Adams County, Illinois

2016 Updates

February 2016

Greenmount Cemetery:
More names added to pages N - P

July 2016

J. Addison Babcock Obituary
Paul Babcock Obituary
Iola Bader Obituary
George Diehl Obituary
Mildred Graff Obituary
Carrie Inman Obituary
Zelma Jackson Obituary
George Kistner Obituaries
John and Katherine Kistner Obituaries
Elmer Robb Obituary
Cyrus D. Sparks Obituary
Lawrence A. Sparks Obituary
Marie Wittkopf Obituary

August 2016

Irma Holford Obituary
Pearl Wells Obituary
Judge Henry L Warren Biography

September 2016

Elizabeth Babcock Obituary
Larry Kistner Obituary
Terry Sparks Obituary

October 2016

Janice Hoffman Obituary
Marie Kistner Obituary
Ronald Kistner Obituary
Roger Kistner Obituary

November 2016

Alvira Bowman Obituary
Dale Huseman Obituary
Donald Kistner Obituary
Rubie Oitker Obituary

History about Kingston Methodist Church


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