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Original Settlers of Walker County
Contributed and transcribed by: Frances Cooley
Source: History of Walker County, Georgia

One of the most difficult as well as the most interesting parts of collecting data for the county history has been that of securing the names of the first settlers in the county. In some sections it was comparatively easy, as well as, I hope, practically correct; while in other parts it was difficult to find any old people who could give the names of the pioneer citizens of their section, with any degree of certainty. In some instances I have secured the names of first settlers from old records, as, for instance, the James R. Jones and the Blackwell registers, mentioned elsewhere.

The author has tried to get names of those who settled in the county during the first fifteen or eighteen years of its history, that is, up to about the year 1848 or 1850.

Some of these pioneers settled here as early as 1830, or maybe earlier, but the majority came during the later thirties and in the forties.

Numerous others, who came later than 1850, might have been recorded as original settlers, in that they entered and settled land never before occupied, building a home and clearing virgin land and establishing an original homestead thereon. However, I tried to draw the line about 1850.

It has been impossible to determine from where most of the early settlers originated.

Many of the first settlers in the Armuchees—probably a majority—hailed originally from South Carolina, some from North Carolina.

Some of them came direct from those states, while others had spent one or more years in some of the counties of eastern or middle Georgia before coming to this county.

Probably a majority of the early settlers in the Cove, and in the Rock Spring section and the region further north came from Tennessee.

General speaking, the first settlers in the southern and eastern parts of the county came originally from the Carolinas, while those in the western and northern parts came from Tennessee. Many of them, however, came from other Georgia counties or from other states.

Practically all the early settlers were farmers and were in search of some of the fine virgin lands lying among the valleys of this sec­tion.

The Cherokee country had been surveyed by order of the Legisla­ture in 1831. After the survey these lands were disposed of by lottery. According to this plan any soldier of the Revolution, or of any of the Indian wars, or their widows or orphans were entitled to draw.

The following list of original settlers has been compiled after careful inquiry in every section of the county. This list is not correct in every particular. No doubt numerous names have been left out, and it is probable that some few are included that should not be. They have been arranged accord­ing to militia districts and it is likely that some errors are to be found in this grouping. The list follows:

Armuchee, East


Benjamin Hunt, Sr.

Jack Puryear

Wm. Puryear

Jeff Ponder

Dr. Adam Clements

Newton White

James Keow,

Newton Keown

Nathan Keown

John A. Tate

Wm. Hammontree, Sr.

Jesse Griffin

Riley Stansell

Adam Davis

John Cavender

A. C. Ward

W. M. Underwood

Needham Cannimore

Cornelius Kinsey

Billy Robbs

Wm. Kinsey

Roland Kinsey

John Oxford

Jacob Goodson, Sr.

Mat­thew Keith

Andrew Womack

Billy Rea

Harris Hammontree

Joe Dobson

Starit Dobson

L. D. Vandiver

Harrison Hamilto.


Armunchee, West


Constantine Wood

Hugh McCiure

John McWilliams

Wm. Burgess

Jacob Cleckler

Mr. Milum

James Young

Wm. Little

Spencer Bomar

Ephraim Little

Artemus Shattuck

George McWilliams

John B. Suttle

Mr. Camp

Abraham Neal

Moses Jackson

Billy Jackson

Wm. Gore

Jackie Chapma,

Samuel Maloney

Anthony Story

James Foster

Mr. Stamper

Ira L. Bennett

Wm. Bailey

E. A. Evans

James Lawrence

Henry Lawrence

Malichi Lawrence

James Coulter


Cane Creek


Wm. Ramey

Hezekiah Ellenburg

Hugh A. Smith

John Smith

Alex Calhoun

Wm. Myers

Ausie Mills

Colby Wheeler

Davie Jackson

Thomas Bryan


Cedar Groove


James Ransom

Washington Ransom

Reuben Ransom

George W. Reed

Wm. Daugherty

Billy Connally

Billy Andrews

Major Moses Crow

Alex Hunter

James F. Coulter

"Wolf" A. J. McDaniel

H. B. Colquit

John Hise

Henry Hise

George Hise

Reuben Haney

Johnny Crow

James Blaylock

Tom Roland

Joseph Clarkson

James H. Clarkson

Billy Hammonds

Jim Bunch

John Holloway

Rob­ert Hunter

Burl Smith


Ambrose Smith

Charley Holland

Isaac Mc-Carty

Tom Jones

Robert Anderson

Aus Clark

Ephraim Hancock

A. J. McDaniel

Johnny McDaniel

Emory Hancock

E. P. Thompson


Chestnut Flat 

Andrew Cooper

Louis Williams

Edom Moon

Jacob Arnold

Wm. Arnold

Taylor Fuller

Wm. Lowery

Alex Hall

Hugh Rogers

Amos Williams

James H. owery

David Hall

Joel Cooper

Tom Cooper

Johnny Gladden

Elias Arnold

H. G. Fuller

Hi­ram Shaw

Hugh McMullin

David Lowery

Mark Thornton

Martin Camp




Joshua Hearn

James Roark

Henry Blaylock

Billy Mitchel

Noah Meridith

Wm. Burk

David Autry

George Glenn, Sr.

