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Civil War Enlistments
Soldiers who received Bonus Money for Enlisting.




Abbert, Henry - Belvidere.
Adams, Ezra Died Orders To David Adams. (Co.M. 12 Cav. Died 6-23-1864).
Adams, Sardius L. - Spring Co. I. 9th Cav.
Ahern, Dennis (15th) Belvidere.
Aikey, Samuel (14th & 15th.). Pow.
Alden, Charles L. (1st. U.S. Army Corps.) Spring.
Aldrich - See Eldrich.
Alexander, George R. (54th) Flora.
Alexander, John Spring.
Allen, Almeron (153rd) Caledonia.
Allen, John - Belvidere 95th.
Andrews, Edward - Spring Co. F. 17th Cav.
Andrews, Mervin Belvidere. Co. B. 95th.
Anson, John W. 142nd.
Appleton, Horace Flora (9th Cav.).
Ashlan, Peter 95th.
Askey, Thomas (47th ??) Belvidere.
Atkinson, Robert (95th & 134th.).
Austin, Clark C. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To Wife Rosalinda Austin.
Austin, Harmon W. - Spring Co. I. 9th Cav.
Ayers, Benjamin - Flora Co. I. 9th Cav.
Ayers, George (Ayres) 142nd.
Ayres - See Ayers.
Babcock, Alexander (9th Cav.) Flora.
Backes, Michael Belvidere (153rd.).
Bacon, Henry - Co. G. 95th.
Bailey, Austin B. - Spring Co. I. 9th Cav.
Bailey, Harrison Leroy ( 153rd.).
Baizley - See Baizly.
Baizly, James (Baizley) Caledonia. (Co. A. 153rd.).
Baker, John (153rd) Caledonia.
Ball, Frank J. - Belvidere Co. E. 95th.
Ball, John C. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Ball, Thomas - Caledonia Co. K. 95th.
Ballard, Edward 142nd.
Baremore, Harmon H. - Caledonia Co. K. 19th Cav. (17th Cav.?).
Barker, John W. Flora ( 9th Cav.).
Barmaure, Roswell M. (Barmore) Caledonia (153rd.).
Barmore - See Barmaure.
Barnes - See Barns.
Barney, Wm. J. (Z.) Caledonia (153rd. Died 3-18-1865 Camp Fry, Ill.).
Barns, George (Barnes) - Boone - Co. B. 95th.
Barr, James (65th) .
Barr, Joseph Co. E. & K. 65th.).
Barr, William 95th. Orders To James Barr.
Barry, David - Leroy Co. H. 1st. Inft.
Bartley, John (156th) Belvidere.
Bascomb, Thomas (9th Cav.) Boone. (Caledonia).
Bates, Amos M. - Bonus Co. E. 95th.
Baxter, Leslie F. - Flora Co. F. 45th.
Baxter, John S. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To John Baxter.
Beauchamp, Albert G Belvidere 95th.
Beavens, Jacob D. (Bevins) Belvidere. (9th Cav.).
Bedesheam, Mathius (Beitesheim) - Belvidere Co. C. 113th.
Beebe, Lewis B. - Caledonia Co. G. 2nd. Lt. Art.
Benedict, Wellington - Manchester Twp. (12th Cav.).
Benedict, Wellington Orders To Maria Benedict.
Benett - See Bennett.
Bennett, Allen (Benett) Manchester ( 153rd.).
Bennett, L. Hyland 142nd.
Benson - See Bronson.
Berogan, John (1st.U.S. Army Corps.) Flora.
Berogan, Peter (1st.U.S. Army Corps) Flora.
Bevins - See Baevens.
Billings, Daniel W. Belvidere (153rd.).
Bishop, Alexander (Albert ?) (153rd.) Belvidere.
Black, Samuel M. - Belvidere 12th.
Blake, Andrew Manchester (153rd).
Blake, Robert - Boone - 95th.
Blodgett, Luman (Newman ?) - Leroy Co. K. 95th.
Blythe, Charles M. (9th Cav.).Spring.
Bond, Osgood (W.) (153rd.) Bonus.
Bond, Samuel (156th) Belvidere.
Booth, William - Boone (95 & 47th).
Boulton, Henry Flora.
Bowels - See Vowels.
Bowman, Samuel P. - Leroy 95th.
Brace, Wm. (Bruse) (153rd) Caledonia.
Brady, William (9th Cav.). Belvidere.
Branch, Edwin H. Co. I. 9th Cav. Killed 7-12-1864. Orders To Charles Branch.
Brandis, William (14th & 15th).
Braun ?, Herman (Brown) (9th Cav.) Flora.
Briggs, Charles F. 142nd.
Bristol, Lucius F. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Bristol, Nathan S. - Co. G. 95th Ill. Age 19 , 8-1865. Born Belvidere. = Discharge.
Britt, Patrick (12th Inft.). Belvidere.
Brockway, Charles O. 142nd.
Bronson, Benedict S. (L.) (Benson) (153rd.). Boone -
Brown, Ballet (Bartlett) (14th & 15th).
Brown, Caleb N. - Spring Co. I. 9th Cav.
Brown, Henry (9th Cav.) Flora.
Brown, Hubbell D. (153rd.) Boone -
Brown, John (45th).
