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1878 THRU 1915.

From Microfilm Of Death Registers - Transcribed By ©Martin Wm. Johnson

Formatting for display on Genealogy Trails websites by ©K. Torp

[Some of these may be transcriptions of transcriptions, so you are advised to always check the original records]

Book 1. 1878 - 1910
Book 2. 1910 - 1915

Some Words Are Abreviated:
Widow = Wid.
Belvidere = Blvdr.
G. Pr. = Garden Prairie.
P. Grv. = Poplar Grove.
Engl. = England.
Ire. = Ireland.
? = No Inf. Or Possible Error In Spelling.
B. = Born.
D. = Died.
Township = Tp.
Years = Y. Or Yr. Or Yrs.
William = Wm.

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Nash, Ann Almira Age 71-4-19. B. Ny. D. 11-7-1887 Manchester Tp. Oak Hill Cem. Widow.
Nash, Caroline Age 70-1-23. B. Erie Co. Ny. D. 8-3-1903 Poplar Grv. Bur Oak Cem. Sharon,Wi
Nash, Charles A. Age 51-11-20. B. Ny. D. 3-4-1889 Manchester Tp. Linderman Cem. Married.
Nash, Mary Jannette B. 12-5-1842 Ny. D. 4-24-1912 Beverton. Widow. 43yrs. In Ill.
Nash, Mary Jannette D. 4-24-1912. F=Sidney ? Wright B. Ny. M=Mary M. Provost B. Ny.
Nash, Samuel L. Age 83-8-14. B. Mass. D. 4-5-1884 Manchester Tp. Oak Hill Cem. Widower.
Nealson, Albert John B. 8-2-1904 Ill. D. 7-3-1914 Belvidere&Cem.
Nealson, Albert John D. 7-3-1914. F=Albert Nealson B. Engl. M=Jessie Thompson B. Wisc
Neff, Jonathan B. 2-3-1836 Blair Co. Pa. D. 5-17-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 59yrs. Ill.
Neff, Jonathan D. 5-17-1915. F=John Neff B. Pa. M=Mary Christianson B. Pa.
Nelson, Charles Age 31-1-7. B. Denmark. D. 5-20-1896 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 10yrinil
Nelson, Helma Eliz. Age 6mo. 25days. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 1-9-1896 Belvidere. Rockford C.
Nelson, Jesse B. 10-27-193 Capron. D. 10-27-1913 Capron&Cem.
Nelson, Jesse D. 10-27-1913. F=Ole Nelson B. Capron M=Kisselbury B. Boone Co.
Nelson, Nora Thelma Age 10mo. 15days. B. Capron. D. 9-29-1906 Capron&Cem.
Nelson, Ole Age 75-4-0. B. Norway. D. 10-24-1905 Capron&Cem. Married. 45yrs. In Ill.
Nelson, Orland A. Age 14mo. 20days. B. Capron. D. 9-25-1902 Capron&Cem.
Nelson, Peter Age 54-11-24. B. Sweden. D. 2-24-1897 Belvidere Tp. &Cem. Married. 19y. In-
Nelson, Smith D. Age 35-6-0. B. Illinois. D. 9-18-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 35y In Ill.
Nemeth, Ruth Eliz. Age 14mo. B. Rockford. D. 1-8-1906 Belvidere. Stjames Cem.
Nettleton, Danforth Age 87-1-4. B. Leroy,Ny. D. 2-13-1891 Belvidere. Long Pr. Cem. Widow
Neufer, Stella Allen Age 25-5-17. B. Flora Tp. D. 12-14-1907 Belvidere. Poplar Grv. Cem. M-
Neuman, Dtr. Age 6hrs. B. Bonus Tp. D. 9-17-1881 Bonus Tp. & Cem.
Newcomb, Abbie E. (Jarvis) Age 48-2-5. B. Oriskany,Ny. D. 1-31-1887 Blvdr. Cem. 30yrs. In Ill.
Newell, Geo. W. Age 75-8-13. B. Ny. D. 9-3-1885 Garden Prairie & Cem. Married. 27y In Ill.
Newell, George Herbert Age 3-7. B. Illinois. D. 4-4-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Newell, Louisa Age 86-5-4. B. Ny. D. 5-11-1906 Garden Pr. &Cem. Widow. 48yrs. In Ill.
Newlander, Alma Age54-2-12. B. Sweden. D. 6-21-1907blvdr. Kirkland Cem. Mrd. 21y. In Ill.
Newman - See Colburn.
Newman, Sarah Age 75. B. ?. D. 1-22-1902 Chicago.
Newton, William Age 80. B. Bainbridge, Ny. D. 8-8-1878 Belvidere. Flora Cem. 32 Yrs In
Newton, Wm. Age 49-11-26. B. Ferrisburg,Vt. D. 808-1895belvidere&Cem. Married. 15mo. In-
Nichols, Alexander M. Age 28-11-7. B. Chicago. D. 6-4-1903belvidere. Rose Hill Cem.
Nichols, Ethel Age 21-1-18b. South Dakota. D. 3-11-1904 Cherry Vly. &Cem. Single. 19y. Ill
Nichols, Lester D. Age 20-7-0. B. Cook Co. Ill. D. 8-1-1882 Capron. Chicago Cem. Single.
Nichols, Phineas Age 92-6-13. B. Gullford,Vt. D. 3-13-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Nichols, Son Of E. O. Age 6hrs. B. ?. D. 10-3-1888 Bonus Tp.
Nicholson, Thelma B. 7-11,1912 Flora Tp. D. 7-14-1912 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Nicholson, Thelma D. 7-14-1912. F=Henry B. Webster City,Ia. M=Delta M. Scott B. Linde-
Nimtz - See Nimz.
Nimtz, Charles August B. 12-12-1887 Germany. D. 1-29-1915 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd.
Nimtz, Charlie B. 12-13-1887 Germany. D. 1-29-1915 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Mrd. 27yrs. Ill.
Nimtz, Charlie D. 1-29-1915. F=Chas. Nimtz M=Pashua Hirchberg.
Nimz, August Age 77-4-0. B. Germany. D. 12-7-1897 Leroy Tp. Clinton Cem. Married. 2y. In Ill
Noble, Charles Wesley Age 7days. B. Blaine. D. 3-17-1900 Blaine &Cem.
Noe, Irene B. 2-11-1914 Leroy Tp. D. 2-11-1914 Leroy Tp. Sharon,Wi. Cem.
Noonan - See Flynn.
Nordstrom, Arthur Age 2-10-22. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-17-1894 Caledonia Tp. Rockford C.
Norman, Thomas P. B. 10-14-1847 England. D. 1-19-1914 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 49y. Ill.
Norman, Thomas P. D. 1-19-1914. F=Thomas Norman B. England M=Sarah Price B. Engl.
Norton, Candace Age 76-6-0. B. Bark Lomstead,Conn. D. 12-2-1882 Belvidere. 45yrs. In Ill
Norton, Robert G. Age 77-7-0. B. Newport,Maine. D. 12-3-1882 Belvidere. 45yrs. In Ill.
Norton, Wm. P. Age 40. B. ?. D. 4-27-1904 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Numeland, Telef O. Age 66-8-14. B. Norway. D. 4-21-1879 Manchester Tp. Clinton Cem.
Nystrom, Olga M. Age 1mo. 4days. B. Flora Twp. D. 5-8-1889. Rockford Cem.

Oakley, Lamont J. Age 24-8. B. Marengo. D. 7-3-1908 Belvidere. E. Boone Co. Cem. Single.
Oakley, Mary S. B. 9-16-1856 Mchenry Co. D. 2-17-1912 Blvdr. Bonus Cem.
Oakley, Mary S. D. 2-17-1912. F=Chas. Howe M=Mary Anderson.
Oaks, Elbridge G. Age 77. B. U. S. . D. 2-12-1889 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 43yrs. In Ill.
Oaks, Geo. A. Age 43 B. ?. D. 4-13-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Oaks, John F. Age 69-0-24. B. Piscatquis Co. Me. D. 12-1-1908 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Mrd. 60y
Oaks, Amy(Trowbridge) Age 44-6-18. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 5-9-1888 Flora Tp. &Cem. Mrd
Oaks, Nettie L. Hovey Age 44-0-7. B. Flora Tp. D. 8-20-1903 Belvidere. Blds Pt. Cem. Maried.
Oberholzer, Louise(Bement) Age 37. B. Belvidere. D. 9-12-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Obrien, Daniel Age 49-3-15. B. Ireland. D. 10-10-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 26yr. Ill.
Obrien, Edward Age 38-11. B. Belvidere. D. 8-1-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Obrien, Peter Age 70. B. Mayo,Ireland. D. 3-23-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 38yinill.
Obrien, Thomas Age 24-5-20. B. Belvidere. D. 3-26-1881 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single.
Oconner, Joseph Jr. Age 6mo. 6days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-29-1902 Belvidere. Rockford C.
Odonnell, John Hugh Age 4-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 1-31-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Odonnell, Michael Age 70-5-17. B. Meenenary,Ireland. D. 5-1-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. 48yrs. Il
Odonnell, Michael D. 5-1-1914. F=Hugh Odonnel.
Ofarrell - See Farrell.
Offinger, Geo. John Age 78-1-28. B. Berlin,Germ. D. 6-18-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Wid. 5y. Ill.
Ogel - See Blake.
Ohlman, Florence Age 2hrs. B. Boone Co. D. 12-26-1904 Spring Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Oleson, Holver Age 82-5-26. B. Norway. D. 10-30-1897manchester Tp. Clinton Cem. Maried
Oleson, James Age 25-9-3. B. Sweden. D. 3-1-1879 Union Crns. Leroy Tp. Luth. Cem. 1yr. Ill.
Oleson, Mamie Age 28-8-0. B. Sweden. D. 4-12-1889 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Ollmann - See Ohlman.
Olsen, Martha Age 68-6-0. B. Norway. D. 10-16-1895 Poplar Grove. Chicago Cem. Married.
Olson, Andrew Magnus Age 59-4-17. B. Sweden. D. 2-5-1905 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen Cem.
Olson, Anna B. 9-13-1911 Bonus Tp. D. 2-11-1911 Bonus Tp&Cem. P=Morris & Signa Olson-
Olson, George Albert Age 42-6-27. B. Illinois. D. 1-8-1908 Boone Tp. Capron Cem. Mrd. 42y. -
Olson, Hans, Age 68. B. Norway. D. 3-8-19003 Boone Tp. Capron Cem. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Olson, Thomas H. Age 45. B. Illinois. D. 4-6-1907 Capron&Cem. Married.
Omalley, Michael Age 49-5-13. B. Creston,Ill. D. 1-19-1914 Bonus Tp. Ok. Wd. C. Dixon,Ill.
Omalley, Michael D. 1-19-1914. F=Patrick Omalley B. Irel. M=Catherine Mcmartin B. Ir
Onderdonk, Eunice Age 83-2-9. B. Vt. D. 10-13-1891 Polar Grove. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Oneil, Justin Age 28. B. Ireland. D. 5-15-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 7yrs. In Ill.
Orr, Robert J. Age 77. B. Ny. D. 3-30-1886 Caledonia Tp. Bonus Cem. 40 Yrs. In Ill.
Orth, Ida C. 24-2-7. B. Belvidere. D. 11-2-1878 Caledonia. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Orton, Julia A. Age 7409-10. B. New Haven,Oswego Co. Ny. D. 4-11-1886 Spring Tp. Flora C.
Orton, Sarah Age 80-_-20. B. Haldimand, Canada. D. 9-12-1878. G. Prairie Cem. A Widow.
Osborn, Wm. G. Age 68. B. Bethany,Wayne Co. Penn. Belvidere&Cem. Married. 39yrs. Ill.
Osgood, Eliza J. Age 72-B. Brimfield,Ohio. D. 5-5-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 37y,In Ill.
Ostram, Anthomy D. Age 76-6-24. B. Schoharie Co. Ny. D. 1-7-1886 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Ostrum, Rebecca A. Age 96-11-4. B. Ny. D. 11-5-1909 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 60yrs. In Ill.
Ott, Esther Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 5-13-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Owen - See Keeler.
Owens, Mary Ann Age 49. B. ?. D. 9-24-1909 Elgin,Ill. Married.

Page, Thomas B. 12-21-1828 Storomarket,Suffolk Co. Engl. D. 11-10-1911 Spring Tp. Mrd.
Page, Thomas D. 11-10-1911. 59yrs. Ill. F=Thomas Page M=Sarah Ann.
Pahs, Frank Age 73-2-0. B. Baden,Prussia. D. 8-13-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Widowere. 36yrinil
Pahs, Mary B. 2-13-1848 N. J. D. 12-22-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 54yrs. In Ill.
Paine, Amanda M. Age 59-11-25. B. Broome Co. Ny. D. 11-10-1879 Flora Tp. Bloods. Pt. Cem.
Palmer, Charles Age 49. B. Belvidere. D. 908-1907belvidere&Cem. Married. 49yrs. In Ill.
Palmer, Daniel W. Age 72. B. England. D. 3-29-1904 Belvider&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Palmer, John Arthur B. 7-28-1911 Caledonia. D. 1-15-1912 Caledonia. Liv. Cem.
Palmer, John Arthur D. 1-15-1912. F=Ira Palmer B. Rochelle,Il. M=Swerson B. Minn.
Palmer, Leslie C. B. 9-25-1856 Belvidere. D. 2-27-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Palmer, Leslie C. D. 2-27-1913. F=David Palmer B. Canada M=Eliza Walter B. Ny.
Palmer, Marion Age 10mo. B. Caledonia. D. 5-19-1912 Livingston Cem.
Palmer, Marion D. 5-19-1912. F=Howard Palmer B. Rochelle,Il. M=Ferguson B. Rochel-
Palmer, Son Age 4days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 2-28-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Paplin, Oroville H. Age 58-3-19. B. Watertown,Jefferson Co. Ny. D. 5-22-1899 Blvd. &Cem.
Parent, Albert Age 33-8-0. B. Clinton,Iowa. D. 2-25-1909 Belvidere. Shattucks Cem. Mrd. -
Parent, Charles Age 34. B. Onega,Ny. D. 11-21-1887 Belvidere. Married. 32yrs. In Ill.
Parent, Ella May Age 5. B. Boone Co. D. 4-27-1909 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem.
Parker, Dimmis P. Age 64-2. B. Lake Co. D. 4-2-1903 Belvidere. Wauconda,Il. Cem. Wido. 64y-
Parker, Eliza. B. 5-20-1832 Canada. D. 7-13-1914 Caledonia. Liv. Cem. Widow. 70yrs. Ill.
Parker, Eunice Age 78. B. Mulford Co. Ny. D. 2-3-1892 Spring Tp. &Cem. Married. 46yr. In Ill.
Parker, John Thomas Age 81-7-16. B. Fitchburg,Mass. D. 6-12-1892 Spring Tp. &Cem. Widowr
Parkhill, Robert Age 83. B. Scotland. D. 9-30-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widowere. 61yr. In Ill
Parks, Cynthia E. Age 73-3-5. B. Fairfield,Herkimer Co. Ny. D. 11-17-1905 Blvdr. Sterling C.
Parle, James Age 12yr. 8days. B. Marengo, Ill. D. 1-14-1880 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Parle, Elizabeth Ann Age 32-5-0. B. Chicago. D. 7-19-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Parle, Ella Age 10yr. 18days. B. (Marengo ?) D. 1-19-1880 Belvidere Tp. & B. Cem.
Parle, Patrick Age 28-0-1. B. Lake Co. Ill. D. 4-19-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 28yrs. Inill.
Parle, William Age 7-9-12. B. Belvidere. D. 1-21-1880 Belvidere Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Parter, Julia Maria Age 73-1-30. B. England. D. 7-7-1905 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Mrd. 51
Partridge - See Tyrell.
Patrick,Daniel Age 74. B. Ny. D. 5-13-1890 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widower. 26yrs. In Ill.
Patterson - See Avery.
Patterson - See Reser/
Patterson, Archie Age 67-11-6. B. ?. D. 12-31-1895 Manchester. Union Cem. Married. 45y-
Patterson, Harriet Adaline Age 25-8-14. B. Belvidere. D. 4-25-1887 Belvidere & Cem. 25yin
Patterson, Margaret Age 76-5-7. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 10-30-1909p. Grv. Liv. Cem. Wid. -
Patterson, May Age 7mo. B. Spring Tp. D. 3-19-1886 Spring Tp. Genoa Cem.
Patterson,Nellie C. Age 35-1-8. B. ?. D. 1-26-1903 Belvidere. Freeport Cem. Married.
Patthart - Potthart.
Paulson, Haugen Age 76-1-16. B. Norway. D. 1-31-1892 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem. Marid.
Payne, Daniel Age 82-6-7. B. Ny. D. 1-6-1881 Garden Prairie & Cem. Married. Ill. 24yrs.
Payne, Mahala Age 82-1-16. B. Dutchers Co. Ny. D. 11-24-1881 Bonus Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Widow.
Payne - See Gough.
Payne, Smyth Age 80-7-6. B. Saratoga Co. Ny. D. 12-26-1883 Bonus Tp. G. Prairie Cem. Mrd. -
Peacock, Andrew R. B. 11-21-1856 Brome Iron Hiil,Canada. D. 2-20-1915 Bonus Tp. Blvdr. C.
Peacock, Andrew R. D. 2-20-1915. F=Thomas B. England M=Jennett Brunton B. Canada.
Pearsal, Samuel Age 60-11-15. B. Ny. D. 12-9-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Married. 53yrs. In Ill.
Pearsall, Anne B. 6-1838 Canada. D. 4-3-1911 Belvdr. Poplar Grv. Cem. Widow. 65yrs. Ill.
Pearsall, Anne D. 4-3-1911. F=Wm. Candy B. England M=Eliz. Clark B. England.
Pearson, Emma B. 9-19-1868 Sweden. D. 7-26-1915 Boone Co. Married. 22yr. Ill. 23yr. U. S. .
Pearson, Emma D. 7-26-1915. F=John Mygren M=M Argaret.
Pearson, Gertrude Grace B. 9-11-1912 Ill. D. 9-12-1912belvidere&Cem.
Pearson, Gertrude Grace D. 9-12-1912. F=Chas. B. Ohio. M=Clara Cox B. Wisc.
Pease, Hamilton Age 83-5-14. B. Ohio. D. 8-13-1909 Garden Pr. &Cem. Widower. 54yrs. In Ill.
