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1878 THRU 1915.

From Microfilm Of Death Registers - Transcribed By ©Martin Wm. Johnson

Formatting for display on Genealogy Trails websites by ©K. Torp

[Some of these may be transcriptions of transcriptions, so you are advised to always check the original records]

Book 1. 1878 - 1910
Book 2. 1910 - 1915

Some Words Are Abreviated:
Widow = Wid.
Belvidere = Blvdr.
G. Pr. = Garden Prairie.
P. Grv. = Poplar Grove.
Engl. = England.
Ire. = Ireland.
? = No Inf. Or Possible Error In Spelling.
B. = Born.
D. = Died.
Township = Tp.
Years = Y. Or Yr. Or Yrs.
William = Wm.

G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M

Gage, Clara Age 24-6-17. B. Belvidere. D. 11-24-1890 Belvidere7cem. Single.
Gage, Julia C. Age 35-2-21. B. Ringwood, Ill. D. 8-24-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Gahlbeck, Mary Sturm B. 1852 Germany. D. 4-14-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 43y. Ill.
Gahlbeck, Mary Sturm D. 4-14-1913. F=Lewis Sturm M=Mary.
Gaines, Frank Age 4mo. 18days. B. Chicago. D. 8-13-1889 Belvidere&Cem.
Galbraith, Robert Leroy B. 11-2-1913 Belvidere D. 1-2-1914 Belvidere&Cem.
Galbraith, Robert Leroy D. 1-2-1914 M=Bessie Life Kirkham B. Kansas.
Galbraith, Robert Leroy D. 1-2-1914. F=Howard Leroy Galbraith B. Ill.
Gall, Eliz. Ann B. 7-15-1871 Manchester,Engl. D. 6-11-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Gallagher, Catherine Mrs. Age 82. B. Ireland. D. 2-6-1911 Belvidere. St. James Cem.
Gallagher, Francis Ellen Age 7mo. B. Belvidere. D. 3-12-1909 Belvidere. St. James Cem.
Gallagher, Hugh Age 79-10-20. B. Dunegal,Ireland. D. 9-10-1907 Belvidere. St,James Cem. -
Gallagher, Maggie Alice Age 4-2-28. B. Belvidere. D. 7-4-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Gallagher, Mary Age 92-3-0. B. Derry Co. Ire, D. 10-9-1882 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Gamble, Francis A. Age 29-10-5. B. Belvidere. D. 9-17-1884 Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Married.
Gannon, Lizzie (Eliz. ) Age 24. B. ?. D. 5-5-1902 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Gannon, John Age 73. B. Ireland. D. 3-25-1915 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Mrd. 41yrs. Ill.
Garcelon, Elizabeth A. Age 70. B. Lewiston,Me. D. 10-2-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40yin
Garcelon, Erastus E. Age 47-4-12. B. Lewiston,Me. D. 6-12-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Garcelon, Mary Jane Age 32-11-6. B. Spring,Il. (Tp. ?) D. 5-6-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 32yr.
Gardner, Cephas Age 80-3-16. B. Wentworth, Grafton Co. Nh. D. 1-26-1881 Belvidere Cem
Gardner, Sally Age 85-7-22. B. Windsor,Broome Co. Ny. D. 7-18-1882 Boone Tp. & Cem.
Garner, August F. Age 37. B. ? D. 10-31-1892 Belvidere Cem. Married. A R. F. Brakeman
Garner, George Age 69-9-6. B. Litle Stuckeley,Engl. D. 12-8-1907 Manchester Tp. &Cem. -
Gary, Eunice Ione Age 2-0-4. B. Chicago. D. 8-18-1906 Belvidere&Cem.
Gates, Dudley W. Age 55. B. Madison Co. Ny. D. 1-28-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Gavett, James M. Age 58-9. B. Lansing,Mich. D. 1-25-1907 Belvidere? Albion,Mi. Cem. Mrd.
Gavin, Julia M. Age ?. B. ?. D. 9-27-1884 Belvidere. Ny. Cem. Widow.
Gawith, Ralph Age 91-3-19. B. Lancashire,England. D. 2-23-1882 Belvidere & Cem. 43yr-
Gaylord, Milan Marquis Age 57-10-6. B. Litchfield,Herkimer Co. Ny. Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. -
Geick, Sophia B. 4-17-1836 Germany. D. 5-1-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Geithman, Ana Eliza Myres B. 6-5-1885 Putman Co. Ohio. D. 3-7-1911 Blvdr. Marengo C.
Geithman, Ana Eliza Myres D. 3-7-1911. F=H. H. Myres B. Franklin Co. Pa. M=Mary E. Pildy-
Georgeson, Ole Age 56-5-24. B. Boone Co. D. 2-12-1904 Capron&Cem. Maried. 56y. In Ill.
Georgson, Milton Age 4-0-13. B. Illinois. D. 1-11-1907 Boone Tp. Nor. Luth. Cem.
Gibbon - See Hoppen.
Gibbs - See Grow.
Gibbs - See Livingston.
Gibbs, Charles Age 46 B. U. S. D. 2-7-1878 ?. Buried ? A Widower.
Gibeant, Leta B. 1910 Belvidere. D. 1-15-1911 Belvdr. &Cem.
Gibeant, Leta D. 1-15-1911. F=Chas. H. Gibeant B. Wisc. M=Coleman B. Illinois.
Giecke, Edward Albert Age 2mo. 3days. B. Belvidere. D. 5-11-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Gieseke, Floyd Age 6-9-25. B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-26-1905 Poplar Grove. Capron Cem.
Gifford, Ebenezer Age 87-11-3. B. Fulton Co. Ny. D. 1-29-1891 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Gifford, Mary Age 86-7-23. B. Northville,Ny. D. 10-10-1899 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Gilman, Juliette M. Age 87-8-9. B. Peacham,Vt. D. 12-24-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 48y-
Gilman, Lemuel Orcutt B. 1-29-1831 Quebec,Canada. D. 11-14-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Gilroy, Bridget Age 8-4-22. B. Ireland. D. 4-22-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 4yrs. In Il.
Gilson, George Age 91-2-13. B. ?. D. 10-26-1886 Belvidere &Cem.
Gjestad, Johan C. Age 66-3-3. B. Norway. D. 4-13-1891 Manchester Tp. E. W. Luth. Cem. Widow
Glave, Christopher Age 70-2. B. Germany. D. 2-28-1905 Belvidere7cem. Widower. 24y. Ill.
Glazier, Lovina A. Age 42. B. Ohio. D. 1-11-1885 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Married. 5mo. Ill.
Gleason, Katie L. Age 2-8-0. B. Spring Tp. D. 8-3-1881 Spring Tp. & Cem.
Gleason, Mary Age 75. B. Ireland. D. 4-13-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 38yrs. In Ill.
Gleason, Mary Eliz. B. 5-31-1851 Dekalb,Ill. D. 6-19-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Gleason, Mary Eliz. D. 6-19-1912. F=Roger Brown Gleason B. Canada. M=Polly Larcity-
Glenn, Mary E. B. 1886 Ill. D. 12-5-1911 Mills, Bond Co. Married. F=Wm. Glenn B. Bond Co
Goodall, Saluda Age 81-7-18. B. Peuna. D. 11-18-1906 Blaine&Cem. Widow. 58yrs. In Ill.
Goodall, Son Age 10mo. 13days. B. Leroy Tp. D. 10-18-1907 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem.
Goodall, Thomas B. 3-4-1845 Ill. D. 10-11-1911 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Married.
Goodall, Thomas D. 10-11-1911. F=Wm. Goodall B. England M=Dora Blodgett B. Engl.
Goodell - See Carlstedt
Goodfellow, Rachel Age 78. B. Albany Co. Ny. D. 12-16-1880 Belvidere & Cem. 5yrs. In Il
Goodman, Iwice? Age 36. B. ?. D. 10-10-1906 Belvidere. Chicago Cem. Married.
Goodsell, Elizabeth Age 34-8. B. Boone Twp. D. 9-27-1878 Beaverton,Il. Capron Cem.
Goodsell, Louis Age 73-6. B. Norway. D. 3-18-1903 Boone Tp. Capron L. Cem. 46yrs. In Ill.
Goodspeed, James Age 94. B. ?. D. 3-18-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Goodwin, John W. B. 11-19-1847 England. D. 7-18-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Gookins, Seymour Age 81yrs. 4days. B. Bennington,Vt. D. 1-20-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Gordon, Isaac Age 58. B. Kings Co. Ontario Co,Canada. D. 1-8-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. -
Gorham, Alice Durris? Age 1-7-23. B. Belvidere,D. 10-30-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Gorham, Saville M. Age 47-10-27. B. Belvidere. D. 3-2-1897belvidere&Cem. Married. 47-
Gorham, Stepen W. Age 48-8-0. B. Oxford,Canada. D. 1-25-1897 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 28y-
Gorman, Bertha Age 22-8-0. B. Whitewater,Wisc. D. 4-25-1894 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married.
Gorman, Phillip Age 71. B. Ireland. D. 2-21-1884 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Gorman, Phillip B. Age 3mo. 28days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 8-20-1894 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Gough, Lydia (Payne) Age 41. B. Onego,Tioga Co. Ny. D. 4-11-1886 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem.
Gough, Thomas Age 88-11-26. B. Armagh Co. Irel. D. 6-11-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widowere. -
Gould, Cynthia Age 58-11-9. B. Deerfield, Ny. D. 6-21-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Gould, Jennie Longcor Age 36-1-21. B. Belvidere. D. 9-20-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Gower, Mary Age 46-4. B. Belvidere. D. 5-30-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Gower, Mary Age 80-8-21. B. Berlin,Germany. D. 5-3-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 51yr. Ill.
Graham, David Albert B. 4-7-1863 Mo. D. 5-29-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 29yrs. Ill.
Graham, Milton Age 71-1-28. B. Berks Co. Penn. D. 3-12-1885 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Graham, Wm. Age 73-3-21. B. Ohio. D. 6-6-1894 Manchester Tp. Lindeman Cem. Single. 45yill.
Granholm, Sophia Age 48-3-0. B. Germany. D. 11-12-1896 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 11yrs. In
Grant, Harriet Age 77-10-22. B. Rochester,Ny. D. 3-3-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40y. Ill.
Grant, Ruben Age 54-10-1. B. Manchester Tp. D. 10-8-1910 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. M-
Grasmuck, Louis Age 68-5-10. B. Brookville,Ind. D. 6-7-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 6wks. Ill
Grasmuck, Louis Age 68-5-10. B. Brookville,Ind. D. 6-7-1906(2nd. Cert. )Blvd. &Cem. Mrd. 6wk
Graver, Julia Bishop Age 30-4. B. Spring Tp. D. 3-7-1903 Belvidere. Bloods Pt. Cem. Married
Graves, Esther A. Age 81-1-2. B. Ny. D. 6-4-1905 Manchester Tp. Graves Cem. Beloit. Widow.
Graves, Jedediah Age 71-5-2. B. Ny. D. 5-2-1879 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. Ill. 27yrs.
Gray, Adeline Age 83-5-16. B. New London,Ny. D. 5-10-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 41y. Ill.
Gray, Fanny Age 68. B. Rutland Co. Vt. D. 12-30-1880 Manchester Tp & Cem. Wiow. Il. 43yr
Gray, Hartwell Age 88. B. Maine. D. 10-29-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Gray, John Age 82-5-28. B. Crawford,St. Johns Co. Quebec,Canada. D. 12-27-1915blvdr. &C. -
Gray, Luella Age 1-6-0. B. Iowa. D. 1-29-1881 Manchester Tp. Caledonia Cem.
Gray, Wm. Age 68. B. ?. D. 4-23-1905 Elgin. Ill. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Green, George Age 19-3. B. Illinois. D. 2-8-1903 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Green, George Age 86-3-28. B. England. D. 4-30-1903 Spring Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Widowere. 43y. In I
Green, Grandison C. Age 78-11-22. B. Wetherfield,Ny. D. 1-7-1902 Belvidere&Cem. 49y. In Il.
Greene, Ann Age 72. B. Lincolnshire,Engl. D. 1-6-1888 Spring Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Married.
Greene, Katherine A. Loop Age 37-3-20. B. Belvidere. D. 4-10-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 37y
Greenlee - See Greenlie.
Greenlee - See Ralston.
Greenlee, Ellen Ferguson Age 36. B. Winnebago Co. D. 11-25-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd.
Greenlees, Mary Age 80. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 11-10-1883 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem.
Greenlie, John Age 74-9-15. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 4-19-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Wid. 74y. Ill
Gregory, Son Of Mrs. Katherine Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-27-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Gretton - See Grittan.
Gretton, Chas. B. 1-22-1890 Spring Tp. D. 1-7-1913 Spring Tp. Shattiucks Cem. Married.
Gretton, Grace Adeline B. 1-14-1911 Illinois. D. 5-22-1911 Spring Tp. Belvidere. Cem.
Gretton, Grace Adeline D. 5-22-1911. F=Chas. Gretton B. Ill. M=Fairgrieve B. Iowa.
Gretton, Mary Age 78-11-12. B. Lancashire,Engl. D. 5-11-1883 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Gretton, Wallace Age 25. B. Belvidere. D. 3-12-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 35yrs. In Ill.
Grey, John Age ?. B. ?. D. 4-11-1887 Poplar Grove.
Grey, John H. Age ? (A Painter) B. ?. D. 4-11-1887 Poplar Grove. Married.
Griffis, Clifford W. Age 1-1-3. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-26-1908 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Griffis, Harriet Age 64-0-14. B. Blyton,Engl. D. 11-4-1905 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. Wid.
Griffis, Mary J. Age 37-2-20. B. Manchester Tp. D. 8-30-1894 Hunter. Liv. Cem. Married. 37yin
Griffis, Myra B. 1-27-1885 Manchester Tp. D. 9-26-1910 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. Married.
Griffis, Myra D. 9-26-1910. F=I. Watts B. Ohio. M=Campbell B. Canada. Married.
Griffis, Owen Age 81-8-20. B. Vt. D. 1-29-1902 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. Married. 56y. In Il
Griffis, Owen Age 81-8-25. B. ?D. 1-29-1902 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Griffith, Ula Age 13-11. B. Union,Mchenry Co. Il. D. 8-4-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Griggs - See Roe.
Griggs, Calvin Age 67-9-26. B. Oneida Co. Ny. D. 12-23-1883 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married.
Griggs, Horace Age 57. B. Terra Haute,Ind. D. 8-8-1883 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Griggs, Landon Age 64-9-9. B. Princeton,Ind. D. 3-6-1885 Flora Tp. Married. 55yr In Ill.
Griggs,Martha A. Age 62-9-1. B. Ohio. D. 7-8-1889 Flora Tp. Flora Union Cem. Widow. 49yill.
Grimley ?, Grinel (Female) Age 88-10-0. B. Norway. D. 12-16-1894 Manchester. E. Luth. Cem.
Grimley, Ole H. Age 74-0-16. B. Sigdal,Norway. D. 9-9-1903 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem. M-
Grimm, Carl Age 74-11. B. Germany. D. 4-5-1907 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widower. 22y. Ill.
Grimm, Caroline Age 69-7-4. B. Germany. D. 1-28-1905 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 19y. Il
Grimmson ?, Earl Age 3mo. 15days. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-6-1880 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Griswold - See Mackey.
Grittan, Dtr. Age 4mo. B. Spring Tp. D. 4-15-1911 Spring Tp. Belvidere. Cem.
Grittan, Dtr. D. 4-15-1911. F=Chas. Grittan B. Spring Tp. M=Emma Vorneron B. Iowa.
Grittan, Sarah Age 53-6-5. B. England. D. 7-4-1902 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 50y. -
Gritzbaugh, Frank Age 22-5-9. B. Belvidere. D. 1-25-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Gritzbaugh, Marie Age 60. B. Viena,Austria. D. 6-26-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 35yi-
Gritzbaugh, Wenzel Age 78-7-12. B. Germany. D. 1-22-1903 Belvidere. Married. 49y. In Ill.
Groat, Park W. Age 24. B. ?. D. 2-24-1903 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Groth - See Berg.
Grover, Elmer Stephen Age 38-2-12. B. Bremer Co. Iowa. D. 2-2-1904 Belvidere Tp. &Cem.
Grover, Millard Age 3mo. 4days. B. Boone Co. D. 11-19-1895boone Co. Flora Cem.
