Abisalih, George

Anderson, Edward L.

Arthur, Dorothy M.

Arthur, Lawrence

Benson, Clara

Bluebaugh, Jacob

Camm, Emily

Carpenter, Rebecca

Cataldo, Father Joseph M.

Crane, Myron

Ernsberger, Edward L.

Evans, Delores

Everson, Albert N.

Fligl, Frank

Frederick, "Captain" John

Gallagher, Bridget

Giese, Sharla

Gustafson, Elizabeth

Harvey, Elizabeth

Hite, Arthur P.

Hussey, Hilfred

Jackson, Glen

James, Joe L.

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Oscar

Johnson, Theresia

Martin, Lee Otis

McBee, Edwin

McKenzie, Al

McManamin, Philip

Melder, Henry

Miller, Don

Miller, George

Miller, Gordon

Miller, Louise

Miller, Wylene

Mitchell, Albert

Mitchell, Muriel
Nash, C. H.

Newhouse, Emily

Quigley, Myrtle

Pettis, John Edwin

Prest, Ola M.

Rebensdorff, Edgar B.

Reynolds, Milton

Rounsville, James Howard

Schlenker, Mrs. E. E.

Scott, J. T.

Sheppard, Agnes E.

Smith, Benjamin M.

St. Clair, Louis

St. Clair, Ethel Marie

Stengel, Leroy Louis

Swain, Mildred I.

Van Cleve, Ernest E.

Walker, Alice Elizabeth Stratton

Wells, Lois I.

Western, John E.

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