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1878 THRU 1915.

From Microfilm Of Death Registers - Transcribed By ©Martin Wm. Johnson

Formatting for display on Genealogy Trails websites by ©K. Torp

[Some of these may be transcriptions of transcriptions, so you are advised to always check the original records]

Book 1. 1878 - 1910
Book 2. 1910 - 1915

Some Words Are Abreviated:
Widow = Wid.
Belvidere = Blvdr.
G. Pr. = Garden Prairie.
P. Grv. = Poplar Grove.
Engl. = England.
Ire. = Ireland.
? = No Inf. Or Possible Error In Spelling.
B. = Born.
D. = Died.
Township = Tp.
Years = Y. Or Yr. Or Yrs.
William = Wm.

A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F

___, Female Age ?. B. Belvidere. D. 1-21-1902 Belvidere & Cem.
___, Female Age 6hrs. B. Poplar Grove. D. 6-6-1902 Poplar Grove. Belvidere Cem.
___, Dtr. Age 3days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 1-29-1906 Bonus Tp. Garden Prairie Cem.
___, Dtr. Age 3days. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-28-1886 Spring Tp. & Cem.
___, Female Age ?. B. Flora Tp. D. 1-20-1880 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Il.
___, Son Age 1mo. 4days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-12-1884 Belvidere & Cem.
___, Son Age 1/46th Days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-21-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
___,__ Mrs. Age 62. B. Boone Co. D. 5-1-1910 Capron. Luth. Cem. Married. 62yrs. Ill.
___, __ Mr. Age 87. B. Norway. D. 2-23-1910 Capron. Luth. Cem. Married. 64yrs. Ill.
___, Dtr. Age 3 Wks. B. Spring Tp. D. 10-4-1879 Spring Tp. & Cem.
___, Dtr. Age 30 Min. B. Spring Tp. D. 9-15-1879 Spring Tp. & Cem.

Abbe, Amzi Age 83-1-19. B. Weatherfield,Mass. D. 9-4-1889Belvidere&Cem. Married. 47yill.
Abbott, Fannie (Wilson) Mrs. Age 77. B. ?. D. 7-17-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Abbott, Nancy Age 60-7-16. B. Scotland. D. 1-15-1885 Spring Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Married.
Abbott, Parley P. (T. ) Age 74-10-25. B. Engl. D. 11-5-1885 Spring Tp. & Cem. Wid. 30yrs. Ill.
Abell, Eliz. B. 1829 Ny. D. 7-29-1911 Manchester Tp. Livingston Cem.
Abell, Eliz. D. 7-29-1911. F=Hugh Livingston M=Levina Dickerson.
Able, Frederick Age 31. B. Germany. D. 6-11-1884 Caledonia Tp. Orth Cem. Mrd. 8y Ill.
Able, Marvin Age 80-7-2. B. Cleveland,Ohio. D. 9-30-1908 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. 35yr. Ill.
Ackerman, Bernita J. B. 3-30-1911 Boone Co. D. 8-20-1911 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem.
Ackerman, Bernita J. D. 8-20-1911. F=Wm. Ackerman B. Germany M=Bertha Schultz B. B-
Ackerman, John Age 66-5-7. B. Schmieheim,(Germany). D. 7-14-1907 Shattucks Grv. Cem. M-
Ackermann, Marie Age 1-1-12. B. Flora Twp. D. 9-1-1902 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Adams, Adelbert Age 47. B. Marengo. D. 6-29-1908 Belvidere. Genoa Cem. Married. 47y. Ill.
Adams, Althea Emma Age 11mo. 6days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-25-1901 Blvdr. Marengo Cem.
Adams, Charles Age 25. B. Cherry Valley,Ill. D. 2-15-1904 Belvidere. Cherry Vly. Cem.
Adams, Dtr. Of Bessie Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 6-19-1906 Belviderte&Cem.
Adams, Etta D. Age 60-6-19. B. Michigan. D. 8-30-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 58yrs. In Ill.
Adams, Frank Leonard 6mo. 25days. B. Mnchstrtp. D. 9-12-1903 Manchester Tp. Beloit C.
Adams, George R. Age 21-8-15. B. Manchester Tp. D. 12-21-1898 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. S-
Adams, Mary Age 61-1-4. B. Penn. D. 8-12-1881 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Married. 36yrs. Ill.
Adams, Quincy Age 65. B. Ny. D. 10-18-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem. Single. 1yr. In Ill.
Adams, Son B. 7-20-1911 Ill. D. 7-21-1911manchestertp. Cem. F=Harvey C. M=Jennie Brown
Afdal, Kanute O. Age 34. D. 5-31-1903 Boone Tp. Luth. Cem. Married.
Ahrens, Ellen Louice Age 32-12-5. B. Freeport. D. 2-22-1910 Belvidere. Freeport Cem. Sngl
Aiken - See Miller.
Ainsworth, Edward B. Age 5-5-0. B. Flora Tp. D. 10-6-1890 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Ainsworth, Julia Ann Age 73-9-0. B. Johnstown,Ny. D. 5-26-1885 Flora Tp. Belvidere C.
Ainsworth, Robert S. Age 4mo. 10days. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-4-1891 Belvidere&Cem.
Albrecht, Carl Frederick Age 25days. B. Belvidere, D. 11-10-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Albright, John C. Age 76-4. B. Vt. D. 3-29-1905 Belvidere&Cem. 50 Yrs. In Ill.
Albright, Wm. Henry Age 65-3-29. B. ?. D. 3-4-1889 Belvidere & Cem. Widower. 45yrs. In Ill.
Alderman, Hannah Age 45-3-15. B. West Suffield,Conn. D. 8-14-1879 Boone Tp. Rnd. Pr. Cem
Alderman, Mary Age 66-11-0. B. Penn. D. 3-16-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Il.
Alexander, Eliza. B. (Bailey)B. 7-1-1849. Putnan Co. Ny. D. 10-20-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
Alexon ?, Wm. Reuben Age 10mo. 20days. B. Chicago. Norwegian. D. 7-6-1881capron.
Alfin, Elias 3mo. 12days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 10-11-1878 Manchester Tp. Clinton Cem.
Allen - See Lee.
Allen - See Neufer.
Allen, Amory Hamilt. Age 56. B. Buckfield,Me. D. 1-17-1909 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 20yrs. In Ill.
Allen, Amory H. Age 86-7-18. B. Auburn,Me. D. 1-3-1903 Belvidere. Married. 37yrs. In Ill.
Allen, George A. Age 24-0-13. B. Jackson,Iowa. D. 7-28-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Allen, Lucretia B. 6-25-1846 Vt. D. 9-14-1910 Belvidere. Poplar Frv. Cem. Widowed. 62y. Ill.
Allen, Luzern Age 65-8-21. B. Branden,Vt. D. 9-16-1906 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Mrd. 38yrs. In Ill.
Allen, Mary Dillingham Age 69-1-14. B. Auburn,Me. D. 6-8-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Allen, Phoebe Age 45-1-6. B. Boone Co. D. 1-5-1902poplar Grove&Cem. Maried. 45yrs. In Ill.
Alletson, Alice Age 70-5-27. B. Roachdale,England. D. 12-16-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Wid. 57
Alt, Anna Age 8. B. Rochester,Ind. D. 7-4-1902 Belvidere. 1yr. In Ill.
Alwell, Bessie Belle Age 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-27-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Alwell, Feank Seals Age 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-22-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Ambler - See Banwell.
Ames - See Sackett.
Ames, Cora Age 22. B. Ill. B. 3-22-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Stevens Pt. Wisc. Cem. 3yrs. In Ill.
Ames, Ethel Age 1-5-0. B. Belvidere. D. 7-11-1884 Belvidere & Cem.
Ames, Genevieve Age 19. B. Belvidere. D. 2-17-1885 Belvieree & Cem.
Ames, Geo. B. Sr. Age 71-2-28. B. Westfield,Ny. D. 5-23-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 45yrs. Ill.
Amsden - See Murch.
Anderson, Albert H. Age 3-2-0. B. Boone Co. D. 3-8-1907 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Anderson, Amelia B. Age 17-10-26. B. Illinois. D. 6-25-1889 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem.
Anderson, August Age 31. B. Sweden. D. 1-2-1907belvidere&Cem. Single. 10yrs. In Ill.
Anderson, Belle Age 28-2-0. B. Bonus Tp. D. 1-22-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single. 28yr. In Ill.
Anderson, Caroline Age 30-8-15. B. Vernland,Sweden. D. 1-12-1898 Blaine. P. Grv. Cem. M-
Anderson, Caroline Julia Age 46-0-1. B. Manitowoc Co. Wisc. D. 12-3-1909 Manchester Tp.
Anderson, Charlie Age 25days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-29-1894 Belvidere.
Anderson, Clark Age 70-5. B. Ny. D. 9-21-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 36yrs. In Ill.
Anderson, Edward Age 39. B. Sweden. D. 4-2-1905 Bonus Tp. Lawrenceville Cem. 15yr. Ill.
Anderson, Elijah Elliot B. 9-5-1847 Ny. D. 9-21-1913 P. Grove&Cem. Divorced. 37yrs. Ill.
Anderson, Elijah Elliot D. 9-21-1913. F=John Anderson B. Ny. M=Anna Hoosier B. Ny.
Anderson, Elmer Age 15days. B. Capron. D. 2-18-1906 Capron&Cem.
Anderson, Emma Matilda Age 2mo. 4days. B. Chicago. D. 6-16-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Anderson, Hans B. 6-1-1876 Capron. D. 12-23-1913 Capron. Nor. L. Cem. Single.
Anderson, John E. Age 36. B. ?. D. 11-30-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Anderson, K. Mrs. Age ?. B. Sweden. D. 1-5-1886 Spring Tp. & Cem. Married.
Anderson, Ole Age 27-9-7. B. Racine,Wi. D. 6-7-1878 Leroy Tp. New School L. Cem. 9yrs. Il.
Anderson, Oscar Age 20. B. Illinois. D. 12-27-1903 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Anderson, Oscar Age 3 ½. B. Boone Co. D. 7-5-1903 Boone Tp. Capron L. Cem.
Anderson, Peter Age 1-0-28. B. Norway. D. 5-31-1882manchester Tp. Luth. Cem.
Anderson, Peter Age 81-4-9. B. Norway. D. 4-20-1898 Leroy Tp. W. Luth. Cem. Married. 29y. In-
Anderson, Sadie Age 16. B. Capron. D. 1-14-1904 Capron. Luth. Cem.
Anderson, Sarah Age 84-3-0. B. Norway. D. 3-21-1900 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem.
Anderson, Son Age 2 ½Days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-13-1908 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Anderson, Sophia Age 37-4-24. B. Capron. D. 4-29-1907 Boone Tp. Nor. Luth. Cem. Mrd. 30y. Ill.
Andrew, Agnes Age 1-10-0. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 8-23-1883 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Andrew, John Age 55. B. Illinois. D. 11-8-1905 Caledonia Tp&Cem. Married. 55yrs. In Ill.
Andrews, Ansel Age 57-4-5. B. Lawrence Co. Ill. D. 12-25-1904 Belvidere&Cem. 30yr. In Ill.
Andrews, Barbara Age 53-11-24. B. Scotland. D. 4-2-1907 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Wid. -
Andrews, Etta May Age 6mo. 9days. B. Capron. D. 3-22-1882 Capron. Chemung Cem.
Andrews, Henry G. Age 83-6-23. B. Fabius,Ny. D. 1-9-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 50y,Ill.
Andrews, Mary W. Age 83-8-8. B. Wash. Co. Ny. D. 2-20-1878 Bonus Tp. &Cem. 35yrs. Ill.
Andrews, Melvin Age 63-11-15. B. Ny. D. 6-24-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Andrews, Mervin Age 72. B. Ny. D. 8-17-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Andrews, Mervin Age 72. B. Ny. D. 8-17-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 52yrs. In Ill.
Andrews, Warren Age 83-10. B. Fabius. Ny. D. 2-3-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 57yrs. Ill.
Andrus, John Age 78. B. Alleghany Co. Ny. D. 9-29-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 63y. Ill.
Andrus, Lyman Age 55-9-2. B. Boone Co. D. 9-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55yrs. In Ill.
Andrus - See Ransom.
Andruss, Alice E. Age 37-0-1. B. Wisconsin. D. 1-12-1894 Poplar Grv. Bristol,Wisc. Cem. 14y
Angell, Abner Age 74-7-25. B. New Berlin,N. J. D. 8-31-1890 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd.
Anson, Maria Louisa Age 85-10-28. B. Delaware Co. Ny. D. 2-9-1910blvdr. . Stevens Pt. Wi. C.
Ardery, John Age 46-1-20. B. U. S. ?D. 9-28-1886 Capron. Blaine Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Ardery, Robert Jr. B. 7-291912 Capron. D. 4018-1914 Capron&Cem.
Armour - See Mcnair.
Armstrong, Ellen G. Age 38-1-3. B. Bingley,Engl. D. 3-8-1889 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
Armstrong, Mary Etta Age 57. B. Cedarville,Ny. D. 8-12-1902 Belvidere. Harlem Cem. Si-
Armstrong, Son Age 30min. B. Belvidere. D. 1-19-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Armstrong, Viola L. B. 3-30-1867clark Co. Ia. D. 8-13-1911 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 21y. Ill. 44y. U. S.
Armstrong, Wilbur D. Age 79-0-7. B. Ny. D. 9-11-1888 Caledonia. Harlem Cem. Married.
Arnold, William Age 87-6-8. B. Clifton Park, Ny. D. 2-28-1878 Spring Tp. G. Prairie Cem.
Arnson, Astre Helen Age 3-6-30. B. Norway. D. 8-24-1903manchester Tp. Bergen Cem. 2mo. I
Ashton, Augusta P. Age 25-0-8. B. Buckfield,Me. D. 2-27-1885 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Askin, Maggie Age 11mo. 14days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-1-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Askins, Patrick Age 92-2-10. B. Dunigal Co. Ireland. D. 5-14-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Wid. -
Aspland - See Sorenson.
Atkins, Michael H. B. 8-23-1834 Engl. D. 12-7-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 41yrs. In Ill.
Atkins, Michael H. D. 12-7-1910. F=James Atkins M=Mary
Atkinson, John H. U. Grant Age 16-8-18. B. Caledonia. D. 8-23-1880 Caledonia. Farm Cem.
Atkinson, James Age 79-10-15. B. Lincolnshire, Engl. D. 12-18-1882. Spring Tp. Sh. Grv. Cem.
Atkinson, John C. B. 5-11-1831 Canada. D. 1-25-1913 Shattucks Grove&Cem. Widowed.
