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Honolulu County, Hawaii

ACHI, WILLIAM CHARLES, lawyer, Honolulu; born at Kohala, Hawaii, Dec. 16, 1858; son of Lum and Kinilau (Lualoa) Achi; great great-grandson of Puou, one of the warriors of King Kamehameha I; educated Hilo Boarding School, Seminary at Lahainaluna, Maui; Oahu College, Honolulu, 1882; married Mary Kelii in Honolulu, June 24, 1898; one son, William Charles, Jr. Studied law in the office of William R. Castle, Honolulu, and was admitted to the bar of the courts of Hawaii, Feb., 1887; elected Representative to the Legislature of the Republic of Hawaii, 1897; elected Councilor of State at the session of Legislature, 1898; after the annexation of Hawaii to U.S. was elected one of the first Senators to new Territorial Legislature; re-elected Senator, Nov., 1902; was a delegate to Municipal Charter Convention and made strong fight for modern city charter for Honolulu, 1916. Member of Puuhonua Association, Honolulu Ad Club and Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ADAMS, ROMANZO, university professor, Honolulu; born at Bloomingdale, Wis., March 22, 1868; son of Mighill D. and Catherine (Wolfe) Adams; married Nellie Cronk, Sept. 16, 1902, at Toledo, Iowa; one child, Katharine.  University of Michigan, Ph. B. and Ph. M., 1897-1898; University of Chicago, Ph. D., 1904; professor economy and sociology, Western College, Toledo, Iowa, 1898-1900; professor at University of Nevada, 1902-20; published "Taxation in Nevada---a History," 1918; professor of economy and sociology, University of Hawaii, since 1920.  Occasional contributor to periodicals; secretary of committee on tax revision, Nevada, 1912-13; president Nevada Educational Association, 1905-10. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ADAMS, WILLIAM DENNETT,  music, Honolulu; born April 27, 1874, at Haverhill, Mass.; son of James E. and Minnie L. (Ayer) Adams; married Susanna Cook, in Honolulu, March 13, 1908; educated in public and private schools of Haverhill, Mass.; commenced career in piano business, Boston, Mass., 1892; entered into dramatic work, 1894; visited Honolulu with the Janet Waldorf Shakespearian Company, 1899; re-entered music business with Bergstrom Music Co., Ltd., Honolulu, of which corporation he is president. Was manager of the old Hawaiian Opera House, 1900-1917; has been instrumental in publishing a large quantity of Hawaiian music and stood sponsor for many dramatic artists of world fame who have visited the Territory of Hawaii. Member Oahu Country Club, Commercial Club, Rotary Club, Ad Club and Hawaii Promotion Committee. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

AFONG, ALBERT FAYERWEATHER, stock and bond broker, Honolulu; born in Honolulu Feb. 23, 1877; son of Chun and Julia Hope (Fayerweather) Afong; educated in government school, Oahu College (Honolulu), Harvard College, A. B., 1903; married Anna Elizabeth Whiting of Davenport, Iowa, May 2, 1906; four children, Elizabeth, Mary, Katherine and Julia.  Clerk California Feed Co. (Honolulu), 1898-99; with Waterhouse Trust Co., 1904-05; engaged in stock and bond business alone, Honolulu, 1906-15; became associated with Guardian Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu, and its secretary, Feb. 1, 1915-Oct. 5, 1920.  Member and ex-president Honolulu Stock and Bond Exchange; member Chamber of Commerce, University Club, Oahu Country Club, Hawaii Polo and Racing Association. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

AGEE, HAMILTON POPE, director Experiment Station of Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association, Honolulu; born Dec. 9, 1884, at Memphis, Tenn., son of George W. and Elizabeth (Worthen) Agee; is descendant of Matthew Age, a French Huguenot, who settled in Maryland during the eighteenth century; married Fannie Heaslip Lea in New Orleans, La., June 11, 1911; one child, Anne Worthen.  Educated in the schools of Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn., and the Louisiana State University, B. S., in 1904.  Entered professional career with Louisiana Sugar Experiment Station; was with Cuban and Porto Rican sugar factories in 1907-08; assistant director in charge Louisiana Sugar Experiment Station, 1909; agriculturist, Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association Experiment Station, 1911-13; director of that experiment station since 1913.  Member University, Oahu Country and Pacific Clubs.  [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]
AHIA, WILLIAM M., legislator and businessman, Honolulu; born in Honolulu June 28, 1874; son of Abraham and Milaina (Moku) Ahia; married Louise Vivachaves in Honolulu June 4, 1919.  Educated at Kamehameha School, Honolulu; began with the Enterprise Mill Co., Ltd., 1893; worked for Honolulu Planing Mill and later Johanson Mill Co.; owner and manager Johanson Mill since 1916; is pres. and mgr. Kamehameha Investment Co., Ltd.; director Liberty Loan and Investment Co., Ltd.; served as member Board of Supervisors three terms; elected senator to Territorial Legislature, Nov. 1920.  Member A.O. Foresters, Kamehameha Lodge, Longshoremen Mutual Aid Assn., Kauikeaouli Lodge and Hale o Na Lii. Republican. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]
AHUNA, ROBERT, legislator, Honolulu; born in Honolulu Feb. 13, 1874; son of Ako and Mary (Makualoha) Ahuna; educated at Kamehameha school; married Annie Arthur in Honolulu Feb. 5, 1915; children: Robert, Jr., Rosie, Daniel, Dorothy, Arthur.  Began with road dept. during monarchy government, 1892; foreman Hustace & Co., 1895-99; employed with various Honolulu firms, 1899-1913; foreman road dept. City and County of Honolulu, 1913-15; has been member police dept. since.  Representative from fifth district to Territorial Legislature, sessions 1917, 1919, 1921 and special sessions 1918 and 1920.  Was member Hawaii National Guard, 1897-1899 and 1914-1917; is pastor of Hoomana Naauao church.  Member Poo La Lodge; Hale o Na Lii; Widow's and Orphan's Relief Assn.; Court Lunalilo, A. O. F. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