Peck, John B. 3-17-1837 Ny. D. 3-25-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed. 50yrs. In Ill.
Peck, Polly Age 77. B. ?. D. 1-11-1879 Caledonia & Cem. Widow.
Pederson, Embert B. 7-26-1847 Norway. D. 1-26-1912 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem. Wid. 19y-
Pederson, Embert D. 1-26-1912. F=Peder Lonstensen M=Guilberg Engstrom.
Pendleton - See Starr.
Pepper, Samuel B. 8-20-1827 England. D. 5-11-1911 Belidere7cem. Married. 57yrs. Ill.
Pepper, Samuel D. 5-11-1911. F=Samuel Pepper M=?
Perka, Albertina Age 1-6-0. B. Germany. D. 4-22-1884 Garden Pr. & Cem.
Perkins, Sabina J. Age 76. B. Clark Co. Ill. D. 9-23-1893belvidere&Cem. Widow. 48yrs. In Ill.
Perry - See Fish.
Peters, Addie Frances Age 35-3-18. B. Manchester Tp. D. 4-11-1900 Manchester Tp. &Cem. M
Peters, Dtr. B. 5-18-1910 Belvidere. D. 5-26-1910 Belvidere. Blds. Py. Cem.
Peters, Dtr. D. 5-26-1910. F=Wm. Peters B. Iowa. M=Minnie Suhr B. Poplar Grove.
Peters, Lola Mary B. 9-5-1912 Manchester Tp. D. 2-23-1913 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Peters, Lola Mary D. 2-23-1913. F=Fred Peters B. Manchester Tp M=Ball B. Manchester-
Peters, Martha Age 78. B. England. D. 12-27-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Peterson, Amanda Age 15-3-2. B. Illinois. D. 5-17-1907 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Single.
Peterson, Andrew Age 39. B. Sweden. D. 3-17-1905 Bonus Tp. Lawrenceville Cem. Single. 23
Peterson, Anna Alfreda Age 4mo. 25days. B. Boone Tp. D. 1-8-1908 Boone Tp. Capron C.
Peterson, Annie S. Age 32. B. ?. D. 2-12-1901 Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem.
Peterson, Augusta Age 71. B. Germany. D. 3-3-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Peterson, Axel B. 12-3-1849 Sweden. D. 4-23-1911 Leroy Tp. Blaine Cem. Widowed. 31yrs. Ill.
Peterson, Axel D. 4-23-1911. F=Peter Bjork M=?.
Peterson, Chas. Age 35. B. Illinois. D. 3-4-1908 Belvidere. Granada,Miss. Cem. Single. 35y. Il
Peterson, Christina B. 11-29-1852 Sweden. D. 3-8-1911 Blaine Cem. Married. 31yrs. Ill.
Peterson, Christina D. 3-8-1911. F=John Johnson M=Christina Lund.
Peterson, Clarence Henry Age 7days. B. ?. D. 8-3-1897 Bonus Tp&Cem.
Peterson, Dtr. Age 2-6-0. B. Poplar Grove. D. 2-6-1899 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Peterson, Eda Larson Age 22-9-7. B. Sweden. S. 12-20-1892 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem.
Peterson, Edwin Age 4. B. Boone Co. D. 2-23-1903 Boone Tp. Luth. Cem.
Peterson, Harold Age Age 26-8-19. B. Norway. D. 10-6-1891manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem. -
Peterson, Helena Age 1-9-22. B. Manchester Tp. D. 7-29-1888 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem.
Peterson, Emma Age 37-0-27. B. Sweden. D. 1-21-1900 Capron&Cem. Married. 14yr. Inil.
Peterson, Holver Age 69-5-18. B. Norway. D. 9-22-1897 Manchester Tp. Clinton Cem. Mari-
Peterson, Mary Age 54-10-0. B. Guttenburg,Sweden. D. 7-12-1893 Belvidere. Pecatonica C
Peterson, Mary Age 69. B. Stienby,Sweden. D. 6-29-1901 Leroy Tp. Capron Cem. Widow. 18y-
Peters - See Tripp.
Peterson, Selma Age 75. B. ?. D. 2-13-1905 Bonus Tp. Lawrenceville Cem. Widow. 20y. Ill.
Peterson, Walter Age 4days. B. Leroy Tp. D. 7-8-1897 Leroy Tp. &Cem.
Pettis, Thomas Age 77. B. Ny. D. 3-13-1886 Bonus Tp. Farm Cem. Single. 30 Yrs. In Ill.
Pettit, Daniel B. Age 71-2-0. B. Wayne Co. Penn. D. 2-8-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 49y. In
Pettit, Daniel Barton Age 59. B. Belvidere. D. 12-11-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 59y. Il
Pettty, Joseph Byron Age 83-0-20. B. Dunkirk,Ny. D. 4-18-1908 Belvidere. Geneva,Oh. Cem.
Petty - See Strong.
Philbrick, Jonathan Age 79-7-0. B. Maine. D. 2-24-1888 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Philips, Dtr. Age 5hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 10-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Phillips, Jeremiah Age 73-8-14. B. Ithaca,Ny. D. 12-14-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 45yill.
Phillips, Lavinica Age 74-10-8. B. Fayettville,Ny. D. 12-5-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 50y-
Phillips, Mary C. Age 31. B. England. D. 9-3-1884 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Married. 15y. Ill.
Phillips, Sarah Jane Age 13-2-8. B. Boone Co. D. 6-7-1888 Blaine & Cem.
Pickard, Harriett Age 50. B. ?. D. 5-2-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 23yrs. Ill.
Picken, Archibald Age 20-6. B. Caledonia. D. 1-7-1878 Caledonia Twp. Willow Crk. Cem.
Picken, Jane R. Age 83-3-20. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 3-10-1895 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem.
Picken, Margaret Age ?. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 5-18-1884argyle & Cem. Widow. 40y-
Piel, Celia B. 1-21-1831 Ny. D. 12-15-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 62yrs. In Ill.
Pierce - See Kizer.
Pierce, Amos Age 81. B. Ny. D. 8-3-1909 Belvidere. Blaine Cem. Widower.
Pierce, Benjamin Age 56. B. Brookfield,Madison Co. Ny. D. 9-21-1884 Bonus Tp. Boonetp. C
Pierce, Edward D. Age 49-5-2. B. White Creek,Ny. D. 4-3-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Pierce, Eliz. Jane Age 74-9. B. England. D. 8-27-1905 Belvidere. Winnebago,Il. Cem. Widow.
Mack, Susan M. Age 83-0-22. B. Ithica,Ny. D. 8-27-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 58yr. In Ill.
Pierce, Royal Age 75-4-6. B. Ny. D. 4-25-1878 Belvidere & Cem. 23 Yrs. In Ill. Married.
Pierce, Wm. Henry Age 80-6-13. B. Green Co. Ny. D. 11-8-1907 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Wid.
Pinegar, Ernest B. Age 1mo. B. Belvidere. D. 5-18-1887 Belvidere.
Piper, Eleazer Age 76-2-2. B. Rockford,Il. D. 4-19-1909 Capron&Cem. Married.
Piper, Phoebe B. 4-6-1849 Ny. D. 3-11-1911 Capron&Cem. Widow. 22yrs. In Ill.
Pixley, Herbert T. Age 34-6-4. B. Illinois. D. 12-23-1903 Belvidere. Elgin Cem. Married. 34y. I
Pixley, Sarah M. Age 57-3-17. B. Freedom,Ny. D. 7-6-1881 Bonus Tp. G. Prairie Cem. 1 Yr. Il.
Plane, Daisy E. Age 25-6-21. B. Belvidere. D. 10-28-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Plane, Honor (Female) Age 97-0-6. B. Wesson, England. D. 9-8-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Plane, Nellie Alice Age 2-5-13. B. Belvidere. D. 9-5-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Plane, Sarah Age 69-9-24. B. New Brubswick. D. 2-20-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Maaried. 35yin-
Pluke, Sarah Ann Age 46-5-16. B. Lucas Co. Ohio. D. 3-7-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Pollock, Hattie R-. Age 28-10-2. B. Fulton,Ill. D. 12-18-1910belvidere. Beloit Cem. Mrd.
Pollock, Hattie R-. D. 12-18-1910. F=Alfred Rayment B. Canada M=Amanda Gobell B. Il.
Poole, John D. Age 25-9-13. B. Mass. D. 10-16-1901 Belvidere&Cem. 8yrs. In Ill.
Porter - See Parter.
Porter, Frances Julia B. 11-12-1903 Boone Co. D. 12-26-1910 Garden Pr. &Cem. Single.
Porter, Frances Julia D. 12-26-1910. F=Horace Porter B. G. Pr. M=Nora Sears B. Gpr.
Porter, Frank H. Age 27-1-2. B. Boone Co. D. 1-10-1886 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem. Single.
Porter, Harris L. Age 39-0-21. B. Boone Co. D. 7-27-1892 Belvidere. Davis Cem. Single.
Porter, Robert B. 5-2-1835 Ny. D. 7-2-1912 G. Pr. &Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill.
Porter, Robert D. 7-2-1912. F=Thomas W. B. England. M=Charlotte Lane B. England.
Porter, Thomas W. Age 79-8-14. B. England. D. 6-10-1906 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Wid. 56y
Porter, Wm. Stratford B. 1-2-1832 Hamilton Tp. Madison Co. Ny. D. 5-27-1911 Belvidere. -
Porter, Wm. Stratford D. 5-27-1911. Mrd. 36y. Illf=Roswell Porter M=Mary Shattuck.
Porter, Zermeria Age 31-7-30. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-8-1883 Flora Tp. Shattuck Grove Cem.
Postlethwaite, Mary E. Age 32. B. Boone Co. D. 9-5-1887 Polar Grove & Cem. Single.
Potter, Edward E. Age 68-8. B. Medina. Orleans Co. Ny. D. 1-8-1902 Belvidere. Rockford C.
Potter, Myrtle E. B. 6-1-1910 Capron. D. 10-9-1910 Capron.
Potter, Violet Marie B. 7-12-1911 Capron. D. 7-19-1911 Capron. Dunham Cem.
Potthast, Anna Caroline Age 25days. B. Greenville,Il. D. 12-3-1911greenville. Cath. C.
Potthast, Anna Caroline D. 12-3-1911. F=H. C. Patthart B. Madison Co. M=Duhl B. St. Loui-
Poulton, Joseph Age 52. B. Belvidere. D. 76-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Poust, G. Frank Age 40. B. ?. D. 10-10-1902 Belvidere. Moline,Il. Cem. Married. 14y. In Ill.
Powell, John Age 86. B. England. D. 4-25-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Powell, Richard Age 65. D. 5-29-1908 Elgin, Kane Co. , Ill. Buried Bartonville,Ill.
Powers, Charles C. Age 75-4-18. B. Oneida Co. Ny. D. 1-27-1891 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. M-
Powers, Dorothy Age 3-8. B. Belvidere. D. 4-12-1911 Belvidere. Marengo Cem.
Powers, Dorothy D. 4-12-1911. F=Dan. Powers B. Boone Co. M=? B. Ill.
Powers, George Ellis B. 1-15-1877 Boone Co. D. 1-17-1914 Belvidere. Chicago Cem. Mrd.
Powers, George Ellis D. 1-17-1914. F=Herbert J. Powers M=Hannah Hill.
Powers, Mattie Age 54. B. ?. D. 5-24-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Powers, Samuel J. Age 79-11. B. New Lebanon,Conn. D. 12-27-1909 Belvidere. Cannel Ny. C.
Powers, Walter Age 78-6. B. Ny. D. 7-6-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 47yrs. Ill.
Powers, Walter D. 7-6-1915. F=Wm. Powers B. Ny. M=Mtha? Con.
Poyer, Delos Age 78. B. ?. D. 11-17-1907 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Married.
Prain, Johana Age 72-11-11. B. Germany. D. 10-14-1906 Garden Pr. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 26-
Pratt, Anna Belle B. 11-28-1863 Pittsburg,Pa. D. 5-5-1911 Belvidere. Married. 27yrs. Ill.
Pratt, Anna Belle D. 5-5-1911. F=W. S. Pratt B. W. Newton,Pa. M=Caroline Penipp B. W. N. Pa.
Pratt, John F. B. 11-10-1831 Aurora. D. 2-22-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 55yrs. Il. 81y. U. S
Pratt, John F. D. 2-22-1912. F=John Pratt.
Pratt, Moses K. Age 71-2-15. B. Westmoreland,N. H. D. 3-15-1884 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Preston, Ray Age 2-1-1. B. Manchester Tp. D. 1-19-1893 Manchester Tp. &Cem.
Preston, Ruel Age 13-5. B. Sharon,Wisc. D. 9-21-1903 Belvidere&Cem. 3yrs. In Ill.
Price, Alice Age 24-10. B. Bonus Tp. D. 7-10-1881 Belvidere. Garden Prairie Cem. Married
Prickett, Jacob P. Age ? (A Farmer) B. Ohio. D. 5-11-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Pritchard, Susan Matilda Age 19-5-16. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-16-1908belvidere&Cem. Single.
Proctor, John Age 55. B. ?. D. 4-28-1905 Caledonia Tp. Walker Cem. Married. 18yrs. In Ill.
Propst, Julia Age 30-3-2. B. Manchester Tp. D. 6-23-1903 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem. Mrd. -
Pryor, Thomas J. Age ?. B. Bonus Tp. D. 5-20-1904 Bonus Tp. B. St. James Cem. Single.
Pundt, Evart Age 4mo. 5days. B. Belvidere. D. 6-28-1890 Belvidere & Cem.
Pundt, Fredericka Age 39-11-17. B. Germany. D. 12-7-1902 Belvidere7cem. Married. 30y. Ill.
Pundt, Martha Augusta Age 3mo. 4days. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-4-1886 Belvidere & Cem.
Pundt, Mary Age 2mo. 2gays. B. Belvidere. D. 2-26-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Pundt, Minnie Age 31. B. Germany. D. 6-30-1886 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 4yinill.
Pundt, Viloa Age 29. B. Ny. D. 12-11-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 27yrs. In Ill.
Purran , Leslie M. Age 6days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 6-29-1902 Belvidere.
Pye, Samuel Age 80-10-26. B. England. D. 4-15-1891 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widower. 50yill.

Rae, John Age 70-11-0. B. Scotland. D. 7-16-1884 Poplar Grove & Cem. 35yrs. In Ill.
Raines - See Mckinley.
Rairdin, Sarah Age 70. B. Ny. D. 7-1-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Ralston - See Mceachran.
Ralston, Agnes A. Age 16. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-9-1902 Rockford. Scotch Cem. Single.
Ralston, Alexander J. Age 69. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 12-28-1888 Caledonia Tp. Argyle
Ralston, Dtr. Age 4hrs. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 8-22-1904 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Tp. Cem.
Ralston, Eliz. Age 66-7-19. B. Scotland. D. 7-29-1897 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. Cem. Wido.
Ralston, Elizabeth Age 74-5. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 3-5-1910 Caledonia Tp. Willow C-
Ralston, Elizabeth Age 83b. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 12-31-1881 Caledonia Tp. Willow C.
Ralston, Elizabeth Martha Age 13-6-O. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 4-10-1882 Caledon Tp. W. C. C.
Ralston, George Age 84-0-12. B. Argyleshire. Scotl. D. 8-3-1909 Caldeonia Tp. Willow Cr.
Ralston, Helen Armour B. 6-29-1838 Harlem Tp. Il. D. 3-21-1911caledonia. W. Crk. Cem. Wid.
Ralston, Helen Armour D. 3-21-1911. F=John Greenlee M=Helen Browm B. Argyleshire.
Ralston, James B. 1836 England. D. 12-10-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Ralston, Janet B. 3-22-1834 Scotland. D. 1-20-1914 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Wid. 75yrs. Ill.
Ralston, Janet L. B. 1-20-1842 Scotl. D. 10-20-1915 Blvdr. Argyle Cem. Married. 45yrs. Ill.
Ralston, Janet L. D. 10-20-1915. F=Mathew Lightbody M=Helen Donald.
Ralston, John A. Age 18. B. Caledonia. D. 7-6-1879 Caledonia Tp. Willow Creek. Cem.
Ralston, Martha E. Age 54-7-13. D. 2-10-1912 Caledonia. W. Crk. Cem. Married.
Ralston, Martha E. D. 2-10-1912. F=James Ralston B. Scotl. M=Helen Greenlee B. Ill.
Ralston, Martha Helen Age 30-10-19. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-2-1903 Caledonia Tp. Scotch C.
Ralston, Mary A. Age 42. B. Illinois. D. 6-23-1904 Elgin,Ill. Bluff City Cem. Single.
Ralston, Mary S. B. 3-301864 Scotland. D. 8-22-1910 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. Mrd. 39y. Ill.
Ralston, Peter Age 85-9-20. B. Scotland. D. 5-26-1907 Manchester Tp. Willow Crk. Cem. W-
Ralston, Robert B. 10-1-1826 Scotland. D. 4-5-1913 Argyle. W. Crk. Cem. Widowed. 72y. Ill.
Ralston, Robert D. 4-5-1913. F=Gavin Ralston M=Jane Montgomery.
Ralston, Son Age 17days. B. Caledonia. D. 5-9-1900 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Ralston,Mary S. D. 8-22-1910. F=__ Smith. M=Martha Mcmillan.
Ramsey, Earle T. Age 5-5-23. B. Boone Co. D. 9-3-1884 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Grove. Cem.
Ramsey, Ella Age 34-0-2. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 2-22-1891 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Married.
Ramsey, Nathaniel Age 65-7-6. B. Sandusky Co. Ohio. D. 6-16-1891 Manchester Tp. Liv. C.
Ramsey, Wm. Age 71-7-29. B. Boone Co. D. 10-30-1910 Belvidere. Liv. Cem. Married. 50yrs. Ill.
Randolph, Edmund K. F. Age 69-11-7. B. Meadville,Pa. D. Spring Twp. & Cem. Mrd. Il. 34yrs.
Rands, Lucy Ann Age 37-7-22. B. Lincolnshire,Engl. D. 3-10-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Maried
Ransom, E. Darwin Age 85-11-16. B. Niagara,Ny. D. 11-3-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 60y. Ill.
Ransom, Grace Age 79-1-0. B. Ireland. D. 9-19-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 16yrs. In Ill.
