1854 - 1855 Directory


Agents Express
- P.O. A. M. Swartwout, American Ex-press Co. Quincy.

Agents Freight
- Protection Ins. Co. of Hartford - E. Moore, Agent, P. O. Quincy
- Eagle Ins. Co. of New York - James P. Erstine, Agent.
- Illinois Mutual Fire Ins. Co.; Connecticut Life Ins. Co.; Farmers Ins. Co. of Utica, N. Y.- P. A. Goodwin, Agent, Quincy.
- North Western Ins. Co. - W. S. Anderson, Agent
- Hartford Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford - J. O. Woodruff, Agent.
- Franklin Marine and Fire Ins. Co. of New York. - A. Jonas, Agent.
- North Western Fire and Marine Ins. Co. of Oswego, N. Y. - W. S. Penfield, Agent.

Clerks of Circuit Courts

Name, Post Office
C. M. Woods, Quincy

A. V. Humphrey, Quincy.

C. M. Woods, Quincy

Banking and Exchange Houses-
Quincy City Bank, Quincy
-N. Flagg, Pres.'t
-J. C. Woodford, Cash'r

Flagg & Savage, Moore, Hollowbush & Co., Quincy
-Raymond, William, Beverly
-Payne, Thomas, Marcelline

Barrel & Stave Manufacturers
Abbe, J.,
Bell, Henry,
Drake, A. S.,
Ducker, T. H.,
Heldreudreuck, H.,
Hope, S.,
Kaldeuby, M.,
Lambert, Louis,
McVeigh, Michael,
Meyer. H.,
Peapea, N.,
Roberts, J. C.,
Corbin, Jno. & Geo. W. Burton,
Hendrix, James & Daniel,
Hendrix, Geo. B.
Hanks, James,
Peck, J.
Anderson & Bryant, Marcelline
Sheppard & Cox. , Marcelline

Fisher, M., Quincy
Harris, WIlliam, ""
Kendall, O. & C., ""

Hotels and Keepers of Houses of Entertainment.
Corbin House, by Washington Corbin, Barton.
Owings, T. C. Marcelllne.
Mendon House, by L. Frisbee, Mendon.
Franklin House, by N. B. Harrison. ""
Farmer's Home, by H. Hess, . Quincy.
Farmer's House, by J. Anderson. ""
Gault House, by C. C. Sharp. ""
Kentucky House, by J. Riddle.""
Pennsylvania House, by E. Gather. ""
Quincy House, by E. W. Miller. ""
Virginia Hotel, by F. B. Walker. "'

[Source: Montague's Illinois and Missouri State Directory for 1854-5; St. Louis : W. L. Montague, 1854 [Abstracted by: C. Horton - 2008]



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