AI, CHUNG K., merchant, Honolulu; born at Saisan, Kwong Tung, China, Nov. 26, 1865; son of Chung Cho (C. Ako) and Chang Shee; educated at Iolani College, Honolulu, 1879-81; father was one of the first capitalists in Honolulu among the Chinese race.  Married Seu Shee in Honolulu, 1895; children:  H. L. Chung, Anna N., Bessie W., Clara W., Dora W., Henry K., Samuel, David and Esther.  Began business in Honolulu, dry goods and tailoring under the firm name Chung K. Ai & Co., 1883-86; 1887, clerk in Hon. James I. Dowsett's store, Honolulu, until his death, June 13, 1898; in business for himself as importing merchant, also organized a company for boring wells for plantation irrigation, 1895; with associates he started City Mill Co., Ltd., Honolulu, of which he has been treasurer and manager since 1899.  Was President of Chinese Hospital, President of Chinese United Society four years; has served on federal and territorial grand juries; member of Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, Ad Club and the Hawaiian Board. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

AIU, EUGENE K., attorney-at-law and real estate dealer, Honolulu and Kapaa, Kauai; born at Kailua, Hawaii, Kingdom of Hawaii, January 15, 1881; son Lau Sung Iu and Victoria Piimauna; married Mary Kainuwaiaoao (deceased) in Honolulu, July 15, 1908; three children:  Eugene K., Jr., Margaret and Mary.  Educated in public school at Kailua, Hawaii.  Began as clerk, Kona Trading Co., Kailua, 1898-1901; salesman Aiea Plantation store, Aiea, Oahu, February 1902-May, 1904; clerk district court and first circuit court at Honolulu, June, 1904-Sept., 1910; practiced law since Sept., 1910.  Member House of Representatives, T. H., 1915-16.  Member Hawaii Chapter No. 1, Order of Kamehameha and Hale o Na Alii o Hawaii  (Hale o Kapiolani, Kauai). [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]  