Ransom, Mary Ann (Andrus) Age 84-7. B. Alleghany Co. Ny. D. 12-11-1906blv&Cem. 63y. Ill.
Ransom - See Morse.
Ray - See Henderson.
Ray, Abigail Age 78-8-27. B. Wakill,Ny. D. 2-25-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. Il. 5yrs.
Ray, Addie Age 17-5-9. B. Poplar Grove. D. 6-9-1892 Poplar Grove Tp. & Cem. Single.
Ray, George Age 84. B. Scotl. D. 10-2-1911 Caledonia Tp. W. Rockford Cem. Wid. 50yrs. Ill.
Ray, George B. 9-15-1845 Fall River,Mass. D. 4-27-1913 P. Grove&Cem. Married. 66y. Ill.
Ray, George D. 4-27-1913. F=Wm. Cruckshank? Adopted Note. B. Scotl. M=?.
Ray, Henrietta Age 38. B. Sullivan Co. Ny. D. 9-22-1882 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 26yrs. Ill.
Ray, John Dewitt Age 48. B. ?. D. 11-8-1902 Chicago. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Ray, Carrie E. Age 22-8-0. B. Kirkland,Ill. D. 12-28-1886 ? Married. 22yrs. In Ill.
Ray, Margaret Age 73-9-0. B. Nelston,Reimjaershire?,Scotl. D. 3-11-1895 Caledonia. Scot
Raywald, Bertha Age 84. B. Germany. D. 3-14-1905 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. -
Raywood, Lena (Zilmer) Age 41. B. ?. D. 7-15-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Reed - See May.
Reed, Albert Eugene Age 26. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-18-1905 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem. S. 26-
Reed, Charles B. 4-16-1826 Westfield,Mass. D. 11-15-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Widower.
Reed, George Webber Age 79-5-25. B. Devonshire,Engl. D. 9-10-1904 G. Pr. &Cem. Widower. 33
Reed, Harriet Mana Age 82-7-16. B. Westfield,Mass. D. 2-12-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 60y-
Reed, Jane Age 20-8-10. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 6-7-1878 Caledonia. Scotch Cem. 19yr.
Reed, Jane Age 80-2-0. B. Ny. D. 2-11-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 53yrs. In Ill.
Reed, Mary Alice Age 55-9-20. B. &D. 7-8-1910 Blvdr. Moonrocket,So. Dakota Cem. Wid. 26y.
Reed, Myrta Age 5. B. Spring Tp. D. 8-25-1881 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grove Cem.
Reed - See Reid.
Reed, Welman W. B. 7-19-1859 Devonshire,Engl. D. 6-8-1915 G. Pr. &Cem. Single.
Reed, Welman W. D. 6-8-1915. F=George W. Reed M=Patience Loverige.
Reed, Wm. Luck Age 70-11-10. B. Vt. D. 10-13-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Regan, Charles Age 82-3-25. B. Ireland. D. 4-25-1912 Caledonia. St. James Cem. Mrd. 29y. Ill.
Regan, Charles D. 4-25-1912. F=Peter Regan M=Collins.
Rehbar, Christian Age 70-8-7. B. Germany. D. 9-19-1904 P. Grove&Cemmarried. 31yr. In Ill.
Rehbar, Florence Age 9-6-27. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-26-1906 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Reichert, George A. Age 1. B. Belvidere. D. 6-26-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Reichert, Son Age 2hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 12-23-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Reid, Anna Blake Age 48-8-25. B. Armagh Co. Ire. D. 10-1-1878 Manchester Tp. Capron Cem.
Reid, David Age 22. B. Ill. D. 7-28-1878 Leroy Tp. Chemung, Ill. Cem. 22yrs. In Ill. Single.
Reid, James J. Age 52. B. ?. D. 5-18-1902 Sagers Corners. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Reid, James Age 73. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 10-2-1880 Caledonia. Willow Crk. Cem.
Reid, Katie Age 32-5-10. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 12-13-1902 Belvidere Tp. Willow Crk. Cem. Mari-
Reid - See Reed.
Reid, Son Age 1/2hr. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-14-1908 Caledonia Tp. Flower Gardn Burial.
Reid, Son Age 1hr. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-14-1908 Caledonia Tp. Flower Garden Burial
Reidel, Christina Age 79. B. Germany. D. 2-13-1912 Belvidere. &Cem. Widow.
Rennie, George Age 74. B. Paisley,Scotland. D. 3-26-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 18y. -
Rennie, Sophia Ophelia Age 45-9-16. B. Illinois. D. 4-12-1909 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Mrd. 45yill
Reser, Gertrude Duryea Age 36-3-2. B. Boone Co. D. 7-19-1907 Boone Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. -
Reser, Margaret J, B. 11-28-1874 Hunter Twp. D. 2-28-1915 Blvdr. Liv. Cem. Maried. 40y. Ill.
Reser, Margaret J. D. 2-28-1915. F=Archie Patterson B. Scotl. M-Margaret Mcintyre -
Reser, Polly M. Age 57-9-7. B. Ny. D. 12-30-1896 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Gv. Cem. Married. 20y-
Rewold - See Raywald.
Rewold - See Reywaldt.
Rewoldt - See Raywood.
Rewoldt, Edmonina M. Age 13days. B. Boone Tp. D. 3-2-1903 Boone Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Reynolds, Eliabeth Age 53-9-14. B. Penn. D. 3-15-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 47yr. Ill.
Reynolds, Ella Age 37. B. ?. D. 12-31-1892 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. 30yrs. In Ill.
Reynolds, Franklin Martin Age 3mo. 3days. B. Polar Grove. D. 4-1-1884poplar Grv. &C.
Reynolds, John Age 55. B. U. S. D. 10-5-1905 Elgin,Ill. Poplar Grv. Cem. Widower.
Reynolds, Son Age 1/2day B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-2-1894 Poplar Grove. &Cem.
Reynolds, Thomas Age 35. B. Ny. D. By 11-26-1892 Belvidere. Bonus Cem. 32yrs. In Ill.
Reywaldt, Wm. Age 83-6-25. B. Germany. D. 6-16-1905 Belvidere&Cem Widower. 39yr. In Ill
Rhinehart, Allan Fuller Age 2-11-0. B. Belvidere. D. 1-8-1886 Belvidere & Cem.
Rhodes - See Roads.
Rice, Mary B. 12-24-1834 N. H. D. 2-25-1912 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widowed. 64yrs. In Ill.
Rice, Mary D. 2-25-1912. F=J. B. Daniels B. Nh. M=Mary Cross B. Nh.
Rich - See Stevens.
Richards, Anna Eliza Age72-10-3. B. Birnington,Ny. D. -15-1882 Capron. Laport,Ind. Cem.
Richards, Edith Age 28-5-10. B. Indiana. D. 4-5-1885 Garden Pr. & Cem. Married. 15y In Ill.
Richards, Emma B. 7-15-1867 Capron. D. 11-14-1911 Boone. Capron Luth. Cem. Married.
Richards, Wilma Age 75-9-16. B. Plymouth,Engl. D. 4-2-1902 Belvidere. Widow. 15yrs. In Il.
Richardson, Charles Age ? B. ?. A Salesman. D. 9-10-1888 Caledonia Tp. Rockford Cem.
Richardson, John Age 73-7. O. B. ? (English). D. 8-9-1884 Belvidere & Cem.
Richardson, Maggie Age 11. B. Caledonia. D. 9-22-1887 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Richardson, Mood M. Age 21-1-20. B. Boone Co. D. 3-2-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Richter, Wilhelm August Karl B. 7-25-1895 Belvidere. D. 2-26-1913 Belvidere.
Richter, Wilhelm August Karl D. 2-26-1913. F=Chas. Richter B. Germ. M=Tena Silman B-
Riddle, John B. 9-29-1861 Munsey Co. Pa. D. 9-3-1914 Belvidere. Genoa Cem. Married.
Ridge, Robert B. 6-14-1838 Ireland. D. 3-24-1914 Capron &Cem. Widower. 58y. Ill. 62y. U. S.
Riedel, Lena Age 47. B. Ill. D. 9-11-1912 Elgin,Ill.
Rightor, Charles Age 68-3-10 B. Ostego,Ny. D. 2-7-1886 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Rightor, Margret Age 73-0-20. B. Cherry Vly,Ny. D. 12-21-1893 Belvidere. Rockford Cem.
Ripky, Julius Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-3-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Ripley - See Donaldson.
Rislow, Ellen Age 80. B. Norway. D. 8-22-1902 Boone Tp. U. S. Cem. 58yrs. In Ill.
Rislow, Ellene Age 38. B. Capron,Ill. D. 10-6-1904 Capron&Cem. Single. 38yrs. In Ill.
Ritchert, Sophia Age 30. B. Daugelfeldt,Prussia. D. 2-25-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Ritchie, Son Of Geo. &Lilian Age 2 1/2days. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-6-1887 Spring Tp. &Cem.
Ritter, Minnie Age 4mo. B. Belvidere. D. 10-10-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Ritzert, Florence M. Age 9mo. 12days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-14-1901 Belvidere&Cem.
Ritzert, Frank Age 27. B. Belvidere. D. 8-17-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 27yrs. In Ill.
Rix, Alma Age 44-6. B. Newport,Ny. D. 2-8-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 22yrs. Single.
Rix, Charles Age 81-6. B. Ny. D. 9-22-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 52yrs. In Ill.
Rix - See Heywood.
Roads, Mary Age 58. B. Germany. D. 7-2-1906 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married. 40yrs. Ill.
Robbins, George Age 60. B. ?. D. 8-7-191o Belvidere& St. James Cem. Cem.
Robbins, Vera May Age 11mo. 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-6-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Robinson - See Lovejoy.
Robinson, Eliza Bornchley Age 91. B. Kent Co. England. D. 3-19-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Wid
Robinson, Ephraim Richard Age 78-4-17. B. Kent Co. Engl. D. 7-27-1891 Belvidere&Cem.
Robinson, Geo. Wm. B. 10-1843 England. D. 1-1-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 59yrs. Ill.
Robinson, Geo. Wm. D. 1-1-1913. F=E. R. Robinson M=Eliza Brenchley.
Robinson, John G. Age 51-10-15. B. Boone Co. D. 4-14-1904 Boone Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. 51y. In-
Robinson, Lucy H. Age 4mo. 19days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-28-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Robinson, Mary Age 76-1-8. B. Vt. D. 5-8-1908 Belvidere. &Cem. Married. 72yrs. In Ill.
Robinson, Samuel Age 46-0-20. B. Great? Ford,Maine. D. 1-19-1882 Flora Tp. Bloods Pt. C.
Rockwell, Clarissa Age 95-4-14. B. North Salem,Ny. D. 11-10-1890 Belvidere. Mt. Carroll-
Rodgers, Edith Age 2-6-25. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 9-4-1909 Caledonia Tp. Roscoe Cem.
Roe, Carabell Griggs B. 7-5-1878 Greensville,Il. D. 4-27-1911 Belvidere. Grnvl. Cem. Mrd.
Roe, Carabell Griggs D. 4-27-1911. F=Dan. Griggs B. Carolina M=Anna Morse B. Grnvl.
Rogers - See Traver.
Rogers, Caroline Age 40-9-20. B. England. D. 12-4-1887 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Rogers, Carrie Age 40-9-20. B. England. D. 12-4-1887 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Rogers, Everetta Olive Age 44-4-2. B. Porterville,Ny. D. 6-25-1881 Belvidere & Cem.
Rogers, John Age 89-8-12. B. Parish Hutton,Engl. D. 12-16-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Rogers, John F. Age 49-11-17. B. England. D. 3-12-1889 Spring Tp. & Cem. Married. 29yr. Inill.
Rogers, Lawrence Howard B. 12-28-1910 Boone Co. D. 10-8-193 Caledonia Tp. Roscoe Cem
Rogers, Lawrence Howard D. 10-8-1913. F=Ray Rogers B. Bn Co. M=Latty M. Ziegler B. R-
Rogers, Mary Age 76-8-27. B. Great Farmonth?,Engl. D. 10-19-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Mar. -
Rolandson, Carl Age 42-7-10. B. Capron,D. 2-26-1906 Capron&Cem. Single.
Rollins, Alfred Age 64. B. Sweden. D. 3-26-1904 Belvidere. Cherry Vly. Cem. Widowere. 24-
Rollins, Charles B. 3-8-1849 Madison Co. Ny. D. 10-1-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 7y. Ill.
Roney, Martha Age 45-7-26. B. Belvidere. D. 10-10-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 45y. Ill.
Rose, Charles Age 31. B. Belvidere. D. 8-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Rose, George A. Age 62. B. Smiths Falls,Canada. D. 1-20-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 41y. Ill.
Rosekrans, Jacob D. Age ?(47). B. ?. (Ny. ). D. 3-28-1890 Garden Prairie. Married. C. W. Vet.
Rosekrans, James O. Age 73. B. Kingston,Ny. D. 2-14-1906blvdr. . G. Pr. Cem. Mrd. 51y. Ill.
Rosenkrans, Cesialda J. Age 65. B. Union,Penn. D. 1-14-1910 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. 50-
Rote, Esther Age 73-1-28. B. Greenwood,Penn. D. 10-21-1886 Belvidere & Cem. 31yrs. In Ill.
Roth, Freddie Carl Age 1-9. B. Spring Tp. D. 6-5-1902 Spring Tp. Shattucks Grv. Cem.
Roth, Mary Catherine Age 12-0-27. B. Spring Tp. D. 4-26-1906 Garden Pr. Shattucks Gr. C.
Roth, Peter Age 82-2-1. B. Switzerland. D. 7-12-1910 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Mrd. 54yrs. Ill.
Roundy, Charles Age 30-8-4. B. Michigan. D. 8-24-1881 Flora Tp. Michigan Cem. Single.
Rowan, Jay Age ? (25). B. ?(Ill. ). D. 12-2-1888 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Rowan, Perry C. Age 19. B. Belvidere. D. 7-6-1886belvidere & Cem. 19yrs. In Ill.
Rowan, Warren C. Age 61-11-9. B. Green Co. Ny. D. 2-11-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Rowen, Laura Malinda B. 4-26-1879 Ill. D. 3-17-1911 Flora Tp. Kirkland Cem. Married.
Rowen, Laura Malinda D. 3-17-1911. F=Eber Lucas B. ? M=Louise Kingsbury B. ?
Rowen, Retta Age 48-3-21. B. ?. D. 11-9-1902 Centroplis,Kansas. Belvidere Cem.
Rowley, Wm. Age 66-5-10. B. Ireland. D. 11-18-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Roy - See Strain.
Rubeck, August D. B. 1-6-1829 Griefswald,P. Germany. D. 11-15-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 40y. I
Rubin, Hannibal Henry Age 38-2-21. B. Whitewater,Wisc. D. 5-8-1899 Belvidere&Cem. Mar-
Ruck, Thomas Age 63-3-9. B. Moldash,Engl. D. 5-6-1889 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 34yinill.
Ruckheim, Fred Age 79-5-0. B. Prussia. D. 9-21-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 31yrs. In Ill.
Rudd, Asa Age 72 B. ? D. 12-23-1903 Belvidere. Eldora,Iowa Cem.
Rudolph, Dtr. Age 2mo,15dats. B. Illinois. D. 4-2-1887 Spring Tp. Ill. Cem.
Rudolph, Gazle Raymond Age 7days. B. Ill. D. 4-23-1912 Spring Tp. Genoa Cem.
Rudolph, Gazle Raymond D. 4-23-1912. F=Benj. Rudolph B. Ill. M=Dunn B. Ill.
Ruhlman, Frederick Wm. Age 62-4-0. B. Freyburg,Germany. D. 6-18-1883 Belvidere&Cem.
Rulifson, Emile Ralph Age 7-1-19. B. Bonus Tp. D. 2-15-1879 Bonus Tp. & Cem.
Rulifson, Maria Age 85-4-5. B. Ny. D. 8-3-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 60yrs. In Ill.
Rulifson, Ralph Age 95-11-5. B. Ny. D. 12-9-1913 Belvidere&Cem, Widowed. 68yrs. In Ill.
Rulisson - See Rulifson.
Rundell, Albert Age 19-3-5. B. Caledonia, Il. D. 5-25-1878 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Russell, Nancy Age 72. B. Ohio. D. 12-27-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 30yrs. In Ill.
Ryan, Julia E. Age 77. B. Ny. D. 11-30-1903 Flora Tp. Irene Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Ryan, Irving Roser Age 9mo. B. Flora Tp. D. 8-27-1888flora Tp. &Cem.
Ryan, Thomas J. Age 32. B. Willimantic,Conn. D. 3-24-1907blvdr. Willimantic Cem. Sngle.

Saaf, Bata Age 74-1-22. B. Sweden. D. 10-12-1906 Herbert. Scandinavian Cem. Married. 37y. -
Saaf, Beata Josephine Age 74-1-22. B. Sweden. D. 10-12-1906 Spring Tp. Rovkford Cem. Mrd. -
Saaf, Nels F. Age 76-1-18. B. Sweden. D. 8-7-1908 Spring Tp. Scandinavian Cem. Wid. 39yrs. Ill
Sabin, David Dickey Age 79. B. Spencer,Tioga Co. Ny. . D. 12-13-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Sackett, Caroline Ames Age 98. B. Colchester,Vt. D. 10-21-1908 Garden Pr. &Cem. Wid. 74y.
Sackett, Mary A. Age 66-0-10. B. Vt. D. 6-16-1884 Garden Prairie. Rockford Cem. Maried.
Sadewater, Emma Age 25. B. Chicago. D. 6-13-1909 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Single.
Safford, Welthia A. Age 85. B. Ny. D. 10-9-1901belvidere. Marengo Cem. Widow. 40yrs. Inil
Sage, Emily A. Age 51-1-9. B. Ny. D. 7-22-1881 Spring Tp. Genoa Cem. Married. 36yrs. Ill.
Sage, Jesse Age 79-5-24. B. Vt. D. 8-24-1886 Belvidere. Marengo Cem. Married. 39yrs. In Ill.
Sager - See Marks.
Sager, Harold C. Age 2-3. B. ?. D. 10-17-1902 Chicago. Belvidere Cem.
Sager, Jane Mrs. Age 77. B. Eastern,Ny. D. 1-31-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 25yrs. Ill.
Sager, Jefferson Age 68. B. Ny. D. 2-22-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 4yrs. In Ill.
Sager, Moses Age 81. B. Eastern Ny. D. 7-9-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 20yrs. Ill.
