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Boone County
1855-1856 Business Directory

Transcribed by K. Torp

The County town of the County of Boone, is situated on the North branch of Kishwaukee river, and on the line of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad. Near the town site is a mound fifty rods long and about thirty rods wide, at an elevation of seventy feet above the bottom lands of Rock River; on the top of this mound is the Cemetery of an Indian called Big Thunder. He died about the period of the Sauk war, in 1831 or '32. Distant 78 miles west from Chicago, and 103 miles N. N. E. from Springfield. It is a flourishing town, containing about 3,500 inhabitants. Usual fare, $2.35 from Chicago.


Ainsworth L. L. attorney, S. Side
Ames B. & Son, drugs, books, &c. S. side
Avery B. H. architect
Amsden & Walker, dry goods. State nr Mechanic

Bailie James, painter. State
Baker & Lewis, merchant tailors. Mechanic
Baker Miss E. millinery. Mechanic
Bassett Simon, furniture. State
Beckwith J. R. attorney, S. side
Belvidere Bank, A. Neely & Co.
BEEBE L. M. olerk of county court
Belvidere Hotel, J. B. Beckwith, proprietor nr Bridge
Belvidere Standard, R. Roberts, proprietor
Bennett Samuel, dry goods, &c. State nr Mechanic
Bidwell Hiram, blacksmith, &c. State
Bigelow Jeremiah, grocer, State
Boyce M. M. attorney, Mechanic nr State
Bristol Wellington, druggist, S. side

Carver N. & Co. groceries, S. side
Castle & Woodworth, dry goods, &c, Mechanic
Caswell David, grocer. State
Caswell Nelson, grocer, S. side
Churchill E. A. grocer. State nr Mechanic
Cohoon Mrs. J. L. milliner, S. side

Davis John G. gunsmith, State nr Mechanic
Dawson John, carpenter. Mechanic
Dawson William, carpenter. Mechanic
Dean & Smith, lumber, S. side
Dixon H. F. hair dresser. State
Dougherty John, grocer, S. side
Drake Oliver, boots and shoes, Mechanic

Ellis D. E. physician, Dnion blook

Fisk J. sash, doors &c. State
Foot & Pray, millers, W. end of Bridge
Foote Daniel E. physician and surgeon. State
Foote William S. dentist. State nr cor Mechanic
Foster J. W. dry goods, S. side
Froom George L. grocer, State W. of Mechanic
Fuller Allan C. attorney. State nr Mechanic

Garclon P. I. grocer, S. side

Hamlin & Son, dry goods, &c. cor State and Mechanic
Hamlin F. B. clerk circuit court
Hawkins John L, furniture, &c. State
HAYES & HOTCHKISS, dry goods, S. side
Haywood William, blacksmith. State
HERREN ABRAHAM, daguerrcan, State
Hink & Hawkins, furniture. State nr Mechanic
Hink & Radliff, carpenters. Mechanic
Honsinger Albert, dry goods. State
Hurlbut Stephen A. attorney. Mechanic

Ingersoil C. S. meat market. State
Inslee Stephen L, dry goods, State
Ives J. H. produce, S. Side

Jackson Daniel, produce, S. side
Jaffray James, drugs and books, State nr Mechanic
Jenks Samuel, produce, S. side
JENNER ASHER E. hardware; State

Lawrence & May, dry goods, &c, State
Lawrie J. W. clothing. State cor Mechanic
Leonard M. G. general insurance agent
LEONARD M. G. dry goods, &c. Mechanic
Lobstein G. boots and shoes. Mechanic
Longoor S. plows, &c. State, N end
Loveless & Bennett, grocers. State

Macy G. A. blacksmith
McGINLEY J. C. & CO. clothing. State
Mixer Horace, restaurant, S. side
Miller & Cringle, lumber, S. side
Mordoff & Glasner, dry goods, State
Moses & Chase, sash, doors, &c.
Morley John G- flsh dealer. State
Murch & Bro. harnessniakers. Mechanic
Murphy Franklin L. attorney, Mechanic
Murphy James K. dry goods, State

Owens Rich'd H. merchant tailor,State nr East

Park John & Park William, carpenters and joiners, Mechanic
Plane & Jennison, hardware, &c. State nr East
Peckham Joseph, shoemaker. State nr Mechanic
Perkins & Compton, grocers. State nr Mechanic
Peters H., Temperance House, S. side
Pettit D. B. lightning rods. Plane & Jennison
Post Office, J. Saxton, post-master. State
Pray Lewis W. attorney, Mechanic nr State
Preston W. produce, S. Side

Ransom & Andrus, drugs, &c. Mechanic nr State
Ramsey Mark, saddler, State W. of Mechanic
Reichmuth Ferdinand, baker, W. end Bridge
Remmington & Spencer, plowmk'rs, West end
Rider J. & Co. grocers. State W. of Mechanic
Rix R. D. boots and shoes. Mechanic

SAWYER JESSE, books, State nr Mechanic
Seward A.C. wagonmaker. West end
SHERMAN HOUSE. State, West end
Sherman & Peebles, marble yard, West end
Sherman Lewis P. proprietor Sherman House
Spencer Misses M. & A. millinery, &c. State
Spencer Francis, dry goods, &c. State
Stanton R. D. attorney, Mechanic
Stone Jonathan

