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Northern Illinois 1825 Tax List

This was published in an ISGS publication - The original was part of the Chicago Historical Society's Manuscript Collections. The opening paragraph in the ISGS publication states:

"The Chicago Historical Society Manuscript Collections contains a valuable tax list for the year 1825 covering much of northern Illinois. At the time the area was included in Peoria County and Chicago was a precinct thereof. The assessment covered both personal and real property. Names thereon are as follows:"

Transcriber's note: If you look at the 1825 Illinois map, much of the northern part of the state is actually covered under PUTNAM county, NOT Peoria county.

Question marks (?) are the original transcriber's, not ours.
This is basically a transcription of a transcription, so the original source should be consulted whenever possible.
Transcribed from ISGS publication by K. Torp, ©2007

Allen, Archibald - Peoria
Alscomb, Antoine - Trad. house
Avery, Elias P. - LaSalle Prairie
Banks, Thomas - Ten mile
Baresford (see Berrisford)
Barker, Andrew - Farm Creek
Barker, John - Peoria
Beabor, Louis - Trad. House
Beaubien, John B. - Chicago
Beauchamp, Noah Sr. - Peoria - SE28-7N-6E
Berrisford, Robert - Fox River
Bethard, Elza - Ten mile
Blanchard, William - Ten Mile
Bogardus, John L (Assessor) - Peoria - S½ 6-10N-9E / S½ 29-9N-8E
Bourbonne, Francis - Trad. House
Bourbonne, Fr. Jr. - Trad House
Bratton, Reuben - Ten mile
Brauer, (see BRAWA)
Brawa, Cornelius - Peoria
Brient, Joseph - Peoria
Brierly, Thomas - N. Lit. Detroit
Bryant (see Brient)
Bulbony (see Bourbonne)
Camlin, Thad - Farm Creek
Carol, Stephen - LaSalle Prairie
Clark, John K. - Chicago
Clark, William - Ill. Prairie (?)
Clayborn, Josias - Chicago
Clermont, Jeremy - Chicago
Cline, George - Ill. Prairie
Cline, John - Ill. Prairie
Clybourn (see Clayborn)
Contra, Louis - Chicago
Cooper, Abner - N. Lit. Detroit
Countraman, Fred - Fox River
Crafts, John - Chicago
Crocker, Austin - Farm Creek
Cromwell, Nathan - Ill. Prairie
Curry, Hiram M. - Ten Mile
Daughterty, Allen S. - Mackinaw Point
Davis, William - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, Absalom - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, Jesse - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, John - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, Nathan - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, Thomas - Mackinaw Point
Dillon, Walter - Mackinaw Point
Dixon, John (clerk of County Com. Ct) - Peoria
Donahoe, Major - Ten Mile
Du Mont, Peter - Lit. Detroit
Eads, Abner - Peoria - NW17-8N-9E / SE22-6N-4E
Eads, William - 8E SE22-6N-4E
Egman, Jesse - Illinois Prairie
Ellis, Levi - Ill. Prairie or LaSalle Prairie
Field, Gilbert - LaSalle Prairie
Fish, Elisha - Farm Creek
French, Stephen - Farm Creek - NW23-11N-6E
Fulton, James - Farm Creek
Fulton, Josiah - Farm Creek
Fulton, Samuel - Peoria
Fulton, Seth - Ten Mile
Funk Isaac & Jacob -Peoria & Fm. Crk.
Gilbert, Levi - Ill. Prairie
Griffin, John - LaSalle Prairie
Hamlin, John - Peoria
Hallock, Lewis - LaSalle Prairie
Harlin, George - LaSalle Prairie
Harrison, Jesse - Peoria
Hawley, Aaron - Fox River
Hawley, Pierce - Fox River
Holland (?), William - Peoria
Hunter, Jacob M. - Peoria
Hyde, Ernest (?)
Harlin, Joshua - Farm Creek
Ish (?), George - Farm Creek
Kinsey, John - Chicago
La Framboise, C. - Chicago
La Framboise, Jos. - Chicago (?)
Langworthy, August - Peoria
Latham, J. - Peoria
Latham, Phillip - Peoria
Latta, James - Ill. Prairie
Like, Daniel - Peoria
Love, Charles - Peoria
Love, George - N. Lit. Detroit
McCormack, Levi - Chicago
McKee, David - Ill. Prairie
McLarn, Jesse - Peoria
McNaughton, Alexand. - Mackinaw Pt
Mathews, David - Ten mile
Moffatt, Alva - Peoria
Moffatt, Aquilla - Peoria
Montgomery, Hugh - Mackinaw Pt.
Neeley, Henry - Peoria
Ogee, Joseph - Ill. Priarie
Ouilmette, Antoin (see Wilmet)
Parker, Martin - Peoria
Patterson, John - Prince Yr.
Perkins, Isaac - Ill. Prairie
Phillips, John - Ten Mile
Phillips, William - Ten Mile
Pishea, Peter - Chicago
Prince, Daniel - Prince Yr.
Ramsey, John L. - Fox River
Ramsone, A.C. - Peoria
Redman, Eli - Mackinaw
Redman, Henry - Mackinaw
Ridgeway, John - LaSalle Pr.
Robinson, Alexander - Chicago
Scott, Peter - Mackinaw Pt.
Sharp, George - Peoria
Smith, Joseph - Farm Creek - SE15-9N-8E
Smith, William - Location not given. Notation as follows: "I called on him for the amt. of personal property, he refused to render the amt. As near as I can ascertain it amts to $150."
Sommers, John - Ill. Prairie
Stephenson, John - Ten Mile
Stout, Ephraim, Senior - Ill. Prairie
Stout, Ephraim, Junior - Ill. Prairie
Tharp, Johnathan - Ill. Prairie
Turner, Ezekial - Ill. Prairie
Van Scoyk, Joseph - Peoria
Walker, Hugh - LaSalle Pr.
Walker, Jesse - Fox River
Waters, Isaac - Peoria - N½ 15-9N-8E
Wierd (?), Edmond - Ten Mile
Wilmet, Antwine - Chicago
Wilson, Jacob - Ten Mile
Wilson, Seth - Ill. Prairie
Wolcott, Alexander - Chicago
Woodrow, Hugh - Ill. Prairie
Woodrow, Samuel - Ill. Prairie

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