Brown, Morris F. - Boone - Co. F. 95th.
Brown, Odin 142nd.
Brown, Robert (14th & 15th).
Brown - See Braun.
Brown, Stephen N. (H.) (95th).
Brown, Wm. N. (65th).
Bruse - See Brace.
Buchanan, Wm. M. (153rd) Leroy.
Buck, John (153rd) Caledonia.
Bullock, Elijah E. - Caledonia Co. G. 2nd. Lt. Art.
Burch, Charles W. 142nd.
Burdick - See Burdict.
Burdick, William A. (95th).
Burdict, Harvey S. (Burdick) 142nd.
Burke, James - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Burnett, John C. - Manchester (Elgin Battery).
Burzell, Ezra - Caledonia Co. L. 8th Cav.
Bush, John W. (6th Cav.) Flora.
Butcher, Isaac T. (9th Cav.) Flora.
Butes - See Fox.
Butts - See Fox.
Cady, Deloss H. (1st. Wisc. Or 4th Battery) Manchester.
Cady, Harrison - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Cady - See Cody.
Callaghan, John M. (W.). (14th & 15th).
Callender, Charles (9th Cav.) Spring.
Camp, Chester (153rd) Bonus.
Campbell, Robert Bonus.
Carpenter, John (153rd) Leroy.
Carroll, Michael - Flora Deserted Chicago. (23rd.) (Sub. For W. D. Avery).
Case, Willis Flora Twp. 95th. (& 47th). Orders To Asenath Z. Case.
Casper, Wm. W. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Caswell, Warren - Co. B. 7th Iowa. Age 39, 9-1865. Born Ny. = Discharge.
Chall, John (8th Cav.). Orders To Mrs. John Chall His Wife.
Chamberlin, Tertius Caledonia. (Co. A. 153rd.).
Chambers, Wm. H. 142nd.
Chapel, Henry Flora (Co. E. 29 U.S.C. Inft.).
Chapman, Edwin (C.) (9th Cav.) Bonus.
Cherry, James L. (9th Cav.) Flora.
Childs, Henry F. 95th.
Church, Charles - Belvidere 95th.
Clark, Dyer O.- Co. G. 36th Ill. Age 21, 10-1862. Born Sandy Creek, Ny. =Discharge.
Clark, Henry (9th Cav.) Flora.
Clark, Henry H. - Co. B. 7th Iowa. Age 19, 7-1865. Born Orleans, Vt. = Discharge.
Clark, Samuel J. (14th & 15th).
Clark, Thomas Spring.
Cline, Joseph (9th Cav.). Spring.
Cody - See Cady.
Cody, Charles (9th Cav.). Spring.
Cohoon, Daniel W. 95th. Orders To C. H. Cohoon. (Died 7-2-1864 Memphis, Tenn.).
Cole, John 142nd.
Cole, John W. (9th Cav. & 142nd.) Belvidere.
Coleman, Charles 142nd.
Coleman, Isaac (14th & 15th).
Coleman, Jno. A. - Boone - Co. K. 95th.
Collar - See Coller.
Coller, Smith 9th (95th). Orders To James V. Coller.
Collins, Eli - Spring. (29th U.S.C. Inft.).
Colver, Nathaniel F. - Leroy Co. E. 95th.
Congle, John (9th Cav.). Flora.
Conley, Henry 142nd.
Connelly, Patrick (Connolly) (Co. I. 37th).
Conner, James 95th.
Connolly - See Connelly.
Cook, Amos - Belvidere (47th).
Cooper, Daniel D. ( Co. I. 37th).
Cooper, William (Co. I. 37th).
Corey - See Covey.
Courier ??, George A. Belvidere.
Courtright, James S. - Belvidere Co. B. 15th.
Courtwright, Garner A. (14th & 15th).
Covey, Simon (Corey) (153rd) Caledonia.
Crain, David C. (Crane) (153rd.) Belvidere.
Crain, Fredric D. (Crane) (153rd.) Bonus.
Crandall, Egbert (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Crane - See Crain.
Cray, Andrews J. (Crays) (33rd & 122nd) Boone -
Crays - See Cray.
Crocker, Daniel __? 142nd.
Cummings, Robert - Boone - Co. E. 95th.
Cumpton, Wm. H. 142nd.
Curran, Allen B. (Co. I. 37th).
Curtis, Chester W. Spring.
Curtis, Daniel N. 142nd.
Curtis, Frances H. 95th. Orders To Saesa Curtis.
Curtis, Michael (9th Cav.).
Dale, James Belvidere Co. I. 1st. U.S. Lt. Art.
Dammon - See Damone.
Damone, Alonzo (Dammon) (153rd) Manchester.
Davis, Loyd J. - Caledonia Co. E. 95th.
Davis, George Co. M. (17th. Cav.).
Davis, John G. (14th & 15th).
Dawson, Arthur (14th & 15th).
Dawson, William 142nd.
Day, Daniel Flora (9th Cav.).
Day, Hiram 142nd. (&153rd.).Boone.
Day, Solomon 142nd.
De Goff, Lorenzo (Degroff) - Caledonia Co. K. 19th Cav. (17th).
De Groff - See Degoff.
Dean, George S. - Boone - Co. E. 65th.