Atkinson, John C. D. 1-25-1913. 3yrs. Ill. 63yrsu. S. F=James B. Eng. M=Marget Mcclatchey-
Atkinson, Joseph Age 68-10-4. B. Manchester Engl. D. 11-19-1880 Manchester Tp. Atkins F.
Atkinson, Tamar Age 42-6-6. B. Lancashire,Engl. D. 2-181890 Leroy Tp. Maried. Blainecem.
Atwood, Alden Age 37days. B. Belvidere. D. 11-21-1902 Belvidere.
Austin, Hiram G. Age 78-9-2. B. Schenectady,Ny. D. 7-6-1905 Belvidere. Monroe,Wisc. Cem.
Averill, Margaret J. Age 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-18-1904 Belvidere,Woodstock Cem
Avery, Sarah (Latham) Coggeshall. Age 81. B. Conn. D. 1-6-1902 Elkhart,Ind. Blvdr. Cem.
Avery, Henry Wm. Age 83-6-22. B. Ledyard. D. 12-23-1906 Blvdr. &Cem. Widow. 61yrs. In Ill.
Avery, Mary Ann Age 78. B. Ny. D. 6-13-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Avery, Rachel Patterson Mccord Age 84. B. Penn. D. 9-6-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 60y. Il
Avery, Wallace W. Age 60-8. B. Ny. D. 4-20-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Ayers, James M. Age 78. B. Ny. Or E. Troy Pa. D. 7-1-1908 Manch. Tp. Blaine Cem. Mrd. 22y. Ill.

Bach, Flora Age 65-5-12. B. Ravenna,Ohio. D. 4-26-1903 Belvidere Cem. 10 Yrs. In Ill.
Bacon - See Weston.
Bahling, Son Of Herman Age 5mo. B. Guilford Tp. D. 9-1-1891 Guilford Tp. Leach Cem.
Bailey, Emeline Age 79-5-26. B. Ny. D. 1-30-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 53yrs. In Ill.
Bailey, John A. Age 81-6-21. B. Tully,Ny. D. 2-16-1889 Leroy Tp. Sharon Cem. Married. 30yil
Bailey, Mertin Lee Age 7mo. 8d. B. Bureau Co. Ill. D. 1-26-1878 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem.
Bailey - See Alexander.
Baker, Alice Age 84-10-18. B. Ny. D. 5-9-1891 Belvider & Cem. Widow. 23yrs. In Ill.
Baker, Dora B. 9-1-1914 Ill. D. 9-22-1914 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Baker, Dora D. 9-22-1914. F=Chas. Baker B. Ill. M=Anna Vandeline B. Ill.
Baker, Engeburg Age 82-1-0. B. Norway. D. 12-19-1894 Mancherster . So. Clinton Cem. Mrd.
Baker, Henry Age 79-6-15. B. Norway. D. 4-19-1895 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem. Widow-
Baker, Howard Leroy Age 9days. B. Spring Tp. D. 3-18-1909 Spring Tp. Shattrucks Cem.
Baker, Martha B. 11-26-1834 Norway. D. 8-14-1914 Manchester Tp. W. B. Luthcem. Widow.
Baker, Martha D. 8-14-1914. F=Ole Thompson M=Gurie Larson.
Baker, Ralph Age 6mo. 10days. B. Spring Tp. D. 4-8-1904 Spring Tp. &Cem.
Ball, Francis Foringer Age 50-6. B. Armstrong Co. Penn. D. 7-27-1903 Manchester Tp. Liv.
Ball, Fred Age 76-9-2. B. Shareneinburg,Germany. D. 6-2-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 20y. Il
Ball, George Age 3-1-14. B. Manchester Tp. D. 4-16-1879 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. 3yrs Il.
Ball, Mary E. Age 49-11-25. B. Fall River,Mass. D. 1-31-1898 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married.
Ball, May Age 37-2. B. Maryland. D. 5-1-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 7yrs. In Ill.
Ball, Miriam Age 73-10-18. B. Hampshire, Engl. D. 4-11-1878 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Ball - See Thane.
Ballantine, Age 77-4. B. Roscommon,Ire. D. 11-24-1902 Belvidere&Cem. 50yrs. In Ill.
Ballard, Hazel Alma Age 2mo. 12days. B. Rockford. D. 4-10-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Ballard, Miles Emmett Age 49-10-23. B. Belvidere. D. 1-12-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Ballard, Sarah E. Age 73-2-25. B. Michigan. D. 7-4-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 70yrs. Ill.
Ballentine John R. D. 4-1-1915. F=Alex Ballentine B. Ireland M=Riley B. Ireland.
Ballentine, John R. B. 3-27-1856 Ill. D. 4-1-1915 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Married. 59y. Ill.
Baltis, Leona Anna Age 8-7-4. B. Kenosha,Wisc. D. 8-25-1909 Belvidere. Kenosha Cem. 1y-
Banderker - See Steeter.
Banks, Alfred Age 81-11-14. B. Hartford Co. Conn. D. 5-30-1888 So. Flora Cem. 40yrs. In Ill.
Banks, Sarah Age 75. Ny. D. 3-23-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Banwell, Mary Ann Age 86. B. Shurness,Engl. D. 6-14-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Banwell, Mary Eliza. B. 4-1851 Ny. D. 10-2-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 37yrs. Ill.
Banwell, Mary Eliza. D. 10-2-1914. F=S. Ambler B. Ny. M= ? B. Ny.
Barber, George Leroy Age 1-5. B. Belvidere. D. 3-24-1905 Belvidere. Bonus Cem.
Barber, Hiram S. Age 59. B. So. Grove,Dekalb Co. Ill. D. 9-16-1908 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Baremore, Sarah J. B. 4-8-1853 Boone Co. D. 2-18-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Barker, Edward Age 71-11-11. B. Green,Ny. D. 5-11-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 58y.
Barker, Jennie F. B. 1839 Ireland. D. 10-8-1911 Blvdr. Springfield,Il. Cem. Widow. 48y. Ill.
Barker, Jennie F. D. 10-8-1911. F=Wm. Fawell M=E. Royal.
Barmore, Edna Age 2-0-20. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 9-8-1890 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Barmore - See Baremore & Barrmore.
Barnes, Charles Age 26-6-12. B. Vernon,Oneida Co,Ny. D. 5-6-1887 Belvidere&Cem. Maried
Barnes, Elizabeth Age 85. B. England. D. 2-27-1908belvidere&Cem. Widow. 42yrs. Ill.
Barnes, George Age 29-5-0. B. Ny. D. 12-2-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 18yrs. In Ill.
Barnes, Josephine Age 46-10. B. Illinois. D. 9-19-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Barnes, Melissa Age 32-8. B. Leroy Tp. D. 6-2-1879 Belvidere. Leroy Tp. Cem. Married.
Barnes, Richard Age 79. B. England. D. 5-18-1886 Belvidere Cem. Married.
Barnes, Sarah Ann Age 73. B. U. S. D. 7-5-1881 Boone Tp. 45 Yrs. In Ill.
Barnes, Sarah J. Age 53-10. B. Oleman,Canada. D. 12-23-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 51y-
Barney, Flosy Age 6. B. Belvidere. D. 10-30-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Barney, Sally Age 60-5-20. B. Ostego Co. Ny. D. 3-3-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il26y.
Barr, Jake Age 55. B. Belvidere. D. 4-18-1915 Blvdr. &Cem. Married. 4mo. In Ill. F=Andrew.
Barrett, Whitmore Henry Age 43-4-0. B. Bangor, Franklin Co. Ny. D. 3-2-1885 Belvidere .
Barringer, Edward S. Age 21-1-14. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-12-1906 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. S-
Barringer, May Age 1mo. 3days. B. Spring Tp. D. 4-26-1886 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Barringer, Walter B. 1878 Belvidere. D. 12-17-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Barrmore, Wm. Age 12. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-7-1885 Caledonia Tp. & Cem.
Barron, Charles Age 90. B. Ireland. D. 1-30-1907 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Single. 60y. Ill.
Barth, Eva Margaret Age 8-11-3. B. Illinois. D. 3-25-1907 Poplar Grv. Liv. Cem.
Bartlett, Mary A. Age 70-7-2. B. ? D. 7-4-1885 Belvider & Cem. Widow.
Bartlett, Pearlie B. Age 25-8-26. B. Marengo. D. 6-18-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Barton, Mary A, Age 70,B. Livingston Co. Ny. D. 9-5-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 39y. Ill.
Barton, Nathan T. Age 52-9-17. B. Tioga Co. Ny. D. 10-22-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26y-
Bassett, Albert Age 19. B. Wisc. D. 10-4-1883 Bobus Tp. &Cem.
Bassett, Philo Age 82-2-0. B. Vt. D. 10-7-1883 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Married. 40 Yrs. In Ill.
Bassett, Simon P. Age 75yr. 22days. B. Chenango Co. Ny. D. 8-4-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Bassett, Sophia Edelia Age 25days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-10-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Bates, Esther Age 81-6-0. B. Ny. D. 3-29-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Bauer, John Age 19. B. Washington,Wisc. D. 6-5-1883 Belvidere. Wisc. Cem. Sngl. 3mo. Ill.
Baurie, John Age 87. B. U. S. D. 11-25-1908 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Beard, Azra J. Age 67-11-17. B. Vt. D. 7-29-1902 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. 14yrs. In Ill.
Beard, Wm. Henry 75-9-18b. Broome Co. Quebec,Can. D. 3-6-1904 Manchester Tp. Brm. Co. C.
Beck, Grace Age 78. B. Boone Co. (?). D. 9-16-1902belvidere&Cem. Married. 78yrs. In Ill. (?).
Beck, John Age 74. B. ?. D. 10-2-1902 Caledonia Tp. Widower.
Beck, Mary Jane Age 58. B. Ireland. D. 3-15-1903 Belvidere. Chemung Cem. Widow. 53y. Ill.
Becker, Izabella Age 62-9-20. B. Ireland. D. 12-31-1905 Poplar Grv. Capron Cem. Mrd. 37y. -
Beckington, Henry Age 57. B. England. D. 4-16-1888 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Single.
Beckington, Sarah Age 75-2-18. B. England. D. 2-6-1880 Garden Prairie & Cem. Married.
Beebe, Floyd Age 4. B. Mchenry Co. D. 12-2-1904 Garden Pr. Riley Cem.
Beebe, Huldah Age 75-6-6. B. Chicopee,Mass. D. 2-2-1891 Poplar Grove. Belvidere Cem. Wid
Behling - See Bahling.
Behling, Charles B. 2-25-1841 Germany. D. 3-13-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 43yrs. Ill.
Behling, Edward B. 12-25-1912 Ill. D. 1-4-1913 Belvidere&Cem.
Behling, Edward D. 1-4-1913. F=Conrad Behling B. Germany. M=Krieger B. Ill.
Behr - See Boehr.
Bement, George W, Age 56. B. Tioga Co. Ny. D. 6-23-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yinill.
Benedict, Mary G. Age 85-1-15. B. Dalton, Mass. D. 5-8-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Bennedict, Timothy Age 2-11-11. B. Litchfield Co. ? D. 5-6-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Bennett - See Willard.
Bennett, Charles Augustus Age 18-4-17. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 2-6-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Bennett, Darleska B. 11-24-1835 ?. D. 4-30-1915 Belvidere. Garden Prairie Cem. Married.
Bennett, Ellen Age 67-1-21. B. Ohio. D. 1-21-1906 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Married.
Bennett, Harriett L. Age 81. B. Pitsfield,Mass. D. 8-26-1902 Belvidere. Richland Cntr. Wi.
Bennett, Mary S. Age 86-7-28. B. Groton,Mass. D. 1-23-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Belvidere&C.
Bennett, Poley Age 64-11. B. Vt. D. 2-10-1878 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Il.
Bennett, Sarah Ann Age 76-11-16. B. Shotogee,Ny. D. 4-23-1907 Belvidere &Cem. Mrd. 47y. Il
Bennett, Son Age ?. B. Belvidere. D. 5-22-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Bennett, Wm. Age 55 B. U. S. D. 6-30-1914 Elgin, Ill.
Bennish, Anna Age 64. B. Germany. D. 12-22-1882 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Married. 14-
Benson, Luther Amos Age 18-1-19. B. Boone Co. D. 2-21-1883 Capron. Single.
Bentley, Sarah W. Age 76. B. Aurora,Ny. D. 8-20-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 42yr. Ill.
Berg, Bertha B. 4-20-1849 Germany. D. 1-7-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 23yrs. In Ill.
Berg, Bertha D. 1-7-1914. F=Wm. Groth M=Wilhelmina Koepnes?.
Berg, Bessie Age 15-9-20. B. Belvidere. D. 11-2-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Berg, Mathew Age 32-3-9. B. Chicago. D. 4-29-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Bergin, Frederick Age 72. B. Germany. D. 4-5-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 23yrs. In Ill.
Berman, Ida Age 1mo. 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-14-1905 Belvidere. Chicago Cem.
Berri, Jasper Age 35-1-22. B. Capron. D. 3-5-1904 Capron&Cem. Single.
Bichte, Cora Age 3days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-31-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Bickerstaff, Libby Age 37. B. Boone Co. D. 2-5-1893 Caledonia Tp. Hunter Cem. Married.
Bicknell, Rebecca P. Age 62-9-10. B. Corrina,Me. D. 4-16-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Bicknell, Ruth Francena Age 20-0-10. B. Maine. D. 11-24-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Biester - See Bichte.
Bigelow, Daniel W. Age 32-2-3. B. Illinois. D. 2-18-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 32yrs. Ill.
Bigelow, Jeremiah Age 73-8-7. B. Portage,Ny. D. 1-28-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 53yin-
Biggerstaff, Amelia D. Age 43. B. Canada. D. 12-18-1902 Caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem. Married. 20
Biggerstaff, George Age 68-9-2. B. Oxford Co. Engl. D. 12-2-1880 Caledonia. Liv. Cem.
Biggerstaff - See Bickerstaff.
Bigham - See Shane.
Bill, Emma Age 38-4-6. B. Belvidere. D. 10-6-1907 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Billinton, Dorothy Age 1. B. Illinois. D. 3-12-1903 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Bills, Mercy Age 61. B. York State. D. 9-20-1888 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Married. 48yill.
Bills, Orlando Age 82. B. Ny. D. 10-6-1907 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Widower. 60yrs. Ill.
Bingston, Edith Amelia Age 2-3-21. B. Spring Tp. D. 2-27-1905 Spring Tp. Shattuck Grv. C.
Binnie - See Predrickson.
Birch, Mary J. R. Age 26-11-20. B. Ny. D. 4-22-1879 Leroy Tp. Union Corners Cem. Married.
