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Waycross. Ga. Jan 19.—Mr., James R. Bennett, a prominent citizen of Wayne county, died  in Waycross this morning at 5:30 o'clock at the home of his brother, Hon John W. Bennett, on Wilhama street, Mr. Bennett was 36 years old and had been in bad health for several months, and came to this city for treatment. He was prominent in educational and church circles in Wayne county. He was a member of the board of education of his county, and was  active and influential member of the Missionary Baptist church. He is survived by his father Mr. John T. Bennett, of Wayne county, and four brothers, Hon. John W. Bennett of Waycross, O. R. Bennett of Eastman, D. Hopps Bennett of Mt. Pleasant and Robert Bennett of Jesup  and four sisters. Mrs. J. M. Gilmore of Baxley  and Misses Mary and Lilla Bennett of Mt. Pleasant and Mrs. Jackson of Gardi. The remains have been embalmed and will be carried to Union church, In Wayne county tomorrow. The funeral and Intermerit will occur Sunday morning at 10 o'clock in the cemetery at Union church.
Date: 1905-01-20; Paper: Macon Telegraph

Waycross, Ga., Oct. 18 – Friends throughout this section of the state are sympathizing with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Berry in the death of their young daughter, Era. She was a popular and attractive young lady and had been ill only a few weeks. The funeral took place from Trinity Methodist church. The Atlanta Georgian and News – Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, October 18, 1910.  [Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

CARTER, Mrs. J. R.
Ware County Woman Commits Suicide
Mrs. J. R. Carter Is Despondent Over Ill Health And The Absence Of Her Husband. WAYCROSS, April 12 - -Despondent over her continued ill health and worried because her husbands work took him from home practically all the time, Mrs. JR Carter, 36 years old, committed suicide at her home 12 miles east of Waycross today, shooting herself through the heart with a 38 caliber revolver. Mrs. Carter made a pallet on the floor of the backroom and while laying on this fired the shot that ended her life.  Her husband did not learn of the tragedy that have broken up his home until this afternoon.  He works at a sawmill 15 miles south of Waycross.  Besides her husband five children survive.  Mrs. Carter was Mrs. Elizabeth Bell before marriage, a native of Pierce County.  The funeral will be held Sunday. [Sunday, April 13, 1913, Macon Telegraph, Macon Georgia, Transcirbed  by Tam Inman]

Waycross, Ga., November 7--(Special)---following a brief illness, which came on him suddenly, J.S. Carter, aged 74, well known through this section, where he was engaged for years in the turpentine business, died at his home at Glenmore, Ware county, last night.  Four sons, residents of Florida, and one daughter survive.  Interment will be Sunday at Manor.
[Source: Date: November 8, 1914, Paper: The Atlanta constitution, Page 5 - Transcirbed  by Tam Inman]

WAYCROSS, Dec. 12.—Funeral services of W. K. Chandler, who died suddenly at his home In Waycross. Thursday morning, were conducted today, interment being at Lott cemetery. Rev. R. A. Brown and Rev. W.  P. Price officiated. The pallbearers were member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, of which the deceased was a member. At the grave the service of the B. of L. E. . was conducted.  [Date: 1914-12-13; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph]

Waycross, Ga., May 29—(Special)—After a several months' illness, W. J. Clark, prominent business man and president of the local baseball association, died this afternoon He was 45 years old and originally from North Carolina, He spent a number of years of his early life in Florida. His wife and his son, William, survive, as do three sisters, Mrs. A W Barrs, Mrs G. W. Haines, Jr., and Mrs Miller N. Dancy, of Jacksonville, and one brother, John Clark, of Texas. The deceased was a Mason, a member of Alee Temple of Shriners and a member of the Waycross Lodge of Elks, also a member of the Order of Railway Conductors.
He made Waycross his home for the past fourteen years. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon with Masonic honors.
The Constitution, Atlanta Ga. Saturday May 30, 1914

