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Birth Records
December 1877 through June 1900
and Index to Delayed Birth Certificates 1856 through June 1900

The Birth Entries below are from a microfilm of Birth Certificate line entry transcriptions, done at some time by the Boone County Court House, from original birth certificates, returns by the Doctor Etc...

The Births Being Transcribed Below Are From Book One, thru Page 208

Transcribed by ©Martin Wm. Johnson

Formatted by ©K. Torp for display on our Genealogy Trails websites.

O-Z Surnames

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Oakes, Lulu Belle (Over Ester Clair) 3-19-1882 Flora Tp. F=John F. B. Piscacaquin Co.Me.
Oakes, Lulu Belle (Over Ester Clair) M=Maria H. Lane B. Elkhart,Ind.
Oberholser, Helen Marie 6-6-1871 Delayed.
Obrien, Ellen 6-8-1900 Caledonia Tp. F=Thomas R. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Cora Dunn B. Clinton,Wisc.
Oconner, Dtr. 2-17-1900 Belvidere F=Michael James B. Ill. M=Katherine E. Flannery B. Ill.
Odonal, Michael 1-8-1882 Belvidere F=Michael B. Belvidere M=Margret Cunningham B. ?
Odonald, John 11-1-1878 Belvidere F=John B. Ireland M=Margaret Cunningham B. Ireland.
Odonell, Son 4-25-1884 Belvidere F=Michel B. Ireland M=Margaret Cunningham B. Ireland.
Odonnell, Mary B. 1-3-1882 Belvidere F=John O. B. Ireland M=Annie B. Ireland.
Oleson - See Colson.
Oleson, Dtr. 2-4-1892 Manchester Tp. F=Erick B. Norway M=Matilda Johnson B. Norway.
Oleson, Dtr. 6-3-1896 Manchester Tp. F=Ben B. Norway M=Anna Anderson B. Norway.
Oleson, Dtr. 8-26-1893 Manchester Tp. F=Erick B. Kisower,Sweden M=Matilda Johnson B. Idehold,Sweden.
Oleson, Ellen 6-27-1887 Manchester Tp. F=Andrew B. Elsborge,Sweden M=Maria Johnson B. Elsborg.
Oleson, Elma 1-16-1898 Manchester Tp. F=B. B. Norway M=Annie Anderson B. Norway.
Oleson, Son 10-3-1891 Manchester Tp. F=Ole B. Norway M=Anna B. Norway.
Oleson, Son 6-16-1878 Manchester Tp. F=Halver B. Norway M=Ellen Johnson B. Norway.
Ollmann, Vera 8-25-1891 Belvidere F=Fred B. Germany M=Bertha Shelke B. Germany.
Olson, 2-8-1894 Delayed.
Olson, Helen Ollie 10-21-1897 Delayed.
Olson, James Edwin 12-31-1897 P. Grove F=G. Albert B. Chicago M=Emma Thompson B. Capron.
Olson, Oscar Severt 6-7-1879 Leroy Tp. F=James B. Sweden M=Maria B. Sweden.
Oppedahl, Elmer 2-11-1888 Blaine F=Magnus S. B. Bergen,Norway M=Addie C, Teeter B. Leroy Tp.
Orr, Zina May 3-5-1900 Belvidere F=Arthur W. B. Minn. M=Orilla Smith B. Carl Co.Md.
Osborne, Dtr. 8-11-1887 Belvidere F=Wm. J. B. Betheben,Pa. M=Josephine Silvers B. Luzerne Co.Pa.
Osgood, Frederick James 6-12-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=Charles Henry B. Manchester Tp.M=Mary Ages Murray B.?
Osgood, Wm. Dean 6-7-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=George Wm. B. ? M=Adelia Ellen B. Me.
Ostrom, Maud Celia Jane 12-21-1880 Belvidere F=John Irving B. Sharon,Wisc. M=Julia Barrows B. Vermont.
Ostrom, Myrtie Adell 1-9-1879 P. Grove F=John Irving B. Sharon, Wisc. M=Julia Barrows B. Sandgate,Vt.
Outcalt, Model Sylvia 1886 Belvidere F=Wm. W. B. Boone Co. M=Esther Salina Organ B. Vt.
Owen, Son 10-26-1891 Belvidere F=Richard B. B. Canton,Fulton Co.Oh. M=Bertha J. Emerson B. Belvidere.

Paccard, Grace Maud 7-30-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=George Frank P- B. Cherry Valley.Ill.
Paccard, Grace Maud M=Ida May Campbell B. Guilford Tp.
Packard - See Paccard.
Page, Albert Ross 107-1885 Spring Tp. F=Thomas B. England M=Adeline Mawer B. ?
Page, Anna 1-18-1888 Spring Tp. F=Thomas B. England M=Adaline Mauer B. America.
Palmer, Arthur James 6-2-1898 Delayed.
Palmer, David John 5-20-1879 Belvidere F=Charles B. ? M=Emma Richardson B. ?
Parent, Dtr. 10-4-1886 Belvidere F=Charles B. Ill. M=Anna Lawman B. Spring Tp.
Parent, Grace 5-20-1882 Belvidere F=Charles B. Parentage, Ill. M=Mary Lahman B. Illinois.
Parent, John 1879 Spring Tp. F=Charlie E. B. Oswego,Ny. M=Mary E. Lawrence B. Boone Co.
Parent, Son 7-8-1884 Belvidere F=Charles B. ? M=Mary Coleman B. ?
Park, Fred Willis 10-7-1896 Delayed.
Park, Nellie Alsina 12-13-1885 Belvidere F=Oliver Mathew B.Mayville, Wisc. M=Viola Jane Heaton B.G. Prairie.
Park, Robert Oliver 2-2-1883 Spring Tp. F=Oliver Mathew B. Mayville,Wisc. M=Viola Jane Heaton B. Bonus Tp.
Parker, Geraldine Anne 3-4-1894 Belvidere F=Hiram, H. B. Waucinda,Ill. M=Bessie C. Bowley B. Belvidere.
Parker, Wm. Edward 8-24-1882 Manchester Tp. F=Charles H. B. Boone Co. M=Carrie May Conley B. Boone Co.
Partridge, Helen Barbara 3-12-1898 Delayed.
Patrick, Isabelle 12-26-1879 Belvidere F=John B. Birmingham,Engl.M=Anna Jordan B. Chicago.
Patterson, Mellicent 7-2-1890 Belvidere F=Justin E. B. Belvidere M=Carrie Jane Bement B. Belvidere.
Patton, Helen Gray 6-26-1890 Belvidere F=David B. Glasslough,Irel. M=Cora E. Gray B. Belvidere.
Patton, Marguerite Gray 8-24-1892 Belvidere F=David B. Monoghan,Irel. M=Cora C. Gray B. Belvidere.
Patton, Son 12-25-1896 Belvidere F=Michael B. Pittstown,Ny. M=Margaret Skelly B. Ireland.
Paulson, Corina Elenor 11-19-1887 Manchester Tp. F=B. Wisc. M=B. Norway.
Paulson, Ruth Cecelia 10-8-1899 Valedonia Tp. F=Ben B. Selwanger,Nor. M=Louise Olsen B. Fredericktown,Nor.
Payler, Dtr. 10-15-1895 Belvidere F=Emmett James B. Brocklin Tp.Wisc. M=Clara A. Coburn B. Rutland,Wisc.
Paylor - See Payler.
Payne, Clarence 2-25-1884 Spring Tp. F=Frederick H. B. Ill. M=Sarah E. Williams B. Ill.
Payne, Son 10-2-1889 Spring Tp. F=John B. Somersetshire,Emgl. M=Eliz Pitts B. Somersetshire.
Peacock, Cora 10-14-1891 Blaine F=John O. B. Cherry Valy.Ill. M=Emma Brosteby B. Lincolnshire Engl.
Peacock, Mamie 12-21-1887 Blaine F=A. R B. Canada East. M=Flora Stoliker B. Canada E.
Pearsall, Charles E. 9-19-1877 Delayed.
Pearson, Son, 9-27-1895 Leroy Tp. F=Emanuel B. Darolsburg,Swed. M=Carrie Peterson B. Darolsburg,Swed.
Pearson, Arthur Olof 10-1-1898 Blaine F=Olof B. Allown,Sweden M=Anna Dens B. Operstein,Germany.
Pearson, Dtr. 10-19-1896 Blaine F=Alvan B. Bozen,Sweden M=Emma Nygren B. Bozen.
Pearson, Earl Carl 7-3-1882 Spring Tp. F=Frank B. Ind. M=Emma Bush B. Ind.
Pearson, Elsie Johana 2-8-1900 Blaine F=Olof B. Allurne,Sweden M=Anna Dena B. Openstein,Germ.
Pearson, Emma Emelia 2-10-1898 Blaine F=Alvar B.Sweden M=Emma Aygren B. Sweden.
Pearson, Frank A. 9-14-1887 Spring Tp. F=Frank B. Union Co. Ind. M=Emma Weaver B. Madison Co.Ind.
Pearson, Nellie Florence 9-24-1899 Leroy Tp. F=Alvor B. Bogen,Sweden M=Emma Nignen B. Bogen.
Pearson, Son 2-1-1888 Beaverton F=Emanuel B. Bogunhom M=Carrie Larson B. Dolston,Sweden.
Pearson, Wm. 1-1-1891 Delayed.
Peart, Wm. H. 6-22-1892 Belvidere F=John G. B. St.Marys,Ont.,Can. M=Ermina S. Hovey B. Belvidere.
Pease, Adelbert 8-18-1881 Bonus Tp. F=Almus A. B. Marengo,Ill. M=Emeline Held B. Marengo,Ill.
Pease, Elver Emmett 3-30-1885 F=B. Russelville,Ill. F=Frank B. Belvidere M=Mary Labe B. Richmond,Ill.
Pease, Franklin James 11-27-1878 Bonus Tp. F=James F. B. Marengo,Ill. M=Mary Angeline Labe B. Mchenry,Ill.
Pease, Isaac 7-19-1885 Spring Tp. F=Albert J. B. Bonus Tp. M=Mary Jane Johnson B. Spring Tp.
Pease, Maud Mabel 5-21-1884 Bonus Tp. F=Almus A. B. Marengo,Ill. M=Emeline H. Held B. Marengo,Ill.
Pease, Myrtie G. 10-29-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=John Wesley P- B. Bonus Tp. M=Nellie G. Gleason B. Caledonia Tp.
Pease, Nellie Maude 12-1-1884 Bonus Tp. F=Wesley B. Mchenry Co. M=Nellie Gilson B. Ill.
Peck, Bonnie John 5-31-1890 Belvidere F=Brayton J. B. Belvidere M=Sarah Irwin Burton B. Galva,Ill.
Peck, Dtr. 3-29-1885 Belvidere F=John F. B. Dartford,Wisc. M=Mary F. Axtell B. Waupacca,Wisc.
Penney, James Gilbert 1-17-1880 Bonus Tp. F=Albert H. B. ? M=Lina B. Corliss B. ?
Penning, Rose Katherine 5-11-1897.
Pennington, Myrtle Florence 10-3-1881 Boone Tp. F=John B. Penn. M=Etta Jane Willington B. Boone Tp..
Penwell, Charles Arthur 5-21-1886 Belvidere F=John B. Flora Tp. M=Sarah Leaman B. Flora Tp.
Pepper, Dtr. 9-16-1896 Belvidere F=Edwin B. Blaine M=Mary Osburn B. Wilmington,Ill.
Pepper, Helen Osburn 1-13-1890 Belvidere F=Samuel Edward B. Leroy Tp. M=Mary Osburn B. Wilmimngton, Ill.
Pepper, Son 9-16-1896 Belvidere F=Edwin B. Blaine M=Mary Osburn B. Wilmington,Ill.
Perkins, Belle 2-27-1899 Belvidere F=Eugene S. B. Stevens Pt.,Wisc. M=Roberta Dunlop B. Valparaiso,Ind.
Perkins, Frank W. 10-9-1878 Belvidere F=Myron D. B. Belvidere M=Franc. Boutwell B. Aurora, Ill..
Perkins, Fred Albert 5-21-1882 Belvidere F=Myron Devillo B. Belvidere M=Franc Boiutwell B. Bristol, Ill.
Perkins, Son 8-27-1884 Belvidere F=Myron Devillo P- B. Belvidere M=Franc Boutwell B. Aurora, Ill.
Perlett, Harry 9-8-1891 Belvidere F=Fletcher B. Canada M=Eva Shaw B. Pontiac,Ill.
Person, Minnie Pauline 2-24-1894 Leroy Tp. F=Olaf B. Alltoun,Sweden M=Anna Dense B. Operstein,Sweden.
Persson, Edward Francis 4-27-1896 Leroy Tp. F=Olaf B. Allerown,Sweden M=Anna Dens B. Operstein,Germany.
Peters, Nellie Marie 3-24-1896 Hunter F=Fred W. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Annie M. Ball B. Hunter,Ill.
Peters, Son 11-30-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Wm. T. B. Ill. M=Addie Graham B. Ill.
Peters, Son 2-2-1890 Manchester Tp. F=Wm. T. B. Ill. M=Addie Graham B. Ill.
Peterson, Albin 2-12-1892 Russelvile F=Henry B. Stensby,Sweden M=Emma Carlson B. Smolan,Sweden.
Peterson, Alma 10-8-1886 Manchester Tp. F=Alte B. Stenby,Sweden M=Christiana Johnson B. Stenby.(Stensby).
Peterson, Alma 2-2-1895 P. Grove F=Alfred B. Sweden M=Mary Olson B. Norway.
Peterson, Anna 8-4-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. Sweden M=Mary B. Sweden.
Peterson, Arthur 11-8-1894 Leroy Tp. F=John B. Dawsland,Sweden M=Mary B. Dawsland.
Peterson, August 12-16-1889 Manchester Tp. F=Axel B.Doylsland,Sweden M=Christiana Johnson B.Doylsland.
Peterson, Bengue Mary 11-10-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=Alfred B.Kealmer., Sweden M=Annie Johnson B.Kealmer.,Sw.
Peterson, Clarence Henry 7-27-1897 Bonus Tp. F=Fred E. B. Sweden M=Lillie M. Brandt B. Bonus Tp.
Peterson, Dtr. 2-7-1892 Leroy Tp. F=Axle B. Langhead,Swed. M=Christina Johnson B. Langhead,Swed.
Peterson, Dtr. 4-1-1887 Spring Tp. F= ? B. Sweden M= ? B. Sweden.
Peterson, Dtr. 7-28-1891 Belvidere F=Sigfred B. Linkoping,Swed.
Peterson, Dtr. 7-28-1891 M=Hildur Charlotte Josephine Hissler B. Kemner,Swed.
Peterson, Emma 11-5-1892 Manchester Tp. F=Andrew B. Darlsand,Sweden
Peterson, Emma 11-5-1892 M=Ida Larson B. Osteryottman,Sweden.
Peterson, Ethel (Over Emma) 6-21-1900 Beaverton F=Wm. Anderson B. Dynbik,Sweden
Peterson, Ethel (Over Emma) 6-21-1900 M=Anne Peterson B. Langhed,Sweden. (Says Not Married).
Peterson, Frank E. 1-1-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Holver B. Nprway M=Rachel Ellefson B. Norway.
Peterson, Karl 1-6-1893 P. Grove F=Theodore B. Sweden M=Dena Allison B. Sweden.
Peterson, Lena 11-16-1888 Spring Tp. F=Charley B. Watsden M=Hulda Anderson B. Wheting.
Peterson, Lewis 8-26-1894 P. Grove F=Theodore B. Sweden M=Dena Illison B. Sweden.
Peterson, Mary Amelia 5-16-1896 Beaverton F=Axel B. Dawsland M=Christina Johnson B. Dawsland.
Peterson, Nettie 3-11-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=Alfred B. Kealmer,Sweden M=Annie Johnson B. Kealmer, Sweden.
Peterson, Ole12-31-1891 P. Grove F=Alfred B. Stenbe,Sweden M=Mary Oleson B. Nes,Norway.
Peterson, Oscar Edward 3-11-1888 Manchester Tp. F=Axel B. Stonby, Sweden
Peterson, Oscar Edward 3-11-1888 M=Christiana Lund Johnson B. Stonby.
Peterson, Rudd Edwin 8-23-1898 Hunter F=Henry B. Sweden M=Emma Carlson B. Sweden.
Peterson, Ruth Olga Christine 1-1-1897 Delayed.
Peterson, Son 11-27-1893 Manchester Tp. F=Axel B. Longhead,Sweden M=Christina Johnson B. Longhead.
Peterson, Son 4-16-1894 Belvidere F=Ben B. Germany M=Mary Daly B. Dekalb,Ill.
Peterson, Son 7-14-1879 Leroy Tp. F=Lois B. Norway. M=Lena B. Norway.
Peterson, Son 7-28-1880 On Peterson Farm. F=Halva B. Norway M=Rachael Eppepson /Eppesson B. Norway.
Peterson, Son 7-4-1897 Leroy Tp. F=John B. Dolsland,Swed. M=Mary B. Dolsland.
Peterson, Wm. Frank 11-11-1889 Caledonia Tp. F=Henry Adrian B. Sweden M=Emma Carlson B. Sweden.
Petrie, Dtr. 6-8-1878 Poplar Grove F=Francis Nelson Petrie B.Boone Co. M=Martha Jane Ferguson B.Boone Co.
Pettey, Lois May 12-4-1894 Belvidere F=John Olde B. Geneva,Ohio M=Amy Feaks? B. Portsmouth,Engl.
Pettit Ann June 4-18-1881 Belvidere F=Edward Emery? B. Belvidere M=Jennie Alexander B. Va.
Pettit, Dtr. 12-29-1883 Belvidere F=Daniel Barton P- B. Belvidere M=Emma Adell Safford B. Marengo,Il..
Pettit, Gertrude Beatrice 7-2-1892 Belvidere F=E. E. B. Belvidere M=B. Ireland.
Pettit, Mary A. 1-13-1878 Belvidere F=Edward Emmery P- B.Belvidere M=Jennie Alexander B. Va.
Pettit, Son 9-22-1879 Belvidere F=Edward Emery P- B. Belvidere M=Jennie Alexander B. Virginia.
Pettite, Fred D. 7-9-1878 Belvidere F=D. Barton Thompson B. Belvidere M=Emma A. Safford B. Marengo, Ill.
Petty, Eliz. Winifred 3-2-1893 Belvidere F=John Olds B. Ohio M=Amy Baker B. Southampton,Engl.
Phelps, Dessie Rebecca 10-9-1894 Delayed.
Phillip, Nettie 7-20-1884 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Scotland M=Mary Cook B. ?
Phillips, Esthel 6-7-1887 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Lincolnshire, Engl. M=Emma Ayers B. West Troy,Ny.
Phillips, Esther Fannie 9-12-1893 Belvidere F=Al. L. B. Milwaukee M=Jeannie Fiander B. Cleveland,Ohio.
Picken, George Matthew 7-13-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=John A. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Jane Andrew B. Harlem Tp.Ill.
Piel, Dtr. 12-21-1893 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. H. B. St.Lawrence Co.Ny. B=Lillie May B. Belvidere.
Pierce, Dtr. 11-3-1883 Belvidere F=Edward Douglas B. White Creek,Ny. M=Keziah Sinderson B. England.
Pierce, Emma Ruth 5-3-1896 Delayed.
Pierce, Florence Maria 12-17-1891 Belvidere F=James A. B. Chautauqua,Ny. M=Emma H. B. Poultney,Vt.
Pierce, Jennie May 12-22-1877 Belvidere F=George E. B. Green Co.Ny. M=Mary Ella Thorne Or Thome.
Pilon, Wayland Harold 4-21-1893 Belvidere F=Orson H. B. Mckean,Pa. M=Carrie H. Conradt B. Marengo.Ill.
Piper, Barbara Ellen 2-28-1885 Delayed.
Piper, Jonathan 1-7-1888 Belvidere F=Noah B. Eddyville,Ia. M=Olive Jennie Burns B. Manitowac,Wisc.
Plane, Dtr. 3-22-1879 Belvidere F=Edwin B. B. Belvidere M=Nellie Emily Wheeler B. Westmoreland, Nh..
Plane, Edwina King 7-23-1886 Belvidere F=Mark Purling P- B. Belvidere
Plane, Edwina King 7-23-1886 M=Winniefred Emilie King B. Mchenry,Ill.
Plane, Frank W. 1-19-1883 Belvidere F=Edwin B. B. Belvidere M=Nellie Emily Wheeler B. Westmoreland, Nh.
Polhamus, Robert Mccoy 9-6-1899 Belvidere F=Robert Mccoly P- B. Charlotte,Mich.
Polhamus, Robert Mccoy 9-6-1899 M=Matilda Steffen B. Freeport,Ill.
Polk, Loisa Bertha 7-22-1884 Bonus Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=Augusta Truger B. Germany.
Polk, Wm. John 2-1882 Bonus Tp. F=Fisher Wm. B. Germany M=Gusta Willett B. Germany.
Pona, Son 11-7-1894 Blaine F=Henry Germany M=Harriet Prea B. Germany.
Pope, Charles 1-8-1880 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Germany? M=Sarah Ginnely? B. (Prussia).
Porter, Bailey Gates 1-22-1899 Delayed.
Porter, Bessie May 10-8-1893 Boone Co. F=Clark B. Boone Co. M=Ina Sophia Thompson B. Iowa.
Porter, George W. 9-20-1890 Bonus Tp. F=Walter W. B. Bonus Tp. M=Jennie Mary Davey B. Bonus Tp.
Porter, Gladys Jane 6-20-1894 Delayed.
Porter, Hazel Eliz. 1-18-1891 Delayed.
Porter, Lane A. 12-9-1882 Boone Co. F=Robert B. Bonus Tp. M=Alice Hyde B. Bonus Tp.
Porter, Leslie Jay 4-6-1880 Delayed.
Porter, Webster Kinf 8-31-1892 Bonus Tp. F=Walter W. B. Bonus Tp. M=Jennie Mary Davey B. G. Prairie.
Post, Irving Russell 11-10-1893 Delayed.
Postlethwait, Ellen 7-27-1884 Bonus Tp. F=W. H. B. ? M=Elba Stevens B. ?
Postlethwaite, Hiram 7-4-1886 P. Grove F=Hayes B. Boone Co. M=Albra Stephens B. Boone Co.
Postlethwaite, Mabel 8-22-1882 Capron F=W. H. B. Boone Co. M=Ella Stephenson B. Boone Co.
Postlethwaite, Sarah Matilda 3-14-1881 Caledonia Tp. F=W. H. B. Boone Co. M=Elba Stephenson B. Boone Co.
Postlewait, Iva May 2-1-1890 Delayed.
Potter, Blanche Ruth (Over Mary) 10-17-1892 Hunter F=A. L. B. Wisc. M=Addie Jarvis B. Wisc.
Potter, Francis Fulton 1-14-1889 Manchester Tp. F=Barney S. B. Wisc. M=Jeanne Ralston B. Harlem Tp.
Poulton, Wm. J. Jr. 5-28-1887 Belvidere F=Wm. J. B. Belvidere M=Mary Warren B. Cheltenham,Engl.
Powell, Samuel C. 3-14-1879 Belvidere F=Samuel B. Belvidere M=Hattie Cornell B. ?
Poyer, Lee, Bailey 5-18-1898 Delayed.
Poyer, Millard W. 3-1-1900 Delayed. Palmer.
Pratt, John 12-18-1894 Belvidere F=John B. Scotland M=Mary F. Ralston B. Harlem )Tp)Ill.
Pratt, Ralph 6-20-1885 Belvider F=Frederick B. Ill. M=Anna Belle Eisle B. Penn.
Pratt, Son 4-22-1884 Spring Tp. F=Frederick K. B. Westmoreland,Ny. M=Marian L. Terneaure B. Bonus Tp.
Preston, Percy Darin 9-13-1893 Delayed.
Preston, Son 6-12-1893 Belvidere F=Percy C. B. Chicago M=Ella Strauer B. Chicago.
Price, James Edgar 2-6-1879 Spring Tp. F=Wm. L. B. Pine Creek,Mich. M=Julia Alice Drake B. Bonus Tp.
Pritchard, Paul Herbert 12-16-1891 M=Fannie Eliz. Moore B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Pritchard, Paul Herbert 12-16-1891 Belvidere F=Clarence H. B. Georgetown,Ny.
Prittchard, Susan M. 9-29-1888 Flora Tp. F=Clarence H. B. Madison Co.Ny. M=Fannie E. Moore B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Propst, Agnes Lurlla 11-11-1891 Manchester Tp. F=Frank B. Winnebago,Ill.
Propst, Agnes Lurlla 11-11-1891 M=Julia Comelia Lee B. Manchester Tp.
Propst, Myrtle Isabel 9-4-1899 Delayed.
Puls, Stanley Leroy 10-20-1898 Delayed.
Puls, Wilda Minnie 11-5-1892 Belvidere F=Alfred W. B. Kingston,Ill. M=Eliza S. Koeneka B. G. Prairie,Ill.
Puls, Willard Garfield 11-19-1889 M=Louisa S. M. Koeneke B. Garden Prairie.
Puls, Willard Garfield 11-19-1889 Belvidere F=Alfred W. B. Kingston,Ill.
Pundt, Anne 1-22-1885 Boone Co. F=John B. Germany M=Minna Glowe B. ?
Pundt, Dtr. 1018-1883 Belvidere F=Frederick B. Bretwich, Germany M=Mary Hout B. Folksdorf, Germany.
Pundt, Dtr. 11-8-1881 Belvidere F=John B. Germany M=Minnie Glove B. Germany.
Pundt, Dtr. 5-30-1886 Flora Tp. F=John B. Germany M=Minnie Elawee B. Germany.
Pundt, Edward C. 2-23-1890 Belvidere F=John Fred B. Bretwisch,Germany
Pundt, Edward C. 2-23-1890 M=Minnie Riga Mollen B. Drosidev?,Germany.
Pundt, Frederick 10-2-1886 Belvidere F=Frederick B. Germany M=Mary Haut B. Germany.
Pundt, Mary 12-28-1879 Belvidere F=Frederick B. Germany M=Mary Haut B. Prussia.
Pundt, Robert H. 6-2-1891 Belvidere F=John B. Germany M=Minnie C. Mullin B. Germany.
Pundt, Walter 12-3-1887 Belvidere F=Wm. F. B. Breswich (Bretwish) Germany
Pundt, Walter 12-3-1887 M=Augusta Muehler B. Hoprode,Germany.
Pundt, Wm. 11-12-1884 Boone Co. F=John B. Germany M=Minna Glowe B. Germany.
Pundt, Wm. 5-13-1886 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Braetwish, Germany M=Augusta Miller B. Hoppenval?, Germany.

