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"Men of Hawaii"
Published 1917, Edited by John William Siddall
(Bios With County Mentiond are Located on the County Sites)


DUBBIN, ROBERT, in command Salvation Army operations Hawaiian Territory; born in Lancashire, England, May 24, 1862; son of Myers and Martha (Entwistle) Dubbin; educated in schools of Lancashire, England and International Training College of the Salvation Army, London, England; married Lily Thorne in London, Eng., August 18, 1890; joined the Salvation Army in 1897, graduated from the Salvation Army International Training College in 1883, served as an officer in this organization in England from 1883-1893, five years of which were spent in London. Principal of the Salvation Army Training College in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 1893 to 1896; transferred to the United States in 1896, since which date has held leading positions in the Salvation Army in New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, San Francisco, Seattle and other points; was appointed to Hawaii in September of 1916.
[Source: "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; transcribed by Kim Mohler

JAGGAR, THOMAS AUGUSTUS, geologist, Volcano House, Hawaii; born in Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 24, 1871; son of Thomas Augustus (P.E. Bishop) and Anna Luisa (Lawrence) Jaggar; educated Harvard, A.B., 1893; A.M., 1894, Ph.D., 1897; studied in Munich and Heidelberg Universities. Instructor geology, 1895-1903; asst. professor, 1903-06, Harvard; professor and head department of geology, Mass. Institute of Technology since 1904. Assistant geologist, U.S. Geol. Survey, 1898-1904, in charge of work in South Dakota, Arizona and Massachusetts; conducted volcano expeditions to Martinique, 1902, Vesuvius, 1906, Aleutian Islands, 1907, Hawaii and Japan, 1909, Costa Rica, 1910; established volcano experiment station, Hawaii, 1911; director Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Fellow American Academy Arts and Sciences, Geological Society of America. Contributor to reports U.S. Geological Survey and to scientific journals.
[Source: "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; transcribed by Kim Mohler]

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