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In the extreme corner of Unity Precinct is a store owned by William Wilburn and a Post Office near by called Olive Branch. A post office was established here in 1876.  --Source: HISTORY OF ALEXANDER, UNION AND PULASKI COUNTIES, ILLINOIS, edited by William Henry Perrin, 1883, Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publisher, 183 Lake St.

Olive Branch is located on Illinois Route 3, southeast of Thebes. It is the home of Horseshoe Lake, the goose capital of the world.  --contibuted by A. Newell

Olive Branch was founded about 1876 by W. W. Wilborn at a site previously known as Cross Roads.  The town was not laid out and lots sold until 1900.
    It is located in the north half of section 32, Township 15 south, range 2 west.
    Coordinates: 37°10′07″N 89°21′06″W
    Elevation:  341 feet
    A post office was established in the town in 1876.  In 1883 Olive Branch had a store owned by William Wilburn.  Horse Shoe Lake is near the village. A stave factory was begun there in 1906, which employed about 40 laborers. The town still exists and has a population of about 865.
    (Researched by Katie Lipe for the Illinois History class at Egyptian High School; submitted by Darrel Dexter, history teacher.)

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