Longstreet, bank stock. To son George the set of plate called the new plate. Mentions pew in Presbyterian Church and undivided interest in lands in Barnwell Dist. S. C. Signed Nov. 4, 1832. Probated Jan. 2. 1833. Wit: Hugh O. K. Nesbitt, John Nesbitt, Robert Nesbitt.

WATSON, MAJOUR-Page 3 72-Wife Esther, plantation, stock, etc., where I now live. Heirs of my son John Watson: Martha Mary, Elizabeth, William and Elmer. Son-in-law Elisha Ferryman, Sr. Exer. Signed Feb. 6, 1834. Probated May 6, 1834. Wit: Alex Kennedy, Chas. Burch, Middleton Sego, J. P.

WYNN, FIELDS, P.-Page 393'-of Gadsden Co. Fla., at present of Richmond Co. Ga. To nephed Jackson Dearborn $1000.00 To mother (not named), a slave. To Bro. John $500.00 in trust for my sister Mary Brown. Residue of estate to bro. John, who is Exer. Signed July 22, 1834. Probated Sept. 1, 1834. Wit: Ann Beali, Mitchell Nelson, Pennia Johnson.

WALKER, RACBEL-Page 411-Sister Rebecca Walker, sole heir. Bro. Benjamin G. Walker, Exers, Signed May 30, 1829. Probated May 4, 1835. Wit: Wm. A. Carr, Cynthia M. Carr, A. Walker, John M. Anthony, Caroline G. Walker, Richard Evans.

WISE, JOHN-Page 450-Wife Nancy. Children of son James Wise, dec'd $1.00. Grandson John Wyse, son of William dec'd, dau. Nancy Carlton, Sarah Auntwyne, son John Wyse, dau. Clarissa Jackson, not living in Ga. Sons Thos. Frederic and Thomas Wyse. Son Thomas Excsr. Signed Sept. 27, 1836. Probated Nov. 14, 1836. Wit: William Templeton, James A. Templeton.

YOUNG, WILLIAM-Page 156-of Augusta. To .be interred in St. Paul's Churchyard. John Moore, cousin Moses Young of Washington, cousin Willaim Blaney. Angus Martin, Asaph Waterman, Miss Jane Ringland, Henry Moore, son of John above, Ann McHarg, niece of John Moore. Samuel Martin. Relationship not given except as noted. Brother-in-law John Moore, Angus Martin and Asaph Waterman, Exers. Signed Dec. 18, 1817. Probated Feb. 12, 1818. Wit: John H. Mann, John Turpin, R. Bush, J. P. Washington, D. C, Apr. 30, 1818. Power of attorney from Moses Young to John Forsyth of Augusta to collect above legacy.

  The following will found in the "B" file of original papers, not recorded in Will Book 1798-1840, nor in any book. Minutes of Inferior Court show it was probated and returns made several years.

BEACH, NATHANIEL P.-of Elbert Co. Ga., weak of body etc. I desire that Jacob Bennett and Benjamin Hall meet at my shop in Augusta and value everything in it belonging to me and my brother Chas. Beach. To Benjamin Hall my riding horse, to bro. Charles, Lot No.48, 1st Dist. Baldwin Co., containing 202 acres. My house in Petersburg, Elbert Co., to be enclosed by a good fence until the value can be decided upon for sale. To Elizabeth Powers, living in Augusta, a parcel of furniture belonging to me, now in her possession, and two lottery tickets in her possession and $50.00. After all these legacies are paid and debts settled, the residue to be equally divided between Hetta Crowell, Jonathan Beach, Daniel Beach. Mariah Monroe, Sally Munn, Nathaniel P. Crowell, Wm. S. Monroe, living in the state of New Jersey and Chas. Beach living in the state of Georgia. Chas. Beach and Benjamin Hall, Exers. Signed June 17, 1808. Probated June 28, 1808 Richmond Co. Wit: John H. Brewer, John W. W. Powers, W. T. Thompson. Inventory made June 29, 1808 by David McKinny and Jacob Bennett indicates be was a shoe maker.
* * * * * * * * * *
Abstract of will of Archibald Beall found in file of original papers, with the note on outside that it was not admitted to record because it was not the last. It is given for genealogical data contained therein.

BEALL, ARCHIBALD-of Richmond Co., planter. To Nancy Farrar, Elizabeth Townsend and Mary Townsend, widow $100.00 each. To nephews Robert and Thomas Beall, sons of Alex. 862% acres land granted in my own name near the big lake in Ogeecbee River, Montgomery Co. Believing myself to be entitled to a considerable amount of land in Maryland, I give it to my nephew James White, son of Zachariah White. To my wife Ann one lot on the bay in city of Augusta adjoining Benj. Harris, known as No. 5, and one third household furniture. With the exception of following bequests every thing to be given to wife Ann during her natural life; To Elizabeth Smith, the orphan now under our care, slaves, etc. if she is not taken away from myself or wife. All other property to be sold and one-fifth to Ellender, dau. of Zachariah White, one-fifth to Mary, dau. of Thos. Crawford, one-fifth to Elizabeth dau. of Alex. Beall, one-fifth to Ruth, dau. of Alex Crawford, one-fifth to Sarah Rowe, formerly Sarah Hull who once lived with us. Wife Ann, friends Benj. Leigh and Seaborn Jones, Exers. Signed Apr. 14, 1800. Wit: Augustus Baldwin, Jas. Scott, Joseph Hutchinson.

PACE, DREADZIL-of Columbia Co.-To beloved wife Susannah 135 acres on which he now lives, slaves, 4 wheel carriage, furniture etc. To godson James, son of Dreadzil, my gold watch. To godson Robert, son of Thomas a gold watch. Residue of estate to sons Thomas and Dreadzil. They to be Exers., with their mother Susannah. Signed Oct. 23, 1820. Probated before or about June 15, 1822. Test: Edmund Roberts, Daniel Irby, Mary Shackleford. Certified copy from Simmons Crawford, C. C. O. Columbia Co.

SAYERS, JOHN-Wife Margaret, sole heir and Excx. Signed May 18, 1814, Probated Sept. 5, 1814. Wit: Walter Leigh, George Wallace, Thos. C. Russell.

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