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Blaine and Hunter Historical Recorder
A Complete History of the Pioneer Life in the Townships of Leroy and Manchester
Boone County, Illinois
By Rev. J. T. McMullen

Book Is At Ida Public Library History Room In Belvidere, Ill..
Extracts from this book were transcribed By Martin W. Johnson, Belvidere, Illinois Area Historian.

Adams, David & Family P. 57. From Ny. State. Came In 1846. Retired In 1883 To Clinton, Wisc.. Born 1817. Son Willis. Dtr. Grace. Son George R.. Other Children Are Marriett, Ira C., Elmer, Clarence & Mrs. J. F. Lindermann & Mrs. Youngs Of Roscoe, Ill.

Baker, Elias & J. S. (J. S. Father Of Guard Baker) P. 19. Came About 1840.

Ball, Thomas P. 63. Born In England. Went To Canada 1836. Then In 1840 To Beloit, Wisc. 1845 Came Here. Sons John & Fred. Fred Married Miss B. Ray. Freds Sons Are Frank & Jesse. Dtr. Is Annie (Mrs. Fred Peters).

Blaine Methodist Church Picture P. 39. Built In 1862 .

Bowman, Benjamin & Eligah P. 21. Came 1841. Ben Jamin Was Born 2-27-1810 In Luzerne Co. Penn. Married 1831 Miss Frances Parks A Sister Of John Parks.

Bowman, Samuel & Bishop Bowman (Cousins Of Benjamin & Eligah P. 21. Samuel Died 11-18-1884. His Son Elijah Died In Civil War. Buried In Round Prairie Cem. Here. Elijah Sr. Had A Dtr. Ada, Wife Of Rev. G. L. S. Stuff. Benjamin Married Miss Katie Emery.

Cady, Dewitt C. & Son Alvah P. & Brother Wm. Cady & Cousin Horace D. P. 49. Dewitt C. Born In Oneida Co. Ny. 1828. Came Here In Nov. 1836. His Father = Alvah Cady Came To Manchester Twp. 1836. Dewitt Married Miss Lavina Hill. He Was In Co. H. 12ill. His Brother Wm. & Horace D. Also Enlisted In Civil War. Sister Of Dewitt = Mrs. Connell. Alvah's Brother Came With Them Her.

Chamberlain, Joseph P. 13. Came From Delaware Co. Ny. Born In 1813 In Battlrboro, Vt. His Father Died Early. His Mother & Sons Carman, Alfred, Lewis & Joseph. Settled Here In Fall Of 1836. In 1839 Joseph Married Sallie P. Hovey. Joseph Died 11-4-1891. His Son Leroy E. Chamberlain. Married 1881 Miss Kittie Brett Of Whitewater, Wisconsin. They Had Children - Maude E., Harry, Le Roy & Floyd. Kitties Brother Charles Brett Lives In Capron, Ill.

Clay, Joseph P. 61. Retired To Caledonia.

Clay, Joseph Picture P. 59.

Cramer, William & Isaac Cramer (Brothers) P. 33. Came 1840's.. Isaac Lives In Sharon, Wisc. Sister Is Mrs. Alex Klumph.

Culver, Homer & Clarke & Henry Culver (Brothers) P. 25. Came 1841 -1842. M. Culver Is A Grandson Of Henry Culver.

Daniel, John (Father Of Samuel & David) P. 27. Born Penn. To Ohio As A Young Man. 1841 To Ill. With Wife & 8 Sons. = Samuel - Here, Wesley - At Prior, Iowa, David - Of Blaine Had 5 Children = Martha, Died Age 2. Lucy, Wife Of C. C. Leech Of Denver. Mary, Wife Of M. F. Duryea Of Iowa. Morris H., Parmelia, Wife Of D.G. Webster Late Of Blaine.

Dodge, Arnold P. 33. Came Here In 1845. His Dtr. Married Peter Van Antwerp. Another Dtr. Married D. Marshall. Says In 1846 3 Brothers Kirk, George & Joseph Came To Leroy Twp. (No Last Names).