Quinn, Ruby Ann 4-7-1897 Manchester Tp. F=Thomas B. Hebron,Wisc. M=Sopphia Propts B. Winnebago,Ill.
Quong - See Go & Sun.
Quong, Willie Go Sun 9-25-1893 Delayed.
Quong, Willie Go Sun 9-25-1893 Delayed.

Rahbar, Dtr. 10-1-1896 P. Grove F=John B. Germany M=Alice Cornwell B. P. Grove.
Rahbar, Minnie Mary 8-26-1893 P. Grove F=John B. Germany M=Alice Cornwell B. P. Grove.
Rainthorpe, Purl 9-17-1887 Belvidere F=Benj. B. ? M=Nellie Jane Thayer B. Allen Co. Ind.
Ralston, Agnes Eliz. 11-30-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=James R. B. Harlem Tp. M=Kate Shaw Lang B. Ohio.
Ralston, Benj. Arthur Irwin 7-11-1890 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. B. ? M=Jenete B. ?.
Ralston, Carl 11-29-1893 Caledonia Tp. F=James B. Caledonia Tp. M=Kate Lang B. Ohio.
Ralston, David Vernon 5-3-1887 Caledonia Tp. F=John Caldwell R- B. Harlem Tp.
Ralston, David Vernon 5-3-1887 M=Mary Smith B. Campbelltown.
Ralston, Dtr. 10-21-1890 Manchester Tp. F=Thomas B. Manchester Tp. M=Lizzie Lovering B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Dtr. 12-21-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=George P. B. Caledonia M=Jane B. Argyle,Ill.
Ralston, Eliz. 4-22-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=John C. B. Harlem Tp. M=Mary Smith B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Gertrude Eva Viloa 5-5-1884 Caledonia Tp. =Wm. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Janet B. Harlem Tp.
Ralston, Glen Smith 3-21-1898 Caledonia Tp. F=John C. B. Argyle,Ill. M=Mary Smith B. Scotland.
Ralston, Harrison Carlisle 10-10-1893 Caldeonia Tp. F=W. A. B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Harrison Carlisle 10-10-1893 M=Janette B. Grumsebago,Hackestab,Scotl.
Ralston, John Albert 7-17-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Geo. P. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Jane B. Argyle,Ill.
Ralston, John Caldwell 1-18-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=John E. B. Harlem Tp. M=Mary Smith B. Argyleshire,Scotl.
Ralston, Lorena Eliz. 9-12-1887 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm B. Caledonia Tp. M=Jenet B. Harlem Tp.
Ralston, Margaret Gannet 10-20-1882 Belvidere F=Matthew B. Argyleshire,Scotl.
Ralston, Margaret Gannet M=Ganniel Lightbody B. Argyle, Ill.?
Ralston, Martha 3-9-1893 Delayed.
Ralston, Martha Flossie 1-18-1897 Caledonia Tp. F=Charles W. B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Martha Flossie 1-18-1897 M=Mary Mitchell B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Robert Elmer 2-19-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=Geo. P. B. Harlem Tp. M=Mrs. B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Son 3-14-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=Gavin B. Harlem Tp. M=Martha Ellen B. Guilford Tp.
Ralston, Son 4-22-1900 Caledonia Tp. F=John C. B. Argyle,Ill. M=Mary Smith B. Campbeltown,Scotl.
Ralston, Son 4-24-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=Jas. R. B. Harlem Tp. M=___ Lang B. Caledonia Tp.
Ralston, Son 6-16-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. A. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Janette Ralston B. Harlem Tp.
Ralston, Stuart Albert 8-17-1889 Delayed.
Ramsay - See Ramsey.
Ramsay, Floyd Allen 11-30-1895 Delayed.
Ramsay, Marcia Marie 1-14-1895 Manchester Tp. F=Reuben G. B. Manchester Tp.
Ramsay, Marcie Marie 1-14-1895 M=Georgie E. Hanson B. Manchester Tp.
Ramsay, Nettie Alta 11-19-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Edwin B. Manchester Tp. M=Ella Baremore B. Wisc.
Ramsay, Ralph Edwin 6-30-1894 Delayed.
Ramsey - See Ramsay.
Ramsey, Earl Thomas 3-24-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Wallace G. B. Boone Co. M=Henrietta Peters B. Boone Co..
Ramsey, George Thomas 11-19-1891 Manchester Tp. F=Reuben E.? B. Ill. M=Georia E. Hanson B. Ill.
Ramsey, Jessie 4-1-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=Wallace G. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Henriette Peters B. Belvidere.
Ramsey, Lottie 1-19-1892 P. Grove F=Wallace B. Boone Co. M=Henrietta Peters B. Belvidere.
Ramsey, Wm. F. 6-21-1878 Manchester Tp. F=Nathaniel B. Ohio M= Nancy Mcclintock B. Canada.
Randall, Ethel Aileen 3-23-1881 Bonus Tp. F=Edward M. B.Granger, Al-.Co.Ny. M=Kittie Isabell Phinney B.Boone-
Rands, John James 11-3-1878 Belvidere F=Charles B. England M=Lucy Hather? (Over Jarvis) B. England.
Ransley, Maude Edna 2-6-1893 Belvidere F=Wiil Henry B. Belvidere M=Cora Eliza Payne B. Boone Co.
Ray, A Child 10-17-1885 Belvidere F=John B. Ny. M=Carrie Roberts B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Ray, Ora Louise 12-7-1886 Belvidere F=John B. Sullivan Co.Ny.M=Carrie E. Roberts B. Dekalb Co. Ill.
Ray, Winfred George 11-3-1892 P. Grove F=Edgar B. P. Grove M=Mary Victoria Sussex B. P. Grove.
Raymond, Joseph 12-30-1898 Belvidere F=John B. Chicago M=Mamie Lodero B. Italy.
Reddy, Henry 10-9-1897 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Newport,Engl. M=Nettie Burton B. Sharon,Wisc.
Redline, Daisy H. 12-11-1885 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Greenbay,Wisc. M=Emma Hance B. Pecatonica,Ill.
Redner - See Rodener.
Reed, Albert Eugene 12-23-1878 Spring Tp. F=Frederick A. B. Chicago M=Caroline Alida Wiggers B.Spring Tp.
Reed, Charles N. 9-24-1891 Belvidere F=Charles Herbert B. Spring Tp. M=Sarah Annie Newell B. England.
Reed, Dtr. 6-15-1885 Spring Tp. F=Fred B. Ill. M=Carrie Wiggins B. Germany.
Reed, Dtr. 7-21-1879 Boone Tp. F=James W. B. Chemung,Ill. M=Eva J. Young B. Boston, Mass.
Reed, Earl Victor (Over George) 3-1882 Spring Tp. F=Fred B. Illinois M=Carrie Wiggers B. Germany.
Reed, Myrtle Vera 7-30-1893 Spring Tp. F=Charles Herbert B. Boone Co. M=Annie Newell B. England.
Reed, Son 8-27-1887 Spring Tp. F=Fred A. B. Spring Tp. M=Carrie Alida Wiggins B. Chicago.
Reichert, Howard 6-4-1895 Belvidere F=Harry Howard B. Philadelphia,Pa. M=Ida L. Gray B. Shegoygan,Wisc.
Reichert, Rosa Wilhelmina 8-11-1878 Blvdr. F=Ludwig B.Darmstadt, Germ. M=Sophia Rewoldt B.Langelfeldt.
Reid, Angus 5-2-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=James J. B. South Argyleshire.Scotl. M=Mary Cummings B. Norway.
Reid, Clara Jane 6-18-1890 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. B Elvidere M=Sarah Smith B. Harlem Tp.
Reid, Clarence James 6-18-1890 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. Belvidere M=Sarah Smith B. Harlem Tp.
Reid, Elmer John 8-28-1895 Ccaledonia Tp. F=John B. Argyleshire,Scotl. M=Sarah Mary Smith B. Belvidere Tp.
Reid, Frederick Allaben 12-20-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. Argyleshire, Scotl. M=Sarah M. Smith B. Boone Co.
Reid, Olive Janet 7-27-1898 Caledonia Tp. F=Edward B. B. Harlem Tp. M=Jeannette Sellers B. Harlem Tp.
Reid, Wm. A. 7-13-1888 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. Argyleshire,Scotl. M=Sarah M. Smith B. Boone Co.
Reidel, Dtr. 11-26-1890 Belvidere F=Charles B.Germany ? M=Lena Emanuel B. Germany ?
Reimer, Lizzie 4-16-1882 Manchester Tp. F=Frederick B. Germany M=Emma Buttler B. Philadelphia,Pa.
Reimers, Fannie Pearl 3-14-1897 Delayed.
Renne, Leroy 1-20-1894 P. Grove F=Wm. B. Blaine M=Sophia Hazlewood B. Manchester Tp.
Renne, Roland S. 12-20-1883 Leroy Tp. F=George B. Green Co.Ny. M=Maria Hazlewood B. Manchester Tp.
Renne, Son 4-28-1888 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. B. Blaine M=Sophia O. Hazlewood B. Manchester Tp.
Replogle, Flossy S. 10-26-1885 Belvidere F=Samuel S. B. ? M=Amear Outcalt B. Boone Co.
Reser, Fredric John 9-22-1899 P. Grove F=Edward B. Manchester Tp. M=Eliz. Lovell B. England.
Reser, Laura B. 7-2-1885 Manchester Tp. F=Byron Eugene B. Wisc. M=Emma L. Beech B. Kansas.
Reser, Marjorie 5-22-1900 Blaine F=Jesse J. B. Manchester Tp. M=Myrtle Alice Nesmith B. Capron.
Reser, Violet Lucille 4-15-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Joseph Augustus B. Wisc.
Reser, Violet Lucille 4-15-1899 M=Margaret Jane Patterson B. Manchester Tp.
Reum, William Henry 12-13-1880 Delayed.
Rewoldt, Albert (Over Raywood) 12-8-1895 P. Grove F=Wm. B. Germany M=Mary Suhr B. Germany.
Reynolds, Emory F. 8-31-1878 P. Grove F=John B. ? M=Eliz. Ferguson B. Penn.
Reynolds, Florence M. 3-8-1900 Belvidere F=Michel B. Cincinatti,Ohio M=Myrtle E. Cornwell B. Marengo.
Reynolds, Franlin Martin 12-27-1883 P. Grove F=John Henry B. Ny. M=Eliz. Ferguson B. Penn.
Reynolds, Howard Wallace 2-21-1894 Belvidere F=Wallace Wm. B. Akron,Ill.
Reynolds, Howard Wallace 2-21-1894 M=Lucy W. Howard B. Edgerton,Wisc.
Reynolds, Son 9-1-1894 P. Grove F=Michael B. Ireland M=Myrtle Cornwell B. P. Grove.
Reynolds, Son 9-1-1894 P. Grove F=Michael B. Ireland M=Myrtle Cornwell B. P. Grove.
Rhinehart, Dtr. 8-4-1885 Belvidere F=Thomas B. Carlisle M=Catherine E. Fuller B. Belvidere.
Rhinehart, Son 2-8-1883 Belvidere F=Thomas F. B. Hougestown, Pa. M=Kate E. Fuller B. Belvidere.
Rhinehart, Son 5-8-1888 Belvidere F=Thomas F. B. Houghestown,Pa. M=Kate E. Fuller B. Belvidere.
Rhodes, Dtr. 8-18-1878 Belvidere F=E. Henry R- B. Akron,Ohio M=Sarah Ennis B. Schenectady, Ny.
Rice, Dtr. 3-3-1878 Belvidere F=George W. B. Belvidere M=Matilda Georgiana Thompson B. Belvidere.
Richards, Dtr. 9-5-1885 G. Prairie F=Edward B. Wisc. M=Minnie Roderick B. Ill.
Richards, Frank Sidney 10-8-1878 G. Pr. F=Daniel W. B. Jeferson Co.Wisc. M=Addie M. Farnham B.Vanburen Co.La.
Richards, Son 7-4-1891 Belvidere F=Chas. B. Hazel Green,Wisc. M=Alice Augusta Benson B. Belvidere.
Richardson, Cora 12-2-1878 Belvidere F=Wm. J. B. Lewiston, Ny. M=Julia F. Allen B. Pecatonica,Ill.
Richardson, John Cornelius 11-9-1895 Delayed.
Richardson, Margaret 3-10-1878 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. Cork Co.Irel. M=Tollia Calahan B. Cork Co.Irel.
Richardson, Son 12-7-1892 Belvidere F=Wm. J. B. Lewiston,Ny. M=Julia F. Allen B. Pecatonica.
Richardson, Son 4-28-1892 Caledonia Tp. F=James B. Ireland M=Catherine Sorden B. Ireland.
Richardson, Son 6-9-1890 Belvidere F=Charlie M. B. Lewiston,Ny. M=Veroxna Sophrona Hill B. Iowa.
Richardson, Son, 2-9-1890 Caledonia Tp. F=James B. Ireland M=Mrs. John Richarson B. Ireland.
Richardson, Wayne Harrison 9-4-1889 Belvidere F=Wm. J. B. Lewiston,Ny. M=Julia F. Allen B. Pecatonica,Ill.
Riche, Son 7-4-1880 Spring Tp. F=George B. Germany M=Sarah B. Germany.
Richie, Dtr. 2-26-1886 Spring Tp. F=George Alford B. St.Paul.Mn. M=Lillian May Reed B. Spring Tp.
Ridell, Hary J. 12-10-1895 Boone Co. F=Henry Martin B. Belvidere M=Mary Suhr B. Germany.
Riley, Benj. F. 3-25-1878 Belvidere F=Albert Thomas R- B. South Bend, Ind. M=Otillie P. Maug B. Toledo, Oh.
Riley, Frank Stoner 10-10-1888 Belvidere F=Benj. B. Covington,Ky. M=Marian Stoner B. Belvidere.
Riley, Jennie Catherine 10-4-1885 Belvidere F=Ben B. Covington,Ky. M=Marion Stoner B. Belvidere
Ritchie - See Richie.
Ritchie Hattie Bell 6-27-1898 Flora Tp. F=Geo. A. B. Newcastle,England M=Lillian M. Reed B. Spring Tp.
Ritchie, Amy 11-4-1892 Delayed.
Ritchie, Charles Reed 8-21-1882 Spring Tp. F=Geo. Alfred B. St. Paul,Minn. M=Lillian May Reed B. Spring Tp.
Ritchie, Charles Reed 8-21-1882 Spring Tp. F=George B. Illinois M=Lillie Reed B. Illinois.
Ritchie, George Glenn 11-9-1890 Delayed.
Ritchie, Linnie May 1-2-1884 Spring Tp. F=Geo. Alfred B. St.Paul,Minn. M=Lillian May B. Spring Tp.
Ritchie, Nora Mildred 6-1-1895 Flora Tp. F=Geo. A. B. St.Paul,Minn. M=Lillian M. Reed B. Spring Tp.
Ritchie, Son 5-3-1887 Spring Tp. F=Geo. Alfred B. St.Paul,Mn. M=Lilian May B. Spring Tp.
Ritzhert - See Reichert.
Rix, Bertha May 2-24-1886 Flora Tp. F=Warren C. B. Flora Tp. M=Helen H. Chena B. Emily City, Mich.
Rix, Myrtie Ida 2-24-1886 Flora Tp. F=Warren C. B. Spring Tp. M=Helen H. Chena B. Emily City,Mich.
Roach, Son 11-17-1879 Flora Tp. F=Parley Brown R-B. Franklin,Ohio M=Ellen Strawn B. Franklin, Ohio.
Roach,Dtr. 12-18-1880 Flora Tp. F=Parley B. B. Jackson, Noble Co.Oh. M=Ellen Strawn B. Franklin Tp.Il.
Robinson, Georgia B. 11-24-1893 Belvidere F=George A. B. Newton,Mass. M=Jennie M. Bright B. Newhaven,Conn.
Robinson, Jessie Woodruff 11-20-1890 Belvidere F=George A. B. Newton, Mass.
Robinson, Jessie Woodruff M=Jennie M. Bright B. New Haven,Conn.
Robinson, Lucy B. 4-9-1892 Belvidere F=George H. B. Newton,Mass. M=Jennie M. Bright B. New Haven,Conn.
Rodener, Mertie Antonette 11-20-1882 Belvidere F=John Wm. B. Aurora,Ill. M=Mary Uhlig B. Aurora,Ill.
Rodener, Son 10-6-1884 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Aurora,Ill. M=Mary Ahlig B. ?
Roderick, Albert 3-6-1888 G. Prairie F=Chas. B. Ill. M=Amy Rosekrans B. Ill.
Roderick, Dtr. 7-8-1882 Belvidere F=Cornelius B. England M=Mary Hicks B. ?
Roderick, Paul W. 10-15-1885 Boone Tp. F=John W. B. Staten Island,Ny. M=Rovilla J. White B. Boone Tp.
Rodney, 3-8-1889 Belvidere F=James B. Ireland M=Mariah B. Ireland.
Rodney, Son 2-25-1887 Belvidere ? F=James E. B. Ireland M=Mariah Obrien B. Ireland.
Rodney, Son 9-4-1890 Belvidere F=James B. Ireland M=Mariah Obrien B. Ireland.
Rogers, Alice Pinegar 5-11-1880 Spring Tp. F=John B.Somersetshire,Engl. M=Caroline Pinegar B Wiltshire,Eng.
Rogers, Claude Randy 7-27-1885 Belvidere F=Samuel B. Janesville,Wisc. M=Norahh Sturms B. Peoria,Ill.
Rogers, Dtr, By 4-27-1878 Belvidere F=John B. England M=? B. Belvidere.
Rogers, Edith May 7-1-1876 Delayed.
Rogers, Lenora 1-31-1880 Caled.T. F=Lorenzo D. B. Raymond,Racine Co.Wisc. M=Harriet Eliza Merrit B. Manch-
Rolandson, Rachel Lenora 5-3-1892 Delayed.
Rollins, Ralph 9-5-1879 Belvidere F=John A. B. Belvidere M=Ellen Gould B. Illinois.
Rollins, Ruby 6-16-1882 Belvidere F=John A. B. Belvidere M=Ellen B. Spring Tp.
Rollins, Winifred 12-8-1880 Belvidere F=John A. B. Belvidere M=Helen Gould B. Spring Tp.
Romig, Margaret 11-12-1899 Delayed.
Roper, Ralph Jay 9-24-1873 Delayed.
Roper, Serilu? Maud 7-28-1878 Bonus Tp. F=John J. B. England M=Menlia Hamell? B. Indiana.
Rorabaugh, Oliver Marion 5-17-1893 Belvidere F=Samuel B. B. Chess,Pa.
Rorabaugh, Oliver Marion 5-17-1893 M=Ella U. Cooser B. Franklin (Tp.?),Ill.
Rose, Dtr. 2-21-1888 Belvidere F=Herman E. B. Hudson,Mich. M=Addie M. King B. Laporte, Ind.
Roseborough, Son 5-15-1893 Belvidere F=Samuel B. St.Charles,Ill. M=Elva A. Holt B. Valley Falls,Kansas.
Rosekrans, Harriet Eliz. 4-17-1898 Delayed.
Rosekrans, Helen Lucille 1-2-1896 Delayed.
Rosekrans, Paul Newell 8-25-1893 Delayed.
Rosekrans, Son 1-28-1878 Bonus Tp. F=James O. B. Kingston,Ny. M=Celia E. Simpkins B. Union,Tioga Co.Pa.
Ross, Elmer Robert 1-9-1896 Delayed.
Rote, Roy Ernest 7-27-1891 Manchester Tp. F=Rude B. ? M=Sophia Reimer B. ?
Roth - See Rote.
Roth, Dora May 8-1-1891 Delayed.
Rounds, John Edwin 12-28-1881 Manchester T. F=Wm.Bamlett R- B. Manche. T. M=Ida Angeline Boone B. Elgin,Ill.
Rouse, Son 12-13-1879 Belvidere F=Ira B. U.S.? M=Mary Sweeney B. ?
Rowan, Son 6-22-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. B. Ny. M=Ellen S. Spencer B. Winnebago Co.Ill.
Rowan, Warren C. 10-3-1888 Belvidere F=Warren B. Ny. M=Rose Iles B. London.
Ruback, Son 5-21-1887 Belvidere F=Frank B. Germany M= ? B. Germany.
Rubeck, Clarence L. 1-7-1889 Belvidere F=Fred W. M. B. Germany M=Tamar Westfall B. Bonus Tp.
Rubeck, Kenneth Ruel 8-14-1899 Delayed.
Rubeck, Lavina May 1-13-1891 Belvidere F=Fred W. B. Germany M=Tamar Westfall B. Bonus Tp.
Ruben, Son 4-2-1884 Belvidere F=Hannibal H. B. Whitewater, Wisc. M=Rose Ann Fenwich B. London,Canada.
Rubin, Pwarl Jeanette 7-5-1889 Belvidere F=Henry H. B. Wisc. M=Rose Ann Fenwick B. London,Canada.
Rubin, Susan Jane 11-1-1893 Delayed.
Rubin, Verona Sophia 5-25-1886 Belvidere F=Henry H. B. Whitewater,Wisc.
Rubin, Verona Sophia 5-25-1886 M=Rose Ann Fenwick B. London,Canada.
Rudenberg - See Rudenborg.
Rudenborg, Dtr. 6-17-1888 Beaverton F=John B. Sweden M=Barbara Hermonson B. Capron.
Rudenborg, Son 6-17-1888 Beaverton F=John B. Sweden M=Barbara Hermonson B. Capron.
Rudolph, Blanche 5-27-1893 Spring Tp. F=Julius B. Saxteney,Germ. M=Sophia Naker B. Dupage,Ill.
Rudolph, Kate 8-25-1891 Spring Tp. F=Julius B. Germany M=Sophia Naker B. Dupage Co.Ill.
Rudolph, Louisa 10-19-1889 Spring Tp. F=Julius B. Saxony,Germany M=Sophia Naker B. Dupage,Ill.
Rulifson, 4-13-1886 Bonus Tp. F=Frank B. Bonus Tp. M=Nettie Powers B. Carmen,Ny. (Rulisson?)
Rulifson, Genevieve Lillian 11-27-1890 Bonus Tp. F=Grant F. B. Bonus Tp. M=Lillian F. B. Roscoe,Ill.
Rulison, Alta 9-21-1880 Bonus Tp. F=George Burr R- B. Florida, Montg.Co.Ny. M=Maria Wright B. Leroy Tp.
Rulison, Beth 5-4-1882 Bonus Tp. F=George Burr B. Florida,Montgome-.Co.Ny. M=Julia Maria Wright B.Leroy Tp.
Rulison, Georgia Drew 8-23-1890 Delayed.
Rullison, Samuel 6-3-1892 Bonus Tp. F=Frank B. ? M=Nettie Powers B. York State.
Ryan, Catherine Agnes 5-28-1881 Bonus Tp. F=John B. Tipperary, Ireland M=Hanora Purcell B. Tipperary, Ire..
Ryan, Clifford 12-4-1887 Flora Tp. F=Albert Pratt R- B. Ransselar Co.Ny.
Ryan, Clifford 12-4-1887 M=Catherine Edna Donaldson B. Morgan Co.Ohio.
Ryan, Everett Leslie 4-1-1894 Delayed.
Ryan, Margaret Cicely 5-17-1879 Bonus Tp. F=John B. Tiperary Co.Irel. M=Hanora Purcell B. Tiperary Co.