Grow, Rosamond B. 10-25-1836 Nj. D. 10-8-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 45yrs. In Ill.
Grow, Rosamond D. 10-8-1912. F=Gibbs M= B. Nj.
Grummon, Sarah C. Age 41-9-27. B. Canada. D. 3-31-1882 Belvidere. Cherry Vly Cem. Wid
Guilbalt, Anna Age 76-7-22. B. Kent Co. England. D. 10-6-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 497. Ill.
Gulliks, Lugar Age 82-6-4. B. Norway. D. 12-28-1884 Manchester Tp. Luth. Cem. Wd.
Gustafson- See Gustavson.
Gustafson, Helma B. 1-8-1863 Sweden. D. 9-17-1914 Belvidere Cem. Widow.
Gustavson - See Carlson.

Haag, Minnie Age 17mo. B. Belvidere. D. 6-9-1907 Belvidere7cem. Single.
Habedank, Johanna Age 77-9-10. B. Saberun,Germany. D. 1-7-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow
Hadley, Sedelia Age 71-11-0. B. Hinsdale,N. H. D. 5-4-1903belvidere&Cem. Married. 12y. Ill.
Haga, Samuel D. B. 12-15-1859 Ohio. D. 12-6-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 19yrs. In Ill.
Haga, Samuel D. D. 12-6-1911. F=Jacob Haga B. Ohio M=Hannah Danford B. Ohio.
Hagan, Minnie B. 8-10-1847 Germany. D. 5-19-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 40yrs. Ill. 48u. S.
Hagan, Minnie D. 5-19-1910. F=Fred Stone Miller B. G. M=Caroline Aves B. G.
Hagemeier, Anton Age 81. B. Germany. D. 4-16-1915 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Wid. 65yrs. Ill
Hagemeier, Eliza D. 12-4-1914. 44yrs. In Ill. 47 Yrs. In U. S. .
Hagemeier, Eliza. B. 4-1-1837 Karwitz,Germany. D. 12-4-1914 Blvdr. St. James Cem. Mrd.
Hagemier - See Hagemeier.
Hagemiester, Robert B. 10-9-1899 Germany. D. 2-23-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 12y. U. S.
Hagemiester, Robert D. 2-23-1914. F=Wm. Hagemiester.
Hagen, Johanna Age 82-2-2. B. Demmin,Germany. D. 12-12-1904belvidere&Cemmrd. 22y. Ill.
Haggerty, James Age 67. B. Ireland. D. 5-26-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Haines, Son Age 15hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 2-19-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Hakes, Ann Age 45-2-7. B. Somersetshire,Engl. D. 10-22-1882 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hakes, Chauncey J. Age 69-2-28. B. Livingston Co. Ny. D. 9-30-1883 Spring Tp. Kingston Cem
Hale, ,Meeker Age 39. B. Boone Co. D. 3-18-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 39yrs. Ill.
Hale, Mary Age 50. B. Putnam Co. Ny. D. 4-1-1889 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Hale, Augustus Devillo Age 76. B. Ny. D. 4-8-1907 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. Wid. 71yrs. In Ill.
Hale, Oliver Age 87. B. Delaware Co. Ny. D. 12-31-1885 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Widower. 50yill.
Haley, Bernard James Age 7mo. B. Boone Tp. D. 10-12-1895 Capron. Belvidere Cem.
Haley, Bianthea Age 42-5. B. Wisconsin. D. 11-19-1901 Belvidere. Mchenry Co. Cem. Maried
Haley, John Age ?. B. ?. D. 4-20-1903 ?. ? Cem.
Haley, Roy Earle Age 1-6. B. Boone Tp. D. 9-18-1902 Bonus Tp. B. Catholic Cem.
Hall, Dtr. Age 2days. B. Flora Tp. D. 7-12-1882 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Hall, Abby Age 66-7-6. B. Maine. D. 7-9-1903 Flora Tp. Blds Pt. Cem. Married. 37yrs. In Ill.
Hallet - See Dickenson.
Halloway, Mary Ann Age 67-9. B. Gainsbersong,Engl. D. 12-1-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Halstedt, Carl Marritt Age 8-11-23. B. Boone Co. D. 1-4-1909 Belvidere. Scandinavian C.
Ham, Bertha Age 27-3-8. B. ?. D. 10-8-1902 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married.
Ham, Dtr. Age 6hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 1-20-1879 Belvidere &Cem.
Ham, Lucy J. Age 29-8-2. B. Boone Co. D. 10-27-1879 Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Married.
Hamilton, Gladys Age 18. B. Kansas. D. 9-14-1903 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Single. 17y. Il
Hamilton, Ida Age 7mo. B. Illinois. D. 9-10-1885 Garden Prairie & Cem.
Hammon, Eliza J. Age 49-3-14. B. Ireland. D. 2-16-1884 Manchester Tp. Union Crns. Cem.
Hammon, Wm. Age 72-2-14. B. Blaine,Ill. ??D. 3-15-1900 Blaine & Cem. 64 Yrs. In Ill.
Hammond, Alvin Age 2yr. 22days. B. P. Grove. D. 5-12-1879 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Hammond, Gladys Age 20-10-14. B. Pleasanton,Lynn Co. Kansas. D. 9-14-1903 Blvdr. &Cem.
Hammond, Henry Abbott Age 61-4-13. B. Lanconshire,Engl. D. 7-25-1880 Union Corners.
Hammond, Hiram L. Age 55-7-23. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 8-31-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 55y. Ill.
Hammond, Irving M. Age 2-10-17. B. Spring Tp. D. 9-14-1883 Spring Tp. & Cem.
Hammond, Jacob Miller Age 64-4-16. B. Palmyra,Ny. D. 12-20-1883 Spring Tp. Kingston C.
Hammond, Melissa Jane Age 81-0-28. B. Ny. D. 9-10-1908 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Wid. 65y. Il
Hancock, John Age 81. B. ?. D. 5-16-1912 Huntley Cem. Widower.
Hanison - See Harrison.
Hannah, Maria Jane Age 79. B. Saratoga Sprgs. ,Ny. D. 5-9-1879 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem
Hannah, Mary C. Age 45-1-26. B. Belvidere. D. 12-28-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 45yill.
Hansen - See Egan.
Hansen - See Hanson.
Hansen, Oscar W, Age 11mo. B. Illinois. D. 7-27-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Hanson, Clarence E. Age 31. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-26-1893 Caledonia Tp. Hunter Cem. Ma-
Hanson, Edling Age 19 Single B. U. S. D. 2-15-1878 Capron. 19 Yr. In Ill. Buried ?
Hanson, Elvin A. Age 22-8-0. B. Illinois. D. 11-23-1882 Caledonia. Manchester Tp. Cem.
Hanson, Floyd Emery Age 3mo. 9days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 12-21-1898caledonia. Hunter-
Hanson, Hans Age 69. B. Norway. D. 12-3-1886 Capron & Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Hanson, Luther Age 13. B. Caledonia. D. 4-21-1886? Caledonia Tp. Manchester Tp. Cem.
Hanston, James Age 70. B. Scotland. D. 5-3-1906 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Married.
Happer, George Age 84. B. No. Of Ireland. D. 6-3-1906 Belvidere. Davis Cem. Widower. 53y. -
Harder, Jennie Age 22-8-11. B. Water Valley,Ny. D. 2-13-1881 Belvidere & Cem. 18 Yrs. Il.
Harding, Fannie A. B. 10-10-1833 E. Lyme,Conn. D. 4-27-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. Wid. 40yrs. In Ill.
Harding, George Fisher Age 75-1-15. B. Willshire,England. D. 4-25-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Harding, Maria Age 86-4. B. Somersetshire,England. D. 12-27-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Wido.
Hardy, Florence M. Age 4mo. 11days. B. Roscoe,Ill. D. 11-29-1885 Belvidere. Roscoe C.
Harlow, Charles Wm. D. 1-3-1915. F=Charles Harlow B. U. S. M=Mary Higgins.
Harmon, George W. Age 62-6-26. B. Buffalo,Ny. D. 11-23-1897 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. M-
Harrill, Leta May Cunningham Age 18-1-4. B. Belvidere. D. 12-4-1910 Belvidere&Cem. M-
Harrington, Claire Age 1-3-11. B. Irene,Ill. D. 1-24-1906 Irene. Flora Cem.
Harrington, Johanna Age 74. B. Ireland. D. 4-19-1892 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mar. -
Harrington, Patrick Age 87-4-14. B. Ireland. D. 7-7-1902belvidere&Cem. Widow. 52y. In Ill
Harris, Sela May Age 18days. D. 7-7-1915 Caledonia. W. Rockford Cem.
Harris, Sela May D. 7-7-1915. F=E. E. Harris B. Iowa. M=Susan Isbel B. Iowa.
Harrison, John 82. B. Sligo,Ireland. D. 8-2-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Harrison, Marguerite Age 5. B. Belvidere. D. 10-18-1910 Belvidere. F=Wm. Harrison
Hart - See Hill.
Hart, Emily A. Age 51-10-2. B. Chautauqua Co. Ny. D. 12-14-1889belvidere&Cem. Married.
Hart, Joseph Age 69. B. England. D. 1-1-1887 Belvidere. Oshcosh,Wi. Cem. Married. 2yr. Ill.
Harter, Violet May B. 3-16-1908 Ill. D. 6-18-1913 Belvidere&Cem.
Harter, Violet May D. 6-18-1913. F=Stephen S. Harter B. Ill. M=Linda Ecstrom B. Nebr.
Harvey, Son Age 1hr. B. Belvidere. D. 3-3-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Haskins, Hellen C. Age 37-7-9. B. Belvidere. D. 1-3-1883 Belvidere 7 Cem. Married. 37y. Ill.
Hasle, Charlotte Eliz. Age 63-11-0. B. Edwardstown,Suffolk Co. Engl. D. 2-11-1897boone
Hatch, Adelbert F. Age 84. B. Ny. D. 12-15-1910 Herbert. Rockford Cem. Widower.
Hatch, Augusta Age 58-0-22. B. Ny. D. 10-2-1904 Herbert,Il. Rockford Cem. Married. 30y. Ill.
Hathaway - See Taylor.
Hathran, Nathan Age 65-5-11. B. Sullivan,N. H. D. 10-23-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Hauth, Fred Age 24days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-17-1889 Belvidere Cem.
Hauth, Irving John Age 6days. B. Flora Tp. D. 10-10-1902 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hauth, Otto Age 3-9-14. B. Belvidere. D. 2-28-1891 Belvidere & Cem.
Havenhill, M. H. Age 2hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 1-26-1881 Belvidere.
Havens, Nelson M. Age 75. B. Ogdensburgh,Ny. D. 3-7-1886 Belvidere. Delavan,Wi. Cem.
Hawes, Sarah C. Age 49-1-7. B. Ny. D. 7-31-1897 Poplar Grove. Married. 47yrs. In Ill.
Hawkey, Richard Age 65. B. England. D. 3-4-1905 Belvidere &Cem. 40yrs. In Ill.
Hawley, Edward Age 82. B. Arlington (Vt. ) D. 9-15-1887 Poplar Grove. Belvidere Cem.
Hawley, Sarah Age 83. B. England. D. 3-23-1909belvidere. Elgin,Il. Cem. Widow. 50yrs. Ill.
Hayes, Alonzo C. Age 75-10-27. B. Me. D. 5-29-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 62yrs. In Ill.
Hayes, Emma F. B. 11-4-1871 Iota,Ill. D. 1-14-1913 Belvdr. Keokuk,Ia. Cem. Married. 11y. Ill.
Hayes, Emma F. D. 1-14-1913. F=David Mckenny B. Irel. M=Margaret Moroney B. Englan-
Hayes, Lettie Age 53. B. Ill. D. 2-17-1913 Elgin,Ill.
Hays, Alonzo Walter Age 1mo. 4days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-14-1886 Belvidere & Cem.
Haywood, Agnes Caroline Age 49-4-26. B. Bonus Tp. D. 8-21-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 49y. -
Haywood, Jane (Worthington) Age61-11-13. B. Lancashire,Engl. D. 8-11-1887 Blvdr&Cem.
Hazelo, Son Age 5days. B. Flora Tp. D. 2-14-1905 Flora Tp. Cherry Vly. Cem.
Hazelwood, Elva S. Age 23-2-6. B. Illinois. D. 5-30-1886 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem. Mrd.
Hazelwood, Lizzie C. Age 32-4-3. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 12-7-1893 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem.
Hazelwood, Mary Verona Age 11days. B. &D. Manchester Tp. D. 1-27-1906 Blaine Cem.
Hazelwood, Sarah Jane Age 31-7-23. B. Manchester Tp. D. 5-20-1885 Leroy Tp. Blain C.
Hazelwood, Sophia Age 56-9-10. B. Canada. D. 7-20-1882 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem.
Hazelwood, Wm. Age 77-2-11. B. Toronto,Canada. D. 10-12-1911 Belvidere. Mrd. 65yrs. Ill.
Hazelwood, Wm. Leonard Age 2-6-7. B. Manchester Tp. D. 5-23-1894manchestertp. Blaine
Hazen, Joseph Age 74-3-13. B. Orange Co. Ny. D. 1-1-1978 Boone Twp. . Leroy Twp. Cem. 24yr.
Hazlewood, Son Age 1day. B. Manchester Tp. D. 7-8-1882 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem.
Head, Araminta D. Age 87-0-6. B. Durham,Green Co. Ny. D. 12-13-1903 Blaine. P. Grv. Cem. Wid
Heckman, Sarah Ann Age 63. B. Morgan Co. Oh. D. 9-14-1893 Spring Tp. N. Kingston Cem. Ma-
Heder, Son Age 4hrs. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 12-1-1893. Belvidere&Cem.
Hedges, Chritopher Age 83. B. Ny. D. 7-18-1883 Garden Prairie & Cem. Widower. 15yrs-
Heideman, Reika Age 81. B. Germany. D. 5-9=1908 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 22y. Il
Heisinger, Fred W. Age 42-0-7. B. Germany. D. 12-21-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 9yr. Ill.
Helligas, Emery Age 9. B. Boone Co. D. 7-11-1911 Belvidere&Cem.
Hemans, Howard H. Age 15mo. B. Belvidere. D. 6-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Hemans, Louisa E. Age 7-2-12. B. Belvidere. D. 10-19-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Hemmans, Allita Louis B. 5-10-1911 Belvidere. D. 5-7-1912 Belvidere&Cem.
Hemmens, Albert Henry Age 1-2-25. B. Belvidere. D. 12-16-1882 Belvidere & Cem. 1yr In
Hemmens, Edwin Age 59. B. England. D. 3-21-1907 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. Married. 37y. Il
Hemmens, Theo. G. Age 30. B. Stoughton, Wisc. D. 1-11-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 7y. -
Henderson, Bernadina Age 51. B. ?. D. 10-14-1912 Elgin,Ill.
Henderson, Elizabeth Age 76-1. B. Scotl. . D. 8-4-1910 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Mrd. 40y. -
Henderson, Elizabeth D. 8-4-1910. F=George Ray.
Henderson, John Age 80. B. Scotld. 1-28-1911 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Widowed. 69y. Ill.
Henderson, John D. 1-28-1911. F=Lionell Henderson M=Margaret Ralston.
Henderson, Margaret Age 84-8-4. B. Kintyre, Scotl. D. 4-26-1878 Caledonia. Willow Crk
Henderson, Martha Age 30-7. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 4-2-1902 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. Cem
Hendrickson, James Albert Age 4-9-8. B. Poplar Grove. D. 11-13-1881 P. Grove. Capron C.
Hendrickson, Clara Age ?. B. ?. D. 6-27-1908 Belvidere. Married.
Henry, Mrs. Age 66. B. ?. D. 4-10-1878 Belvidere. Buried ? Il. 26yrs.
Henver, Eliz. Anna Age 45. B. ?. D. 3-18-1906 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem. Mrd. 27yrs. Ill.
Herbert - See Browm.
Herbert, John H. Age 86-1-7. B. ?. D. 4-19-1891 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Herbert, Mary J. Age 83-4-3. B. Ny. City. D. 5-19-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 57yrs. In Ill.
Herbert, Walter Robert Age 123days. B. Boone Co. D. 3-19-1910 Bonus Tp. Belvidere C.
Herely, Hannah Age 22-8-0. B. Ny. D. 5-4-1883 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Single. 15yrs. Ill.
