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Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Bascom Cemetery 325136N 0813820W Sylvania North
Bethel Cemetery 325757N 0813234W Burtons Ferry Landing
Black Creek Cemetery 323953N 0813109W Hunters
Braggs Cemetery 324729N 0814457W Sylvania North
Bryan Cemetery 324153N 0812839W Blue Springs Landing
Buck Creek Cemetery 324513N 0813126W Jacksonboro Bridge
Cameron Cemetery 323330N 0813946W Dover
Doughtry Cemetery 324333N 0814427W Sylvania South
Ellis Chapel Cemetery 325327N 0814512W Sardis
Eneck Cemetery 323605N 0812541W Kildare
Friendship Memorial Cemetery 324656N 0813623W  Jacksonboro Bridge
Howard Cemetery 324008N 0813932W Sylvania South
Hurst Cemetery 325438N 0814216W Hilltonia
Lee Cemetery 324635N 0812825W Brier Creek Landing
Lewis Cemetery 324852N 0813955W Sylvania North
Little Horse Creek Cemetery 324337N 0814719W Rocky Ford
Lovetts Cemetery 325529N 0814206W Hilltonia
Meek Cemetery 325343N 0813516W Burtons Ferry Landing
Middle Ground Cemetery 323826N 0813133W Hunters
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 324436N 0814245W Sylvania South
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 325320N  0814317W Hilltonia
Oak Grove Cemetery 325103N 0813049W Jacksonboro Bridge
Oak Grove Cemetery 323657N 0814456W Dover
Parker Cemetery 324118N 0814745W Rocky Ford
Peggy Zeigler Cemetery Two 324313N 0814507W Rocky Ford
Reddick Cemetery 324843N 0813701W Jacksonboro Bridge
Rocky Ford Cemetery 324102N 0815012W Rocky Ford
Simmons Branch Cemetery 323658N 0814229W Dover
Springhead Cemetery 323841N 0814315W Sylvania South
Sylvania Cemetery 324449N 0813814W Sylvania South
Thompson Cemetery 324236N 0813732W Sylvania South
Union Cemetery 323618N 0813254W Oliver
Wades Cemetery 323606N 0814340W Dover
Waters Cemetery 324708N 0814229W Sylvania North
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 32.9207148N 81.5864982W
Zeigler Cemetery Three 324301N 0814345W Sylvania South


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