Jesse Bagwell

Joseph Osborn

Jimmy Bryan

Marshall McSpadden

R. H. Dyer, Sr.

S. D. Dyer

James Gordon

Thomas F. Gordon

Bob Gentry

W. D. West

Wiley Mullis

James Lewis

Allen Thedford,

Jeptha Hunt

Sam Hall

Milton Plaster

John Brock

Young Brock


Chattanooga Valley


James Killer

Mr. Hixon

Joseph McCullough

Ed Howard




Martin Fralix

Martin Davis

John Davis

Jesse Wallin

Robert Lindsay Wallin

D. D. Singleterry

Ben Hardin.

Jesse Stephens

Billy Simmons

Hamp Garmany

Billy Cupp

James Camp­bell

Jim Bonds

Miles Whitlow

Archie Hill

Wm. Hiniard

Jacob R. Brooks

Robert Guthery

Jeptha Carter

Wm. Connally

Bennie Jones

Willis Crumpton

Wm. Shaw

Stephen B. Phillips


La Fayette


John Caldwell

 Andrew Caldwell

Bob Caldwell

Spencer Marsh

Dr. Robert Burton Dickerson

Michael Dickson

Asa Dickson

Joseph Wardlaw

Dr. Albert Clendennon

Robert Patterson

John R. Wardlaw

J. C. Culberson

James H. Culberson

David Stuart

R. M. Aycock

W. A. Moore

Wm. Catlett

Dr. James Barry

Edwin Dyer

B. F. Davis

John Criswell

Billy Jones

A. B. Culberson

John Jones

Eli Goree

Madison Rhodes

Warren Henry

Thomas N. Nash

Jerry Culberson

Abner Mize

Dr. Green Gordon

Alex Shaw

Ben McCutchen

Daniel Hogue

Lindsay Edward,

Wm. H. Johnson

Hugh Boudinot Johnson

Tom Phipps

 Judge W. M. Black

Webb Talley

Jim Gambell

Will Gambell

Gray Lassiter

John B. Wheeler

Jim Rogers

Edmon Russell

Wm. Russell

Jacob Srite

Normon Pogue

John B. Pike

Mr. Coulter

Mr. Kelley

Calvin Wheeler

Eli Center




Joshua T. Dickey

Johnny Long

Henry Mitchel,

Hiram Malicoat

Mosey Dickey

John Fricks


Lookout Mountain


Sam Burton

John Miller

James Massey

Mr. Drennon

Noah Fugatt

Warren Massey

Charles Moore

Thomas Lecroy


Pond Springs


Toliver Butler

M. C. Butler

Jordan Bruce

James Bruce

Reuben Childress

John Satterfield

Richard Lane

Archie Bonds

Wm. Mathis

Richard Morgan

Isaac Bridgeman

James Moad

Calvin Barnes

Jeff Morgan

Henry Boss

Ave Cam,

Judge John Wicker

John Owings

Starling Moad

Buck Bailey

Billy Mitchel, Sr.

Mr. Mucklehannon

Richard Childress

Isaac Garrett

Thomas Abercrombie

Reuben Childress

Bolden Whitlow


Rock Springs


Andy Hicks

Milton Lawrence

Robert Richard Shields

Major J. M. Shields

James R. Jones

Moses Park

Wm. Conley

Joshua Brigman

Mr. Frazier

Thomas Jones

Sam Brice

J. T. Deck

Hiram T. Gill

Amos Wellborn

John M. Lawrence

Thomas Lawrence

Wm. Glass

J. T. Renfro

Jeff Tipton

Johnny Jones,

Chessley Payne

Richard Harvell

A. E-. Rogers

Sr., Thomas Adams

Thomas Glass

Thomas Evatt

Daniel Evans

Wm. Satterfield

Wm. Conley

Solomon Coker

Drewry Fowler

A. H. Johnson

Aaron Lambert

Jason Conley

John Conley

James Willis Dunn

Peter S. Anderson

Mr. Tierce




Xanders McFarland,

Thomas G. McFarland,

John Buie McFarland,

John Hawkins,

John Pearce,

Wash Ellis,

A. B. S. D. Wilson, Sr.,

Mike Smith,

John Ellis,

General Newman.


Wilson and Duck Creek


John C. Lumpkin

Joshua McConnell

Lecil Day

Joshua Martin

David Thurman

Ephraim Mabry

Joe Wardlaw

John Williams, Sr.

John Day

Wm. McCurdy

Mr. Clarify

Wm. Pogue

Mr. Allgood

George Shaw

Amos Shaw

Ezekiel McWhorter

John McWhorter

James McWhorter

Berry Atwood

Johnathan Miller

Archie Beaird

Charley Armstrong

Amzi G. Dickson

John Dickson

Tom Blackwell

Andrew McWhorter

Raney Chastain

Gus McCutchen

Mr. Cole

Thomas Sharpe

Milum P. Roger.


Following the close of the Civil war and for some 25 or 30 years, or till about the year 1890, there was an almost continuous exodus of citizens of the county emigrating westward.


During the seventies and eighties, especially, very many people of the county left each fall seek­ing new homes beyond the Mississippi river. The county paper during the fall and winter months was filled, so to speak, with notices of sales, both of lands and personal property, and of families leaving for the west.


Texas, Arkansas and Missouri were the states to which most of them went. Many of those who went during that time bought lands and settled in that section and prospered; many others became dissatisfied and after a year or two returned to old Walker County and decided to remain at home.


In this way numerous of the original set­tlers of the county, and their descendants, disappeared entirely from its history.

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