Hermanson, Andrew Age 55. B. Bergen,Norway. D. 3-11-1879 Boone Tp. N. Luth. Cem.
Hermanson, Augusta Age 78-9-10. B. Norway. D. 12-2-1902 Capron. Big Church Yd. Cem. W.
Hermanson, Helgh C. Age 75-4-15. B. Norway. D. 1-16-1903 Capron. Big Ch. Cem. Widow. 58y-
Herold, Charles Age 14-3-0. B. Belvidere. D. 8-27-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Herrington, Joseph Age 90-8-12. B. Granville. D. 11-26-1879 Bonus Tp. & Cem. 25yrs. Ill.
Hersey, Alice V. (Sewell)Age 26. B. Caledonia D. 9-22-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Hersey, Helena (Cochran) Age 56. B. Me. D. 2-19-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Hester, Wayne Francis B. 11-17-1911 Belvidere. D. 4-3-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Hettinger - See Thayer.
Heward, Ann Age 73-6-26. B. England. D. 4-25-1900 Hunter. Blaine Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Heward, Francis Age 73-7-26. B. England. D. 2-20-1899 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem. Mar-
Heward, Henry Willard Age 66-10-11. B. Jamaica,Ver. (Vt. ?)D. 4-12-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Heward, Mary Age 83-8-28. B. England. D. 9-17-1902 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Widow. 58y
Heward, Son Age 10mo. 17days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-3-1891 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Heward, Wm. Age 78-10-14. B. Yorkshire,Engl. D. 1-30-1899 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Mrd. -
Hewitt, Eliza Age 85-5-10. B. Hebron,Con. D. 4-24-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 44yrs. Inill.
Heywood - See Haywood.
Heywood, Lydia(Rix)Age 79. B. Centennille?,Conn. D. 12-4-1902 Blvdr&Cem. Wid. 54y. Ill
Heywood, Wm. James Age 17-3-2. B. Belvidere. D. 8-24-1904 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hibbard, Agnes Age 57. B. Virginia. D. 5-2-1887belvidere & Cem. 7 Yrs. In Ill.
Hickey, Margaret Age 78. B. Tipperary,Irel. D. 3-28-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 33yill.
Hickok, Charlotte Age 84-8-9. B. Vt. D. 4-19-1903 Leroy Tp. Oakwood Cem. Widow. 60y. Ill.
Hicks, Eliza W. Age 72-5-10. B. England. D. 10-29-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 45yrs. In Ill.
Hicks, Libbie C. Age ?. B. (Rockford?) D. 5-13-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Hicks, Richard H. Age 4mo. D. 9-10-1884 Belvidere Tp. & Cem.
Hicks, Richard S. B. 10-28-1836 Ny. D. 5-20-1910 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Widow. 1882 To Ill.
Hicks, Walter G. Age 23-3. B. Boone Co. D. 5-22-1903 Boone Co. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Hicks, Willis George Age 7-11-16. B. Belvidere. D. 12-16-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Hieds, Donald B. 6-6-1915 Belvidere. D. 6-10-1915 Belvidere&Cem.
Hieds, Donald D. 6-6-1915. F=Andrew Hieds B. Wisconsin. M=Stella Barber B. Wisconsin.
Higgins, Catherine B. 11-12-1845 Mayo Co. Irel. D. 1-2-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 38y. Ill.
Higgins, John Age 32-9-10. B. Mays? Co. Ireland. D. 3-6-1902 Blvdr. &St. Jamescem. Single.
Higgins, Permilla Age 80-10. B. ?. D. 1-22-1908 Belvidere Tp. Davis Cem. Widow. 71yrs. In Ill.
Higgins, Peter Age 65. B. Ireland. D. 1-18-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Higgs, Robert W. B. 2-14-1828 Lincolnshire,Engl. D. 3-28-1915 Blvdr. P. Grv. Cem. Married.
Highholder, Johanna Age 74-5-2. B. Baden,Germany. D. 9-3-1909 Garden Pr. &Cem. Wid. 34y.
Hill, Alice E. Age 33. B. Illinois. D. 8-5-1902 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Married. 33y. In Ill.
Hill, Boyd S. Afe 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-6-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Hill, Clarence L. Age 33. B. Capron. D. 8-7-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Hill, George Age 84-5-3. B. Sussex, Engl. D. 1-18-1880 Boone Tp. P. Grove Cem. Married.
Hill, Hanah Bowers Age 66-_-7. B. Conn. D. 5-4-1878 Manchester Tp. & Cem. 30 Yrs. In Il.
Hill, Henry Age 67-4-27. B. England. D. 6-2-1898 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Hill, James A. Age 40-10-3. B. Somersetshire,Engl. D. 1-5-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Hill, Josiah Age 83-3. B. Ny. D. 6-30-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 60yrs. In Ill.
Hill, Merritt Age 39-10-0. B. Ny. D. 5-12-1884 Belvidere. G. Prairie Cem. Single. 25yrs. Ill.
Hill, Ruby Adda B. 11-7-1910 Belvidere. D. 11-12-1910 Belvidere &Cem.
Hill, Ruby Adda D. 11-12-1910. F=Roy S. B. Cass Co. Nebr. M=Bessie E. Durkee B. Union,Ill.
Hill, Ruth R. Age 28-2-13. B. Boone Co. D. 5-15-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 28yrs. In Ill.
Hill, Sallie Ann Hart Age 37-11-34. B. New Albany,Ny. D. 5-7-1889 Belvidere. Lake View C.
Hill, Susie Age 22. B. Illinois. D. 2-10-1883 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem. Single. 22yrs. In Ill.
Hill, Winnifred Age 4mo. 5days. B. Ottawa,Ill. D. 7-26-1903 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hinds, Jennie R. Age 56-1-29. B. West Boylston,Mass. D. 10-2-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Sngl. 53-
Hine, Mary M. Age 87. B. England. D. 4-20-1909 Belvidere. Shattucks Cem. Widow. 8y. Ill.
Hines - See Hine.
Hines, Margaret Age 60. B. Ireland. D. 3-9-1885 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Hines, Son Of Chas. Age 3mo. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 7-1887. Filed 1891.
Hines, Wm. Age 3mo. 7days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 7-12-1887 Caledonia Tp.
Hinman, Mary J. B. 3-12-1839 Geneseo Co. Ny. D. 12-13-1911 Belvdr. P. Grv. Cem. Mrd. 55y. Ill.
Hinman, Mary J. D. 12-13-1911. F= Geo. Maxworthy B. Engl. M=Sabina Huxtable B. Engl.
Hitchcock, Ashael J. Age 4-10-19. B. Belvidere. D. 4-10-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Hitchcock, T. Mrs. Age 68-3-0. B. London. D. 1-4-1891 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married. 20yinil
Hoag, Sarah Age 58. B. Ny. D. 9-27-1904 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 48yrs. In Ill.
Hoagg, Martin H. Age 74-9-2. B. Columbus Co. Ny. D. 1-21-1889 Belvidere. Cherry Vly Cem.
Hodges, Patrick Age 73. B. Clave,Ireland. D. 7-8-1889 ?
Hoeberg, Dtr. B. 4-12-1913 Boone Co. D. 4-16-1913 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hoeberg, Dtr. D. 4-16-1913. F=Chrls. Hoeberg B. Sweden M=Gustiv Victoria Strick B. S.
Hoff, Julian Age 40. B. Denmark. D. 9-16-1913 Leroy Tp. Oakwood,Sharon Wi. Cem. S. 16y. Ill
Hogan, Catherine B. 7-28-1831 Ireland. D. 1-29-1915 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Widow.
Hogan, Thomas Age 52. B. Ireland. D. 1-24-1889 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 20y. Ill.
Hogle - See Manley.
Holcomb, Irving Age 53. B. Hartford,Conn. D. 3-2-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 18yr. In Ill.
Holden, Ida Age 47. B. Geneva,Ohio. D. 6-4-1909 Belvidere. Geneva,Ohio Cem. Mrd. 11yr. Ill.
Holdfretter, Emory Age 4mo. B. Belvidere. D. 2-19-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Holenshead, Florence Maria Age 34-3-5. B. Belvidere. D. 12-17-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Holerand, Thomas B. 4-4-1832 Ireland. D. 1-6-1913 Herbert. Kingston Cem. Widower. 50y.
Holerand, Thomas D. 1-6-1913. 52yrs. In U. S. F- John Holerand.
Holland, John F. Age 3mo. 24days. B. Caledonia. D. 3-24-1880 Caledonia. Belvidere C.
Holland,James H. Age 45-9-17. B. Greenville,Oh. D. 11-27-1907 Belvidere. E. Rockford Cem.
Hollenshead, Sophronia Age 85. B. Orange Co. Ny. D. 5-31-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Wid. 68y-
Hollister, Luther Age 80-3-25. B. Green Co. Ny. D. 1-2-1888 Belvidere. Rosehillcem. Cook C
Holmes - See Moore.
Holmes, T. W. Age 64. B. ? D. 9-10-1887 Poplar Grove. Widower.
Holquist, Flora Johnson Age 30. B. Illinois. D. 11-21-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Holstrom, Son Of Lave? Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 3-18-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Hooper, Margaret B. 12-4-1867 Boone Co. D. 8-7-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 43yrs. Ill.
Hooper, Margaret D. 8-7-1911. F=Benj. Hooper B. Ireland. M=Ellen Cook B. Ireland.
Hooper, Vernon Age 3days. B. Capron. D . 2-10-1904 Capron. Harvard Cath. Cem.
Hopkins, Dtr, Age 1hr. B. Belvidere. D. 5-19-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Hopkins, Chas. E. Age 1-2-2. B. Belvidere. D. 10-27-1878 Belvidere & Cem.
Hopkins, Ella Age 51-11-14. B. Michigan. D. 7-9-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Widow,23yrs. In Ill.
Hopkins, George B. 9-27-1844 Oneida Co. Ny. D. 1-19-1911 Blvdr. &Cem. Married. 60yrs. Ill.
Hopkins, George D. 1-19-1911. F=John Hopkins B. England M=Harriet Uteg B. ?.
Hopkins, Henry Age ?. B. ? A R. R. Brakeman. D. 7-12-1888 Caledonia Tp. Beloit Cem. Singl
Hoppen, George Age 59-9-16. B. Dearborn Co. ,Ind. D. 11-29-1909bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Hoppen, Martha M. B. 6-15-1823 Maryland. D. 4-23-1915 Blvdr. &Cem. Widow. 55yrs. Ill.
Hoppen,Martha M. D. 4-23-1915. F=Joshua Gibbon.
Horan, Catherine Age 87-7-21. B. Ireland. D. 1-20-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 61yrs. Ill.
Horan, Charles E. Age 49-1-12. B. Belvidere. D. 9-22-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 49y. Ill.
Horner, Frances 87. B. Hull,England. D. 6-23-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 50yrs. In Ill.
Horton, Clara A. Age 25-3-7. B. Boone Co. D. 4-7-1889 Caledonia Tp. Drake Cem. Married.
Houdeshell, Dtr. B. 8-7-1913 Belvidere. D. 8-11-1913 Belvidere. Flora Cem.
Houdeshell, Dtr. D. 8-11-1913. F=Albert B. Ogle Co. Il. M=Alice Raymond B. Kingston,Dak
Houdshell - See Johnson.
Hovey - See Oaks.
Hovey, Barbary Age 76-11. B. Bergen Stife, Norway. D. 3-8-1878 Boone Tp. Capron Cem.
Hovey, Calvin Age 93-8-5. B. Maine,Broome Co. Ny. D. 12-29-1902 Belvidere&Cemwidower.
Hovey, Francis H. Age 69-7-0. B. Brown Co. Ny. D. 3-18-1886 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married.
Hovey, Iver I. Age 88. B. Norway. D. 7-17-1878 Boone Tp. & Cem. Widower.
Hovey, Mary S. Age 76-4-17. B. Chocomet,Ny. D. 12-4-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 35y. Ill.
Howard - See Marean.
Howard, Ashahel Age 65. B. Ny. D. 5-11-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Howard, Son Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 2-4-1884 Belvidere. Bonus Cem.
Howe - See Oakley.
Howe, Wm. E. Age 39. B. Roxbury,Mass. D. 10-21-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Hubbard, Eliza B. 4-2-1837 Ny. D. 7-16-1910 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. 10yrs. In Ill.
Hubbell, Ezra Wait Age 78-7-23. B. Roxbury,Ny. D. 7-30-1889 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Huber, Chester John B. 8-23-1891 Boone Co. D. 3-3-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. Single.
Huber, Chester John D. 3-3-1912. F=Phillip Huber B. Germ. M=Lena Blieler B. Ill.
Huber, Grace Mabel Age 16-3-1. B. Illinois. D. 11-6-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Huddleston, Anthony Age 75-0-6. B. Lancashire,Engl. D. 9-10-1907 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem.
Hughes, Henry Charles Age 68-11. B. Caervarshien,Wales. D. 2-4-1904 Blvdr. Spring T. C.
Hughes, James Age 11mo. 17days. B. Illinois. D. 1-17-1887 Spring Tp. &Cem.
Hughes, Miller Age Age 25. B. Garden Pr. D. 6-13-1911 Garden Pr. Shattucks Cem. Mrd.
Hughes, Sarah Ann Age 67-3. B. Ohio. D. 10-29-1901 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. Married. 60y-
Hull, Edith Age 19-5-11. B. Chicago. D. 12-4-1906 P. Grv. &Cem. Single.
Hull, Frederick Augustus Age 76-9-0. B. Redding,Mass. D. 11-8-11-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Hull, Martha Age 77-1-1. B. Ny. D. 11-5-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Hull, Sanford W. Age 76. B. Vt. D. 6-14-1906 Poplar Grv. Greenwood Chicago Cem. Wid. 40-
Hull, Walter B. Age 79-5-10. B. Conn. D. 8-4-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 36yrs. In Ill.
Hull, Wm. H. Age 33-4-17. B. Baltimore,Md. D. 6-24-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 27yrs. In Il.
Humphrey, Nancy Age 74-11-0. B. Stuben Co. Ny. D. 3-11-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40y-
Hunt, Roy Irving Age 1mo. 23days. B. Blaine. D. 3-27-1908 Blaine&Cem.
Hunt, Sabina Age 67-8-0. B. England. D. 7-1-1897 Blaine & Cem. Married. 41yrs. In Ill.
Hunter - See Lewis.
Huntington, Loran Samuel Age 64-11-11. B. Ny. D. 2-20-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40y-
Huntington, Miron Age 77. B. Shaftsbury,Vt. D. 7-12-1904 Blvdr. &Cem. Widower. 35y. Ill.
Huntoon, Emily Age 67-0-28. B. Baltimore,Md. D. 5-31-1904 Belvidere. Peru,Ill. Cem. Wido.
Hurd, Elvira Age 89. B. Mass. D. 1-16-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 15yrs. In Ill.
Hurlbut, Sophronia R. Age 62-3-1. B. Almond,Ny. D. 2-11-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. -
Hyatt, Eliza Age 64-7-4. B. Ascott Tp. Quebec. D. 3-20-1887 Manchester Tp. Beloit Cem. Mrd
Hyde, Jennie Age 72. B. Ny. D. 8-3-1905belvidere. Moline,Il. Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Hyde, Wm. B. 4-16-1844 Mchenry Co. D. 9-16-1910 Garden Pr. &Cem. Married.
Hyser, Elsie M. B. 6-10-1907 Belvidere. D. 10-31-1911 Blvdr. Kirkland Cem.
Hyser, Elsie M. D. 10-31-1911. F=George Hyser B. Ill. M=Greenhew B. Ill.

Ingalls, Nathaniel T. Age 75-Yr. 23days. B. Brookfield,Ny. D. 6-15-1880 Belvidere&Cem.
Ingalls, Orrin B. Age 78-4-14. B. Denmark,Me. D. 4-10-1889 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Ingalls, Rufus Age 42. B. Denmark,Me. D. 4-8-1889 Belvider Tp. &Cem. Married. 39yr. Ill.
Irish, Winnie Age 4. B. Sycamore,Ill. D. 8-24-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Irwin - See Stearns.
Irwin, Sarah Walker B. 4-28-1829 Ireland. D. 12-9-1912 Boone Tp. E. Co. Line Cem. Widow.
