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1820 CENSUS (Complete)

1830 CENSUS (Complete)

1850 CENSUS(Partial)


1870 CENSUS (Partial list)

1880 CENSUS (Partial list)

1900 CENSUS (Partial list)





1920 CENSUS (Partial list)


This is also the list that has free white males and females. This was very hard to read and some pages were missing so please check the original record yourself.

Transcribed and Donated by Billie Trail 

H. Allen
Daniel Abbott
Henry Osborn
Karon Aurlin
John C. Athorton
Daniel Adams
John Allen
Jeff Auglen
Wilson Abel
George Abbott
Saron Athorton
Talbert ?
James Austin
Polly Asher
Thomas Barlow
John Barnett
William Braken
William A. Braken
Berry Brown
Jarred Balamy
Litta Bunen
William Basher
Frances Burnham
J.L. Bartlett
Archibald Boggs
Aaron Biokerstoff
? Barkin
Hardin Burks
William B. Biokerstoff
John Brown
William Barrkson
Richard Brown
James Berry
Joseph Barclay
J. Braswick
Polly Broom
? Campbell
Elisha Cabranan
Peter Cletts
Joseph Chandler
Zachariah Chandler
Stephen Crooker
George C???
J.M. Craig
Leion Claston
Charles Clanton
Thomas W. Collins

John Daughtery
Elizabeth Dexter
James Dexter
Moral Dodd
Elijah Diltz
Zachariah Douglas
William Dodd
James Daniels

Thomas Eddlerman
Benjamin Eaker
John Edwards
Jeff Echolz

Thomas Farker
Mary Fisher
Levi Frazier

William Giles
Robert Graham
Levi Graham
John Graham
Daniel Gore
John Gardner
Joseph Giles
R. Gottin
? Godwin
Thomas Giles
John Garrett

Pitman Hanes
Joseph Hendrick
Abby Hughs
John Hauers
James Hazelwood
Kimrod Hazelwood
Harvey Heron
Levi Hughs
Thomas Harwood
Charles Hunsacker
John Hughs
William Harreld
L. Harrett
Merit Harvell
Thomas Harvell
Eimber Harvell
Mary Hollings??
M.R. Hoopaws
W.R. Hoopaws
John Hightower
David Hailman
David Hollinghead
John Hayes
John Harrett
John H???
Elizabeth Heady
Stephen J???
David J???
David Johnson
Jonathan James
Malachi Jackson
William Johnson
John J.Jones

Frederick Keller
David Kennedy
Frances Kendall

Thomas Lackey
Robert Love
Joseph Luntz
Polly Landers
John Landers
Joseph Landers
William Larriner
John Larriner
Esther Lawerence
Robert Lee
Issac Lee
John Langhan
Skipp Lee
 Charles Maxhow
William R. Manier
Charles M. Mobey
James Murphey
G.W. McDaniel
Martha M????
William Mapy
Matthew McClure
John McRight
David McHenry
John Miller
Peter Miller
John Maisy
Margaret Millians
John C. ???
William McIntosh
 Erasmus Nally
Walter Nully
Jeremiah Newman
Thomas Nully

John Oller
George Oleer
James Owen

John Palmer
William Pauley
Thomas Peterson
Larmud Peterson
William Price
Larmud M. Philipo
Moses Philipo
Elizabeth Philips
John Parker
Labormon Parker
 David Philipo
Nancy Powers
A. Powell
E.C. Perry
M. Palmer
Nathan Rupell
James A. Rout??
Thomas Reed
Robert W. Ranoal
Enoch Smith
Mitchell Smith
Susan Stephenson
John Shauin
Willis Stanard
Henry Saivers
Jacob Shepard
Richard Sepsions
James Shepard
John C. Siruth
Elizabeth Shepard
L. Shafer
(couldn't read rest of names there)
James Temple
David Thornton
Joseph Thorn
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Turpin
William Turpin
James Townsend
Martin Turpin
Joseph Vanderburg
Robert Vals
William Vansel
Throphius Whittaker
Priscilla Walker
William Waffard
Walter Wright
William Ware
Benjamin Whittaker
James Walls
John Wright
Alexander Whittaker
William Wilson
Daniel White
Mary B. White
George Waters
L. Wright
William Wright
Benjamin Warthangton
Albert G. Woo
Giles Whittaker

©Billie Trail 2001

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1870 Census (partial list)


Donated by Sharon Brown

1870 Census Record-Clear Creek Precinct-Alexander Co., Illinois

#101/101-Enumeration Date: July 19, 1870

ROBBS, Jas., age 40, male, white, farmer, personal estate=$250, b. TN.
ROBBS, Cath., age 39, female, white, b. TN.
ROBBS, John H., age 18, male, white, b. IL.
ROBBS, Wm. A., age 16, male, white, b. IL.
ROBBS, Eliza J., age 12, female, white, b. IL.
ROBBS, Rachael E., age 10, female, white, b. IL.
ROBBS, Jas. N., age 8, male, white, b. IL.
ROBBS, S. S., age 3, male, white, b. IL.