Sabin, Eugene Franklin 6-7-1897 Delayed.
Sabin, Gerould Avery 7-29-1896 Delayed.
Sabin, Son 10-4-1890 Belvidere F=Eugene Francis B. Iowa M=Mary Adeline Potter B. Mass.
Sage, Fred Carlton 11-30-1864 Delayed.
Sage, Grace M. 4-13-1890 Belvidere F=Oel N. B. Mich. M=Mollie Duree B. Ill.
Sage, Irwin Wilsey 8-20-1881 Belvidere F=Ole N. B. Michigan M=Mary Alma Denyee B. Keokuk,Iowa.
Sage, Jessie Duryee 2-22-1878 Belvidere F=Oel N. B.Memphis, Mich. M=Mary Anna Duryee B. Keokuk, Ia.
Sager, Anna Ellen 8-22-1890 Spring Tp. F=Garie F. B. Bonus Tp. M=Jessie F. Field B. Washtenaw Co.Mich.
Sager, Emory H. 9-24-1883 Bonus Tp. F=Francis B. Athen,Green Co.Ny. M=Ellen M. Angell B. Genoa,Ill.
Sager, Francis Milton 6-19-1892 Spring Tp. F=Garie B. Spring Tp. M=Jessie V.Field B. Livingston Co.Mich.
Sager, Son 12-14-1895 Flora Tp. F=Garrie F. B. Boone Co. M=Jessie Viloet Field B. Livingston Co.Mich.
Salley, Ellen Irene 12-30-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=Herman W. B. Wisc. M=Annie Lane B. Owen Tp.
Sally, Theresa May 7-27-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=H. W. B. Wisc. M=Anna Lane B. Ill.
Saluski, Son 5-5-1881 Flora Twp. F=Augustus B. Germany M=Polly King B. Illinois.
Sandall, Ray Lewis 4-14-1893 Delayed.
Sandell, Vera Estelle 10-18-1885 Spring Tp. F=Ira L. B. Spring Tp. M=Martha M. Frint B. Ogle Co.Ill.
Sands, Clara Esther 4-2-1883 Boone Tp. F=Edward Freemont S- B. Bonus Tp. M=Clara Susan Rix B. Belvidere.
Sands, Fred Vinton 12-23-1891 Belvidere F=Beecher F. B. Bonus Tp. M=Harriet E. Vinton B. Adeson Co.Vt.
Sands, Son 7-27-1886 Manchester Tp. F=Wm. Jessie Victoria Norris B. Capron M=B. Leroy Tp.
Sante, Nellie Ethel 6-12-1888 Belvidere F=Frank B. Penn. M=Martha Green B. Sycamore,Ill.
Sassman, Ray L. 9-16-1888 Delayed.
Sassman, Ruth Thayer 7-30-1892 Delayed.
Sawyer, Charles 12=28-1883 Spring Tp. F=Frank Garland S- B.West Buckston,Me. M=Fidelia Powell B.Belvidere.
Sawyer, James Macdonald 3-30-1896 Belvidere F=Wm. M. B. St.Louis,Mo. M=__ Macdonald B. Fairbury,Ill.
Sawyer, Mortimer Lord 4-7-1887 Flora Tp. F=Frank Garland S- B. West Buckston,Me.
Sawyer, Mortimer Lord 4-7-1887 M=Fidelia Dowell B. Belvidere.
Saxton, Irving W. Luther 6-16-1879 Belvidere F=Joy H. B. Ny. M=Matilda G. Herbert B. Illinois.
Scanlan, Mary Ellen 9-24-1884 Belvidere F=James B. Killabag, Irel. M=Mary Burns B. Killkarre, Irel.
Scanlin, John James 6-10-1880 Belvidere F=James B. Killabags, Ireland M=Mary Burns B. Killkarre, Ireland.
Scanlin, Peter 1-23-1878 Belvidere F=James B. Killabags, Ireland M=Mary Burns B. Kilcar, Ireland.
Scanlon, Hina 12-23-1886 Belvidere F=James B. Donagoll,Irel. M=Mary Burns B. Donagoll,Irel.
Scanlon, Thomas Edward 2-9-1879 Belvidere F=James B. Killbags, Irel. M=Mary Burns B. Killkare,Ireland.
Schaefer, Freddie Albert Alvin 6-17-1897 Delayed.
Schaefer, Garnet Dean 4-23-1896 Delayed.
Schaeffer, Aida 1-29-1884 Bonus Tp.? F=Henry B. Germany M=Emily Secor B. Boone Co.
Schaffer, Ada Irene 3-1-1879 Boone Tp. F=Henry B. Brunswick, Prussia M=Emily Secoy B. Manchester Tp.
Schandelmeier, George Francis 11-25-1895 Delayed.
Schandelmeier, Leslie Wm. 9-26-1899 Delayed.
Schellinger, Son 11-29-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Ansel B. Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co.Ohio.
Schellinger, Son 11-29-1883 M=Delphine E. Willson B. Manchester Tp.
Schennamauer, 5-31-1888 Manchester Tp. F=Gustavus B. Watertown,Wisc. M=Kittie White B. Richmond (Tp.),Ill.
Schermack, Laura Louise 10-15-1886 Delayed.
Schilling, Son 5-6-1885 G. Prairie F= Not Known B. M=Josie Schilling B. Germany.
Schlensker, Ellen 5-6-1881 Delayed.
Schmeling, August Frederick 12-1-1899 Delayed.
Schmuhl, John William 11-8-1880 Belvidere F=Carl B. ? M=Fredericka Washer B. Belvidere.
Schmuhl, Mary Alvira 9-6-1885 Belvidere F=Chas. C. Wm. B. Putcar, Germ,
Schmuhl, Mary Alvira M=Mary Caroline Johnson B. Marie Magdaline,Denmark. (Raners Co.)
Schnoer, Dtr. 11-12-1895 Belvidere F=Chris. Walter B. Denmark M=Mary Dora Carrie B. Belvidere.
Schnor - See Schnoer.
Schuett, Asa Elmer 5-17-1900 Belvidere F=Charles Herman B. Wisc. M=Ida Marie Christina Schumacker B. Wisc.
Schuldt, Charles Fred 7-25-1897 Caledonia Tp. F=Fred B. Monee,Ill. M=Lena Johanson B. Caledonia Ill.
Schult Emilie Friedrke Wilhemina 2-3-1882 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Grimne,Germany M=Amelia Gleusnel B.Grimne-
Schult, Dtr. 8-29-1878 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Pommern,Germany M=Amelia Gleason B. Pommern, Germany.
Schult, Emma Marie 9-5-1885 Delayed.
Schult, Wilhelmina Fredericka Caroline 9-16-1879 Belvidere F-Wm. B. Pommern,Germany M=Amelia Gleason -
Schult, Wm. 9-14-1890 Belvidere ? F=John B. ? M=Minnie B. ? .
Schult, Wm. Frederick 8-6-1883 Spring Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=Amelia Klearuet B. Germany.
Schultz, Emma 12-3-1883 F=John B. ?(German) M=Minnie Meyer B. ? (German).
Schultz, Minnie Ella Augusta 12-23-1890 Belvidere F=Charles B. Demain,Germany (Demmin ?).
Schultz, Minnie Ella Augusta 12-23-1890 M=Mary Lena Struva B. Wartau,Germany.
Schultz, Son 6-3-1899 Caledonia Tp. F=Fred B. Monee,Ill. M=Lena Caroline Johannes B. Caledonia Tp.
Schumack, Laura Louise 10-15-1886 Belvidere F=John Joseph B. Prussia M=Amelia Shower B. Reading.Pa.
Schumacker, Elsa Augusta Marie 12-18-1893 Delayed.
Schumaker, Elsa Augusta Marie 12-18-1893 Delayed.
Schwartz, Dtr. 1-20-1884 Argyle F=Frederick B. ? M=Roselia Tutz (Totz ?) B.?
Schwartz, Dtr. 2-14-1886 Argyle,Ill. F=Frederick B. Germany M=Roselia Tutz B. Germany.
Schwarzendahl, Son 12-12-1889 Belvidere F=Frank B. Freeport M=Susan Huber B. Freeport.
Schwebke - See Swabkie & Schweptke.
Schwebke, August 4-16-1893 Belvidere F=August B. Bretwisch,Germ.
Schwebke, August 4-16-1893 M=Minnie Lamke B. Wendich Baggendorf,Germ.
Schwebke, Bertie 7-20-1884 Boone Tp. F=Theodore B. Germany M=Sauer B. Germany.
Schwebke, Clarence J. 8-8-1890 Belvidere F=Fred B. Germany M=Ella Gower B. Belvidere.
Schwebke, Dtr. 4-26-1880 Boone Tp. F=Theodore B. Germany M=Mary Suer (Suhr) B. Germany.
Schwebke, Emil Otto 5-31-1897 Delayed.
Schwebke, Louise Caroline Fredericke 12-4-1898 Delayed.
Schwebke, Matie F. 7-29-1899 Delayed.
Schweptke, Bessie 4-21-1885 Belvidere F=Fred B. Germany M=Ella Gowen B. Belvidere.
Schweptke, Dtr. 1-10-1893 Belvidere F=Will Joe B. Germany M=Gurta Canertnn B. Germany.
Schweptke, Son 11-21-1889 Belvidere F=August Swep B. Bratwisch, Germany M=Minnie Lamke B. Bratwisch.
Schyre, Son 1-27-1896 Manchester Tp. F=Edward A. B. Milwaukee M=Lucy Curry B. Owen,Ill.
Schyve - See Schyre.
Scott, Alma Gertude 7-8-1878 Bonus Tp. F=John Henry B. St.Catharine,Canada M=Marietta Barnes B. Bonus Tp.
Scott, John Henry 10-114-1880 Boone Tp. F=John B. St. Catherines,Canada M=Marriette Barnes B. Boone Tp.
Scott, Orris Jay 9-7-1882 Boone Tp. F=John B. St.Catherine,Canada M=Mariette Barnes B. Boone Tp.
Scott, Son 3-21-1878 Belvidere F=Charles B. Belvidere M=Clara E. Tousley B. Belvidere.
Scriven, Son 4-16-1884 Spring Tp. F=John B. Ill. M=Mary E. Edwards B. Ill.
Scriven, Verna Eliz. 6-11-1892 Delayed.
Scrivens, Glen H. 2-18-1888 Spring Tp. F=John B. Spring Tp. M=Mary Edwards B. Belvidere.
Seal, Dtr. 6-28-1896 Manchester Tp. F=Warren B. B. Rockford M=Catherine J. Davis B. Guilford Tp.
Seaman, Son 8-29-1881 Belvidere F=Louis N. B. Castile,Ny. M=Hellen E. Terwilligar B. Belvidere.
Searles, Libbie C. 4-13-1880 P. Grove F=Elihu E. B. St.Lawrence Co.Ny. M=Clara Hackett B. Beloit, Wisc.
Sears, Dtr. 3-17-1882 G. Prairie F=Theron Monroe B. G. Prairie M=Sarah Eliz. Culbertson B. Canada.
Sears, Perry Wm. 1-29-1887 G. Prairie F=T. Monroe B. G. Prairie M=Sarah Culbertson B. Canada.
Sears, Ruth 1-5-1893 G. Prairie F=T. Munroe B. G. Prairie M=Sarah Eliza Culbertson B. Canada.
Sears, Sidney Edgar 4-20-1890 G. Prairie F=T. Monroe S- B. Belvidere M=Sarah Culbertson B. Canada.
Sears, Son 12-18-1879 Bonus Tp. F=Thuron Monroe B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah Eliz. Culbertson B. Canada.
Sears, Wlliott C. 9-10-1885 G. Prairie F=T. Monroe S- B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah Eliza Culbertson B. Canada
Seaver, Ada Gertrude 10-2-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Andrew B. Manchester Tp. M=Augusta B. Jordal,Nor.
Seaver, Dtr. 9-10-1888 Manchester Tp. F=Knute B. Manchester Tp. M=Jennie Rude B. Norway.
Seaver, Fred Olie 5-31-1895 Delayed.
Seaver, Ida Claudine 5-28-1899 Delayed.
Seaver, Irving Joseph 3-17-1894 Delayed.
Seaver, Leona Gertrude 1-12-1900 Manchester Tp. F=Henry F. B. Manchester Tp.
Seaver, Leona Gertrude 1-12-1900 M=Gertie Westby B. Clinton,Wisc.
Seaver, Thomas 2-25-`891 Manchester Tp. F=Kaneut B. Manchester Tp. M=Jennie Rude B. Nunadel.
Seaverson, Albert Edward 1-31-1893 Manchester Tp. F=Andrew B. Heyden,Nor. M=Clarissa Anderson B. Heyden.
Secoy, ,Ary 2-20-1881 Manchester Tp. F=George B. Manchester Tp. M=Murtie Abel B. Winnebago Co.Ill.
Secoy, Grace 8-30-1892 P. Grove F=George B. Manchester Tp. M=Mirtie Abel B. Roscoe,Ill.
Secoy, John Henry 10-2-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Elija B. Albany,Ny. M=Lula Edwards B. Ny.City.
Segerlund, Lester 11-27-1898 Caledonia Tp. F=Chas. B. Sweden M=Grace Clarkson B. Caledonia Tp.
Segerlund, Lester Francis 11-18-1899 Caledonia Tp. F=Chas. B. Sweden M=Grace Clarkson B. Caledonia Tp.
Seibert, Bertha Josephine / Nellie G. 10-5-1886 M=Anna Lahman (Luhman ?) B. Prussia.
Seibert, Bertha Josephine / Nellie G. 10-5-1886 Belvidere F=Jacob B. Hesse,Darmstadt, Germany.
Seibert, Dtr. 3-8-1878 Belvidere F=Fred B. Germany M=Mary Rosenburg B. Ny.City.
Sellard, Earl J. 8-14-1881 Flora Tp. F=James Jr. B. Bradford Co.Pa. M=Clara Augusta Thompson B. Dekalb Co.Il.
Sellars - See Sellard.
Sellers, Lida 1-29-1879 G.Prairie,Ill. F=Benj. F. B. Middletown,Pa. M=Harriett A. Green B. Hughesville,Pa.
Sestoff, Son 11-9-1894 Spring Tp. F=Ernest B. Germany M=Rebecca Thompson B. Cook Co.Miss.(?)
Severson, Anna Marie 6-1-1888 Delayed.
Severson, Clara Victoria 9-23-1891 Delayed.
Seward, Mary Jane 8-28-1893 Spring Tp. F=Wm. W. B. Chenango,Ny. M=Mary Jane Owen B. Elgin,Ill. .
Sewell, 9-29-1883 Belvidere F=Frank B. Ill. M=Mary C. Shaffer B. Iowa.
Sewell, Alvah Merrill 3-25-1886 Caledonia Tp.F=Sutton B. B.Caledoni Tp.M=Maryette Linnell B.Caledonia Tp.
Sewell, Blanche Elgie 4-26-1897 Delayed.
Sewell, Clara Ethel 10-26-1889 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Boone Co. M=Clara Margaret Wheeler B. Boone Co.
Sewell, Ruth Frances 11-9-1893 Belvidere F=Frank B. Caledonia Tp. M=Mary C. Shaffer B. Chickasaw,Iowa.
Sewell, Son 4-23-1880 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Boone Co. M=Eliza Emma White B. Chicago.
Sewell, Son. 8-14-1885 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Ill. M=Clara Wheeler B. Ill.
Sewell, Wm. Glenn 8-29-1893 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Clara M. Wheeler B. Caledonia Tp.
Shackell, Dtr. 1-29-1879 Boone Tp. F=Thomas W. Jr. B. England M=Maggie H. Hickey B. Ireland.
Shackell, Dtr. 5-14-1879 Boone Tp. F=John B. Ny.City M=Maggie Gorman B. Canada.
Shackell, Son 10-2-1894 P. Grove F=Jesse B. U.S. M=Eliz. Kelly B. Ohio.
Shackle, Dtr. 9-17-1891 F=Jesse B. Poplar Grove M=Eliz. Kelly B. Poplar Grove.
Shaffer, Seabury 3-15-1882 Bonus Tp. F=Henry B. Germany M=Emily Secar / Secoy B. Manchester Tp.
Shakell, Thomas 2-25-1881 P. Grove F=Thomas B. England M=Maggie Hickey B. Ireland.
Shanahan, Alfred 12-17-1885 P. Grove F=Thomas B. England M=Julia Hitchcock B. England.
Shane, Margaret Esther 3-5-1899 Delayed.
Shannon, Dtr. 11-22-1884 Belvidere ? F=Howard B. Boone Co. M=Lottie Smith B. Minnesota.
Shannon, Loren Henry 6-14-1885 Flora Tp. F=Parker B. Spring Tp. M=Anna Bixby B. Vt.
Shannon, Sadie Jane 10-12-1885 Flora Tp. F=Howard B. Flora Tp. M=Lottie Smith B. Johnson Co.Nebr.
Sharp, Dtr. 1-1-1886 Belvidere F=Chas. B. Painsville,Ohio M=Lizzie A. White B. Chicago.
Sharp, Son 7-2-1890 Belvidere F=Charles W. B. Painesville,Ohio M=Lizzie A. B. Chicago.
Shattuck, Carl Leroy 11-17-1883 Delayed.
Shattuck, Caroline Louise 11-3-1882 Bonus Tp. F=Oris B. Boone Co. M=Emma Alice Blachford B. Boone Co.
Shattuck, Clifford Curtis 3-21-1895 Delayed.
Shattuck, Desro. H. 11-19-1881 Spring Tp. F=Wm. L. B. Spring Tp. M=Ella Styles B. Ny.
Shattuck, Dtr. (A Twin) 2-25-1886 Belvidere F=L. B. Spring Tp. M=Eva Blatchford B. Spring Tp.
Shattuck, Dtr. (A Twin) 2-25-1886 Belvidere F=L. B. Spring Tp. M=Eva Blatchford B. Spring Tp.
Shattuck, Dtr. 4-22-1890 Belvidere F=Herbert A. B. Boone Co. M=Mariah A. Stone B. Milwaukee, Wisc.
Shattuck, Maynard E. 10-26-1886 Spring Tp. F=Geo. Erastus B. Spring Tp.
Shattuck, Maynard E. 10-26-1886 M=Gertrude Louise Merrille B. Herkmer Co. Ny.
Shattuck, Mott Merrill 4-2-1885 Spring Tp. F=George Erastus B. Spring Tp.
Shattuck, Mott Merrill 4-2-1885 M=Gertrude Louise Merrill B. Herkimer Co.Ny.
Shattuck, Oscar Wilder 11-24-1887 Spring Tp. F=Al. B. Spring Tp. M=Sadie L. Wilder B. Harlem Tp.
Shattuck, Son 10-18-1878 Flora Tp. F=Herbert A. B. Flora Tp. M=A. Maria Stone B. Milwaukee, Wisc.
Shaw, Dtr. 3-30-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=Geo. B. Wisc. M=Susy Horner B. Canada.
Shaw, Harold C. 5-19-1894 Caldenia Tp. F=George B. Wisc. M=Susie Homer B. Canada.
Shaw, Mary Ann 4-18-1889 Flora Tp. F=Wm. H. B. Chicago M=Nettie Flora Sharp B. Painesville,Oh.
Shaw, Son 11-8-1882 Belvidere F=Hiram Benj. B. Berkeley Co.Va. M=Emma Maria Bing B. Rensallaer Co.Ny.
Shawvan, Alabina Nina 5-23-1894 Delayed.
Shawvan, Martha Eveline 4-11-1897 Delayed.
Sheley, Esther 6-4-1886 Spring Tp. F=Alva B. Homer,Iowa M=Mary Bell B. Kingston,Ill.
Shepardson, May Adelia 10-8-1888 Belvidere F=C. B. Madison Co.Ny. M=Mary B. Cutler B. Shenango Co.Ny.
Sherburne, Florence May 3-21-1874 Delayed.
Sherman, Joseph 8-21-1888 Belvidere F=Charles B. Ohio M=Annie Shannon B. Minnesota.
Shierk, Marguerite 3-21-1898 Delayed.
Shippey, Son 12-16-1891 Belvidere F=Elmer Reuben B. Wisc. M=Lizzie Fritz B. Germany.
Shippy, Christian 6-5-1886 Belvidere F=Elmer Reuben B. Elkhorn, Wisc. M=Lizzie Fritz B. Boult Or Boutt ?
Shirley, James L. 1-28-1884 Flora Tp. F=Lewis B. Ind. M=Sophia Smith B. Ohio.
Shook, Archy 6-3-1881 Caledonia Tp. F=Jno. B. Greencastle, Pa. M=Jannie Barker B. Janesville, Wisc.
Shult, Ida 4-7-1888 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Germany M=Amelia Cleasner B. Germany.
Shumaker, Walter Clark 11-41879 Belvidere F=John Wm. B. Penn. M=Nina Louise Litts B. Ny.
Shur, Lillian 3-4-1898 Caledonia Tp. F=Fred B. Germany M=Minnie Johnson B. Germany.
Silsbee, Eddie Deforest 6-16-1882 Spri Ng Tp. F=Geo. Nelson B. Bangor, Franklin Co.Ny.
Silsbee, Eddie Deforest M=Magee Mullin B. Bangor,Ny.
Silvers, Guy Irving 4-13-1886 Flora Tp. F=Burr B. Flora Tp. M=Ruth Munn B. Flora Tp.
Silvius, Charles 10-22-1884 Belvidere F=Wells B. Penn. M=Carrie Wing B. Ill.
Silvius, Dar 3-2-1889 F=Burr B. Lucerne Co.Pa. M=Ruth Munn B. Flora Tp.
Silvius, Edward 2-12-1888 Spring Tp. F=Uriah B. Spring Tp. M=Annie Murray B. Franklin (Tp.)
Silvius, Louella 7-31-1885 Flora Tp. F=Orin B. Scranton, Penn. M=Nettie I. Irish B. Belvidere.
Simonds, Elnora May 9-5-1881 Bonus Tp. F=Thorndike B. Salem, Essex Co. M=Mary E. Waddell B. Roscoe, Ill.
Simpson, Guy Adelbert 1-19-1887 Belvidere F=J. R. B. Ohio M=Emma Jane Shiplet B. Ohio.
Simpson, Ross Wesley 8-31-1888 Delayed.
Sinderman, Harry Beecher 6-1-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Benjamin F. B. ? M=Emily M. Beacher B. ?
Sipple, Paul 8-30-1888 Belvidere F=Louis B. Berker A Werra,Germany
Sipple, Paul 8-30-1888 M=Catherine Kotzbach B. Fitzroha,Germany.
Sisson, Leroy Benson 6-6-1889 Bonus Tp. F=Angus P. M. B. Mchenry Co.Ill. M=Emma Jane Rix B. Belvidere.
Skagen, Duane Chritopher 12-24-1896 Delayed.
Skagen, Edna Dawn 12-11-1894 Delayed.
Skofstad, Dtr. 7-15-1896 Manchester Tp. F=John Edward B. Racine,Wisc. M=Mary M. Lee B. Manchester Tp.
Skofstad, Esther Isabelle 12-12-1898 Delayed.