WAYCROSS, Ga., Feb. 14.—Walter C. Cleary, 36 years old, died  In Waycross this afternoon at 1 o'clock after a long illness. He formerly resided in Savannah and was a member of Concord Indge, I. O. O. F. Mr. Cleary was pump inspector for the Atlantic Coast Line for a long time. The deceased is survived by his wife in this city and his father, Mr. John J. Cleary, of Stillmore. The remains will be interred at High Bluff church, near Schlatterville, tomorrow.
Date: 1904-02-15; Paper: Macon Telegraph

William F. Crawley, aged 33, died Sunday night at a private sanitarium. He was a well-known attorney of Waycross, Ga., and was a prominent Mason, Knight of Pythias and Odd Fellow. He graduated from the University of Georgia law class of 1900, and was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. The remains were carried to his home in Waycross, where the funeral and interment will take place Monday afternoon. The Atlanta Georgian and News – Atlanta, Georgia – Monday, July 11, 1910
[Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

Mrs. J. W. Esterling Lies Dying The Victim Of Her Son In Law
WAYCROSS, Ga., March 22.  - - J.D.  Hendry, a young white man, 29 years old, who was born and reared in Waycross, slashed his mother in law, Mrs. J. W. Esterling, across the left arm with a ten-inch dirk almost severing of the arteries and almost cutting the arm off.  He also slashed Mrs. Easterling across the stomach.   The cutting occured at the Easterling home in Pierce County today about 12 o'clock.  No hope, so the Physician in attendance states, is entertained for Mrs. Easterlings recovery. As soon as he did the cutting Hendry took to the river swamps and is being pursued by the officers.  Hendry married Mrs. Easterlings daughter, Miss Macy Easterling, about nine months ago and carried her out west, but she left him and returned her home in Pierce County.   Hendry soon followed and went to the home of his mother-in-law today and was asked to leave, when the difficulty began.  Feelings about the young man is very bitter in the community, where the cutting occured.  The Easterlings are among the most prominent people of Pierce County.  J.W. Easterling, the husband of the wounded woman and father of Hendry's wife is in the state hospital at Milledgeville. [Macon Telegraph Macon Georgia, Tuesday, March 23, 1909- Page 1]

Waycross. Ga.,   April  23.—Fred Ficken, 67, one of the oldest citizens of Waycross, died Monday afternoon. He was born in Bremen Haben, Germany, coming to this country fifty years ago. For several months he has been suffering from paralysis and for the past three weeks was confined to his bed. Two children, Mrs, E. F. Hearne, of Savannah, and C. H. Ficken, of this city, and nine grand-children survive him, Mr, Flcken was a prominent Odd Fellow and Knights of Pythias and had many .friends in these orders throughout the State. At one time he was past grand chief patrlarch of the Grand Kncampment of Georgia.
Date: 1921-04-26; Paper: Macon Telegraph

WAYCROSS, Dec 12.—Following an operation performed earlier in the week in the hope of improving his condition, T. H. Finn, for many years a resident of Waycross, originally of Pennsylvania, died  today.
He was in the employ of the city as assistant engineer at the waterworks for years. His brother, B. D. Finn, Is superintendent. His wife and several children survive.
Date: 1914-12-13; Paper: Macon Weekly Telegraph

WAYCROSS, Ga., Sept 8.—Word was received in Waycross today that George W. Gray, a former Waycross citizen, died  suddenly Wednesday night at his home In Florida. The deceased has for many years been in the sawmill business in Florida, He is survived by his wife, two daughters,  Mrs. R. G. Scruggs, of Asheville, and Mrs. Bessie Gray Stephenson, of Brunswick: three sons, Jasper Gray, of Bainbridge, and Walter and Ralph Gray, of Houston, Tex. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock from the funeral parlor of W. L. Hinson Company, Rev. W. H. Rich officiating. Interment be at Oakland cemetery.
Date: 1922-09-09; Paper: Macon Telegraph

