1883 List of Pensioners
Nez Perce County, Idaho Territory

List of pensioners on the roll, January 1, 1883, giving the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance,
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1883.
Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
205,328 Noah, George Lewiston inj. r. foot $6.00 Oct 1882
20,815 Guiggsly, Phillip do loss r. leg $18.00 Oct 1872
    ------ Taylor, James do loss fin. Hand $6.00 Mar 1877
88,421 Buck, Norman do dis eyes $20.00    ---
164,505 Bryan, Calvin M. Moscow chro. Diarrh $6.00 Feb 1880
   ------ Wood, Lorenzo do total deaf r. ear $4.00    ------
92,331 Cary, Melvin A. do inj. l. hip $4.00    ------
104,179 Zeitler, Wm. do g. s. w. lower jaw $6.00    -------
129,950 Barton, Rob't H. do g. s. w. mouth $12.00    -------
162,111 Elyea, Wm. A. do g. s. w. r. arm $4.00 Aug 1879
212,470 Judson, Wm. L. do dis. Lungs $12.00 June 1882
13,308 Howard, Jos. S. do sunstroke $31.25 Sept 1876
61,035 Caund, Madison do g. s. w. r. thigh $8.00 Jan 1876
156,705 Evans, William Thom Creek g. s. w. l. side $6.00 Nov. 1878

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