Skofstad, Son 7-10-1885 Manchester Tp. F=John Edward B. Wisc. M=Mary Melinda Lee B. Wisc.
Slafter, Harrison Morton 3-4-1889 Belvidere F=Charles W. B. Mchenry Co.Ill.
Slafter, Harrison Morton 3-4-1889 M=Minerva Jane Ostrander B. Ottawa, Ill.
Slaker Raymond Arden 1-21-1887 Capron F=Louis F. B. Oconomowoc,Wisc. M=Dene Bridges B. Ft.Atkinson,Wisc.
Slater, Donald Stockwell 1-7-1898 Delayed.
Slater, Grant George 3-3-1900 Delayed.
Slater, Maud Genevieve 8-9-1883 Belvidere F=Anthony B. New London, Conn. M=Mary Murrin B. Belvidere.
Slater, Ray Alvin 11-8-1895 Belvidere F=James Edward B. New London,Conn. M=Martha P. Soost B. Racine Wisc.
Slater, Roy Edward 12-15-1892 Belvidere F=James Edwardb. Belvidere.
Slater, Roy Edward 12-15-1892 M=Martha Caroline Soost B. Mt.Morris,Ill.
Sleezer, Birtie Lulu 9-13-1886 Belvidere F=Wm. C. B. Newark,Ill. M=Mary Treiver B. Paris,France.
Smedley, Eva 1-14-1888 Belvidere F=James B. Belvidere M=Mary Marilla Towne B. Grand Rapids,Mich.
Smiley, Anna Blanche 8-17-1886 Belvidere F=Ransom B. Union,Pa. M=Bridget Malone B. Corick (Carrick ?) Irel.
Smiley, Dtr. F=Francis R. B. Erie Co.Pa. M=Bridget M. Malone B. Cotyle Co. Ireland.
Smith , Chester Edgar 7-29-1883 Belvidere F=Chas. W. B. Prinston,Ill. M=Mary Jane Gallagher B.
Smith, Albert Edwar 12-1-1882 Belvidere Tp. F=Edward B. Ny. M=Emma C. Comstock B. ?
Smith, Alice Laura 8-1-1887 Bonus Tp. F=Harlyn B. Madison Co.Wisc. M=Ida Howard B. Boone Co.
Smith, Bernard Rolphe 8-25-1895 Delayed.
Smith, Charles Ira 7-28-1881 Delayed.
Smith, Clarence Everett 10-15-1895 Delayed.
Smith, Cora Belle 4-11-1891 Belvidere F=Jas. B. Belvidere M=Barbara Watson B. Guilford Tp.
Smith, Dtr. 11-31-1879 Spring Tp. F=W. B. Spring Tp. M=Emma Niles B. Spring Tp.
Smith, Dtr. 2-2-1888 Flora Tp. F=Thomas B. England M=Rebecca Leigh B. Whitewater,Wisc.
Smith, Dtr. 4-25-1892 Belvidere F=Zenas W. B. Port Stanley,Can. M=Helen M. Hurd B. Springfield,Ill.
Smith, Dtr. 9-22-1884 Belvidere Tp. F=Edward J. B. Cherry Valley M=Emma F. Comstock B. Belvidere.
Smith, Elizabeth 4-28-1878 Belvidere F=Thomas B. England M=Ann B. Wisconsin.
Smith, Emma Adill 3-30-1897 P. Grove F=Parker B. Caledonia Tp. M=Helen A. Graves B. Roscoe,Ill.
Smith, Florence May 11-21-1879 Belvidere F=Nelson B. Lake Co.Ill. M=Mary M. Brown B. Rockford, Ill.
Smith, Floyd 7-8-1899 Belvidere F=Charles M. B. Lowmoor,Iowa M=Eliz. Elliott B. Elvira,Iowa.
Smith, Franklin 6-26-1891 Belvidere F=John L. B. Germany M=Verone Karish B. Spring Tp.
Smith, Gracie May 4-30-1879 Bonus Tp. F=Asa Ulyron S- B. Tyre,Ny. M=Ella J. Howard B. Brutus,Ny.
Smith, Harvey 12-22-1877 Blvdr. F=Francis Marion Smith B. Cleveland,Oh. M=Julia Welch B. Troy,Ny.
Smith, Ina Grace 1013-1887 Belvidere F=Carroll Ernest B. Belvidere M=Emily Briggs B. Boone Tp.
Smith, Irvin 12-21-1891 Delayed.
Smith, Ivan John 2-26-1899 Flora Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=Louisa Peal B. Boone Co.
Smith, James Elmo 12-13-1877 Delayed.
Smith, Kenneth 5-11-1892 Belvidere F=Charles V. B. Stafford,Ny. M=Emma L. Keeler B. Belvidere.
Smith, Laura Viloet 7-13-1889 Delayed.
Smith, Laverne 11-23-1887 Spring Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=May Peal B. Germany.
Smith, Lee Arthur 2-25-1893 Belvidere F=Arthur H. B. Earlville,Ill. M=Edith Ruth Hammond B. Malon,Ia.
Smith, Leone Ella 5-30-1879 Belvidere F=Wm. Henry S- B. Boone Co. M=Mary Lucinda Curtis B. Beloit,Wisc.
Smith, Louis John 5-24-1883 Delayed.
Smith, Malvina 11-23-1887 Spring Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=May Peal B. Germany.
Smith, Marie Alta 9-3-1887 Belvidere F=Chas. N. B. Princeton,Ill. M=Mary Gallagher B. Belvidere.
Smith, Oscar F. 2-1-1887 Belvidere F= Unknown B. ? M=Minnie Alzina Smith B. Bonus Tp.
Smith, Pearl 12-1-1879 Delayed.
Smith, Robert Wm. 9-21-1889 Delayed.
Smith, Sadie 8-10-1893 Spring Tp. F=Wm. C. B. Pommen,Germ. M=Louise Peal B. Boone Co.
Smith, Sarah Margaret 2-17-1886 Delayed.
Smith, Son 1-30-1890 Belvidere F-James B. Belvidere Tp. M=Barbara Watson B. Belvidere Tp.
Smith, Son 7-26-1885 Belvidere F=Charles B. Stafford,Ny. M=Emma L. Keeler B. Belvidere.
Smith, Son 8-2-1885 Flora Tp. F=Thomas B. Oxfordshire,Engl. M=Rebecca J. Leigh B. Whitewater,Wisc.
Smith, Veronica C. 5-9-1885 F=Charles B. Princeton, Ill. M=Mary Jane Gallagher B. Belvidere.
Smith, Wallace 10-15-1877 Delayed.
Smith, Wm. Edward 1-19-1888 Delayed.
Smooks, Hary Lee 12-4-1895 Blaine F=Adam B. Haslink,Germ. M=Emma Lee Brill B. Haslink.
Snook, Son 3-9-1882 Capron F=Wm. Henry B. Montgomery Co.Ny. M=Hepsie Blodgett B. Leroy Tp.
Soost, Avis Mary 4-18-1884 Delayed.
Soost, Nellie May 10-10-1895 Belvidere F=Frederick B. Belvidere M=Nellie May Hemens B. Belvidere.
Sorenson, Son 1-22-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Sigarniart B. Lee,Norway M=Berthea K. Annerson B. Lee.
Souer, Dtr. 8-21-1889 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Hampshire M=Anna Roberts B. Belvidere.
Sourwein, Clyde 1-18-1888 Belvidere F=C. B. Marian Co.Ind. M=Lucinda Miller B. Morgan Co.Ind.
Sourwine, Dtr. 7-28-1899belvidere F=Sample C. B. Indiana M=Lucinda Miller B. Indiana.
Spackman, Dtr. 6-9-1886 Belvidere F=Charles Taunton S- B. Byron,Ill. M=Eliza Matilda Roach B. Ohio.
Spackman, Eunice Rose 1-24-1896 Delayed.
Spackman, George W. 2-22-1883 Belvidere F=Charles T. B. ? M=Eliza Roach B. ?
Spackman, Lavina 12-28-1880 Delayed.
Spackman, Son, 11-10-1889 Belvidere F=Charles F. B. Byron,Ill. M=Eliza Roach B. Ohio.
Spackman, Wm. 5-11-1879 Belvidere F=Charles B. ? M=Eliza Roach B. .?
Spearing, Wyla Mae 10-9-1899 Delayed.
Spencer, Alice 9-8-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=Albertus B.Caledonia Tp. M=Alice Euginie Long B. Caledonia Tp.
Spencer, Clara Mae 7-19-1896 Valedonia Tp. F=Albert B. Caledonia Tp. M=Alice Eugenia Long B. Valedonia Tp.
Spencer, Clark J. 8-28-1884 Flora Tp. F=Frank B. Flora Tp. M=Mary H. Clark B. York State.
Spencer, Elsie Sarah 9-29-1894 Delayed.
Spencer, Guy Eugene 3-12-1898 Capron F=George Allen B. Platteville,Wisc. M=Carrie Francis Powell B. Capron.
Spencer, Leona 4-8-1896 Capron F=George A. Carrie Frances Powell B. Plattville, Wisc. M=B. Capron.
Spencer, Nellie Eunice 3-28-1882 Belvidere F=Sylvester B. Green,Ny. M=Nina Smith B. Belvidere.
Sprague, Son 4-15-1892 Belvidere F=James B. Cornwall,Engl. M=Harriet Julia Shively B. Woodford Co.Ill.
Springer, Agnes 7-2-1885 Manchester Tp. F=Frank B. Germany M=Agnes Bushhorn B. Germany.
Sprulark, Dtr. 10-2-1882 Belvidere F=Edward B. Salem, Va. M=Gurilla Margaret B.Botetourt Springs,Va.
Spurbeck, Amy 8-24-1880 Manchester Tp. F=Richard B. Ny. M=Alma B. Illinois.
Spurbeck, Emma 7-25-1882 Manchester Tp. F=Richard B. Ny. M=Alma L. B. Boone Co.
Spurlark, Royal Edward 1-2-1880 Blvdr. F=Edward B. Salem, Va. M=Gurella Margaret B. Botetourt Sprgs.Va.
Squires, Ruth Eliz. 2-3-1897 Delayed.
Stageman, Carl Frederick 4-21-1882 Belvidere F=Carl C. B. Germany M=Fredericka Frank B. Germany.
Stageman, Son 7-16-1880 Belvidere F=Charles B. Prussia M=Rike Louisa Frank B. Prussia.
Staley, Eliz, Jane 3-23-1891 Belvidere F=Wm. James B. Scotland.
Staley, Eliz. Jane 3-23-1891 M=Daisy Evelyn Sibbald (Over Scabbalse) B. Canada.
Stall, Charles M. 3-18-1878 Leroy Tp. F=Phillip B. U.S. M=Frances Willard B. U.S.
Stanley, Henry Castelo 9-13-1880 Blvdr. F=Hary Walace S- B. Ny.City M=Loderna Kate Casher B. Andover,Ny.
Stapleton, Donald Wm. 11-16-1890 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Woodstock,Ohio. M=Mary Sullivan B. Belvidere.
Stapleton, Lillie May 5-1-1888 Bonus Tp. F=John B. Syracuse,Ny. M=Katie Casey B. Belvidere.
Stapleton, Mary Jane 5-1-1886 Bonus Tp. F=John B. Syracuse,Ny. M=Catherine C. Cassey B. Belvidere.
Stapleton, Son 7-23-1883 Bonus Tp. F=John B. Ill. M=Kate Casey B. Ill.
Stapleton, Son 9-21-1884 Boone Tp. F=John H. B. York State M=Catherine Casey B. Ill.
Steadler, Clarence Mabie 3-25-1896 Delayed.
Stearnes, Winifred 9-25-1891 Delayed.
Stearns, Edwin Monroe 7-29-1882 Bonus Tp. F=John R. B. Ny. M=Jane Camp B. Bonus Tp.
Stearns, Mabel Eliz. 6-21-1896 Delayed.
Stearns, Winifred 9-25-1891 Delayed.
Stedding, Lena Z. 6-30-1890 Belvidere F=John B. Statausa,Germany M=Minnie Groobe B. Germany.
Stegeman - See Stageman.
Stegemann - See Stageman.
Steinman, Gertrude Malvina 5-25-1893 Belvidere F=Ludwig B. Sweden M=Mary Carlson B. Sweden.
Stenerson - See Stenoson & Stoneson.
Stenoson, Son 3-5-1880 Manchester Tp. F= C. B. Norway M=Leana B. Norway.
Sterns, Lulu May 9-16-1884 Spring Tp. F=Hiram J. B. Ill. M=Kittie May Gates B. Ill.
Steuer, Clarence Harvey 11-26-1898 Delayed.
Stevens, Bessie 10-1-1882 Belvidere F=John B. Boone Co. M=Maria E. Heward B. Boone Co.
Stevens, Frank, 12-21-1894 Delayed.
Stevens, Jesse 2-7-1881 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Illinois M=Maria Heward B. Illinois.
Stevens, Lydia Luella 9-29-1875 Delayed.
Stevens, Ray 3-30-1893 P. Grove F=John B. P. Grove M=Maria Heward B. Manchester Tp.
Stevenson, Claude Auchrom? 6-5-1881 Capron F=Hugh B. B. Dunham Tp. M=Ada Ellen Stowe B. Bonus Tp.
Stevenson, Edith Frank 2-22-1883 Boone Tp. F=Sanford D. B.Boone Tp. M=Mary Alice Vorhees B.Jackson Co.Iowa.
Stevenson, Wm. A. P. 12-22-1893 Agryle F=Peter B. Bannockburn.Sterlinshire,Scotl.
Stevenson, Wm. A. P. 12-22-1893 M=Isabella Mckay Reid B. Argyleshire,Scotl.
Stierle, Ferdinand W. 2-23-1897 Belvidere F=Ferdinand C. B. Germany M=Maggie L. Schaffer B. Kentucky.
Stiles, Dudley Haaris 1-7-1885 Flora Tp. F=Will Munroe S- B. Madison Co.Ny. M=Ella May Huber B. Will Co.Ill.
Still, Dtr. 11-12-1880 Caledonia Tp. F=Burton L. B. Illinois M=Carrie E. B. Illinois.
Stocker, Maggie Olive 3-18-1900 Caledonia Tp. F=Herbert B. Penn. M=Emily Sharbona B. Minn.
Stockwell, George Henry 2-4-1882 Bonus Tp. F=Stowford S- B. Bonus Tp. M=May Eliza Fuller B. Flora Tp.
Stoner, Frederick Grant 5-8-1886 Belvidere F=Edward B. Belvidere M=Cora Voorhis B. Belvidere.
Stoneson, Dtr. 5-21-1878 Manchester Tp. F=Charles B. Norway M=Lena Hanson B. Norway.
Storer, George Wells 1-23-1883 Belvidere F=George Wells S- B. Wells, Me.
Storer, George Wells M=Lavina Perrington Strout B. Raymond, Me.
Storms, Helen Mary 4-19-1885 F=Theodore B. Germany M=Vena Seibert B. Ill.
Stowe, Almon Robert 6-3-1876 Delayed.
Stowe, Emma 10-14-1878 Bonus Tp. F=Thomas Josiah S- B. Noone Co. M=Edith Carry Cook B. Boone Co..
Stowe, Ethylyn Bernice 7-21-1887 Bonus Tp. F=Arthur Eugene B. Bonus Tp. M=Elsie L. Cleveland B. Granger,Ny.
Stowe, Harriet Lida 12-12-1891 Bonus Tp. F=Arthur E. B. Bonus Tp. M=Elsie Cleveland B. Alleghany Co.Ny.
Stowell, Dtr. 5-15-1891 Manchester Tp. F=Unkown B. ? M=Annie M. Stowell B. Ill.
Stowell, Esther Melinda 1-21-1895 Delayed.
Stowell, Mabel Mary 1-18-1885 Manchester Tp. F=Albert Alonzo B. Manchester Tp.
Stowell, Mabel Mary 1-18-1885 M=Hermiene? Caroline Jochiene? Koltz B. Germany.
Stowell, Mandevile 10-25-1878 Manchester Tp. F=Roderick B. Manchester Tp. M=Eliza. Luce B. Elmira,Ny.
Stowell, Mary Ellena 6-30-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Walter Franklin B. Manchester Tp.
Stowell, Mary Ellena M=Mary Spencer B. Sharon, Wisc.
Stowell, Son 8-16-1886 Manchester Tp. F=Albert Alonzo B. Manchester Tp.
Stowell, Son 8-16-1886 M=Hermine Caroline Joachine Koltz B. Germany.
Strate, Alvina Matilda Augusta 12-14-1894 Delayed.
Strate, Edward George 1-28-1898 Delayed.
Streeter, Jay Leon 3-2-1891 Delayed.
Streeter, Wallace 11-12-1883 Belvidere F=Wm. H. B. Ill. M=Ruth S. Cooper B. Nj.
Strong, Eddie E. 8-14-1885 Belvidere F=Charles B. Utica,Ny. M=Ada Fisher B. Brooklyn,Ny.
Strong, Ethel May 2-23-1883 Belvidere F=Charles B. Lansing, Mich. M=Addie E. B. Brooklyn,Ny.
Strong, Lila Maude 9-10-1890 Belvidere F=Charles B. Ny. M=Ada E. Fisher B. Brooklyn,Ny.
Strong, Son 12-25-1887 Belvidere F=Charles B. Utica, Ny. M=Ada Fisher B. Brooklyn,Ny.
Suhr - See Suire & Souer.
Suhr, Arthur 11-1-1895 P. Grove F=Fred B. Germany M=Minnie Johnson B. Germany.
Suhr, Bertha 6-30-1893 P. Grove F=John B. Germany M=Louisa Keeltenback B. Germany.
Suhr, Donna 8-24-1898 Delayed.
Suhr, Dtr. 3-22-1890 Caledonia Tp. F=John Jr. B. Belvidere M=Louisa Johnson B. Belvidere.
Suhr, Walter 6-30-1893 P. Grove F=Fred B. Germany M=Minnie Johnson B. Germany.
Suhr, Wm. 3-18-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=Frederick B. Germany? M=Minnie Johnson B. Germany?
Suire, Minnie 12-20-1880 P. Grove F=John B. Germany M=Mary Schwabke (Schwebke) B. Germany.
Sullivan, Agnes Gertrude H. 11-5-1891 Blaine F=Henry B. Dublin,Irel. M=Gertrude Ada Hood B. London.
Sullivan, Albert 2-24-1889 Leroy Tp. F=Henry B. Doublin,Engl.M=Gertrude Hood B. Bow,Engl.
Sullivan, Catherine 1-7-1880 Belvidere F=Dennis B. East Broomfield,Ny. M=Ellen Bailey B. Tonevane,Ire.
Sullivan, Daniel Hugh 9-5-1893 Belvidere F=Daniel A. B. Carey,Irel. M=Margaret Wynne B. Sligo Co.Irel.
Sullivan, Dtr. 5-15-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Jno. A. B. Ohio M=Hannah Conley B. Belvidere.
Sullivan, Mary E. 1-27-1892 Belvidere F=Daniel A. B. Kerri Co.Irland M=Margaret W. Winne B. Stego Co.Ireland.
Sullivan, Son 1-26-1885 Caledonia Tp. F=Jno. A. B. Ohio M=Hannah Conley B. Belvidere.
Sullivan, Son 3-20-1886 Spring Tp. F=Timothy B. Ireland M=Mary B. Ireland.
Sullivan, Veronica Mary 4-4-1892 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. ? M=Hannah Conley B. ?
Sun - See Quong & Go.
Sun, Willie 9-25-1893 Delayed.
Sun, Willie Go 9-25-1893 Delayed.
Sunderlin, Eva Gertrude 4-29-1886 Delayed.
Sunderlin, Floyd Mchahan M=Mary Ellen Mckalean B. Knox Co. Ohio.
Sunderlin, Floyd Mckahan 10-10-1881 Bonus Tp. F=Newton Austin B. Clearfield, Pa.
Sussex, Frank T. 8-7-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Saml. Wesley B. Boone Co. M=Augusta Whiting B. Caledonia Tp.
Sussex, Otto Roy 9-12-1885 P. Grove F=Richard B. Boone Co. M=Ida Brown B. Wisc.
Swabkie, Son 8-15-1882 P. Grove F=Theodore B. Germany M=Mary Suir B. Germany.
Swail, Archibald Edwin 5-1-1878 Flora Tp. F=Robert B. Canada M=Harriett M. Feakins B. Cherry Valley,N.Y.
Swail, Dtr. 6-30-1883 Flora Tp. F=Robert B. Montreal,Canada M=Harriett Marie Feakins B. Cherry Valley,Ny.
Swail, Hazel Feakins 8-7-1887 Flora Tp. F=Robertb. Montral,Can. M=Harriet Feakins B. Cherry Valy.Ny.
Swanson, Agnes Mina 2-7-1895 Delayed.
Swanson, Ellen 9-6-1894 Boone Co. F=Gustoph B. Sweden M=Emma Johnson B. Sweden.
Swanson, Frank O. A. 4-6-1888 Belvider F=A. J. B. Sweden M=Matilda Johnson B. Sweden.
Swanson, Hildres Eliz. 5-20-1900 Delayed.
Swanson, Jessie L. 7-24-1888 Belvidere F=Alex. B. Sweden M=Mary Sharp B. Laporte,Ind.
Swanson, Oscar Wm. 5-21-1900 Delayed.
Swart, Gladys Ava 11-16-1891 Leroy Tp. F=Albert E. Ella C. Leavitt B. Leroy Tp. M=B. Stark,
Swart, Grover Cleveland 2-20-1893 Leroy Tp. F=Albert B. Leroy Tp. M=Ella C. Leavitt B. Dummer,Nh.
Swart, Victor Clinton 12-23-1889 Leroy Tp. F=Albert C. B. Leroy Tp. M=Ella C. Leavett B. Milan,Nh.
Sweatman, Cassius George 7-14-1899 Delayed.
Sweatman, Fred 9-9-1881 Blvdr. F=George Wm. B. Oxfordshire,England M=Drusilla Marshallb.Oxfordshire.
Sweatman, Rosa Jane 2-19-1880 Blvdr. Tp. F=George Wm. B. Oxfordshire, Engl. M=Drusella Marshall B.0xfo-
Sweatman, Small Fetus 11-24-1878 Belvidere F=George Sweatman B. English M=Druesella B. English.
Sweatman, Son 10-3-1883 Belvidere F=Geo. Wm. B.Oxfordshire,Engl. M=Drusilla Marshall B.Oxfordshire,Engl.
Sweeney, Guy Jerome 8-12-1892 Bonus Tp. F=Jerome B. Bonus Tp. M=Margaret A. Flemming B. Bonus Tp.
Sweet, Florence Rose Alice 1-10-1895 Leroy Tp. F=Roswell B. Allens Grove,Wisc.
Sweet, Florence Rose Alice 1-10-1895 M=Annie May Stowell B. Chicago.
Sweptka, Sadie 2-20-1889 Belvidere F= ? B. ? M=Annie Sweptka B. Germany.
Swift, Harold Arthur 8-9-1892 Belvidere F=Arthur Wesley B. Nunda,Ny. M=Jessie Eliz. Curtis B. Belvidere.
Swift, Raymond W. 5-13-1890 Belvidere F=Arthur W. B. Nunda,Ny. M=Jessie E. Curtis B. Boone Co.
Sykes, Son 11-26-1878 Belvidere F=Henry B. B. Dorset, Vt. M=S. Louise Avery B. New Lebanon,Conn.

