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Extracts from Veterans' Biographies in the 1877 Boone County History

Submitted By Martin W. Johnson, Illinois Historian

These are biographies that appear in the 1877 Boone County Illinois history book
Some of these little biographies have more information but were not transcribed below. Some names and information are spelled different than Illinois muster rolls. I added some information from muster rolls online and local records that do not appear in the history book.

Abbe, John Dwight, Lt.: b. 1834, 95th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Adams, Ezra (=son): b. 1842 N.Y. Company M, 12th Illinois. d. Napoleonville, Sun struck, Manchester. Twp.
Angell, Abner, MD: b. 1-6-1816 New Berlin, Chenango Co. N.Y., surgeon at Camp Douglas.
Atkinson, Eli (=son): b. 1840 Canada, Company I, 9th Illinois Cavalry; d. 8-17-1862, Helena, Arkansas, Springs Twp.
Atkinson, Robert (=son): b.1842 Canada, Company I., 9th Illinois, Manchester Twp. and Spring Twp.

Bennett, George Summer: b. 5-25-1843 Flora Twp., Boone Co., Illinois Company G, 95th Illinois, POW, Belvidere Twp.
Bowers, Erwin S. (=Lanning son-in-law): b. 6-24-1845, Wisconsin Company I, 22nd Wisconsin, Spring Twp.
Brayton, George (=son): b. 1849 Ogle Co., Illinois, Company I, 140th Illinois, Manchester Twp, Boone Co.
Brayton, Russell (=son): b. 1831 Sandusky, Ohio, Cpl., Company G, 74 Illinois, Manchester Twp.
Brayton, Stephen (=son): b. 1839 Winnebago Co., Illinois, Company F, 34th Illinois, Manchester Twp.
Briggs, Mortimer C. Dr.: b. 12-16-1833 Oxford, Chenango, Co. N.Y. assistant surgeon Company K, 15th cavalry.

Dean, Oroville E.: b. 1-17-1844 Bonus Twp., Company B, 15th Illinois, Sgt., Company C, 142nd Illinois, Flora Twp.
Dymond, James (=son), b. Canada, D, just after returning home, Caledonia Twp.

Ellsworth, George O. (=son): b. 1841 N.Y., Company K, 95th Illinois, Manchester Twp.
Ellsworth, John L. (=son): d.7-7-1862, 4th Wisconsin, Battery, Manchester Twp.

Fuller, Allen C., Adjutant. General: b. 9-24-1822, Farmington, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Belvidere Twp.

Gilman, Lemuel O., Col.: b. 1-28-1831 Quebec, Canada/Patten, Boone Co., Canada.15th Illinois, Boone Twp.
Graves, George H. (=son): b. Guylford, Piscataquis Co, Maine, Company. B, 15th Illinois, Flora Twp.
Graves, Theodore W. (=son): b. 1838 Maine, Company I, 9th Illinois, Flora Twp.

Hakes, Harrison Henry, 1 Lt.: b. 4-2-1841 Cattaraugus Co., N.Y,, Company B, 8th Illinois Cavalry, Spring Twp.
Hammond, David H.: b. 3-2-1832, Cortland Co., N.Y., Company E, 65th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Haywood, Wm., Capt.: B. 5-4-1823 Stockton, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Company B, 95th Illinois, also Mexican War Lt.
Hill, Ira Dean: b.12-25-1823, Carmel, Putnam Co. N.Y., Company B, 95th Illinois.
Hollister, Lansing, Capt., (=son): Company D, 120th N.Y and 149th N.Y. Killed at Gettysburg.
Horan, John W., Cpl. (=son): b. 4-10-1843 Canada, wounded, d. Memphis, Tennessee. Company B, Belvidere Twp.
Humphrey, James M., Capt.: b. 8-31-1840 Tiverton, R.I. or Knox Co., Ohio, Company C, 142nd Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Hurlbut, Stephen A. Brig. Gen : b.11-29-1815 Charleston, So. Carolina, Company B, 15th Illinois Belvidere Twp.

Keeler, Milton E.(Keller) 1 Lt.: b. 10-4-1833 Truxton, Cortland Co., N.Y., Company B, 95TH Illinois, Bonus Twp.