Irwin, Wm. Age 45. B. Illinois. D. 1-23-1904 Boone Tp. Co. Line Cem. Single.
Isaacs, Claus Age 80-3-0. B. Norway. D. 1-28-1892 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem. Married.
Isles, Eliza Age 57. B. England. D. 9-1-1880 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married. Ill. 20yrs.
Isles, Richard Age 58-4-0. B. England. D. 1-26-1881 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married. 20yrs. Ill.
Itman, Clara B. 3-14-1912 Ill. D. 10-2-1912 Belvidere&Cem.
Itman, Clara D. 10-2-1912. F=Judson Itman B. Nj. M=Della Roberts B. Pa.
Iverson, Annie S. Age 15-7-19. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-7-1895 Manchester Tp. Luth. Cem.
Iverson, Betsey Matilda Age 24-1-14. B. Manchestr Tp. D. 6-6-1900manchester Tp. Bergen
Iverson, Ida A. Age 3-7-9. B. Manchester Tp. D. 4-9-1888 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem.

Jackson, Son Age 4hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 9-5-1892 Belvidere. Clinton,Ia. Cem.
Jacobs, Van Rensalaer Age 80-5-10. B. Ny. D. 11-30-1891 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Widowr
Jacobson, Alice B. 10-14-1886 Ill. D. 9-13-1911 Cherry Vly. Rockford Cem. Single.
Jacobson, Alice D. 9-13-1911. F=Claude Jacobson B. Sweden. M=Mary Gustafson B. Sw.
Jacobson, Carl Luverne Age 7mo. 2days. B. Boone Co. D. 9-10-1914 Boone Co.
Jacobson, Carl Luverne D. 9-10-1914. F=Chas. Oscar Jacobson B. Sw. M=Lottie Samson-
Jacobson, Knute Age 77. B. Norway. D. 8-13-1909 Capron. Nor. Luth. Cem. Widower. 55y. Ill.
Jaffray, George W. Age 24-8-26. B. Belvidere. D. 11-5-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Jaffray, James Age 84. B. Aberdeen,Scotl. D. 5-2-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 52yinill.
Jaffray, James Willard Age 5mo. B. Belvidere. D. 6-16-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Jaffray, Lauretta M. Age 75-5-20. B. Ny. D. 2-19-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. In Ill.
James, Emmerson B. 1903 Belvidere. D. 10-28-1913 Belvidere&Cem.
James, Emmerson D. 10-28-1913. F=Edward S. James B. Ill. M=Isabel Debord B. Ill.
James, Garret M. Age 7days. B. Boone Co. D. 5-6-1908 Boone Co. Belvidere Cem.
James, Rachel Blanche Age 5mo. 10days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-3-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Jardine, Eli May Age 7mo. 22days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-4-1889 Belvidere&Cem.
Jardine, Samuel George Age 6mo. 18days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-1-1889 Belvidere&Cem.
Jarvis, Emma Age 35-7-17. B. Ny. D. 10-9-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 33yrs. In Ill.
Jarvis, Joseph Age 77. B. England. D. 1-30-1880 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Jarvis, Richard Age 79-6-11. B. England. D. 4-17-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 70yrs. Ill.
Jarvis - See Newcomb.
Jeuhrs - See Juehrs.
Jenkins, Mattie Eliz. Age 5mo. 27days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-27-1885manchester Tp.
Jenner, Nellie Albina Age 21-3-23. B. Belvidere. D. 7-16-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Jensen, Oda B. 10-24-1908 Denmark. D. 1-19-1915 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem. 4yrs. Ill.
Jensen, Oda D. 1-19-1915. F=Jens Jensen M=?
Jensen, Oda Elonora B. 10-24-1898 Denmark. D. 1-19-1915 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Single. 4yil
Jensen, Oda Elonora D. 1-19-1915. F=Jens Jensen M=Mary Christiansen.
Jeurhs, Ruth Maria Age 9days. B. Belvidere. D. 6-1-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Jewell, Joseph Age 19-6-5. B. Michigan. D. 9-13-1881 Flora Tp. Michigan Cem. Single.
Jill, Eva K. Age 2-2-0. B. Boone Co. D. 9-29-1906 Belvidere Tp. Rockford Cem.
Johannes, Elsie Age 3-2-6. B. Belvidere. D. 9-27-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Johanningsmeier, Aug. F. Age 74-2-27. B. Ger. D. 4-4-1908spring Tp. &Cem. Mrd. 21yr. Ill.
Johanningsmeier, Theodore Age 5days. B. Spring Tp. D. 12-29-1908 Boone Co. Shattuck-
Johanningsmeyer, Fred Henry Age 3mo. B. Boone Co. D. 3-22-1904 Spring Tp. &Cem.
Johnson - See Holquist.
Johnson - See Peterson .
Johnson See-Slack.
Johnson, Andrew Age 59. B. Sweden. D. 1-21-1888 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married.
Johnson, Anna Louise Age 24-9-23. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-13-1890 Spring Tp. &Cem. Single.
Johnson, Augusta M. Age 26-0-13. B. Germany. D. 5-14-1902 Belvidere. Married. 11y. In Ill.
Johnson, Carl P. B. 2-21-1837 Sw. D. 8-23-1913 Blvdr. Tp. Scandinavian C. Rockford. Wid. 11y
Johnson, Carl P. D. 8-23-1913. F=John Peter Carlson B. Sweden. M=Christena
Johnson, Celia Age 27. B. Boone Co. D. 6-27-1912 Belvdr. . Flora Cem. F=Jake Houdshell -
Johnson, Christina Age 59. B. ? D. 12-22-1908 Elgin,Ill. Single.
Johnson, Edith Age 6-3-20. B. Omaho. D. 6-29-1907 Flora Tp. &Cem. Single. 4yr. Ill.
Johnson, Edwin Age 62-11. B. Norway. D. 1-19-1878 Boone Twp. By Capron Cem. 28yrs. Il.
Johnson, Eliz. Loretta Age 82-11-15. B. Vt. D. 6-8-1906 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 54yr. Ill.
Johnson, Emma Age 9-1-10. B. Manchester Tp. D. 1-13-1904 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem.
Johnson, Florence Age 3-4-16. B. Manchester Tp. D. 8-29=1888 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. C.
Johnson, Fred Age ?. B. (Swedish). D. 4-23-1887 Chicago?
Johnson, Frederick Age 52-6-9. B. Sweden. D. 1-26-1905 Bonus Tp. Pplar Grv. Cem. 26yrs. Ill
Johnson, Glenn Albert Raymond Age 1-8-19. B. Kingston. D. 1-28-1908 Spring Tp. No. K. Cem.
Johnson, Goldy Maria Age 1day B. ?. D. 8-23-1898 Manchester Tp. &Cem.
Johnson, Isaac Age 71. B. England. D. 12-31-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 50yrs. In Ill.
Johnson, John Age 38. B. Sweden. D. 1-10-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Johnson, Jonas Floyd Ellsworth Age 2mo. B. Boone Co. D. 7-31-1902 Spring Tp. N. K. C.
Johnson, Lewis Lee? Age 68. B. Servinger, Norway. D. 2-28-1878 Manchester Tp. Clinton.
Johnson, Lorenzo Age 53-7-19. B. Hoosac Falls,Ny. D. 10-27-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Johnson, Lorinda Age 1-6-1. B. Belvidere. D. 2-15-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Johnson, Louise Margaret Age 7-6-20. B. Belvidere. D. 6-26-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Johnson, Mable Age 36. B. Belvidere. D. 5-13-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Johnson, Marie Louise Age 1-10-19. B. Manchester Tp. D. 4-6-1900 Manchster Tp. E. Luth C.
Johnson, Neils Age 24-10-0. B. Randers,Denmark. D. 7-1-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Johnson, Sarah Age 64-4-11. B. Ny. D. 7-15-1904 Capron. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 35yrs. In Ill.
Johnson, Sarah Camelia Age 71-6-21. B. Rensalaer Co. Ny. D. 7-5-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Johnson, Swan Age 84-8-23. B. Sweden. D. 2-23-1910 Belvidere. Dubois Cem. Single. 18yr. Ill.
Johnson, Wm. O. Age 76-6-24. B. Norway. D. 1-12-1908 Capron. Nor. Cem. Married. 63yrs. Ill.
Johnson, Wm. Oscar Age 8-11-23. B. Boone Co. D. 5-29-1902 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem.
Johnston, Oscar Age 53. B. Illinois. D. 8-7-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill. ?
Jones, Allyn Josiah Age 1-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 12-28-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Jones, David W. B. 11-25-1844 Ny. D. 5-26-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Jones, Etta A. Age 37-11-13. B. Boone Co. D. 2-23-1908 Capron&Cem. Married.
Jones, Nellie Clark Age 63. B. Ill. D. 11-23-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Jones, Nellie Clark D. 11-23-1914. F=Jones (?)
Jones, Norah B. Age 17-9-18. B. Belvidere. D. 3-29-1879 Belvidere & Cem. 17yrs. Ill.
Jordan, Rebecca C. Age 50-11-19. B. Genesy, Ohio. D. 10-10-1880 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married.
Jory, Fannie C. Age 70. B. ?. D. 11-6-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed.
Juehrs, Charles Age 69-7-17. B. Germany. D. 12-30-1914 G. Pr. &Cem. Married. 45yrs. In Ill.
Juehrs, Charles D. 12-30-1914. F=Jans Juehrs M=?.
June, Frank T. Age 55-6-0. B. Brandon,Vt. D. 2-21-1890 Belvidere. Oak Park Cem. Married.
June, Henry C. Age 62. B. Brandon,Vt. D. 4-2-1904 Belvidere. Morris,Ill. Cem. Mrd. 16y. In Ill
Jury, John Age 19days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-14-1906 Belvidere. P. Grove Cem.
Jury, John Age 66-4-0. B. England. D. 2-26-1897 Poplar Grove&Cem. Maried. 17yrs. In Ill.
Jury, Nellie L. Age 25. B. Boone Co. D. 5-26-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married.

Kahler, John F. Age 76-10-18. B. Germany. D. 2-28-1879bogus Crns. Manchester Tp Liv. Cem
Kahler, Mary S. Age 59-4-11. B. Germany. D. 4-13-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 46yrs. Ill.
Kahn, Galke Age 15-10-0. B. Russia. D. 10-27-1891 Belvidere . Single. 4 Weeks In Ill.
Kaiesar, August Age 6mo. 20days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-17-1906 Belvidere&Cem.
Kaiser - See Kaiesar.
Kaiser, Chas. Robert Age 3mo. B. Belvidere. D. 2-13-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Kaiser, George Oliver B. 5-18-1909. D. 6-18-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Kaiser, George Oliver D. 6-18-1909. F=Geo. Earl Kaiser B. Prophet T. Il. M=Nellie A. Parks.
Kalodfeicke - See Tomnison.
Kane - See Devlin.
Kane, Wm. P. Age 45. B. ?. D. 4-29-1913 Belvidere. St. Marys Cem. Rockford Cem. Married.
Kearns, Son Age 2hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 5-9-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Keator, Agnes Age 30-4-9. B. Guilford Tp. Il. D. 3-11-1903 Belvidere. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Keator, Emily J. Age 49-4-20. B. Livingston Co. Ny. D. 4-11-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 23yrs.
Keeler, Delotia Age 84. B. Fabias,Ny. D. 8-26-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 53yrs. In Ill.
Keeler, Ennis D. 12-1-1914. F=Wm. Keeler M=Viola Stockwell.
Keeler, Ennis S. B. 2-1854 Ill. D. 12-1-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 60y. 9mo. In Ill.
Keeler, George Wm. Age 12-3-11. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 12-31-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Keeler, Harold Raymond Age 4-0-18. B. Belvidere. D. 12-31-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Keeler, Louise Owen B. 5-5-1831 Ny. D. 12-21-1911 Belvdr. &Cem. Widow. 65yrs. In Ill.
Keeler, Louise Owen D. 12-21 1911. Father Joseph Omen Or Owen.
Keeler, Mabel Jessie Age 6-10-10. B. Belvidere. D. 1-1-1891 Belvidere&Cem.
Keeler, Milton E. Age 50-3-25. B. Truxton,Cortland Co. Ny. D. 1-29-1884 Belvidere + Cem.
Keeler, Viola Age 75-4-7. B. Ny. D. 1-26-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 65yrs. In Ill.
Keeney, Mary Age 84-6. B. Stonington,Conn. D. 2-13-1903 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Widow
Keller, Eliza Age 54. B. Ny. D. 1-7-1881 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 14yrs. In Ill.
Kelley, Ellen Jane Age 44-4-7. B. Washinton Co. Ohio. D. 3-6-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle C.
Kelley, Grace Loretta Age 1-5-19. B. Poplar Grove Tp. D. 3-31-1903 Poplar Grv. &Cem/
Kelley, John Age 37. B. Scotland. D. 8-22-1880 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Single.
Kelley, Loretus Morilla Age 60-7-8. B. Shaftsbury,Vt. D. 6-21-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 48y.
Kelley, Martin B. 11-8-1857 Ny. D. 6-6-1915 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single. 15yrs. In Ill.
Kelley, Sadie M. Age 26-6-12. B. Illinois. D. 5-13-1903 P. Grove&Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Kelly - See Mcmillan.
Kelly, Alexander Campbell Age 76-1. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 4-1-1909caledonia. Liv. C.
Kelly, Barbara Age 80-6-24. B. Scotland. D. 11-6-1899 Caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem. Single. 46yin
Kelly, Benjamin F. Age 15-4-8. B. Dekalb Co. D. 11-28-1880 Bone Co. Bonus Tp. Cem. Single.
Kelly, Catherine Age 75. B. Kildare,Irel. D. 1-30-1888 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow.
Kelly, Chas. Alfred Age 30-8-2. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 11-24-1905 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. C
Kelly, Dtr. Age 5days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-4-1894 Poplar Grove. &Cem.
Kelly, Dunca S. D. 12-25-1911. F=John Kelly M=?
Kelly, Duncan S. Age 72-8-17. B. Scotl. D. 12-25-1911 Caledonia. Liv. Cem. Married. 59y. Ill.
Kelly, Eliz. Dunlop Age 85. B. Scotland. D. 3-7-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 37yrs. Ill.
Kelly, Ellen Age 18-5. B. Belvidere. D. 11-24-1878 Flora Tp. Bloods Pt. Cem. Singl. 18yr Il.
Kelly, James Age 79-2-4. B. Scotland. D. 9-21-1904 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Widower. 35y
Kelly, John Age 82-2-14. B. Scotland. D. 4-11-1910 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widower. 50yrs. Ill.
Kelly, Melissa Age 42. B. Ny. D. 3-29-1880 Spring Tp. &Cem. Married. Il. 15yrs.
Kendall, Anna Age 68. B. Ny. State. D. 3-13-1880 Capron. Parks Corners Cem. Wd. Il. 38yr.
Kendall, Mary Mrs. Age 54-8-0. B. Vt. D. 4-28-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 16yrs. Ill.
Kennedy, Isabelle Age 39. B. Donegal Co. Irel. D. 6-8-1892 Blvdr. St. Jamescem. Married.
Kennedy, Enos C. Age 61. B. Penn. D. 11-7-1900 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 5yrs. In Ill.
Kenyon, Anna M. Age 22. B. Boone Co. D. 3-12-1880 Leroy Tp. Parks Corners Cem.
Kerney, P. J. Age 42-5-8. B. Ireland. D. 10-13-1906 Belvidere. Genoa Jnct. Wi. Cem. Wid.
Kerr, Charles Age 59-8-4. B. Harlam,Ill. D. 6-11-1909 Belvidere. Roscoe Cem. Mrd. 59y. Ill.
Kertson, Charlotte M. B. 11-8-1861 Belvidere. D. 3-29-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Kertson, Charlotte M. D. 3-29-1912. F=Alexndr Mcmeekin B. Sct. M=Katherine Campbel-
Kiefe, Dtr. Age 12days. B. Illinois. D. 706-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Kiely, Wm. Age 34-2-15. B. Belvidere. D. 4-30-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Kiernan, William Age 45-6-3. B. Genoa,Il. D. 11-25-1912 Belvidere. Catholic Cem.
Kiernan, Wm. D. 11-25-1912. F=Wm. Kiernam B. Ireland. M=?
Kiester , Merle D. 3-14-1913. F=John W. Kiester B. Ill. M=Nellie Nichols B. Garden Pr. .
