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Screven County Wills

Source: "Annals of Georgia" compiled by, Caroline Price Wilson;
Vidalia, Ga. :: Georgia Genealogical Reprints,, 1969

Submitted by K. Torp

1826-Feb. 10-Will of Hezekiah Anderson-wife Alley and small children. Exr.: wife and son William. Wit.: Moses N. McCall, Charles H. McCall, James P. Thompson, John L. Dowdy.

1832-April 26-Will of John Beard-wife Susan and son William. Exrs.; Wm. Wilder, Alex. T. Dopson.

1821-Dec. 17-Will of Tarlton B. Best-To John H. Smith, John B. Best, John Mears, John H. Mitchener, Orasmus H. Best, William D.Campbell. Exrs.: Wm. B. Mitchener and John B. Best. Wit.: Thomas Scarborough, Paul Williamson, Joseph Y. Garlington.

1808-July 25-Will of John Bonnell-wife Winneford. Grandsons, Thomas Cuyler Lovett and Robert Watkins Lovett; grand-daughters, Eliza Maria Hues and Rowsamon Hues. Daus.: Elizabeth Lovett and Martha Hues. Exrs.: Owing Hues and John Forbes Lovett. Wit.: N. Paramore, Robert Dixon, David Curtis.

1804--Nov. 19-Will of Anthony Bonnell-Son William original grant. Dau. Elizabeth Bonnell; gr son John Bonnell. Wife Mary. Archibald Mills, Henry Bryant, Anthony Bonnell, Jr., Thomas F. Lovett. Exrs.: Archibald Mills and William Bonnell. Wit.: John F. Lovett, John Salter, Abraham Lewis.

1809-James Bevill, wife Delia, adopted son Paul Bevill Garnett. Exrs.: Wife and brother Paul B. Bevill. Wit.: William Howell, A. Colson, John Beard. Probated June 6, 1814. (Wife Delia was daughter of Philip and Nancy Dell.)

1818-Jan. 5-Will of John Boykin, Sr. Wife Sarah, Exr. Dau. Kodiah. Sons John and Luedowick. Wit.: Henry Crosby, Stephen Blackburn.

1816-Sept. 7-Will of John Bryan-wife Mary. Heirs: Solomon, Samuel, Isaac, Jacob, Alexander, William, and James Bryan. Also Rachel McQueen, Elizabeth Strawhaker and Margaret Smith. Gr. daus. Eliza and Mary Roberts. Gr. son John Henry Bryan. Exrs. Wife and sons. Wit.: Reuben Wilkinson, Robert M. Wilkinson, Stephen S. Perkins.

1831-Nov. 4-Will of John Buford, Sr. Son Henry, son-in-law Anthony Mills; other children-John Buford, Elizabeth Vasser, Wm. G. Buford, Ann Overstreet, William Mills, Jamerson V. Buford, Archibald V. Mills, Benj. F. Chew, Abram Buford, Greenberry Buford, Simeon and Perthane Buford. Exrs.: John Buford, Jr. and Elizabeth Vassar. Wit.: Benjamin Green and Elijah Roberts, J. P.

1840-Sept. 8-Will of Humphrey Basemore-wife Elizabeth, sons Perry, James, and Thomas. Dau. Eliza Scott, wife of Drewey R. Scott. Daus. Penelope and Mary. Exrs.: Wife and son James A. Basemore. Wit.: Starkey Basemore, G. H. Maner, William Shepherd.

1848-Nov. 5-Will of Edward S. Black; sons George Robinson and William Raymond. Children: Elizabeth Hanson, Edward James, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Augustus. Exr.: Wife Augusta Georgianna Black. Wit.: Robert Williamson, John Miller, Lucretia Miller.

1843-May 3-Will of David Burke, Sr. Wife Martha. Sons William, Abraham, David, Simeon, James. Daus. Smithey Brinson, Martha Daughtry, Mary Belcher; the children of Sarah Forehand, my dau.; Wm. R. Berryman, David and Martha Forehand. Exrs.: David and Simeon Burke. Wit.: Thomas U. Lewis, Alex. Kemp.