AKANA, AKAIKO, minister of the gospel, Honolulu; born at Kaihuwai, Waialua, Oahu, Dec. 24, 1884; son of Chun and Harriet Kahema Akana; educated at Waialua public school, Kamehameha School for Boys (Honolulu), 1899-1903, Normal School (Honolulu), 1903-04; Hartford School for Religious Pedagogy (Hartford, Conn.) 1906-11; degree B. R. P.; Hartford Theological Seminary (Hartford, Conn.), 1906-11.  Served under the Home Mission Board of Massachusetts summers 1910 and 1911; became member and officer Board of Hawaiian Evangelical Association of the Territory of Hawaii, November, 1911; organized and was general superintendent Young People's League of Honolulu, 1912; ordained into the Christian ministry May 28, 1912; elected President of the Christian Endeavor Association of Hawaii, July, 1912, and shortly after put in charge of the young people's work in the Territory of Hawaii by the Hawaiian Board; one of the organizers and secretary of the Hawaiian Protective Association of Hawaii, 1913-16; elected trustee of the United Society of Christian Endeavor of the World, Boston, Mass., June, 1913; organized Hawaiian Savings and Loan Association, Ltd., and became President July 17, 1917; pastor Kawaihao Church, Honolulu, since Sept. 1, 1918.  In research work completed "An Inductive Study of the Effects of Tobacco on Human Life," Hartford, May 29, 1911.  Member Hartford Theological Seminary and Hartford School of Religious Pedagogy Alumni Associations; Hartford Ministerial Association, Kamehameha Alumni Association; Chinese Students' Alliance of Hawaii, and Hawaiian Board, member board of regents, University of Hawaii. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ALEXANDER, ARTHUR CHAMBERS, civil engineer and surveyor, Honolulu, born in Honolulu, Aug. 22, 1863; son of William De Witt and Abigail C. (Baldwin) Alexander; grandson of William Patterson Alexander, missionary to Hawaiian Islands 1832.  Educated at Oahu College, Honolulu, Yale University, Ph. B. 1888, Ph. D. 1895.  Married Mary Elizabeth Hillebrand, daughter of Hermann Hillebrand of Honolulu, in Oswego, New York, Aug. 18, 1891; five children:  William P., Helen C., Arthur D., Hermann H., and Mary D.  Instructor in physics, University of California 1895-1901; surveyor and civil engineer, Honolulu, since 1901; formed partnership Baldwin & Alexander, 1907; manager land department American Factors, Ltd., since April, 1919.  Trustee of Oahu College, Honolulu, since 1910; member Hawaiian Board of Missions since 1913, vice-president 1914; deacon of Central Union Church, Honolulu, 1912-.  Member Hawaiian Missionary Children's Society (pres. 1901-), Honolulu Social Science Assn., and University Club, Honolulu. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ALEXANDER, KENNETH, portrait photographer, Honolulu; born in London, Eng., March 3, 1887; son of Alexander Fyfe and Alice (Austin) Alexander; educated at Bedford Modern School, Bedford, England; not married; student of Art, London Polytechnic, 1903; New York School of Art, 1904; student of photography with Vandyke, London Court, photographer; with H.H. Pierce, photographer, Boston, Mass., 1905-1907; with “Histed,” New York famous photographer, 1908-09; operated studio alone, Seattle, Wash., 1910-14; studio in Honolulu since. Mason. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ALEXANDER, MONROE H., clergyman, Methodist Episcopal Church; born at Riga, N. Y.; son of William G. and Julia A. (Collister) Alexander; married Harriet Emma Butler at Grass Valley, Cal., May 28, 1884; three children:  Roy Butler, Ada Elva and Ruth Eleanor.  Educated in high schools, St. Joseph, Mich., and Oakland, Cal.; College of the Pacific, San Jose, Cal., 1881, A. B., A. M. and D. D., Boston University, S. T. B., 1892.  Principal Bay View school, Santa Cruz, Cal., 1881-82; minister, Bolinas and Point Reyes, Cal., 1882-84; professor English Literature, College of the Pacific, 1884-88; pastor, Hanson, Mass., 1891-92; Potrero, San Francisco, 1892-93; Palo Alto, 1893-96; Livermore, Cal., 1896-99; Chester Street Church, Oakland, 1899-02; Santa Rosa, 1902-09; Los Gatos, 1909-10; superintendent Napa district, 1910-16; pastor, Central Church, Stockton, 1916-18; Y. M. C. A. war work, Vallejo and Mare Island, 1918-19; pastor First M. E. Church, Honolulu, since 1919.  Member Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Ad Club, Masonic Lodge. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ALEXANDER, WILLIAM P., agriculturist, Ewa, Oahu; born at New Haven, Conn., July 29, 1893; son of Arthur C. and Mary E. (Hillebrand) Alexander; married Alice R. Bond at Kohala, Hawaii, Feb. 27, 1919; one child, William Patterson, 3d.  Educated Oahu College, Honolulu, Yale University, Ph. B., 1915; graduate work in sugar technology at University of Hawaii; assistant agriculturist, Experiment Station, H. S. P. A., 1916-18, and assistant to director, 1919-20; agriculturist, Ewa Plantation Co., Oahu, since 1921.  Was ensign in U. S. N. R., 1917-19. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

, newspaper editor, Honolulu; born Colorado City, Tex., Apr. 30, 1884; son of Riley Harris and Anna (Beck) Allen; directly related to Richard Stockton, signer of Declaration of Independence, also to Commodore Stockton; educated, grammar school, Kentucky and Seattle, Wash., Seattle High School; University of Washington, two years; University of Chicago, 1905, Ph. B., Lit.; married Suzanne McArdie in Seattle, Wash., Sept. 6, 1910.  Began regular newspaper work with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1905; joined reportorial staff, Honolulu Evening Bulletin, Honolulu, T. H.; returned to staff of Post-Intelligencer, Jan. 1, 1906; editor Washington Magazine (monthly) 1907-08; newspaper work, Post-Intelligencer, 1908-10; city editor Evening Bulletin, Honolulu, and on amalgamation of Bulletin and Hawaiian Star, July 1, 1912, became editor of Honolulu Star-Bulletin; served as lieut. col. American Red Cross in Siberia during world war; returned to Honolulu Star-Bulletin as editor, 1921.  Is a short story writer, being contributor to Collier's, McClure's, Saturday Evening Post, and others.  Member Honolulu Ad Club, Rotary Club and Beta Theta Pi (college fraternity). [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]
ALLEN, WALTER VICTOR, customs official; born May 14, 1883, at St. Louis, Mo.; son of James H. and Clara A. Allen; married Katherine M. Hannestad at Honolulu, July 8, 1908; five children: Urban Marion, Edna Adelaide, Edward Roger, Walter Victor, Jr., Robert Davis.  Educated in Kirkwood (Mo.) high school, two years.  Clerk, county recorder's office, St. Louis county, Mo., 1900-02; inspector United States engineer department, Honolulu and Hilo, 1908-10; entered customs service, 1910; deputy collector of customs in charge of port of Hilo, Hawaii, since September, 1917.  Is Scout Commissioner, Kilauea Council Boy Scouts of America, which council he helped organize in 1918; was in United States Army, 1904-07, reaching rank of battalion sergeant-major; resigned National Guard of Hawaii, rank of major, 1920. Member Hilo Rifle Club and director Hilo Basket Ball league. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ALULI, NOA WEBSTER, lawyer, Honolulu; born at Wailuku, Maui Co., Hawaii, Dec. 1, 1880; son of John Thomas and Sarai (Kepoikai) Aluli.  Educated at Wailuku government school, St. Louis College (Honolulu), University of Michigan, LL.B., 1901; Yale university, LL.M., 1905; married Emma Akamu in Hilo, Hawaii, Dec. 23, 1910; four children:  Alai Kaouiokalani, Aima, Neaulani, Auwao Leong and Noa Tong.  Practised law in Maui County; deputy county attorney, County of Hawaii, 1905-10; practiced law in Honolulu since 1911.  Member Union League Club of New Haven, Conn.; San Salvador Council, No. 1, Knights of Columbus, New Haven, Conn., and Order of Kamehameha, Mamalahoa Chapter, No. 2, Hilo, Hawaii. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