Decatur, Ala., Oct. 18 – A. S. Henderson died Saturday night at the home of his son, Clifford Henderson, after an illness of several months. He was a brother of W. B. Henderson, of Decatur. The funeral took place Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock from the home of his son, Clifford Henderson. Mr. Henderson was a native of Knoxville, Tenn. He was a lawyer by profession. The immediate cause of his death was heart trouble. The Atlanta Georgian and News – Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, October 18, 1910.  [Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

WAYCROSS, June 21.—The   body of Isaac Jackson, who was struck by a Coast Line train at Cairo Tuesday, and who died  at a local hospital, was carried today to Parker's Ferry, S. C. for burial, Jackson, it seems, went to sleep too near a track and a passing train train  hit him, Inflicting  injuries from which he never rallied.  [Date: 1912-06-22; Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Soldier Dead of Pneumonia - Jefferson Kirkland, of First Regiment, Died at His Home at Waycross
WAYCROSS. April 9.—Jefferson Julian Kirkland, aged 21, member of Company K. First regiment of Georgia national guard, died at a hospital here today After an illness of a week. He was taken ill shortly after his return from the Mexican  border and brought here from Savannah.  The body was taken to Pearson tonight where the funeral will occur Wednesday. A military escort was went from the guardsmen stationed here. Besides his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Kirkland, six brothers and five sisters survive. They are C. N. Kirkland, of Ocala, Fla.; W. L. Kirkland, of Scooba. Miss Dr. R. A. Kirkland. of Zirkle: William B. Paul and Randolph Kirkland of Pearson; Mrs. T. W. Wilson, of Deland, Fla.; Mrs. J. A. Henderson, of Aycock, Fla.; Mrs. K. L. Davis, of Zirkle; Misses Cleo and Meta Kirkland, of Pearson.  Date: 1917-04-10; Paper: Macon Telegraph

WAYCROSS, Nov. 26.—Mrs. Kiturah Mason, aged 64, died here todays after a short Illness. The funeral services were held this afternoon and the remains taken to Wilmington, N. C., for burial. She Is survived by her husband and several children.  Date 1912-11-27 Paper: Macon Telegraph

MCDONALD, Son of J. A.
Death of a Child - Waycross, Ga., Oct. 18 – The six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McDonald died yesterday afternoon, after a several weeks illness. The interment was at Waresboro today. The Atlanta Georgian and News – Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, October 18, 1910.  [Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

Waycross, Ga., Oct. 18 – Telegrams received in Waycross late yesterday told of the death at Ridgeland, S. C., of J. D. McKinney, a former resident of Waycross. He was about 60 years old and made this his home for many years. The Atlanta Georgian and News – Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, October 18, 1910
[Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

WAYCROSS. Ga. Sept. 8.  J. Albert Murray died at his home, 89 Thomas Street, at 7:30 o'clock this morning. The deceased was a prominent settler in Waycross. He is survived  by five sons, M.J., J.M., W.L., J.A., Jr. and E.P. Murray, all of this section; three daughters, Mrs. R. P. Padgett. Mrs. J. F. Gassett and Miss Rosa Murray, of Waycross one sister Mrs. J. B. Mock, and—three brothers, C. A.. George and Charles Murray, of Savannah. Funeral services will he conducted tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock at his former home by Rev. J. R. Webb, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, Interment will be at Lott cemetery.  Date: 1922-09-09; Paper: Macon Telegraph

"Waycross, Ga., May 29 — (Special ) — W J Sanders, secretary for the Louis Manufacturing company, and originally of Oglethorpe county, died at his home here today after a brief illness He was 49 years old and is survived by his wife and two young daughters, one sister, Mrs Elizabeth Underwood, of Manchester, and two brothers, Edward, of Sparta, and Robert, of Stephenson. Funeral services, with Masonic honors, will be conducted tomorrow.  The Constitution, Atlanta Ga. Saturday May 30, 1914