Lake, Leonard L. MD: b. 9-26-1821, Erie Co., N.Y., assistant surgeon, 15th Illinois.
Lander, Edward P. (=son): b. 2-2-1843 England; Company I, 9th Illinois Cavalry, Spring Twp.
Leach, Elisha J.: b. 11-17-1823 Bennington Co., Vermont, Company B, 95th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Loop, Charles B., Major: b.10-12-1835, Steuben Co., N.Y., Company B, 95th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.

Mabie, Jacob, Lt. (=son): b. 1846 Illinois, Elgin Artillery, Bonus Twp.

Nesmith, Marcus S.: b. 5-28-1843 Henry Co., Illinois, Company B, 34th Illinois, Boone Twp.

Osgood, Rueben E., Major: b. 11-11-1827 Jefferson Co., N.Y., 6th Ohio infantry, Belvidere Twp.

Pepper, Samuel: b. 8-20-1827 Nottingham, England, Company G, 95th Illinois, Belvidere, Twp.

Robinson, Frederick A. (=son): b. 1842 Maine, Company I, 9th Illinois, Cavalry, died Helena, Arkansas, Flora Twp.
Robinson, James G. (=son): b. 1840 Maine, Company I. and B, 1st.Colorado infantry, Flora Twp.
Rollins, John A., 1 Lt.: b. 10-31-1839 Belvidere, Illinois, Company F, 45th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.

Sawyer, James W. Sgt.: b. 11-9-1835 Windsor Co., Vermont, 1st Wisconsin Artillery, Belvidere Twp.
Sears, Horace B., Sgt.: (son of Mrs. Taylor), b. Bonus Twp., d. 4-9-1862, Company F, 45th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Sexton, Joy H.: b. 2-16-1841 Belvidere, Illinois or Buffalo, N.Y, Company G. 95th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Spencer, Addison (=son): Died Spring River, 9th Kansas, Flora tTwp.
Stevenson, Wm. R.: b. 11-28-1841 Boone Twp., Company B, 95th Illinois, Boone Twp.
Stockwell, Plina R., Drum Major: b. 6-11-1820 N.Y., Company A., 151st Pennsylvania, Spring Twp.
Stoll, Rudolph, (Stahl/Stoll): b.8-1836, Switzerland, Sgt., Company K, 2nd Wisconsin and Company H, 6th Wisconsin, Manchester Twp.

Thomas, Dexter S.: b. 10-26-1835 Maine, Sgt., Company B, 15th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Thompson, Jonathan: b. 6-14-1838 Heath, Franklin Co. Massachusetts, Company E, 92nd Illinois, Flora Twp.
Tomkins, Enos: b. 2-1-1795 N.Y. City, 1812 veteran.
Tripp, Gardner I.: b.11-12-1840 Bonus Twp., Company I, 37th Illinois, Sgt., and 1st Lt. 92nd colored infantry, Boone Twp.

Waldock, John, 1st Lt.: b.1-16-1844 Bertlingwork, Bedfordshire, England, Company D, 15th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Watson, Charles (=son): Company F, 35th Wisconsin infantry, Belvidere Twp..
Whitehead, John M., Rev.: b. 3-6-1823 Wayne Co., Indiana, Chaplin, 15th Indiana, Belvidere Twp.
Whiting, Luther: b. 11-28-1841 Caledonia Twp., Boone Co., Illinois, Company A, 12th Illinois
Whitney, Nathan. Lt. (=son Mrs. Robinson): b. 1843, Company D, 2nd Illinois, Artillery, Flora Twp.
Williamson, George, MD;: B.5-3-1844, Meadville or Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Company M, 17th Illinois Cavalry, Belvidere, Twp.
Wood, Wales W., Adjutant: b. 4-25-1837 Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., 95th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.
Woodruff, Russell D., Sgt., (=son): b.1842, Windsor, Warsaw, N.Y., Company B, 15th Illinois, P.O.W., Bonus Twp.
Wooster, Nathan H., Sgt.: b.12-25-1821 Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut, Company C, 137 Illinois, Boone Twp.
Worthington, George W.: b. 6-12-1843 Dupage Co., Illinois, Company B, 15th Illinois, Boone Twp.
Wrate, F(rances?).S.: b. 8-9-1831 Cambridgeshire, Isle, Ely, England. Lived Kewanee, Illinois, 124th Illinois, Belvidere Twp.

Source: 1877 the Past and Present of Boone County, Illinois, by H. F. Kett & Co.


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