Bishop - See Grave.
Bishop, Eba R. Age 44-4-9. B. Belvidere. D. 1-13-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Bishop, John Age 67-4-18. B. Germany. D. 1-25-1893 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 21yrs. Ill.
Bishop, Wm. J. Age 52 B. U. S. D. 9-14-1915 Elgin, Ill. Single.
Blachford - See Blackford.
Blachford, Francis B. 7-20-1819 Engl. D. 12-6-1910 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem. Mrd. 76y. Ill.
Blachford, Mary Jane Age 14-6-29. B. Spring Tp. D. 11-3-1883 Spring Tp. & Cem.
Blachford, Son Of Huron Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 6-20-1907 Blvdr. Shattuck Grv. C.
Blachford, Steven D. Age 95. B. England. D. 6-2-1908 Belvidere. Shattuck Cem. Widower.
Blackburn, Son Age 2mo. 10days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-9-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Blackford, Anna Age 68. B. Ogdensburgh,Ny. D. 9-6-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Blackledge, Gladys Age 13. B. Spring Tp. D. 12-11-1907 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem.
Blade - See Daily.
Blaisdell, August Ellen Age 46. B. East Deering,Maine. D. 1-11-1885belvidere & Cem.
Blaisdell, Susan Age 88-0-5. B. Portland,Me. D. 12-17-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Blake - See Chase.
Blake - See Reid.
Blake, Alfred Age 21-11-23 B. Blackhawk Co. Iowa. D. 10-16-1881 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem
Blake, George B. 2-12-1857 Dixon, Ill. D. 3-14-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Divorced.
Blake, Hannah S. Age 93. B. Sanbornton,N. H. D. 8-1-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 61y. Ill.
Blake, Lattie E. Age 19-6-2. B. Manchester Tp. D. 10-7-1881 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Blake, Marian Age 61-7-2. B. Ohio. D. 12-11-1914 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem. 15yrs. Ill.
Blake, Marian D. 12-11-1914. F=Bergina Ogel B. Ohio M=S. M. Low B. Ohio.
Blakely, George Age 48-3. B. Fermaugh Co. Irel. D. 12-19-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 25y. Ill
Blanck, Mike Age 64. B. Germany D. 5-23-1885 Caledonia Tp. Orth Cem. Married. 3y Ill.
Blank, Albert Age 2wks. 2days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-20-1889 Caledonia Tp. Leach F. C.
Blank, Christopher Age 66. B. Germany. D. 7-6-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 39yrs. Ill.
Blietz, Frederick Age 22-1-3. B. Chicago. D. 8-10-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 22y. In Ill.
Bliss, Philemon A. Age 42-1-0. B. Boone Co. D. 3-8-1888 Flora Tp. & Cem. Single. 42yrs. In Ill.
Blodgett, Freddie Age 1-3-20. B. Leroy Tp. D. 9-20-1879 Leroy Tp. Parks Corners Cem.
Blodgett, H. J. Age 49. B. Illinois. D. 9-4-1901 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Married. 49yrs. In Ill.
Blodgett, Mitta M. Age 20-7-12. B. ?. D. 10-6-1896 Poplar Grv. Wapum,Wisc. Cem. 10mo. In Ill.
Blodgett, Nettie May Age 14-5-17. B. Leroy Tp. D. 2-11-1883 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem.
Blower, Delilah Age 27. B. Manchester Tp. D. 12-7-1878 ?. Parks Corners Cem. Single.
Boale, Dtr. B. 3-1-1912 Ill. D. 3-11-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. F=Will Boale B. Iowa M=Schweptka B-
Boardman - See Bordman.
Boardman, Bretta Age 1mo. 14days. B. Belvidere. D. 11-1-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Boardman, Clifford Maynard Age 8mo. B. Belvidere. D. 3-17-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Boardman, Frank M. B. 1877 Belvidere. D. 4-19-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Boardman, Frank M. D. 4-19-1915. F=Henry Boardman B. Ny.
Boehr, Nancy Age 83. B. Ny. D. 3-5-1910 Herbert. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 52yrs. In Ill.
Bogardus, Eli Age 76-7-2. B. Manlius,Ny. D. 3-8-1889 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 38yrinill.
Bogue, Daniel J. Age 51. B. Ill. D. 6-25-1912 Belvidere. Elgin Cem. Married. 51yrs. In Ill.
Bogue, Daniel J. D. 6-25-1912. F=Levi Bogue M=Sarah Mapes.
Bollinger,Albert Age 41. B. Switzerland. D. 12-25-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 20y. Ill.
Bolts, Fredrica Age 12. B. Germany. D. 12-3-1882 Spri Ng Tp. & Cem. 1yr. In Ill.
Bonbright, Mary Ann Age 84. B. Penn. D. 2-22-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. Il. 3yrs.
Booth, Myrta Age 82-7-10. B. N. Guilford,Conn. D. 7-14-1879 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Bordman, Chas. Albert Age 6mo. B. Belvidere. D. 5-2-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Borgeson, Tollef (Ryland?) Age 72-10-15. B. Norway. D. 7-22-1892 Manchester Tp. E. L. Cem
Borgis, Frank B. 1-1-1863. B. ?. D. 3-7-1903 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Born, Clement Age 53-2. B. Germany. D. 2-4-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Bornchley - See Robinson.
Borson, Goody Age 82-2-8. B. Norway. D. 7-9-1879 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem. Il. 40y.
Bosberry, John Samuel B. 9-22-1873 Engl. D. 5-12-1914 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd. 20yr. Ill.
Bosberry, John Samuel D. 5-12-1914. F=John S. Bosberry M=Mary Ann Anthony.
Bosberry, Selina Age 24-10-14. B. Hooknorton,Oxfordshire,Eng. D. 5-10-1886flora. Tp. B. C
Bottcher, Dtr, B. 9-27-1914 Belvidere. D. 9-28-1914 Belvidere&Cem.
Bottcher, Dtr. D. 9-28-1914. F=Fred Bottcher B. Germany M=Lena Ross B. Germany.
Botts - See Bolts.
Boulard, Benj. F. Age 59-5-14. B. Mass. D. 9-25-1900 Poplar Grv. Humnter Cem. Married. 58y.
Bounds, Amos J. Age 58. B. Penfield, Ny. . D. 5-15-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Bounds, Anne Age 86-10-10. B. England. D. 3-28-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. 50yrs. In Ill.
Bounds, Wm. Age 87-1-8. B. North Hampshire,Engl. D. 3-22-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married
Bowan - See Baurie.
Bowers - See Hill.
Bowers, Elsdon Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 3-11-1883 Belvidere.
Bowers, Erwin D. Age 45. B. Beloit,Wisc. D. 3-18-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 6mo. Inill.
Bowler, Nellie Eliza B. 12-26-1871 Belvidere. D. 9-29-1910 Blvdr. St,James Cem. Mrd. 38y. Il
Bowley, Alexander B. 10-8-1868 Owen,Winnebago. Co. Il. D. 2-5-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
Bowley, Alexander D. 2-5-1912. F=Sylvester Bowley.
Bowley, Anna Maria B. 8-1-1839 England. D. 10-1-1911 Belvdr. &Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Bowley, Anna Maria D. 10-1-1911. F=John Martyn B. England. M=Carne B. England.
Bowley, Frank Age 9-6. B. Belvidere. D. 1-26-1910. Belvidere.
Bowley, Hannah Age 63-11-27. B. Ohio. D. 4-27-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. Ill.
Bowley, Ida C. Age 50. B. Belvidere. D. 7-6-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Bowley, Lizzie Jane Age 1mo. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 5-3-1903 Belvidere Tp.
Bowman, Benj. Age 74-8-21. B. Lucerne Co. Penn. D. 11-18-1884 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Mrd. -
Bowman, Hannah Age 76-7-4. B. Penn. D. 12-26-1887 Blaine & Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Bowman, Matilda Age 29. B. Sweden. D. 2-3-1887 Beaverton. Rockford Cem. Married. -
Boyce, Hugh Age 80-6-5. B. Vt. D. 6-3-1880 Bonus Tp. Garden Prairie Cem. Married.
Boyer, F. Lewis Age 3. B. Belvidere. D. 1-18-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Boyer, James Age 45. B. ?. D. 1-31-1902 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Married. Some Yrs. In Ill.
Bozzell, Cora Age 4-6-0. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-3-1884 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Bozzell, Irvieg Age 2-6-0. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-10-1884 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Brackett, Wm. R. Age 70. B. Vt. D. 3-7-1906 Bnelvidere&Cem.
Bracy, Stella L. Age 20-2-6. B. Flora Tp. D. 11-11-1887 Spring Tp. Flora Cem. Married. (2d. C).
Brady, Age 10-10-15. B. Belvidere. D. 10-29-1885. Belvidere & Cem.
Brady, Bridget Age 84-7-21. B. Labrin Co. Irel. D. 7-25-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 55y. Ill.
Brady, Bridget D. 7-25-1910. F=Bernard Mckenna.
Brady, Henry Age 72. B. Ireland. D. 3-14-1902 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Married.
Brady, John Jos. Age 59-3-11. B. Dublin,Irel. D. 3-27-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd. Ill. 25y
Brady, John Age 46-2-1. B. Belvidere. D. 5-2-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 46yrs. In Ill.
Brandt, Carrie Age 55. B. Germany. D. 6-5-1907 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Brandt, Emitt B. 3-3-1863 Wisc. D. 6-25-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 23yrs. In Ill.
Brandt, Emitt D. 6-25-1910. F=Jacob Brandt B. Ny. M=Catherine Mates B. Delaware.
Brandt, Susan Age 55. B. Bonus Tp. D. 5-19-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55yrs. Ill.
Brannen, Bridget Age 70-7. B. Ireland. D. 2-15-1907 Belvidere&Cem. 40yrs. In Ill.
Braun, Emma B. 3-7-1901 Boone Co. D. 9-14-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Brayton, Susan Age 84. B. Germany. D. 3-1-1893 Caledonia Tp. Hunter Cem. Widow.
Breen, May Age ?. B. Huntley,Il. D. 10-17-1910 Blvdr. Huntley Cem. M. Wid. F=Robt. Casey.
Brehmer, Freda Christina Wilh, Age 20. B. Pomern,Germany. D. 1-23-1901winne F. B. Cem.
Brennen - See Brannen.
Brennen, Wm. Age 15mo. B. Belvidere. D. 1-14-1905 Belvidere. Capron Cem.
Brenner - See Brennen.
Brinkmeyer, Son Age 4mo. B. Belvidere. D. 11-19-1907 Belvidere7cem.
Broheimer, Christian Fredric B. 9-28-1912. D. 3-3-1912 Garden Pr. &Cem.
Broheimer, Chritian Fredric D. 3-3-1912. F=Chris. B. Germ. M=Sophia Kamfranz B. Germ.
Bronson - See Turneaure.
Brooks, Benjamin Age 59. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-2-1910 Belvidere. Shattucks Cem. Widower. 59
Brown - See Ellsworth.
Brown - See Moore.
Brown, A. H. Age 80. B. ?. D. 12-10-1887 Flora Tp. Widower.
Brown, Beta Burton Age 2-6-17. B. Janesville,Wisc. D. 5-1-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Brown, Charles Age 65. B. South End,Scotland. D. 2-7-1882 Caledonia Tp. Willow Cr. C
Brown, David Age 55-2. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 4-3-1881 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. Ce
Brown, Dtr. Age 2mo. 20days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-8-1904 Belvidere. Genoa Cem.
Brown, Floyd James Age 3mo. 8days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-18-1904 Caledonia. Scotch-
Brown, Margaret A. Age 42-2-27. B. Winnebago Co. Il. D. 9-21-1902 Belvidere. Willow Crk. -
Brown, Margret Age 22. B. Scranton,Kansas. D. 7-26-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 21yrs. Ill.
Brown, Mary Age 58-1-10. B. Ny. D. 2-5-1880 Leroy Tp. & Cem. Married. 29yrs. In Ill.
Brown, Mary E. Age 80-4-17. B. Ny. D. 2-18-1912 Belvdr. &Cem. Widow. 74yrs. Ill. F=_ Herbert
Brown, Melvin Stephen Age 1-2-2. B. Bonus Tp. D. 5-30-1881 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Brown, Sabrina Age 90-10. B. Ny. D. 4-18-1905 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Brown, Sarah Jane Age 33-5-21. B. Spring Tp. D. 6-5-1881. Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem.
Brown, Sarah Jane Age 42-9-7. B. England. D. 1-11-1881 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem. Maried.
Brown, Thomas Jefferson Age 73-2-14. B. Withland,Monroe Co. Ny. Belvidere&Cem. M-
Bruce, Alta Age 7. B. Belvidere. D. 11-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Bruce, Edwin R. Age 37-2-10. B. Boone Co. D. 10-20-1879 Belvidere Twp. & Cem. Ill. 37yrs.
Bruhn, Clara Age 8. B. Belvidere. D. 12-25-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Bruner, Alma Age 1. B. Marengo. D. 6-12-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Bruner, David Age 29-9-10. B. Jasper,N. J. D. 11-10-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 25yrs. In Ill.
Bruner, Leroy R. Age 5mo. 20days. B. Beaverton,Ill. D. 9-12-1892 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Bruner, Margaret Age 54. B. Ny. D. 1-5-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Bruner, Philip Age 82-6-0. B. Gosfield,Canada. D. 5-7-1891caledonia. P. Grv. Cem. Widower.
Bruner,George H. Age 64. B. Ny. D. 8-9-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 30yrs. In Ill.
Brunner, Chloe Rosetta Age 18-1-7. B. Boone Co. D. 12-7-1886 Poplar Grove & Cem. Mrd. -
Brush, Israel R. Age ?. B. ?. D. 8-7-1911 Belvidere&Cem. A Farmer.
Bryant, Wm. Thos. Age 49. B. ?. D. 7-21-1902 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Bryden, Wm. Age 46-9. B. Ireland. D. 4-10-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Ill. 24 Yrs.
Buchman, Peter B. 6-17-1842 Trier,Germany. D. 3-13-1915 Belvider&Cem. 10y. Ill. 54yrs. U. S.
Buchman, Peter Married. D. 3-13-1915. F=Wm. Buchman. M=?
Bucklin, Harold Age 3. B. Boone Co. D. 9-12-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Bucklin, Leroy G. Age 2-10-14. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-3-1883 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Buckman, Hazel L. Age 3mo. B. Belvidere. D. 2-15-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Builta, Detrick B. 4-22-1842 Germany. D. 4-1-1914 G. Pr. &Cem. Married. 31yrs. In Ill.
Builta, Detrick D. 4-1-1914. F=Simon Builta M=Sophia.
