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Afghanistan War Casualties
from Illinois


As of January, 2014

Data Compiled by Curt Wiebusch from NARA databases.

Date of Death





Service Branch



1/6/2012 Patterson, Christopher A. Spec  20 Hostile ArmyNG Aurora Illinois
3/9/2011 Wade, Andrew P. Spec  22 Non-hostile Army Antioch Illinois
11/10/2010 Stack, James B. LCpl 20 Hostile USMC Arlington Heights Illinois
3/23/2003 Stein, John LtCol 39 Non-hostile USAF Bardolph Illinois
10/27/2008 Grieco, Kevin D. Sgt 35 Hostile ArmyNG Bartlett Illinois
10/16/2008 Penich, John M. Sgt 25 Hostile Army Beach Park Illinois
2/13/2006 Dazachacon, Edwin H. SSgt 38 Hostile Army Belleville Illinois
6/14/2008 Pietrek, Dawid Pfc 24 Hostile USMC Bensenville Illinois
12/24/2010 Corzine, Kenneth A. LCpl 23 Hostile USMC Bethalto Illinois
10/14/2002 Ebbers, James H. Pvt 19 Non-hostile Army Bridgeview Illinois
9/18/2010 Grider, Ronald A. S1C 30 Hostile Army Brighton Illinois
10/14/2010 Catherwood, Alec E. LCpl 19 Hostile USMC Byron Illinois
6/19/2009 Melton, Joshua SSgt 26 Hostile ArmyNG Carlyle Illinois
12/18/2009 Ware, Albert D. Sgt 27 Hostile Army Chicago Illinois
9/17/2008 Vazquez, Jason A. SSgt 24 Hostile Army Chicago Illinois
5/6/2007 Sabalu Jr., Wilberto MSgt 36 Hostile Army Chicago Illinois
2/27/2007 Zizumbo, Daniel Pfc 27 Hostile Army Chicago Illinois
3/1/2012 Lowry, Conner T. Cpl 24 Hostile USMC Chicago Illinois
10/8/2010 Sparks, John T. LCpl 23 Hostile USMC Chicago Illinois
11/7/2001 Davis, Bryant L. FA 20 Non-hostile Navy Chicago Illinois
4/12/2004 Szwec, Adrian Basil Cmdr 43 Non-hostile Navy Chicago Illinois
12/1/2009 Nichols Jr., Kenneth R. Sgt 28 Hostile Army Chrisman Illinois
8/23/2010 Newton, Robert J. LCpl 21 Hostile USMC Creve Coeur Illinois
11/23/2009 McLeod, Jason A. Spec  22 Hostile Army Crystal Lake Illinois
7/11/2010 Antonik, Christopher J. SSgt 29 Hostile USMC Crystal Lake Illinois
1/20/2012 McHone, Nathan R. Capt  29 Non-hostile USMC Crystal Lake Illinois
7/16/2010 Tilton, Jesse R. Sgt 23 Hostile Army Decatur Illinois
9/11/2009 Martinek, Matthew M. Pfc 20 Hostile Army DeKalb Illinois
3/1/2009 Robinson, Simone A. Spec  21 Hostile AirNG Dixmoor Illinois
1/9/2002 Winters, Jeannette Lee Sgt 25 Non-hostile USMC Du Page Illinois
2/18/2007 Garbs, Ryan C. Pfc 20 Non-hostile Army Edwardsville Illinois
5/5/2006 Donaldson, Christopher B. CWO 28 Non-hostile Army Effingham Illinois
11/5/2011 Daniels, Nickolas A. LCpl 25 Hostile USMC Elmwood Park Illinois
1/22/2012 Pairsh, Joshua C. Capt  29 Non-hostile USMC Equality Illinois
10/27/2009 Stanker, Jared D. Spec  22 Hostile Army Evergreen Park Illinois
7/7/2009 Talbert, Christopher M. Spec  24 Hostile Army Galesburg Illinois
7/6/2009 Williams, Derwin I. 2Lt 41 Hostile ArmyNG Glenwood Illinois
11/5/2010 Emrick, Jordan B. SSgt 26 Hostile USMC Hoyleton Illinois
7/17/2010 Weikert, Matthew W. Sgt 29 Hostile Army Jacksonville Illinois
8/24/2011 Tobin, Andrew R. Sgt 24 Hostile Army Jacksonville Illinois
1/11/2010 Lowe, Jamie R. Cpl 21 Hostile USMC Johnsonville Illinois