Kiester, Merle B. 3-29-1903 Ill. D. 3-14-1913 Garden Pr. &Cem.
Kilz, Dtr. B. 5-19-1913 Belvidere. D. 5-20-1913 Belvidere. Marengo Cem.
Kimball, Caroline Age 85. B. Posey Co. Ny. D. 5-30-1909 Belvidere. Russellville Cem. Wid.
Kimball, Carrie Age 35. B. Boone Tp. D. 1-4-1902 Boone Co. Russelville Cem. Single.
Kimball, George Washington Age 13-4-12. B. Boone Tp. D. 12-31-1881 Boone Tp. & Cem.
Kimble, Melvin Age 2mo. 19days. B. Boone Tp. D. 6-13-1879 Boone Tp. & Cem.
Kimble, Thadius Age 3-10-19. B. ?. D. 2-4-1887 Bonus Tp.
Kimmey, Maud Age 25. B. Spring Tp. D. 3-26-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
King, Emily Age 55-11-0. B. Newark,Tioga Co. Ny. D. 3-5-1885 Belvidere. Flora Cem.
King, Lucy A. Age 72-2-15. B. Ny. D. 2-21-1884 Belvidere. Flora Cem. Married. 14yrs. In Ill.
King, Lucy Thankful Age 49-3-24. B. Maine,Ny. D. 3-3-1888 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Single.
King, Margaret Age 57-2. B. Belvidere. D. 2-4-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 57yrs. In Ill.
King, Mary Eliz. B. 10-12-1860 Rockford,Il. D. 12-29-1911 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Married.
King, Mary Eliz. D. 12-29-1911. F=Chas. H. Switz B. Ny/ M=Mary Churchill B. Vt.
King, Michael Age 48-2-4. B. Ireland. D. 7-22-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Kingsland, George Age 40-0-29. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-21-1907 Caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem. Mrd. -
Kingsland, Nancy Age 79-11-0. B. Canada. D. 6-5-1896 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Widow. 25y-
Kinney, Bridget Age 60. B. Galway Co. Ire. D. 4-24-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Kinzie, Floyd B. Age 7mo. B. Belvidere. D. 2-11-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Kipp, Abram Age 81-2-10. B. Ny. D. 1-3-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Kirane, John P. H. B. 11-9-1910 Belvidere. D. 3-9-1911 Belvidere. &Cem.
Kirane, John P. H. D. 3-9-1911. F=George Kirane B. Ill. M=Margaret Maher B. Wisc.
Kirby, A. M. Mrs. Age ?. B. U. S. D. 1-8-1896 Belvidere. Detroit,Mi. Cem. Widow. 9yrs. In Ill.
Kirk, George Age 3mo. B. Mchenry Co. D. 9-19-1884 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem.
Kittinger, Lyle Myotle B. 6-14-1911 Belvidere. D. 8-8-1911 Belvdr. &Cem.
Kittinger, Lyle Myotle D. 8-8-1911. F=Leonard B. Mich. M=Bertha Sadawter B. Ill.
Kizer, Nettie E. B. 1856 Ny. D. 7-12-1913 B Elvidere&Cem. Widow.
Kizer, Nettie E. D. 7-12-1913. F=Benj. J. Pierce B. England. M=Eliz. Large B. England.
Kleasner - See Kluesner.
Kleusner, Chris. Age 58-7-27. B. Germany. D. 8-7-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Kliesner, Christina B. 11-10-1833 Germany. D. 9-30-1911 Belvdr. &Cem. Widow. 47yrs. Ill.
Kliesner, Christina D. 9-30-1911. F= __ Wiese B. Germany.
Kliyla, Julia Age 57 B. Mendota,Ill. D. 5-6-1909belvidere. Mendota,Il. Cem. Mrd. 57y. Ill.
Kluesner - See Kliesner.
Knapp, Eunice Age 2. B. Belvidere. D. 8-21-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Knapp, Son Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 2-5-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Knight, Christopher Columbus Age 81-5-9. B. Woodstock,Md. D. 8-27-1907 Blvdr. &Cem. -
Knight, Ida B. Age 32-11-12. B. ?. D. 3-16-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 32yrs. In Ill.
Knop, Louise Johanna B. 5-10-1890 Harlem,Ill. D. 9-21-1910 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Single
Knop, Louise Johanna D. 9-21-1910. F=Henry Knop B. Germany. M=Hoffman B. Germany.
Knutson, John Age 80-2-24. B. Norway. D. 3-19-1885 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem. Mrd.
Koarme, Elmer B. 8-12-1912 Capron. D. 10-24-1912 Capron&Cem.
Koarme, Elmer D. 10-24-1912. F=Knute Koarme B. Norway M=Ida Stall B. Germany.
Koch, Minnie Age 53-11. B. Germany. D. 4-9-1909 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Mrd. 15yrs. Ill.
Koch, Son Age 4hrs. B. Flora Tp. D. 11-15-1907 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Koerting - See Walworth.
Koerting, Adelphia Age 13. B. Belvidere. D. 6-9-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Koerting, Fredric B. 5-14-1871 Chicago. D. 8-18-1910 Garden Pr. &Cem. Single.
Koerting, Fredric D. 8-18-1910. F=Henry B. Germany. M=Caroline Juhrs B. Germany.
Koltz - See Burrow.
Koltz, Chas. Age 62. B. Germany. D. 10-24-1890 Manchester Tp. Married. 18yrs. Inill.
Koretke, 61. B. Germany. D. 10-13-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 54yrs. In Ill.
Koretke, Mary B. 11-29-1827 Germany. D. 1-29-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 55yrs. In Ill.
Krack, Bernard B. 5-22-1846 Osnerburgh,Germany. D. 11-9-1913 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 38y. Ill.
Krack, Bernard D. 11-9-1913. F=Bernard Krack M=Eda Sterils.
Kraemer, John Age 74-2-25. B. Germany. D. 11-6-1906 Poplar Grv. Blaine Cem. Widower. 60y
Kraft, Ellen Age 2mo. 3days. B. Garden Prairie. D. 11-5-1881 G. Prairie. Belvidere Cem.
Kronke -See Cronkey.
Kronke, Wm. Joseph Age 1-1-21. B. Ill. D. 8-28-1911 Belvidere. &Cem. M=Bertha Kronke.
Kronkie, Will Age 16-4-6. B. Belvidere. D. 1-2-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Kropp, Louis B. 8-17-1826 Densean,Mecklanburg. D. 1-7-1911 G. Pr. &Cem. Mrd. 51y. Il. 58u. S.
Krueger, Albert Age 19-7-14. B. Belvidere. D. 2-11-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Krueger, Chas. H. B. 12-27-1880 Pormnia (Pommern ?) Germany. D. 5-13-1914blvdr. &Cem.
Krueger, Chas. H. D. 5-13-1914. F=August Krueger M=?.
Kuppler, Mary Age 74-2. B. Bavaria. D. 10-20-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40yrs. In Ill.

Labarr, Caroline Age 77-2. B. Felavan Co. Ny. D. 10-15-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 47y. Il
Lacey, Daniel W. Age 80-9. O. B. Oxbow,Ny. D. 5-23-1903 Belvidere Tp. &Cem. Widower. 53y. -
Lager, Sophia B. 3-25-1854 Sweden. D. 3-31-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 28yrs. In Ill.
Lager, Sophia D. 3-31-1915. F=H. J. Elm M=Marie.
Lake, Arenath Age 62-11-0. B. Genesee Co. Ny. D. 12-3-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Lamb, E. (Ebon) G. Age 80. B. ? (Vt. ) D. 2-16-1888 Russelville. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Lambert, John C. Age 69. B. Dover,Maine. D. 7-25-1911 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Mrd. 60y. Ill.
Lambert, John C. D. 7-25-1911. 69 Yrs. In U. S. F=Stephen Lambert B. Me. M=Lydia Crowell-
Lambert, Lydia Age 68yr. 2days. B. New Sharon,Maine. D. 5-7-1879 Belvidere. Blds Pt. Ce
Lampert, Christopher B. 3-1-1859 Eppengin,Baden,Germ. D. 4-19-1913 Bonus Tp. Mrd. 37y. Il
Lampert, Christopher D. 4-19-1913. F=Christopher Lampert M=Johana Hochalter.
Lampert, Jacob Christoph Age 56-6-12. B. Baden,German. D. 1-12-1886 Bonus Tp. G. Pr. Cem.
Lampert, Johanna Age 74-4-24. B. Germany. D. 9-3-1909 Belvidere Tp. &Cem. Widow. 50yrs. Il
Landahl, John Barney B. 6-25-1891 Ill. D. 6-12-1910 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Landahl, John Barney D. 6-12-1910. F=Chris. B. Germany. M=Minie Warnecke B. German
Landsdetter, Ingabord Age 90-8-7. B. Voss,Norway. D. 5-11-1909 Manchester Tp. E. Brgn. C
Lane - See Fane.
Lane, Ellen Age 42. B. Norway. D. 4-4-1902 Capron&Cem. Married. 1yr. In Ill.
Lane, Kate Age 19. B. Illinois. D. 3-13-1882 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Lane, Martha Age 7-2. B. Norway. D. 3-10-1906 Capron&Cem.
Lane, Samuel P. Age 77-0-16. B. Rome,Me. D. 9-3-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 48yrs. In Ill.
Lane, Verna Age 19. B. Flora Tp. D. 2-7-1909flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Lang, Colin Age 79-3-21. B. Scotland. D. 11-24-1908 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Widower. 43
Lang, Mary Age 65-6. B. Scotland. D. 10-3-1907 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Single. 43yr. Ill.
Langrehr, Jennie Age 27-10-2. B. Chicago. D. 3-9-1904 Capron. Long Pr. Cem. Married. 27y. Il.
Lanning, Catherine Age 59-5-19. B . Sussex Co. Nj. D. 1-8-1878 Spring Twp. . Sh. Grove Cem.
Lanning, James Madison Age 53. B. Ny. D. 12-25-1883 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Lanning, Lydia Age 72. B. Oswego,Ny. D. 5-12-1904 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 69y. Ill
Lanning, Mary Age 77-11-7. B. N. J. D. 5-9-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. In Ill.
Lanning, Nellie Moore Age 41-5-28. B. Illinois. D. 10-11-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Lanning, Son Age 25days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-27-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Lappins - See Loppin.
Larkins, I. A. Age 78-5-5. B. Ny. D. 1-13-1893 Blvdr. . Cherry Vly Cem. Widower. 54ysingleil. -
Larrabe, George A. Age 22-11-2. B. Winhall,Vt. D. 12-30-1888 Belvidere. Londondery,Vt. C.
Larrison, Archer S. Age 23. B. N. J. D. 4-7-1905 Belvidere. Perth Amboy,Ny. Cem. S. 1 1/2y. Ill.
Larsen, Elsie B. 6-4-1908 Boone Co. D. 5-7-1911 Boone Co. Belvidere. Cem.
Larsen, Fred Arthur Age 7days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 9-3-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Larson - See Peterson.
Larson, Arthur Age 21. B. Leroy Tp. D. 7-10-1907 Leroy Tp. Capron Cem. Single.
Larson, Baar Age 76-11-6. B. Norway. D. 1-11-1904 Manchester Tp. E. Bergen Cem. Mrd. 56y. -
Larson, Berge Age 79-9-9. B. Norway. D. 2-12-1909 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen Cem. Wid. 24y.
Larson, Carrie Age 94-10. B. Norway. D. 1-17-1908 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen Cem. Mrd. 25y.
Larson, Oren George Age 0? B. Manchester Tp. D. 9-7-1896 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem.
Larson, Ruth Age 2-3-28. B. Illinois. D. 11-28-1906 Boone Tp. Nor. Luth. Cem.
Lascellas, John Age 68-4-10. B. Down (Co. ?),Ireland. D. 8-15-1902 Capron&Cem. Mrd. 52yin
Latham - See Avery.
Lathrop, James Gurdon Age 69. B. Penn. D. 5-27-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 58y. In Ill.
Lawman, John Age 80-7-26. B. Laughton,Lincolnshire,Engl. D. 11-25-1903 Spring Tp. &Cem.
Lawman, Rebecca Age 89-1-24. B. England. D. 3-2-1903 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem. M-
Lawrence, Albert G. 81. B. Delphi,Ny. D. 6-1-1893 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. Married. 2-9inill.
Lawrence, Anna B. Age 89. B. Mass. D. 12-25-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 49y. Ill.
Lawrence, John Age 61-2-14. B. Vt. D. 6-2-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Widower. 12yrs. In Ill.
Lawrence, Luther W. Age 78-3-7. B. Chenango Co. Ny. D. 7-25-1886 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Mrd.
Lawrence, Mary C. Age 25-0-1. B. Belvidere. D. 9-2-1883 Boone Co. Belvidere Cem.
Lawson, Lucy Ann Age 53. B. Butterhock Co. Va. D. 5-25-1903 Belvidere. Married.
Lawson, Robert Henry Age 7-5-12. B. Belvidere. D. 10-27-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Lawton, Ambrose Age 70-9-6. B. Fennor,Madison Co. Ny. D. 6-8-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Lea, Robert C. Age 34. B. Ny. D. 10-2-1899 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 1 Mo. In Ill.
Leach, Eliza. Age 64-11-29. B. Argyle,Ill. D. 2-12-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 64yrs. Ill.
Leach, Fred Gordon Age 23-11. B. Belvidere. D. 3-13-1879 Caledonia. B. Town Line Cem.
Leach, Grant Age 17-0-15. B. Caledonia. D. 7-14-1880 Caledonia & Cem. Single. Il. 17yrs.
Leaman, Deborah Eliza Age 62-3-27. B. Genessee Co. Ny. D. 6-15-1888 Flora Tp. & Cem. Mard.
Leaman, June Age 10-3-5. B. Belvidere. D. 9-18-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Lear, Ivy Age 6. B. Comes,Isle Of Wight,Engl. D. 1-31-1910 Belvidere&Cem. 5yrs. In Ill.
Leavitt, George Sr. Age 81-1-2. B. West Miland,N. H. D. 5-2-1905 Capron&Cem. Widower. 41y-
Lebean - See Diamond.
Lee, Ansin Oleson B. 9-15-1834 Norwawy. D. 12-13-1913 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen Cem.
Lee, Ansin Oleson D. 12-13-1913. F=Ole Lee M=Ligoor Shutle.
Lee, Engborg Allen Age 72-5-12. B. Norway. D. 7-27-1904 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen C. Wido
Lee, Harriet Age 46-6-23. B. Jackson Tp. Noble Co. Oh. D. 8-22-1889 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married.
Lee, Hilda Age 25-4-13. B. Norway. D. 8-1-1884 Capron & Cem. Single. 15 Yrs. In Ill.
Lee, Lars Age 67-10-9. B. Norway. D. 5-24-1895 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem. Married.
Lee, Lars Alison Age 65. B. Bergen,Norway. D. 1-23-1878manchester Twp. Clinton Cem.
Lee, Margaret Age 8mo. 3days. B. Boone Co. D. 109-1903 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem.
Lee, Ole Larson Age 76-11-15. B. Norway. D. 3-29-1878 Manchester Tp. Beloit Undertkr.
Lee, Sarah Age 23-8-24. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-14-1881 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem.
Lee, Sigvor A. (Female) Age 81. B. Norway. D. 4-30-1881 Manchester. Nor. L. Cem. Widow.
Lee, Wm. Age 77-8-19. B. Clearfield Co. Penn. D. 8-22-1901 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 59y. Ill.
Leitzell, Catherine Eliza, B. 2-4-1854 Penn. D. 9-20-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 13y. Ill.
Leitzell, Catherine Eliza. D. 9-20-1913. F=J. M. Miller B. Pa. M=Emrick B. Pa.
Lenin, Floyd Age 2-6. B. Rockford. D. 7-8-1906 Caledonia Tp. &Cem.
Lennell, Evalyn L. B. 11-1-1846 Vt. D. 3-12-1915 Blvdr. Tp. &Cem. Widow.
Leonard, Henry Age 12. B. U. S. D. 8-9-1878 Leroy Twp. Chemung, Ill. Cem.
Leonard, Hugh David Age 56. B. ?. D. 11-24-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Leonard, James L. Age 56. B. ?. D. 12-28-1906 Belvidere,St. James Cem. Married.