Sager, Pheba M. Age 32-2-10. B. Belvidere. D. 7-3-1905 Belvidere&Cem. 4yrs. In Ill.
Salley - See Sally.
Sally, Fredericka Age 60-10-15. B. Germany. D. 3-1-1903 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. M-
Salsbury, Nicholas Age 78-4. B. Ny. D. 8-11-1903 Belvidere.
Sandall, Harold Clark Age 2-11. B. Boone Co. D. 12-1-1903 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sandell, Asmong Age 58-1-15. B. Norway. D. 4-18-1911 Manchester Tp. W. Bergen Cem. Wid.
Sanders, Wm. H. Age 71-4-12. B. Jefferson Co. Ny. D. 1-8-1879 Caledonia. At Home Cem.
Sands, Henrietta Age 73-11-7. B. Hooper,Ny. D. 3-9-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 55yrs. Ill.
Sawyer, Elizabeth G. Age 92-2-23. B. Halifax,Vt. D. 6-9-1886 Belvider & Cem. Widow.
Sawyer, Emma Age 2. B. Belvidere. D. 12-13-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Sawyer, Frank Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-11-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
Sawyer, James W. Age 48-9-2. B. Windom,Vt. D. 8-11-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 47yill.
Sawyer, Jessie F. Age 9-4. B. N. Y. City. D. 3-6-1879 Belvidere & Cem. 2yrs. In Ill.
Sawyer, Lee Bernard Age 5mo. 7days. B. Ill. D. 9-3-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Sawyer, Limme Maud Age 30-9-2. B. Fairbury,Ill. D. 4-19-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 30-
Sawyer, Linny Maud Age 30-8. B. Fairbury,Ill. D. 4-19-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Sawyer, Ruhama B. Dec. 1840 Washington Co. Ny. D. 10-1-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Wid. 60yill.
Sawyer, Ruhama D. 10-1-1912. F=Fisher M=Stevens.
Sawyer, Wm. Mark Age 40-5-25. B. St. Louis,Mo. D. 4-11-1910belvidere&Cem. Widower. 39y. Il
Saxton - See Wilcox.
Saxton, Herbert Roe Age 10mo. 3days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-3-1878. Belvidere & Cem.
Sayer - See Sayre.
Sayre, James Parker Age 74-5-0. B. Columbia,N. J. D. 11-25-1887 Belvidere. Cherry Vly Cem.
Schaffer - See Shaffer.
Schaffer, Clarence Walter Age 2days. B. Belvidere. D. 5-12-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Schaffer, Son B. 3-1-1912 Belvidere. D. 3-1-1912blvdr. &Cem.
Schaffer, Son D. 3-1-1912. F=Albert Schaffer B. Germany. M=Johanninsmeier B. Germ. -
Scharping - See Sharping.
Scheiber, Minnie A. H. B. 1-4-1864 Prussia. D. 8-4-1914 Belvidere. Pekin,Il. Cem. Single.
Scheiber, Minnie A. H. D. 8-4-1914. 45y. Ill. 47y. U. S. F=Wm. Scheiber M=Augusta Bearbann.
Schilling, Minnie Age 22. B. Germany. D. 11-29-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 19yrs. Ill.
Schlenk, George J. Age 72. B. Germany. D. 4-12-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Schmule, Anna Age 1-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 7-31-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Schnor, Walter Age 6. B. Belvidere. D. 11-2-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Schondelmaier, Jacob John Age 73-11-16. B. Germany. D. 2-1-1903 Garden Pr. &Cem. Mari-
Schroeder, Carl Otto Age 7-9-5. B. Michigan. D. 4-25-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
Schuldt, Freda Age 19-2-25. B. Monee,Will Co. Ill. D. 4-20-1897 Caledonia Tp. Blvdr. Cem.
Schultz, Ella Age 15-4-5. B. Milwaukee,Wi. D. ? Caledonia Tp. Lake Geneva Cem.
Schultz, Fred Age 30-5-25. B. Monee,Ill. D. 8-10-1903 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 30y
Schultz, Mary Age 71-9. B. Germany. D. 10-3-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 42yrs. Ill.
Schultz, Mary D. 10-3-1914. F=John Stegeman M=Mary Kanule.
Schultz, Minnie Age 21. B. Winnebago Co. Il. D. 11-5-1911 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem. Mrd.
Schuman, Eckard B. 4-3-1826 Germany. D. 4-10-1914 G. Pr. Marengo Cem. Mrd. 49yrs. Ill.
Schuman, Eckard D. 4-10-1914. F=Henry Schuman M=Mary Meser.
Schwartz - See Swartz.
Schwartz, Adele L. Age 22-5. B. Germany. D. 11-26-1906belvidere&Cem. Married. 21yr. Ill.
Schwartz, Earnest Wm. Charles Age 1 Day. B. Belvidere. D. 9-3-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Schwarz, Rosy M. Age 1-8. B. Farmington,Iowa. D. 6-4-1902 Belvidere&Cem. 10mo. In Ill.
Schwebke - See Schweptke.
Schwebke - See Swebke. & Swebka.
Schwebke - See Swep.
Schwebke, Caroline B. 8-21-1829 Germany. S. 2-11-1912 Belvidere. &Cem. Widow.
Schwebke, Fred Age 80-10-8. B. Germany. D. 4-20-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 23yrs. Ill.
Schwebke, Minnie Age 47-10-6. B. Germany. D. 3-14-1910 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. 26y-
Schwebke, Will Age 10mo. B. Belvidere. D. 9-1892 Belvidere&Cem.
Schweptke, Bessie Age 6mo. 10days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-31-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Schweptke, Teresa S. Age 23-10-19. B. Germany. D. 4-2-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 10yill.
Schofield, Geo. W. Age 67-8-18. B. Luzerne,Warren Co. Ny. D. 9-25-1888 Blvdr. & Cem. Wid.
Schofield - See Scofield.
Scott, Charles Age 41-1-29. B. Lycoming Co. Penn. D. 7-25-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Scott, Elsie Marie B. 1-16-1915 Ill. D. 1-18-1915 Belvidere&Cem.
Scott, Elsie Marie D. 1-18-1915. F=Frank Scott B. Indiana. M=Lizzie P. Oneil B. Ind.
Scott, Frank B. Age 37 B. Chicago. D. 9-0-1911 Belvdr. Chicago Cem. Single. F=Shaw Scott
Scott, John F. Age 26-5-10. B. Belvidere. D. 10-7-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 26yrs. Ill.
Scott, Susan E. Age 77. B. Vanderburg Co,Ind. D. 1-28-1908 Belvidere. Owensville,Ind. C.
Scrivens, James Age 81-11-22. B. Glouchestershire,Engl. D. 6-2-1905 Spring Tp. &Cem. Wid. -
Sears - See Porter.
Sears, Charley A. Age 61-10-13. B. Garden Pr. D. 10-10-1908 Garden Pr. &Cem. Married.
Sears, Harriett Age 57-7-27. B. Chittenden Co. Vt. D. 12-6-1877 Garden Prairie. G. P. Cem.
Seaver, Knute Age 93-5-7. B. Voss,Norway. D. 5-23-1909 Manchester Tp. E. Bergen Cem. Mrd
Seavert, Betsy Age 47-11-19. B. Norway. D. 4-14-1880 Manchester Tp. So. Clinton Cem.
Sebring, Tyle Van B. 1-27-1850 Manchester Tp. D. 10-28-1912 Manches- Tp. Liv. Cem. Single.
Secoy, Jane Age 67. B. Boone Tp. D. 2-13-1908 Boone Tp. Liv. Cem. Single.
Secoy, Simon Age 70-7-3. B. Brooklyn,Ny. D. 5-11-1878 Manchester Tp. & Cem. 40yrs. In Il.
Segerlund, Grace Ann Age 25-2-14. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 1-14-1904 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. C.
Segerlund, Lester Age 2 1/2hrs. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 11-27-1898 Caledonia Tp. & Cem.
Seibert, Valentine Age 74. B. Germany. D. 3-3-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Sellard, Mary Age 26-8-22. B. Vt. D. 5-26-1883 Belvidere. Desmet,Kingsbury Co. Sod. Cem.
Sever, Freddie Age 2yr. 22days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 7-3-1879 Manchester Tp. Clinton C.
Sever, Joseph Fremont Age 19-7-11. B. &D. Manchester Tp. D. 12-31-1882 Norw. L. Cem.
Severt, Lewis Age 51. B. Norway. D. 4-18-1883 Manchester Tp. Married.
Seward, Nathaniel Age 77-4-13. B. Ny. D. 5-7-1912 Belvidere. Sycamore Cem. Mrd. 35y. Ill.
Seward, Nathaniel D. 5-7-1912. F=Lamart Seward B. Ny. M=Harriett B. Ny.
Sewell, Dtr. B. 5-9-1913 Belvidere. D. 5-12-1913 Belvidere&Cem.
Sewell, Dtr. D. 5-12-1913. F=Chas. Sewell B. Boone Co. M=Myrtle Thorn B. Mason City,Ia.
Sewell, Eliza Emma Age 22-11-14. B. Chicago. D. 4-27-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Sewell, Isaac Age 75-5-0. B. England. D. 4-10-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 53yrs. In Ill.
Sewell, Manard Age 1-3-24. B. Belvidere. D. 1-24-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Sewell, Mary Age 84. B. England. D. 12-17-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 65yrs. In Ill.
Sewell - See Hersey.
Sewer, Ann Maria Age 83-5-3. B. Germany. D. 1-27-1887 Poplar Grove & Cem. Widow. 6yill.
Seymour, Irena F. Age 74-11-20. B. Ny. D. 4-23-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 27yrs. Ill.
Shackell, Son Age 3hrs. B. ?. D. 10-2-1894 Polar Grove & Cem.
Shafer, Emily Age 59-1-14. B. Illinois. D. 9-10-1906 Bonus Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Widow. 59yrs. In Ill.
Shaffer - See Schaffer.
Shaffer, Alvian Age 38-9-6. B. ?. D. 11-9-1902madison,Wisc. Belvidere Cem.
Shaffer, Ferdinand Age 73. B. Germany. D. 12-8-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 22yrs. Ill.
Shaks, Emma Mcmellan Age 37-2-18. B. Terra Cotta,Mchenry Co. D. 12-19-1906 Blvdr. T. C. -
Shanahan, Mary J. Age 1-9-7. B. ? D. 9-19-1884 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Shane, Emma B. 1845 Ny. D. 9-15-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 59 Yrs. In Ill.
Shane, Emma D. 9-15-1913. F=Solon Bigham B. Ny. M=? B. Belvidere.
Shane, Fred B. Age 34. B. Illinois. D. 1-13-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Shane, Hiram B. 1835 Virgina. D. 12-8-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 75 Yrs. In Ill.
Shane, Hiram D. 12-9-1912. F=David Shane B. Va. M=Lydia Trowbridge B. Pa.
Shane, Son Of H. B. Age 3. B. Belvidere. D. 11-11-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Sharp, Dtr. Age 16days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-18-1890 Belvidere & Cem.
Sharp. Western Age 64-9-1. B. Ny. D. 12-23-1906 Belvidere. Baraboo,Wi. Cem. Widower. 64y. -
Sharping, Fredrick B. 1-24-1847 Germany. D. 5-12-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 30yrs. In Ill.
Sharping, Fredrick D. 5-12-1915. F=John Sharping B. Germany. M= B. Germany.
Shattuck, Clara E. Age 23-9-6. B. Illinois. D. 2-6-1882 Spring Tp. & Cem. Married.
Shattuck, Emma A. Age 21-0-15. B. Spring Tp. D. 9-2-1883 Bonus Tp. Spring Tp. Cem. Maried.
Shattuck, Foster H. Age 87. B. Ohio. D. 12-1-1910 Belvidere. Shattucks Cem. 74yrs. Ill.
Shattuck, Harriett Age 79-2-3. B. Ohio. D. 1-29-1907 Belvidere. Shattuck Grv. Cem. Mrd. 70-
Shattuck, Hellen Age 50. B. Illinois. D. 2-11-1904 Spring Tp. &Cem. 50yrs. In Ill.
Shattuck, Olive Age 95. B. Litchfied,Conn. D. 2-14-1882 Spring Tp. &Cem. Widow. 46yrs. Il.
Shaw, Daniel Age 81-2-12. B. Vt. D. 5-3-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 32yrs. In Ill.
Shaw, Martha Bertha Age 79-11-27. B. Glover,Vt. D. 3-8-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 34y-
Sheehan, John Age 84. B. Ireland. D. 2-4-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 55yrs. In Ill.
Sheehy, Edward Age 12. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 10-7-1903 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Shepard, James M. Age 74-4-21. B. Newmalboro,Mass. D. 12-10-1905belvidere. Pecatonica-
Shepard, Samuel D. 4-24-1911. F=James M. Shepard B. Mass. M=Susan L. Pettibone B. Mass.
Shepard, Samuel F. B. 9-26-1852 Mass. D. 4-24-1911 Belvdr. Pecatonica Cem. Mrd. 56yr. Ill.
Sherman, Edwin Age 47-4-5. B. Boone Co. D. 4-10-1906 Poplar Grv. &Cem. 48yrs. In Ill.
Sherrill, Henry J. Age 74-8-18. B. Lebanon,Madison Co. Ny. D. 8-16-1898 Belvidere& Cem. M-
Shirley, Sophy Z. Age 66-1-26. B. Iowa. D. 9-17-1907 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 27yrs. In Ill.
Shirm - See Sturm.
Shoemaker, Neva L. Age 57. B. Ny. D. 12-9-1902 Belvidere7cem. 10weeks In Ill.
Shultz, Bessie Louise Age 3mo. 18days. B. Belvidere. D. 7-22-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Shultz, Hannah Age 10mo. 4days. B. Cologne,Germany. D. 5-6-1881 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Shultz, Lewis Age 10mo. 5days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-13-1891belvidere&Cem. Single. 10mo-
Silvius, Alice Marie B. 2-17-1866 Woodstock. D. 2-10-1912 Blvdr. St. James Cem. Mrd.
Silvius, Anna D. 9-6-1915belvidere. D. 9-6-1915. F=John Murry B. Ireland.
Silvius, Anne B. 9-10-1865 Dekalb Co. Il. D. 9-6-1915belvidere. St. James Cem. Mrd. 49yrs. Ill.
Silvius, Carrie Age 24-2-27. B. Germany. D. 5-13-1886 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married.
Silvius, Daniel Age 72-11-0. B. Penn. D. 2-7-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Silvius, Henry Age 84-6. B. Germany. D. 4-11-1906 Flora Tp. &Blds. Pt. Cem. Married. 52y. Ill.
Silvius, Mary Ann Age 80-0-29. B. Johnstown,Penn. D. 1-12-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 35-
Silvius, Melisa E. Age 51-2-18. B. Susquehanna Co. Pa. D. 4-19-1878 Flora Tp. & Cem. 23yr.
Sim, Thomas Dr. Age 70-6-18. B. Glasgow,Scotl. D. 11-11-1879 Belvidere. Chicago Cem.
Simonds, Lucinda Age 71. Bny. D. 5-30-1889 Belvidere. Garden Pr. Cem. Married. 36yill.
Simons, Rolla Age 64. B. ?. D. 9-13-1912 Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem. Widower. F+M. B. Ny.
Simpson, Bretta Age 84. B. Norway. D. 3-25-1904 Capron&Cem. Widow. 40yrs. In Ill.
Simpson, Hans Age 60. B. Norway. D. 12-1-1878 Capron. Buried Near Capron. Married.
Simpson, Laura Age 90. B. Norway. D. 6-22-1907 Capron. Nor. Luth. Cem. Widower. 52yr. Ill.
Simpson, Lillie Age 60-7-17. B. Pittsburg,Penn. D. 5-28-1908 Belvidere. Charter Oak Cem. -
Sister, Amelia (A Nun) Age 35. B. Peoria,Ill. D. 4-26-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 35yr. Ill.
Sizer, Mary Age 84-9-2b. Holme,Notinghamshire,Engl. D. 3-19-1909 Blvdr. &Cem. Wid. 47y-
Sizer, Thomas J. Age 76. B. Ny. D. 1-12-1910 Belvidere. Holland Patent,Ny. Cem. Mrd. 54y. Ill
Sizer, Thomas Sharp Age 77. B. Surrey,Engl. D. 5-25-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50y. Ill
Sjoquist, John Age 35. B. Sweden. D. 12-30-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Single. 4yrs. In Ill.
Skaclish, Son B. 2-18-1913 Flora Tp. D. 2-27-1913 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Skaclish, Son D. 2-27-1913. F=C. F. B. Russia. M=Mary Miller B. Russia.
Skagan, Hazel Diana B. 3-25-1899 Ill. D. 9-4-1915. Single.
Skagan, Hazel Diana D. 9-14-1915. F=Christ0pr Skagan B. Norway M=Edith Atwood B. Il
Skallish - See Skaclish.
Skiles, Son B. 7-13-1914. D. 7-13-1914 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Skinner, Bernice M. Age 30. B. St. John,Mich. D. 12-9-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 2yrs. Ill.
Skofstad, Anna M. Age 53-7-15. B. Norway. D. 11-16-1892 Manchster Tp. W. Luth. Cem. Mar. -
Skofstad, John Edward Age 41-2-4. B. Wisconsin. D. 7-17-1901 Manchester. So. Clinton C.
Skutale, Emily Age 80-3-5. B. Vose,Norway. D. 1-25-1907 Manchester Tp. Bergen Cem. Wid. -
Slack, James Frederick Age 70-3-12. B. Eldred,Mckean Co. Ny. D. 6-3-1907 B. &Cem. Mrd. 12y.
Slack, Nancy Maria B. 12-13-1845 Newark Valley,Ny. D. 3-28-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. Wid. 20y. Il
Slack, Nancy Maria D. 3-28-1912. F=Henry A. Johnson B. Ny. M=Harriette E. Benton B. Ny.
Slafter, Albert Alfonso Age 57. B. Illinois. D. 12-5-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 54y. Ill
Slafter, Lena Age 73-7-16. B. Cambridge, Ny. D. 10-6-1883 Belvidere. Bonus Tp. Cem.
Slaven, Edna Age 29. B. ?. D. 9-19-1902 Belvidere. Bradford,Il. Cem.
Slaymaker, Dora M. (Cline) Age 40. B. Flora Tp. D. 8-26-1902 Blvdr. Flora Cem. 40y. In Ill.
