Alexander County Illinois Genealogy Trails

Alexander County Central High School 1957-58 Basketball Team

Delta School, c1900

Douglas School-Cairo, 1961; 62

Elco School 1904

Elco School 1910

Elco School-Miss Myrtle's classes-1941-42

Elco School-Mrs. Campbell's classes-early 1940s

Elco School-Mr. A. J. Sheffer's classes-1940s

Elco School-Miss Myrtle's 1st & 2nd grades-c1945

Elco School-about 1946-Mrs. Coleman's classes

Elco School, 1951-52, Grades 3-5

Elco School, 1951-52, Grades 6-8

Elco School, 1953, 8th Grade

Elco School 1954-55--Grades 4-5

Elco School 1954-55--Grades 6-8

Elco School 1957-58--3-5gr

Elco School 1957-58 Class Photo

Gale School c1922

Gale School 1925

Gale School c1927

Gale School c1929

Hazelwood School c1920s

Hazelwood School 1953-54

Hulen Public School, 1910

Mc Clure School 1926

Mc Daniel School

Olive Branch School 1899

Olive Branch School 1926

Olive Branch School 1929-30

Olive Branch School 1930

Olive Branch School 1932

Olive Branch School 1941--3rd & 4th Grades

Olive Branch School 1951-52--3rd grade

Olive Branch School Basketball Team and Cheerleaders

Olive Branch School-Unknown date

Sandusky School-1935

Saint Joseph-8th grade-1964

Sumner High School Basketball Team 1954

Sumner High School 1954

Tamms Cheerleaders

Tamms Community High School, Seniors 1947

Tamms High School Juniors, 1949-50

Tamms High School Basketball & Cheerleaders, 1949-50

Tamms High School Basketball Team & Cheerleaders, 1950-51

Tamms High School Play Cast, 1951

Tamms High School 1951 Freshmen 

Tamms High School Seniors, 1952

Tamms High School Class of 1954 reunions

Tamms School, c1920s

Tamms School, 1930--1st grade

Tamms School, 1947 basketball team

Tamms School, c1951 or 52--1st or 2nd grades

Tamms School, 1953--3rd & 4th grades

Tamms School 1958-59--4th grade

Tamms School 1960-61--6th grade

Tamms School 1961-62--7th grade

Tamms School 1962-63--8th grade

Tamms School Basketball Team--7th & 8th--1961-62

Thebes High School Cheerleaders

Thebes School 1904

Thebes School Basketball Team, 1919-20

Thebes School, c1930-31, 7th & 8th

Thebes High School, c1932-33

Thebes High School Seniors, 1934

Thebes Third Grade, 1937

Thebes School, 1938 6th grade

Thebes School 1940-41--2nd grade class

Thebes School 1941-42--3rd grade class

1944 Thebes Sophomore Class

Thebes School 1949-1950 Basketball Team

Thebes 1st Grade-1950

Thebes 7th & 8th Grades-1953

Thebes Sophomore Class-1953

Thebes School 1954 Basketball Team

Thebes School 1955--4th Grade

Thebes School 1962-7th Grade

Twente School-Date unknown

Twente School, 1932 

Twente Crossing School, 1933-34

Twente Crossing School, 1937

Upper Elco School

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