Census Records for the State of Idaho

On this page is a listing of the available census records for

each county as well as any state census records that have

been transcribed.

Ada County

1870 Mortality Census

Part of the 1870 Census

1880 Mortality Census


Adams County

1920 Census - Cuprum Precinct

1930 Census - Bear Precinct

 1930 Census - Cuprum Precinct

 1930 Census - Goodrich

1930 Census - Wildhorse

Bannock County Bear Lake County

1880 Mortality Census



Benewah County

1930 Alder Precinct Census

1930 Alder Precinct Including Part of
Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation


Bingham County


Blaine County


Boise County

1870 Mortality Census

1880 Mortality Census


Bonner County

1930 East Hope Village Census
newanim.gif1930 Clarks Fork Precinct
1930 Cedar Creek Precinct Census
newanim.gif1930 Dam Precinct
1930 Talache Precinct

Bonneville County Boundary County Butte County

1930 Clyde Census

1930 Martin Census

Camas County Canyon County Caribou County Cassia County

1880 Mortality Census

Clark County Clearwater County Custer County Elmore County

1930 Atlanta Census

Franklin County Fremont County

Started the Idaho Industrial Training School 1930 Census


Gem County

1930 Gross Precinct

1930 Pearl Village

1930 Pearl Precinct

Gooding County
Idaho County

1870 & 1880 Mortality


Jefferson County Jerome County Kootenai County

1870 Census

1870 First District
1870 First District (Lapwai Garrison)
1870 Second District
1870 Third District
1870 Kootenai District
Nez Perce Indian Reservation

1880 Census

1880 Bonanza
1880 Coeur d'Alene Lake
1880 Coeur d'Alene Lake, Little Falls
1880 Spokane Prairie

1880 Mortality Census

1930 Census

1930 Bayview District
1930 Bellgrove District 4
1930 Bellgrove District 5
1930 Ford District 28


Latah County Lemhi County

1870 Fort Lemhi Census

1880 Mortality Census

1930 Blackbird

1930 Leesburg Census

Lewis County Lincoln County
Madison County Minidoka County Nez Perce County

1870 Mortality Census

1872 Nez Perce County Taxpayer List

1880 Mortality Census

Oneida County

Part of 1870 Lincoln Valley Census

Part of 1870 Malad City Census

Part of 1870 Malad Valley Census

Part of 1870 Soda Springs
Village Census

1870 Mortality Census

1880 Mortality Census

1930 Juniper Precinct Census

Owyhee County

1870 Mortality Census


Payette County Power County Shoshone County

1870 Mortality Census
1880 Mortality Census
newanim.gif1930 Avery Precinct Census
newanim.gif1930 Delta Precinct Census
1930 Sunset Precinct Census
1930 Wallace District 30 Census
1930 Wardner District 34 Census


Teton County

1930 Brown Bear Census


Twin Falls County Valley County

1930 High Valley

1930 Roseberry Village

Washington County
Defunct Counties & Statewide Census

1870 & 1880 Mortality Census

Atlanta Precinct 1870

Misc. Boise River 1870

Lah-Toh Logan Statewide


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