Leonard, Mary Ann Age 85-6. B. Ireland. D. 5-26-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55yrs. Ill.
Leonard, Mary L. Age 62-0-19. B. Burlington,Vt. D. 7-22-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Leonard, Moses Age 85-3-26. B. U. S. D. 1-26-1879. Falls River,Wisc. Cem. A Widower.
Leonard, Patrick H. Age 83. B. Ireland. D. 5-28-1905 Belvidere. Heartland Cem. Widower.
Leonard, Thomas Elsworth Age 1mo. 13days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-29-1902 Belvidere&C.
Leonhardt, Lena Age 76. B. ?. D. 1-23-1915 Belvider&Cem. Widow.
Leroy, Sherman Age 37. B. Rushville,Yates Co. Ny. D. 9-23-1884 Belvidere. Married. 14y-
Lettow, Florence J. Age 3-3-24. B. Spring Tp. D. 1-19-1887 Belvider & Cem.
Letts, Gusta Age 1-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 3-15-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Letts, Laura Mrs. Age 29. B. Germany. D. 3-30-1887 Belvidere & Cem. 25yrs. In Ill.
Letts, Wm. Age 21-1-10. B. Boone Tp. D. 2-4-1910 Caldonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Single.
Lety - See Dawson.
Levin - See Lenin.
Lewis, Almira C. Age 87-2-29. B. Orvid,Seneca Co. Ny. D. 11-11-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Lewis, Ella B. 5-4-1851 Indiana. D. 6-24-1915 Irene. Flora Cem. Widow. 23yrs. In Ill.
Lewis, Ella D. 6-24-1915. F=__ Hunter B. Indiana.
Lewis, Ina Age 26days. B. Belvidere, D. 10-28-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Lewis, Isabelle (Styles) Age 70. B. Edwardsville,Ny. D. 2-9-1905 Blvdr. &Cem. 40yrs. In Ill.
Lewis, Lucy Benedict Age 2-2-13. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 2-24-1883 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv Cem.
Lewis, Samuel Taylor Age 68. B. Canada. D. 6-3-1902 Belvidere. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Leydon, George B. 11-24-1874 Belvidere. D. 1-3-1912 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single.
Leydon, George D. 1-3-1912. F=John Leydon B. Ireland. M=? B. Ireland.
Libke, Anna Age 26. B. Garden Pr. D. 12-25-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Libke, Caroline Age 61-5-28. B. Germany. D. 12-8-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 37yrs. In Ill.
Libke, Robert Albert Ferdinand Age 37-5-17. B. Chicago. D. 12-19-1909 Belvidere&Cem. S. -
Lightbody - See Ralston.
Lillibridge, Lolly Age 89-2-11. B. Mt. Pleasant,La. D. 11-7-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Lillie, Mary Age 69-11-14. B. Scotland. D. 4-1-1910 Caledonia Tp. Plathe,So. Dak. Cem. Wid. -
Linck, Frank H. Age 31-3. B. Columbus,Wisc. D. 3-20-1910 Belvidere. Columbus Cem. Singl.
Lincoln, Carleton W. Age 11mo. 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-28-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Lincoln, Charlie H. Age 20. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-5-1890 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Lincoln, Elsie Neta Age 7-5-0. B. Belvidere. D. 9-3-1881 Manchester Tp & Cem.
Lincoln, Jedediah Age 82-11-29. B. Chatham,Conn. D. 10-26-1888 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Lincoln, John Age 67. B. Conn. D. 9-3-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 22yrs. In Ill.
Lincoln, Oscar Jedediah Age 63-3. B. Boone Co. D. 4-20-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Lincoln, Phebe W. Age 80-7-8. B. Middleton,Conn. D. 9-9-1888 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Lindberg, Carl Elmer Age 2-5-16. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-17-1905 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Gr
Linderman, Charles Abram Age 69-3. B. Erie Tp,Chemung Co. Ny. D. 8-8-1902 Manchester
Linderman, Louis D. Age 89-11-4. B. Ny. D. 2-18-1902 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widower. 68y. In-
Linderman, Luther J. Age 66-11-0. B. Ny. D. 4-21-1883 Manchester Tp. Married.
Linderman, Marinda Age 69. B. ?. D. 7-31-1907 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Married.
Lindsay, Rose Age 39-7-1. B. Tifton,Oh. . D. 4-7-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Lindsley, Mary A. Age 81. B. Ohio. D. 5-17-1902 Belvidere. Blaine Cem.
Lindsley, Nancy J. Age 80-7-11. B. ?. D. 9-21-1887 Belvidere. Maried. 18yrs. In Ill.
Lindstrand, Peter A. B. 7-4-1858 Sweden. D. 7-11-1911 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd. 27y. Ill.
Linnell, Lestor H. Age 59-7-14. B. ?. D. 11-25-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Linnell, Mary T. Age 77-11-17. B. Alexander,Jefferson Co. Ny. D. 4-17-1902 Belvidere&Cem
Linnnell, Son Age 1mo. 7days. B. Illinois. D. 3-5-1882 Caledonia Tp. Harlem Cem.
Linquist, Knute O. Age 54-6. B. Smaland,Sweden. D. 5-19-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 34-
Linscot, William B. Rev. Age 60-9-23. B. Farmington,Trumbull Co. Oh. D. 12-29-1886capron
Linscott, Harriet Age 14-6-20. B. Lafayett,Ogleco. Ill. D. 4-10-1887 Capron. Bonus Cem.
List, John B. 11-1832 Germany. D. 4-22-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 57yrs. In Ill.
List, John D. 4-22-1913. F=Philip List M=?.
List, John Jr. Age 48. B. Belvidere. D. 4-30-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
List, Mary M. Age 84-6. B. Ireland. D. 12-20-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 59y. Ill. 61y. U. S.
List, Mary M. D. 12-1914. F=__Mckenan.
Little, Elias B. Age 67-0-14. B. N. J. D. 1-3-1881 Manchester Tp. Union Corners Cem. Mrd.
Little, Grace Age 27. B. Cherry Vly. D. 12-3-1907 Belvidere. Cherry Vly. Cem. Married.
Little, Mary Age 61-11-27. B. Canada. D. 1-9-1887 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem. Widow. 42yi-
Livingston, _Age 38hrs. B. Manchester Tp. D. 5-9-1883 Manchester Tp. Atkinson F. Cem.
Livingston, Dorhty Age 13-8-21. B. Capron. D. 2-1-1910 Caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem.
Livingston, Guy A. Age 2. B. ?. (Scotch). D. 8-4-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Livingston, Jacob J. Age 79. B. Ny. D. 1-26-1883 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Married. 40yrs. Ill.
Livingston, Jane E. Age 21-3-14. B. Boone Co. D. 1-26-1882 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. 24yr. I
Livingston, Lovina Age 86-5-26. B. Ny. D,3-10-1895 Manchester Tp. Union Cem. Widow. 42y-
Livingston, Marinda B. 11-10-1840ny. D. 4-13-1912 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. Widow. 50y. Ill.
Livingston, Marinda D. 4-13-1912. F=__ Gibbs B. Ny. M=Nancy Shors B. Ny.
Livingston, Son Age 2-4-0. B. Belvidere. D. 8-31-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Livingston, Thomas Age 61-6-8. B. Vt. D. 6-12-1903 Caledonia Tp. Cherry Valley Cem. Wido
Lloyd ?, Wm. Age 84. B. ?. D. 7-21-1881 Boone Tp. Chemung Cem. Widower. 48yrs. Ill.
Lloyd, Alma A. Age 6-0-3. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-8-1891 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Lloyd, Thomas Age 1mo. 27days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 2-27-1891manchester Tp. Roscoe C.
Lobdell, Monroe Age 55. B. Illinois. D. 12-21-1904 Spring Tp. &Cem. Single.
Lobstein, George Age 76. B. Elsas,Prussia. D. 5-17-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 43yrinil.
Logan, Janet E. Age 56-2. B. Riley Tp. Mchenry Co. Ill. D. 6-20-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Loing, Erasmus D. Age 79. B. Ny. D. 4-14-1913 Elgin, Ill.
Loing, Ortha Eliza Curtis Age 72-5. B. London,Canada. D. 7-14-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
London, Edson B. 11-22-1866 Mchenry Co. D. 7-13-1910 Belvidere. Marengo Cem.
London, Edson D. 7-13-1910. F=Abraham London B. Pa. M=Philura Eastman B. Marengo.
Long, Christ. David Martin Age 63-5-22. B. Germany. D. 7-5-1910 Flora Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd.
Long, Joseph Age 86-6-5. B. England. D. 4-7-1881caledonia Tp & Cem. Widower. 28yrs. Ill.
Long, Nettie Age 10days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 5-17-1907 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem.
Longcor - See Gould.
Longley, Martha R. Age 69-4-0. B. Salem,Ny. D. 11-15-1893 Belvidere. Joliet Cem. Married.
Longley, Moses M. Age 88-9-28. B. Hawley,Mass. D. 4-12-1904 Flora Tp. Joliet. Il. Cem. Wido-
Loomis, Anna Age 24-5-5. B. Boone Co. D. 5-7-1905 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. Single.
Loop - See Greene.
Loop, Charles B. Age 66-6. B. Avoca,Columbia Co. Ny. Belvidere&Cem. Married. 62y. Inil.
Loop, Matt M. Age 37-8-10. B. Belvidere, Ill. D. 1-20-1878 Belvidere. Belvidere Cem.
Loop, Minerva Age 83-3-19. B. Sharon, Conn. D. 9-26-1884 Belvidere 7 Cem. Widow. 46y. Ill.
Loppin, Max. E. Age 32. B. ?. D. 11-18-1913 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Married.
Lopping - See Loppin.
Lord, Charles A. Age 84-5. B. Ny. D. 12-10-1905 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. Widower. 66y. In Il.
Lord, Clarissa M. Age 83. B. Belvidere. D. 9-27-1905 Belvidere. Spring Tpcem. Married. 70y
Lord, Oscar Age 60. B. Boone Co. D. 5-16-1906 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. Single. 60yrs. Ill.
Loster - See Townsend.
Lotten ? David D. 2-10-1915. F=Samuel Lotten M=Eliza Perkins. Both B. America.
Lotten ?, David B. 12-14-1840 Ny. D. 2-10-1915 G. Pr. Sharon,Wi. Cem. Widower. 8 Yrs. In Ill.
Louks, Julia Age 64-11. B. Ny. D. 3-5-1905 Garden Pr. Brodhed,Wisc. Cem. Widow.
Love, Lillie Age 1mo. 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-25-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Lovejoy, Mary Jane B. 11-30-1830 Baltimore,Md. D. 12-18-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Widow. 21y. Ill.
Lovejoy, Mary Jane D. 12-18-1910. F=John Robinson B. England M=? B. England.
Loveless, Hannah Age 66. B. Peacham,Vt. D. 1-16-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. In Il.
Loveless, Solomon Age 73. B. Nova Scotia. D. 5-13-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Loveridge, Sarah G. Age 80-11-20. B. England. D. 11-29-1906 Belvidere,Lawrenceville C.
Lovering ,Johanna D. 7-19-1912. F=John Warren B. England. M=Mary Rawley B. Englan
Lovering, Johanna B. 9-27-1826 England. D. 7-19-1912 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 64yrs. Ill.
Lovering, Wm. Age 89-5-20. B. Deonshire,Engl. D. 9-18-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Mrd. 56yr. Ill.
Lovering, Wm. Charles Age 26-1-12. B. Caledonia. D. 4-18-1879 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem.
Lovsee, Lucy May Age 16-5-2. B. Manchester Tp. D. 1-30-1903 Manchester Tp. F. Hill. Cem.
Loyd - See Lloyd.
Loyd, Mary Belle Age 3-0-15. B. ?. D. ? . Roscoe Cem
Loynachan - See Cummings.
Lucas - See Rowen.
Lucas, Elizabeth Jane Age 71-0-3. B. ?. D. 8-11-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 46yrs. In Ill.
Lucas, Grace Age 3-5-2. B. Belvidere. D. 5-27-1891 Belvidere&Cem.
Luce, Albert R. Age 78-4-7. B. Tolland Co. Conn. D. 1-6-1908 Belvidere Tp. &Cem. Widow. 35y.
Luce, George L. Age 89. B. Tolland,Ct. . D. 11-21-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Luckow, Carrie Age 45. B. Germany. D. 11-29-1905 Belvidere7cem. Widow. 2yrs. In Ill.
Luckow, Gurdon Age 4mo. 13days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-24-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Luckow, Herman Age 45. B. Waukeshau,Wisc. D. 7-18-1904 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd.
Luckow, Rudolph F. J. Age 1-0-4. B. Belvidere. D. 4-12-1889 Belvider & Cem.
Ludke, Amil John Age 6mo. 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-20-1889 Belvidere&Cem.
Lufkin, Mary A. Age 60-0-9. B. Durham,Engl. D. 3-3-1887 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Married.
Luhman, Lilly Age 32. B. Belvidere. D. 10-9-1908 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 32yrs. Ill.
Luhman, Simon Sr. Age 74-1-20. B. Germany. D. 2-20-1903 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married
Lumley, Annie Age 64-4-15. B. Ny. D. 12-15-1891 Poplar Grove. Capron Cem. Widower. 20y In-
Lumsden, John Newell Age 11mo. 5days. B. Richmond,Ill. D. 4-15-1905 Belvidere. G. Pr. C.
Lundgreen, Dtr. Age 1day. B. Illinois. D. 4-26-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Luse, Lawrence R. Age 46-6-17. B. Kingston,Ill. D. 4-19-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Lyon, Almira Age 89-4-1. B. Ny. D. 8-17-1909bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Widow. 57yrs. In Ill.
Lyons, Ellen Age 64. B. Ireland. D. 11-27-1900 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Lyons, John Age 70. B. Parish Frise,Ire. D. 8-7-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il. 20yrs.
Lyons, Mary Age 80. B. Ireland. D. 5-25-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Lyons, Peter Age 84. B. ?. D. 607-1904 Belvidere& St. James Cem. Widower.

Maas, Minnie B. 6-25-1837 Germany. D. 2-11-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Maas, Wm. B. 8-17-1842 Germany. D. 3-20-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. Ill.
Maas, Wm. D. 3-20-1911. F=John Maas M=?.
Mabie, Amy Age 79-8-0. B. Fabius, Onondaga Co. Ny. D. 7-17-1886 Bonus Tp. &Cem. Married.
Mabie, Daniel Age 75-3-7. B. Delaware Co. Ny. D. 1-22-1892 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mard.
Mackay, Effie Age 4-6-10. B. Belvidere. D. 12-31-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Mackey, Laura Mrs. B. 3-20-1853 Madison Co. Ny. D. 11-10-1912 Blvdr. Hudson,Mich. Cem.
Mackey, Laura Mrs. D. 11-10-1912. Married. 26y. Ill. F=M. Griswold B. Ny. M=Nancy B. Ny
Macklin, Beverly Age 14-4-7. B. Belvidere,. D. 4-9-1881 Belvidere & Cem. 14yrs. Inill.
Macklin, Beverly Age 65-5-21. B. R/Boyaton? City,Va. D. 1-21-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
Macklin, Ella Age 11-11-24. B. Belvidere. D. 6-29-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Macklin, Jesse Age 13-3-4. B. Belvidere, D. 7-25-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Macklin, Joshua Age 9-1-22. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 6-12-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Macklin, Laura Age 7-0-8. B. Belvidere. D. 1-7-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Macklin, Mary Age 14-7-15. B. Ill. D. 5-13-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Maclaurie, Ambrose B. Age 28-0-27. B. Belvidere. D. 10-13-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Magill, Elizabeth Age 89. B. Ireland. D. 2-11-1881caledonia. Mills Oneida Co. Ny. Cem.
Magill, Nellie Jane B. 4-8-1863 Boone Co. D. 12-9-1910 Boone Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Single.
Magill, Nellie Jane D. 12-9-1910. 47yrs. Ill. F=Wm. Magill B. Irel. M=Mary Barnes B. Ny.
Mains, Wm. James Age 6-6-10. B. Sincoe Co,Ontario,Can. D. 9-2-1884flora Tp. Chrtr Oak C
Maitland, Gertrude Age 29. B. London. D. 10-30-1894 Blaine & Cem. 6yrs. In Ill.