Business Executive. Now president and manager of the City Transfer Co., Ltd., Harold J. Ancill has been a resident of Honolulu since 1912, engaged in various occupations until he became part owner and executive head of the transfer firm in 1921. Under Mr. Ancill’s direction the business of the company has expanded rapidly and is one of the leading enterprises of its kind in Honolulu. Born at Gloustershire, England, July 27, 1879, Mr. Ancill is the son of Joseph and Fannie (Shepherd) Ancill. He received his education in the public schools of Swansea, South Wales. After serving a three-year apprenticeship with a confectioner in South Wales, Mr. Ancill removed to London in 1886 where he was employed in various business ventures until 1900, when he came to the United States, locating in Massachusetts. There he was engaged until removing to California in 1904, where he entered the employ of the late William G. Irwin. He left the Pacific Coast in 1912 to take a position with the City Transfer Co. in Honolulu. Mr. Ancill remained with the firm four years, entering the employ of the Honolulu Construction & Draying Co., Ltd., in 1916, where he remained until making his present connection. Mr. Ancill and Martha Roe were married in Sonoma County, California, in April, 1911. They have two children, Hathalie Roe and Caryol Gene Ancill. He is a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Ad Club and Y.M.C.A.  [Source: The Story of Hawaii and Its Builders. Published by The Honolulu Star Bulletin, Territory of Hawaii, 1925; Edited by George F. Nellist; Submitted by Terri Rickert]

ANDERSON, FRANK MOIR, sugar plantation manager, Paauhau, Hawaii; born Nov. 23, 1882, Kincardineshire, Scotland; son of William and Agnes (Moir) Anderson; married Lilian Margaret Fentiman, Sept. 25, 1909, at Hilo, Hawaii; three children:  Frank Moir, John William and Albert Fentiman.  Attended public schools in Scotland, and a number of years after coming to America studied business and accounting through correspondence schools.   Was mail carrier, 1894-96; farm teamster, 1896-04; employed by Onomea Sugar Co., Papaikou, Hawaii, as field luna, 1904; promoted to various positions and became chief accountant, 1910; naturalized 1912; manager Paauhau Sugar Co., since 1917.  Actively interested in sports and civic matters; organizer and president Hamakua Civic Club; capt. National Guard of Hawaii, Papaikou, 1916; member Kilauea Lodge No. 330, F. & A. M.; Kalani Lodge of Perfection, Hilo; Honolulu Consistory No. 1; Aloha Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., Honolulu.  Member Natl. Rifle Assn. of America. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ANDERSON, ROBBINS BATTELL, ANDERSON, ROBBINS, B., lawyer, Honolulu; born in Matawan, N. J., June 15, 1877; son of Rev. James M. and Elizabeth (Robbins) Anderson; father was Presbyterian minister and educator, being professor at Williams College, which gave him honorary degree, D. D. : mother descendant of William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Colony; married Mary Morris, daughter of Federal Judge Page Morris, formerly of Virginia, now of Duluth, Minn., Nov. 1, 1910; three children:  Elizabeth, Jean and Page Morris.  Graduated Yale, B. A., 1899; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1903. Law practice with Hatch & Ballou, Honolulu, and later member law firm of Frear, Prosser, Anderson & Marx.  Red Cross work, Washington, D. C., during world war, becoming manager Insular and Foreign Division of American Red Cross.  Is director Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., and other business corporations; has held many offices in philanthropic and semi-public organizations and clubs.  Member and ex-president University Club; president Yale Alumni Association of Hawaii; trustee Oahu College; director Punahou Music School; trustee Honolulu Dental Infirmary; director Y. M. C. A.; warden St. Andrew's Cathedral parish; member executive committee Hawaiian Chapter American Red Cross; member local council American Bar Association; corresponding secretary for Hawaii for Harvard Law School Alumni; member Social Science Association, Oahu Country Club and Outrigger Canoe Club. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]
ANDERSON, ROBERT SYERS, hospital superintendent Honolulu; born at Manchester, Eng., Jan. 3, 1888; son of William and Martha (Syers) Anderson; married Abigail Mary Bromley, at Honolulu, Feb. 14, 1917; two children, Barbara and Roberta.  Educated, private school in England.  Arrived in Honolulu, April, 1913; employed at Leahi Home, Honolulu since Aug. 1914; superintendent of same since Jan., 1916.  Naturalized American citizen, March, 1919. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ANDERSON, ROBERT W., dental surgeon, Honolulu; born Nov. 12, 1857, in New York City, N. Y.; son of Robert and Mary (Willis) Anderson; married Susan Alice Young in Honolulu July 11, 1893; four children:  Francis Ketcham (by former marriage), Robert Alexander, Mary Ruth and Robert Willis (deceased).  Educated at Plainfield, N. J., and Philadelphia Dental College, graduate 1883, degree D. D. S.  Began professional career in Plainfield, N. J., in 1883 and practiced there until 1899; removed to Honolulu in 1889 and has practiced dental surgery since. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]
ANDERSON, WILBUR A., agriculturist, Honolulu; born Jan. 6, 1879, at Falmouth, Maine; son of Wilbur Ambrose and Clara E. Anderson; married Isabel C. Pollister at Honolulu, Sept. 3, 1904; two children:  Dorothy Carmel and Jean Marjorie.  Amherst College, A. B., 1902; Amherst, A. M., 1905.  Instructor, mathematics and athletics, Oahu College, 1902-05, field and office, Kahuku Sug. Co., Oahu, 1905-06; mgr. Nahiku Rubber Co., Ltd., Nahiku, Maui, and introduced and developed system of killing weeds with arsenite of soda, 1907-15; wholesale produce markets, California, 1915-16; manager Acetylene Light & Agency Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1916-17; chief pay clerk and ensign, United States Navy, Pearl Harbor, 1917-1919; with others organized South Kona Tobacco Co., Ltd., president at incorporation June 6, 1920; president and general manager Hawaiian Banana Plantations, Ltd., incorporated Aug. 6, 1920.  Represented Hawaii at International Rubber and Allied Trades Exposition, New York City, 1913.  Member University Club, Commercial Club, Ad Club, Masonic Lodge, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, United States Naval Reserve Officers' Association. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ANDRADE, FRANK, lawyer, Honolulu; born Island of Madeira, Sept. 5, 1873; son of Louis and Mary Andrade.  Educated in public schools, Honolulu, Stanford University, California.  Married Mary Howland at Honolulu, Oct. 11, 1902.  Studied law and was admitted to bar of California, 1900; practiced law, in San Francisco, in association with C. M. Fickert, and Honolulu.  Served in Territorial Legislature, being chairman judiciary committee both sessions, 1903 and 1905; was district magistrate of Honolulu four years; Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, representing the Territory in the fire claims court; Deputy City and County Attorney in the prosecution of cases in the district court of Honolulu two years; member first land board.  Director Honolulu Dairymen's Association, manager Kaneohe ranch; manager Heeia Agricultural Co.  Is a Mason and member University Club (Honolulu). [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 2, Edited by John William Siddell, 1921; tr. by Rhonda Hill]