Donated by Glenn N. Major

United States 1870 Census, Alexander Co., Illinois, Clear Creek Precinct

SKILES, David       age 45 ,male,white
SKILES, M. E         age 40 , Fe, white  (Mary Elizabeth Castleman Skiles)
SKILES, Jos. T.       age 21 , male, white
SKILES, Angela    age 19 , fe, white
SKILES, Wm. H.     age 17 ,male, white
SKILES, David G.    age 15 , male, white
SKILES, John N.     age 14 , male, white
SKILES, N. J            age 6  , fe, white
SKILES, Geo. G.      age 3 , male, white  (George Giles Skiles)
SKILES, Chas. M.    age 2/12 , male, white

Note:  The Skiles family is improperly indexed as the David Scarles family in the 1870 records.


HUTTON FAMILY (partial list)

Donated by Sharon Brown

1880 Census--Clear Creek Precinct--Alexander County, Illinois--p. 140D-#141/141 Enumerated June 26, 1880.

HUTTON, A. J., self, md., male, white, age 28, b. TN, Book Agent, Father b. AL, Mother b. TN.
HUTTON, Eliza, wife, md. female, white, age 19, b. IL, Keeping House, Father b. IL, Mother b. TN.
HUTTON, Evvie, dau., single, female, white, age 2, b. IL, Father b. TN, Mother b. IL.
GALE, W. H., other, widower, white, male, age 35, b. MO, laborer, Father b. VA, Mother b. VA.
GOODMAN, H., other, widower, white, male, age 28, b. IL, laborer, Father b. TN; Mother b. TN.


Donated by Donna Knight

1880 Census--Elco Precinct--Alexander County, Illinois--Enumerated June 27, 1880 by P. H. McRaven.

DAILY, Wm A., white, male, 36, farmer, b. Ind; Father b. KY
DAILY, Minerva, white, female, 34, wife, keeping house, b. IL; Father b. Ill.
DAILY, Elisabeth, white, female, 12, daughter, at home, b. Ill.
DAILY, John, white, male, 11, son, b Ill.    
DAILY, Etty, white, female, 10, daughter, b. Ill.
DAILY, Agnes, white, female, 8, daughter, b. Ill.
DAILY, Elender, white, female, 6, daughter, b. Ill.
DAILY, Estelle, white, female, 3, daughter, b. Ill.
DAILY, William, white, male, 2, son, Ill.

BARNHARD, G. W., white, male, 46, Log Teamster, b. Va.; Father b. Va.
BARNHARD, Nancy, white, female, 46, wife, keeping house, b. Mo; Father b. Va.
BARNHARD, Ellen, white, female, 16, at home, b. Ill; Father b. Va.
BARNHARD, Mary, white, female, 14, b. Ill.; Father b. Va.
BARNHARD, Florence, white, female, 8, b. Ill.
BARNHARD, F. G., white, son, 6, b. Ill.
COLE, Willis, white, male, 6, grandson, b. Ill.


SHAVNORE FAMILY (partial list)

Donated by Darlene Jestus


SHAVNORE, CARL(?)  white, b. Nov.1871 in Missouri
SHAVNORE, ELEN,  wife, b. Feb. 1877 in Illinois, age 23
SHAVNORE, JAMES, father, b NR 1840 in Missouri, age 60
SHAVNORE, BERTIE, sister, b. April 1883 in Illinois, age 17
SHAVNORE, JOSEPH, brother b. May 1887 in Illinois, age 13


BEASLEY FAMILY (partial list)

Donated by Frank Beasley

1900 Illinois Census: Vol 3, E.D.10, Sheet 10, Line 89, Elco Pct., Alexander Co.

BEASLEY, William, w, b. Dec. 1873, 26, IL; md-5 yrs.
BEASLEY, Dora, w, 1878, 22, IL.
BEASLEY, Lee, son, 1897, 3, IL.
BEASLEY, Ollie, dau, 1898, 1, IL.

CHILDERS FAMILY (partial list)

Donated by Paula Haas

1900 Federal Census--Goose Island--Alexander County, Illinois
Childers, Wm. J., head, white, male, born Oct 1852; age 47; md. 26y; place of birth: AR; Place of birth-father: TN; place of birth-mother: MS; farmer; rent.
Childers, Mary E., wife
Childers, Harry F., son
Childers, Mattie E., daughter
Childers, Ella A., daughter
Childers, Vida A., daughter
Childers, Wm. S., son
Childers, Gertie J., daugher
Childers, Vergie E., daughter

1910 Federal Census--Beech Ridge--Alexander County--April 27, 1910.

David Phillips, Enumerator.

Donated by Janice Rice

This was very hard to read in places and spellings were sometimes questionable.