Tomkins, Leonard & Co. bankers, Union block
Tonkins & Hodges, dry goods, State nr Mechanic
Terwilliger J. S. justice of the peace. State
Terwilliger J. & Co. hardware, Mechanic nr State
Turner J. T. meat market. Mechanic

Union Hall, Union block
Union Block, cor State and Mechanic

Walker & Keeler, grocers, Mechanic nr State
Williams & Curtis, lumber, S. side R. R.
Walker & Co. blacksmiths, S. side
Waterman George & Co. produce, S. side
Webb J&cob W. dry goods, cor State and Mechanic
Willson James D. watches, &c., State nr Me.
Wilson H. R. sheriff Boone County
Woodard Joseph S. groceries, S. side
Wood W. H. attorney, State nr Mechanic
Wilson H. R. & Ira, livery stable, Mechanic
Woodruff W. R. druggist, State nr Mechanic
Williams & Sunderland, boots and shoes. Mechanic nr State
Wing J. wagonmaker. State
Willard Asa G. saddle and harness, State

Youst John, lumber, S. side

Amsden Rev. B. H., Congregationalist
Anderson Rev. L, Methodist
Baker D. tailor, cor State and Mechanic
Belvidere Hotel, S. P. Doty, proprietor
Bidwell & Reynolds, wagon makers
Bradley Rev. Wm., Christian
Brown & Hoton, stoves and tin ware, State
Butler Michael, boots and shoes, State
Castle C. M. dry goods, &c.
Clark & Adams, grocers, South side
Congdon E. produce
Crosby Henry L. dry goods &c., Union block
Cushing J. J., Sage's seed sowers, State
Danel D. P. washing m&chine, East side
Dunton W. S. meat market
Emmerson O. P. & Co. produce, South side
Gooding S. C. physician
Hamilton Rev. , Union
Hawkins & Hebden, lumber, South side
Hawley & Co. produce, South side
Jones Dr. J. B. homoeopathic
Keeler A. B. & M. E. grocers, Mechanic nr State
Lake L. L. physician
Lewis T. J. merchant tailor, Mechanic
McVicar W. surveyor and land agent, over Belvidere Bank
Mack J. W. & Co. produce, South side
Molony R. S. physician, Mechanic
Murphy J. clothing, Mechanic nr State
Newman L. D. grocer, State
Pierce & Nichols, hard and tin ware
Randall A. F. attorney, Mechanic
Remmington H. H. plough maker, State
Rice F. H. boots and shoes, Mechanic nr State
Roe Rev. C. H., Baptist
Spalding J. F. furniture, State
Thomson & Hulbert, blacksmiths
Walker Enos, grocer, cor State and Mechanic
Webb & Glasner, dry goods, State
Whitney D. H. physician. Court House Square
Witter M. W. & M. prop'trs Temperance hotel
Woodard Dr. --, State
Woodard & Cowles, groceries, South side

Township and Post-Office, Boone County.


Hinman Stephen, town clerk
Clark Samuel, general dealer at Beaverton
Dean Bradford, justice of the peace post-office
Loring Stanton H. justice of tbe peace
Reynolds, S.M. at Beaverton post-office

Post-Office and Village in Boone County.

LORING KNOX, town clerk
GILBERT MARTIN Y. justice of the peace
Perry B. F. justice of the peace
Canning W. station agent G. & C. U. R. R.
Earley John, carpenter
Huntly Solomon, carpenter
Johnson Harvey, general dealer
Lawrence Amos S. blacksmith
Mead Benjamin C. brickmaker
Millard George C. carpenter
Parks Rev. Simeon, Universalist
Parks & Whitcomb, general dealers
Tuffelmire James, general dealer

Post Office is situated in the Township of Benton, Boone County

LOW F. P. justice of the peace
LUCAS ALBERT, justice of the peace
Angel Abner, physician
Powell James, lime dealer
Tanner Andrew J. attorney

Township, Boone County.
There are three post-offices in this Township, viz: Burton's
Corners, Park's Corners, and Wilmot.

CRAMER WILLIAM R. town clerk
HOWEY RICHARD C. justice of the peace
RAYMOND WILLIAM, justice of the peace
TISDEL ELIAS L. justice of the peace
Bristol Lester, carriage builder
Daniel Daniel, tanner and currier
Head Jonathan, carpenter
Irving & Brother, general dealers
Kenworthy James T. tailor
Kerr John, jr., general dealer
Kerr William, attorney
Leonard S. blacksmith
Laushe A. blacksmith
Martindale G. & Son, carpenters
Miller J. & Son, oarpenter
Patton B. P. blacksmith
Pierce Wesley, physician
Streeter J. blacksmith
Wooley E. M. physician
Wright & Kenworthy, general dealers

Township, Boone County. The Post-Offices for this township are Hunter and Kossuth.


ADAMS JOHN A. C. town clerk
HOPKINS HIRAM, justice of the peace
Burlingame J. physician
Slam F. P. proprietor Hotel Hunter

Township, Boone County.

CATES GEO. S. justice of the peace
Webster Rev. M. Baptist

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