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Clark, Doris - Will of Doris Clark 1909

Mrs. Doris Clark Left a Will
     Instrument was Filed for Probate with the County Clerk Yesterday
Afternoon-Estate, Which is Shown to be Quite a Large One, is Left to Deceased's Relatives
The last will and testament of the late Mrs. Doris Clark, who enjoyed the destinction of being the oldest lady in the city before her death, has been filed with the county clerk, and by the terms of the instrument, which has three codicils annexed, the estate, which is a good sized one, is left to the immmediate relatives.
     According to the instrument, the household goods, with the exception of one large watercolor picture of the testatrix, is left to Dora Meiners, Bertha Francis and Mary Esterley, share and share alike. The picture, with its frame, is left to Dora Meiners. The three beneficiaries mentioned are granddaughters. The following cash bequests are made:
     To Dora Meiners, $4,000; to Bertha Frances, $4,000; to Julia Baum, $500; to Rosa Koehler, $500; to Paulina Laws, $500; to Minnie Esterley, $500. The sum of $5 is left to each of the following: Charles Clark, Bertha Morrison, Dude Browning, James Clark and Wilhelmina Clark.
     The instrument then directs Henry Meiners to invest the sum of $1,200 in a farm for the benefit of another granddaughter, Emma Rainwater, to be the property of the granddaughter until her death, when it is to be sold by the executor and the proceeds divided between Bertha Francis, Mary Esterley, Dora Meiners and Joseph Francis. The remainder of the estate is to be divided as follows: One-third to Mary Esterley, one-third to Dora Meiners and the remaining one-third is to be divided into two parts, and one part is to be invested in real estate for the benefit of Joseph Francis for life, and at his death the property is to become the property of his children. The executor is directed to dipose of the real estate as soon as possible in order to comply with the terms of the will. The will proper was signed October 14, 1895, and was witnessed by Nickolaus Kohl and Nicholas Heintz. Henry Meiners was named the executor.
Three Codicils Added
     Three codicils were added to the original will from time to time, the first one being added on December 11, 1906. According to the terms of the first codicil, Mary Esterley is to receive an additional $2,000, and Charles Clark, who was bequeathed $5, is to receive an additional $500.The codicil was witnessed by Frank McCann and Harry Leitch. Another codicil, dated January 26, 1907, annuls the bequest of $500 made to Minnie Esterley, the money reverting back to the estate. The final codicil was added on March 23, 1907, and annuls the sixth clause of the will and annuls the cash bequest of $4,000 to Bertha Francis, the testatrix stating that she had given her note to the beneficiary for $6,000. The household and personal estate is awarded to Dora Meiners, Mary Esterley and Bertha Francis.
[Source: The Quincy Daily Journal, Aug. 13, 1909, P.3, - Submitted by Charla Weisenburger]


Gibson, Eliza - 1868

STATE OF ILLINOIS, County of Adams, sct. In the Adams Circuit
Court, Illinois, to the June term, A. D. 1868. Holman Bowles, Complainant,

     Elizabeth Edmonds, Robert F. Edmonds, Sarah Jane Rankin, and Robert Rankin, her husband, Harriet Louisa Taylor, and Washington C. Taylor, her husband Anna Amanda Rankin, and Jesse Rankin, her husband, Anna O. Edmonds, Laura E. Edmonds, Cordelia E. Stephenson, and Linus Stephenson, her husband, Mary L. Sparks, and Ebenezer M. Sparks, her husband. James A. Rush, Amor Decker, Levi Gibson, and the unknown heirs or devisees of Eliza Gibson, deceased defendant.
     It appearing by affidavit on file in the office of the clerk of the circuit clerk in and for said county, that said defendants, Mary L. Sparks and Ebenezer M. Sparks, her husband, James A. Rush, Amor Decker, Levi Gibson, and the unknown heirs or devisees of the Eliza Gibson, deceased, reside out of this state.
     Notice is therefore hereby given, that a bill in chancery has been filed in said circuit court, on the chancery side thereof, and that a summons has been issued against the said defendants first above named, returnable on the first day of the next term of the said circuit court, to be holden at the court house in Quincy, on the third Monday in the month of June next, and that unless said defendants be and appear before said circuit court, on the return day of said summons, and answer the legations thereof will be taken as confessed against them, and a decree entered according to the prayer of said bill.
     Dated at Quincy this 14th day of April, A. D. 1868.