Maitland, Helen Age 29-5-26. B. Delaware. D. 5-24-1884 Poplar Grove & Cem. Married. 7y
Maitland, Howard L. B. 4-21-1906 Boone Co. D. 8-14-1910 Blaine. Poplar Grv. Cem.
Maitland, Howard L. D. 8-14-1910. F=Chas. Maitland B. Ill. M=Mcintyre B. Boone Co.
Malley - See Omalley.
Manley, Frank Age 27. B. Manchester Tp. D. 12-11-1896 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single.
Manley, Lucy Hogle B. 5-3-1845 Swanton,Ohio. D. 7-11-1913 P. Grove&Cem. Mrd.
Manley, Lucy Hogle D. 7-11-1913. F=Isaac Hogle B. Swanton,Ohio.
Marcher, Lorena Blance Age 6mo. 28days. B. Joliet,Ill. D. 1-31-1902 Belvidere.
Marean, Olive Ann B. 2-1-1831 Ny. D. 10-4-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 59yrs. In Ill.
Marean, Olive Ann D. 10-4-1913. F=Nathan Howard B. Ny. M= B. Ny.
Mariett, Jane Age 23. B. Caledonia. D. 9-11-1890 Valedonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Single.
Markham, Polly M. Age 71-1-23. B. Cayhoga Co. Ny. D. 12-27-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Markham, Rebecca Age 72-4-29. B. Birmingham,Engl. D. 5-24-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd.
Marks, Benda B. 11-10-1887 Rockford,Il. D. 6-11-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Marks, Benda D. 6-11-1915. F=August Sager.
Marriett, Eliza A. Age 45. B. England. D. 2-17-1889 Caledonia Tp. &Cem. Married. 7yrs. Ill.
Marriett, Robert B. 1-19-1831lincolnshire,Engl. D. 4-16-1912 P. Grove&C. Mrd. 53y. Il. 60y. U
Marse, Charles B. 1-6-1855 Belvidere. D. 4-23-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Marsh - See Martin.
Marsh, Frederick Age 47. B. Franklin,Tn. D. 9-13-1908 Belvidere. Citrosille,Ala. Cem. Mrd
Marshall, David Stuart Age 67. B. Ireland. D. 10-18-1909 Capron&Cem. Married. 60y. Ill.
Marshall, Dtr. Age 3days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-9-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Marshall, Dtr. Age 5days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-11-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Marshall, Isabella Age 76-0-25. B. Liverpool, Engl. D. 9-17-1880 Belvdr. Massilon,Oh. C.
Marshall, William Age 80-0-2. B. Prettywell,Essex,England. D. 7-2-1903 Belvidere&C.
Marshall. Vera Age 5. B. Belvidere. D. 3-22-1906 Belvidere7cem.
Marske, Maude Irene Age 9-6-28. B. Capron. D. 4-15-1902 Capron&Cem.
Marston, Simon C. Age 87-1-28. B. Maine. D. 5-13-1902 Manchester Tp. Forest Hill Cem. Wid.
Martin - See Flynn.
Martin - See Meyers.
Martin, Addie Age 61. B. U. S. D. 5-1-1907 Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Martin, Dtr. Age 4-7-1. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-27-1885 Caledonia Tp. Manchester Tp. Cem.
Martin, Dtr. Of M. M. Martin Age 14days. B. ?. D. Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Martin, Esther Eliz. Age 70-3-13. B. Ny. D. 1-3-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 56yrs. In Ill.
Martin, Harriette Age 76. B. England. D. 11-8-1911 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem. Mrd. 1mo. Il. 40y-
Martin, Lewis C. Age 39. B. Lowell,Michigan. D. 11-16-1891belvidere&Cem. Married. 24y-
Martin, Anna C. Age 32. B. Wisconsin. D. 3-15-1892 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem. Married.
Martin, Malinda B. 7-2-1820 Ny. D. 9-23-1911 Blvdr. &Cem. Widowed. 45yrs. Ill. F=_ Marsh.
Martyn - See Bowley.
Martyn, James B. Age 79-1. B. England. D. 1-29-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il. 43yrs.
Mason, John Age 72-2-2. B. New Castle,Staffordshire,Engl. D. 2-9-1908 Blvdr. &Cem. Wid. -
Masters, Elizabeth Age 64-11-0. B. England. D. 4-1-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 25y-
Masters, Frances Age 86-4-10. B. England. D. 4-10-1904 Belvidere&Cem. 20yrs. In Ill.
Masters, Wm. Age 82. B. England. D. 4-13-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Mathews, Dtr. B. 3-4-1911 Belvidere. D. 3-4-1911 Belvidere& Cem.
Mathews, Dtr. D. 3-4-1911. F=Peter Mathews B. Woodstock,Il. M=Matie Dawley B. Iowa.
Maxworthy - See Hinman.
Maxworthy, Sabina Age 95-8-26. B. Devonshire. D. 2-10-1896 Blaine&Cem. Widow. 26yinill.
May, Ezra Age 81-5-0. B. Vt. D. 4-6-1895 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 56yrs. In Ill.
May, Jane Age 77-0-15. B. Fairfield,Penn. D. 2-17-1881 Spring Tp. Kingston Cem. Widow.
May, Lora Reed Age 75. B. Penn. D. 5-15-1910 Belvidere. Kingston Cem. Widow. 56yr. In. Ill.
May, Martha Age 60. B. Canada. D. 5-7-1903 Spring Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Single. 50yrs. In Ill.
Mayberry, Johnathan Age 72-2-28. B. Penn. D. 7-12-1902 Herbert,Ill. Kingston Cem. Wido-
Mayo - See Clark.
Mayo, James G. Age 88. B. Virginia. D. 2-27-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 4yrs. In Ill.
Mcartney, Neva M. Age 9mo. 20days. B. Boone Co. D. 11-3-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Mcbride, Emma Age 73-10-21. B. Corning,Stubin Co. Ny. D. 6-23-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow
Mcbride, Wm. Age 89. B. Agelico,Ny. D. 3-20-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 67yrs. In. Ill.
Mccabe, Lucy A. B. 9-28-1847 Bonus Tp. D. 5-3-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Mccabe, Robert A. Age 52. B. U. S. D. 10-14-1904 Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Mccabe, Son Age 17hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 4-9-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Mccabe, William D. Age 60-0-6. B. Glasgow,Scotl. D. 3-24-1902 Belvidere. Married. 50y. In-
Mccartney, Jane Age 77-11. B. Huntington Co. Penn. D. 8-15-1902 Belvidere. Irene Cem. 44y
Mccartney, Johnnie F. Age 4-5-7. B. Flora Tp. D. 5-3-1885 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Mccarty, Dennis Age 47. B. Ireland. D. 11-1-1891 Belvidere Cem. Married. 8yrs, In Ill.
Mcclellan, Stephan A. Age 66. B. Ny. D. 6-10-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 20yrs,In Ill.
Mcclintock, Harriett Age 77-4-7. B. East Canada. D. 10-11-1880 Manchester. Liv. Cem.
Mccollum, Age 67-0-5. B. Illinois. D. 8-26-1904 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Married. 67yrs. Ill.
Mccord - See Avery.
Mccoy, Cynthia Age 65-5-23. B. ?. D. 6-13-1888 Belvidere Cem. Married.
Mccoy, Hugh Age 24. B. ?. (A Swithman) D. 8-18-1887. Belvidere & Cem.
Mccoy, Isaac Newton Age 86-6. B. I Ndiana. D. 1-4-1903 Blvdr. St. James Cem. 70 Yrs. In Ill.
Mccoy, Margaret Age 35-3-7. B. Belvidere. D. 10-7-1907 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single.
Mccue, Anna M. Age 32-4-27. B. Illinois. D. 12-9-1906 Poplar Grv. Sharon Cem. Single.
Mcdermot, Bridget Age 57-9-0. B. Ireland. D. 2-11-1890 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow.
Mcdougal, Charles Age 82-10-22. B. St. Albians,Canada. D. 3-4-1878 Belvidere & Cem.
Mcdougall, Fannie Age 84-7-9. B. Lower Canada. D. 1-26-1884 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Mcdowell, Katherine B. 5-1-1851 Germany. D. 7-1-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 18y. Il. 24y. U-
Mceachran, Archibald Age 72-11-22. B. Scotland. D. 3-14-1906 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem.
Mceachran, Dtr. Age 12days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-10-1904 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. C.
Mceachran, Janet Ralston B. 9-17-1835 Argyleshire,Sctl. D. 5-5-1911 Caldedonia. W. C. C.
Mceachran, Janet Ralston D. 5-5-1911. F=Peter Ralston (Over ?) M=Janet Brown .
Mceachran, Jno. Age 78. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 12-5-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Mceachran, John Age 60. B. Aryleshire,Scotland. D. 9-1890. Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Mceachran, John R. Age 42-8-9. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-24-1902 Caledonia Tp. Scotch C. M-
Mceachran, John Wm. B. 3-22-1867 Ill. D. 9-14-1914 Caledonia Tp. W. Creek. Cem.
Mceachran, John Wm. D. 9-14-1914. F=Archibald Mceachran B. Scotl. M=Janet Ralston
Mceachran, Mary Age 24. B. Caledonia. D. 9-23-1885caledonia. Argyle Cem. Single.
Mcechran, Archy Picken Age 19. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 7-5-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Mcewan, Nancy B. 8-19-1845 Millers Town,Penn. D. 8-23-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Mcfarland, Ella Age 51-10-11. B. ?. D. 5-1-1900 Belvidere. Married.
Mcgeachy, James Age 66-11-18. B. Glasgow,Scotl. D. 3-10-1904 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Mrd.
Mcgee, John Age 15-5-0. B. ?. D. 4-26-1900 Spring Tp. Lived Ill. Always.
Mcgonigle, Andrew Francis Age 1mo. B. Belvidere. D. 1-25-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Mcgraw, Edward Felix Age 1-8-9. B. Illinois. D. 2-6-1903 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Mcguire, Frank Age ? B. ? (A Farmer) D. 2-24-1887 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Mcinnes, John A. Age 55-11-13. B. Towles,Scotl. D. 9-3-1905 Belvidere. W. Rockford Cem. M-
Mckaine, James Age 78-10-15. B. Armach Co. Ireland. D. 3-16-1903 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Mckee, Samuel Age 68-0-16. B. Huntington,Penn. D. 4-2-1882 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married.
Mckenan - See List.
Harlow, Charles Wm. B. 5-17-1885 Belvidere. D. 1-3-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Mckenna - See Brady.
Mckenna, Agnes Age 10-3-28. B. Chiopee Falls,Mass. D. 8-27-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Mckenna, Callistus (Male) Age 11mo. B. Belvidere. D. 9-19-1888
Mckenny - See Hayes.
Mckeown, Hugh B. 5-1-1854 Ireland. D. 3-12-1912 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Widow. 42yrs. Ill.
Mckeown, Hugh D. 3-12-1912. F=Peter Mckeown M=Anna.
Mckeown, Mary Age 70. B. Ireland. D. 2-14-1903 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 47y. Ill.
Mckeown, Rosa A. Age 37-5. B. Riley Tp. Ill. D. 5-24-1902 Riley Tp. B. Catholic Cem. Mrd. 37y-
Mckibben, Wm. J. B. 8-31-1864 On Ship From Scotland. D. 4-2-1912 G. Pr. Cem. Married.
Mckinley, Amelia Raines Age69-11. B. Elizabeth,No. Carolina. D. 8-23-1902 Belv. &Cem. M-
Mckiski, Anna Age 62. B. Germany. D. 12-30-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Mckiski, Anthony Age 69. B. Bohemia. D. 5-19-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Widowed. 43yrs. Ill.
Mclaren, Harriet E. Age 40-11-16. B. Plymouth,Hancock Co. Ill. D. 8-2-1905 Blvdr. Plym. C.
Mclean, John Age 27-2-20. B. Scotland. D. 12-1-1883 Poplar Grove & Cem. Single. 25yr. Ill.
Mclean, Son Age 2mo. 4days. B. Hunter,Ill. D. 5-7-1892 Hunter. Manchster Tp. Cem.
Mclearen, James Age 79-2-10. B. Ny. D. 12-28-1907 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. Widower. 50yr. Ill.
Mcmeekin - See Kertson.
Mcmellan - See Shaks.
Mcmillan, Agnes Kelley Age 82-3-30. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 10-31-1903 Caledonia Tp. B-
Mcmillan, Cathereine M. Age 81-4-4. B. (Scotch). D. 2-20-1890 Manchester Tp. Willow Crk.
Mcmillan, Sarah B. 4-26-1850 Canada. D. 1-20-1912 Belvidere. Hunter Cem. Widow. 45y. Ill.
Mcmillan, Sarah D. 1-20-1912. F=Alexander Campbell B. Scotl. M=Anna Mceachran B. -
Mcmullen, James Eugene Age 39-10-10. B. Dekalb Co. Ill. D. 1-22-1889 Blvdr. & Cem. Maried.
Mcnair, Alexander Age 58. B. Scotland. D. 5-29-1886 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem. Mard. -
Mcnair, Mary Age 81-9-23. B. Scotl. D. 12-7-1910 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Widow. 60y. Ill.
Mcnair, Mary D. 12-7-1910. F=R. Armour M=Caldwell.
Mcneilage, Martha Age 68-8-20. B. Scotland. D. 4-10-1904 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Wid. -
Mcphail, Eliz, Age 69-7-26. B. So. Bycampbelltown,Argyleshire. D. 1-29-1897 Bldr. Tp. Wil-
Mcwilliams, Carrie Age 40. B. Belvidere. D. 10-29-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yr. Ill.
Mcwilliams, Pearl Marie Age 1-4. B. Rockford. D. 2-28-1906 Belvidere&Cem.
Mead, Benjamin C. Age 96-6. B. ?. D. 11-30-1914 Belvidere. Sycamore Cem. Married. 77y. Ill.
Meade, Arthur Age 67-10-11. B. Boone Co. D. 11-16-1914 Belvidere. &Cem. Married.
Meade, Arthus D. 11-16-14. F=B. C. Meade B. Warren Co. Ny. M=Linnie Harris B. Ny.
Meade, Blanche Age 10mo. 15days. B. Flora Tp. D. 12-21-1886 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Meade, Lina Age 82-6. B. Ny. D. 12-13-1906 Belvidere. Sycamore Cem. Married. 61yrs. In Ill.
Meeham, Wm. M. Age 53. B. ?. D. 1-19-1913 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Married.
Meehan, John Sr. Age 81. B. Glave Co. Irel. D. 6-27-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widower.
Meehan, Martin S. Age 73?. B. Clave,Ireland. D. 7-5-1888 / 1883 Single. 30yrs. In Ill.
Meehan, Martyn Age 72. B. Ireland. D. 7-5-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 36yrs. In Ill.
Meeker, Avery A. Age 76-5-26. B. Vt. D. 3-2-=1906 Flora Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd. 50yrs. In Ill.
Meers, Patrick Age 81. B. Clare Co. Ireland. D. 5-4-1884. Belvidere & Cem. Married. 11y-
Melville, Bridgette Age 36-6-14. B. Belvidere. D. 5-3-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 36y. In
Melville, Etta Age 21hrs, B. Belvidere. D. 4-29-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Merchant, Beatrice Age 18-5-26. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-4-1893 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. M-
Merchant, Miranda Age 61. B. ?. D. 4-2-1886 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Merchant, Silas B. B. 3-26-1836 Ny. Soldier 1861. D. 6-24-1910 Blaine. Liv. Cem. Mrd. 58yr. Ill.
Merrill, Asel Age 79-4-15. B. Essex, Oneida Co. Ny. D. 8-16-1886 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Merrill, George H. B. 1-22-1838 N. Mosham,Engl. D. 12-27-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 55y. Ill
Merrill, Mary Ann Age 21-6-24. B. Neworrd, Engl. D. 9-30-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 19yr.
Merrill, Thomas Age 73. B. Ny. D. 12-30-1909. Belvidere&Cem. Married. 64yrs. In Ill.
Merrille, Ann Jackson Age 71-4-12. B. Newark,Engl. D. 1-21-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Merriman, Robert Age 1mo. 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-2-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Merritt, Louise S. Age 31-7-4. B. Westmoreland,N. H. D. 12-23-1881 Spring Tp. Belvidere C.
Metge, Charles George Age 33days. B. Spring Tp. D. 11-1-1902 Spring Tp. Shattuck Cem.