Dullum, Thomas & Children P. 31. 1844 To Leroy Twp. Married Miss Downing. 6 Children = John Died In Beloit, Wisc. Wm. Died In Rockford, Ill. Lucy (Mrs. John Bird) Of Sharon, Wisc. Mary (Mrs. Jacob Shager) Of Sharon, Wisc. Robert, George Of Sharon, Wisc.

Earngy, Samuel Rev. Picture P. 41.

Ellsworth, Sherwood A. & Family P. 55. Born In Ny. State 1814. As A Infant To Bennington, Vt. His Father Died There. 1842 To Manchester Twp. Married Miss Maria Steel. 4 Sons = Elmer, George, John & Edwin D. Married 2nd Wife Miss S. J. Sheron Of Bennington, Vt. Son = Jerome B. , Who Married Miss Catherine Campbell, A Sister Of Mrs. L. A. Watts & Mrs. Mcmillan Of Belvidere. Their Brothers Are Duncan Campbell Of Hunter & Archie Campbell Of Beloit, Wisc. Jerome Ellsworth Had 9 Children. Living Are -Clarence, Eunice,

Florence, John A., Stanley A., Everett & Ada.

Goodall, Home Of A. W. Goodall P. 37.

Goodall, William (Father Of Thomas, Robert & William Goodall) P. 25. Came To U.S. With Samuel Noble. Three Sons - Thomas, Robert & William Jr. Who Married Miss Saluda Robbins, Sister Of Thomas Robbins.

Griffis, Owen P. 55. Native Of Vt. In 1846 Came Here. Married Mary Steel A Native Of Vt. Son Bert Married Miss Ralston, A Sister Of Thomas Ralston. Children Of Bert = Mary (Mrs. Osgood). Bertie, Willie, Eva, Olive & Owens (Twins). Berts 2nd Wife = Miss M. Ralston. Owen Sr.'s Son Dwight Married Miss Elva Hanson, Dtr. Of Sylvester Hanson. They Had Dtrs. Rena & Lena (Twins). Sons Earl, Ralph, Harvey & Leonard. A Sister Of Bert & Dwight Is Miss Fidelia Griffis. Owen Griffis Sr. 2nd. Wife Was Miss Harriet Fillingham.
Hammon, Levi (Grandfather To L. W. Hammon) P. 11. Settled Here 1836. Married Miss Hattie Schellenger, Dtr. Of Capt. Schellenger Of 95th Ill. Two Children - Mabel & Ray.

Hanson, John & Sylvester & Nathaniel P. 47. Came In 1836. John's Son Is Alfred. Sylvester Married Miss Whitcomb. Their Dtr. Mrs, Eva Griffis. Nathaniel Has A Dtr. Mrs. E. W. Livingston. & A Grand Dtr. Mrs. R. G. Ramey.

Hartwell, William & Family P. 57. (See Lebring / Sebring P. 57. ).

Hayden, Ormond & A. S. Hayden (Brothers) P. 15. Ormond Came Here 1835 From From Ohio. A. S.

Hayden, Uncle John & Mrs. C. M. H. Wright Pictures P. 7. Joined 10th Wisconsin .

Hovey, G. H. (Grandfather Of Eugene Hovey) P. 19. Born In England 1817. 1832 To To Ohio. 1837 To Blaine. Married Miss Sarah Norris, Who Died A Year Latter. 2nd. Wife Miss Fannie Webster Dtr, Of Daniel Webster Of Ny.

Hunter Methodist Church Picture P. 65. Built In 1893.

Hurd, Robert B. P. 19. First Post Master Till His Death In 1849.

Kelley, D. S. Picture P. 47.

Klumph, Joseph, Augusta Alfred & Benson (4 Brothers) P. 27. 3 Came In 1841 & Benson Came A Couple Years Latter. All Sons Of Jacob Klumph Of Chautauqua Co. Ny. Of German Ancestry. Bensons Son Alex Was In 95th Ill.. & Married Elizabeth Cramer Of Ohio. They Had Sons Joseph & A. B. Klumph.

Lambert, James B. Picture P. 13.

Lambert, Jeremiah A. & James B. Lambert (Brothers) P. 13. Came West To Blaine In 1836 & Originally Named It Round Prairie. James B. Has A Son Walley.