Dean, Oraville, E. 142nd.
Delany, Richard - Belvidere Co. B. 95th.
Demerest, Lemuel - Belvidere 95th.
Denio, Jackson (9th Cav.) Flora.
Derendorf - See Devindorf.
Dershen, John Flora.
Desmore - See Dismore.
Devindorf, Erwin (Derendorf) (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Devindorf, Luther (Derendorf) (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Devine - See Divine.
Dickson, Martin. 95th.
Dimmick, Wm W. - Flora (Sub. For H. W. Avery).
Dismore, John (Desmore) - Boone - (Co. K. 95th.).
Divine, Jeremiah (Devine) (95th).
Divird, John T. (153rd.) Spring.
Donaire - See Dure.
Doolittle, Henry M. (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Dorsey, Evermont (29th U.S.C. Inft.) Belvidere.
Doss, Randolph (33rd & 122nd). Boone -
Doss, Thomas S. (122nd) Boone.
Doty, James A. Deserted. Orders To Mrs. Marcia? Doty.
Doty, James N.
Douaire - See Duare.
Downs, Lyman (4th & 95th). Orders To George W. Downs.
Doyle, Henry (153rd.) Caledonia.
Duare, Jules (Douaire & Donaire) (14th & 15th).
Dudley, Martin. (Deserted 7-28-1864 12th & 17th Cav.).
Duffy, John //99th Cav.) Boone (Caledonia).
Dunham, Samuel J. (14th & 15th).
Dunn, Michael (20th) Belvidere.
Dupuy, Garrett 95th. Orders To David Depuy.
Durthick, Dudley 142nd.
Dustin, Joseph B. 142nd.
Dutton, George H. (W.) (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Edson, Charles - Boone - 95th.
Eldrich, David B. (Over Eldrige) - Flora. (Possibly Daniel ?). (Aldrich ?).
Eldrige - See Eldrich.
Ellingson, Christian - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Ellis, John O. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To His Wife.
Elsworth, Eugene (95th). Orders To James Elsworth.
English, William F. (T.) (66th).
Erwin, Stephen 65th.
Everetts, Henry F. - Co. E. 32nd Wisc. Age 31, 12-1864. Lives Portage, Wi.=Discharg.
Fagan, Lawrence. 95th.
Farnsworth, Charles L. Or S (95th) Dead. Orders To Luther Farnsworth.
Farnsworth, Charles Died 9-18-1864 Memphis, Tenn.).
Farnsworth, Darius C. 142nd.
Farr, Myron - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Fenton - See Finton.
Fetram, Jon (John) C. (Fetman) (156th) Belvidere.
Fetman - See Fetram.
Finton, Henry C. (Fenton) (9th Cav.) Flora.
Fish, Marcus H. - Caledonia Co. G. 2nd. Lt. Art.
Fitzer, Levi F. - Boone - Co. Co. E. 95th.
Fitzer, Selioh H. (Co. I. 37th).
Flower, Charles S. (L.) (9th Cav.). Flora.
Ford, John S. (153rd.) Boone.
Foster, James W. - Belvidere Co. A. 1st. Ill. G. Art.
Foster, Samuel P. 142nd.
Fox, George (9th Cav.) Spring.
Fox, Harvey W. (Butts Or Butes) (153rd.) Belvidere.
Fox, Joel C. (9th Cav.).
Fox, Washington I. - Boone - Co. I. 9th Cav.
Francis, Walter - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Fredericks, William P. (Co. I. 37th).
French, John D. (147th ??). Spring.
French, William A. (9th Cav.) Spring.
Fries, Daniel S. G. (9th Cav.) Flora.
Frost, Darius (15th) Belvidere.
Furgeson, Bishop - Boone - Elgin Battery.
Gainer, John (14th & 15th).
Gallagher, Andrew - Belvidere Co. B. 95th.
Gardner, Lorenzo D. (Co. I. 37th).
Gaylord, Horace M. (Co. G. 134th).
Geming, Warren (153rd) Manchester.
Gibler, Levi (Lewis) J. Flora. (Co. I. 54th.).
Gifford, Oscar S. - Mancester Elgin Battery.
Gilmore, Moulton P. (153rd) Caledonia.
Gonier - See Gonyo.
Gonyo, Joseph (Gonier ?) Spring. (Co. K. 9th Cav.).
Gordon, Charles - Spring Co. L. 8th Cav.
Gordon, James B. (Co. I. 37th).
Gordon, John (Co. I. 37th).
Gore, Francis A. (153rd.) Spring.
Gorham, Franklin 142nd.
Gould, James E. R. - Spring 17th Cav.
Gower, Henry (1st. Ill. U.S. Art.).
Grady, John (15th) Flora.
Granger, Henry (9th Cav.). Belvidere.
Grant - See Grout.
Gray, Joseph C. (Grey ?) Belvidere.
Gray, Rollin (12th Cav.). Orders To R. G. Gray.
Gray, Thomas Belvidere.
Grey - See Gray.
Griffeth, Cyrinius - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Groesbeck, Elias H. - Co. C. 13th Wisc. Age 19, 1-1864. Born Albany,Ny.=Discharge.
Groesbeck - See Grosbeck.
Grout. John (12th Cav.?). Orders To Theodore Grout.