Relatives here were notified today of the death in Jacksonville, of Lot Smith, a former resident of Waycross.  [Date 1912-11-27 Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Waycross Ga, June 9, --- Riley Steedly, aged 71, of Ware County, a prominent citizen died at his home near Manor today. The funeral occurs tomorrow. (Friday, June 10, 1904 Atlanta, Georgia - Submitted by Janice Rice)

WAYCROSS, June 24—M. D. Stripling, age 62, died last night at a local hospital after an illness of several weeks. Mr. Stripling's home was in Bonnockburn, but he came to Waycross several weeks ago following the death, of his wife. He is survived by two brothers. H. B. Stripling, of Altamaha and A. W. Stripling, of Waycross, also two sisters Mrs. A. A. McDonald, of Altamaha and Mrs. Julia Fort of Savannah. The remains will be sent to Baxley I tomorrow for burial in Sims cemetery.  [Date: 1920-06-25; Paper: Macon Telegraph]

Carey Thomas Killed by Vicious Negro Today - Shot While Trying To Make Arrest
Was Shot and Killed Today by Isaac McBride, Local Negro, Who Escaped
Carey A. Thomas, deputy sheriff was shot and instantly killed this morning (Friday) at the old Freeman Walker place several mites north of Homerville, by Isaac McBride, colored, three bullets taking effect. The homicide occurred while Mr. Thomas was trying to arrest the negro. Mr. John Kay of Cogdell, had gone along with the officer but was not shot. The shooting occurred in the old Walker residence known to many as the late home of Mack T. Herrin, now owned by Sessoms Land and Securities Company. McBride escaped. A posse of perhaps two hundred men is scouring the woods of northern Clinch this afternoon for him.   Bloodhounds from Berrien county have  been brought over to aid in tracking   him   down. The posse seems to be cool-headed in their temper, but it is not thought that it will be possible to capture McBride alive if he is caught up with due to the desperateness of his situation. No announcement has been made as to funeral but it will probably be held Saturday. Surviving are the widow and two little sons, and the parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Thomas, and several brothers and sisters. The body of the plain officer was brought into town about noon producing much excitement. The widow, Mrs. Thomas, with other close relatives, were grief-stricken. McBride is a son of John McBride and was born and reared in Holmes Chapel, negro community six miles north of town. He was serving a probation sentence cm a charge of driving a car intoxicated last year and also resisting arrest; he was arraigned at that time in Clinch Court and drew a fine and probation sentence. He paid the fine and went free. Clinch County News January 14, 1938

WAYCROSS, May 15.—From a several weeks illness Mrs. C. M. Williams, wife of a well known business man, died here today, She is survived by her parents, Mr. and. Mrs. R. D. Brown, her husband, , and five children, three, daughters and two sons. One sister, Mrs. H. L. Stinson, of Manchester, also survives her. Funeral services will be held tomorrow.
Date: 1914-05-16;  Paper: Macon Telegraph

Lewis S. Price
Waycross, Ga., May 29 - Last rites for Lewis Sterling Price, prominent Waycross citizen, who for the past 42 years has been connected with the Atlantic Coast Line railroad, and who was prominently identified in early construction work for several south Georgia and north Florida branches of the A. C. L., were held here Wed. afternoon from the First Baptist church. The services were conducted by Dr. W. H. Rich, pastor of the First Baptist church of this city, assisted by the Rev. W. B. Feagins, of Baxley, former pastor of the Jesup Baptist church of which Mr. Price formerly was a member. Pallbearers included Ralph Newton, Frank Bell, H. C. Spicer, Allen Kennedy, W. E. Lee, C. H. Rackley, W. D. Youmans and A. P. Ragsdale. Honorary pallbearers included members of the Men's Bible class of the First Baptist church not serving as active pallbearers and also members of the Board of Deacons. [Macon Telegraph, May 30, 1930]

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