ANDREWS, ARTHUR LYNN, college professor, Honolulu; born at McLean, N.Y., July 16, 1871; son of Isaac Chapman and Martha Eva (Townley) Andrews; educated Ithaca High School, Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University, B.L. 1893, M.L. 1895, Ph.D. 1902; Harvard (summer 1916); married Harriet Sabrina Cousens at Biddeford, Me., June 30, 1903. Reader in English, 1895-96; assistant in English, 1896-97, 1898-1901; instructor in English, 1901-07, 1908-10; president’s secretary and university publisher, 1907-08, all at Cornell. Professor of English, College of Hawaii, 1910-17; secretary of the college, 1917. Summer of 1907, traveled in Europe, particularly in Scotland and England, visiting places having literary associations. Editor, “Specimens of Discourse,” New York, Henry Holt & Co., 1905. Member Cornell Club of Hawaii (president 1913-16, 1917), Men’s League, Manoa Club, Honolulu Ad Club, National Education Assn., National Council of Teachers of English, Educational Committee, Honolulu Y.M.C.A., Rotary Club. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ANDREWS, CARL BOWERS, civil engineer, Honolulu; born at Pahala, Kau, Island of Hawaii, April 17, 1879; son of Robert Wilson and Rosina (Schrank) Andrews; educated Punahou Prep. and Acad. (Honolulu), Rose Polytechnic Institute (Terre Haute, Ind.), B.S. 1908, M.S. 1909, C.E. 1917; printer’s apprentice and printer, Honolulu, 1893-96; engraver, 1896-97; photographer, 1897-1900; photo-engraver with Hawaiian Gazette Co., 1900-1904; attended College, 1904-08; became associated with Baldwin & Alexander, civil engineers, Honolulu, September, 1908-June, 1909; assistant County Engineer, Maui County, June-Dec., 1909; chief engineer, Oahu Railway & Land Co. since 1909. Associate member American Soc. of C.E.; member, American Soc. for Testing Materials; member, Amer. Railway Engineering Assn.; chairman, Hawaiian Engineering Assn., 1916-17. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ANDREWS, LORRIN, lawyer, Honolulu; born in New York City July 29, 1872; son of William and Adele (Oscanyan) Andrews; educated public schools of New Jersey; New York University, A.B. 1891, LL. B. 1893; married Caroline Eckberg in Honolulu April 12, 1910; one child by former wife, Lorrin, Jr. Practiced law New York City, 1893-99; member N.Y. Assembly, 17th Dist., 1896; Republican leader 17th Dist., 1894-99; chairman campaign committee for Mayor Low, independent ticket, 1898; removed to Honolulu, 1899; chairman, Board of Registration, Oahu, 1900-02; Atty. Gen., Territory of Hawaii, 1903-05; chairman, Republican County Comm., 1904-05; investigated American boycott in China for San Francisco Merchants’ Assn., 1905; practiced law in China, 1905-08; practiced in Reno, Nev., 1908-09, and was chairman Rep. County Comm. conducting presidential campaign. Chairman Civil Service Comm., Honolulu, 1914-17; chairman Republican Territorial Comm., 1915; Representative Territorial Legislature, 1917; practiced law in Honolulu since 1909. Is a 32nd deg. Mason, and an Elk. Member Phoenix Lodge. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ANDREWS, ROBERT WILSON, mechanical engineer (retired), Honolulu; born in Honolulu, June 8, 1837; son of Lorrin and Mary (Wilson) Andrews; married Rosina Schrank, February 22, 1874, at San Francisco, and Maria Sheeley, September 30, 1886, at Oakland, Cal.; three children:  James Marshall, Robert Standard and Carl Bowers; descendant of William Andrews, of England, who emigrated to America in 1638, and settled at New Haven, Conn.; grandson of Samuel Andrews, who in 1805 made the then perilous journey from Connecticut to Ohio; son of Lorrin Andrews, a preacher of the gospel, author, educator, judge of the superior court of Hawaii, and secretary of the King’s Privy Council. Educated first at the Royal School and Punahou School, Honolulu, and then attended Miami University, at Oxford, Ohio, graduating with the degree of B.S. in 1862. Started work in machine shops in Boston, Providence and Cincinnati, 1858-1860; returned to Hawaii in 1863 and engaged in many branches of mechanical and marine engineering in the Hawaiian Islands and in California; sugar mill engineer at Wailuku, Kohala, Pahala, Papaikou, Hamakuapoko and Ewa at various dates between 1864 and 1894. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ANDRUS, GEORGE ALANSON, secretary Army and Navy Y.M.C.A., Honolulu; born at Saybrook, Ohio, May 28, 1885; son of Grandville O. and Kate L. (Jeffers) Andrus; educated at Oberlin College, Ohio, graduated 1912, A.B.; married Bernice Louise Wood at Amherst, Ohio, Aug. 8, 1916; one daughter, Katherine Jane. Teacher of music and mathematics at the Kamehameha School for Boys, Honolulu, 1912-16; associate secretary of the Y.M.C.A., Honolulu, 1916-17; assistant secretary of Army and Navy Y.M.C.A., Honolulu, since 1917. Organizer and director of the Apollo Club of Honolulu, and director of the Kamehameha Boys’ Glee Club for four years. Tenor soloist at the Central Union Church, Honolulu. Was member of Coast Artillery, H.N.G. Member executive committee of Anti-Saloon League. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ANGUS, GEORGE HIBBARD, merchant, Honolulu; born at Amherst, Nova Scotia, March 7, 1874; son of John Morris and Sara (West) Angus; educated at Punahou Preparatory School and Oahu College, Honolulu; married Elizabeth Grace in Honolulu, June 17, 1903; two children: Jean Elizabeth and Donald. Began in the employ of Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, before and after school hours until on completing studies December, 1891, then worked up to the manager of the hardware department; director T.H. Davies & Co. since 1917; president Mid-Pacific Carnival, Ltd., during 1917 and 1918; member Hawaiian Promotion Committee. Commissioned Captain, Officers’ Reserve Corps, Quartermaster Dept., June 4, 1917. Member Pacific Club, Hawaiian Polo & Racing Assn., Myrtle Boat Club, Oahu Country Club (president 1915), Commercial Club (president 1914), Elks (Exalted Ruler 1905), Aloha Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. (Potentate 1914). [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ARLEDGE, ARTHUR EDWARD, civil engineer, Honolulu; born Nov. 28, 1878, at Vosburg, Miss.; son of John Manning and Mary Elizabeth (Risher) Arledge; married Clara Bingham Sutherland, March 20, 1912, in Honolulu; two children – Arthur Edward, Jr. and May Annette; descendant of Isaac D. Arledge, who fought with distinction in Civil War. Received early education in public schools of Mississippi and graduated from high school of Poplarville, Miss., graduated in civil engineering from University of Mississippi, 1903; began professional career with Louisville & Nashville railroad; U.S. Engineer’s office on improvements to the Mississippi river, 1904-07; U.S. Lighthouse service 1907 to date, and at present inspector of 19th district (Hawaii). Is an associate member American Society of Civil Engineers. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ARMITAGE, HARRY, stock and bond broker, Honolulu; born in Auckland, N.Z., Dec. 16, 1856; son of James Taylor and Hannah (Randall) Armitage; educated at St. John’s College, Auckland, N.Z., and Nelson College, Nelson, N.Z.; married Emma Leialoha Spitz in Honolulu, June 28, 1905. Clerk to Alfred Buckland & Sons, auctioneers and wool brokers, Auckland, N.Z., 1868-1870; salesman, A.S. Cleghorn & Co., Honolulu and adjacent islands, 1871-1880; mining prospector, Idaho and Utah, 1880-82; returned to Hawaii as overseer and manager of sugar plantation, Honokaa, Hawaii; removed to New Zealand for short time engaged in the hat business, selling out in 1886; connected with Jas. F. Morgan, auctioneer, Honolulu, 1887-96; entered stock and bond brokerage, being the only broker in Honolulu until organization of Honolulu Stock and Bond Exchange, 1898, serving in official capacity at different times; incorporated brokerage business in January, 1912, with H.C. Carter and S.A. Walker, retiring as silent partner until 1915. Was member Honolulu Rifles, 1871. Member K. of P., B.P.O. Elks, 32nd Degree Mason.
[Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ARMSTRONG, FRANK HOPKINS, assistant treasurer, Castle & Cooke, Ltd., Honolulu; born at Wailuku, Island of Maui, Sept. 27, 1874; son of Goodale and Lucia (Peck) Armstrong; educated at Oahu College, Honolulu; married Hildegarde Eaton in Honolulu, April 18, 1913. Became associated with the firm of Castle & Cooke, Ltd., upon finishing school and has served in different capacities until made assistant treasurer of the corporation, June 16, 1909. Member of Oahu Country Club, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A.M., Honolulu Chapter No. 1, R.A.M., Honolulu Commandery No. 1, K.T., Aloha Temple, Mystic Shrine.
[Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ASHFORD, CLARENCE WILDER, jurist, Honolulu; born at Port Hope, Ontario, Feb. 24, 1857; son of James and Harriet Newell (Wilder) Ashford; descendant from United Empire Loyalists, paternal side, and from American Revolutionary officers on maternal side; remote ancestress, Mary Wilder, who with her two sons, John and Thomas, came over on the Mayflower; educated in public and high schools of native town and graduated from Law Dept. of University of Michigan, degree LL.B., 1880; married Jennie E. Robertson of Honolulu, Nov. 5, 1883; three children, Stanley H., Huron K., and Marguerite K. After brief practice in Lansing, Mich., and California, located in Honolulu in 1883; admitted to bar, Territory of Hawaii, practicing continuously, except a period of seven years following the insurrection of 1895, he went into political exile and practiced law in San Francisco. Was Attorney General of Hawaii, under the Monarchy during reign of King Kalakaua, 1887-1890; member of Honolulu Rifles, being Capt. Co. D same period; appointed First Judge of First Circuit Court, District of Hawaii, July 14, 1914. Member of University and Country Clubs and Masonic orders of Honolulu. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ASHLEY, WILLIAM GEORGE, business man, Honolulu; born San Jose, Santa Clara County, Cal., March 29, 1855; son of John and Hannah Sheldon (Smith) Ashley; married Kittie Elizabeth Torbert in Honolulu, December 23, 1882; six children – Isabel Hannah, W. George, John Leland, Catherine Margaret, Dorothy Marian, Anna Shaw. Educated in schools of San Jose, was graduated from San Jose High School. Began career as secretary San Jose Woolen Mills, 1875-77; followed mining in Nevada, Idaho and California, 1877-81; with B.F. Dillingham & Co. (Honolulu), 1881-83; associated with Grove Ranch Plantation, Maui, 1884-87; secretary Board of Health (Hawaii) 1887-1889; secretary and superintendent Oahu Railway & Land Co., 1889-93; with Bishop & Co., Bankers, 1898-1901; Honolulu Plantation, 1901-07; E.O. Hall & Son, 1907-11; Schuman Carriage Co. since 1911. Was member advisory committee, provisional government of Hawaii, 1893; quartermaster and captain National Guard of Hawaii, 1895-1900; marshal at the time of the overthrow of the monarchy; registrar of public accounts, Hawaiian Treasury, 1893-98. Past Grand Chancellor Mystic Lodge No. 1; K.P.; Past Grand Harmony Lodge, I.O.O.F.; Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A.M.; Honolulu Commandery No. 1, K.T.; Honolulu Consistory, A.A.S.R.; Aloha Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.; Honolulu Lodge No. 616, B.P.O.E. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ATHERTON, CHARLES HENRY, businessman, Honolulu; born July 12, 1867, in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of Joseph Ballard and Juliette Montague (Cooke) Atherton; educated at Punahou School (Honolulu), Oakland High School (Oakland, Cal.), Oberlin College (Ohio), 1887; married Minnie Merriam of LaGrange, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1887; children: three daughters – Violet, Juliette, Laura. Began business career as buyer in the firm of Castle & Cooke, Honolulu, 1887, advancing to assistant cashier, assistant treasurer and since then has been treasurer. Is president of Hustace-Peck Co., Ltd.; first vice-president Mutual Telephone Co., Ltd.; vice-president Young Bros., Ltd. (boat builders); vice-president E.O. Hall & Son, Ltd.; treasurer, Ewa, Waialua and Kohala plantations; director in the Bank of Hawaii, Ltd.; Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd.; Oahu Railway & Land Co., Ltd., Honolulu Rapid Transit & Land Co., Ltd., and many other enterprises. Is interested in philanthropic and educational work, being a trustee of the Central Union Church, president of Library of Hawaii, a director of the Y.M.C.A. Member of the Commercial, Pacific, Country, University, Outrigger Canoe, Healani Boat and Beretania Tennis Clubs of Honolulu. Republican. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ATHERTON, FRANK COOKE, financier, Honolulu; born July 1, 1877, in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of Joseph Ballard and Juliette Montague (Cooke) Atherton; educated at Punahou school and Oahu College (Honolulu), Wesleyan University (Conn.), 1896; married Eleanore Alice Simpson of New York State, July 19, 1901; children:  Marjory E., Joseph Ballard, Alexander S. Began business career as clerk, Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., Honolulu, 1897, advancing to receiving teller, paying teller and was assistant cashier and secretary in 1904, resigning on account of health; secretary and manager, Sugar Factors Company, 1906-09; secretary, J.B. Atherton Estate, Ltd., since 1910; is vice-president, Castle & Cooke, Ltd.; second vice-president Chamber of Commerce; secretary, Bank of Hawaii, Ltd.; president, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Ltd.; treasurer, Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd., and director in many corporations. Devotes much attention to philanthropic and educational work of Hawaii, being president of the Y.M.C.A., treasurer Mid-Pacific Institute, trustee Oahu College. Member of the Hawaiian Board, member of the international committee of the Y.M.C.A.; member of Oahu Country Club, Pacific Club, Commercial Club, University Club. Enthusiastic hibiscus grower. Republican. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ATKINS, REMUS HENRY, farmer, Kohala, Hawaii; born in County Cork, Ireland, March 11, 1840; son of Stephen Hastings and Mary An (Green) Atkins; educated in Toronto, Canada; married Alice Wight of N. Kohala, Hawaii, June 29, 1870; four children: James Wight, Mary An Jane (deceased), Eliza Yates, and Frank Fitzgerald. Was a farmer as a boy in Tasmania and British Columbia; mined in Australia at Forrest Creek and Bendigo; came to Honolulu, 1856; father bought the land of Kealakeakua, Hawaii, 1857, presumably from the chief, Kapakea. Manager of the Halawa Plantation, Kohala, Hawaii, 1874-1885; district magistrate, North Kohala, Hawaii, since 1885. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ATKINSON, ALATAU LEONARD CHARLES, attorney-at-law, Honolulu; born Sept. 12, 1871, in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of Alatau T. and Annie E. (Humble) Atkinson. Educated in schools of Honolulu, St. Albion College, and University of Michigan, being graduated there with degree LL.B. in 1898. Began professional career as Assistant Attorney-General, Territory of Hawaii, 1898-9; was Secretary of Hawaii, 1903-07; private practice since 1907; associated with the firm of Thompson & Cathcart (Honolulu). Member of Pacific Club. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

