Adams County, Illinois

2011 Updates

Feb. 24, 2011

Anniversary - Mr. And Mrs. Thos White
Dr. Hatch's Son drowned
Rev. Mr. McCoy
Obituary - Mrs. Caroline Stauterman
Obituary - Louis Blickhan
Obituary - Blanche Black
Obituary - Henry Blunck
Obituary - John Lewis
Obituary - Ellen Salmon
Obituary - Henrietta Huffendick
Obituary - Anton Bruemmer
St. Elizabeth Society Session

Mar. 2011

Stansberry (Stansbury) - Brown Marriage  

Obituaries: Nodler, Katherine, Manning, Anna, Terwische, Louis, Newton, John, Menne, William,
Obituary - Sellars, Elizabeth Biography - Janes, Edmund

May 2011

Obituaries: Smith, Roscoe
Divorces: Prettyman and Fellers

June 2011

Obituaries: Livingston, Rebecca
Williams, Hilda
Wittler, Virginia
Death Notice: Lizzie Hudson and Wakeman Haynes

August 2011

Obituaries: Gibson, James
Probate: Gibson, Eliza
Sentenced: Gibson, Gilson, and Martin

September 2011

Farrell, Belle
Karlson, David V.
Karlson, Juanita
Viles, Nellie
Biographies: Mrs. Mary Briggs
1883 Pensioners

October 2011

Early Schools not complete
Franklin School 1935-36 Class Photo
Charles E. Loose
Cemeteries: Old Kingston, Kingston Park, Kingston Park Mausoleum,
About Kingston Cemeteries

Updated Cemetery Page
1855 Concord Twp Census

November 2011

Murder/Suicide: Hudson/Haynes
Census: 1855 Columbus Census,
1855 Mendon Census
Deaths: Child of Fred Brant
Child of Frank Naber
Marriages: 1896 Marriages
Obituaries: Beckett, Faulconer, Friedrich, Hildenbrand, Holtman, Jost

December 2011

Death Notice: Volbracht
Biography: Marshall

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