Grow, Ira D. - Co. E. 7th Wisc. Age 29, 7-1862. Born Randolph, Vt. = Discharge.
Haak, Edward (153rd ? (Hank, E. S. ). (Houk) Bonus.
Hadley, George (1st. Ill. U.S. Lt. Art. ).
Haff, Matt (Huff, Natt) Flora. (Co. A. 47th & 95th.).
Haight, Albert C. 95th.
Haley, Daniel - Caledonia Co. B. 15th.
Hall, Edward S. (L.) 153rd.) Belvidere.
Haller, Gabriel - Flora Co. G. 105th.
Hambridge, Richard S. (14th & 15th ).
Hammon - See Hannum.
Hammond, Henry S. (153rd.) Belvidere.
Handy, Calvin G. - Co. A. 95th Age 22, 5-1865. Born Janesville Or Painsville,Oh.
Handy, Samuel A. (D. 2-21-1864 Marengo. 12th & 17th Cav.). Orders To Philo Handy.
Hank - See Haak.
Hannum, Barton (Hammon ?) - Belvidere Co. G.95th.
Hanson, John W. - Caledonia Elgin Battery.
Hare, Martin - Flora Co. I. 9th Cav.
Harmon, Moses W. (153rd) Caledonia.
Harmonson, Ole (153rd) Boone -
Harned, Elizah (Elijah ?) - Boone - Co. 95th ( 44th ?).
Harrington, Wm. (9th Cav.). Belvidere.
Harris, Samuel (9th Cav). Flora.
Harrison, John Belvidere.
Hartwell, John Belvidere.
Hastings, Henry - Caledonia Co. C. 4th Cav.
Hathaway, Lorenzo D. 142nd.
Hathaway, Lucien (14th & 15th).
Havens - See Havins.
Havins, William H. (Havens) (Co. I. 37th).
Haynie, William S. 142nd.
Hays, Henry (134th).
Hebel - See Heble.
Heble, Christian (Hebel) - Flora Co. C. 113 Cav. (Inft.).
Hedglin, Elias 142nd.
Hedglin, John Co. I. 9th Cav.
Hegley, Gottlieb (15th) Belvidere.
Heideman, Harmon - Belvidere 95th.
Henesy, James (12th Inft.). Belvidere.
Heppinstall, James (Hipenstall) Spring (Co. A. 153rd.).
Hickman, John R. (9th Cav.). Flora.
Hicks, William F. Boone -
Hicky, James (9th Cav.). Belvidere.
Higgins, Phillip - Caledonia Co. E. 95th.
Hill, Irait (Ira D.) (95th) Bonus.
Hill, Melvin - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Hill, Simon P. (153rd) Boone.
Hipenstall - See Heppinstall.
Hoban, David - Belvidere Co. C. 113th.
Hogan, Frank Belvidere (95th) Or 153rd.)
Hogan, John M. (95th & 5gth ?).
Holden, Thomas - Belvidere 17th Cav.
Hollister, Edson O. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Holmes, Spencer (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Hoppersted, Hilga G. (153rd.) Boone.
Hoppin, Albin Dead. 95th. Orders To Reuben Hoppin His Father.
Horan, John (9th Cav) Caledonia.
Houghtaling - See Seibert.
Houghtaling, John W. (95th & 47th).
Houk - See Haak.
House, George (Honse ?) (Flora ?).
Hovey, Edwin ( 95th). Orders To Sophia K. Hovey.
Hovey, Henry F. (14th & 15th).
Hovey, Roswell E. (95th). Boone -
Hovey, Theron (153rd) Leroy.
How, Alonzo V. (Howe) (9th Cav.) Bonus.
Howard, John (156th.) Belvidere.
Howe - See How.
Howe, Frank O. (14th & 15th).
Hubbell - See Hubble.
Hubble, Frederick E. (Hubbell) (9th Cav.).
Huff - See Haff.
Huffman, Theadore L. ( Co. I. 37th).
Huggett, Albert (9th Cav.) Spring.
Humphrey, James M., 142nd.
Hunt, Frank (9th Cav.). Belvidere.
Hyde, John E. (156th) Belvidere.
Hyde, Newton (142nd & 153rd) Leroy.
Hyde, Newton 142nd.
Jackson, James H. (15th) Belvidere.
Jackson, Wm. F. (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Jacobs, Jeremiah A. 95th Orders To Eliza A. Jacobs.
James, Thomas C. (Co. D. 11th U.S. Cav.). Bonus.
Jenner, Harvey M. (9th Cav.).
Jerome, Frank H. (153rd.) Belvidere.
John, Welter - Belvidere.
Johnson, Christopher (E.) (153rd) Boone.
Johnson, John (47th & 95th ). Orders To Andrew Johnson.
Johnson, Thore 95th.
Jones, Daniel H. Bonus.
Jones, Daniel H. - Co. G. 9th Ill. Cav. Age 32, 10-1865. Born Ny.. = Discharge Paper.
Jones, Daniel H. - Co. I 37th Ill. Age 32, 10-1864. Born Pike, Ny..= Discharge Paper.
Jones, Elias B. (153rd.) Spring.
Jones, Henry (31st.) Flora.
Judd, Eli E. (153rd) Caledonia.