Builte, Christine Age 62-0-11. B. Germany. D. 7-10-1906 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem. Mrd
Bullard, Jennie E. B. 7-15-1851 Belvidere. D. 3-8-1913 P. Grove. Manchester Cem. Widow.
Bullard, Jennie E. D. 3-8-1913. F=John Chamberlin B. Mass. M=Jennie B. Ny.
Bullard, Ora Irene Age 13-11. B. Illinois. D. 5-15-1908 Poplar Grv. Liv. Cem.
Bullard - See Boulard.
Bunker, Emeline Age 71. B. U. S. D. 6-22-1907 Elgin,Ill. Flora Cem. Married.
Burch, Ella May Age 6days, B. Poplar Grove. D. 5-18-1904 Poplar Grv. Blaine Cem.
Burch, Frank Emerson Age 18-2-6. B. Penn. D. 11-9-1881 Leroy Tp. Single.
Burch, Son Age 12. B. Belvidere. D. 7-14-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Burchard, Marcia Age 6hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 11-9-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Burdick, Eliza, B. 11-11-1856 Caledonia Tp. D. 7-26-1911 Caledonia. Poplar Grv. Cem. Mrd.
Burdick, Eliza. D. 7-26-1911. F=N. Tripp B. Ny. M=Mary Scielly B. Ireland.
Burdick, Melvina M. Age 26-1. B. Belvidere. D. 2-7-1880 Caledonia. Belvidere Cem.
Burgufson, Betsy E. Age 60. B. Norway. D. 8-8-1879 Manchester Tp. Ev. Luth. Cem. Il. 30y
Burkett, Minnie Age 8-0-23. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-15-1888 Boone Tp. Poplar Grove Cem.
Burlingame, Abigail Age 79-6-22. B. Rhode Island. D. 6-27-1878 Manchester & F. Cem.
Burlingame, Dtr. B. 4-2-1911 Belvidere. D. 4-4-1911 Belvidere. St. James Cem.
Burlingame, Dtr. D. 4-4-1911. F=Frank Burlingame B. Mich. M=Emma Mcnamara B. Boon
Burlingame, Henry W. Age 72-4-23. B. Rochester,Ny. D. 3-31-1902 Belvidere. So. Haven,Mi. C
Burnham, Mabel Irene Age 9mo. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-16-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Burnham, Mabel Irene Age 9mo. 12days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-16-1905 Poplar Grv. &C.
Burns, Cornelius Age 72-7-17. B. Donegal,Ire. (1 0f 2 )D. 5-17-1904 Belvidere&C. Mrd. 49y. -
Burns, Cornelius F. Age 31-11-24. B. Belvidere. D. 4-16-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Burns, Katie Hannah Age 1-407. B. Belvidere. D. 10-10-1882 Belvidere & Catholic Cem.
Burns, Margrette Age 43. B. Ireland. D. 2-27-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 19yrs. In-
Burns, Michael Age 87. B. Donegal,Ireland. D. 4-6-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 36y. Ill.
Burns, Patrick Age 75. B. Ireland. D. 11-30-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 54yrs. In Ill.
Burnside, George Age 58-6-21. B. Ostego Co. Ny. D. 10-15-1879 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Burrett, Son Of Francis E. &Emma Age 2mo. 15days. B&D. Manchester Tp. D. 9-25-1891
Burrow, Mary Age 56. B. Germany. D. 5-28-1913 Bonus Tp. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Burrow, Mary D. 5-28-1913. F=Joe Koltz M=Johanna Wennt.
Burton, Chas. J. Age 78. 0-8. B. Ny. D. 1-15-1915 Leroy Tp. O. W. Sharon,Wi. Cem. Mrd. 50y. Ill.
Burton, Clifford Oliver Age 1mo. 1day. B. Bonus Tp. D. 3-31-1903 Bonus Tp. G. Pr. Cem.
Burton, Dtr. Age 4hrs. B. Flora Tp. D. 5-24-1902 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Burton, Harvey Jacob Age 10-9. B. Ogle Co. Il. D. 8-4-1902 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Burton, Hiram B. 9-19-1821 Ny. D. 9-12-1912 Garden Pr. &Cem. Widower. 60yrs. In Ill.
Burton, Hiram D. 9-12-1912. F=Stephen Burton B. Vt. M=Hannah Merrill B. Vt.
Burton, Marianne Age 77-9-1906b. Armagh,Ireland Nelvidere&Cem. Married. 58yr. Ill.
Burton, Thomas Age 44. B. Ill. D. 10-3-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. F=Wm. Burton.
Burton, Thomas B. 6-1-1827 England. D. 1-29-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed.
Burton, Wm. B. 8-15-1832 Canada. D. 11-29-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Bussey, Charles C. Age 3-3-16. B. Flora Tp. D. 4-5-1905 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Buth, Carl Age 86-8. B. Germany. D. 1-8-1910 Belvidere Tp. Marsh Cem. Married. 24yrs. Ill.
Butler, Julia Age 78-1-15. B. Ireland. D. 4-25-1906 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Widow. 50y. Ill.
Butler, Maggie Age ?. B. ? D. 8-9-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Butler, Mary E. Age 21-0-27. B. Belvidere. D. 1-17-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Single. Il21yrs.
Butler, Micheal Age 52. B. Knocktophen,Kilkenny Co. Ire. D. 2-19-1878 Belvidere. C. Cem
Butler, Nicholas Age 59. B. Knocktofer,Ire. D. 10-29-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Butler, Paulina Augusta Age 36-1-13. B. Ny. City. D. 2-13-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Butler - See Ellingson.
Butler, Thomas Francis Age 45-10. B. Belvidere. D. 7-8-1908 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Wid-
Butterfield, John Arthur Age33-0-27. B. Durand,Ill. D. 9-19-1904belvidere&Cem. Divorce
Butterfield, Willis Russel Age 7-7-1. B. Wauconda,Ill. D. 7-1-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Buttermer, John Age 53-8-6. B. Cork Co. Irel. D. 11-4-1906 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. -
Buzzell - See Bozzell.
Buzzle, Ulenzo D. Age 12days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-22-1886 Caledonia Tp. &Cem.
Byers, John Age 2-4-0. B. Illinois. D. 3-29-1882 Spring Tp.
Byron, Harriet Age 79-10-14. B. ?. D. 3-8-1902 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.

Cadwell, W. H. Age 66-0-2. B. Hartford,Conn. D. 1-19-1892 Poplar Grv. Rockfalls,Ill. Cem.
Calihan, Peter Age 17. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 2-7-1893 Caledonia Tp. Blvdr. Ce. Single.
Calkins, Edgar M. Age 56. B. Castile,Ny. D. 5-2-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Calkins, Dtr. Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 10-13-1884 Belvidere & Cem.
Calkins, Son Age 1 day. B. Belvidere. D. 7-30-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Callahan, Patrick H. Age 43. B. Mass. D. 6-16-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 41yrs. In Ill.
Camp, Lany M. (Female). Age 64-2-16. B. Schoharie Co. Ny. D. 4-12-1891 Bonus Tp. &Cem. Wido.
Campbell - See Mcmillan.
Campbell - See Mcmillan.
Campbell, Ann Age 80. B. Scotland. D. 3-19-1910caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem. Widow. 45yrs. Ill.
Campbell, David Age 70-4-5. B. Vt. D. 4-25-1883 Caledonia Tp. Guilford Cem. Married.
Campbell, Duncan J. Age 50-9-12. B. Canada. D. 1-28-1910 Belvidere. Liv. Cem. Married. 42y.
Campbell, Fannie E. Age 31-1-13. B. Belvidere. D. 5-29-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 30yill.
Campbell, John D. Age 53. B. Illinois. D. 1-31-1908 Elgin,Ill. Creston,Il. Cem. Married.
Campbell, Maynard Age 13-3-3. B. Boone Co. D. 6-14-1907 Poplar Grv. Liv. Cem.
Campbell, Neil Age 45. B. Canada. D. 2-12-1903 Canada. Belvidere Cem. Married. 37yr. Ill.
Candy - See Pearsall.
Carlson, Carl Paul Age 8days. B. Belvidere. . D. 5-17-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Carlson, Carl Paul D. 5-17-1914. F=Rudolph Carlson B. Sweden. M=Gertrude Bergman
Carlson, D. William Age 23. B. Sweden. D. 8-19-1902belvidere. Rockford Cem. Sngl. 6mo. Il.
Carlson, Emeriet Paul Age 5-10-8. B. Belvidere. D. 4-29-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Carlson, Emma B. 5-11-1861 Sweden. D. 5-4-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 23y. Ill. 27y. U. S.
Carlson, Emma D. 5-4-1915. F=Axel Gustavson.
Carlson, Helen Victoria Age 4-3-20. B. Belvidere. D. 8-27-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Carlson, Hendry Age 8mo. 4days. B. Spring Tp. D. 12-15-1906 Spring Tp. Cherry Vly. Cem.
Carlson, Oscar B. 7-1895 Sweden. D. 10-19-1914 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Single. 3yrs. Ill.
Carlson, Vernie Age 1-1-1906 B. Spring Tp. D. 9-1-1906 Spring Tp. Shattuck Grv. Cem.
Carlson, Wm. Age 8days. B. Poplar Grv. D. 9-28-1911 P. Grove&Cem.
Carlson, Wm. D. 9-28-1911. F=Erie Carlson B. Sweden M= Anna Anderson B. Sweden.
Carlstedt, Ellen G. B. 4-23-1867 Beaverton,Ill. D. 7-12-1914 Blvdr. Capron Cem. Mrd.
Carlstedt, Ellen G. D. 7-12-1914. 47yrs. Ill. F=Leurs Goodsell B. Norw. M=Eliz. B. Capron.
Carpenter, Cora Age 1-2-16. B. Iowa. 9-26-1881 Manchester Tp. & Cem.
Carpenter, Gracie E. Age 5-11-25. B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-25-1879 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Carpenter, Joseph Age 88. B. Truxton,Ny. D. 1-4-1904 Belvidere. Lawrenceville Cem. Wid.
Carroll, Son Age 1hr. F=David. M=Lucinda E. B. Bonus Tp. D. 3-8-1883 Bonus Tp.
Carter, Charles C. Age 43. B. Jefferson Co. Mo. D. 2-26-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 22y.
Case, Charlotte E. Age 76-4-0. B. Canton,Conn. D. 11-19-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 25yin
Case, Henry C, B. 1-11-1837 Eaton, Wy. Co. Pa. D. 2-12-1913 Blvdr. & Cem. Mrd. 60yrs. In Ill.
Case, Henry C. D. 2-12-1913. F=Chauncey Case B. Conn. M=Mary Roberts B. Conn.
Case, Huldah Age 1-7-10. B. Flora Tp. D. 4-22-1878. Cherry Valley Cem.
Case, John Age 92. B. ?. D. By 1-23-1893 Belvidere&Cem. 37yrs. In Ill.
Case, Julia A. Age 7mo. 17days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-10-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Casey, George Age 51. B. Philadelphia,Penn. D. 3-25-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 49yrs. Ill.
Cash, Leon Alton B. 1-4-1912 Boone Co. D. 1-4-1912 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Cash, Leon Alton D. 1-4-1912. F=Chester Cash B. Indiana. M=Evelyn Hiatt B. Indiana.
Casper, Dtr. Age 3days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-6-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Casper, Wm. Age 59. B. Germany. D. 11-6-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Cassidy, Henry Age 10days. B. Cherry Valley. D. 3-20-1902 Belvidere. Flora Cem.
Caswell, Mary Age 79-2. B. Grantham,Vt. D. 4-6-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. Il. 39yrs.
Catchpool, Thompson Garnish Age 78-11-6. B. Mickfield,Engl. D. 3-12-1910garden Pr. &C.
Cates, George H. Age 32. B. ?. D. 3-12-1886 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Single.
Cation, Arthur J. B. 6-10-1892 Belvidere. D. 8-11-1911 Belvidr. &Cem. Single.
Cation, Arthur J. D. 8-11-1911. F=John B. Buffalo,Ny. M=Eva Morgan B. Caledonia Tp.
Chafee, Annette Age 89. B. Ny. D. 3-14-1903 Belvidere&Cem. 79yrs. In Ill.
Chamberlain, Ada Bell Age 17-2-1. B. Capron. D. 1-31-1882 Capron. Round Grove Cem.
Chamberlain, Ellis W. Age 10. B. Poplar Grove. D. 3-5-1890 Belvidere. Poplar Grv. Cem.
Chamberlain, Freddie Age 5-5-0. B. Minnesota. D. 4-1-1884flora Tp. & Cem. 4yrs. In Ill.
Chamberlain, Lucy Age 86-10-11. B. Mass. D. 12-26-1904 Capron. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 46-
Chamberlane, Nancyage 66. B. Rckfd,Ill. D. 11-2-1904 Blvdr. Rockford Cem. Mrd. 66y. Ill
Chamberlin - See Bullard.
Chandler, Henry Clark Age 71-10-0. B. Vt. D. 11-2-1894 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widower. 45yill.
Chappel, Wm. Age 82-7-0. B. Devonshire. D. 2-21-1891 Poplar Grove &Cem. Widower. 36yill.
Chappell, Cora E. B. 2-8-1865 ?. D. 6-26-1913 P. Grove. &Cem. Mrd. F=John M=Eliza. B. P. Grv.
Chapple, Catharine C. Age 88-4-28. B. Ny. D. 5-18-1879 Caledonia Tp. Union Corners Cem.
Chapple, Mary Eliza Age 62-8-12. B. Boone Co. D. 12-27-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 62y-
Charleson, Julia Age 6-0-11. Parents Norwegian. D. 12-30-1886 Boone Tp. Capron Cem.
Charleson, Peter Age 3-4-11b. Boone Tp. D. 1-1-1887 Boone Tp. Caproncem.
Chase, Elisha Age 83-7-23. B. Vt. D. 3-1-1903 Belvidere. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Chase, Jennie Blake Age 65-2-28. B. Lynee,N. H. D. 10-14-1906 Belvidere. Orange,N. J. Cem. Wid
Chatsey, Adams John Quincy Age 53-8-9. B. Ny. D. 6-0-1881 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem.
Chena, Fred G. B. 1-17-1872. D. 8-17-1902 Bloods Point Cem. . Married.
Chester, Betsy Age 17-8-11. B. Leroy Tp. D. 3-11-1879 Leroy Tp. & Luth. Cem. 17yrs. In Ill.
Child, Lillie Maude Age 9-1-8. B. Illinois. D. 2-14-1883 Manchester Tp. Beloit Cem.
Childs, Lillie W. Age 79. B. Ny. D. 1-26-1903 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Widow. 15yrs. In Ill.