ATKINSON, ROBERT WITLAM, dredging contractor, Honolulu; born March 11, 1877, in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of Alatau T. and Annie Eliabeth (Humble) Atkinson; married Helen Gertrude Kitchen at Murray Hill, New Jersey, Jan. 9, 1907. Educated Fort Street School, Honolulu, Harvard graduate, 1902. Began business career in survey department of Territory of Hawaii, 1893; with Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 1898, and B.F. Dillingham Co., Ltd., since 1900; with Walter Dillingham organized Hawaiian Dredging Co. of Honolulu, of which he is manager. Member University Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing Association, Oahu Country Club. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

AULT, WILLIAM, Priest of the Episcopal Church, Honolulu; born in England, March 5, 1871; son of Charles and Ann (Smith) Ault; early education mostly private, S. Boniface College, 1897; married Elizabeth Mary Caroline Hayselden of Lahaina, Island of Maui, Jan. 24, 1901; children: Ralph W., Norman C., Marguerite E., Kenneth C., Mary C. Ordained Deacon by Bishop Willis, 1897; ord. Priest by Bishop Willis, 1899; teacher, Iolani College, Honolulu, three months, 1899; missionary for entire Island of Maui, 1898-1901; Priest in charge of West Maui, headquarters at Wailuku, 1901-1910; inducted into the Canon’s Stall of “Iolani,” St. Andrew’s Cathedral, 1901; Vicar of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, 1910; president, Council of Advice, Missionary District of Honolulu, 1916-1917. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