Tallerday, Charlotte Beth 1-16-1885 Delayed.
Tallerday, Geo. C. 1-23-1884 P. Grove F=Geo. C. B. Mich. M=Susie M. Marckley B. ?
Tallerday, Howard Gro. 1-16-1883 P. Grove F=F. G. B. Ohio M=Ida R. B. Ohio.
Tallman, David Oakley 1-16-1897 Belvidere F=Winfield Scott B. Ny.City. M=Effie Mclaurie B. Belvidere.
Tallman, June 6-16-1893 Belvidere F=Winifred L. B. Ny.City M=Effie Mclaury B. Belvidere.
Tangman - See Tingman.
Tanner, Son 10-3-1897 P. Grove F=Theodore B. Marengo M=Katherine G. Dunlop B. Downing,Can.
Tanner, Son 9-11-1887 Flora Tp. F=O. L. B. Delhida M=Sarah L. Griggs B. Flora Tp.
Tate, Sidney Henry 6-8-1897 Delayed.
Taylor, Carl Garfield 9-22-1881 Delayed.
Taylor, Carrie Marguerite 3-27-1893 Delayed.
Taylor, Dtr. 3-30-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Richard Butler T- B. Banbury, Oxfordshire Co. England.
Taylor, Dtr. 3-30-1886 M=Rebecca Farr B. Bedford, Bedfordshire Co. England.
Taylor, Eliz. Jane 10-13-1879 Boone Tp. F=Richard Butler T- B. Bansbury,Engl. N=Rebecca Farr B. Bedford, Eng.
Taylor, Grace May 6-8-1883 Delayed.
Taylor, Hazel May 12-31-1893 Delayed.
Taylor, Isaac 7-14-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=Richard B. B. England M=Rebecca Farr B. England.
Taylor, Lloyd Wm. 10-3-1880 Belvidere F=Anderson T- B. Roanoke Co.Va. M=Nannie H. Spurlock B. Roanoke,Va.
Taylor, Son 10-29-1893 Belvidere F=Edwin M. B. Ohio M=Mary N. Yergen B. Penn.
Taylor, Son 5-27-1893 Boone Co. F=Charles P. B. Noble Co.Ohio M=Ida May Clinite B. Boone Co.
Taylor, Son 5-27-1893 Boone Co. F=Charles P. B. Noble Co.Ohio M=Ida May Clinite B. Boone Co.
Taylor, Warren Leroy 1-10-1890 Belvidere F=Samuel F. B. Lincolnshire, England.
Taylor, Warren Leroy 1-10-1890 M=Anna Welch B. Nottinghamshire, England.
Teeple, Blanche Launa 11-3-1884 Belvidere F=Edgar Elisha B. Belvidere M=Ellen Sarah Tripp B. Belvidere.
Teeple, Glenn, R. 2-26-1891 Flora Tp. F=Simon P. B. Cherry Valy M=Clara C. Marean B. Flora Tp.
Teeple, Jennie Adell 3-4-1893 Belvidere F=Simon Peter B. Cherry Valley,Ill. M=Clara Marian B. Boone Co.
Teeple, Jesse Edgar 2-21-1879 Belvidere F=Edgar E. B. Belvidere M=Ellen Sarah Tripp B. Belvidere.
Teeple, Lansing D. M=Ida Agnes Darvill B. Bloomfield, Nj.
Teeple, Lansing D. 12-6-1882 Belvidere F=Geo. Washington T- B. Lafayette Co. Wisc.
Teeple, Sarah Ann 11-21-1882 Belvidere F=Edgar Elisha B. Belvidere M=Ellen Sarah Tripp B. Belvidere.
Tenold, Anna Lorena 3-18-1879 Boone Tp. F=John B. Norway M=Annie M. B. Boone Tp.
Terkildsen, Dtr. 1-13-1887 Manchester Tp. F=Fred B. Denmark M=Carrie Isaacson B. Ill.
Terry, Lila Belle Dtr, 4-2-1887 Belvidere F=Dyer Dewitt T-B. Ostego,Ny. M=Mary Eliz. Bush B. Cherry Valy,Ill.
Terry, Son 1-26-1890 Belvidere F=Dyer Dewitt T- B. Ostego,Ny. M=Eliza Bush B. Cherry Valy,Ill.
Terwilligar, Frances Elotia 11-9-1879 Belvidere F=Irving B. Belvidere M=Maria Eliz. Gilman B. Polton,Can.
Terwilliger, Cora Alice 7-19-1881 Belvidere F=Irving B. Belvidere M=Maria Eliz. Gilman B. Polton, Canada.
Terwilliger, Dorothy 8-4-1892 Belvidere F=Irving B. Belvidere M=Maria E. Gilman B. Pawton,Can.
Terwilliger. Son 10-15-1883 Belvidere F=Irving B. Ill. M=Maria Eliza Gilman B. Polton, Canada.
Theis, Charles 10-11-1881 Belvidere F=Charles B. Mechlenberg,Germany M=Lena Raby B. Mechlenberg, G.
Thies, Caroline 10-4-1883 Belvidere F=B. Germany M=Caroline Kobleb. Germany.
Thomas, Charlotte Alice 8-17-1892 Belvidere F=George B. B. Belvidere M=Jennie V. Chamberlin B. Belvidere.
Thomas, Dtr. 6-10-1890 Belvidere F=Marcus D.42 B. Erie Co.Ny. M=Wilmat Richards 22 B.Hazelgreen,Wisc.
Thomas, Hazazel Lydia 6-10-1890 Belvidere F=Marcus L. B. Erie Co.Ny. M=Wilmat Richards B. Hazelgreen,Wisc.
Thomas, Ida L. 8-30-1887 Belvidere F=Frank B. Erie Co.Ny. M=Lillian Jacobs B. Belvidere.
Thomas, Isaac Marceos 2-28-1892 Belvidere F=Dafe B. Erie Co.Ny. M=Wilmet Richards B. Hazel Green,Wisc.
Thomas, James Wilson 12-26-1886 Belvidere F=Charles Woodward S- B. Belvidere M=Ann M. Mccracken B. Ill.
Thomas, Son 2-28-1892 Belvidere F=Marcus D. B.Erie Co.Ny. M=Wilmat Richards B. Hazel Green,Wisc.
Thompson, Bertie Eugene 7-5-1886 Belvidere F=Frank B. Belleville,Iowa. M=Lydia Barker B. Belvidere.
Thompson, Dtr. 9-29-1881 Manchester Tp. F=Arne B. Norway M=Ellen Erichson B. Norway.
Thompson, Florence Marie 4-13-1889 Belvidere F=James B. B. Pecatonica,Ill.
Thompson, Florence Marie 4-13-1889 M=Georiana Mack Pierce B. Lasalle,Ill.
Thompson, Justin Foote 7-22-1878 Flora Tp. F=John C. Jr. B. Hamden Co.Mass. M=Eliz. D. Avery B. Flora Tp.
Thompson, Mary Amelia 12-3-1880 Manchester Tp. F=Ole B. Norway M=Celia Celland B. Norway.
Thompson, Robert 2-25-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert B. Scotland M=Mary Mcmullen B. Argyleshire,Scotl.
Thompson, Son 6-22-1880 Flora Tp. F=John C. B. Franklin Co.Mass. M=Eliz. D. Avery B. Boone Co. Ill.
Thoreson, John 6-18-1890 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Noraway M=Huldah Anderson B. Snowland.
Thorn, Bert Bigelow 1-7-1880 Flora Tp. F=John Albert B. Flora Tp. M=Emily M. Bigelow B. Belvidere.
Thorne, Dtr. 10-9-1882 Spring Tp. F=Chas. B. Illinois M=Dell Dewolfe B. Illinois.
Thornton, Frederick 4-17-1883 Manchester Tp. F=Frederick B. Ill. M=Barbara Rosalka B. Mich.
Thorson, Henry Wilhelm 11-6-1895 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Verna,Nor. M=Hilda Anderson B. Smoland,Nor.
Thorson, John Eddie 7-18-1891 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Vunigas,Nor. M=Hulda B. Smolen,Swed.
Thorson, Louis 10-15-1897 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Kongswinger,Nor. M=Hilda Johnson B. Manlau,Sweden.
Thorson, Oscar 9-15-1893 Manchester Tp. F=John B. Virginia M=Hilda Johnson B. Marback,Sweden.
Thorvilson, Luther Maurice 10-3-1898 Delayed.
Thrush, Ida May 9-20-1887 Belvidere F=G. T. B. Richland Co.Ohio M=Ida Piper B. Cedar Fall,Ia.
Thurlby, Herbert 6-6-1886 Spring Tp. F=James B. England M=Nellie Wyld B. Spring Tp.
Tiffany, Gertie Elnora 8-1-1878 Manch- Tp. F=Daniel W. B. Ontario Co.Can. M=Angela M. Reynolds B.St.L.Co.Ny.
Tiffany, Martha Melissa 1-9-1892 Delayed.
Tiffany, Thomas B. 3-6-1880 Manchester Tp. F=David N. B. Milan, Huron Co.Ohio M=Melissa J. Bamlet B.Manch-
Timany, Dtr. 6-15-1884 G. Prairie F=James Timeny B. Ill. M=Eliz. Crane B. Ill.
Timoney - See Timany.
Timoney, Jay 6-1-1879 G. Prairie F=James Doyle B. Ohio M=Martha Eliz. Crane B. Oswego, Tioga Co.Ny.
Tingman, Son 9-1-1886 Boone Tp. F=Brent B. Sweden M=Johanna Anderson B. Sweden.
Tinkler, Frank 3-10-1879 Belvidere F=John B. England M=Emma Masters B. England.
Tinklin, Dtr. 11-14-1889 Belvidere F=John B. Somersetshire,Engl. M=Emma Master B. Somersetshire.
Tinklin, Dtr. 4-20-1887 Belvidere F=John B. Britol, Engl. M=Emma E. Masters B. Bristol,Engl.
Tinklin, John Richard 8-31-1881 Delayed.
Tinnus, Bertha 3-18-1892 Leroy Tp. F=Albert B. ? M=Zelriki Cregin B. Kernaugard,Germ.
Tirtlot, Ethel May Josephine 11-22-1895 Belvidere F=Frank Dayton B. Downers Grove,Ill.
Tirtlot, Ethel May Josephine 11-22-1895 M=Alice Josephine Clark B. Scis.Ny.
Tobyne, Alice Maude 5-11-1882 Belvidere F=Hiram Willis B. Belvidere M=Myra Jane B. Spring Tp.
Tobyne, Anna Mae 4-28-1900 Delayed.
Tobyne, Flora Alice 12-12-1898 Delayed.
Todd, Alfred Earl 6-15-1888 Blaine F=Harry P. B. Lycoming,Pa. M=Hattie N. Renne B. Blaine.
Todd, Charles Floyd 10-20-1897 Delayed.
Todd, Claude Rutherford 4-3-1886 Blaine F=Harry Peter B. Lycoming Cp.Pa.
Todd, Claude Rutherford 4-3-1886 M=Hattie Newell Renne B. Blaine,Ill.
Todd, Claude Rutherford 4-3-1886 Delayed.
Todd, James Burleigh 1-31-1891 Blaine F=Harry P. B. Lycomming,Pa. M=Cattie M. Renne B. Blaine.
Todd, Son 10-20-1893 Beaverton F=Harry P. B. Montgomery,Pa. M=Hattie M. B. Blaine.
Todd, Wm. Harry 12-31-1884 Blaine F=Harry P. B. Penn. M=Hattie N. Renne B. Ill.
Tofflemire, Edith Jane 2-9-1881 Caledonia Tp. F=John James B. Winnebago Co.Ill.
Tofflemire, Edith Jane 2-9-1881 M=Emma N. Linnell B. Jefferson Co. Ny.
Tofflemire, F. Sigal 5-6-1878 Caledonia Tp. F=Anderson T- B. Canada M=Angeline Glibert B. Shenango Co.Ny.
Tofflemire, Harry 1-8-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Finley T. B. Canada M=Eliz. Baker B. England.
Tofflemire, Mark 1-8-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Finley T. B. Canada M=Eliz.Baker B. England.
Torgerson, Clara Juneta 1-29-1887 Delayed.
Torgerson, Emma 5-23-1876 Delayed.
Torgerson, Sara 2-18-1874 Delayed.
Totz, Frederick Karl Gustav 3-27-1892 Delayed.
Tousley, Dtr. 2-27-1878 Belvidere F=Reuben J. B. U.S.? M=Augusta B.U.S.? Says See Still Birth Record.
Tousley, Julian H. 3-4-1896 (Over 1897) Belvidere F=Herbert F. B. Belvidere M=Helen Keeler B. Belvidere.
Tousley, Mildred 1-19-1893 Belvidere F=Herbert F. B. Belvidere M=Helen L. Keeler B. Belvidere.
Tousley, Traver Rowan 4-8-1896 Delayed.
Townsend, Rollin H, 5-23-1896 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Wonton,Wisc. M=Clara Clayton B. Madison,Wisc.
Trickey, Frederick Wm. 3-10-1879 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Devonshire, Engl. M=Margaret Bide B. Farnham Engl.
Tripp, Belle 12-5-1888 Belvidere F=John G. B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah B. Chamberlain B. Spring Tp.
Tripp, Claude Henry 6-19-1894 Belvidere F=Edw. B. Allerton,Engl. M=Hattie E. Manchester? B. Syracuse,Ny.
Tripp, Dtr. 2-3-1891 Belvidere F=Joseph E. B. Bonus Tp. M=Euphemia W. B. Woodport,Nj.
Tripp, Ethel Grace 11-14-1893 Belvidere F=Archie N. B. Bonus Tp. M=Belle S. Stoddard B. Mchenry,Ill.
Tripp, Ivan Franz 5-13-1899 Delayed.
Tripp, James C. 1-30-1883 Belvidere F=Chas. F. B. England M=Jennie E. Midkirk B. Penn.
Tripp, Jennie 12-5-1888 Belvidere F=John G. B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah B. Chamberlain B. Spring Tp.
Tripp, Katie 8-28-1887 Bonus Tp. F=Joe H. B. Bonus Tp. M=Euphemia Decker B. Nj.
Tripp, Leon G. 11-12-1883 Bonus Tp. F= Unknown B. ? M=Lelia W. Tripp B. Bonus Tp.
Tripp, Luman Clarence 4-9-1886 Bonus Tp. F=Joseph E. B. Bonus Tp. M=Euphemia Decker B. Nj.
Tripp, Maxon 11-15-1892 Belvidere F=John G. B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah Belle Chamberlain B. Spring Tp.
Tripp, Ruth Eliz. 2-5-1891 Bonus Tp. F=John G. B. Bonus Tp. M=Sarah Beth Chamberlain B. Spring Tp
Troupe, Ernest Ellsworth 9-6-1895 Blaine F=Gilbert B. Albany,Ny. M=Lucy Penny B. Lawrence,Ill.(Boone Co.?).
Truesdell, Blanche Eugenia 3-3-1878 F=Eugene E. P. B. Munson, Mass. M=Fanny T. Page B. Belvidere.
Truesdell, Fannie Ethel 5-19-1882 Belvidere F=Eugene E. P. B. Mass. M=Fannie T. Page B. Belvidere.
Tucker, Irvimng Glen 5-1-1887 Flora Tp. F= ? B. Ny. M=Sadie Rote B. Kirkland,Ill.
Tucker, Mabel Ann 4-5-1887 Flora Tp. F=S. S. B. Buffalo,Ny. M=Christen L. Laus B. Sweden.
Tuftee, Martin 7-12-1884 Delayed.
Tuller, Finella Addie 7-3-1874 Delayed.
Tunison, Madge Margaret Ann 8-11-1878 Belvidere. F=Wm. B. Belvidere. M=Marrietta Layng B. Belvidere.
Turneaure, 7-13-1881 Belvidere F=Horace Bronson T- B. ? M=Anna Bell Garrett B. Guilford Tp.
Turneaure, Armour Clinton 4-10-183 Belvidere F=Horace Bronson T- B. Ill. M=Annie Belle Garrett B. Ill.
Turner, Genevieve May 10-20-1889 Belvidere Tp. F=Fred B. Worth Co.Ia. M=May Tofflemire B. Harlem Tp.
Turnure , Grace Louisa 7-30-1883 F=Frederick B. Iowa M=May Althea Tofflemire B. Harlem Tp.
Turnure Ffrederich Samuel 12-17-1895 Belvidere F=Fred A. B. Bristol,Iowa M=May Tofflemire B. Harlem Tp.
Turnure, Cline Bronson 6-10-1880 Blvdr. F=Fredr.Ashton T- B.North Co.Iowa M=May Althea Tofflemire B.Winn.
Turnure, Dtr. 2-26-1887 Belvidere Tp. F=Horace Bronson T- B. Delavan, Wisc.
Turnure, Dtr. 2-26-1887 M=Anna Bell Garrett B. Guilford,Winnebago Co.Ill.
Turnure, Maude Inez 10-14-1885 Belvidere F=Frederick B. Iowa M=May Althea Tofflrmire B. Ill.
Turnure, Son 10-21-1886 Bonus Tp. F=Howard B. Ill. M=Etta Hyde B. Ill.
Turtlot - See Tirtlot.
Tuttle, Arthur Laughlin 2-7-1894 Delayed.
Tvite, Iner 1-11-1897 Hunter F=Seven B. Tvite Farm M=Izabell Grove B. Grove Place.
Twell, Dtr. 10-18-1895 Leroy Tp. F=Geo. B. U.S. M=Carrie Clapp B. Wisc.
Tynan, Dtr. 6-19-1897 Belvidere Tp. F=James B. Rockford,Ill. M=Kate Mclee B. Rockford.