1835-July 15-Will of John Conyers; sons Isaac and Daniel. Dau. Elizabeth Atkins. Children of deceased son James. Grandsons, John and Jesse Freeman. Exr.: dau. Polly Conyers. Wit.: Rachel and Seaborn Goodall.

1814-Feb. 10-Will of Joseph Congrow. Sons Mathew and James. Dan. Hannah. Gr. son John Congrow, son of my dau. Isabel Hannah. Gr. son Antonio Ivey, son of my dau. Mary Ivey. Gr. chil.: William Usher, Thomas, Martha and Isabel Usher, chil. of my dau. Sarah, wife of Abel Usher. Margaret, Catherine and James, chil. of my son Robert. Wife Marthew. Exrs.: Mund Gross and James Archer. Wit.: Hugh Congrow, Hardy Bveritt, William Donaldson, Hugh Donaldson.

1822-July 3-Will of Sarah Conyers. Dau. Cynthia. Son Richard W. Miller. Gr. son John Milo Miller. Dau. Sarah Knight. Gr. son Byrd Ferrill. Gr. son Cullen Williamson, agent for deceased dau. Lucy Williamson, and brother of Washington Williamson. Exrs.: Richard W. Miller, Reuben Wilkinson. Wit.: James Boston, Thomas Pengree, J. R. Kittles, Joshua Bealls.

1838-May-18-Will of William Cooper. Brothers and sisters Children: Jane and William Carter, children of sister Rachel Carter, deceased. Wilson, Mary, Penelope, Ellen, Luvannah (or Susannah), George William Thomas, Rachel and Randolph Cooper, chil. of my brother George. Exrs.: brother George and Theophilus Williams. Wit.: Robert Lundy, Henry A. Dodge, Michael Henderson, Sarah Evans.

1839-May 2-Will of James Connor. Son John. Wife Ann. Dau. Elizabeth Bevill. Exrs.: Wife and son Simeon D. Connor. Wit.: Sarah A. Faligant, William G. Falligant, John M. Lucas.

1847-Oct. 23-Will of Lewis Connor. Wife Lucretia. Dau. Sarah, wife of Archibald Bryan. Susan, wife of John H. Mercier. Gr. son James T., son of my dau. Mary Burnes, dec. Heirs of sons David and John Connor. Sons Charles Marion, Anthony Lafayette and Wilson Connor. Exr.: Wife Lucretia. Wit.: H. S. Lawton, M. E. Jaudon, C. Y. I. Singleton, W. I. Lawton.

1814-May 4-Will of William Dunnington. To James Scott, Dr. John Connolly, John Arnett, Dr. Houseal, and Richard Boyd. Heirs of Norton and heirs of Moore. Wit.: William Scott, William Gross.

1835-May 4- Will of William Dopson. Wife Catherine. Sons Benjamin and William. Exr.: Wife. Wit.: Rebecca Dopson, Alexander Dopson.

1841-May 8-Joseph Daughtry, deed of gift to Mary Ann Murry, and gr. son Francis, son of Lemuel Daughtry. Wit.: Simeon Burke, James Dixon, John F. Davis.

1814-Sept. 11-Will of Noah Freeman. Wife Lucy. Chil.: Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Garnett, Noah, John David, and unborn ch. Bxrs.: Bro. Jacob Freeman, Elijah Lipsey, Rger McKenny. Wit.: Joseph Button (?), Stephen Allen.

1809-Aug. 13-Will of Jacob Freeman. Wife Jane. Son Britton. Dau. Lueza-unborn child. Sons John, Jacob, James and Thomas. Daus.: Nancy Mills, Chaney and Mahaley. Exrs.: Roger McKinney, Jordan Floyd. Wit.: Theophilus Thomas, Stephen P. Floyd, John McGowen

1815-Will of John Freeman. Wife Elizabeth. Gr. sons John F. and Jesse Freeman and Solomon Kemp. Wit.: William Blair, James C. Humphreys, Joseph Hitchcock.