Metge, Wakter Age 21mo. B. Boone Co. D. 2-3-1903 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grove Cem.
Meyer, Alfred Age 14days. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-26-1905 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Meyer, Gladys Age 1mo. 5days. B. Illinois. D. 7-17-1908 Boone Co. Marengo Cem.
Meyer, Helen S. Age 5mo. 24days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-28-1890 Belvidere.
Meyer, Herbert W. Age 8mo. B. ?. D. 2-26-1889 Belvidere Cem.
Meyer, Sophia Age 87. B. Germany. D. 2-5-1903 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grove Cem. 18yr. Ill.
Meyer, Wilhelm Fridrich Age 11-7-27. B. Belvidere. D. 5-29-1887 Belvidere Cem.
Meyers, Bridget B. 2-2-1860 Ireland. D. 12-12-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. Ill.
Meyers, Bridget D. 12-12-1912. F=David Martin B. Ireland. M= B. Ireland.
Meyers, Dtr. B. 9-26-1915 Caledonia Tp. D. 9-26-1915 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Meyers, Dtr. D. 9-26-1915. F=Lewis Meyers B. Boone. M=Ida Mckiski.
Meyers, Frank Age 4mo. B. Belvidere. D. 8-25-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Meyers, Fred Age 67-3-22. B. Hanover,Germany. D. 7-22-1903 Garden Pr. &Cem. Married. 20-
Meyers, George Age 75-8-10. B. Baden,Germany. D. 5-29-1907 Spring Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem,Mrd. 55
Meyers, Henry B. 8-1-1898 Belvidere. D. 11-11-1911 Belvidere&Cem. F=Geo. Myers.
Meyers, Lewis / Ludwig B. 1854 ?. D. 1-24-1886 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd.
Michael, Lenard F. Age 1-8-5. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 8-22-1910 Caledonia Tp. Liv. Cem.
Michael, Lenard F. D. 8-22-1910. F=F. Michael B. Grren Co. Wi. M=Ollie Ramsey B. Caledo
Midgley, Grace B. 11-8-1878 Rockford, Ill. D. 7-21-1914 Blvdr. W. Rockford Cem. Single.
Midgley, Grace D. 7-21-1914. F=Thos. Midgley B. England. M=Hannah Elliot B. Englan-.
Midkirk, Earl Age 14. B. Boone Co. D. 1-21-1911 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. F=James Midkirk.
Midkirk, Wm. Age 72-5-15. B. Westmoreland Co. Penn. D. 10-15-1894 Flora Tp. Belvider E C.
Migs, Charles Age 70-6. B. Germany. D. 2-14-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widowere. 20yrs. Ill.
Miles, Katherine Age 42-4-0. B. Hartland (Tp. ),Ill. D. 10-3-1901 Belvidere. Hartland Cem.
Mill - See Fewins.
Miller - See Leitzell.
Miller, Alfred J. Age 63-4-7. B. Penn. D. 7-13-1901 Nelvidere&Cem. Married. 58yrs. In Ill.
Miller, Caroline B. 11-5-1833 Penn. . D. 2-10-1911 Belvidere. &Cem. Widow. 60yrs. I Ill.
Miller, Caroline D. 2-10-1911. F=Andrew Aken M=Caroline.
Miller, Cornelius J. Age 40. B. ?. D. 1-15-1904 Belvidere. Huntley Cem. Married.
Miller, Elvira Age 90. B. ?. D. 2-19-1910 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Widow.
Miller, Irene Age 5-4-21. B. Garden Prairie. D. 3-4-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Miller, Isaac D. Age 81. B. Burlington,Penn. D. 3-2-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 67y. Ill.
Miller, Caroline (Aiken) Age 77 B. Partenburg,Pa. D. 2-10-1911 Blvdr. &Cem. Wid. 65y. Ill.
Miller, John E. Jr. Age 27days. B. Belvidere. D. 3-3-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Miller, Lovina Age 80-7-6. B. Conn. D. 7-19-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40yrs. In Ill.
Miller, Mabel Age 23-0-18. B. Capron. D. 7-11-1908 Capron&Cem. Single.
Miller, Mary Mrs. B. 1864 Carrolton,La. D. 7-6-1886 Belvidere & Cem. 12yrs. In Ill.
Milliken, Dolly S. Age 89-8-11. B. Jeffery Chester Co. N. H. D. 12-6-1882 Boone Tp. & Cem.
Mills, George Frederick Age 78-10. B. Trowbridge,Engl. D. 8-26-1907 Blvd. Woodstock C.
Miner, Son Age 1/2hr. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-15-1890 Spring Tp. Flora Cem.
Mitchell, Elizabeth C. Age 84. B. Campbelltown,Scotland. D. 9-3-1887 Caledonia Tp. &C.
Mitchell, Lorancy Age 73. B. Manchester,Vt. D. 3-18-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 57y. -
Mitchell, Martha Age 34. B. Caledonia. D. 11-9-1881 Caledonia. Willow Creek. Cem.
Mitchell, Martha Eliz. Age 5mo. 7days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 9-29-1904 Caledonia Tp. Sc. C
Moan, Dennis Age 81. B. Tipperary,Ireland. D. 10-10-1905 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Widower.
Moan, Henry Age 28-8-24. B. Bonus Tp. D. 2-3-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Moan, James Age 54. B. Ireland. D. 9-7-1884 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 32y In Ill.
Moan, June Age 7. B. Boone Co. D. 6-29-1902 Manchester Tp. Belvidere&Cem.
Moch, James Raymond Age 5wks. B. Belvidere. D. 3-31-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Mock, Lila Age 13-8-1. B. Delock,Holt Co. Nebr. D. 10-22-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 12y. Il
Monroe, Julia Age 70. B. ?. D. 1-24-1895 Belvidere. Married.
Monson, John Alfred Age 3-4-28. B. Rockford,Il. D. 2-24-1881 Belvidere. Rockford Cem
Montgomery, Albert F. Age 19-7-4. B. Ill. D. 1-17-1881 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem. Single.
Montgomery, George Eustis Bv. 11-30-1883 Ill. D. 6-29-1912 Manchester Tp. P,Grv. Cem. S. -
Montgomery, George Eustis D. 6-29-1912. F=James B. Scotland M=Celia Edgell B. Ill.
Moore - See Lanning.
Moore, Carrie Age 1-2-2. B. Flora Tp. D. 4-29-1883 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Moore, David A. Age 76-5-14. B. Tonton,Mass. D. 3-2-1913 P. Grove. &Cem. Widowed. 66y. Ill.
Moore, David A. D. 3-2-1913. F=Alexander Moore B. Ireland. M=Ellen Kirk B. Ireland.
Moore, Demmis Age 58-6-2. B. Canada. D. 6-4-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 55yrs. In Ill.
Moore, Fannie Age 61-2-14. B. Boone Co. D. 12-17-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 61yr. Ill.
Moore, Florence Age 1. B. Belvidere. D. 9-23-1902 Belvidere. Shattucks Grv. Cem.
Moore, George Age 94-3-23. B. Peterborough,N. H. D. 6-2-1891 Belvidere Cem. Widower.
Moore, John Age 35. B. Pecatonica,Ill. D. 7-4-1887 Belvidere & Cem. 35yrs. In Ill.
Moore, Loretta Isabel Age 50-7-4. B. Boone Co. D. 11-26-1903 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Mrd. 50y.
Moore, Male Twins Age 16hrs, B. Belvidere. D. 9-20-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Moore, Mildred Irene Age 6mo. 15days. B. &D. Manchester Tp. D. 11-30-1908. Avon,Wi. Cem.
Moore, Nettie Age 4-2-0. B. Capron. D. 2-5-1893 Russelville. Belvidere Cem.
Moore, Owen Age 25-8-12. B. Illinois. D. 11-19-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Moore, Rachael B. 1-18-1870 Belvidere. D. 11-25-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Divorced. 42yrs. Ill.
Moore, Rachael D. 11-25-1912. F=William Brown.
Moore, Sallie Holmes Age 99-11-20. B. New Ipswich,N. H. D. 6-14-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Wd.
Moore, Susan C. Age 74-7. B. Scoharry,Ny. D. 2-3-1907 Garden Pr. Sharon Cem. Wid. 5mo. Ill
Moore, Violet Age 2yrs. B. Belvidere. D. 8-19-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Moore, Wm. James B. 4-26-1846 Mass. D. 11-2-1912 P. Grove&Cem. Widower. 60yrs. In Ill.
Moore, Wm. James D. 11-2-1912. F=Alex. Moore B. Ireland. M=Ellen Galbraith B. Irel.
Mordoff, John C. Age 67-0-6. B. Ny. D. 9-17-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 48yrs. In Ill.
Mordoff, Permilia C. Age 52-9-14. B. Kanona,Ny. D. 4-11-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Mordoff, Polly Age 89-9-21. B. Sherburne,Ny. D. 3-23-1886 Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Widow.
Morehead, Henry J. B. 3-8-1861 Boone Co. D. 10-29-1910 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married.
Morehead, Henry J. D. 10-29-1910. F=Wm. B. Ireland. M=Margaret Gibson B. Irel.
Morehead, Margaret B. 7-8-1828 Irel. D. 4-1-1913 Flora Tp. &Cem. Widowed. 60y. Ill. 65yus.
Morehead, Margaret D. 4-1-1913. M=Mary Usher. F=?.
Morehead, Wm. B. 3-8-1825 Ireland. D. 1-6-1911 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 63yrs. Ill.
Morehead, Wm. D. 3-8-1911. F=John Morehead M=Jane Gibson.
Morgan, Son Age 6days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 4-30-1887 Bonus Tp. & Cem.
Morilla - See Kelley.
Morley, Ephraim Age 70. B. Parish Sislinghane?,Engl. D. 9-20-1878 Belvidere & Cem.
Morrisey, James Age 80. B. Ireland. D. 5-5-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married,50yrs. In Ill.
Morrison, Catherine Age 60-3. B. ?. D. 1-6-1906 Belvidere. Genoa Cem. Married.
Morrison, Grace Age 88-1-10. B. Green Co. Ny. D. 4-16-1909 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Wid. 41yill
Morrison, Pearl Arlec Age 9mo. 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-9-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Morrissey, Martyn Age 70. B. Kilkenny Co. Ire. D. 3-12-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 25yrs.
Morse - See Marse.
Morse, Cammie (Female) Age 32-9-20. B. Spring Tp. D. 8-6-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Morse, Charles Arthur Age 1-0-29. B. Boone Co. D. 8-28-1880 Capron. East Bonus Cem.
Morse, Elizabeth Age 78-11-25. B. England. D. 11-16-1881 Spring Tp. Shattucks Gr. Cem.
Morse, Elmira Age 74-11-0. B. N. H. D. 1-11-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 48yrs. In Ill.
Morse, Fred Age 96. B. Mass. D. 2-22-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 70yrs. In Ill.
Morse, James Age 62. B. Ridgeway,Ny. D. 11-18-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 52yrs. In Ill.
Morse, Mabel Age 11mo. 16days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-10-1894 Belvidere&Cem.
Morse, Mary Eliz. B. 4-29-1846 Ny. D. 1-29-1915 G. Pr. Brodhead,Wi. C. Mrd. 33y. Il. F=__Hall.
Morse, Putnam Age 87-5. B. Vt. D. 1-13-1907 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Widower. 67yrs. Ill.
Morse, Samantha (Ransom) Age 76. B. Ny. . D. 2-28-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Morse - See Willard.
Morse, Seymour Age 27-9-24. B. Boone Co. D. 8-31-1881 Squaw Prairie. Belvidere Cem.
Morse, Thomas Ralph Age 1-0-13. B. Bonus Tp. D. 8-2-1881 Garden Prairie & Cem.
Morten, Charles G. B. 10-20-1853 Ohio. D. 9-15-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Mosher, Roy Otis Age 17-5-2. B. Belvidere. D. 4-7-1901 Belvidere&Cem.
Moss - See Whitman.
Moss, Andrew Fuller Age 66-4-24. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 7-21-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Moss, Asa Age 69-11-10. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 11-1-1888 Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Married.
Moss, George B. Age 63. B. Belvidere. D. 3-16-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 63yrs. In Ill.
Moss, Louisa B. Age 81-6-24. B. Cates, Irene ? Co. Ny. D. 11-15-1891 Belvider Tp. &Cem. Widow.
Moss, Youngster. Male. Age 22days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-22-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Mott, Josephine B. 1-11-1915 Belvidere. D. 1-17-1915 Belvidere&Cem.
Mott, Josephine D. 1-17-1915. F=Herman Mott B. Germany M= ? B. Sweden.
Moulton, Darwin E. Age 69-11-8. B. Ascott,Canada. D. 1-25-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Mullen, John B. 6-24-1858 Cork,Ireland. D. 12-3-1914 Blvdr. St. James Cem. Mrd. 40yrs. Ill.
Mulligan, William Age 60. B. Ireland. D. 7-23-1907 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 20y. Ill.
Mulligan, Wm. Age 54-2-12. B. Ireland. D. 6-23-1907 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 32y. Ill.
Mulloy, Anthony Age 53. B. Parishglentiss,Irel. D. 1-18-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Mulloy, Patrick D. Age 31. B. ?. D. 4-26-1903 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Mundy, Alice Age 30. B. Spring Tp. D. 4-?-1909 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 30y. Ill.
Mundy, Christian V. Age 83. B. Metuchen,N. J. D. 9-23-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 23y. Il
Mundy, Sarah Ann Age 77-3-29. B. N. J. D. 3-23-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 18yrs. In Ill.
Munn, James Age 44-8. B. ?. D. 5-22-1902 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem,Married.
Munn, Wm. H. B. 12-28-1830ny. D. 5-15-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 56yrs. In Ill.
Munn, Wm. H. D. 5-15-1915. F=James Munn B. England.
Munson, Betsey Age 52-11-3. B. Norway. D. 4-8-1892 Manchster Tp. &Cem. Married Widow.
Munson, Thomas Age 63-9-0. B. Norway. D. 6-14-1889 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem. Married.
Murch, Achsa Lavantia(Amsden) Age 71-6-24. B. Ripley,Ny. D. 11-10-1904 Belvidere & Cem.
Murch, Achsa Lavantia D. 11-10-1904. Married. 51yrs. In Ill.
Murch, Frank G. Age 7mo. 4days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-31-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Murch, Geo. W. Age 80. B. Courtland,Ny. D. 1-17-1910 Belvidere7cem. Widower. 57yr. In Ill
Murch, Martin Age 91-1-5. B. London. D. 1-31-1880 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed. 19yrs. In Ill.
Murphy, Daniel Age 90-1-15. B. Ireland. D. 7-31-1903belvidere Tp. &Cem. Widower. 30y. Ill.
Murphy, David Age 12. B. N. Y. City. D. 6-6-1880 Caledonia. Orth Cem. Il. 18yrs. Married.
Murphy, Edward Age 32. B. Illinois. D. 8-9-1909belvidere&Cem.
Murphy, Eleanore D. Age 81-9-25. B. Roscommon Co. Ire. D. 4-27-1902 Belvidere Tp. &Cem.
Murphy, Elizabeth Age 75-11. B. Gainsborsong,Engl. D. 11-15-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Murphy, Emily Age 2mo. 16days. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 5-5-1902 Belvidere Tp. Orth Cem.
Murphy, Jane Age 83-5-3. B. East Roy,Sand Lake Co. Ny. D. 6-21-1903 Belvidere Tp. Widow.
Murphy, John W. Age 84-8-15. B. Cook Co. Irel. D. 2-20-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 52y. Il
Murphy, Joseph Age 50-9-10. B. Marion,Ohio. D. 11-1-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Murray, Eliz. Age 72-5-6. B. Ireland. D. 7-18-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 43yrs. In Ill.
Murrin, Joseph Age 4-7-1. B. Belvidere. D. 2-3-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Murrin, Patrick Age 67. B. Ireland. D. 10-14-1885. Belvidere & Cem. 18yrs. In Ill.
Murry - See Silvius.
Myers - See Meyers.
Myers, Elmer Freeman Age 22-5. B. Pa. D. 12-9-1910 Belvidere. Dixon,Il. Cem. Mrd. 14y. Ill.
Myers, Elmer Freeman D. 12-9-1910. F=John F. Myers B. Pa.
Myers, Willie Age 10. B. Belvidere. D. 8-3-1903 Belvidere&Cem.



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