Sleezer, Birdie Age 2hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 9-13-1886 Belvidere.
Sleezer, Lulu S. Age 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 9-14-1886 Belvidere.
Slopletin, Edward Age 85. B. Ireland. D. 4-11-1906 Belvidere&St. Jamescem. Wid. 58y. Ill.
Slowery, James Age ?. B. ?. D. 3-24-1887 Caledonia Tp. Single.
Slowery, Thomas Age 75. B. Ireland. D. 5-5-1911 Caledonia. Beloit Cem. Single. 60yrs. Ill.
Slowery, Thomas D. 5-5-1911. F=Thomas Slowery M=?.
Smead, Daniel Webster Age 27-6-23 B. Washington,Indiana. D. 10-13-1910. Mrd. 5yrs. Ill.
Smead, Daniel Webster D. 1013-1910 Belvidere. Cherry Valley Cem.
Smead, Son Age 1hr. B. Belvidere. D. 3-23-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Smedley, Charles Chester Age 17-11-24. B. Belvidere. D. 9-8-1886 Belvidere & Cem.
Smedley, Eva Age 3hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 1-14-1888 Belvidere & Cem.
Smedley, Laura V. Age ?. B. ? D. 2-3-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Smith - See Ralston.
Smith, Charles L. Age 73. B. Ny. D. 4-9-1902belvidere&Cem. Married. 30yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Chas. V. Age 54. B. Stafford,Ny. D. 9-28-1909belvidere&Cem. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Clarissa Age 86-6. B. Ny. D. 6-10-1907 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 45yrs. Ill.
Smith, Cordelia Age 87-6-14. B. Canada. D. 4-4-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 28yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Emily Louisa Age 54. B. Conn. D. 5-8-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Smith, Flavel Age 90-6-11. B. Onondago Co. Ny. D. 11-21-1907 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Smith, Freddie Age 10mo. B. Flora Tp. D. 8-1-1881 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Smith, Grover Cleveland Age 4mo. 21days. B. Flora Tp. D. 12-23-1885 Floratp. Blvdr. Cem
Smith, Hannah W. Age 78-2-6. B. Ny. City. D. 1-26-1909 Belvidere. Seward,Nebr. Cem. Mrd. 2y-
Smith, Harriet C. Age 75-6. B. Bemington,Vt. D. 7-3-1908 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. 70y. Il
Smith, Harry Wright Age 18-0-1. B. Plainfield, N. J. D. 9-9-1881 Belvidere. Orth Cem. 9yr
Smith, Hazel Age 2-7-29. B. Illinois. D. 9-26-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Smith, Ira Age 66-8-6. B. Ny. D. 8-4-1906 Leroy Tp. Burr Oak Cem. Married. 48yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Jane B. 1-3-1834 Scotland. D. 8-16-1910 Capron&Cem. Widow. 54yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Lafayette Gilbert Age 83-6. B. Ny. D. 10-5-1908belvidere&Cem. Widower. 44yrs. Ill.
Smith, Lawrence E. Age 4-0-12. B. Belvidere. D. 12-5-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Smith, Lena Age 26-8-0. B. Illinois. D. 10-13-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Smith, Luella S. Age 54-8-27. B. West Mooreland,N. H. D. 11-25-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd.
Smith, Lura C. Age 78-11-10. B. Conn. D. 3-15-1893 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Married. 56y. Ill.
Smith, Mandena Cintha Age 44-0-6. B. Vt. D. 11-24-1880 Caledonia. P. Grove Cem. Married.
Smith, Mason Age 73-8-23. B. Ny. D. 7-25-1880 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Smith, Melville W. B. 6-12-1899capron. D. 7-13-1910 Capron&Cem.
Smith, Melville W. D. 7-13-1910. F=A. T. Smith B. Capron. M=Emma Vosse B. Germany.
Smith, Montgomery Age 86. B. Hartford,Conn. D. 1-28-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Smith, Orvis C. Age 72-11-3. B. Erie,Penn. D. 2-25-1895 Belvidere. Oak Wood Cem. Chicago.
Smith, Raymond Age 20. B. Whitwater,Wisc. D. 2-13-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 19y. Ill.
Smith, Rebecca L. Age 38. B. Whitewater,Wisc. D. 2-3-1888 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd. -
Smith, Richard Age 56-6-25. B. Litchfield,Ny. D. 3-22-1881 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd.
Smith, Son Of James Age 1/2hr. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 1-20-1889 Belvidere.
Smith, Stella S. Age 19. B. Battle Creek,Mich. D. 7-4-1881 Flora Tp. Bloods Pt. Cem.
Smith, Thomas Age 89 B. England. D. 11-5-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed.
Smith, William B. Age 60. B. Rutland Co. Vt. D. 5-2-1878 Boone Tp. Belvidere Cem. 38yrs.
Smith, Willie Age 1-1. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-12-1880 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Smith, Wm. Age 74-4-24. B. Forfershire,Scotl. D. 8-11-1905 Capron&Cem. Married. 50yrs. Ill.
Snyder, Paul Chas. Age 5-4-0. B. Ill. D. 6-27-1914 Belvidere&Cem.
Snyder, Paul Chas. D. 6-27-1914. F=Martin M. Snyder B. Pa. M=Flora Weaver B. Pa.
Soderberg, Albert B. 7-23-1901 Boone Co. D. 1-13-1911 Flora Tp. Belvdr. Cem.
Soderberg, Albert D. 1-13-1911. F=John Soderberg B. Sweden. M=Anna Sunden B. Swed.
Soderberg, Anna B. 4-2-1874 Sweden. D. 1-21-1911 Flora Tp. Belvdr. Cem. Married. 18y. Ill.
Soderberg, Anna D. 1-21-1911. F=Paul Sunden M=Carrie Soderberg.
Sorenson, Loreta D. 9-20-1912. F=Geo. W. Aspland B. Wisc. M=Nancy Gifford B. Canada.
Sorenson, Loreta M. B. 1-22-1887 Ill. D. 9-20-1912 Manchester Tp. Beloit Cem. Married.
Sower, Anna E. Age 31-2-12. B. Belvidere. D. 8-16-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 32y. In Ill.
Spackman, George Age 5mo. B. Belvidere. D. 7-19-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Speer, Adrian V. B. 10-23-1832 Nj. D. 4-25-1913 Capron &Cem.
Spencer, Angelina Age 39-1. B. U. S. D. 7-20-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 24yrs. In Ill.
Spencer, Catherine Age 65-11-12. B. Ny. D. 4-17-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 40yr Il.
Spencer, Darius Age 68-7-2. B. Ny. D. 8-31-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Spencer, Eunice Age 87-4-0. B. ?. D. 11-29-1893 Poplar Grove&Cem. Widow. 47yrs. In Ill.
Spencer, Jabez I. Age 86-0-10. B. Ostego Co. Ny. D. 10-20-1890 Flora Tp. &Cem. Married. 46yill
Spencer, Lawrence M. Age 88-10-14. B. Ny. D. 12-15-1901 Flora Tp. &Cem. Widow. 57yrs. In Il.
Spencer, Milton Age 71-2-26. B. Ny. D. 1-26-1908 Belvidere. Flora Cem. Married. 63yrs. Ill.
Spencer, Nancy W. Age 53. B. ?. D. 8-26-1888 Flora Cem. Married. 36yrs. In Ill.
Spencer, Thomas D. Age 1-11-7. B. Belvidere. D. 4-8-1910 Belvidere. Catholic Cem.
Spink. Pearl May Age 2-2-24. B. Los Angeles,Calif. D. 7-24-1906 Belvidere& Cem. 3mo. Ill.
Spinning, Mary Age 80-7-5. B. Saratoga Co,Ny. D. 7-15-1887 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Wido
Spoor, Fannie Age 23-11-18. B. Caledonia. D. 9-3-1880 Caledonia. Liv. Cem. Single. Il. 23yr.
Sprague, John Age 49-3-2. B. Illinois. D. 3-6-1884 Flora Tp. & Cem. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Sprague, Martha J. Age 70. B. Ny. D. 11-3-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Spurlark, Mary M. B. 1834 W. Va. D. 1-1-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 30+Yrs. Ill.
Spurlark, Mary M. D. 1-1-1911. F=Milo Morris B. Va. M=?.
Spurlark, Royal Morgan Age 15-2-1. B. Salem,Va. D. 8-9-1879 Belvidere 7 Cem.
Squires, George B. 4-14-1826 England. D. 8-19-1910 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single. 5iy. Ill. 58u. S.
Stadler, Lulu Age 23. B. Germany. D. 2-13-1910 Belvidere. Kirkland Cem. Single. 10y. Ill.
Stakes, Catherine Age 80. B. Ireland. D. 6-23-1906 Belvidere. Delavan,Wisc. Cem. Wid. 1yil
Staley, Jane Age 67-3-20. B. Ireland. D. 11-28-1908 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Stall, Julia Age 65. B. ?. D. 8-27-1902capron&Cem. Widow.
Stall, Ole Age 52-12-21. B. Norway. D. 12-24-1885capron & Luth. Cem. Married. 30y Ill.
Stapleton ? - See Slopletin.
Stapleton, Cassie Age 16-11-18. B. Bonus Tp. D. 4-18-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Stapleton, Catherine Age 46-0-2. B. Belvidere. D. 11-17-1904 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. S. 49-
Stapleton, Wm. Age 36-4-13. B. Woodstock,Ohio. D. 5-7-1901 Belvidere &Cem. Married. 30y-
Stark, Mary Age 86-4-12. B. Ny. D. 4-12-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 47yrs. In Ill.
Starr, Angeline Pendleton B. 6-17-1846 Ill. D. 12-3-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Married.
Starr, Angeline Pendleton D. 12-3-1910. F=C. M. Pendleton B. Ny. M=Eliza B. Taylor B. Vt.
Starr, Humphrey G. Age 83-5-26. B. Cavan Co. Irel. D. 10-6-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Starr, Irving Age 25-1-5. B. Belvidere. D. 10-12-1902belvidere&Cem. Single.
Starr, John C. B. 3-16-1839 Whitehall,Ny. D. 8-16-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 60yr. Ill.
Starr, John C. D. 6-16-1915. F=Humphrey G. Starr B. Ireland. M=Lucy M. Black B. Vt.
Stearnes, Hiram H. Age 67-1-5. B. Vt. D. 1-30-1880belvidere & Cem. Married. 14yrs. Ill.
Stearns, Sarah Jane B. 9-10-1861 Boone Co. D. 5-18-1911 Bonus Tp. Belvdr. Cem. ,Married.
Stearns, Sarah Jane D. 5-18-1911. F=George Irwin B. Ireland M=Sarah Walker B. Irel.
Stearns - See Stearnes.
Stebbins, Mariah Age 62. B. Ny. D. 2-10-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married,25yrs. In Ill.
Steele, George Age 66. B. Ny. D. 4-29-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Steele, George D. 4-29-1910. Cert. 2532 F=James B. England. M=Ann Heath B. England.
Stegeman - See Schultz.
Stegemann, Mary Fredericka B. 1-6-1850 Germ-. D. 11-20-1911 Belvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 47y. Ill.
Stegemann, Mary Fredericka D. 10-11-1911. F=Frederick Frank. M=F. M. Matero
Stehle, Joseph Age 43. B. Germany. D. 8-14-1891garden Prairie&Cem. Married.
Stehley - See Staley.
Stehley - See Stehle.
Steinborn, Emma Age 16-2-2. B. Belvidere. D. 4-29-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Steinborn, George Age 24. B. Belvidere. D. 2-25-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Steinborn, Mary Age 50-3-12. B. Pommard,Stratton,Ger. (Stettin?)D. 4-14-1905b. &Cem. 39y
Stenerson, Bertha Age 43. B. Sweden?D. 8-8-1894 Poplar Grv. Capron Cem. Mrd. 43yin Ill.
Stephens, Pearle Age 1-11-28. B. Boone Tp. D. 9-28-1884 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem.
Stephenson - See Webster.
Stephenson, John Age 69-4-0. B. Cumberland Co. Engl. D. 1-3-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd. -
Stephenson, Mamie Age 27-5. B. Capron. D. 3-24-1902 Belvidere. Capron Cem. Single.
Stephenson, Margaret B. 2-21-1880 England. D. 6-14-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 10yrs. In Ill.
Stephenson, Margaret D. 6-14-1914. F=George Farnsworth M=Sara Saunders.
Stephenson, Stephen Age 25-6-24. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-9-1878 Manchester Tp. Clinton.
Sterns, Alfred Age 77-4-21. B. Vt. D. 4-4-1902 Bonus Tp. &Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Sterns, Cyrena Age 54-2-20. B. Vt. D. 8-1-1884 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Married. 8yrs. In Ill.
Stevens, Earl B. 6-9-1887 Caledonia. D. 7-15-1910 Caledonia Tp. Blaine Cem. Single.
Stevens, Elizabeth (Rich) Age ?. B. N. J. . D. 11-20-1902 Belvidere. Widow.
Stevens, Gardner Age 36. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-27-1885 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Stevens, Lucinda Age 78-8-2. B. York,Ny. D. 12-18-1909 Blvdr. Memphis,Mccourt Co. Mi. C. -
Stevens, Maria E. Age 40-2-17. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-16-1898 P. Grv. Blaine Cem. Maried.
Stevens, Samuel Age 77-1-26. B. South Bay,Ny. D. 11-6-1884 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem. Mrd.
Stevens, Wm. R. Age 64. B. ?. D. 12-16-1905 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. Married.
Stevenson, Barbara Age 89. B. Virginia. D. 1-25-1886 Bonus Tp. & Cem. Widow. 49yrs. Ill.
Stevenson, Frances Morton Age 20-6-24. B. Bonus Tp. D. 4-18-1880 Bonus Tp. & Cem.
Stevenson, Silas P. Age 60-1-14. B. Turtle Creek,Warren Co. Oh. D. 3-27-1881 Belvidere.
Stewart, John Duglass Age 4mo. 23days. B. Garden Pr. D. 10-1-1908 Garden Pr. Flag Cntr.
Stewart, Wm. Age 56. B. ?. D. 7-29-1888 Belvidere. Rosehill Cem. Chicago. Married.
Stiles, Esther Age 59-3-0. B. Hartford,Conn. D. 7-26-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 37y-
Stockwell, Eliza M. Age 69-11. B. ?. D. 8-17-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Stockwell, Libbie Age 36-6-16. B. Belvidere. D. 4-2-1891 Belvidere. Beaver Cem. Married.
Stockwell, Martin Age 80-2-26. B. Brattleboro,Vt. D. 3-28-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 60y.
Stockwell, Sarah E. Age 48-1-3. B. Portage,Ny. D. 4-18-1886 Belvidere Tp. & Cem. Single.
Stockwell, Sarah M. Age 76. B. Portage,Ny. D. 4-14-1886 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Singl
Stoddard, Pemele Eliz. Age 82-5-19. B. Kent Co. Engl. D. 9-7-1910 Blvdr. Mchenry,Il. Cem. -
Stone, Son B. 6-4-1912 Flora Tp. D. 6-4-1912 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Stone, Son D. 6-4-1912. F=Chas. R. Stone B. Ohio M=Martha Frenow B. Ill.
Stone, Vernon Age 10mo. 10days. B. Flora Tp. D. 7-10-1910 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem.
Stoner - See Stover.
Stoner, Catherine H. Age 42-3-28. B. Chenango,Brown Co. Ny. D. 10-31-1887 Belvidere&C.
Stonerson - See Stenerson.
Stopen, John B. 6-22-1884 Harmony,Il. D. 3-17-1911 Blvdr. Harmony Cem. Single.
Stopen, John D. 3-17-1911. F=Fred Stopen B. ? M= ?
Storer - See Stover.
Storer, Geo. W. Age 36-11-0. B. Maine. D. 12-25-1882 Belvidere. Wells,Me. Cem. 4yrs. In Ill.
Storm, Martha Lena Age 5mo. B. Belvidere. D. 5-24-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Storms, Philora B. 2-16-1849 Ny. D. 10-28-1914 G. Pr. &Cem. Single. 62y. Ill. 65y. U. S. .
Storms, Philora D. 10-28-1914. F=James Storms B. Ny. M=Eliza. Hotchkiss B. Conn.
Stover ?, William Age 1-7-10. B. Boston, Mass. D. 2-10-1878 Belvidere. Belvidere Cem.
Stowe, Daniel J. Dr. Age 73-2-0. B. Ny. . D. 10-17-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 56yrs. In Ill.
Stowell, Malinda A. Age 80-7-27. B. Ny. D. 2-18-1906 Manchester. Stowellcem. Widow. 45y-
Strain, Sarah Roy Age 25. B. Glasgow,Scotl. D. 10-6-1910 Leroy Tp. Dunham Cem. Mrd. 4y. -
Strandberg, Dtr. Age 11hrs. B. Guiford Tp. D. 7-24-1907 Flora Tp. &Cem.
Stratton, Joseph Age 28-7-24. B. Canada. D. 3-6-1884 Poplar Grove. Cem. In Canada.
Strawn, Lewis Glenn B. 2-22-1912. Ill. D. 5-3-1912 Belvidere. Kirkland Cem.
Strawn, Lewis Glenn D. 5-3-1912. F=J. R. Strawn B. Ill. M=Edith Hyser B. Ill.
Streeter, Cathrine Banderker Age 76-3-19. B. Waterford,Ny. D. 3-7-1904 Belvidere. Mrd.
Streeter, Mary J. Age 69. B. Ny. D. 4-4-1906 Belvidere7cem. Widow. 59yrs. In Ill.
Strong, Jennie Petty Age 40-3-6. B. Ohio. D. 12-15-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 9yrs. In Ill.
Stuerer, George Jr. B. 3-1-1880 Germany. D. 1-1-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. F=George.
Stuff, Julia Age 19010-3. B. Elgin, Ill. D. 9-4-1878 Parks Corners & Cem. Single 19yr Ill.
Sturm - See Gahlbeck.
Sturm ?, Christ. Age 21-9-20. B. Prussia. D. 7-6-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Single. Il. 10yrs.
Styles, Mary E. Age 86. B. Canada. D. 5-16-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40yrs. In Ill.
Suhr - See Sewer.
Suhr, Dtr. Age 14days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 4-5-1890 Caledonia Tp. Leach Cem.
Suhr, Fredricka Age 82. B. Germany. D. 4-5-1912 Belvidere. Tp. Widow.