1830-May 30-Will of Mary Ann E. Freeman. Brother John Freeman of Wilkinson County. Niece Mary Elizabeth Freeman. Aunt Levicy Lipsey. Exrs.: Willis Young and John Torrence. Wit.: Roger L. Gamble, Charles M. Hill.

1833-July 1-Will of Benjamin Ferrill, Sr. Daus. Martha Lovett, Mary Miriam, J. E., and Julia Ferrill, land in Lmmpkin County. Exrs.: John C. Ferrell, my oldest son. Wit.: Joseph G. Lawton, Virgil Bobe, H. Buford.
Butts County, Georgia. -- Henry Hatchey, Francis Hatchey, Elizabeth Simmons and John Simmons attest before Justices that about the 10th of Sept. (no year stated) at the house of Rev. John Simmons, they were called upon by Byrd Ferrell, late of Screven Co., and witnessed the following deposition:-gave and bequeathed all property to brother John Cuthbert Ferrell.

1818-Oct. 2-Will of William Foxwell. Brother Edward, sister Kesiah. Exr.: John McWade. Wit.: Wm. P. Oliver, George R. D. Patterson, George Pollock.

1808-May 1-Will of Major Hurst. Sons Major, Jacob and Swicord. Daus. Pinkey and Rebecca. Excrs.: Bates Barley and brother Jesse Hurst. Wit.: James Oliver, Patience Mobley, William Graves.

1809-Oct. 5-Will of Daniel Howell-my nine children: Caleb, Mary Ann, Daniel, Frances, William M., Samuel W., Aceneth, Civility and Juleann. Exrs.: Caleb Howell, Jr., Daniel Howell, Jr., James Bevill and Caleb Howell, Sr. Wit.: Stephen Tilley and William Howell.

1812-Sept. 8-Will of Hezekiah Howard. Wife Sarah. Dau. Dorcas. Sons Levi and Moses. Children Rachel Strawhorn, Axa Howard, Nathan Howard. Wit.: John Best, Jacob Best, Daniel Blackburn.

1820-March 21-Will of John Hogg-to Chas. I. McQueen in trust for dau. Elizabeth Hogg or son-in-law. Wit.: James H. Wade, Eliza Stone, Jet Wade.

1830-Oct. 19-Will of Richard Herrington, Sr. Wife Martha. Children Alexander, John, Nelson, Benjamin and Joseph Tarpley. Sons Jeremiah and Martin. Dau. Myra McConson Simeon (?). Gr. son John Connell and son Stephen I. Exrs.: Wife and George Pollock. Wit.: Roger L. Gamble, Thomas Glascock, Alex. Kemp.

1817-Dec. 3 -Will of Mathew Jones of Tattnall Co. Wife Polly. Nephew and nieces Henry P., son of my dec. bro. Philip; Frances Lavinia, young wife of James Young; Mathew Berrien, Thomas Mitchell Lyman, Elizabeth, wife of William Evers; Betsy and Harriet, chil. of my bro. James Jones. John Jones, Frances Jones, Susannah, wife of William A. Courcy, Barbara Ann Humphrey, wife and children of dec. brothers Francis and John Jones. Wit.: James Blackman, Michael Young, John Moore.

1808-March 12-Will of Peter Kettles. Wife Sarah. Children James W., John P. and Luisah Kettles. Exrs.: Wife and Jacob Kettles. Wit.: Geo. Williamson, Richard W. Miller, Thomas Brannen. (Wife Sarah married James Boston, Nov. 14, 1814.)

1811-Nov. 6-Will of Frances Lunday. Son-in-law Gross Scruggs. Dau. Frances Andoy (?), dau. Elizabeth Hudson. Son-in-law Richard Wiggins. Louisa and child or children of dau. Elizabeth Hudson. Gr. son Richard Wiggins. Sons Mechlin, Robert and William. Dau. Mary. Exrs.: Paul Bevill, Sr., and son Mechlin. Wit.: Joseph Ball, Sarah White, Lewis Lanier.