Vail, Frances Edward 3-10-1898 Delayed.
Vail, Son 12-9-1878 Manchester Tp. F=John P. B. Ny. M=Malinda Linderman B. Illinois.
Vale, Grace Eliz. 8-26-1895 Delayed.
Vale, Lester Bourroughs 11-6-1897 Delayed.
Valentine, Dtr. 9-22-1887belvidere F=John B. Belvidere M=Margaret Gallagher B. Belviidere.
Vanbrocklin, Charles Omar 4-17-1898 Delayed.
Vanderwalker - See Vandewalker.
Vanderwalker, Edna Irene 9-3-1882 Belvidere F=Ziel B. Caledonia Tp. M=Annie Bowers B.Washington Co.Wisc.
Vanderwalker, Ethel Gertrude 7-19-1887 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Belvidere M=Sarah A. Cross B. Belvidere.
Vanderwalker, Lottie Leona 7-15-1884 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Belvidere M=Sarah Adelaide Cross B. Belvidere.
Vanderwalker, Wallace Clayton 4-12-1895 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Belvidere M=Sarah A. Crop/Cross B. Belvidere.
Vandewalker, Annabelle 12-26-1887 Belvidere F=Ziel B. Boone Co. M=Anna Bowers B. Washington Co.Wisc.
Vandewalker, Elmer 9-18-1879 Belvidere F=Henry B. Ny. M=Ellenor Wakefield B. Ny.
Vanepps, Florence Idell 7-20-1886 Belvidere F=Joseph B. Madison Co.Ny. M=Lelia Maud Heath B. Boone Co.
Vansotter, Dtr. 12-24-1881p.Grove F=Frank B. Ny. M=Sarah B. B. Michigan.
Vanwagenen, Boyd 4-23-1883 Delayed.
Vanwagenen, Mabel Clare 10-16-1881 Delayed.
Vanwagenen, Mae 11-28-1884 Delayed.
Vanwagenen, May Niel 11-28-1884 Delayed.
Vanzandt, Wm. Fredrick 4-9-1882 G.Prairie F=Wm. B. By Albany,Ny. M=Cornelia A. Angell B. New Berlin,Ny.
Veeder, Jennie 6-3-1979 Belv. F=Robert Nelson V- B.Hastings,Oswego Co.Ny. M=Mercina M. Danforth B.Hast-Ny.
Veeder, Neva Bell 6-6-1881 Blvdr. F=Robt. Nelson V- B. Oswego Co. Ny. M=Mercina M.Danforth B.Oswego Co.Ny
Veeder, Newton James 12-30-1882 Belvidere Tp. F=James R. B. Ny. M=Mertie Taflin B. Ny.
Vesper, Wyenna Lydia 9-22-1899 Delayed.
Vickers, Ada May 11-3-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Joseph B. Caledonia Tp. M=Malvina Jane Heward B. Caledonia Tp.
Vickers, Alice L. 11-11-1888 Delayed.
Vickers, Bessie Elinor 10-20-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=Frank B. B. ? M=Minnie M. Nettleton B. ?
Vickers, Charles 5-28-1899 Blaine F=James B. Lancashire,Engl. M=Alice Rosilla Atkinson B. Caledonia Tp.
Vickers, Cora Bell 3-4-1880 Boone Tp. F=Wm. Robert B. Leroy Tp. M=Mary Jane Curtis B. Rockford,Ill.
Vickers, Elenor 10-21-1895 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. Robert B. U.S. M=Mary Jane Curtis B. U.S.
Vickers, Eose Helene 7-29-1889 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. B. Dalton,England M=Sarah Davis B. Bergen,Norway
Goebel, Otto John 7-30-1889 Belvidere F=Adolph Gustaf B.Wittenburg,Germany M=Bertha Hall B.Wittenburg.
Vickers, Eva Jane 12-12-1881 Caledonia F=Joseph B. Caledonia M=Melvina Jane Heward B.Caledonia Tp.
Vickers, Floyd B. 4-25-1891 P. Grove F=Frank B. P. Grove M=Minnie Nettleton B. Capron.
Vickers, Frank Leslie 10-3-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Frank B. Boone Co. M=Minnie Nettleton B. Boone Tp.
Vickers, George Danforth 11-7-1899 Caledonia Tp. F=Frank B. Caledonia Tp. M=Minnie Nettleton B. Capron.
Vickers, Herbert 10-4-1880 Caledonia Tp. F=George W. B. England M=Alace Higs B. England.
Vickers, Hilda 6-9-1891 P. Grove F=George W. B. Lancashire,Engl. M=Catherine Higgs B. Lincolnshire,Engl.
Vickers, Joseph 9-2-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Geo. B. England M=Alice Higgs B. England.
Vickers, Raymond Hirt? 11-24-1895 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert E. B. Lancashire,Engl. M=Lucy L. Horton B. Milfor,Ill.
Vickers, Son 12-7-1881 Caledonia Tp. F=George W. B. England M=Alace Heggs B. England.
Vickers, Son 2-14-1884 P. Grove F=Geo. W. B. England M=Alice Higgs B. England.
Vickers, Son 6-15-1900 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert E. B. Lancashire,Engl. M=Lucy Horton B. New Milford (Ill.?).
Vincent, Benj. Edward 8-24-1882 Blvdr. F=John B. Manches- Tp. M=Frances Bagge B. Luneberth, London,Engl.
Vincent, Dtr. 7-20-1882 Belvidere F=George B. Wisc. M=Ella Pierce B. Cherry Valley, Ill.
Vincent, Florence Mabel 4-20-1884 Belvidere F=Maurice B. ? M=Augusta Atkins B. ?
Vincent, Laura M. 4-20-1891 Belvidere F=Thomas Clark B. Boone Co.
Vincent, Laura M. 4-20-1891 M=Marcia Alberta Hamilton B. Livingston Co.Ill.
Vincent, Lola May 1-7-1893 Belvidere F=Tom C. B. Boone Co. M=Marcia A. Hamilton B. Livingston Co.Ill.
Vincent, Rose 1-18-1886 Belvidere F=Morris B. P. Grove M=Augusta Atkins B. England.
Vincent, Son 4-25-1882 Spring Tp. F=John G.? B. Ohio M=Hilla Redlry B. Sheffield,Oh.
Voorhies, Beatrice Emma 7-28-1898 Delayed.
Voss, Emma May 9-14-1893 Delayed.