Keefe, John Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To Bartholemew Keefe.
Kelley, Wm J. (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Kelly, William (9th Cav.).Spring.
Kenney, Don A (12th & 17th Cav.). Orders To H. B. Keeney.
Kenney, John Flora.
Kibbey, Theodore A. (153rd.) Bonus.
King, Asaph (9th Cav.) Flora.
King, Wm. C. - Spring Co. F. 17th Cav.
Knox, Oscar C. (153rd.) Caledonia.
Labar, Thomas (Loban) (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Lafever, Robert (95th). Orders To George Lafever.
Landon, James - Co. K. 95th Ill. Age 18, 8-1865. Born Penn. = Discharge Paper.
Landon, James A. (153rd) Leroy.
Landon, John E. - Co. C. 13th Wisc.Age 18, 11-1864. Born Tioga Co. Penn.=Discharge.
Landon, Samuel (142nd & 153rd) Leroy.
Langston, Champlin (Champion ?) (147th) Flora.
Latimer, Joseph (153rd.) Caledonia.
Lawer, Richard (Lower) (153rd)Manchester.
Lawrence, Charles H. (65th).
Lawrence, Luther C. (67th & 153rd.) Bonus.
Lawrence, Luther C. 142nd.
Layng, George Co. I. 9th Cav.
Leach, Chester C. (47th & 95th).
Leonard, Thomas Flora.
Leonard, Eugine 142nd.
Linderman, Alonzo S. (153rd) Manchester.
Linderman, Cornelius S. (12th Cav.). Manchester . Orders To I. S. Linderman.
Linderman, John W. (12th Cav.).
Linnell, Selwin C. 142nd.
Little, Joseph (12th Inft.). Belvidere.
Little, Erastus B. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Little, Phillip (153rd) Caledonia.
Livingston, Alonzo - Caledonia Elgin Battery.
Livingston, Jno. R. - Caledonia Co. K. 95th.
Livingston, Mathew (12th Cav. ??). Orders To J. J. Livingston.
Livingston, Solomon S. (L.). - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Loban - See Labar.
Lockie, John M. (65th).
Longfield - See Loughfield.
Loper, John H. 142nd.
Loughfield, H. R. E. (Longfield) Co. I. 9th Cav. (&45th).
Lowe, Eugene S. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To F. P. Lowe.
Lowell, Emory - Leroy Co. K. 95th.
Lower - See Lawer.
Lucas, Eber - Flora Co. G. 95th.
Lumley, John W. - Boone - Co. K. 95th.
Mabie, Jacob - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Mack, Edgar I. (J.). (65th).
Mallur, Armand (Mulland) - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Malory, Stephen 9th Cav.
Manley, Charles O. (Manly) (Elgin Battery). - Manchester.
Mansfield, John 95th. Orders To John Mansfield.
Mark, Athon (Marks, Asom) (153rd) Bonus.
Markle, George B. 142nd. Belvidere.
Marks - See Mark.
Martin, Gip. Belvidere.
Martin, Wm. M. Belvidere.
Martyn - See Martin.
Marvin, David 95th. Orders To Rachel S. Marvin.
Mawer, Alexander Co. I. 9th Cav.
Maxworthy, John - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Mcburney, Snowden 142nd.
Mccabe, William D. (Co. I. 37th).
Mccan, Wm. J. - Flora 29th Cav. (Sub. For Wm H Munn).
Mccarty, John W. 95th.
Mcclellen, Oscar (Mcclellan) - Leroy Co. D. 29th Cav. (Inft.).
Mccormick, Lawrence - Flora Co. A. 8th Cav.
Mccormick, Patrick (153rd) Belvidere.
Mccullum, Edwin 142nd.
Mccure, James (Mclure) (153rd.) Bonus.
Mcdade, Alfred (9th Cav).
Mcelhaney - See Mcelhany.
Mcelhany, Andrew (J). (Mcelhaney) (14th & 15th).
Mcgill, Aaron W. (15th) Belvidere.
Mclure - See Mccure.
Mcnellay - See Mcnelly.
Mcnelly, William (95th) Orders To John Mcnellay. (D. 7-15-1864 Rome,Ga.).
Mead, William H. 95th.
Mehasge ?, Thomas - Belvidere.
Meyers - Myers.
Mellon - See Millan.
Mikkleson, Kittle Dead. 95th. (Died 7-14-1864 Memphis, Tenn.).
Mikleson - See Mikkleson.
Milgate, Edward C. - Belvidere (Co. D. 52nd).
Milks, David . 95th.
Millan, James (Mellon) (153rd) Caledonia.
Miller, Orson Q. & Q. (95th).
Miner - See Minor
Minor, George - Flora Co. I. 9th Cav.
Minor, Wesley (14th & 15th).
Montgomery, William (9th Cav.).
Moore - See More.
Moore, David A. - Caledonia Co. B. 95th.
Moore, Eli B. - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Moore, Jacob M. (153rd) Leroy.
More, George H. Spring.
More, James (Moore) (153rd) Belvidere.
More, John - Spring Co. E. 95th.
Morey, Myron Spring. (Co. A. 153rd.).
Morgan, Samuel J. (9th Cav.).
Morris, John - Boone - Co. B. 95th.
Morrisey, Thomas Spring.