1835-May 5-Will of John Lee, Sr. Wife Rachel and son David legatees and exrs. Wit.: William Wilder, Paul B. Garnett, James A. Mock.

1817-April 21-Will of Benjamin Lanier. Wife Ann. Dau. Mary and her children: Sally, Lucy, Betsy, Hannah. Gr. son Benjamin Warnock. Son Clement and his children; Benj. S., Bird I., Elizabeth W., Sally M. and Susannah. Gr. son John I. Lanier. Daus. Lucy and Nancy. Dau.-in-law Hannah Lanier and children-Clement, Elizabeth, James, Augustus, Anna, Solitan and Lucy. Gr. son Bird Newton and son-in-law Philip Newton and Robert Dickson. Exrs. Sons-in-law Thomas Mills and John Wolf. Wit.: John Mills, John Hendricks, Joshua Daughtry.

1838-April 18-Will of Lewis Lanier. Wife Esther. Sons Noel, Isaac, Thomas B. and James. Sarah Strickland, wife of Henry. Dau. Polly, wife of Robert McCall, Betsy B. McCall, Ann Kelly, William Jackson, husband of my dau. Clarissa. Exrs.: Wife Esther and Noel Lanier. Wit.: Isaac Hodges, Thomas H. Brewer, Hardy Hodges.

1838-March 22-Will of Levicy Lipsey-to David Freeman. Niece Levicy Charlton. Sister Lucy Charlton, property in Pike Co. Exrs.: George Pollock and Henry Best. Wit.: R. D. Black, Sarah Evans, Francis Marlow.

1846-Aug. 7-Will of Zacheus Long. Wife Elizabeth. Daus. Sarah (of Burke Co.), Mary W. Long. Exr.: Son-in-law William Cox of Burke Co. Wit.: John Robert Kittles, R. H. Saxon, John M. Miller.

1850-Nov. 30-Will of John F. Lovett. Wife Mary Ann, 3 minor chil. Exrs.: Anthony B. Lovett, John R. Kettle. Son Crawford Lovett. Wit.: Edward Lambert, Robert Watkins Lovett, Seaborn Jones.

1810-July 4-Will of Andrew Mock. Dau. Charlotte. Eldest son Benjamin, exr. Other children. Wit.: Benjamin Morell, Richard Scruggs, Daniel Blackburn.

1837-May 7-Will of James McBride. Daus. Mary Jane and Sarah Rebecca. Exr.: John Robert Kittles. Wit.: Augustus Seaborn Jones, Patrick McGowen, Alexander McBride.

1820-April 1-Will of Henry Megee (?). Wife Ellender. Son Eli and other heirs. Exrs.: Wife and James Ponder. Wit.: Rennel Evans, Littleton Smith, Alex. Hendry.

1826-Sept. 30-Will of William Murray. Wife Mary Ann, child in esse. Mother Mary Murray, Dunduffs Fort, Roye Co., Ireland. Exrs.: George Newton and Hardy Scarborough. Wit.: William Daughtry, John Mills, Moses Howard.

1827-Sept. 29-Will of Luke Mizell, wife Patience. Gr. son Guilford Peavy. Daus. Nancy Peavy and Jincey Douglas. Exrs.: Wife, Daniel B. Douglas, John Moore. Wit.: Peter Rogers, George Newton, James L. Dickson.

1809-Oct. 6-Will of John Mitchener. Wife Luvisa- Exr. with John Best. Wit.: James Nesmith, Joseph Butler, John McWade.

1867-Will of Stephen M. Marlow. Wife Elenor. Gr. son Israel Connor. Gr. dau. Moselle Connor. Daus. Ann Blitch, Susan, wife of Hardy Hodges. Son Robert.