Wait, Dawn 1-31-1884 Spring Tp. F=Clark M. B. Ill. M=Melvina Stone B. Wisc.
Wait, Ray S. 11-9-1881 Belvidere F=Chauncy B. Ashtabula,Ohio M=Mary Jane Shattuck B. Spring Tp.
Wait, Son 3-21-1880 Flora Tp. F=Chauncy Gates B. Ashtabula, Ohio M=Mary Jane Shattuck B. Spring Tp.
Waite, Clarence Arthur 11-6-1884 Delayed.
Waite, Jennie Christyann 7-10-1892 Belvidere F=Chas. E. B. Rockdale,Ill. M=Maud Early B. Rockford.Ill.
Wakefield, Almer Lawrence (Over Allen) 9-11-1884 Belvidere F=Albert B. Ill. M=Ellen Gallagher B. Ill.
Wakefield, Dtr. 11-27-1880 Belvidere F=Abner B. Mich. M=Mary Kaples B. Illinois.
Wakefield, Nettie 9-16-1887 Belvidere F=A. B. Caledonia Tp. M=Nellie Gallagher B. ?
Wakefield, Sidney A. 5-7-1883 Belvidere F=Albert Daniel B. Belvidere M=Nellie Gallagher B. Belvidere.
Walker, Ada Amelia 1-22-1895 Belvidere F=Eugene B. Belvidere M=Ella M. Bruce B. Belvidere.
Walker, Edith 3-27-1883 Caledonia Tp. F=Edgar B. Illinois M=Alice Diamond B. Illinois.
Walker, Ira Owen 12-6-1892 Belvidere F=Romanzo S. B. Wyoming,Ill. M=Alice Belle Johnson B. Princeton,Ill.
Walker, June Araminta 11-4-1897 Belvidere F=Eugene B. Belvidere M=Ella Bruce B. Belvidere.
Walker, Lillie R. 2-3-1891 Belvidere F=Byron E. B. Belvidere M=Rosa B. Cherry Valy.
Walker, Louice Ermina 9-21-1886 Belvidere F=Eugene B. Belvidere M=Ella Bruce B. Belvidere.
Walker, Mary 5-22-1872 Delayed.
Walker, May Lea 6-29-1892 Belvidere F=Eugene B. Belvidere M=Ella Bruce B. Belvidere.
Walker, Nellie P. 9-3-1883 Belvidere F=Fred F. B. Ny. M=Emma L. Porter B. Me.
Walker, Sara 8-20-1871 Delayed.
Walker, Son 1879 Caledonia F=Edgar B. U.S.? M=Alice Dymond B. U.S.?
Walker, Vivian Magdalene 11-16-1885 Belvidere F=Edgar B. Belvidere M=Alice Dymond B. Rockford,Ill.
Wallace, Raymond Dale 11-27-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=Walter Stark B. Caledonia Tp.
Wallace, Raymond Dale 11-27-1896 M=Clara Belle Mitchell B. Belpre,Ohio.
Walley, Earl 12-25-1888 Delayed.
Walley, Luella 6-1-1882 Leroy Tp. F=Charles B. Albany Co.Ny. M=Anna Oathout B. Albany,Ny.
Ward, Charles Sidney 9-28-1887 Belvidere F=Charles Preston W- B. Capron
Ward, Charles Sidney 9-28-1887 M=Amelia Sweatman B. Oxfordshire,Engl.
Ward, Claude Preston 4-28-1884 P. Grove F=Charles Preston W- B. ? M=Millie Sweatman B. ?
Ward, Esther Luella 9-4-1889 Boone Co. F=Wm. Christopher B. Boone Co.
Ward, Esther Luella 9-4-1889 M=Mary Minnie Reidel B. Demmen (Demmin) Germany.
Ward, Franc Maude 4-10-1885 P. Grove F=Charles B. Boone Co. M=Millie E. Sweatman B. Oxfordshire,Engl.
Ward, Frank 5-15-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Alfred B. Manchester Tp. M=Agnes Woodbeck B. Schenectady Co.Ny.
Ward, George Wm. 9-28-1887 Belvidere F=Charles Preston W- B. Capron
Ward, George Wm. 9-28-1887 M=Amelia Sweatman B. Oxfordshire,Engl.
Ward, Harriett Eliz. 6-20-1892 Bonus Tp. F=Charlie Wm. B. Krutseo,Engl. Germany.
Ward, James Edward 9-18-1890 Belvidere F=Charles W. B. Minister,Shippey,Engl.
Ward, James Edward 9-18-1890 M=Minnie Washer B. Eluickusburg,Germany.
Ward, James Ellis 8-3-1897 Manchester Tp. F=Alfred B. Manchester Tp. M=Agnes Woobeck B. Schnectady,Ny.
Ward, Ruby 11-13-1885 Manchester Tp. F=Alfred B. Manchester Tp. M=Agnes Whitbeck B. Schenectady,Ny.
Ward, Son 11-4-1886 Belvidere F=Wm. Christopher B.Leroy Tp. M=Mary Ann Ridell B.Damien (Demmin) Germany.
Warne, Dtr. 5-3-1881 Capron F=David B. Constantine, Ny. N=Althea N. H. Hager B. Nh..
Warne, George Eben 5-2-1878 Capron F=George B. Weston,Ny. M=Catherine Ann Hungerford B. Shoparie Co,Ny.
Warren, Albert Ralph 10-2-1878 P. Grove F=John W. B. Churchville,Ny. M=Isadira Ludington B. Milwaukee,Wi.
Warren, Claude W. 12-11-1881 P. Grove F=John W. B. Churchville,Ny. M=Isadora Ludington B. Milwaukee, Wisc.
Warren, Daniel Edwin 2-11-1887 Belvidere F=Edwin Wm. B. Boone Co. M=B. Belvidere.
Warren, Frank Strong 10-30-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=John B. ? M=Dora Luddington B. ?
Warren, Frederick Foote 2-10-1886 Belvidere F=Edwin W, B. Boone Co. M=Stella E Foote B. Belvidere.
Warren, Gertrude Lucille 12-14-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Willis Matthew B. Leroy Tp.
Warren, Gertrude Lucille 12-14-1899 M=Grace Edith Marriott B. Walworth,Wisc.
Warren, Henry 5-10-1890 Belvidere F=Edwin W. B. Boone Co. M=Stella E. Foote B. Belvidere.
Warren, John Gabriel 6-4-1895 Belvidere F=Horation A. B. New Orleans,La. M=Paula Debranco B. Paris,France.
Warren, John J. 8-17-1896 P. Grove F=Andrew B. Sweden M=Mattie Anderson B. Ny.
Warren, Lewis Adolphus 8-4-1873 Delayed.
Warren, Mabel J. 4-20-1879 Belvidere F=Stephen M. B. P.Grove M=Alida Belle Hattie Prindle B. P. Grove.
Warren, Pauline Catherine 12-1-1896 Belvidere F=Horation A. B. New Orleans
Warren, Pauline Catherine 12-1-1896 M=Paula Armantina Blanco B. Paris.
Warren, Wm. Turner 1-17-1899 Leroyy Tp. F=George Henry B. Leroy Tp. M=Nellie B. Turner B. Argyle,Ill.
Washer, Mary 11-10-1885 Belvidere F=Carl John B. Germany M=Beltha Schultz B. Germany.
Waterman, Edith 11-12-1878 Paris, France F=Henry B. B. Cooperstown,Ny. M=Auronette Sherman B.Rupert,Vt.
Watkins, Arthur L. 5-30-1888 Bonus Tp. F=Merriet B. Cherry Valy.Ill. M=Annie Atwood B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Watkins, Donna Christina 10-15-1881 Bonus Tp. F=A. L. B. Newark,Tioga Co.Ny, M=Eliza A. Swain B. Niagara,Ny.
Watkins, Elliott M. 8-10-1886 Bonus Tp. F=Merriet B. Cherry Valy,Ill. M=Lionne B. Atwood B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Watkins, Floyd Fred 8-25-1896 Delayed.
Watkins, Gertrude 4-10-1884 Belvidere F=Elmer J. B. Flora Tp. M=Ida E. Woolverton B. Flora Tp.
Watkins, Lottie Ethel 11-3-1884 Bonus Tp. F=Merrit B. Boone Co. M=Lionna Atwood B. Boone Co.
Watkins, Neva Franc 9-9-1885 Belvidere F=Elmer Justine B. Flora Tp. M=Ida E. Wolverton B. Flora Tp.
Watson, Alfred J. 9-20-1896 Delayed.
Wattles, Mary B. 10-17-1885 Flora Tp. F=L. B. Spring Tp. M=Mary E. Iles B. England.
Watts, Charles Rallin 1-15-1883 Delayed.
Watts, Franklin Edward 5-17-1894 Leroy Tp. F=Franklin B. Rushville,Ind. M=Eliz Brough B. Louisa Co.Iowa.
Watts, Jane 1-27-1885 Manchester Tp. F=Isaac Newton W- B. Ohio M=Mary C. Campbell B. Canada.
Waugh, Dtr. 9-2-1883 Spring Tp. F=James R. B. Ill. M=Catherine Murry B. Ill.
Waugh, Myrtle Eliz. 7-28-1885 Delayed.
Weaver, Frankln Thomas 5-20-1881 Spring T. F=Thomas Rerris W- B.Boone Co. M=Mary Emma Robbins B.Flora Tp.
Web Ster, Melvin Franklin 2-8-1886 P. Grove F=Charles Thomas B. P. Grove
Webster, Melvin Franklin 2-8-1886 M=Hattie A. Brown B. Cherry Valley,Ill.
Webber, Dtr. 7-29-1884 Flora Tp. F=Franklin Sylvester B. Dover, Me. M=Caroline Hammill B. Einders?, Wisc.
Webber, Earl Sylvester 1-17-1887 Flora Tp. F=Franklins. B. Dover,Me. M=Caroline Hammill B. Linden,Wisc.
Webber, Elmer Augustus 7-18-1889 Flora Tp. F=Frank Edward B. Monroe,Ill. M=Maggie Jane Robinson B.Ny.City.
Webster, Dtr. 9-9-1882 P. Grove F=Ira Alexander B. Boone Co. M=Adell Wheeler B. Boone Co.
Webster, Ester Louise 11-23-1898 P. Grove F=Warren M. B. Poplar Grove M=Edith Clark B. Shepard,Mich.
Webster, Harvey 4-18-1881 Caledonia Tp. F=Willie B. Boone Co. M=Annie M. Spencer B. Boone Co.
Webster, Idell 407-1884 P. Grove F=Ira Alexander B. ? M=Adell W. B. ?
Webster, John Thomas 3-7,1893 P. Grove F=George B. P. Grove M=Mary E. Stephenson B. Argyle,Ill.
Webster, Josephine 3-25-1899 Delayed.
Webster, Vernon Alvin 5-29-1886 P. Grove F=Ira B. Boone Co. M=Adell Wheeler B. Boone Co.
Weidemer, Emma Susan 8-16-1896 Leroy Tp. F=Edward B. Baden,Baden,Germany. M=Sarah Yoprk B. Wisc.
Weiner, Rudolph Herman 3-20-1896 Caledonia Tp. F=Fred B. Saxon Prov. (Saxony?).
Weiner, Rudolph Herman 3-20-1896 M=Martha S. Schneyer B. Staatin Prov. Germany. (Stettin ?).
Yoeman, Mattie Irene 3-21-1896 Boone Tp. F=Belden Wm. B. Boone Tp. M=Falerene Adella Cramer B. Belvidere.
Welch, Alfred 11-8-1887 Leroy Tp. F=Thomas B. Newark M=Maria Norris B. Little Drayton.
Welch, Ethel Mae 9-5-1892 Belvidere F=Clias B. Nottingham,Engl. M=Sarah Jane Browne B. Caledonia Tp.
Welch, Son 2-8-1886 Leroy Tp. F=Thomas B. Newark M=Maria Harris B. Little Prayton.
Welin, Carl Elmer 4-24-1892 Delayed.
Wells, Erma Lovina 1-30-1882 Bonus Tp.F= Bernard Blair W- B. Cambridge,Ny.
Wells, Erma Lovina 1-30-1882 M= Mary Jane Haskins B. Onondagua Co.Ny.
Wells, Ira Lewis 1-4-1878 Bonus Tp. F=Bernard B. Cambridge, Ny. M=Mary Jane Haskins B. Pompis,Ny.
Wells, Rosa Ethel 2-12-1889 Delayed.
Wenzel, Clarence Paul 7-12-1894 Delayed.
Wenzel, Florence Eliz. 6-3-1900 Delayed.
Westfall, Jay Arthur 12-8-1894 Belvidere F=Jay Kleroy B. Boone Co. M=Annie Laura Laws B. Osage,Iowa.
Westfall, Nellie May 9-10-1885 Michigan F=Nathaniel B. Germany M=Rose Fox B. Mich.
Westphal, Eliz. Marie 11-23-1895 Belvidere F=Adolph Rudolph Fredrick B. Pommern,Germ.
Westphal, Eliz. Marie 11-23-1895 M=Bertha J. Schwebke B. Pommern.
Whalen, James Frances 7-11-1878 Caled. Tp. F=Joseph P. B. Rexford Co.Ire. M=Margt. Sullivan B.Gallia Co.Oh.
Whalen, Joseph Edward 11-13-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=Joseph P. B. Ireland M=Margaret Sullivan B. Ohio.
Wheat, Reba 5-7-1893 Belvidere F=Chas. J. B. Ill. M=Ada Fidellia Hills B. Lee Co.Ill.
Wheat, Son 12-21-1890 Belvidere F=James Elmore B. Lee Co.Ill. M=Vena Seibert B. Belvidere.
Wheeland, John Luther 10-30-1891 Delayed.
Wheeler, 3-11-1888 Boone Tp. F=Frank E. B. Boone Tp. M=Jennie Althea Frye B. Boone Tp.
Wheeler, Charles 12-1-1883 Delayed.
Wheeler, Dtr. 7-6-1884 Boone Tp. F=Franklin B. York State M=Francis Cunningham B. Ill.
Wheeler, Edna Marguerite 4-8-1899 Delayed.
Wheeler, Ella Merie 3-20-1899 Delayed.
Wheeler, Gale 3-30-1883 P. Grove F=Osmer B. Ny. M=Emma M. Tomas B. Ny.
Wheeler, Hettie Grace 12-1-1878 Flora Tp. F=George G. B. Ny. M=Helen M. Foster B. Ny.
Wheeler, Lewis Raymond 2-25-1883 Belvidere F=Lewis Edward B. Madison, Ny. M=Mary R. Ames B. Westfield, Ny.
Wheeler, Lulu 12-5-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=Elliott B. Illinois M=Ellen Holmes B. Iowa.
Wheeler, Maud Adell 10-22-1878 Poplar Grove F=Wright W. B. Poplar Grove M=Hattie A. Bounds B. Ny.
Wheeler, Son 9-15-1897 P. Grove F=Edwin E. B. Brown Tp. M=Mary Secoy B. Manchester Tp.
Wheeler, Vera Louise 11-20-1897 Delayed.
Wheeler, Viola 3-24-1882 Belvidere F=Franklin B. Ny. M=Lydia C. Fox B. Ny.
Whitcomb, Edwin 3-13-1878 Boone Tp. F=Edwin B. Alleghany Co.Ny.
Whitcomb, Edwin 3-13-1878 M=Mary Frances Champlin B. Cansan? Col. Co. Ny.
White, Geraldine 1-1-1899 Garden Pr. F=A. Gates B. Marengo M=Mary A. Childs B. Ypsilante,Mich.
White, Mar Kella 9-9-1888 Bonus Tp. F=A. Gates B. Marengo M=Mary A. Childs B. Upsilanti,Mich.
White, Son 8-21-1892 Bonus Tp. F=A. Gates W- B. Marengo M=Mary Childs B. Upsilanti,Mich.
White, Son 9-3-1890 Belvidere F=B. Lake Geneva,Wisc. M=B. G. Prairie.
Whiteman, Son 10-8-1894 Belvidere F=Frank B. Steuben Co.Ny. M=Katie Malcomb B. Salem,Ill.
Whiteside, Charles 7-16-1887 Belvidere F=M. S. B. Cin.(Cincinnati) ,Ohio M=Nellie Jacobs B. Nashville,Nc.
Whiting, Etta Josephine 9-20-1887 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. A. B. Ill. M=Della Eliz. Warren B. Ill.
Whiting, Letta Anna 8-28-1892 Delayed.
Whiting, Maggie L. 12-25-1884 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. A. B. ? M=Della E. Warren B. ?
Whiting, Maggie Lillian 12-25-1883 Delayed.
Whitman, Bessie May 12-10-1892 Belvidere F=Clarence Hiram B. Belvidere M=Annie Maud Reni B. Mt.Morris,Ill.
Wickes, Dtr. 1-4-1880 P. Grove F=Wm. M. B. Boone Co. M=Jennie M. Armstrong B.Schoharie Co.Ny. (In Cobleskill).
Wicks, Arthur Guy 1-26-1891 Belvidere F=Wm. Thomas B. Warwickshire,Engl.
Wicks, Arthur Guy 1-26-1891 M=Anna C. Young B. Cleveland,Ohio.
Wicks, Dtr. 9-26-1885 P. Grove F=Wm. B. Ny. M=Mary Jane Armstrong B. Ny.
Wicks, Edna May (Over Ethel) 2-25-1891 Belvidere F=Arthur Henry B. Birmingham,Engl.
Wicks, Edna May (Over Ethel) 2-25-1891 M=Annie Dunn B. Dundee,Scotl.
Wicks, Lillie M. 9-23-1887 Belvidere F=Arthur B. Birmingham,Engl. M=Annie Dunn B. ?
Wicks, Minnie 4-7-1883 Boone Tp. F=Wm. B. Ill. M=Jennie A. B. Ny.
Widgreen, Arthur Eli Lionel 8-27-1893 Belvidere F=Hans Theodore B. Stockholm,Sweden
Widgreen, Arthur Eli Lionel 8-27-1893 M=Lena Hannah Engleberth B. Belvidere.
Wiffin, Charles 9-7-1878 Belvidere F=Frederick B. ? M=Jennie Horan B. Belvidere.
Wiffin, Courtney Caskley 9-12-1883 Belvidere F=Frederick B. England M=Mary Jane Horan B. Canada.
Wiffin, Dtr. 7-3-1884 Spring Tp. F=Jeremiah B. England M=Alice Gouch B. Ill.
Wiffin, Son 2-18-1888 Spring Tp. F=Jeremiah B. Ill. M=Alice Good B. Ill.
Wilcox, Eliza Annette 7-18-1872 Delayed.
Wilcox, Son 2-19-1879 Flora Tp. F=Unknown M=Cora E. Wilcox B. Flora Tp.
Willard, Dtr. 6-23-1884 Belvidere F=Luther C. B. York State M=Hattie J. Allen B. York State.
Willard, Fleming 9-2-1884 Boone Tp. F=Friend J. B. Boone Tp. M=Susanna R. Caleder B. Boone Tp.
Willard, Frank R. 4-2-1887 Belvidere F=L. C. B. Pike, Ny. M=Hattie Allen B. Gainsville,Ny.
Willard, Harold Allen 7-8-1891 Delayed.
Willard, Leroy 2-22-1883 Boone Tp. F=Friend J. B. Boone Co. M=Susannah Rosabel Calender B. Boone Co.
Willard, Sarah 4-9-1857 Delayed.
Willet, Wm. 6-27-1878 Belvidere F=George B. Manchester, England M=Mary Celia Hegil B. Manchster,Engl.
Willets, Bertie 7-5-1878 Caledonia Tp. F=Edwin B. Caledonia,Wisc. M=Albeom ? Webster B. Boone Co.
Williams, Dtr. 1-18-1893 Belvidere F=Charles H. B. Spring Tp. M=Anna M. Agard B. Fielding,Ill.
Williams, Son 9-14-1889 Manchester Tp. F=Ira B. Batavia,Ill. M=Dora Belle Reed B. Momence,Ill.
Williams, Stella Eliz. 1-18-1893 Delayed.
Willott, Charlie 3-28-1879 P. Grove F=Joseph S. B. Rockton, Ill. M=Rose Bishop B. Spring Tp..
Wilson, Alexander C. 7-3-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert B. Scotland M=Eliz. Mcnair B. Caledonia Tp.
Wilson, Annie Lucile 4-28-1890 Caledoonia Tp. F=Wm. Jr. B. Scotland M=Kate Mcnair B. Caledonia Tp.
Wilson, Homer Coles 8-13-1894 Delayed.
Wilson, Irene 5-3-1885 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert B. Scotland M=Eliz. M. Mcnare B. Scotland.
Wilson, Mary 5-4-1879 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert B. Calbridge,Scotland M=Eliz. Mcnair B. Caledonia,Ill.
Wilson, Ross 2-23-1886 Caledonia Tp. F=Thos, Jr. B. Scotland M=Agnes Smith B. Scotland.
Wilson, Rowena 11-22-1891 Leroy Tp. F=James Hassan? B. Linn,Wisc. M=Della Eleste? B. Hebron
Wilson, Thomas 8-1-1880 Caledonia Tp. F=Robert B. Scotland M=Eliz. Colville Mcnair B. Caledonia Tp.
Wincapaw, Della Bertie 1-3-1892 Delayed.
Wincapaw, Edna Lulu 7-8-1881 Delayed.
Wincapaw, Gardner 4-7-1894 Beaverton F=Xavier G. B. Warren,Me. M=Eva Emery B. Leroy Tp.
Wincapaw, Glen Emery 5-30-1893 Beaverton F=Xavier G. B. Warren,Me. M=Eva S. Emery B. Manchester Tp.
Wincapaw, Katie 3-20-1885 Blaine F=Xavier B. Warren,Me. M=Eva S. Emery B. Leroy Tp.
Wincapaw, Lila 1-13-1892 Beaverton F=Xaiver B. Warren Me. M=Sarah Eva Emery B. Leroy Tp.
Wincapaw, Son 3-22-1878 Caledonia Tp. F=Xavier G. B. Me. M=Abby S. Emery B. Boone Co.
Wing, Dtr. 3-11-1878 Belvidere F=David S. B. Belvidere. M= Ida V. Shaw B. Belvidere.
Wing, Vincent Johnson 10-25-1882 Belvidere F=Fred B. Ny. M=Sarah Laurie B. U.S.?
Winkie, Dtr. 4-8-1891 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. B. Germany M=Mrs. B. Germany.
Winne, Clarence F. 12-15-1880 Spring Tp. F=Francis A. B. Springfield,Ill. M=Etta Merrillb. Polk, Iowa.
Winne, Dtr. 5-5-1878 Leroy Tp. F=Addison J. B. Albany,Ny. M=Martha Louisa Ruso B. Albany,Ny.
Winne, Louis Allen 12-30-1889 Delayed.
Winne, Raymond Seymour 1-26-1897 Delayed.
Winne, Son 12-26-1887 Spring Tp. F=Francis B. Spring Tp. M=Etta Merrill B. Bremer Co.Ia.
Winnie, Blanche 7-28-1885 Spring Tp. F=Francis A. B. Spring Tp. M=Etta Merrill B. Waverly,Iowa
Winnie, Helen Kathryn 12-17-1897 Delayed.
Wise, Caroline 10-14-1868 Delayed.
Wise, Mary Frances 8-30-1871 Delayed.
Witbeck, Ethel 10-13-1880 Flora Tp. F= J. L. B. Grene Co.,Ny. M=Ettie O. Olney B. Michigan.
Witbeck, Helen Eliz. 12-21-1895 Belvidere F=Olney B. Flora Tp. M=Jennie June Bennet B. Belvidere.
Witbeck, Mary Louise 7-17-1894 Flora Tp. F=Olney B. Belvidere M=Jennie June Bennet B. Belvidere.
Witt, Son 30-1882 Spring Tp. F=Charles B. Illinois M=Alice Brainard B. Illinois.
Witter, Dtr. 11-17-1888 Flora Tp. F=Fred S. B. Flora Tp. M=Mary Neff B. Flora Tp.
Witter, Dtr. 6-26-1879 Manchester Tp. F=Albert D. B. Boone Co. M=Laura Young B. Boone Co.
Witter, Jessie Gertrude 5-13-1891 Flora Tp. F=Fred Seward W- B. Flora Tp. M=Mary Neff B. Flora Tp.
Witter, Son 8-23-1893 Flora Tp. F=Fred S. B. Flora Tp. M=Mary Neff B. Flora Tp.
Witter, Son 9-20-1881 Manchester Tp. F=Albert D. B. Ill. M=Luna Young B. Ill.
Wixon, 6-2-1887 Bonus Tp. F=Walter B. Bonus Tp. M=Nettie Keeler B. Bonus Tp.
Wixon, Belle Sophronia 7-13-1890 Bonus Tp. F=Walter B. B. Bonus Tp. M=Nettie Keeler B. Bonus Tp.
Wixon, Emma R. 8-26-1891 Bonus Tp. F=Walter G?. Bonus Tp. M=Nettie Keeler B. Bonus Tp.
Wixon, Ennis 11-4-1895 Bonus Tp. F=Walter B. Boone Co. M=Nettie E. Keeler B. Boone Co.
Wixon, Fern Violet 10-26-1893 Delayed.
Wolcot, Joseph 1-21-1880 Spring Tp. F=Joseph B. ? M=Mary Robinson B. ?
Wolcott - See Wolcot.
Wolcott, Wm. Loren 12-23-1879 Delayed.
Wolf, Mary Julietta 8-4-1873 Delayed.
Wolfram, Alma Frances 4-7-1890 Delayed.
Wolfram, Grace Ellen 11-8-1893 Delayed.
Wood, Charles Elgin 11-27-1878 Capron F=Wm. H. B. Brooklyn,Ny. M=Mary A. Goothie B. Halifax, England.
Wood, Earl 4-29-1883 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Ohio M=Katherine Barton B. Ny.
Wood, Eliz. Archer 3-17-1882 Delayed.
Wood, Pearl 1-14-1886 Belvidere F=Wm. B. Whitley Co.Ohio M=Kate Barton B. Brooklyn,Ny.
Woodruff, Carmen R. 4-8-1895 Belvidere F=Henry A. B. Marengo M=Georgiana King B. Eagle,Ill.
Woodruff, Son 12-24-1888 Belvidere F=Ernest L. B. Ny. M=Nancy L. Dewolf B. Genoa,Ill.
Woodruff, Wm. Leaman 8-3-1882 Russelville. F=Ernest L. B. Ill. M=Nancy Dewolf B. Illinois.
Woods, Donald 7-19-1899 Blaine F=Warren M. B. Sharon,Wisc. M=Nettie E. Klumph B. Leroy Tp.
Woods, Esther Viola 6-7-1897 Blaine F=Warren B. Sharon,Wisc. M=Janetta E. Klumph B. Leroy Tp.
Woods, Everett Earl 10-4-1891 Belvidere F=Wm. F. B. Ohio M=Hattie Brown B. Caledonia Tp.
Woods, Grace Lucile 10-3-1884 Delayed.
Woodward, Albert R. 3-4-1883 Flora Tp. F=Frank Albert B. Boone Co. M=B. Ny.Jessie Francis Whipple.
Woodward, Clare W. 6-17-1885 Flora Tp. F=Frank B. Boone Co. M=Jessie Whipple B. Ny.
Woodward, Earl Alonzo 8-24-1884 Flora Tp. F=Pliny Fish W- B. Flora Tp. M=Ida F. Jarvis B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Woodward, Edith Myrtle 1-6-1882 Flora Tp. F=Pliny F. B. Flora Tp. M=Ida Florence Jarvis B. Mayfield Tp.Ill.
Woodward, Glenn J. 10-9-1886 Flora Tp. F=Pliny Fisk W- B. Flora Tp. M=Ida Florence Jarvis B. Dekalb Co.Ill.
Woodward, Grace Eliz. 7-28-1887 Belvidere F=Frank B. Flora Tp. M=Jessie Whipple B. Herkimer Co.Ny.
Wooster, John H. 11-30-1886 Capron F=George B. Ill. M=Helen Nichols B. Ill.
Wooster, Paul Cramer 3-8-1881 Delayed.
Wrate, Janet Elsie 11-19-1887 Belvidere F=A. B. Malden,Ill. M=Emma Palmer B. Belvidere.
Wright, Bernice Clara 12-15-1894 Delayed.
Wright, Charles 5-3-1894 Manchester Tp. F=Clayton G. B. Blaine M=Fannie Little B. Manchester Tp.
Wright, Eddie 9-25-1886 Manchester Tp. F=Clayton G. B. Blaine M=Fannie Little B. Manchester Tp.
Wright, Elias 7-19-1899 Manchester Tp. F=Clayton G. B. Blaine M=Fannie Little B. Manchester Tp.
Wright, Georgia Helen 10-11-1886 Belvidere F=Robert W. B. Belvidere M=B. Champaign,Ill.
Wright, Mary Ethel 4-13-1884 Manchester Tp. F=Clayton G. B. Lrory Tp. M=Fannie Little B. Manchester Tp.
Wright, Millie 5-13-1884 Blaine F=James L. B. Manchester Tp. M=Clara Field B. Providence, R.I.
Wright, Neil Earle 2-28-1898 Boone Co. F=Ellsworth B. Ill. M=Clara Tripp B. Boone Co.
Wright, Newel Glen 3-10-1886 Manchester Tp. F=James L. B. Manchester Tp. M=Clara Field B. Providence,R.I.
Wright, Raymond Foster 7-15-1882 Delayed.
Wright, Son 7-10-1882 Blaine F=James B. Manchester Tp. M=Clara A. Field B. Providence R.I..
Wylde, Frank B. 3-25-1884 Belvidere F=Samuel B. England M=Emma Lanning B. Ill.
Wylde, Henry Anson 2-23-1882 Spring Tp. F=Samuel B. England M=Emma A. Lanning B. Illinois.
Wylie, Nina Elva 10-11-1882 Caledonia Tp. F=Wm. A. B. Vt. M=Elizabeth Mcwherter B. Ohio.
Wyman, Margaret Eunice 6-22-1894 Belvidere F=Warren L. B. Suffield,Conn.
Wyman, Margaret Eunice 6-22-1894 M=Emma L. Yaw B. Darlington,Wisc.
Wyman, Mildred Louise 1-2-1891 Belvidere F=Warren L. B. Suffield,Conn. M=Emma L. Yaw B. Darlington,Wisc.