5/10/2009 Saczek, Lukasz D. Spec  23 Non-hostile ArmyNG Lake in the Hills Illinois
6/12/2012 Pinnick, Trevor A. Spec  20 Hostile Army Lawrenceville Illinois
9/20/2004 Wells, Wesley R. Spec  21 Hostile Army Libertyville Illinois
9/28/2009 Shaw, Christopher D. S1C 37 Hostile Army Markham Illinois
2/24/2009 Stream, Scott B. Sgt 39 Hostile ArmyNG Mattoon Illinois
7/24/2010 Vazquez, Frederik E. LCpl 20 Hostile USMC Melrose Park Illinois
3/15/2009 Abeyta, Christopher P. Sgt 23 Hostile AirNG Midlothian Illinois
11/18/2011 Dobereiner, Adam E. Pfc 21 Hostile Army Moline Illinois
6/16/2010 Hotchkin, Gunnar R.  Pfc 31 Hostile Army Naperville Illinois
8/14/2008 Mihalo, Anthony G. Cpl 23 Hostile USMC Naperville Illinois
6/2/2007 Lowell, Jacob Michael Pfc 22 Hostile Army New Lenox Illinois
6/10/2012 Luxmore, Bryant J. Spec  25 Hostile Army New Windsor Illinois
9/22/2012 Roberts, Rashun GM2 23 Non-hostile Navy North Chicago Illinois
6/17/2007 Steele, Joshua E. Capt  26 Hostile Army North Henderson Illinois
2/8/2009 Southworth, Jared W. 1Lt 26 Hostile ArmyNG Oakland Illinois
3/15/2009 Cain III, Norman L. Spec  22 Hostile ArmyNG Oregon, IL Illinois
8/19/2010 Boyd, Christopher J. Cpl 22 Hostile USMC Palatine Illinois
8/31/2003 Thomas, Adam L. Pfc 21 Hostile Army Palos Hills Illinois
4/19/2012 Shaffer, Dean R. Sgt 23 Hostile Army Pekin Illinois
10/23/2011 Bastean, Jordan S. LCpl 19 Hostile USMC Pekin Illinois
9/26/2010 Simpson, Mark A. Sgt 40 Hostile Army Peoria Illinois
6/19/2009 Smith, Paul G. Sgt 43 Hostile ArmyNG Peoria Illinois
11/1/2010 Meari, Andrew N. Pfc 21 Hostile Army Plainfield Illinois
9/21/2010 Powell, Joshua D. SSgt 25 Non-hostile Army Pleasant Plains Illinois
7/16/2010 Bartelt, Justus S. SSgt 27 Hostile USMC Polo Illinois
10/16/2009 Rudzinski, Christopher M. Sgt 28 Hostile Army Rantoul Illinois
11/3/2010 Young, James C. Spec  25 Hostile Army Rochester Illinois
12/30/2009 Hanson, Elizabeth C. CIA 30 Hostile CIA Rockford Illinois
8/1/2008 Badie, David John Pfc 23 Hostile Army Rockford Illinois
7/13/2012 Ristau, Michael E. Sgt 25 Hostile Army Rockford Illinois
9/17/2008 Harris, Joshua W. Sgt 21 Hostile AirNG Romeoville Illinois
1/13/2010 Wright, Kyle J. Spec  22 Hostile Army Romeoville Illinois
9/29/2008 Vasquez, Gary J. S1C 33 Hostile Army Round Lake Illinois
3/15/2009 Weinger, Robert M. Spec  24 Hostile ArmyNG Round Lake Beach Illinois
10/5/2010 Johnson, Daniel J. SAM 23 Hostile USAF Schiller Park Illinois
3/29/2003 Frazier, Jacob L. SSgt 24 Hostile AirNG St. Charles Illinois
10/25/2009 Michel, Devin J.  Pfc 19 Hostile Army Stockton Illinois
7/29/2009 Smith, Gerrick David Sgt 19 Non-hostile ArmyNG Sullivan Illinois
1/3/2010 Smith, Bradley R. SAM 24 Hostile USAF Troy Illinois
11/15/2005 Ochsner, James S. S1C 36 Hostile Army Waukegan Illinois
5/19/2012 Watts, Samuel T. Spec  20 Hostile Army Wheaton Illinois
8/18/2010 Oratowski, Kevin E. LCpl 23 Hostile USMC Wheaton Illinois
7/10/2010 Dimock II, Joseph W. Spec  21 Non-hostile Army Wildwood Illinois
2/20/2009 Bessa, Jeremy E. SSgt 26 Hostile Army Woodridge Illinois


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