Chipman, Ada B. 8-7-1841 Ill. D. 11-22-1914 Boone Co. Blvdr. Cem. Widow.
Christ, Dtr. Age 2hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 10-18-1905 Belvidere.
Christensen, Dagmar Age 6. B. Chicago. D. 7-18-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Christenson, Andrew B. 3-19-1843 Sofde,Swedn. D. 11-17-1910 Garden Pr. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd.
Christenson, Andrew D. 11-17-1910. 37y. Ill. F=Christen Anderson. M=Ana Anderson.
Christenson, Dtr. Age 4mo. A4days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 8-4-1887 ? Rockford Cem.
Christenson, Johnny Richard Age 14-1. B. Boone Co. D. 9-11-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere C.
Christianson, Ole J. Age ? A Laborer. B. Norway. D. 1-12-1880 Caledonia. Town L. Cem.
Church, Eliza A. Age ?. B. ?. D. 4-24-1886 Belvidere. Conn. Cem. Widow.
Church, John W. Age 61-11-0. B. England. D. 4-11-1895 Poplar Grv. Liv. Cem. Married. 40yin-
Church, L. Alanson Age 69. B. Ny. D. 5-15-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 15yrs. In Ill
Church, Laurence Age 13-5-2. B. Flora Tp. D. 10-13-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Church, Rosa Age 20-5-10. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-9-1890 Caledonia Tp. Manchester Cem.
Church, Rosalthe Ann Age 71-5. B. Lebanon,Madison Co. Ny. D. 3-18-1910blvdr. Manch-. C.
Clark - See Jones.
Clark, Adelia Age 73-11-22. B. Ny. D. 7-18-1909 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 63yrs. In Ill.
Clark, Albert Age 61. B. Ney Kork. D. 12-29-1907 Belvidere&Cem. 12yrs. In Ill.
Clark, Alfred Age 75-3-11. B. England. D. 4-14-1904 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Mrd. 54
Clark, Bertha Ann Age 14-1-1. B. Chicago. D. 3-13-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Clark, Bridget Age 56. B. Ireland. D. 2-16-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. Il. 23yrs.
Clark, Dtr. Of Frank & Anna Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-19-1902 Belvidere.
Clark, Hester Age 74-4-28. B. Ny. D. 10-2-1895 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married. 54yrs. In Ill.
Clark, Joel Spencer B. 3-20-1913 P. Grove. D. 6-20-1913 Belvidere. P. Grv. Cem.
Clark, Mary Olive Age 40-8-10. B. Galena, Ill. D. 6-25-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Clark, Minnie Age ?. B. Germany. D. 6-2-1886 Polar Grove & Cem. Married. 23yrs. In Ill.
Clark, Nellie M. B. 5-22-1865 Woodstock,Il. D. 10-12-1914 Belvidere&Cem,Mrd. 49yrs. Ill.
Clark, Nellie M. D. 10-12-1914. F=Jefferson Mayo B. Wisconsin. M=Ryder B. Hebron,Ill.
Clark, Sarah Colvin B. 2-14-1849 Ny. . D. 2-4-1914 Belvidere Cem. Married. 60yrs. In Ill.
Clark, Wm. E. Age 57-11-24. B. England. D. 5-3-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 44yrs. In Ill.
Clayton, Dtr. Age 1/2hr. B. Belvidere. D. 10-8-1894 Belvidere&Cem.
Clayton, Elizabeth Age 84. B. England. D. 3-4-1903 Belvidere. Madison,Wi. Cem. Widow.
Cleaveland, Harry B. Age 80-10-7. B. Vt. D. 2-5-1905 Garden Pr. &Cem. Single. 39yrs. In Ill.
Cleaveland, Henry Age 94/74. B. Vt. D. 4-26-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 40yrs. In Ill.
Cleaveland,Thomas W. Age 51. B. Boone Co. D. 1-20-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 51yrs. In Ill
Cleaver, Florence Age 1mo. B. Belvidere. D. 3-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Cleveland, Lydia Age 87-5-10. B. Vt. D. 2-20-1885 Garden Prairie & Cem. Widow. 19y Ill.
Cline, Electa Caroline Age 68-3-4. B. Penn. D. 10-16-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 14y. Ill.
Cline, Phebe Age 75-9-17. B. Wells,Vt. D. 2-1-1880 Belvidere. Guilford,(Tp. ?) Il. Cem.
Cline - See Slaymaker.
Clinite, Emma Helena Age 22. B. Sweden. D. 7-23-1886 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married. 16yill.
Clinite, George Age 31. B. Belvidere. D. 9-27-1886 Flora Tp. &Cem. Widower. 31yrs. In Ill.
Coats, Age 1-9. 0. B. Ny. D. 6?-19-1891belvidere.
Cochran - See Hersey.
Coddington, Edwin Age 50-9-0. B. Ny. D. 4-29-1885 Garden Prairie. ,Married. 4yrs. In Ill.
Coggeshall - See Avery.
Coggeshall, Wm. Holden Age 86-7-4. B. Warwick,Ri. D. 2-8-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Cohoon, Edith L. Age 31-6-22. B. Iowa. D. 1901? Belvidere&Cem. Married. 8yrs. In Ill.
Cohoon, Mary J. Age 87-11. B. Ny. D. 2-6-1904 Flora Tp. Wisconsiin Cem. Widow. 27yrs. In Ill.
Cohoon, Son Age 3hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 6-9-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Colburn, Delma L. Newman Age 29-10-27. B. Elkhart,Ind. D. 12-5-1892 Belvidere&Cem. 2y-
Colburn, Thankful Rosette Age 75-9-13. B. Vt. D. 11-1-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 52y. Ill
Cole, Male Infant Age 9days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-6-1878 Caledonia Tp. & Cem.
Coleman, Ottis J. Age 60-9-0. B. Monterey,Ny. D. 1-17-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yin-
Coleman, Philip Age 77-19-0. B. Beaverton,Ill. D. 2-115-1892 Poplar Gr. Cem. Married. 45-
Coleson, Allen H. Age 23-10-18. B. Spring Tp. D. 6-2-1893belvidere. Shattucks Grv. Cem. 29y
Collar, Margaret Age 74-10-0. B. Ontario Co. Ny. D. 3-13-1884 Bonus Tp. Boone Tp. Cem.
Collier, Nellie G. Age 18-4-21. B. Mcpherson Co. D. 6-23-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 4mo
Colohan, Maude Age 39. B. Kirkland,Il. D. 2-27-1910 Belvidere. Charter Oak Cem. Mrd. 39
Colvin, Joseph Volney B. 4-30-1837 Bradford Co. Pa. D. 3-23-1911 Blvdr. Bonus Cem. Mrd. -
Comstock, S. H. Age 72. B. Berkshire,Vt. D. 9-3-1901 Belvidere. Abbots Corners Cem. Wido.
Condict, Charlotte Age 74-1-1. B. Newark,Nj. D. 11-15-1879 Belvidere & Cem. 37yrs. Ill.
Condon, Honora Age 76. B. Ireland. D. 11-1-1908 Caledonia Tp. Beloit Cem. Mrd. 50yrs. Ill.
Condon, John Age 40-1-21. B. Illinois. D. 1-1-1903 Caledonia Tp. Beloit. Wi. Cem. Single. 40yil
Conelley, Cornelius Age 35-1-5. B. Belvidere. D. 12-5-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Conelley, Margaret Age 27. B. Canada. D. 12-24-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 5y Ill.
Conklin, Helen Eliz. Age 11. B. Belvidere. D. 9-25-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Conley, Catherine Age 99-10. B. Cork,Ireland. D. 6-19-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 55y. Il.
Conley, Lizzie Age 23-7-23. B. Belvidere. D. 1013-1886 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Married.
Conley, Mary Age 80. B. Ireland. D. 11-3-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 54yrs,In Ill.
Conley, Mary F. Age 57. B. Ny. D. 12-27-1905 Boone Tp. Capron Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Conwell, Bridget B. B. 1848 Ireland. D. 7-30-193 Belvidere. St,James Cem. Married.
Conwell, Peter Age 1-5-21. B. Belvidere. D. 10-14-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Cook, Albert Edwin Age 11mo. 24days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 9-26-1881 Capron. Bonus Cem.
Cook, Anna E. Age 1mo. 20days. B. Belvidere. D. 11-201886 Belvidere & Cem.
Cook, Genevieve B. 12-31-1909 Ill. D. 6-24-Q913 P. Grove. St. James Cem.
Cook, James F. Age 70-2-12. B. Parish Linster,Irel. D. 10-10-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Cook, John G. Age 30-6-19. B. Lockport,Ill. D. 11-26-1894 Belvidere. Lasalle,Ill. Cem. Mrd.
Cook, Lizzie Maryage 1mo. 5days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 8-28-1885 Belvidere Tp. &Cem.
Cook, Lizzie Wild Age 24-2-7. B. Illinois. D. 7-23-1885 Poplar Grove & Cem. Married.
Cook, Margaret Age 65. B. Ireland. D. 9-28-1902 Boone Tp. B. Catholic Cem. Widow.
Cooper, Elison (Female) Age 81. B. Scotland. D. 1885? Belvidere & Cem. Married. 40y Il-
Cooper, Eliza Age 60-4-22. B. Penn Yan,Ny. D. 2-6-1907 Garden Pr. Marengo Cem. Wid. 42y. Il
Copas, Son B. 6-2401915 Belvidere. D. 7-13-1915 Belvidere&Cem.
Copas, Son D. 7-13-1915. F=Ernest Copas B. England M=Allie Willerforce B. England.
Corbett, Katherine S. Age 66-9-11. B. Putnam,Washington Co,Ny. D. 1-6-1880 Caledonia.
Corcoran, Ellen Louise Age 4-2. B. Boone Co. D. 1-8-1904 Boone Co. P. Grv. Cem.
Cordray, Mary Age 52-2. B. Alexander,Va. D. 11-7-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 34y. In Ill.
Cornell, Isaac A. Age 63-2-29. B. Herkimer Co. Ny. D. 11-26-1892 Manchester Tp&Cem. Mar. -
Cornell, Mary Eliz. Age 39-0-30. B. Roscoe,Il. D. 9-14-1906 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Married.
Cornish, Herbert Age 2-7-1. B. Belvidere. D. 1-17-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Cornwell, Barney Age 76-3-24. B. Toronto,Canada. D. 9-30-1904 Capron&Cem. Mrd. 56y. Il
Cornwell, Daniel Age 74-1-28. B. Canada. D. 3-14-1908 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 66y. Ill.
Cornwell, Ettie Age 59-3-24. B. Illinois. D. 5-17-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single.
Cornwell, Harvey Age 3-1-1. B. Illinois. D. 1-13-1897 Poplar Grove.
Cornwell, Hattie E. Age 26-8-19. B. Poplar Grove. D. 3-21-1898 P. Grv. &Cem. Married. 26y In
Cornwell, Luella Grace Age 16-5-14. B. Manchester Tp. D. 5-29-1905 Boone Tp. P. Grv. C.
Cornwell, Margaret Age 73-9-0. B. Canada. D. 7-9-1909 Capron&Cem. Widow. 65yrs. In Ill
Cornwell, Sarah Age 81-10-19. B. N. J. D. 6-30-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 62yrs. In Ill.
Cornwell, Wm. A. Age?B. ?. Poplar Grove. Married.
Corson, Milton Age 42. B. Penn. D. 5-7-1883 Spring Tp. Genoa Cem. Married 8yrs. Ill.
Costello, Michael 1853?. D. 2-22-1907 (1902) Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Coultrup, Caroline Age 69-8. B. Isle Of Shippy,Engl. D. 2-24-1906 Belvidere&Cem. 50y. Ill.
Countryman, Dora B. 4-6-1909 Boone Co. D. 2-15-1913 Herbert. Kingston Cem.
Countryman, Dora D. 2-15-1913. F=Frank B. Ogle Co. M=Ella Hollerand B. Kane Co.
Countryman, Louise Age 11mo. 14days. B. Illinois. D. 5-5-1908 Spring Tp. E. Kingston C.
Court, Gladys May B. 4-2-1895 Flora Tp. D. 9-18-1914 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Single.
Court, Gladys May D. 9-18-1914. F=Robert Brook Court B. Engl. M=Hawkin B. England.
Covey, Eunice Age 84-6-16. B. Ny. D. 12-28-1906 P. Grv. &Cem. Married. 52yrs. In Ill.
Covey, Simeon B. 1817 Vt. D. 4-14-1914 Belvidere. P. Grove Cem. Widowed. 58y. Ill.
Covey, Simeon D. 4-14-1914. F=Theodore Covey B. Nj. M=Cummins B. Nj.
Covey, Stephen Age 83-9-16. B. N. H. D. 8-21-1885 Poplar Grove & Cem. Widower. 46y Ill.
Cowan, Mary Age 79-5-8. B. Scotland. D. 2-3-1900 P. Grove&Cem. Widow. 49yrs. In Ill.
Craig, George Age 58-7-2. B. Ireland. D. 2-11-1889 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 31yrs. In Ill.
Craig, Leroy L. B. 12-26-1892 Flora Tp. D. 5-18-1915 Flora Tp. &Cem. Single.
Craig, Leroy L. D. 5-18-1915 F=B. F. B. Ch. Valley. Il. M=Dora Sdorrincher B. Fairdale,Ill.
Cramer, Chas. H. B. 8-10-1852 Nj. D. 2-6-1913 Belvidere& Cem. Married. 58yrs. In Ill.
Cramer, Chas. H. D. 2-6-1913. F=Peter Cramer B. Nj. M=Jane Fair B. Nj.
Cramer, Clarence Age 2-5-21. B. Manchester Tp. D. 7-28-1883 Union Crnrs. Leroy T. Cem.
Crandall, Elnore M. Age 25-8-19. B. Illinois. D. 10-3-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Crandall, Lucian L. Age 71-1-0. B. Ny. D. 9-4-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 21yrs. In Ill.
Crandall, Sarah Jane Age 77. B. Ny. D. 1-4-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 45yrs. In Ill.
Crane, Chloe Age 88-8. B. Canada. D. 5-4-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Crane, Dafter Wm. Age 8mo. 1day. B. Wisconsin. D. 5-19-1883 Bonus Tp. &E. B. Cem.
Crane, Lucy Age 76-9-0. B. N. H. D. 3-29-1893 Poplar Gove. Caledonia Cem. Married. 40y. Ill.
Cratty, Charlotte Age 1mo. 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-26-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Cratty, Chester Age 1mo. 26days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-31-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Crawford, Andrew Age 90-4-27. B. Ireland. D. 6-30-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55y. Ill.