Morse, Carlton 142nd.
Moss, Sherwood H. (8th Cav.).
Mullan, John S. (Mullen) - Spring Co. F. 17th Cav. (Co. H.).
Mulland - See Mallur.
Mullen - See Mullan.
Munn - See Mccan.
Murphy, James 95th. Orders To Demis Murphy.
Mushback - See Mushbeck.
Mushbeck, Jacob (Mushback) (156th) Belvidere.
Myres, C. Frederick Caledonia. (Co. A. 153rd.).
Myres, Lester (Meyers) (156th) Belvidere.
Nash, Charles H. 142nd. (Or 153rd.). Caledonia.
Nattles, Hiram (P.) (Nettles) (6th Cav. Flora.
Neely, John C. - Co. I. 1st. Ill.Lt.Art. Age 22, 7-1865. Born Illinois.=Discharge.
Neep - See Nep.
Nep, John (Neep Or Nepp) (9th Cav.) Boone. (Caledonia).
Nepp - See Nep.
Nettles - See Nattles.
Oaks, George A. - Belvidere 95th.
Oberdier, Levi - Flora Co. L. 8th Cav.
Obrien, Patrick Flora.
Older, Henry M. (15th).
Oleson, John (153rd.) Boone -
Olney, Jacob B. 9th Cav.
Orcatt, Josiah (Orcutt) Dead. 95th. Orders To Harriet Orcutt His Wife.
Orcatt, Josiah Died 7-13-1864 Jefferson Barracks, Mo.).
Orcutt - See Orcatt.
Orvis, Melvin M. (153rd.) Manchester.
Osmer, Ephraim B. (153rd.) Belvidere.
Osmonson, Dustin 142nd.
Ostrander, George T. & (F.) (12th & 17th & Co. I. 37th).
Ostrom - See Ostrum.
Ostrum, Gilbert W. (Ostrom) (15th).
Outcalt, Charles (15th & 1st. U.S. Army Corps) Belvidere.
Parent, George (1st. Ill. U.S. Lt. Art.).
Park, Rollin C. 142nd.
Parsons, John H. (95th & 47th).
Pascowitch, Adalphus (156th) Belvidere.
Patrick, George 142nd.
Patrick, Wm. M. (1st. U.S. Army Corps.) Belvidere.
Patten, Patrick (15th) Belvidere.
Payne, Edward S. Spring (Co. G. 9th Cav.).
Payne, George Spring (Co. G. 9th Cav.).
Payne, Luther Spring (Co G. 9th Cav.).
Pearl, John - Belvidere State Regt. (Co. E. 146th Ill. U.S. Inft.).
Peck, Augustus S. 95th. Orders To Wife Mary C. Peck.
Phillips, Charles (9th Cav.) Caledonia.
Phillips, Wm H. (153rd.) Flora.
Porter, Robert (153rd) Bonus.
Preble - See Walker.
Primmer, John M. (45th).
Prindeville, Thomas 9th Cav. Orders To Thomas Prindeville.
Purdell, Samuel (Purdle) Belvidere. (Co. K. 29th U.S.C. Inft.).
Purdle - See Purdell.
Rairiden, Johns R. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Ramsey, Wallace G. (12th Cav.).
Rariden - See Rairiden.
Ray, George 142nd.
Ray, William Jr. 95th. Died Of Fever Winnebago Co. On Furlough.
Raymond, Andrew M. Co. I. 9th Cav. Died 4-24-1864 (Died Belvidere).
Rayner, Charles 142nd.
Reed, James - Boone - Co. K. 95th.
Reed, Hiram (153rd.) Belvidere.
Rice, William S. 142nd.
Richards, Winsor (153rd.) Bonus.
Richardson, George 142nd.
Richardson, John (34th & 104th) Flora.
Richardson, Lars (34th & 104th) Belvidere.
Rickard, Alvin (Alviah) W. Caledonia. (Co. A. 153rd.).
Ricker, Algernon O. 12th Cav. Orders To C. S. Ricker.
Riley, Gideon S. (45th).
Robbins, Warren D. 142nd. (&153rd.) Boone.
Robbinson, George W. (14th & 15th & 1st. U.S. Army Corps) Belvidere.
Robbinson, Henry (9th Cav.) Spring.
Robinson - See Robbinson..
Robinson, Frederic Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To M. J. His Wife.
Rockwell, Henry Flora.
Rodawalt, Stephen - Leroy Co. K. 95th.
Rogers, Henry (Rodgers) (156th). Belvidere.
Rosekrans - See Rosencrantz
Rosencrantz, Jacob D. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Rosencrantz, John 142nd.
Rosencrantz, Peter E. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Ruhlan, Frederick W. (Ruhlman) (15th).
Ruhlman - See Ruhlan
Russell, David F. Dead. (95th) (Died 5-29-1864 Vicksburg, Miss.).
Russell, Shepard Co. I. 9th Cav.
Russell, Warren B. (153rd.) Boone.
Sailesbury, Olender A. (Salesbury) 95th.
Salesbury - See Sailesbury.
Sampson, John Flora. (Died 10-15-1865 Flora Twp.) (May Be John H. Simpson)
Schafser, George A. ( Flora.
Schlan, Henry - Belvidere 95th.