1832-Oct. 9-Will of Moses Newton. Wife Mary Ann. ''Small children.'' Wife exr. Wit.: David B. Newton, Isaac Newton, William H. Wade, J. P.

1841-May 9-Will of George Newton. Wife Mary. Daus. Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Susannah, Sarah Tabitha, Emily, Priscilla.

1817-March. 12-Will of John Nicholson. Wife Elizabeth. Dau-in-law Margaret Streigle and her dau. Mary. To Sarah Streigle, dau. to Martha Herrington. Gr. son John Sowell. Wit.: Nicholas Streigle, Toby Herrington.

1837-Sept. 4-Will of James R. Kent. Wife Penelope (dau. of Robert Williams). Son Jesse. Exrs.: James Williams and Theophilus Williams. Wit.: D. B. Brower, James Young, Theophilus Williams.

1807-Nov. 13-Will of John Oliver, Sr. Sons Thomas, Risden and Elijah. Dau. Sarah. Sons Jacob, William and Moses. William Shroud and son John. Exrs.: Brother James and son John. Wit.: Wm. A. Pickren, John Smith, William Graves.

1807-Sept. 10-Will of Joshua Pearce, Sr. Wife Hannah. Sons William, Stephen and Joshua. Dau. Sarah McKay. Exrs.: three sons. Wit.: Gideon Reynolds, Joshua Bealls.

1828-May 18-Will of Cleton Poythress. Father Meredith Poythress. Sister Elizabeth Brannen. Niece Sarah Elizabeth Poythress. Exr.: Hope Brannen. Wit.: Cullen Williamson, William Brannen, Jane Brannen.

1843-Nov. 7-Will of Richard Philips. Wife Ann. Daus. Naomi Morton and Orphy Hunt. Son Burrel. Gr. dau. Nancy Coge. Exrs.: Edward Jones and Noel Lanier. Wit.: Shepard Williams, John F. Helmly, Robert F. Jackson.

1848-Jan. 4-Deed of gift from Elizabeth Parker to children Henry and Betty. Daus. Clarissa Waters, Eliza Key, Jemina Newton, Tabitha Griner, Mary Ann Lee and Jane Griner. Wit.: Alex. Kemp, James Griner, Lewis Lewis.

1827-Nov. 10-Will of Stephen Pearce. Wife Mary. Sons Green, Joshua, William F., youngest son Stephen C. Pearce. Daus. Sarah M. Pearce and Jane E. Pearce. Gr. sons Stephen Green Bray, Stephen Green Pearce, Stephen P. Bevill, John G. Bevill. Exrs.: Wife and son Stephen C. Pearce. Wit.: M. N. McCall, J. W. P. McCall, John G. McCall.

1846-May 8-Will of Benjamin Phillips. Wife Lucy. To Sarah Daughtry, wife of Lemuel, and Lucinda Burk, dau. of Sarah Daughtry. Nephew David T. Phillips, son of my brother David. Exrs.: Wife Lucy, David Burk, Jr., and Adam Brinson. Wit.: E. H. Scarborough, Peter Arnett, Alexander Kemp.

1840-July 8-Will of Roland B. Roberts. Wife Sarah. Son Bolan. Gr. son Hiram Roberts of West Florida, son of John B. Exrs.: Bolan Roberts, Benjamin Phillips, Jason Brinson. Wit.: Adam Brinson, Sr., Enos Scarborough, Patrick O'Haire, James Belcher.

1841-Sept. 6-Will of John S. Rieves. Wife Jane Elizabeth, Exr.''Children,'' but not named. Wit.: Sarah M. Warren, John S. Warren, Daniel C. Howell.

1836-March 17-Will of Ely Rushing. Sisters Mahala and Caroline. Brother Michael J. Rushing. Brother-in-law Sion L. Boykin, Exr. Wit.: J. W. P. McCall, J. G. McCall.

