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It was a fine plot, that of certain Republicans who are trying to kill off R. H. Trent as a political possibility with the club of prohibition, but it won't work. "Wounded in the house of my friends," must be Trent's sentiments now when he thinks how certain supposedly honest and respectable gentlemen urged him to allow his name to go upon the committee of One Hundred and tried to have him take even a more prominent part than he did in the plebiscite campaign. He had reason to think then that they were his friends, but he knows now that under the guise of friendship they were trying to destroy his chances of reelection. He had a right to expect that they would vote for him. even if they did not actively work for his reelection, but instead the whole thing was a well planned scheme to put him out of the running by gaining for him the opposition of the liquor interests. Those who urged him to the forefront of the prohibition campaign knew all the time that they were going to run Shingle against him and they never had any intention of voting for him themselves, Mr. Trent had but just returned from a trip to the Coast and was told by his supposed friends that the Hawaiians were solid for prohibition, that they felt it was most important for the interests of their people and that they were depending upon their white friends to help them. Trent, believing this and believing in prohibition, could not but take the stand he did. But the treachery of his friends (?) has failed. The plot was exposed in time and those who were at first disposed to be bitter against him are now working for his reelection. [Source: The Democrat.(Honolulu) October 25, 1910, Image 1; Transcribed by Christine Walters]

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