Suhr, Louisa Age 28-7-0. B. Germany. D. 7-8-1893 Poplar Grv. Belvidere Cem. Married. 6yil.
Sullivan, Alice Age 4mo. 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-10-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Sullivan, Ellen Age 85-3-22. B. Parish Donevane,Ire. D. 1-7-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 16yr
Sullivan, James Francis Age 1mo. B. Caledonia. D. 2-26-1885 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere C.
Sullivan, Jeremiah Henry Age 72. B. Keery Co. Irel. D. 2-6-1907 Belvidere. Catholic Cem. -
Sullivan, Jerry Age 60. B. Carey Co. Ireland. D. 3-14-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd. 24y Ill.
Sullivan, Johanna B. 5-1-1848 Ireland. D. 8-27-1914 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Widow.
Sullivan, John Age 34. B. Cincinnati,Ohio. D. 9-3-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 30yrs. In Ill.
Sullivan, Mary Age 50-7-0. B. Galway Co. Irel. D. 8-1-1882 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sullivan, Morris Age 11-3-20. B. Belvidere. D. 12-9-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Sullivan, Patrick Age 76. B. Ireland. D. 4-8-1910 Belvidere. Stjames Cem. Widower. 43y. Il
Sullivan, Rosa Age 3. B. Spring Tp. D. 2-23-1889 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sullivan, Timopthy A. Age 67. B. Ireland. D. 7-14-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 49yrs. Ill.
Sunden - See Soderberg.
Sunderland, Harry J. Age 2-3-0. B. Chicago. D. 1-22-1889 Belvidere & Cem.
Sunderland, Mary Age 77-2-0. B. Shoreham,Ny. D. 11-8-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Sussex, Augusta Age 39. B. ?. D. 3-12-1901 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Married.
Sussex, Thiza Age 58-0-27. B. Pr. Edwards Island. D. 4-11-1891caledonia. P. Grv. Cem. Maried
Sutherland, Arnnie? Age 72-20days. B. Manchester Vt. D. 1-31-1880 Blvdr. Chemung C
Swail, Frank C. Age 25-9-17. B. Boone Co. D. 1-17-1902 Flora Tp. Single.
Swail, Mary Age 83. B. E. Canada. D. 12-15-1908 Elgin,Ill. Belvidere Cem. Single.
Swail, Robert Age 66-8-25. B. East Canada. D. 7-25-1902 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widowr.
Swain, Geo. W. Age 67. B. ?. D. 4-3-1902 Stillwater,Minn. Garden Pr. Cem.
Swain, Mary Age 67. B. Ny. D. 7-21-1902 Belvidere. Married. 35yrs. In Ill.
Swanson, Chas. B. 7-20-1870 Sweden. D. 3-17-1915 Belvidere. Rockford Cem. Mrd. 29yrs. Ill.
Swanson, Chas. D. 3-17-1915. F=Fred Swanson.
Swanson, Emma Age 40. B. Sweden. D. 12-30-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 15yrs. In Ill.
Swanson, John Age 17-8-11. B. Sweden. D. 5-2-1898 Manchester Tp. Clinton Cem. Single. 13y
Swanson, Viloet I. Age 7hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 1-20-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Swartz, Dtr, Of Max. W. Age 1/2day. B. Belvidere. D. 5-1-1909 Belvidere&Cem.
Swasey, Samuel Age 83-3-28. B. Vt. D. 6-20-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 29yrs. In Ill.
Sweatman, Frank Henry Age 1-2-0. B. Belvidere. D. 12-2-1884 Belvidere Tp. & Cem.
Swebka, Mary Sophia Age 40-1-2. B. Boone Co. D. 1-16-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40y. Il
Swebke, Dtr, Of Julius Age O. B. Bonus Tp. D. 3-18-1902 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sweeney, Cornelius (Child Of?) Age ?. B. ?. D. 10-28-1879 Belvidere & St. James Cem.
Sweeney, Lucy Age 3-6-5. B. Boone Co. D. 11-2-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sweeney, Maggie Age 2-6-10. B. Boone Co. 11-3-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sweeney, Mary Ellen Age 16yr. 4days. B. Boone Co. D. 11-23-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere C
Sweeney, Patrick Age 14-2-5. B. Boone Co. D. 11-1-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sweeney, Willie Age 5-8-10. B. Boone Co. D. 11-2-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Sweet, Henry Age 76. B. Ny. D. 12-3-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 25yrs. In Ill.
Sweetland, Hugh B. 1-19-1890 Woodstock,Il. D. 4-29-1915 Blvdr. &Cem. Single. 8yrs. In Ill.
Sweetland, Hugh D. 4-29-1915. F=Carl E. Sweetland B. Ny. M=Mary Brown B. Ny.
Swenson, John A. B. 5-18-1887 Sweden, D. 6-5-1915 G. Pr. Scand. Cem. Rockford. 23y. Ill.
Swenson, John A. D. 6-5-1915. F=Otto Swenson M=Hilda Nelson.
Swep, Carrie Age 2-6-2. B. Belvidere. D. 8-17-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Swep. , Sadie Minnie Age 4mo. 20days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-16-1902belvidere&Cem.
Swesey, Harry M. Age 3mo. 2days. B. Beloit,Wisc. D. 3-2-1894 Belvidere Tp. Beloit Cem.
Swift, Raymond Wesley Age 3mo. 14days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-27-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Swindells, Ruby Age 1-2-0. B. Burritt Tp. Winn. Co. D. 11-7-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Swindells, Sarah B. 5-28-1861 Salom Falls,Me. D. 11-9-1913 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 23yrs. Ill.
Switz - See King.
Symonds, Clyde W. Age 1-6-27. B. Poplar Grove, Ill. D. 8-12-1878 Parks Corners & Cem.
Symonds, John Age 85-9-5. B. Marland,Engl. D. 2-10-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widower. 59y-

Tallerday, Harold Age 1-7-27. B. Ohio. D. 8-23-1882 Poplar Grove & Cem.
Tallerday, Jesse Age 5-1-7. B. Chicago. D. 4-16-1881 Poplar Grove.
Tallerday, Juliett M. Age 37-8-20. B. Fulton Co. Ohio. D. 5-20-1901 Belvidere. P. Grv. Cem. M-
Tallman, Ann Age 74. B. Pritie,Penn. D. 2-17-1905 Belvidere. Chicago Cem. Widow. 20y. Ill.
Tangen, Ole Age 67-5. B. Norway. D. 6-26-1879 Manchester Tp. Clinton, Wi. Cem. Il. 30yrs.
Tanner, Adeline S. Age 81-6-29. B. Fayetteville,N. Y. D. 3-9-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Tanner, Franklin Age 76-3-20. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 12-30-1896 Belvidere. Flora Cem.
Tanner, Jane A. E. Age 68. B. ?. D. 9-23-1902 Batavia,Ill. Garden Prairie Cem.
Tanner, Son Of K. & T. Age ? B. Poplar Grove. D. 10-2-1897 Poplar Grv. Rockford Cem.
Taplin, Charles V. Age 7mo. 28days. B. Kingston,Ill. D. 1-5-1902 Belvidere. No. K. Cem.
Taylor, Edward Alfred Age 1-7-23. B. Caledonia. D. 11-23-1887 Caledonia Tp. Blvdr. C.
Taylor, Flora Age 84. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 3-17-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Taylor, Hannah Age 82-10-13. B. Ny. D. 7-6-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 57yrs. In Ill.
Taylor, John B. 4-11-1825 Madison Co. Ohio. D. 10-3-1914 Blvdr. Kingston Cem. Wid. 69y. Ill.
Taylor, Malcolm Age 27-2-12. B. Canada. D. 4-30-1878 Caledonia Tp. Willow Crk. Cem.
Taylor, Mary Cady B. 5-13-1837 Berkshire,Mass. D. 2-29-1912 Blvdr. &Cem. Widow. 3yrs. Ill
Taylor, Mary Cady D. 2-29-1912. F=Dean Hathaway B. Hinsdale,Mass. M=Alva Cady B. -
Taylor, Phoebe Age 72. B. Erie Co. Pa. D. 6-27-1909 Elgin,Ill. Blvdr. Cem. Seperated . -
Taylor, Stella May Age 22-11-21. B. Belvidere. D. 8-20-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Tedholm, Huldah A. Age 1-9-0. B. Sweden. D. 8-14-1882 Spring Tp. & Cem.
Tedholm, Richard E. Age 6mo. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-10-1883 Flora Tp. & Cem.
Teeple, Jesse Edgar Age 2-5-16. B. Belvidere. D. 8-9-1889 Belvidere. Beaver Cem.
Telfar, John M. Age 62. B. England. D. 11-7-1909 Belvidere. Arlington Heights,Il. Cem.
Tellefson, Tellen B. Age 7mo. 4days. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-7-1892 Manchester Tp. S. Cl
Tellows, Joseph Hiram B. 6-9-1832 Osego Co. Ny. D. 8-26-1911 Belvidr. &Cem. Wid. 55y. Ill.
Tellows, Joseph Hiram D. 8-26-1911. F=Daniel Tellows B. Ny. M=Hariet Lobdell B. Ny.
Terry, Frank L. Age 18mo. B. ?. D. 6-20-1888 Spring Tp.
Terwilliger, Dewey Age 36-1-20. B. Belvidere. D. 11-13-1893 Belvidere. Beaver Cem. Single
Terwilliger, Emily M. Age 64-11-0. B. Peterboro,N. H. D. 10-24-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd.
Terwilliger, Helen Gilman Age 8-8-10. B. Belvidere. D. 12-1-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Terwilliger, John Age 86-11. B. Ny. D. 12-31-1904 Belvidere&Cem. 59yrs. In Ill.
Terwilliger, Philitus A. Age 85-9-24. B. Ny. D. 5-18-1898 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 34y. In Il
Terwilliger, Simmons Age 63-4-10. B. Cortland Co. Ny. D. 10-27-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Terwilliger, Son Age 9mo. B. Belvidere. D. 7-21-1884 Belvidere & Cem.
Thacker, Roy Age 5-4. B. Wisconsin. D. 12-1-1902 Belvidere. Waterloo,Wisc. Few Mo. In-
Thaine - See Thane.
Thane, Maria (Ball) Age 90-0-5. B. ?. D. 2-5-1896 Poplar Grove&Cem. Widow. 17yrs. In Ill.
Tharme, Arris Adell Age 22-2-4. B. Illinois. D. 2-7-1883 Spring Tp. &Cem. Married. 23yrs. Ill
Tharme, George Age 68. B. England. D. 4-14-1883 Spring Tp. & Cem. Married. 14yrs. In Ill.
Thayer, Magdalene B. 11-25-1838 Ohio. D. 1-23-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 40yrs. In Ill
Thayer, Magdalene D. 1-23-1912. F=David Hettinger B. Pa. M=Sarah Smith B. Pa.
Thies, Henry Age 42-7-1. B. Belvidere. D. 5-16-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Thies, Minnie Age 52-1-18. B. Prussia. D. 12-25-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Thomas, Charles W. Age 49-3-8. B. ?. D. 5-27-1907 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Married.
Thomas, Marcus L. (D) Age 55. B. ?D. 1-12-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Thomas, Sarah Watson Age 65-4-26. B. St. Thomas,Canada. D. 8-5-1885 Belvidere & Cem.
Thompson, Andrew J. Age 66-6-5. B. Butterleo?,Ohio. D. 7-101902 Belvidere&Cem. Maried.
Thompson, Carrie Age 62. B. Ill. D. 9-26-1912 Elgin,Ill. Widow.
Thompson, Elizabeth D. Age 34-5-6. B. Flora Tp. D. 12-11-1880 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Thompson, Elna Luia Age 1-5-28. B. Belvidere. D. 1-4-1907 Belvidere. Harmony Cem.
Thompson, Jean Age 85-4. B. Argyleshire,Scotland. D. 9-18-1905 Caledonia Tp. Scotch C.
Thompson, John Age 81-2-14. B. Scotl. D. 5-30-1911 Caledonia Tp. W. Crk. Cem. Mrd. 57yrs. Ill.
Thompson, John D. 5-30-1911. F=John Thompson M=Mary Picken.
Thompson, Lewis Age 64-11-30. B. Bergen State,Norway. D. 8-10-1902 Manchester Tp. Berg
Thompson, Martha Age 72-3-2. B. Vt. D. 5-28-1908 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widow. 33yrs. In Ill.
Thompson, Mary Age 43-8-0. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 12-16-1884 Caledonia Tp. Argyle C.
Thompson, Ole T. Age 77. B. Norway. D. 11-13-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Manchester Tp. So. Cl-
Thompson, Rosalia M. B. 3-15-1850 Ohio. D. 8-27-1914 G. Pr. Greenwood,Il. Cem. Mrd. 60y. Ill.
Thompson, Rosalia M. D. 8-27-1914. F=Burton Wright M=Sophia Byers.
Thorn, Desire C. Age 83-6-8. B. Gorham,Me. D. 12-3-1894 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 38yin Ill.
Thorn, Leonard Winfield Age 1-11-4. B. Newark, Rock Co. Wi. D. 5-22-1878 Manchester T.
Thorne, Martha Alice Age 21-3-14. B. Flora Tp. D. 9-1-1879 Belvidere. Bloods Pt. Cem.
Thornton, Floyd Guerin Age 8mo. 20days. B. Belvidere. D. 5-8-1903 Belvidere.
Thornton, Mary Age 58. B. Illinois. D. 4-30-1909 Belvidere. Pittsfield,Il. Cem. Wid. 58yr. Ill
Thornton, Mary Age 88-8-12. B. East Killingly. Ri. D. 2-1-1890 Manchester Tp. Union Cem.
Thornton, Melton C. Age 43. B. Ohio. D. 5-12-1903 Belvidere. N. Kingston Cem. Married. 8-
Thornton, Orvan Francis Age 14-4-12. B. Morgan Co. Ohio. D. 1-21-1902 Herbert. N. K. Cem.
Thornton, Raymond Age 27days. B. Belvidere. D. 2-17-1906 Belvidere&Cem.
Thren, Mary Catherine Age 35-0-6. B. Bonus Tp. D. 8-28-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Throop - See Troupe.
Thurlby, Susan Age 70-2. B. England. D. 10-31-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 47yrs. Ill.
Tibbits, Susan Age 70-10-7. B. Dover,N. H. D. 8-10-1882 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Tidholm, Carl Johannes Age 10mo. B. ? (Swedish). D. 1-5-1887 ? Spring Tp. Cem.
Tiffany, Carl Age 18. B. Manchester Tp. D. 2-22-1886 Manchester Tp. Single. 18yrs. Ill.
Tillerson, Emma Age 23-8-2. B. Manchester Tp. D. 1-26-1892 Manchester Tp. E. Luth. Cem.
Tillerson, Ole R. Age 73-9-0. B. Norway. D. 6-9-1897 Boone Co. Married. 57yrs. In Ill.
Timoney, James D. Age 69-0-7. B. Ohio. D. 7-11-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Tinklin, Minnie Age 3mo. 21days. B. Belvidere. D. 8-10-1887 Belvidere & Cem.
Tobin, Albert S. Age 1day. B. Belvidere. D. 7-21-1907 Belvidere. Hampshire Cem.
Tobin, R. R. (S) Jr. Age 1 Day. B. Belvidere. D. 7-22-1907 Belvidere. Hampshire Cem.
Tobyne, Hiram S. B. 1-18-1830 Conn. D. 5-12-1911 Belvdr. Tp. &Cem. Married. 73y. Ill. 81y. U. S.
Tobyne, Sarah Eliz. Age 68-11-29. B. St. Joseph Co. Ind. D. 5-28-1904 Belvidere. Co. Line Cem. -
Tobyne, Wm. Age 62-7-11. B. Dunwork,Canada. D. 10-2-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Tofflemire, Harry Age 12days. B. Caledonia. D. 1-21-1879 Caledonia. Harlem,Ill. Cem.
Tofflemire, Mark Age 11days. B. Caledonia. D. 1-19-1879 Caledonia. Harlem,Ill. Cem.
Tolin, Anna Margaret Age 8days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-21-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Tollefson, Age 67-7-7. B. Roselund,Norway. D. 8-31-1886 Manchester Tp. W. Luth. Cem.
Tollefson, Tennes Age 87-6-11. B. Norway. D. 9-9-1893 Manchester. W. Luth. Cem. 36yrs. In I
Tollesson - See Tollefson.
Tollock, Flossie B. Age 26-1-2. B. Chicago. D. 10-19-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Tomaschitz, Jacob Philip Age 3mo. 1day. B. Chicagod. 9-19-1907garden. Pr. Huntley C. C.
Tomkins, Newell Crane Age 76-6. B. ?D. 2-2-1903butte,Silver Bow Co. Mt. Belvdre. Cem.
Tomkins, Elizabeth Age 51-9-8. B. Athens,Penn. D. 12-31-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Tomlinson, Albert D. Age 51. B. Conn. D. 9-15-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il. 29yrs.
Tomnison, Henrietta Kalodfeicke Age 75-11-10. Bgermany. D. 2-28-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Tompkins, Rebecca Age 83-11-29. B. Farminton,Conn. D. 4-7-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Tompkins, Wm. S? Age 53-4-10. B. Penn. D. 1-7-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 32yrs. In Ill.
Tonstall, Thomas Mrs. Age 74. B. England. D. 1-16-1891 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 34yinill.
Tood, Alfred E. Age 18-6-2. B. Illinois. D. 12-13-1906 P. Grv. Blaine Cem. Single.
Totz, Annie Age 73. B. Germany. D. 3-29-1882 Caledonia Tp. Orth Cem. Widow. 8yrs. Ill.
Tousley, Female (Infant) Age 6 Wks. ? D. 2-27-1878 Belvidere. Belvidere Cem.
Towner, Elmira Age 65. B. Bavoca,Ny. . D. 5-17-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 52yrs. In Ill.
Towner, Hannah M. Age 89-11-20. B. Chemung,Ny. D. 12-14-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Widow.
Townsend, Jessse B. 8-26-1886 Marengo,Il. D. 12-8-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 26yrs. In Ill.
Townsend, Sarah A. B. 7-4-1839 Maine. D. 8-23-1913 Belvidere. Lake City,Ia. Cem. Wid,46y. Il
Townsend, Sarah A. D. 8-23-1913. F=Elisha Loster? Or Foster? B. Me. M=Lane B. Me.
