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Warwick is probably the most historic town in Worth County, at least it has seen more changes than any live town in the county. Probably the first white man to pass through its site was Andrew Jackson when he was sent to put down the Seminoles on the southern border of the state. These Florida Indians, with runaway slaves were making marauding expeditions, killing the friendly Creeks and white traders of this section. He came from Tennessee to Ft. Early, down across the county, led by the Creeks, and crossed the old ferry probably below Oakfield. He camped somewhere in or near Warwick, leaving Ft. Early, February 1818.

Then came the Old Stage Coach road to Pinder Town in 1825. Through its site, the Old Stage Coach passed twice a week carrying its passengers and mail from Milledgeville to Tallahassee. Sometime after its beginning, not long, a little village begun to build up on the old site of Warwick. Lewis Minor had the first store, followed by Pleas Cox. After his death, Mary Jane Cox carried on the business. Then Capt. James M. Rouse, Benjamin Gleaton, Warren L. Story, the Odums, Poseys and later Dr. Nicholas Ridley who were outstanding citizens, and many others. Goods were brought in covered wagons from Montezuma on account of the shoals in the river. No goods were brought by water. Mr. Abe Odum ran a regular schedule of covered wagons to Montezuma for freight for the settlement.

After the coming of the railroad, the town moved down to its present site. Near Warwick, now, is the great Crisp County power dam, on the Flint River. Warwick has recently built one of the largest and handsomest brick school houses in the county; has a large new basketball shell, recently finished and a large canning outfit. It has Home Economic and Agriculture departments. It is a large consolidated school.

This inscription is found on the corner stone:

"Warwick Consolidated School, W. A. Aultman, Chairman; Warren Maken Story, Martin S. Aultman, Francis Marion Hall, Ed W. Fenn, W. H. Little, Contractor.

This inscription gives some of the names of its leading citizens. It has many pretty bungalow homes and is in a splendid section of the county.

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