Crawford, Andrew Jr. Age 36-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 2-26-1896 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Sing
Crawford, James Age 32-7-15. B. Belvidere. D12-30-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Crawford, Katherine Age 84. B. Ireland. D. 11-8-1907 Belvidere. Stjames Cem. Widow. 65y.
Crawford, Michell Age 43. B. Ireland. D. 1-1-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 18yrs. Ill.
Crawford, Patrick Age 30-9-15. B. Belvidere. D. 8-19-1905 Belvidere7cem. Single.
Creagen, Lawrence B. 1868 Rockford,Ill. D. 10-29-1913 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Single.
Creagen, Lawrence D. 10-29-1913. F=Michael Creagen B. Ireland. M= B. Ireland.
Cregeen - See Creagen.
Crinklaw, Age 65-10-23. B. Holmes, Iowa. D. 11-19-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 25yrs. Ill
Crinklaw, Son B. 9-27-1910 Boone Co. D. 9-29-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Crocker - See Foote.
Cronk, Enoch Age 84-7-20. B. Dover,Dutchess Co. Ny. D. 11-1-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd. -
Cronk, Festus Age 76. B. ?. D. 4-17-1889 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Widower.
Cronk, Lucy Age 73. B. Vt. D. 2-9-1889 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Cronkey, Louise Rosana Age 14-6. B. West Superior,Wisc. D. 9-30-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Crosby, Harriet M. Age 53-5-14. B. Hamilton, Ny. D. 11-6-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Crosby, Isaac Age 73-8-2. B. Pawlet,Vt. D. 2-6-1885 Garden Prairie. P. Vt. Cem. Widower.
Crowley, Cornelius Ed Age 2-4-0. B. Caledonia. D. 5-4-1881 Caledonia. Hartland Cem.
Crowley, James Age 1-7-0. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-20-1882 Caledonia Tp. Harkland?Cem.
Crowley, Mary Age 81-6. B. Ireland. D. 7-21-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Cummingham, Daisy Age 9mo. 17days. B. Iowa. D. 5-17-1884 Spring Tp. Flora Cem. 5mo. Ill.
Cummings, Angus Age 87-11-28. B. Scotl. D. Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. Cem. Mrd. 63y. Ill.
Cummings, Harriet H. 79-6. B. Watertown,Ny. D. 3-5-1907 Blvdr. Fulton,Oswego Co. Ny. C. -
Cummings, Isabelle B. 1-3-1829 Scotland. D. 11-14-1910 Caledonia Tp. W. Crk. C. 58y. Il. 75. U. S.
Cummings, Isabelle D. 11-14-1910. F=David Loynachan M=Isabelle Breckenridge.
Cummings, Janet Age 32-2-15. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-15-1898 Valedonia Tp. Argyle Cem. W-
Cunningham - See Harrill.
Cunningham, Bradford B. 10-25-1825 Delaware Co. Ny. D. 4-2-1911 Belvidr. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Cunningham, Bradford D. 4-2-1911. Married. 75yrs. Ill. F=Thomas Cunningham.
Cunningham, Bridget Age 54. B. Kilcar,Ireland. D. 2-28-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 30y.
Cunningham, Elmer Ray Age 2mo. 3days. B. Flora Tp. D. 2-15-1906 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Cunningham, Henry Age 74-10-25. B. Delaware Co. Ny. D. 1-24-1895belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Cunningham, Hugh Age 75-2-3. B. Scotland. D. 4-4-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Cunningham, Polly Age 74. B. Ny. D. 12-15-1902 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Widow. 56y. In Ill.
Curtis, Henry Age 93-6. B. England. D. 8-9-1906 Spring Tp. Shattuck Grv. Cem. Widower.
Curtis, Henry Mrs. Age 82-1-9. B. Lincolnshire Engl. D. 9-4-1886 Spring Tp. & Cem. Mrd.
Curtis, James Age 83. B. Ireland. D. 12-31-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs,In Ill.
Curtis, Manly Age 2-1-23. B. Illinois. D. 4-30-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Curtis, Margaret Ann Age 69. B. Ny. D. 10-9-1912 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single. 65yrs. In Ill.
Curtis, Margaret Ann D. 10-9-1912. F=Sylvester Curtis B. Ny. M=Sarah Park B. Vt.
Curtis, Mary Ann Age 84-2-7. B. Canada. D. 3-7-1908 Belvidere. Shattuck Grv. Cem. Widow-
Curtis, Olive Amy Age 61. B. Ill. D. 4-12-1915 Belvidere. Shattucks Cem. Mrd. 61yrs. Ill.
Curtis, Sarah Age 97-3-21. B. Vt. D. 6-28-1897 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 52yrs. In Ill.
Curtis, Sylvester Age 72. B. England. D. 4-15-1892 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 46yr. In Ill.
Curtis, Wm. Age 36. B. Boone Co. D. 3-8-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Cushman, Edna C. Age 71. B. Ny. D. 4-18-1889 Spring Tp. Bloods Pt. Cem. Married. 53yr. Ill.
Cushman, Ralph I. Age 3mo. 9days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-22-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Cushman, Ruth Age 7mo. B. Illinois. D. 1-20-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Cutler, Robert Age 91-5-5. B. England. D. 7-14-1895 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widower. 537 ill.

Daggett, George E. B. 1861 Ny. D. 2-1-1912 Belvidere&Cem. (Ex. Soldier). Mrd. 12yrs. Ill.
Dagnan, Rose B. 3-5-1866. D. 8-12-1908 Belvidere. Married. (Dagan).
Dahlin, Johan Voldemer Age 3mo. 2days. B. Boone Co. D. 8-15-1895 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv.
Daily, Frank Age 58-5-25. B. Ireland. D. 10-12-1909 Caledonia Tp. Creston,Il. Cem. Mrd. 58y-
Daily, Myrtle Irene B. 2-10-1908 Dekalb Co. D. 10-16-1910 Spring Tp. Flora Cem.
Daily, Myrtle Irene D. 10-16-1910. F=Richard B. Dekalb Co. M=Agusta Blade B. Sweden.
Dale, James Age 62. B. England. D. 11-10-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 36yrs. In Ill.
Dallas - See Dalles.
Dalles, Margaret Age 53-4-0. B. Holland? D. 3-24-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 35yill.
Dana - See Wyant.
Dana, Loren E. Age 6mo. 10days. B. Springfield,Ill. D. 4-24-1882 Belvidr. Sprngfd Cem.
Daniels - See Duryea.
Daniels, Dewy David Age 3mo. 14days. B. Union Corners,Ill. D. 1-10-1879belvidere&Cem.
Daniels, Edward Age 3-4-12. B. Capron. D. 3-13-1903 Capron&Cem.
Daniels, Evalyn Maria Age 15mo. 16days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-19-1903belvidere&Cem.
Daniels, See Rice.
Darby, Eletta Ann Age 22-3-0. B. Belvidere. D. 3-12-1894 Belvidere Tp. &Cem. Married. 22yi
Dargent, Hannah K. Age 63-8-2. B. Ticonderoga,Essex Co. Ny. D. 5-20-1880 Belvdr. Flora C.
Darneille, James Wm. B. Illinois. D. 6-9-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 33yrs. In Ill.
Daulton, Dtr. Age 1mo. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 5-3-1907caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Davey, James B. Age 23-11-4. B. Garden Prairie. D. 3-23-1888 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem.
Davey, Lucy, Age 45-10-20. B. England. D. 8-28-1886 Garden Pr. & Cem. Married. 30yrs. Inill.
Davies, Charles Age 53-10-3. B. Stockholm,Sweden. D. 5-27-1888 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married.
Davis - See Young.
Davis, Dorothy Age 80-4-0. B. Ny. D. 4-15-1889 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 28yrs. In Ill.
Davis, Katie Age 24. B. Booneco. D. 2-9-1892 Poplar Grove. Blaine Cem. Married.
Davis, Mary Adline M. Age 80-3-10. B. Ondago Co,Ny. D. 7-10-1914 Blvdr. Davis Cem. 62y. Ill
Davis, Mary Adline M. D. 7-10-1914. Widow. F=David Mclary.
Davis, Mary Alice Age 56-6-17. B. Ny. D. 11-25-1907 Spring Tp. Cherry Vly. Cem. Mrd. 50y. Ill.
Davis, Sylvia A. Age 46-9-3. B. Livonia,Ny. D. 4-24-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Single. Il. 18yrs.
Davis, Wm. Age 81-6. B. Ny. D. 12-8-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 8yrs. In Ill.
Dawson, Eliza. Letty Age 76-3-28. B. Ny. D. 4-8-1911 Manchester Tp. Belvdr. Cem. ,Rd. 59y. Ill
Dawson, Eliza. Letty D. 4-8-1911. F=John Letty B. Pa. M=Eliz. Lanheart B. Switzerland.
Dawson, John F. (T. ) Age 70. B. ?. D. 10-17-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Dawson, Wm. Mrs. Age 54-5. B. Boone Co. D. 7-29-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Dean, Edwin Age 81. B. Fox Croft,Me. D. 7-13-1902 Belvidere. Blds Pt. Cem. Married. 59y. Ill.
Dean, Elizabeth P. Age 65-6-10. B. Denmark,Maine. D. 4-6-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Dean, George A. Age 61-6-8. B. Chemung,Il. D. 1-21-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 57y. Ill.
Dean, George Age 83-6-0. B. Ireland. D. 6-30-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Widower. 43yrs. In Ill.
Dean, Lennie Z. Age 39. B. Genoa,Il. D. 2-3-1908 Belvidere. Genoa Cem. Married. 39yr. Ill.
Dean, Lucil B. 5-12-1910 Boone Co. D. 5-25-1910 Blaine &Cem.
Dean, Luella B. 5-12-1910 Boone Co. D. 5-25-1910 Blaine&Cem.
Dean, Luella D. 5-25-1910. F=Sidney Dean B. Canada. M=Ellwanger B. Capron.
Dean, Luicil D. 5-25-1910. F=Sidney Dean B. Canada. M=Ellwanger B. Capron.
Dean, Lulu Jeannette B. 5-12-1910 Boone Co. D. 7-31-1910 Blaine&Cem.
Dean, Lulu Jeannette D. 7-31-1910. F=Sidney Dean B. Canada. M=Ellwanger B. Capron.
Dean, Miles T. Age 50-9-24. B. Mass. D. 7-14-1888 Poplar Grove & Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Deane, Fannie M. Age 69-6. B. Ireland. D. 1-3-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 62yrs. In Ill.
Deasora Age 4mo. 5days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-22-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Degraff - See Up Degraff
Delavergne, Grace Myrtle B. 12-26-1910 Mo. D. 12-31-1912 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem. 4mo. Ill.
Delavergne, Grace Myrtle D. 12-31-1912. F=Francis B. Flora Tp. M=May E. Dean B. Minn.
Delavergne, Pearl L. Age 6mo. 2days. B. Flora Tp. D. 6-5-1910 Flota Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Delavergne, Wm. H. B. Jefferson Co. Ny. D. 6-6-1909 Belvidere. Cronktown Cem. Mrd. 60y. -
Dempsey, Ruth Age 5. B. Belvidere. D. 6-1-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Demunn, Abigail Ann Age 72-9-5. B. Camden,Me. D. 7-29-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 67y-
Demunn, Cullen Age 81. B. Ny. D. 1-3-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 60yrs. In Ill.
Demunn, Horatio Cullen Age 81-1-20. B. Alexander,Green Co. Ny. Belvidere&Cem. Wid. -
Denney, Peter L. Age 68-3-6. B. Ny. D. 12-4-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Dennison, Daniel (David?) A. Age 83-5-0. B. ?. D. 11-16-1896 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Derthick, Charlotte Age 31. Wife Of W. H. Died 8-19-1876 Boone Co. Or Elgin.
Detloff, Alta M. Age 2-6-4. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 6-6-1899 Poplar Grove. Scott Cem.
Detloff, Carl Thomas Age 11mo. 24days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 6-6-1899 P. Grv. Scott Cem.
Dever, Ellen L. Age 26-10-14. B. Bonus Tp. D. 3-1-1885 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Devlin, Mary Kane B. 8-1-1834 Ireland. D. 6-13-1910 Blvdr. . Catholic Cem. Wid. 40il. 70u. S.
Devlin, Marykane D. 6-13-1910. F=John Kane M=Bridget Sullivan.
Devlin, Mamie E. Age 1-0-6. B. Belvidere. D. 9-3-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Devlin, Thomas Leslie Age 57-2-25. B. Perth, Ontario,Canada. D. 6-9-1906 Belvidere. St. J. C
Dewan, Grace B. 4-23-1888 Marengo,Il. D. 2-20-1913 Blvdr. Marengo Cem. Single.
Dewan, Grace D. 2-20-1913. F=Daniel Dewan B. Canada. M=Anna Nihan B. Ill.
Dewane - See Dewan.
Dewane, Anna Age 4mo. B. Spring Tp. D. 7-30-1904 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Dewane, John B. 5-19-1876 Mchenry Co. D. 2-25-1914belvidere. St. James Cem. Single.
Dewane, Sarah Age 52 B. Ny. D. 1-7-1907 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 51yrs. In Ill.
Dewolf, Hulda J. Age 77-0-14. B. Erie Co. Penn. D. 4-1-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 54yr. Ill.
Diamond - See Dymond.
Diamond, Martha Josephine B. 12-7-1845 Vt. D. 5-18-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 32yrs. Ill.
Diamond, Martha Josephine D. 5-18-1910. F=Peter Lebean B. Can. M=Angeline Ganyo B. C.
Diamond, Richard Age 83. B. England. D. 7-27-1886poplar Grove&Cem. Married. 36yrs. Ill.
Dickenson, Mary Jane (Hallet0 B. 4-20-1845devonsire,Engl. D. 2-5-1911 Elgin, Ill. Mrd.
Dickenson - See Dickerson.
Dickerson, Daniel Age 78-4-10. B. Derington,Engl. D. 7-24-1887 Belvidere Cem. Married. -
Dillingham - See Allen.
Dillingham, Josephine Maria B. 7-31-1899 Elva,Dekalb Co. Il. D. 7-16-1910 Blvdr. &Cem.
Dilworth, Mary Age 25. B. Ireland. D. 4-110-1902 Boone Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Married. 15y-
Dixon, Emilia Age 15-3-3. B. Ill. D. 3-18-1915 Belvidere&Cem. 3 Days In Ill.
Dixon, Emilia D. 3-18-1915. F=Thomas Francis Dixon B. Ireland M=Hartman B. Wisc.
Dodge, Arnold Age 97-11-26. B. Vt. D. 5-5-1903 Capron. Leroy Tp. Cem. Widower.