Scott, James (153rd) Manchester.
Scott, Samuel S. (F.) (153rd)Manchester.
Scott - See Stott.
Searl, John H. 95th. Orders To Father John Searl.
Searls - See Searl.
Secoy, Andrew J. (34th).
Secoy, John (12th Cav.) D. Apr. 1864. Orders To Simeon Secoy. (Died Marksville.
Seibert, Albert W. Died July 24, 1864 (Louisville, Ky. 95th.).
Seibert, Albert W. Orders To His Mother Mrs. Mahitable Houghtaling.
Sergeant, Dexter 142nd.
Sergeant, Timothy (47th & 95th). Orders To Nathan Sergeant.
Shaffer, Frank Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To John H. Shafer.
Shannon, Ephraim Caledonia.
Shannon, George (45th &47th & 95th).
Shannon, Jacob (45th).
Shannon, Michael 142nd.
Shattleman, Henry - Co. B. 95th Ill. Age 25, 8-1865. Born Lewis Co.Ny.=Discharge.
Shattuck, George M. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To Philo A. Shattuck.
Shattuck, Lyman L. 142nd.
Shattuck, Murray A. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Sheffield, James (9th Cav.) Spring.
Shertleff, Milton (Shortleff) (156th) Belvidere.
Shibler, Adam (15th).
Shoals - See Sholes.
Sholes, Wm. A. (Shoals) (9th Cav.) Spring.
Shortleff - See Shertleff.
Simkins - See Simpkins.
Simons, Perry (153rd) Caledonia.
Simpkins, George W. (9th Cav.) Spring.
Simpson, John H. Boone - (See Sampson) 142nd & 153rd. (Died 10-15-1865).
Simpson - See Sampson.
Slafter, Albert (A.) - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Slafter, Edmund M. (Slater) (Died Simsport, La.).
Slater, Edmund M. (95th) Died About May 20, 1864. Oders To George Slater.
Slater - See Slafter.
Smiley, Ransom 142nd.
Smith, John M. Belvidere.
Smith, Albert C. (14th & 15th).
Smith, Alvin M. - Belvidere 95th.
Smith, Daniel M. (153rd.) Bonus.
Smith, George G. (15th).
Smith, Harrison F. - Co. K. 65th Ill. Born Ny. = Discharge Paper At Court House.
Smith, James P. ( 47th & 95th). Orders To George Smith.
Smith, John (31st.) Flora.
Smith, John M. (95th ).
Smith, Luther (45th).
Smith, William 142nd.
Smith, William L. - Co. G. 95th Ill. Age 23, 8-1865.Born Onondaga Co.Ny.=Discharg.
Smith, Wm. (153rd) Caledonia.
Snell, Milton W. (Co. I. 37th).
Snow, Nehemiah E. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Spratt, James - Caledonia Co. A. 62nd.
Squires, Alvan (Abram?) 142nd.
Stafford, Edgar - Flora Co. G. 95th.
Steel, John (Steele) (153rd.) Caledonia.
Steele - See Steel.
Steinner, Jacob (95th) (Steiner & Stiner Stenner).
Stenner - See Steinner.
Stephens, Henry S. (E.) (1st. U.S.Army Corps.) Bonus.
Sternburg, Lee (Sternberg) - Flora Co. A. 8th Cav.
Stiles, Joseph S. & L. Manchester Twp.
Stine - See Stines.
Stines, Henery O. (Stine) (153rd.) Boone.
Stoddar, Ahira P. (156th) Belvidere.
Stoddard - See Stoddar.
Stott, John (Scott) (153rd) Manchester.
Stott, John Jr. 142nd. (&153rd).
Stow, Thomas J. (Co. I. 37th).
Streeter, Henry H. - Leroy 95th.
Strong, Elisha N. (95th & 90th & 37th).
Strong, Haville (B.) Co. I. 9th Cav.
Strong, Miles H. (9th Cav).
Strong, Thomas H. Co. I. 9th Cav.
Stroup, Samuel (9th Cav.) Boone.
Sullivan, Dennis (45th).
Sullivan, Francis (Co. I. 37th).
Sullivan, John - Belvidere Co. K. 45th.
Sweet, Samuel W. (95th & 47th).
Taff, Harrison ( 65th.).
Tanner, Charles A. (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Tanner, Orsen A. Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To Father M. W. Tanner.
Tanney, Joseph (Tormey & Tooney) (47th & 95th).
Taylor, Ephram (A.) (Tyler) (95th). (Died 9-5-1864 Memphis, Tenn.).
Taylor, Nyman (Nyram ?) 142nd.
Temple - See Turple.
Thompson, Conrad (153rd.) Boone.
Thompson, George W. (15th) Bonus.
Thompson, W. (Wm.) H. (12th Cav.). Orders To N. F. Thompson.
Thorison, Sever - Manchester Co. M. 12th Cav.
Thorn, John G. (14th & 15th ).
Thrassel, Robert (Trascel//0 (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Tibbets, Charles Co. I. 9th Cav.
Tibbetts, Wm. F. (T.) (Tibbitts) (9th Cav.) Caledonia.
Tibbitts - See Tibbetts.
Tiffany, Lagrange Co. I. 9th Cav.
Tinker, Goodson (Judson) H. (153rd.) Bonus.