Landon, John P. 9. Came To Blaine In 1835. Died In 1837. His Brother Was Martin Langdon Who Came About The Same Time. He Was Grandfather Of Mrs. E. Mccollum.

Lawshe, Abram (Father Of W. C. Lawshe & Grandfather Of Fuller Lawshe) P.31. Abram Was Born 1806 In Penn. 1837 To Ohio. Married Miss Hannah Parks, Dtr. Of Thomas & Elizabeth Parks. To Leroy Twp. Late 1840's.

Lebring, Isaac B. (= Sebring) (Father Of I. V. Lebring (= Sebring)) P. 57 & 59. A Maternal Relative William Hartwell Came Over On The Mayflower. One Thousand Descendants Have A Reunion In Concord, Nh. The Grand Father Hartwell Was In War Of 1812. His Father William Was In Rev. War. The Grand Father Lebring / Seibring Originated In Holland. Untill Becoming A Farmer In America.

Lilley, Home Of Joseph R. Picture , Sharon, Wisc. (On Co. Line). P. 35.

Lilley, Home Of Joseph R. Lilley P. 35.

Linderman, Lewis D. (Father Of Bennett & James F. Linderman) P. 61. Came To Rock Co., Wisc. 1837. Came Here 1843. Sons Bennett & James F. Linderman. Brothers Henry Came In 1843. His Son Charles A. Married Miss Mary Grant. Grandson Fred S. Married Miss G. Burlingame. Luther Linderman Is A Brother Of Lewis D. Linderman.

Livingston, Jacob P. 51. One Of First Settlers. Son E. W. Married Miss Hanson. Mrs. Edwin Livingston Jr. Was Formerly Miss Tuttle.

Markle, Grandpa & Son Jesse P. 33. Came Her 1846. 1812 Veteran. Son Jesse Was Was In Civil War. (Co. C. 13th Wisc.).

Mccollum, James A. P. 27. Born In Nh. 1803. 1832 To Michigan. Married Lucretia Walker Of Nh.. To Indiana, Then Sycamore, Ill 1836. 1846 To Capron, Ill. 5 Girls, 2 Boys. Son James A. Jr. Was In 13th Ill. Died L. Gap, Ga. 1863. Natl. Cem. Son Edwin E. Died A Few Yrs. Ago. Was In Co. F. 45th Ill. He Married Miss Clarinda Landon. Their Dtr. Married A. Hood. Dtr. Edna (Mrs. Taylor Of Belvidere). Dtrs. Lillian & Ruby E.. Son Ray F.

Mccullum, James Picture P. 29.

Mcmullen, J. T. Rev. Picture Of P. 2.

Millard, William R. P. 25. Born In Colunbia Co. Penn. 7-1-1813. Son Of Reese Millard, A Native Of Berkshire Co. Penn. 1832 To Michigan. His Father Died & He Returned Home. Married Miss M. Moore. 1838 To Dixon, Ill. 1842 To Boone Co. Six Children: Frances, Catherine (Mrs. Philip Stall), Dorcas, Elizabeth (Mrs. D. H. Jones), Susan (Mrs. Thomas Robbins), Clarinda R. (Mrs. Hiram Day), Emmor K. , Who Married Miss Hattie Livermore Of Ny. , Mary M. (Mrs. C. B. Wincapaw).

Munger, H. P. 19. Had A Store At Blaine Corners. Dtr. Married Rev. Wm. Cross.

Noble, Samuel (Father Of John Noble) P. 23. Born 1819 In England. 1842 To U.S. From Yorkshire, England. Married In Yorkshire To Miss Elizabeth Goodall, Dtr. Of Wm. She Died & Buried At Sea. 2nd. Wife Was Diana, First Wifes Sister. 1842 To Oneida Co. Ny. His Son John Married Miss S. J. Bird, Dtr. Of Henry. She Died. 2nd. Wife Miss M. Williams. She Died.

Parks, Samuel P. 25. Came 1842. Founded Parks Corners. Brother In Law Of Mrs. Benjamin Bowman.

