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Civil War Draft Registrations
Transcribed by Martin Johnson

Formatted for Genealogy Trails by Kim Torp

U.S. Draft Registration Volume One & Two. Class 1.
(Does not include Class 2 Or 3 Or Class Over Age 42)
Congressional District 2

- June 1863 -

*Partial List*

Bailey, Andrew B. 28 B. Ny. Claims To Have Enrolled In Wisc. Caledonia.
Bailey, Solomon H. 20 B. Ny. Co. B. 95 Ill. 7 Months. Caledonia.
Baker, Edward 26 B. Ny. 95 Ill. Caledonia
Barmore - See Boremore.
Bormore, Herman H. (Barmore) 24 B. Mich. 1st. Wisc. Vol. Caledonia.
Bates, Amos M. 24 B. Ny. Co. B. 15 Ill.Onths. Bonus Twp.
Beckington, Robert 20 B. England. Served In 2nd Iowa Inft. Spring Twp.
Beemer, Daniel B. 20 B. Canada . 9 Ill. Cav. 4 Months. Bonus Twp.
Benett, Percas N. 27 B. Ny. 37 Ill. 17 Months. Bonus Twp.
Bennett, L. Hylands 21 B. Ny. 67 Ill. 3 Months. Belvidere.
Brayden, Wm. 28 B. Ireland 95 Ill. 6 Months. Disability.. Belvidere.
Butler, Patrick 31 B. Ireland 6 Mich. Inft. 1 Year. Belvidere.
Butts, Tom H. 33 B. Ny. In Indian Wars 45 Days Capt. Buckles. (9 Mn.) Manchester.
Cadwell, William H. 34 B. Conn. 15 Ill. 18 Months. Diability. Belvidere.
Carpenter, Albert 24 B. Ny. 95 Ill. Belvidere.
Child, Henry F. (Childs) 21 B. Maine. 8 Ill. Cav. 10 Months. Flora Twp.
Childs - See Child.
Clark, Dyer O. 21 B. Ny. 36 Ill. 14 Months. Belvidere.
Cramer, Peter 32 B. Ny. 95 Ill. 6months. Belvidere.
Crocker, Joseph W. 24 B. Maine. 55 Ill. 6 Months. Disability.
Curtis, Thomas 20 B. Ill. 69 Ill. 3 Months. Belvidere.
Demerest, Lemuel 23 B. Mich. Ny Marine Art.(3rd Lt Art.) 8 Months. Belvidere.
Dewolf, Robert 24 B. Penn. 19 Ill. Cav. 13 Months. Disability. Spring Twp.
Drake, Burton 25 B. Ny. Co. B. 95 Ill. 8 Months. Bonus Twp.
Earnest, Jefferson 20 B. Ohio 67 Ill. 4 Months. Flora Twp.
Evarts, John (Everts) 22 B. Ny. Ill. Vol.S 6 Months. Discharged. Boone Twp.
Everts - See Evarts.
Fields, George 21 B. Ohio 13th Ill. 2 Months. Spring Twp.
Ford, Walter G. 23 B. Ny. 24th Ny. Vol.S. 2 Years. Belvidere.
Gile, George 21 B. Ny. 11th Ill. Inft. Discharged. Caledonia.
Groosbeck, Stephen (Grousbeck) 22 B. Ny. 4th Iowa Cav. Disability. Leroy Twp.
Grosebeck - See Groosbeck.
Grummond, Sidney 22 B. Ny. 74 Ill. Disability. Flora Twp.
Hanson, George E. 20 B. Nh. 95 Ill. Caledonia.
Hill, Merritt 20 B. Ny. 42 Ill. & 58 Ill. Belvidere.
Hill. Robert 21 B. Canada 65 Ill. Caledonia.
Kelley, Thomas 20 B. Ireland Co. B. 95 Ill. Spring Twp.
King, S. W. 27 B. Ny. 9 Ill. Cav. 1 Year. Flora Twp.
Lawrence, Edwin L. 29 B. Ny. Co. F. 45 Ill. 1 Year. Bonus Twp.
Leonard, Frederick 29 B. Ny. 37 Ill. Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Linderman, Alonzo 25 B. Ny. 9 Ill. Cav. Leroy Twp.
Linnell, Joseph 28 B. Ny. Brackets Cav. Caledonia.
Livingston, Abel F. 22 B. Ny. Co. K. 7 Wisc. Vol. Caledonia.
Marble, Jesse B. 26 B. Penn. Wisc. Inft. Leroy Twp.
Marshall, John 29 B. Ireland 9 Ill Cav. Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Mccollom, Edwin W. 24 B. Ill. Ill. Inft. . Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Mckee, Thomas 24 B. Penn. 15 Ill. 18 Months. Flora Twp.
Moss, James E. 21 B. Ny. Now In Service. Belvidere.
Older, Albert 21 B. Wisc. Ill. Inft. Discharged. Lerpy Twp.
Ostrander, George T. 20 B. Ny. 37 Ill. 7 Months. Bonus Twp.
Patten, James A. (Patton) 27 B. Ny. 13 Wisc. Inft. Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Perkins, Alonzo (Alanson) 24 B. Ny. Wisc. Inft. On Furlow. Leroy Twp.
Porter, William R. 22 B. Maine Served In Valentin Company In Maine. Belvidere.
Rairdon, John R. 23e B. Ny. Co. B. 15 Ill. Bonus Twp.
Ralo - See Rolo.
Randall, Elias S. 24 B. Ny. 9 Iowa Inft. 14 Months. Disability. Spring Twp.
Robbinson, Plummer 21 B. Maine 9 Ill. Cav. 14 Months. Discharged. Flora Twp.
Rolo, Artemus (Ralo) 26 B. Delaware Co. Ny. 95 Ill. 5 Months. Manchester Twp.
Roper, Spencer 21 B. England 37 Ill. 18 Months. Disability. Spring Twp.
Rosenkrance - See Rozenkrance.
Rozenkrance, Jacob D. (Rosencrance) 26 B. Ny. 9 Ill. Cav. 15 Months. Bonus Twp.
Sagden, George 27 B. Ny. Co. D. 12 Ny. 6 Months. Bonus Twp.
Shattuck, Lymond 21 B. N.J. 8 Ill. Cav. 1 Year. Spring Twp.
Smedley, Lyman D. 28 B. Penn. 45 Ill. . Discharged. Belvidere.
Stell, Henry W. (Steele) 24 B. Vt. Ill. Inft.(Co.K.95). Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Stile, Ebenezer (Styles) 30 B. Ohio 21 Iowa Inft. Discharged. Leroy Twp.
Strong, Mavilak B. 24 B. Ny. Co. F. 9 Ill. Cav. 14 Months. Bonus Twp.

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