Dw. # Name Relation to Head Sex Race Age Single/Md/yrs/
Occupation POB
1 Winsey, John Head m B 33 m-11 Farm laborer LA
-------Alice wife f Mu 30 m-11-8-5 LA
-------Isabell daughter f B 10 S LA
------Adolph son m B 8 S LA
------Layon son m B 7 S LA
------Martiele daughter f B 5 S MS
------Carry daughter f B 3 S IL
2 Daggett, A. H. Head m w 42 m-8 Steelmill Maine
--------Calliste wife f w 43 m-8-3-3 IND
Fokes, Claud L. son m w 24 S Bookkeeper IND
------ Vada daughter f w 22 s IND
Riggin, Victor nephew m w 20 S Clerk IND
3 Elmore, Johnnie Head m w ? m-8 Fireman IND
------ Hatta wife f w 24 m-8-2-1 IND
------Owen son m w 11 S IL
4 Hodge, Frank Head m b 52 m-7 Farming KY
------Louisa wife f b 50 m-7-7-1 MS
-------Edwin son m b 20 s Farmer IL
Johnson, Charley grandson m b 5 s OH
5 Johnson, Preston Head m b 27 m-5 Farm laborer IL
-------- Reva wife f b 32 m-5-3-3 Seamstress TN
--------Clada daughter f b 5 s IL
--------Vaen daughter f b 2 s IL
---------Lavon daughter f b 2 s IL
6 Hayes, Armstead Head m b 4 m-14 Farmer MS
------, Sarah wife f b 34 m14-8-6 IL
------, Earl son m b 13 s IL
------, Manuel son m b 9 s IL
------, Armstead son m b 7 s IL
------, Lasley son m b 5 s IL
------, Dimont son m b 3 s IL
------, Milow son m b 1 s IL
Berry, Darvia sister f b 14 s IL
7 Jackson, Millie Head f b 52 Wd TN
8 Feelse, Henry Head m mu 23 m-5 IL
------, Pearl wife f b 20 m-5-2-2 MO
------, Edna daughter f mu 4 s IL
------, Delia daughter f mu 2 s IL
9 Childers, J. W. Head m w 59 m-37 Farm Laborer
Poor Farm
-------, Mary E. wife f w 56 m-37-11-6 IL
-------, Gertrude daughter f w 15 s IL
10 Raina, Beek Head m w 24 m-0 Farmer IL
-----, Vida wife f w 23 m-0-0-0 IL
Burkhart, Sarah pauper f w 58 wd IL
Chism, Maude pauper f w 33 s-1 IL
Pirtes, James pauper m Mu 40 s IL
Darnels, Jeff pauper m b 44 s IL
Hudyeation, Joe pauper m w 52 s Eng.
Malander, Wm pauper m w 53 s VA
Brown, Grant pauper m w 42 m1 IL
Brooke, Lula pauper f w 49 wd-0-0 US
Lire, Harry pauper m b 23 s MO
Clark, John pauper m w 51 s IL
Johnson, Charley pauper m w 60 s Germany
Mullins, Guss pauper m w 30 s LA
11 Clark, Susy Head f b 65 wd-8-5 TN
Patton, Dora daughter f b 30 m12-8-3 MO
Gaund, Henry boarder m Mu 44 m Laborer TN
12 Williams, B. W. Head m b 48 m2 Laborer AL
13 Fields, Zack Head m b 58 s Laborer TN
14 Smith, Green Head m mu 49 m3-5 Laborer TN
------, Calley wife f b 30 m2-5-3-2 TN
------, Olley son m b 8 s TN
------, Budery son m b 10 s TN
Anderson, Will Boarder m b 31 m Laborer IL

Notes from Paula Haas:  Dwelling # 9--Childers, Wm. J., b. 1852 AR; Father b. TN; Mother b. AL.
Childers, Mary E., b. 1833 IL; Father b. NC; Mother b. NC.
Dwelling #10--Raina, Beck (Ronnebeck), (John), 
Raina (Ronnebeck), Vida, wife.  (nee:  Childers)
Transcriber's note:  Hudyeation, Joe-pauper-M-W-52-S-England.  (May be Hutchison)


DAILY FAMILY (partial list)

Donated by Donna Knight

Vol. 4, E. D. 18, Sheet 7, Line 31, ALEXANDER COUNTY

DAILY, William, white, 40, b. Illinois
DAILY, Josie, wife, 36, b. Illinois
DAILY, James, son, 16, Illinois
DAILY, Lillie B., daughter, 15, Illinois
DAILY, Paul, son, 12, Illinois
DAILY, Hazel, daughter, 11, Illinois
DAILY, Frank, son, 9, Illinois
DAILY, Dallas, son, 7, Illinois
DAILY, Filbert, son, 5, Illinois
DAILY, Lucy M., daughter, 3 5/12, Illinois
DAILY, Lester, son, 1 5/12, Illinois

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