Dodge, Belle B. 5-2-1849 So. Bend,Ind. D. 12-10-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Dodge, Emily Age 52-3-12. B. Penn. D. 8-12-1878 Flora Twp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Dodge, George Age 67-3-24. B. Conn. D. 3-16-1881 Flora Tp. & Cem. Widow. 3yrs. In Ill.
Dodge, Wm. R. B. 9-10-1837 Ny. D. 6-20-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 54yrs. In Ill.
Dolan, Bridget Age 83 B. Ireland. D. 3-1-1915 Flora Tp. St. James Cem. Widow. 54yrs. Ill
Dolan, Frank Age 11-3-0. B. Illinois. D. 3-19-1881 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Doll, Jacob Age 49. B. Germany. D. 3-16-1914 Elgin Ill. Seperated From Wife.
Doll, John B. 8-24-1843 Germany. D. 11-15-1915 G. Pr. &Cem. Widowed. 32y. Ill. 42y. In U. S. .
Doll, John D. 11-15-1915. F=Andreas Doll M= ?
Doll, Margaret Age 52-9-2. B. Elsass,Germany. D. 11-21-1903 Bonus Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Mrd. 26y. I
Doll, Theodore Age 18-8-23. B. Bonus Tp. D. 10-28-1902 Spring Tp. G. Prairie Cem. Single.
Dolph, Frank Age 56. B. ?. D. 1-24-1915 Belvidere. Karkville Cem. Single.
Donahue, James Age ? (Adult ?) B. ?. D. 4-3-1888 Caledonoia Tp. &Cem. Single.
Donaldson, Minerva B. 5-5-1844 Ohio. D. 11-18-1910 Flora Tp. Morton Co. Oh. Cem. 1848 Ill.
Donaldson, Minerva D. 11-18-1910. Widow. F=Hiram Ripley M=Minerva Sprague B. G. -
Donovan, Catherine Age 67. B. Cork Co. Irel. D. 1-26-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 20yill.
Donovan, Timothy Age 75-2-14. B. Cork Co. Ire. D. 9-16-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Doolitlle, Amzi Lemi Age 61-2-15. B. Illinois. D. 12-11-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 17y. Il
Doolittle, Ethel Winiford Age 13mo. B. Belvidere. D. 8-10-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Doolittle, Harry C. Age 78. B. Boston,Ny. D. 12-7-1893 Belvidere. Guilford Cem. Widowe
Doran, May Age 37-4-12. B. Marengo,Il. D. 6-30-1909 Bonus Tp. St. James Cem. Married.
Doran, Myrtle Age 19-0-8. B. Hazelgreen,Wisc. D. 2-17-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 18y-
Doran, Thomas G. Age 50. B. ?. D. 9-16-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Dorn, Festus D. B. 1-10-1835 Horsehead Ny/Nj. D. 1-15-1913 St. James Cem. Mrd. 37 Yrs. In Ill.
Doty, Simon P. Age 88-6-0. B. Dutchess Co. Ny. D. 10-31-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Dove, Benj. Age 45. B. England. D. 3-3-1887 Spring Tp. Winnebago Cem. Married. 16yrs. Ill.
Dovenmuehle, Edwin F. John Age 1-8-11. B. Chicago. D. 9-7-1902 Garden Pr. & Cem.
Downie, Andrew James Age 58. B. South Rygate,Vt. D. 3-14-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 40y-
Downing, Clara Bell Age 27-0-24. B. Erie,Penn. D. 5-8-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 13y. In
Downing, Daniel Age 80-10-6. B. Devonshire,Engl. D. 3-24-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. -
Downing, Hester S. Age 65-3. B. Churchville,Ny. D. 12-30-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50
Downing, Louise E. B. 2-12-1912 Capron. D. 12-15-1912 Capron &Cem.
Downing, Louise E. D. 12-15-1912. F=Gail Downing B. Capron M=Bernice Spencer B. Capr-
Downs, Frank Age 33-5-0. B. Belvidere. D. 11-1-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 22yrs. In Ill.
Downs, Louise Age 11mo. 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 6-26-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Downs, Mary Age 80. B. Parish Biard Hill,Irel. D. 3-20-1908 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Mrd. -
Doyle - See Wilsey.
Doyle, Agnes K. Age 6mo. B. Belvidere. D. 12-16-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Doyle, Garrett Age 63. B. Ireland. D. 2-24-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 28yrs. In Ill.
Doyle, Gennie M. Age 2-9-5. B. Belvidere. D. 1-6-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Doyle, Mary Ann Age 48. B. Ny. D. 1900. Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Single. 15yrs. In Ill.
Doyle, Patrick Age 18-2-3. B. Belvidere. D. 8-7-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Doyle, Sarah Age 80. B. ?. D. 2-12-1902 Rockford,Belvidere St. James Cem. Mrs.
Doyle, William Age 70. B. Cork Co. ,Ire. D. 9-9-1878 Belvidere. Married.
Drain, Mary Age 19-10-0. B. Ohio. D. 5-29-1898 Caledonia Tp. Rockland,Ohio Cem. Single. 2m
Drake, Martha Age 76-0-1. B. Broom Co. Ny. D. 1-23-1891 Belvidere. G. Pr. Cem. Married.
Drake, Sophia S. Age 53-2-2. B. Boston,Mass. D. 1-2-1879 Caledonia. Drake Cem. Married.
Dreelan, Andrew John Age 63-2-18. B. Carlow Co. Irel. D. 6-26-1905 Garden Pr. St. J. Cem. M-
Dreelan, Lawrence E. A. Age 28. B. ?. D. 6-18-1903 Chicago. Blvdr. St. James Cem. Single
Droysen, Minnie Age 14. Erun/Ertin ?,Germany. D. 6-13-1893 Belvidere&Cem. 3yrs. In Ill.
Dubois, Isray Age 3-0-1. B. Belvidere. D. 7-7-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Dubois, Julia Age 66-3-10. B. Genesee Co. Ny. D. 1-10-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Dunke, Wm. Age 17days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-14-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Dunlop - See Kelly.
Dunn, Anna Age 48-0-5. B. Canada. D. 6-13-1882 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Married. 40y-
Dunn, Seth Age 52. B. Vt. D. 6-27-1882 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Dunton, Almira Age 92. B. Vt. D. 6-29-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 61yrs. In Ill.
Dunton, Wm. S. Age 89-10-9. B. Dorset,Vt. D. 7-9-1903 Belvider&Cem. Married.
Dupuy, David Age 72-0-7. B. Richmond Co. Ny. D. 9-16-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Dupuy, Florence Gertrude Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-15-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Durkee, Addie Ellen Age 38-11. B. Grafton,Mchenry Co. Il. D. 5-21-1906 Belvidere&Cem. -
Durley, Thomas Henry Age 2mo. B. Boone Co. D. 3-19-1903 Bone Tp. Luth. Cem.
Duryea, Mary Jane B. 9-4-1852 Ill. D. 3-6-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Duryea, Mary Jane D. 3-6-1911. F=David Daniels B. Ohio M=? B. Ohio.
Duxstad, Julia E. Age 87-5-16. B. Norway. D. 4-7-1911 Manchester Tp. E. Bergen Cem. Wid. 67-
Duxstad, Knute E. Age 55-2-15. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-29-1903 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem
Duxstad, Seaver Edward B. 3-2-1883 Boone Co. D. 6-10-1913 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem.
Duxstad, Seaver Edward D. 6-10-1913. Single. Mother B. Manitowac, Wisc. .
Duxsted, Seaver Edward D. 6-10-1913. F=Knute E. B. Boone Co. M=Martha Newton B. Wi.
Dyer, Fay Age 15-8. B. Harlem Tp. Il. D. 11-9-1901 Caledonia Tp. Harlem Cem. Single.
Dymond, Eliz. C. Age 31-10-17. B. England. D. 4-3-1898 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Married.
Dymond, Matilda C. Age 71-1-3. B. England. D. 5-6-1897 P. Grv. &Cem. Married. 38yrs. In Ill.
Dymond, Robert Age 85-9-2. B. Marlan,Engl. D. 10-8-1902 Poplar Grove&Cem. Widower. 56
Dymond - See Diamond.

Earnest, Willie Age 2-3-29. B. Capron. D. 1-29-1883 Capron & Cem.
Eastman, Hiram D. Age 63-0-9. B. Leipsic, Ohio. D. 10-28-1913 Belvidere. Married. 3yrs. Ill.
Eastman, Hiram D. D. 10-28-1913. F=Calvin R. Eastman M=Jane Cornell.
Edelstein, Son Age 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-18-1894 Belvidere. Chicago Cem.
Edgell, Abigail S. Age 81-7-0. B. Quebec,Can. D. 10-14-1899 P. Grove. &Cem. Widow. 75y. In Ill.
Edgell, Charles Steadman Age 44-4-14. B. Canada. D. 6-24-1885 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Edson, Dtr. Of Ole Age 5min. B. Boone Tp. D. 4-29-1902 Boone Tp. Capron Cem.
Edson, Elmer T. Age 3-4-0. B. Capron. D. 2-16-1894 Capron & Cem.
Edson, Peter Age 74. B. Norway. D. 11-9-1906 Poplar Grv. Capron Cem. Widower. 52y. Ill.
Edwards, Eliza E. Age 22. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-8-1879 Spring Tp. & Cem. Married.
Egan, Adeline Hanson B. 10-14-1844 Norway. D. 1-11-1912 Manchester Tp. Calvry C. Cook-
Egan, Adeline Hanson D. 1-11-1912. F=Hans Hansen M=Adeline Gregerson.
Eldredge, Clarence B. 1-25-1857 Cleveland,Oh. D. 2-24-1911 Belvidere. &Cem. Married.
Eldredge, Willard S. B. 1844 Ny. D. 4-26-1914 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. Married. 24yrs. Ill.
Eldredge, Willard S. D. 4-26-1914. F=Henry Eldredge B. Ny, M=Lucinda Smith B. Ny.
Eldridge, Sarah A. C. Age 36-11-23. B. Grove,Ny. D. 10-11-1879 Bonus Tp. Boone Tp. Cem.
Elgsten, Sara S. Age 75-7-11. B. Sweden. D. 3-22-1897 Manchester Tp. Clinton Cem. Maried.
Ellingson, Butler Age 55. B. U. S. D. 2-5-1915 Elgin,Ill.
Ellingson, Dena Age 40-0-16. B. Capron. D. 11-14-1907 Capron. Nor. Luth. Cem. Mrd. 40yr. Ill.
Ellingson, Sarah (Butler) Age 86. B. Norway. D. 3-8-1911 Capron&Cem. Married Widow.
Ellingson, Julia Age 48. B. ?. D. 8-3-1909 Peoria,Il. Capron Cem. Single.
Ellingson, Magle (Fem. ) Age 70-7-23. B. Norway. D. 1-11-1887 Manchester Tp. W. L. Cem. Mrd.
Elliot ? - See Elloit
Elliott, Donald Age 2-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 10-20-1906 Belvidere&Cem.
Elliott, Jane Age 68. B. Glengary,Ire. D. 9-17-1880 P. Grove & Cem. Single. Ill. 30yrs.
Ellis, Wm. Age 72-7-9. B. England. D. 5-9-1885 Blaine & Cem. Married. 31yrs. In Ill.
Elloit, Alma Mach Age 35-3. B. Near Winnebago. D. 3-1-1903 Belvidere. Winnebago Cem.
Ellsworth, Jerome S. Age 44-11-18. B. ?. D. 2-29-1896 Hunter. Liv. Cem. Married. 44y. 11mo. Inil
Ellsworth, Mary B. 2-1-1843 N. J. D. 6-23-1910 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. Married. 57y. Ill.
Ellsworth, Mary D. 623-1910. F=Jas. Brown B. Ireland. M=?
Ellsworth, Sherwood A. Age 68-11-15. B. Vt. D. 5-15-1883 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. Mrd.
Ellwanger, John B. 12-4-1834 Penn. D. 7-12-1912 Capron&Cem. Married. 45yrs. In Ill.
Elm - See Lager.
Else, Keith Age 3. B. Reosanqua,Iowa. D. 9-2-1909 Belvidere&Cem. 2mo. In Ill.
Elvert, John J. B. 3-24-1849 Germany. D. 5-13-1911 Garden Pr. Belvdr. Cem. Married. 20y,Ill
Elvert, John J. D. 5-13-1911. F=J. J. Elvert.
Emanuel, Annie Age 4-9-11. B. Illinois. D. 6-8-1905 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Emanuel, Mary B. 12-1838 Germany. D. 6-22-1913 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 28y
Emanuel, Mary D. 6-22-1913. F=Christian Emanuel M= Mary Martins.
Emerson, Ellen M. Age 40-11-20. B. Ny. D. 2-26-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 1 1/2yr. Ill.
Emerson, Florence E. Age 4days. B. Illinois. D. 12-12-1909 Leroy Tp. Capron Cem.
Emerson, Horace H. B. 5-17-1833 N. H. D. 11-29-1910 Caledonia. Frst. Home Cem. Mrd. 55y. Ill.
Emerson, Horace H. D. 11-29-1910. F=__Emerson B. Nh. M=Betsey Collins B. England.
Emery, Harriet Age 23-1-26. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-8-1892 Poplar Grove. Blaine Cem. Mrd.
Emmerson, Harvey Allen Age 9days. B. Capron. D. 8-23-1904 Capron&Cem.
Emmons, Joseph Age 46-4-7. B. Ny. D. 11-30-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married. 46yrs. In Ill.
Engleke, August Age 64-11-17. B. Germany. D. 7-19-1900 Manchester Tp. Azland Cem. Wido.
Erb, Elgie E. Age 4days. B. Belvidere. D. 1029-1902 Belvidere.
Erickson, Albert Age 1mo. 15days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 2-19-1905 Manchester. Bergen-
Erickson, James Carl B. 7-19-1912 Ill. D. 7-23-1912 Belvidere&Cem.
Erickson, James Carl D. 7-23-1912. F=Victor B. Norway M=Bishop B. Ill.
Erickson, Son Of Conrad. Age 3wks. B. Illinois. D. 2-15-10-4 Belvidere&Cem.
Erwin, Eliza J. Age 63-0-22. B. Philadelphia,Penn. D. 3-28-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Erwin, George Warner Age 23-8-1. B. Lawrencevill,Penn. D. 7-4-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Erwin, Gideon L. Age 77-1/B. ?D. 3-5-1903 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Erwin, Wm Sharp D. 1-31-1915. F=John Erwin B. Canada M=Minerva Sharp B. Canada.
Erwin, Wm. Sharp B. 10-14-1842 Boone Co. D. 1-31-1915 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Married.
Estabrook, Eliza B. 1830 Nj. D. 12-28-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 66yrs. In Ill.