1808-Jan. 1-Will of Rebecca Reives. Sister Elizabeth Scott. Exrs.: Brothers John and Thomas Reives. Wit.: William Dunnington, Thomas Brannen.
Attestation that Simeon Reives left property to Richard, infant son of William Scott, and other property to sons John and Thomas. Test.: Willaim Blair, Thomas Colding, Richard Herrington, Solomon Kemp, John Connelly, John Walters (doctor).
The Reives are kin to Williamson and Mickleberry families. (Ed.)

1832-July 17-Will of Richard Scruggs. Wife Ann. Son William H. Scruggs. Gr. children Richard, William and Eliza R. Scruggs. Daus. Cassandra Lucas and Ann Abigail Chase, and gr. dau. Rebecca Pearce. Exrs.: Wm. H. Scruggs and John G. Mathews. Wit.: Stephen P. Bevill, John G. Bevill, David Stewart.

1834-July 11-Will of Samuel Simmons. Wife Mary. Sons Samuel, Jr., James, George and Elijah property in Cherokee Co. To John, Elizabeth, Samuel, and James Simmons and Miriam Wilson, To son Moses. Exr.: John Simmons. Wit.: William Wade, George Newton, William L. Dodd.

1825-Aug. 20-William Sheppard-to daus. Sophie Boykin, Martha J. White, Elizabeth Sheppard. Sons David B. M. Sheppard, Lorenzo Dew, Lymon, William T., John B., Harvey, James. Gr. son James Russell. Wife Martha. Wit.: Rachel Blackburn, Stephen Blackburn. Exrs.: John B. Sheppard, Harvey Sheppard.

1828-May 3-Will of James Scott. Wife Temperance. Children Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Sarah Ann. William Thomas Scott and children of my first wife. Codicil names James Scott, Sr., and Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph McGowen. Wit.: Richard R. Scott, Jacob Wells, Meredith Poythress.

1826-Oct. 26-Will of John G. Scruggs. Wife Arimenta. Son Richard. Daus. Julia Ann and Harriet Ann. Exrs.: Bro. William Scruggs and William King. Wit.: B. D. Colson, John Stephens.

1838-July 6-Will of Tabitha Stewart. Gr. dau. Mary Ann, dau. of Susan Stewart. Gr. daus. Sarah Ann and Elizabeth Stewart, chil. of Charles Stewart. Exr,: William Kemp. Wit.: W. G. Taylor, Thomas Robbins, Elizabeth Kemp.

1842-Sept. 2-Will of Hardy Scarborough. Wife Jemima. Son Enos. Wit.: James Parker, Jesse Lee, Samuel Simmons.

1837-Oct. 9-John Stephens. Wife Eliza. Sons William, Benj. Franklin, James. Daus. Ann Elizabeth, Mahaly, Jane, Mary and ch. in esse. Exr.: Barnet Newton. Wit.: Wm. Stephens, Asa F. Mock.

1823-Nov. 9-Thomas G. Walker. Wife Elizabeth, lots in Greenville, S. C. Wit.: Joseph Eve, George Twiggs, Thomas Green.

1825-Oct. 25-Robert Mickleberry Williamson, Jr., brothers Richard M. and Paul Williamson. Exr.: John R. Kittles. Wit.: James Boston, Ira Boston.

1807-Oct. 28-Robert Williamson, the elder. Sons Robert Micklebery, John and Benjamin. Daus. Sarah, Abigail, Lucy and Casandra. Wife Sarah. Exrs.: Robert Micklebery Williamson, Peter Kittles, Richard Miller. Wit.: George Williamson, Seaborn Jones, Maner Tenbrook.

1826-May 25-Reuben Wilkinson. Wife Ann D., Exr. Wit.: Thomas G. Little, Byrd Ferrell, Jas. R. Kent.

1827-Oct. 28-Robert Williams. Sons Robert and Theophilus. Daus. Nancy, Penelope (mar. Jas. Kent), and Sarah. Sons Exrs. Wit.: Patience Mizell, Jinsey Gordon, Jane Mills, John J. Twiggs.


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