1787 Census of Prairie Du Rocher

transcribed from
"Illinois Historical Collections, Kaskaskia Records"

Pages 419-420

Transcribed by Kim Torp

Transcriber's Note: Footnotes were added by the original author

Transcriber's note:
Using a handy online translator, here's what the French means:

pere: father
ses fils
: its sons
son fils: his/her son
ses beaux fils: its beautiful sons
son neveu: its nephew
dit: known as (so for entry #12, it would be "known as Laronde")
veuve: widow
orphelin: orphan

Transcriber followed all original capitalization


[C.C. Pp., Ill., Kaskaskia and Ky., xlviii., 179.]

Etat des habitants du village de la prairie du rocher et leurs enfant malles ceux qui ont signe les memoires pour les congres

[#57 - Translation: Census of the inhabitants of Prairie du Rocher and of the male children, those who have signed the memorials to Congress]


1. Mr barbau pere

58 - See ante, p. 18, n.3

2. Mr Louvieres

ses fils

Pierre louvieres
antoine louvieres
francois louvieres
Noel louvieres

59 - Louvieres or Louviere was elected justice for the village in 1779 and served the full term. See ante, p. 85. He continued to live in the village after 1790 and was appointed to important posts.

3. Mr barbau fils

ses fils

jean baptiste barbau
andre barbeau
jaques boutiliet [?] orphelin


4. jaques perrien

ses beaux fils

jean pierre allard
augustin allard
jean baptiste allard


5. jaques la sabtonieres


6. joseph Mendoce


7. gerard langlois

ses fils

etienne langlois
francois langlois
charles langlois

60 - See ante, p. 416, n. 21

8. aime Comte
aime Comte son fils
Joseph Comte son neveu

61 - Ayme Comte was elected justice of Prairie du Rocher in 1782. He reappeared as judge in 1784, for some unknown reason. See ante, p. 353

9. francois tibau

ses fils

francois tibau
charles tibau
alexis tibau
henri tibau

ses beaux fils

toussaint barrel
augustin jivaud
jean baptiste givaud
louis vasseur son neveu


10. pierre chevallier

ses fils

andrew chevallier
joseph chevallier
louis meterrer orphelin


11. louis Dorre joseph tangue
son beaufrere


12. louis grillet [?] dit laronde
louis grillet son fils


13. antoine domingo

ses beaux fils

pierre jaquemin
jean baptista jaquemin

62 - According to signature his name was Giovani Baptista Jacomini. He was elected justice in 1782.

14. gabriel de cochy

ses fils

gabriel de cochy
louis decochy

ses beaux fils

george vittmer
nicolas vittmer
antoine Cotino
batiste Cotino

63 - The only signature of this man that I have seen looks as if the name was Gecochy, but it is probably given correctly here.

15. joseph terrier


16. jean baptists janis

ses fils

jean baptist janis
antre janis
francois tangue


Simon toilon

64 - He was the son of Nicolas Janis (see ante, p. 18, n. 4), and was born in 1759. He was appointed ensign in the Illinois regiment by Clark and served during the Vincennes campaign. His services were particularly praised by Clark. His wife was Rene Julia Barbau, by whom he had eight children. He finally moved to Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Hock, Hist. of Missouri, i. 354, n. 43

Etat des habitants qui n'ont point signe les Memoires a la prairie du rocher

[65. Translation: List of inhabitants who did not sign the memorials at Prairie du Rocher]

1. joseph blay

ses fils

joseph blay
louis blay
antoine blay
charles blay

ses beaux fils

louis vasseur 66
ambroise vasseur
joseph vasseur

66: See ante, p. 415, n. 1?.

2. joseph Cochon
Madame veuve duclos

ses fils

antoine duclos
alexandre duclos
michel duclos
charles chevallier orphelin


3. joseph De celles


4. francois Simonau

ses fils

francois simonau
antoine simonau


5. jaques degagnier
jean baptiste degagnier
jean baptiste degagnier

son fils

laurent degagnier son fils


6. pierre degagnier


79 en tout.

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