Tongue, Evander E. (153rd.) Bonus.
Tooney - See Tanney.
Tormey - See Tanney.
Tormey, Joseph. (47th & 95th). (Spelled Different Ways In Book Entries.
Tracy, Frank L. Co. I 9th Cav.
Trascel - See Thrassel.
Trowbridge, Henry 142nd. (& 153rd.)
Trowbridge, Henry H. Bonus.
Trumbell, Gilbert W. (N.) (12th Cav.). - Manchester Twp.
Turner, Daniel - Co. B. 13th Wisc.Born Ireland 1819.= Discharge At Court House.
Turner, George W. (153rd) Caledonia.
Turner, Samuel (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Turner, William E. (9th Cav.).
Turple, August - Belvidere Elgin Battery.
Tutor, Henry T. Boone - (Co. E. 9th Cav.).
Tutor, John A. Boone - (Co. E. 9th Cav.).
Tuttle, Wm. C. 142nd.
Tyler - See Tylor & Taylor.
Tyler, Samuel H. (95th). Orders To Flora E. Tyler.
Tyler, William A. & N. (95th & 9th Cav.).
Tylor, Ephraim A. Dead. ( See Taylor).
Van Dyke, Martin (95th) (Died 6-5-1865 Division Hospital).
Vanderwarcker, Henry. (95th).
Vanderwariker, Henry. (95th).
Vandewacker - See Vanderwacker.
Vandyke, Alvah Co. I. 9th Cav. Orders To Wife Adeline.
Vandyke, Martin (95th) Orders To Cornelius Vandyke.
Vaughn, James (153rd) Belvidere.
Vint, Solomon Belvidere (Co. G. 153rd.).
Vooress, John F. (Vorus Or Vorhees) (9th Cav.) Bonus.
Vore, Harrison C. (W.) (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Vorhees - See Vorus.
Vorus - See Voorees.
Vowels, William (9th Cav.) (Bowels Note ?) Belvidere.
Waddell - See Waddle.
Waddell, Thomas (153rd) Caledonia.
Waddle, Walter (12th & 17th Cav. & 153rd. ?).
Wadsworth, Nicholas (12th Cav.) Dead. Orders To William Wadsworth.
Wadsworth, Nicholas - Manchester Twp. (Died 1-28-1864 Manchester, Ill.).
Wahl, Theadore - Spring Co. I. 32nd. (52nd.).
Wakefield, Daniel (95th).
Walker, Giles D. (153rd) Caledonia.
Walker, Truman F. & T. (12th Cav.). Orders To His Mother Sarah A Preble.
Wallace, Edwin A. (14th & 15th).
Ward, Allanson (153rd.) Bonus.
Ward, Christopher (12th Cav.).
Ward, John (153rd.) Spring.
Wares - See Warse.
Warner, Thomas V. (153rd) Caledonia.
Warse, Moses B. (Wares ?) 142nd.
Waterman, H. (Henry) B. 134th). Orders To George Waterman.
Waters, John T. (156th) Boone -
Watts, William - Caledonia Co. K. 95th.
Webster, Azariel - Caledonia Co. K. 95th.
Welch, Alexander (153rd) Manchester.
Wellington, Thomas S. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Welter - See John.
Wetherly, Walace (Weatherly ?) Belvidere.
Wetter - See John.
Wetter, Lewis B. 142nd.
Wheeler, Thomas A. (Wheelon) (153rd.) Manchester.
Wheelon - See Wheeler.
White, Charles W. (14th & 15th).
Whitney, Samuel - Spring Co. I. 9th Cav.
Wicks, Wesley M. 142nd.
Wight, James 95th. Orders To Gilbert A. Wight.
Wilcox, Andrew 142nd.
Wilde, Roby M. 9th Cav.
Williams, Charles H. (9th Cav.). Spring.
Williams, Henry 95th. Orders To Fanny Williams. (Killed 6-10-1864 Gun Town).
Williams, John (156th) Belvidere.
Wilson, B. (N. B. ) (9th Cav) Belvidere.
Wilson, Charles (9th Cav.) Flora.
Wilson, Robert Co. I. 9th Cav.
Wivins, Nicholas Flora.
Wolverton, Richard C. 95th Orders To I. Wolverton.
Wood, Emory J. - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Woodard, Earl M. 142nd.
Woodard, Horace (Harris) Spring. (Co. G. 9th Cav.).
Woodruff, George (153rd.) Boone.
Woodruff, Russell D. (14th & 15th).
Woods, Frederick M. - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Woods, John H. Bonus.
Woodward, Turner - Bonus Elgin Battery.
Wooster, Nathan H. 142nd.
Works, Henry S. (9th Cav.) Belvidere.
Worthington, Iodaniel Belvidere.
Wright, George W. (Spring) 9th Cav.).
Wright, Gibson - Leroy 95th.
Wright, Josiah (9th Cav.) Spring.
Wynn, Henry - Flora (Co. F. 45th).
Young, Edward R. (9th Cav.).
Young, John W. - Manchester Elgin Battery.
Young, Peter (12th Inft.). Belvidere.
Zack, Franlin J. (Zuck) Caledonia. (Boone). (153rd & 44th).
Zuck - See Zack.

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