John W. Morehead, Clerk.
Wheat & Marcy. Sol's for compl't.

[Source: The Daily Herald; April 15, 1868; Page 1- Transcribed by Debbie Gibson]


Pellenwessel, Anna Mary - Probate of Will 1921

Petition For Probate of Will of Anna Mary Pellenwessel in the County Court of Adams County Petition of Alois H. Elzi set for hearing Feb. 7, A.D. 1921 at 9 o’clock A.M. Fred C. Wolfe, County Judge

Petition of Alois H. Elzi, in the matter of proof of the last Will and Testament of Anna Mary Pellenwessel, deceased.
To the Hon. Judge of the County court of Adams County, in the State of Illinois:
The Petition of the undersigned, Alois H. Elzi, respectfully represents that Anna Mary Pellenwessel, residing in Adams County, Illinois at the time of her death, departed this life at Quincy, in said County, on or about the 2nd day of January, A.D. 1921, leaving a last will and testament, duly signed, published and attested, and leaving her surviving no husband, but the following named heirs, whose residence and post office addresses are respectfully as follows:
Name Post Office County State
1. Josephine Elzi 1711 Spring St., Quincy Adams Illinois
2. Frances Sartori 708 State St., Quincy Adams Illinois
3. Herbert Pellenwessel 532 North 16th, Quincy Adams Illinois
4. Rosalie Pellenwessel 532 North 16th, Quincy Adams Illinois

The last above named being minors of the ages of 12 years and 4 years respectively, and are the sole and only children and heirs at law of Henry Pellenwessel, deceased, who was a son of said Anna Mary Pellenwessel, deceased, and who predeceased her.
As her only heirs at law, and that the legatees and devisees under said will are:

5. Rev. Rector, St. Francis Solanus Church of Quincy, Illinois 1721 Vine St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
6. Rector, St. Francis Solanus Catholic Church, Quincy, Illinois 1721 Vine St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
7. Trustees St. Francis Solanus Catholic Church 1721 Vine St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
8. Trustees St. Boniface Catholic Church, Quincy, Illinois 117 N. 7th St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
9. Trustees St. John’s Catholic Church, Quincy, Illinois 1019 Cedar St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
10. Trustees of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Quincy, Illinois 715 Adams St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
11. St. Mary’s Hospital 1400 Broadway, Quincy Adams County Illinois
12. St. Aloysuis Orphan Asylum, Quincy, Illinois 1932 Vines St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
13. St. Vincent’s Home and Infirmary 1340 N. 10th St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
14. St. Boniface cemetery Society 117 N. 7th St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
15. Grace Pellenwessel 532 N. 16th St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
16. Henry Maers 1115 Broadway, Quincy Adams County Illinois
17. Benjamin Sartori 708 State St., Quincy Adams County Illinois
18. J.B. Trimpe 412 2nd Avenue, Maywood Cook County Illinois

And that at the place of residence and post office address of each of said heirs, legatees and devisees is as stated after their respective names and where the same is stated to be unknown, the same is unknown. That said testatrix in her said last will nominated and appointed Alois H. Elzi, the petitioner herein, executor thereof. Yours petitioner therefore prays that it may please your Honor to proceed to admit said will to probate according to law. ~Alois H. Elzi State of Illinois Adams County-ss-The above petitioner being duly sworn and says the best of his knowledge, information and belief. Alois H. Elzi

[Document found in records from St. Aloysius Orphange - Submitted by Tammy Peters Bruns and Transcribed by Cinda Head]


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