Traver, Cecelia B. 8-23-1839 Virgil,Ny. D. 3-21-1914 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 47yrs. Ill.
Traver, Elizabeth Rogers Age 72-10-16. B. Groton,Ny. D. 5-4-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Traver, Margaret Age 82-10-24. B. Aucrane,Col. Co. Ny. D. 2-16-1878 Belvidere. & Cem. 12.
Traver, Robert Age 66-3-0. B. Ankrum,Ny. D. 3-30-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 17yr. Il
Tripp - See Burdick.
Tripp, Angeline Widow Of James D. Age 81. B. Ny. D. 9-23-1890bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. 40y-
Tripp, Charles Age 86-0-1. B. Somersetshire,Engl. D. 9-6-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Tripp, Chas. F. B. 1837 England. D. 1-29-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Widowed. 71yrs. Ill.
Tripp, Chas. F. D. 1-29-1913. F=Chas. Tripp M=?
Tripp, Edwin L. Age 88-7-24. B. Sommersetshire,Engl. D. 10-6-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widowr.
Tripp, Eliza (Peters) Age 78-5-22. B. Somersetshire,Engl. D. 10-6-1893belvidere&Cem. Mar-
Tripp, Elizetta M. Age 47. B. Penn. D. 12-3-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26yrs. In Ill.
Tripp, Georgia Age 59. B. Cumberland Co. Maine. D. 5-13-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Tripp, Maxon Age 11mo. 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 10-31-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Troupe, John Age 38. B. Albany,Ny. D. 5-1-1891 Manchester Tp. Roscoe Cem. Single.
Trowbridge - See Oaks.
Tucker, Age 70. B. Vt. D. 12-6-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 14 Yrs. In Ill.
Tucker, Clinton D. 2-16-1912. F=P. H. Tucker M=Delia Stone.
Tucker, Clinton, B. 7-12-1853 Syracuse,Ny. D. 2-16-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 42y. Ill.
Tucker, Delia Ann Age 53-5-2. B. Homer,Ny. D. 1-2-1879 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Tucker, Newel E. Age 1mo. 20days. B. Poplar Grove, Ill. D. 9-28-1878 Poplar Gv. & Cem.
Turneaur, Ednie Blanch Age 8mo. 9days. B. Illinois. D. 3-22-1882 Belvidere. Guilford C.
Turneaure, Hannah Bronson 87-2-21. B. E. Bloomfield,Mass. D. 10-13-1878 Bonus & Cem.
Turneaure, Ida Age 20-4-26. B. Crawford Co. Penn. D. 5-12-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Turneaure, Thomas Shanklin Age 89-4-6. B. Fabious,Ny. D. 1-7-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. -
Turnure, Marcia Louisa Age 73. B. ?. D. 2-25-1902 Belvidere Tp. Guilford Cem. Widow.
Tyler, Charles Age 70. B. Unknown. D. 6-13-1878 Bonus Tp. & Cem. 2yrs. In Ill. Single.
Tynan, James Age 48. B. Ireland. D. 12-10-1910 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Tyrell, Eliza Jane B. 6-7-1832 Barre,Mass. D. 12-23-1912 Belvidere. Morseville Cem. Wid.
Tyrell, Eliza Jane D. 12-23-1912. F=Jonas Partridge B. Barre. M=Prudence Wynn B. Barr

Uhlsted, Gurden Age 60. B. Sweden. D. 12-17-1903 Manchester Tp. Sharon,Cem. Single. 2y. I
Updegraff, Wm. B. Age 85-1-21. B. Pa. D. 1-21-1890 Belvidere & Cem. Widower. 33yrs. I Ill.
Utig, Mary Age 71-5-26. B. Germany. D. 2-8-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 20yrs. In Ill.
Uting, Minnie Mary Age 74-8-18. B. New Pommen,Germany. D. 3-18-1907 Blvdr. Blds. Pt. Cem
Utton, Wm. Age 80-6-18b. England. D. 5-31-1902 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Widower. 45yin Ill.
Uttritz, Fred B. 8-25-1889 Michigan. D. 9-25-1914 Caledonia Tp. W. Rockford Cem.
Uttritz, Fred D. 9-25-1914. F=Fred W. Uttritz B. Germany. M=Lilly Plittinger B. Mich.

Vail, Addie Age 51-0-23. B. ?. D. 11-26-1902 Stewartville,Mn. Belvidere Cem.
Van Curren,Sabin Age 74. B. Ny. D. 6-27-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widower. 50yrs. In Ill.
Van Nortwick, Abram Age 83. B. Millston,N. J. D. 1-15-1890 Belvidere. Dekalb Cem. Widow
Van Vleet, Nellie A. B. 4-18-1885 Ill. D. 6-21-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Van Vleet, Nellie A. D. 6-21-1911. F=John W. Miller B. Wisc. M=Mary Richard B. Wisc.
Vanderwalker, Henry Age 68. B. Ny. D. 9-3-1901 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 1856 To Ill.
Vanderwalker, Janie Age 9-6-12. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 3-12-1882 Belvidere & Cem.
Vanepps, Joseph S. Age 64. B. Ny. D. 10-5-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 58yrs. In Ill.
Veaco, Wm. Nare Age 2mo. 7days. B. Belvidere. D. 4-8-1910 Belvidere&Cem.
Vickers, Alice H. Age 19-5-11. B. Caledonia. D. 8-25-1908 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem.
Vickers, Eleanor Age 65-11-28. B. England. D. 3-9-1883 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. Cem. Maried.
Vickers, Frank Leslie Age 20-7-22. B. Poplar Grove. D. 5-25-1907 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Singl
Vickers, George Age 61-3-15. B. Illinois. D. 11-28-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 61yrs. Ill.
Vickers, George Age 82-8-15. B. England. D. 10-23-1899 P. Grove&Cem. Married. 55yrs. In Ill.
Vickers, Hannah Age 73-5-0. B. ?. D. 1-9-1894 Poplar Grove&Cem. 28 Yrs. In Ill.
Vickers, Herbert Age 10mo. 2days. B. Caledonia. D. 8-12-1881caledonia & Cem.
Vickers, Isabella Age 71-8-0. B. Cumberland Co. Engl. D. 4-2-1891 Poplar Gv. &Cem. Mard.
Vickers, James P. Age 4mo. 27days. B. Caledonia Tp. D. 2-14-1904 Caledonia Tp. P. Grv. C.
Vickers, Robert Age 69-11-21. B. ? (English). D. 11-15-1884 Caledonia Tp. P. Grove Cem. Mr
Vickers, Wm Robert D. 1-12-1912. F=Geo. Vickers B. Engl. M=Elnor Postlethwait B. Engl
Vickers, Wm. Robert B. 10-16-1848 Ill. D. 1-12-1912 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married.
Vincent, Laura M. Age 7mo. 23days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-13-1891 Belvidere & Cem.
Vorhees, Fred Age 48-8-0. B. York State. D. 4-26-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 20yrs. -
Vunk, Mary Frances Age 45-11-15. B. Wisconsin. D. 8-4-1905 Capron. So. Grove Cem. Mrd. 4y-

Wagner, Celinda Age 93. B. Killingly,Conn. D. 2-6-1909 Boone Co. Andrus Cem. Wid. 63y. Il
Wagner, Wm. Age 75-3. B. Tifin,Ohio. D. 6-7-1906 Belvidere. Capron Cem. Married. 50y. Ill.
Wait, Harriet Age 95. B. Conn. D. 4-10-1910 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 61yrs. In Ill.
Wait, Henry Age 90-5-2. B. Orvel, Rutland Co. Vt. D. 11-8-1878 Spring Twp. & Cem. 34 Yr Il.
Wait, Son Age 5days. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-26-1880 Flora Tp. Spring Tp. Cem.
Wait, Mason C. Age 77-8-20. B. Ny. D. 1-16-1886 Belvidere. Spring Tp. Cem. Married. 37yill.
Wakefield, Abner B. 12-8-1830 Detroit,Mich,D. 2-5-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Wakefield, Mary Age 45-11-29. B. Belvidere. D. 7-30-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Maried. 45y. Ill.
Wakefield, Nancy Age 59. B. Boone Co. D. 2-27-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 21yrs. In Ill
Walberg - See Walburg.
Walburg, Selma Age 23. B. Sweden. D. 10-8-1904. Belvidere Tp. Single. 4yrs. In Ill.
Walker, Emeline Agusta Age 88. B. Hull, Lower Canada. D. 4-2-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Widow.
Walker, Eva A. Age 2-2-2. B. Marinette,Wisc. D. 9-11-1883 Belvidere & Cem. 2yrs. In Ill.
Walker, G. Fred Age 45. B. New Haven,Ct. D. 8-7-1879 Bonus Tp. Boone Tp. Cem.
Walker, George Age 84-3-15. B. Lincolnshire,Engl. D. 1-31-1905 Manchester Tp. Blaine C.
Walker, Harriett Age 64. B. Ny. D. 4-23-1903 Belvidere&Cem.
Walker, Houghton Chester Age 75-0-5. B. Peacham,Vt. D. 10-28-1890 Belvidere&Cem.
Walker, Thomas Robert Age 46-1-11. B. N. Y. City. D. 10-7-1879 Belvidere & Cem. Il. 24yrs.
Wallace, Agnes Age 73. B. Lanark,Scotl. D. 1-6-1902 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Widow.
Wallace, Clarabell Age 34-2-16. B. Belpre,Oh. D. 12-12-1907 Caledonia Tp. Belpre Cem. M-
Wallace, Gavin Age 55. B. Landrickshire,Scot. D. 4-3-1880 Caledonia Tp. Argyle Cem.
Wallace, Mary Ann Age 58-8-4. B. Wilshire,Engl. D. 5-6-1889 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Wallace, Mary Jane Age 56-11-1. B. Ny. D. 9-23-1906 Riley Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Married. 51yrs. Ill.
Walley, Laura Age 24days. B. Capron, D. 4-7-1904 Capron&Cem.
Walley, Charles E. Sr. Age 68. B. Maine Or Albany,Ny. . D. 5-11-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Walworth, Dora B. 6-6-1844 Germany. D. 12-30-1913 G. Pr. &Cem. Widow. 41yrs. In Ill.
Walworth, Dora D. 12-30-1913. F=August Koerting. M=?.
Walworth, Henry Ncholas? Age 71-1-23. B. Hanover,Germany. D. 7-3-1906 G. Pr. &Cem. M. 33
Ward, Alfred L. Age 8mo. 1day. B. Blaine,Ill. D. 2-14-1894 Blaine. Round Pr. Cem.
Ward, Ellen Age 26. B. Carrick,Ireland. D. 12-13-1907 Belvidere. St. James Cem. Single. 2y. -
Ward, Patrick Age 29. B. Ireland. D. 11-19-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Single. 1yr. In Ill.
Ward, Ralph Bennett B. 10-9-1912 Belvidere. D. 12-31-1912 Belvidere&Cem.
Warn, Stephen Age 105-8-21. B. Sheffield,Mass. D. 1-4-1880 ?. Poplar Grove Cem. Il. 14y.
Warne - See Warn.
Warren - See Lovering.
Warren, Daniel A. Age 49. B. Ny. D. 9-25-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Washburn, Luther Age 86-1-25. B. Hebron,Me. D. 6-15-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widower.
Washburne, Abigail Age 79-9-0. B. Grey,Maine. D. 5-10-1881 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Watastradt, Minnie Age 55-8-28. B. Pommern, Germany. D. 8-18-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Waterman, Archie L. Age 18-0-24. B. Union,Ill. D. 8-4-1903 Garden Pr. &Cem. Single.
Waterman, Byron Frank B. 6-13-1850 Mchenry Co. D. 12-3-1911 Spring Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Mrd.
Waterman, Byron Frank D. 12-3-1911. F=Nathan K. B. Ny. M=Cordelia Ann Boone B. Ny.
Waterman, Henry B. Age 61. B. ?. D. 1-14-1903 Oak Park(Il. ?)Belvidere Cem.
Waterstraat - See Watastradt.
Watkins, Alvertus Leroy B. 5-10-1826 Ny. D. 3-18-1912 Bonus Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Widowed. 64yr. Il
Watkins, Alvertus Leroy D. 3-18-1912. F=Newell Watkins B. Engl. M=Mary Wright B. E-
Watkins, Bertha Electa Age 14-10-23. B. Belvidere. D. 12-23-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Watkins, Eliza A. Age 51-8-10. B. Youngstown,Ny. D. 2-20-1889 Bonus Tp. Garden Pr. Cem.
Watkins, John Barrett Age 74-11-19. B. Newark,Ny. D. 6-29-1905 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 35y. Ill.
Watkins, Warren A. Age 2mo. 3days. B. Bonus Tp. D. 9-20-1901 Bonus Tp. &Cem. Married.
Watrous, Ashbel E. Age 70. B. Ny. . D. 10-12-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Watson - See Thomas.
Watson, Charles W. Age 67-2-11. B. Nashua,Nh. D. 2-1-1915 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 45yrs. Ill.
Watson, Charles W. Age 67-3. B. Noshua,N. H. D. 2-1-1915 Belvidere7cem. Married. 45y. Ill.
Watson, Charles W. D. 2-1-1915. F=El ? B. Nh. M=Eliza Palmer B. Nh.
Watson, Charles W. D. 2-1-1915. F=Elijiah Watson B. Nh/ M=Eliza,Palmer B. Nh.
Watson, David Age 80-5-26. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 8-13-1904 Belvidere Tp. Willow Crk.
Watson, Eddie Age 15-4-28. B. Cherry Valley,Ill. D. 12-31-1902 Belvidere. Cherry Vly. C.
Watson, Elizah Age 79-10-12. B. East Ann Over, N. H. D. 2-12-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Mrd.
Watson, Jane Age 86. B. Scotland. D. 3-29-1914 Belvidere. Reids Cem. Widow.
Watson, Janet Age 29-10-23. B. Belvidere Tp. D. 11-24-1902 Belvidere Tp. Wilow Crk. Cem. S-
Watson, Maggie B. 5-29-1866 Boone Co. D. 2-22-1912 Blvdr. Reids Cem. Single.
Watts - See Griffis.
Watts, Rosa Age 21-3-4. B. Manchester Tp. D. 12-31-1895 Manchester. Union Cem.
Watts, Son Age 20-2-8. B. Manchester Tp. D. 2-23-1896 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem.
Webb, Charlotte Age 89-6. B. England. D. 5-20-1904belvidere&Cem. Widow. 32yrs. \In Ill.
Webb, Eliz. Ann Age 51-10-0. B. Somerset,Engl. D. 2-4-1888 Belvidere&Cem. Single. 5yinill.
Webb, Nancy Age 81-8-6. B. North Salem,N. J. D. 12-27-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Widow. 38y. Il.
Webber - See Webler.
Webber, Elmer B. 6-21-1895 Belvidere. D. 10-5-1913 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Webber, Elmer D. 10-5-1913. F=Chas. Webber B. Germany M=Thresa Schaeffer B. Blvdr.
Webber, Frances A. Age 40-7-8. B. Tioga Co. Ny. D. 2-12-1879 Flora Tp. & Cem. Il. 28yrs.
Weber, Alice Anna Alvina Age 2mo. 9days,B. Belvidere. D. 7-23-1891belvidere&Cem.
Weber, Margaret B. 6-27-1901 Ill. D. 5-17-1912 Belvidere&Cem.
Weber, Margaret D. 5-17-1912. F=C. F. L. Weber B. Germany. M=Theresa Schaffer B. Germ.
Webler, Walter Age 74-9-16. B. Ny. D. 4-3-1891 Capron. Gilmore Cem. Married. 45yr. In Ill.
Webster - See Wright.
Webster, Dtr. Age ? B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-8-1882 Poplar Grove.
Webster, Edith Age 78-11-10. B. Erie Co. ,Ny. D. 7-19-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Single. 60y. Ill
Webster, Esther A. Age 79-10-5. B. Hamburg,Erie Co. Ny. D. 12-7-1903 P. Grv. &Cem. Single. 53-
Webster, Laura Age 9mo. 9days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 4-27-1902 Poplar Grv. &Cem.
Webster, Mary E. B. 1862 Boone Co. D. 4-13-1915 Caledonia Tp. Belvidere. Cem. Married.
Webster, Mary E. D. 4-13-1915. F=__Stephenson B. England M=Martha Telford B. Irelan
Webster, Mary Elmira Age 22-11. B. Blaine,Ill. D. 8-31-1904 Blaine. Capron Cem. Single.
Webster, Willett Age 66-4-21. B. Ny. D. 7-28-1885 Poplar Grove & Cem. Married. 40yill.
Weed, Henry Wm. B. 7-18-1838 Walton,Ny. D. 11-26-1910 Flora Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Wid. 52y. Il. 72-
Weed, Henry Wm. D. 11-26-1910. F=James B. Walton. Ny. M=Abigail Terry B. Hamelot,Ny.
Wehlen - See Wehlin.
Wehlin, Minnie Age 62-0-7. B. Diamun ? (Demmin) Germany. D. 4-7-1893 Belvidere&Cem. M-
Welch - See Whitehead.
Weller - See Webler.
Wellington, Sparoc Age 76-7-14. B. Vt. D. 1-20-1878 Caledonia. Roscoe Cem. 45y. In Ill.
Wellington, Sparoc Age 36-1-19. B. Manchester Tp. D. 1-6-1892manchester Tp. Roscoe C.
Wells, John Russell Age 76-11-0. B. Salem,Ny. D. 8-5-1894 Belvidere. Wauconda,Ill. Cem.
Wells, Laura B. 10-18-1862 Belvidere. D. 8-5-1911 Belvdr. &Cem. Married. F=Richard Piel.
Wells, Ora Age 2-4-24. B. Bonus Tp. D. 6-24-1878 Bonus Tp. & Cem. 2 Yrs. In Ill.
Wemer, Martha Age 42. B. Wisconsin. D. 2-14-1905 Caledonia Tp. Orth Cem. Mrd. 20y. Ill.
Wentworth, Sarah R. Age 79b. Danville,Vt. D. 2-8-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Wenzel, Jennie Marie Age 18hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 2-28-1907 Belvidere&Cem.
West, Bertha Fay Age 26-11-9. B. Belvidere. D. 8-3-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 26y. Ill.
Westerman, Adam B. 8-4-1846 Rome,Ny. D. 7-26-1914 Capron. Woodstock Cem. Married.