Perrot, Nicholas P. 5 1671 Sent To Chicago, Ill. By Canadian Govt. For Peace Conference With Western Indians Of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Prindle, John P. 31. Native Of Mass.. & Ny. 1842 To Kenosha, Wisc..Then Boone Co. 2 Sons, 3 Dtrs. Son Franklin In 13th Wisc. Age 19, Died 3 Months Latter. & Son S.W. In Belvidere.

Ramsey, James & Family P. 51. Came Here 1837. A 1812 War Brittish Soldier. 15 Yrs. A Soldier. Went From Canada To Ohio. Married Miss Hannah Richardson. 6 Boys. 3 Girls. 3 Boys In Civil War. Son Thomas Lives In Belvidere. Son John. Son Reuben. Son James Retired To Clinton, Wisc. Son Nathaniel Was In 1st. In Seige Of Petersburg. Son Wallace J. Was In 12th Ill. In Gettysburg. Lives In Caledonia. Married Miss H. Peters. Son Wm. 1st. Minn. Was At Bull Run Etc… Son John Died Some Time Ago In In Wisconsin. Dtr. Mrs. T. J. Hinton. & Dtr. Mrs. G. Hinton, Both Living In Wisc.

Ramsey, W. G. Picture P. 49.

Robbins, Mathias P. 33. Born I Columbus Co. Penn. Married Sarah Conder. 1820 Moved To Ohio. Fall Of 1848 To Illinois. 7 Children. Son Thomas Married Miss Amanda Creveling, They Had 2 Children- Son Wm. Russell- Deceased. Dtr. Bertha May. Amanda Died 11-5-1873. 2nd Wife Of Thomas = Miss Susan Millard, Dtr, Of Wm. Millard.

Sebring - See Lebring Printing Error In Booklet).

Smith, H. H. (Henry E.). P. 63. From England To Canada. 1838 To Beloit, Wisc. Then Lead Mines At Galena, Ill. 1847 Came Here. Married Harriet Steele Sister Of Mrs. Owen Griffis & Mrs. Sherwood Ellsworth.

Stocking, Charles P. 21. Came About 1840.

Streeter, William & Jacob (Brothers. P. 17. Came Here 1838.

Van Dyke, Cornelius (Father Of Jeffers Van Dyke) P. 21. Came About 1839-1840.

Van Ness, James Rev. (Baptist Preacher) P. 15. Came 1830's.

Walker, L. S. Rev. (Methodist Preacher) P. 17. Born 4-24-1809 Claremont, Nh. Methodist Episcopal Minister 1833 In Indiana. 1834 To Peoria, Ill. 1837 In Sycamore, Ill. Traveling Minister. Died 12-13-1884 At Dtr. Melsena's Home. He Was A Uncle Of Mr. E. Mccollum.

Ward, Christopher (Father Of Alfred Ward) P. 63. Born In Yorkshire, England June 6, 1802. To America 1824 To Ny.. Then Canada. 1850 Came Here. His Son Alfred Ward

Warren, Mr. P. 61. Born In England. Went To Batavia, Ny. In 1846 Came Here. Married Grace Dullam, Dtr. Of William. Dtrs. Anna (Mrs. Jesse Dennis). Henrietta (Mrs. W. Wilson). Ellen (Mrs. George Ziegus) Of Sharon, Wisc.. Son Stephen M. Of Sharon, Wisc. Married Miss Prindle, Dtr. Of John. Stephen's Son's. Jesse Married Agnes Ericson. Ans Will Warren.

Webster, Jonathan (Father Of David Webster) P. 27. Settled 1842.

Wilcox, Isaac P. 51. A Early Settler.

Wolley, E. M. Dr. P. 29. Uncle Of L. E. Hammon. Died In Tama Co., Iowa.

Wright, Gibson Log Cabin Picture (Pencil Drawing) 1843 P. 9.

Wright, John & Gibson Wright (Brothers) P. 7 First Settlers Of Round Prairie In 1836. (Original Name For Blaine Area). Gibson Wright Was In Civil War In 95th Ill. He Married Miss C. M. Hayden. Two Sons Clayton Of Blaine & Frank Of Clinton, Wisc.

Wright Picture- See Hayden.


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