AUSTIN, HERBERT ASHFORD ROBERTSON, civil engineer, Honolulu; born Jan. 17, 1890, at Hilo, T.H.; son of Herbert Clark and Marian (Robertson) Austin; grandson of Stafford L. Austin, Lieut-Governor of Island of Hawaii, 1856-1857, under Princess Ruth, and circuit judge of Island of Hawaii, 1857-62 and 1886-96; educated in Hilo and Honolulu grammar schools, Oahu College, 1909, and Cornell University, C.E., 1913. Began professional career as assistant engineer with Hawaii Loan Fund Commission, Aug.-Dec., 1913; junior engineer with U.S. Geological Survey, water resources branch, Hawaii district, hydraulics and hydrometric work since Dec., 1913; sergeant in 1st Separate Co., Hawaiian Engineers, N.G.H. Member Hawaiian Engineering Assn., sec. and treas. Cornell Club of Hawaii. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

AYER, RICHARD GILBERT, physician and surgeon, Honolulu; born in Haverhill, Essex County, Mass., December 27, 1867; son of Richard Gilbert and Katherine (Hall) Ayer, his father being a shoe manufacturer of Haverhill; married Blanche Estelle Westcott Sept. 15, 1896, at Albany, N.Y.; one child, Mildred Florence. Educated private schools at Haverhill, Tilton Academy, Tilton, N.H., Phillips Andover, Andover, Mass., Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, M.D., 1891; began professional career in Massachusetts General Hospital, Cambridge, Mass., spent 14 years in hospital and private practice in Mexico; private practice in Honolulu, Feb., 1914-July, 1915, when he was appointed emergency hospital surgeon and surgeon for the Honolulu Rapid Transit & Land Co. Member of a number of college clubs and the Medical Society of Hawaii. [Source:  "Men of Hawaii", vol 1, Edited by John William Siddell, 1917; submitted by Kim Mohler] 

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