Estabrook, Sally O. Age 84-3-27. B. Mass. D. 6-25-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. Il. 21yrs.
Estelle, Polly Age 86-8. B. Sackette Harbor,Ny. D. 5-22-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 64y. -
Ettner, Dtr. Of Paul&Martha Age 12hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 4-2-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Evans, Fred J. Age 33. B. Belvidere. D. 12-9-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 33yrs. In Ill.
Evans, Herbert E. B. 4-17-1843 Wisc. D. 10-4-1910 Capron&Cem. Married. Capt. In Civil War.
Evans, Irene Age 4mo. 3days. B. Irene,Ill. D. 11-9-1904 Irene. Elizabeth Jodav. Co. Ill. Cem.
Evans, Mabel A. Age 28. B. Woodbine,Ill. D. 7-13-1904 Irene. Il. Elizabeth,Il. Cem. Mrd. 28y. -
Evans, Mary Jane Age 51-10-26. B. Genesee Co. Ny. D. 1-16-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Ewert, Fred Age 49. B. Germany. D. 1-8-1904 Belvidere&Cemmarried. 20yrs. In Ill.
Extrom, Eric Mrs. Age 33. B. Sweden. D. 7-3-1893 Spring Tp. Chicago Cem. Married. 12yinil

Fagan, Joseph Age 26. B. Boone Co. D. 1-14-1910 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single.
Fair, Marie Age 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-17-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Fair, Mary Gwendolone Age 5-5-0. B. Belvidere. D. 6-21-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Fancher, Sarah Age 50. B. Ny. D. 8-2-1905 Belvidere. Cherry Vly. Cem. Single. 40yrs. In Ill.
Fane, Sarah C. Lane Age 65. B. ?. D. 11-22-1886 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married. 33yrs. In Ill.
Farrell, Clarrah O. Age 23. B. Elgin,Ill. D. 5-16-1904 Belvidere. Elgin Cem. Married. 23y. -
Fawell - See Barker.
Fay, Delos A. Age 51-3-25. B. Fenner,Madison Co. Ny. D. 7-25-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Marid.
Fearran, Frank A. Age 52. B. Indiana. D. 4-21-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 27yrs. In Ill.
Feeley, Cornelius Age ? B. Canada. D. 1-22-1881 Bonus Tp. G. Prairie Cem. Married. Il6yr
Felkes, Michael Age 50. B. ?. D. 10-13-1912 Elgin,Ill. Parents B. Germany.
Fellows, Chas. A. Age 32. B. Riley,Ill(Tp. ?)D. 1-20-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 32yinill.
Feltz, Eda Age 6. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-26-1891 Caledonia Tp. Poor Farmcem.
Feltz, Emma A. Age 2-8-0. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-7-1891 Caledonia Tp. Leach Cem.
Feltz, Lena Age 8. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-25-1891 Caledonia Tp. Poor Farm Cem.
Feltz, Willie Adolph Age 8. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 4-6-1891 Caledonia Tp. Leach Cem.
Felz, Ida Age 66-3-29. B. Ny. D. 8-31-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55yrs. In Ill.
Ferguson - See Greenlee.
Ferguson, Bishop B. 3-4-1844 Fayville Co. Pa. D. 8-21-1915 Bonus Tp. Married. 61yrs. Ill.
Ferguson, Bishop D. 8-21-1915. F=Richard Ferguson B. Pa. M=Martha Whyike B. Pa.
Ferguson, Eliza. Age 38-1-17. B. Cambridge,Engl. D. 11-30-1904 Bonus Tp. &Cem. Mrd. 30y. Ill.
Ferguson, Emily Age 20-3-2. B. England. D. 1-25-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 16yr. Inill.
Ferguson, Lucy B. 10-13-1831 Carmel,Ny. D. 10-15-1912 Belvidere&Cem. 52yrs. In Ill.
Ferguson, Lucy D. 10-15-1912. F=Ebenezer Wright B. Carmel,Ny. M=Emily Hill B. Carmel
Ferguson, Mrs. Age 77. B. Penn. D. 3-17-1902 Spring Tp. Co. Line Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Fewins, Eli Age 52-2-28. B. Devenshire,Engl. D. 4-10-1881belvidere & Cem. Married. Ill. 24
Fewins, Mary B. 8-16-1826 England. D. 2-3-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. In Ill.
Fewins, Mary D. 2-3-1911. F=James Mill M=? B. England.
Fidder, Edna Age 5mo. B. Boone Co. D. 2-3-1910 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem.
Fiedler, Jessie E. B. 1869 B. Kirriemuir,Scotland. D. 1-17-1900 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 8yr. Ill
Fiene, S. Age 47. B. Russia. D. 1-2-1908 Belvidere. Chicago Hebrew Cem. Married. 5yrs. In Ill
File, Wm. K. Age 58-5-3/B. Canada. D. 3-16-1889 Manchester Tp. Linderman Cem. Married.
Files, Benjamin Age 84-2-7. B. Brantford, Can. D. 3-8-1878 Manchester Tp. & Cem.
Fish, Elizabeth Perry Age 83-4-1. B. Norfolk Co. Engl. D. 3-5-1890 Manchester Tp&Cem.
Fish, Henry Age 87-11-15. B. Colchester,Engl. D. 12-20-1894 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widowr
Fisher - See Sawyer.
Fisher, Polly Age 74-8-0. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 2-2-1884 Belvidere 7 Cem. Widow. 14y-
Fisher, Sarah S. B. 12-23-1823 Conn. D. 1-3-1911 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Widow.
Fitch, Fred Age 17-9-26. B. Illinois. D. 2-24-1902 Capron&Cem. Single.
Fitzer, Louise Marie Age 39-4-25. B. Flora Tp. D. 6-17-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 39yrs. Ill.
Fitzgerald, Anna Age 15-4-5. B. Logansport, Ind. D. 3-25-1879 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Fitzgibber, John Age 67. B. Ireland. D. 4-12-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 25yrs. In Ill.
Fitz-Gibbons, Amelia - See Sister, Amelia.
Fitzgibbons - See Fitzgibber.
Flack, Isaac N (H). Age 86. B. Williamsport,Pa. D. 8-13-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 55yrs. In Ill.
Flack, Mary Age 88. B. Ny. D. 4-28-1911 Belvidere. &Cem. Widow.
Flag, Sophia Ball Age 76-11-0. B. Mass. D. 2-28-1888 Poplar Grove & Cem. Widow. 1yr. In Ill.
Flannery, Mary Age 72-8-20. B. Ireland. D. 1-5-1906 Belvidere. B. Catholic Cem. Widow. 54y
Flemming, John Age 79. B. Monaghan Co. Ireland. D. 11-12-1904. Belvidere. Lawrencev. C.
Flemming, Wm. B. 3-1837 Ireland. D. 5-27-1913 Bonus Tp. Lawrencevile Cem. Widow. 55y. Ill.
Flemming, Wm. D. 5-27-1913. F=John Flemming M=Mary Reyburn.
Flynn, Anna Jane Age 31. B. Bayles Harbor,Wisc. D. 7-10-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 4y. Ill.
Flynn, Daniel Age 87. B. Ireland. D. 10-24-1915 Boone. St. James Cem. Widowed.
Flynn, Johanna (Noonan) Age 65. B. Irel. D. 7-7-1903 Blvdr&St. Jamecem. Mrd. 30yrs. In Ill.
Flynn, Joseph Patrick Age 1-8-2. B. Belvidere. D. 2-17-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Flynn, Mary Age 50. B. Ireland. D. 5-8-1911 Belvidere. Huntley Cem. Married. 34yrs. Ill.
Flynn, Mary D. 5-8-1911. F=David Martin M=Mary.
Foote, Eli Age 75-6-12. B. Syracuse,Ny. D. 4-30-1898 Belvidere& Cem. Married.
Foote, John Garvin Age 26-3-10. B. Belvidere. D. 5-17-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26y. Il
Foote, John Johnson Age 89-2-4. B. Hamilton,Ny. D. 4-15-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 40y. Ill.
Foote, Julia Age 70-5-2. B. E. Aurora,Erie Co. Ny. D. 4-20-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Wido. 60y. In-
Foote, Martha Eliz. B. 6-14-1930 Vestal,Ny. D. 4-9-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 59y. Ill.
Foote, Mary Crocker Age 87-7-27. B. Lebanon,Madison Co. Ny. D. 1-8-1906 Belvidere&Cem
Force, Mary J. Age 51-. B. Dalton,Mass. D. 12-27-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrsin Ill
Ford - See Forrd.
Ford, Richard Age 77-3-28. B. Devonshire, Engl. D. 3-14-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 64y. Ill.
Foringer - See Ball.
Forrd, John Age 76-6-20. B. New Sharon,Me. D. 7-16-1887 Belvidere. Flora Cem. 34yrinill.
Foss, Lewis Age 1. B. Nebraska. D. 6-7-1895manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem.
Foster - See Townsend.
Foster, Harriett Age 46. B. Belvidere. D. 3-27-1903 Belvidere. Kingston Cem. Married. 46y
Foster, Joseph Watson Age 80. B. Brown Co. Oh. D. 2-3-1908 Blvdr. &Cem. Married. 72y. Ill.
Foster, John W. Age 17-3-0. B. Middlefield,Iowa. D. 12-8-1892 Belvidere. Middlefield Cem.
Foulk, Ella Fay Age 22-9-3. B. Bonus Tp. D. 2-10-1891 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Fowler, Female Twins Age ?, B. Spring Tp. D. 3-17-1885. Spring Tp. & Cem.
Fowler, Mark Age 6-1-17 B. Flora Tp. D. 6-22-1881 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Fox, Grace F. Age 6mo. B. Belvidere. D. 4-23-1907 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Fox, Mary A. Age 53. B. Vt. D. 7-25-1892 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Fox, Seymour Age 70. B. Holland,Oneida Co. Ny. D. 4-21-1905 Belvidere. G. Pr. Cem. Mrd. 49y
Francis, Sallie Age 53. B. Ny. D. 4-20-1889 Belvidere Cem. Married. 45yrs. In Ill.
Frank - See Stegemann.
Franks, John Wm. Age 12-6. B. Belvidere. D. 2-14-1904belvidere&Cem.
Franzen, Son Age 2days. B. Blaine. D. 11-2-1898 Blaine & Cem.
Fraser, Sophia Age 69-1. B. Rome,Ny. D. 1-28-1906 Belvidere. Davis Jctn. Cem. Mrd. 45yrs. Ill.
Frawley, Jeremiah Age 55. B. Ireland. D. 3-24-1894 Poplar Grv. Chicago Cem. Married. 25y
Fredrickson, Eliza A. B. 3-28-1870 Ill. D. 8-26-1915 G. Pr. &Cem. Married. 45yrs. In Ill.
Fredrickson, Eliza A. D. 8-26-1915. F=John Binnie B. Sct. M=Margaret Fairweather B
Freeman, Jane B. 6-19-1910 Ny. D. 11-22-1910 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Freeman, John Dye Age 67-7-17. B. Ny. D. 2-13-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Freeman, Mandana Age 78. B. Plainfield,Ny. D. 11-1-1903 Belvidere. Co. Line Cem. Widow.
Freeman, Polly N. Age 66-7-15. B. Ny. D. 2-27-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il. 25yrs.
Frint, Emily A. Age 43-11-5. B. Ny. D. 1-9-1883 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 25yrs. Ill
Frint, Margaret Age 40-8-22. B. Boone Co. D. 11-12-1907 Belvidere. St,James Cem. Mrd. 40yil
Frint, Oliver Frances B. 7-2-1913 P. Grove. D. 7-14-1913 P. Grv. &Cem.
Frint, Oliver Frances D. 7-14-1913. F=Louis B. Belvidere M=Nata Plato B. Lisbon N. Dak.
Frint, Willie Age 7. B. Belvidere. D. 9-15-1907 Belvidere7cem.
Fristoe, Wm. A. B. 11-4-1859 Bentonville,Va. D. 1-7-1911 Bldr. &Cem. Married. 3y. 4mo. In Ill.
Fritz, Christian Age 56-1-22. B. Nusbaum,Germany. D. 5-24-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Fritz, Christopher Age 73-11-11. B. Baden,Germany. D. 8-24-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 40y-
Froom, Rhoda Age 68-10-14. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 4-30-1881 Belvidere. Davis Cem.
Frose, Albert E. Age 9mo. 28days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 5-18-1881 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Frose, Roy Age 4-2. B. Poplar Grove. D. 5-1-1880 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Fross, Della Eliza Age 1-0-23. B. Boone Co. D. 409-1884 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Fross, James Gerry Age 3mo. 23days. B. Poplar Grove, D. 8-22-1879 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Fross, Sophia Age 62-4-14. B. Poplar Grove. D. 2-1-1880 Poplar Grove & Cem. Widow.
Fry, Gilbert Age 44-9. B. England. D. 12-4-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Fry, Gilbert D. 12-4-1914. F=Robert Fry M=Susan Tripp.
Fry, Robert Age 80. B. England. D. 2-10-1911 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 27yrs. Ill.
Frye, Emily Jane Age 18-3-1. B. Sumersetshire,Engl. D. 8-23-1883spring Tp. Kingston Cem.
Fullager, Louisa A. Age 71-6-0. B. Dorsetshire,Engl. D. 9-4-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Fullager, Thomas Age 83. B. Dorsetshire,Engl. D. 11-4-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Fuller, Achsah A. Age 76-11-O. B. Butternut,Ny. D. 2-20-1880. Belvidere&Cem.
Fuller, Allen C. Age 79-2-15. B. Farmington,Conn. D. 12-6-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Fuller, Candace Age 86-0-25. B. Farmington,Conn. D. 6-13-1887belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Fuller, Darius 71-9-11. B. ?. D. 2-7-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 34yrs. In Ill.
Fuller, Eliza Ann Age 63-2-2. B. Wyoming, Ny. D. 11-19-1884 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Fuller, George Age 2days. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-26-1887 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Fuller, Lemuel S. Age 70. B. Mass. D. 1-11-1886 Caledonia Tp. Orth Cem. Married. 27yill.
Fuller, Nellie Winiford Age 2mo. 14days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-7-1887 Belvidere & Cem
Fuller, S. M. (Sophroni)Age 93-9. B. Chester,Mass. D. 6-15-1907 Caledon. Tp. Orth Cem. Wid. -
Funston, Lizzie Age 32-10-0. B. Iowa. D. 7-4-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 2yrs. In Ill.
Furguson, B. R. Age 6-9-22. B. Bonus Tp. D. 7-19-1880 Bonus Tp. Boone Tp. Cem. Sngl. Il6yrs.
Furman, Oscar Age 57. B. ?. D. 12-13-1882 Flora Tp.



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