Yeoman -See Yoeman.
Yeoman, Anni Laurie 11-12-1893 Blaine F=Charles Judson B. Leroy Tp. M=Florence Adeline Klumph B. Leroy Tp.
Yeoman, Cora 2-17-1887 Blaine F=Belden B. Leroy Tp. M=Florence A. Cramer B. Belvidere
Yeoman, Dorhan Raleigh 1-10-1880 Parks Crners F=Belden B. Union Crners M=Florence Addelah Cramer B.B-
Yocum, Maud Evaline 1-30-1884 Boone Co. F=Daniel B. Columbia Co.Pa. M=Elsie E. Campbell B. Lake Co. Ind.
Yocum, Ralph 9-9-1883 Belvidere F=Sol. P. B. Penn. M=Mary Phelps B. Ny.
Yoeman - See Yeoman.
Yoeman, Grace Erma 3-11-1896 Blaine F=Charles Judson B. Leroy Tp. M=Florence Adaline B. Leroy Tp.
Young, Dtr, 9-18-1878 Leroy Tp. F=Oscar B. Nh. M=Cynthia Wright B. Illinois.
Yourt, Walter Lane 4-3-1882 Belvidere F=John H. B. Belvidere M=Alida J. Cane B. Ny.

Ziech, Charlie 4-22-1879 Spring Tp. F=Albert B. Germany M=Hattie Gould B. Wisc.
Zillmer, Willis 11-7-1892 Bonus Tp. F=August B. Stralsund,Prussia M=Minnie F. Rewoldt B. Bonus Tp.
Zinser, Francis Howard 12-2-1889 Belvidere F=John Christian B. Baden,Germany
Zinser, Francis Howard 12-2-1889 M=Alice Catharine Dullam B. Wisc.
Zuck - See Ziech.
Zuck, Alice 12-11-1882 P. Grove F=Franklin J. B. Erie Co.Pa. M=Emma Harmon B. Boone Co.
Zuck, Son 4-3-1881 P. Grove F=Franklin J. B. Erie Co.Pa. M=Emma Harmon B. Boone Tp.


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