Westfall, John T. Age 86-9-2. B. Wakeman,Ohio. D. 3-28-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 50y. Ill.
Weston, Carrie Age 57. B. Boone Co. D. 10-8-1909 Belvidere7cem. Married. 57yrs. In Ill.
Weston, Eliz. (Bacon) Age 86. B. Nottingham,Engl. D. 2-16-1910blvdr. &Cem. Wid. 55y. Ill.
Weston, Wm. Age 69-4-12. B. Huggglescote,Leicestershire,Engl. D. 1-12-1886belvidere C.
Wheeler, Daniel Age 50-5-0. B. E. Hamburg,Ny. D. 2-25-1892 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 47-
Wheeler, Eliza E. Age 85-4-19. B. Ny. D. 7-8-1904 Poplar Gv. &Cem. Widow. 59yrs. In Ill.
Wheeler, Emily H. Age 73. B. Walpole,N. H. D. 8-28-1889 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 40yr. Inill.
Wheeler, George S. Age 76-5-4. B. Ny. D. 1-23-1909 Flora Tp. Cherry Vly. Cem. 66yrs. In Ill.
Wheeler, Hannah Age 59. B. U. S. D. 1-19-1909 Belvidere. W. Chicago Cem. Widow. 15yr. Ill.
Wheeler, Harold Age 1-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 9-18-1904 Belvidere&Cem.
Wheeler, Lewis Edgar Age 73-4-7. B. Madison Co. Ny. D. 3-16-1904 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd,49y. Ill.
Wheeler, Luke Age 59. B. Weston,Ill. D. 11-7-1904 Belvidere. W. Chicago Cem. Mrd. 59y. Ill.
Wheeler, Robert Barnatt Age 13-3-0. B. Flora Tp. D. 4-22-1884 Flora Tp. Cherry Vly Cem.
Wheeler, Sabra Wright Age 77-11-26. B. Chester,Vt. D. 5-30-1887 Flora Tp. Cherry V. Cem.
Wheeler, Son Of Fred & Mary Age 7days. B. Poplar Grove. D. 9-22-1897 P. Grv. &Cem.
Wheeler, Susan S. Age 70-7-2. B. Ny. D. 9-25-1904 Flora Tp. Cherry Vly. Cem. Single. 40y. Ill.
Wheeler, Thomas Age 50-5-0. B. Boone Co. D. 2-24-1896 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 50yinill
Whipple, Willoughby Age 69. B. Fairfield,Herkimer Co. Ny. D. 3-29-1902 Belvidere&Cem.
White, Harry Odell Age 7-2-21. B. Belvidere. D. 11-5-1902 Belvidere.
White, Marcus Gates Age 9mo. 11days. B. Garden Prairie. D. 6-12-1893 Garden Pr. &Cem.
White, Oliver S. Age 79-7-17. B. Cleaveland,Oh. D. 5-6-1904 Belvidere. Russelville Cem.
Whitehead, Eliza. B. 10-16-1851 England. D. 12-16-1910 Blvdr. &Cem. Married. 12yrs. Ill.
Whitehead, Eliza. D. 12-16-1910. F=John Welch M=Sarah Merrill.
Whitehead, Maggie C. Age 32-0-13. B. Canada. D. 3-8-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 26y-
Whiting, Elvira Age 68-4-5. B. Maine. D. 11-9-1881 Caledonia Tp. Married. 43 Yrs. In Ill.
Whiting, Franklin Age 44-6-23. B. Kenobscot, Maine. D. 8-17-1880 Caledonia. 41yrs. In Il.
Whiting, James Age 4mo. 2days. B. Poplar Gove Tp. D. 9-14?-1891 Poplar Grove. &Cem.
Whitman, Charles S. Age 88-11-7. B. Shaftsbury,Vt. D. 12-19-1888 Belvidere & Cem. Widwr.
Whitman, Clarinda Age 94. B. ?. D. 2-28-1903 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 30yrs. In Ill.
Whitman, Florence Moss B. 1-29-1854 Ill. D. 3-28-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 60yrs. Ill.
Whitman, Florence Moss D. 3-28-1915. F=Edward Moss B. Iil M=Mary Carter.
Whitman, Kate S. Age 36-3-4. B. Ill. D. 7-21-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Whitman, Margaret V. Age 69-4. B. Sutland Co. Vt. D. 11-29-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 49y.
Whitmore, Mary A. Age 43. B. U. S. ?. D. 4-2-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 12yrs. In Ill.
Whitney, Maria M. Age 58-1-0. B. Saulsbury,Ny. D. 4-15-1890 Belvidere. Saulsbury Cem.
Whitney, Richard Ellmarshall Age 60-2-25. B. Ny. D. 4-25-1887 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Whittle, James Age 83-1-17. B. Canada. D. 6-2-1904 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Married. 62yrs. Ill.
Whittle, Wm. P. Age 25. B. Caledonia. D. 11-5-1881 Caledonia Tp. & Cem. Single. 25yrs. Ill.
Wicks, Daniel W. Age 62-8-18. B. Ny. D. 8-12-1883 Poplar Grove & Cem. Married. 39yrs. Ill.
Wicks, Jeannette C. Age 81-5-1. B. Ny. D. 2-22-1907caledonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Widow. 63-
Wicks, Jennette C. Age 81-6-0. B. Ny. D. 2-22-1907 Caledonia Tp. Poplar Grv. Cem. Wid. 63y. Ill
Wicks, Wm. Age 57-2-18. B. Boone Co. D. 9-30-1902 Poplar Grove. Belvidere Cem. Married.
Widgreen - See Widgrun.
Widgren - See Widgrun.
Widgrun, Arthur E. L. Age 3mo. 8days. B. Belvidere. D. 12-6-1893 Belvidere&Cem.
Wiese - See Kliesmer.
Wiffin, Charlie Age 1-6-0. B. Illinois. D. 4-26-1887 Spring Tp. Garden Prairie Cem.
Wiffin, Jeremiah B. 12-14-1840 England. D. 5-25-1913 Spring Tp. G. Pr. Cem. Married. 58y. Ill.
Wiffin, Jeremiah D. 5-25-1913. F=Robert Wiffin M=Phoebe Lawson.
Wiffin, Robert Age 78. B. Wendling,Norfolk Co. Engl. D. 10-16-1885 Spring Tp. G. Pr. Cem.
Wilber, Mary Age 72-3. B. Ireland. D. 1-25-1902 Belvidere. Andrus Cem. Widow. 40yrs. Inil.
Wilcox, Eliza. Age 85-7-18. B. Wicklow Co. Irel. D. 12-1-1904 Belvidere. Frnklnv. Mch. Co. C.
Wilcox, Gertrude Age 36-7-10. B. Boone Co. D. 10-25-1911 Belvidere. &Cem. Married.
Wilcox, Gertrude D. 10-25-1911. F=J. H. Saxton B. Ill. M=Lillie Herbert B. Ill.
Wilcox, Sarah A. Age 54. B. Ny. D. 5-4-1880 Belvidere & Cem. Married. Il. 24yrs.
Wilcox. Nancy Age 84-5-24. B. Orange Co. Ny. D. 8-28-1882 Capron&Cem. Widow. 40yrs. Ill.
Wild - See Cook.
Wilkie, Hattie L. Age 49 B. Boone Tp. D. 12-31-1912 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Willard, Celestia Mariah (Morse) Age 57-2-9b. Courtland Co. Ny. D. 12-22-1886 Capron. E
Willard, Clarissa Bennett Age 78-0-9. B. Maninee,Ohio. D. 6-19-1914 Blvdr. &Cem. 74y. Ill.
Willard, Leroy B. Age 36-3-10. B. Virgil City,Cedar Co. Wisc. D. 10-10-1908 Belvidere&Cem.
Willard, Susanna Rosabel? Age 25-4-5. B. Boone Co. D. 9-11-1884 Boone Tp. Married.
Willard, Wm. Ira Age 42-6-24. B. Morrisburg,Canada. D. 3-25-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 35-
Willet, Celia E. Age 46-9-18. B. Racine Co,Wisc. D. 4-12-1898 P. Grv. &Cem. Single. 22yrs. In Ill.
Willet, Wm. Age 91-7-20. B. Erie Co. Ny. D. 4-24-1905 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widower. 29yr. Ill.
Willetts, Benj. Age 42-8-21. B. Birmingham,Engl. D. 3-25-1884 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Williams, James Age 83-6-4. B. Newark Valley,Tioga Co. Ny. D. 2-27-1887 Blvd & Cem. Mrd. -
Williams, Alfred Orson Age 67. B. Avon,Ohiod. 4-19-1893 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 39yin
Williams, Clarrah Belle Age 3hrs. B. Belvidere. D. 9-5-1906 Belvidere. Cronctown C.
Williams, Ella Age 48. B. Boone Co. D. 12-28-1905 Belvidere. Winnebago Co. Cem. Mrd. 20y. -
Williams, Emma Age 95?-0-0. B. Cortland. D. 5-13-1897 Belvidere&Cem. Widow. 30yrs. In Ill
Williams, Jane Eliz. 81-0-19. B. Berkshire,Tioga Co. Ny. D. 4-7-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Williams, Robert Age 77-1-16. B. Newark Valley,Ny. D. 11-24-1890 Belvidere&Cem. Marri-
Williams, Sabrina Age 70-7-9. B. Newark Valley,Ny. D. 4-2-1880 Belvidere & Cem.
Willott, George Age 4-4-10. B. Boone Co. D. 10-24-1881 Boone Tp. P. Grove Cem.
Willson, Ann Wood Age 76. B. Depart,Scotl. D. 10-23-1886 Caledonia & Cem. Married.
Willson, Caroline Augusta Age 36-5-9. B. Owego,Ny. D. 1-30-1878manchester Twp. 32yr.
Willson, Kate Age 71-2-10. B. Chenango Co. Ny. D. 9-24-1898 Blaine & Cem. Single.
Wilsey, Ellen B. 1863 Wisc. D. 1-30-1912 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem. Widow. 31yrs. In Ill.
Wilsey, Ellen D. 1-30-1912. F=Geo. Doyle B. Ireland. M=Mary Green B. Ireland.
Wilson, George B. 11-1889 Chicago. D. 12-8-1911 Belvidere&Cem. Single.
Wilson, George D. 12-8-1911. F=Grane Wilson B. Ill. M=? B. Germany.
Wilson, Henry Age 83. B. Norway. D. 2-4-1909 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 25yrs. In Ill.
Wilson, James D. Age 28-6-0. B. Belvidere. D. 8-15-1885 Belvidere Cem. Single.
Wilson, John B. 1-19-1838 England. D. 1-30-1911 Belvidere. Flora Cem. Widower. 40yr. Ill.
Wilson, John D. 1-30-1911. F=John Wilson.
Wilson - See Abbott.
Wilson, Son B. 11-29-1913 Flora Tp.
Wilson, Son D. 11-29-1913. F=E. Wm. Wilson B. England M=Ada Coles B. England.
Wilson, Thomas Age 78-4-2. B. Argyleshire,Scotl. D. 12-14-1896 Caledonia Tp. Willowcrk
Wilson, Wm. Age 57-4-16. B. Scotland. D. 11-1-1906 Caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Mrd. 37yr. Ill.
Wilson, Wm. Age 90-2-21. B. Scotland. D. 10-3-1904caledonia Tp. Scotch Cem. Widower. 35y-
Wincapaw, Bertha Age 23-10-20. B. Boone Co. D. 3-12-1907 Capron&Cem. Married. 23yr. Ill
Wincapaw, Gardner Age 6hrs. B. Beaverton,Ill. D. 4-7-1894 Beaverton. Blaine Cem.
Winchester, Charles A. B. 1-5-1856 Wisc. D. 9-15-1911 Blvdr. &Cem. Divorced. 50yrs. Ill.
Winchester, Charles A. D. 9-15-1911. F=D. V. B. So. Us. M=Marietta Stackpole B. Pr. D. Wi. -
Winegar, Matilda Age 84-3-13. B. Dover,N. J. D. 5-13-1887 Bonus Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow.
Wing, Joseph Vincent Age 93-0-21. B. Cape Cod,Mass. D. 11-5-1907 Belvidere&Cem. Widowe-
Winne, Ester Age 77-2. B. Ny. D. 11-29-1905 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Winne, Mary Ann Age 67-10-13. B. Ny. D. 4-3-1880 Manchester Tp. Liv. Cem. Widow. Il. 20y.
Winnegar, James Age 75-10-7. B. Ny. D. 6-10-1905 Belvidere. G. Pr. Cem. Married Widower.
Winters, E. Isaac Age 81. B. England. D. 4-27-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 51yrs. In Ill.
Winters, George William Age 14-5. B. Mchenry Co. D. 12-15-1879 Belvidere & Cem.
Witbeck, Isaac T. Age 75. B. Green Co. Ny. D. 6-1-1885 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 28yill.
Witbeck, Mirandy Age 89 B. ?. D. 10-28-1904 Belvidere&Cem. Widow.
Witt, Charles Age 48-9-21. B. Spring Tp. D. 5-9-1905 Spring Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem. Married. 48y. Ill.
Witt, Sarah Jane Age 55. B. Flora Tp. D. 3-21-1904 Belvidere. Blds. Pt. Cem. Married. 55y. Inil
Witter, Jane Age 73-11-21. B. Ny. D. 11-14-1902 Flora Tp. &Cem. 40yrs. In Ill.
Wolcott - See Woolcot.
Wolcott, Pluma B. 1-2-1842 Owego,Tioga Co. Ny. D. 3-20-1913 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. C. Wid. 44y.
Wolcott, Wm. B. 11-22-1834 Bradford Co. Pa. D. 10-20-1912 Flora Tp. Blds. Pt. Cem. Married.
Wolf, Essie S. Age 40-7-14. B. Indiana. D. 11-3-1906 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 27yrs. In Ill.
Wolfe, Isaac Age 70-11. B. Penn. D. 8-5-1909 Belvidere. Olney,Il. Cem. Widower.
Wood - See Willson.
Wood, Georgia Age 1-10-__. B. Belvidere. D. 5-20-1878 Belvidere & Cem.
Wood, Mary A. Age 26-7-11. B. Halifax, Engl. D. 12-7-1878 Capron. Harvard Cem. Married.
Wood, Samuel Age 75-9-15. B. Glocestershire,Engl. D. 12-10-1887 Belvidere&Cem. Maried.
Woodcock, Delia Age 42-4-0. B. Mass. D. 8-19-1886 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 26yrs. Ill.
Woodcock, Samuel Age ? (A Farmer) B. U. S. ?D. 6-28-1887 Manchester Tp& Cem.
Woodruff, Charles W. Age 59-9-14. B. Oral,Penn. D. 12-17-1892 Belvidere&Cem. Married.
Woods, Cornelius B. 1-1-1826 Cork City,Ire. D. 10-23-1910 Spring Tp. Blvdr. Cem. Widower.
Woods, Cornelius D. 10-23-1910. 53y. Ill. 58y. U. S. F=Daniel Woods. M=Ellen Maroney.
Woods, Florence M. Age 11-8-24. B. Weeping Water,Nebr. D. 1-26-1893 Belvidere&Cem. 6mo
Woods, Frederick Age 70-8-8. B. Knox Co. Ohio. D. 4-14-1905 Bonus Tp. Palestine,Ind. Cem. W-
Woods, Otis Age 65. B. ?. D. 5-27-1887 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Woods, Thomas Duncan Age 8-5-17. B. Kingston,Dekalb Co. D. 12-30-1902 Belv. Blds. Pt. C.
Woodward, Alpheus J. Age 65-7-1. B. Sandgate,Bennington Co. Vt. D. 12-27-1884p. G. S. Vt. C.
Woodward, Alvah S. Age 77. B. Vt. D. 9-23-1894 Poplar Grv. &Cem. Widower. 30yrs. In Ill.
Woodward, Alvin Age 31-7-7. B. Arlington,Vt. D. 10-22-1880 Poplar Grove. Married.
Woodward, Melvin F. Age 35-2-19. B. Bennibton Co. Vt. D. 5-29-1878 Boone Tp. P. Grove C.
Woolcot, Lena B. 4-25-1883 Wisc. D. 8-14-1911 Spring Tp. Shattucks Cem. Married.
Wothington - See Haywood.
Worthington, Thomas Astey B. Staly Bridge,Engl. D. 1-31-1880 Boone Tp. P. Grove Cem.
Wrate, Albert B. 4-29-1860 Ill. D. 4-18-1915 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 50yrs. In Ill.
Wrate, Albert D. 4-18-1915. F=Frank C. Wrate B. England. M=Jane Jackson B. England.
Wrate, Ella Nora Age 21-5-21. B. Belvidere. D. 5-21-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married.
Wright - See Ferguson.
Wright - See Nash.
Wright - See Wheeler.
Wright, Adelbert Age 34-8. B. ?. D. 5-8-1880 Manchester Tp. & Cem. Single.
Wright, Amanda Webster Age 85. B. Hadley,Canada. D. 3-14-1904 Belvidere&Cem. 55y. Ill.
Wright, Clara A. Age 33-4-21. B. U. S. ?. D. 9-2-1890 Manchester Tp. &Cem. Married. 32y. In Ill.
Wright, Ebenezer Age 73-9. B. Carmel, Putnam Co. Ny. D. 1-7-1881 Mchenry Co. G. Pr. Cem
Wright, Elias Age 4hrs. B. Manchester Tp. D. 7-19-1899 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem.
Wright, Fannie Age 43. B. Boone Co. D. 4-12-1907 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem. Mrd. 43yr. Ill.
Wright, Gibson Age 75-5-20. B. Washington Co. Ny. D. 1-1-1891 Blaine & Cem. Married. 56yil
Wright, Jamie Cushman Age 94-4-1. B. N. H. D. 3-3-1908 Belvidere. Manchester Cem. Widow-
Wright, Laura Amelia Age 60-6-28. B. Ohio. D. 9-10-1908 Belvidere. Liv. Cem. Single. 59y. Ill.
Wright, Nettie Arvilla Age 4-6-15. B. Flora Tp. D. 5-28-1879 Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Wright, Philo J. Age 73. B. Durham, Ny. D. 5-15-1902 Belvidere&Cem. Widower.
Wright, Ray Age 21. B. Illinois. D. 4-16-1907 Leroy Tp. Blainr Cem. Married. 21yrs. In Ill.
Wright, Roy Age 20-6. B. Manchester Tp. D. 3-22-1907 Manchester Tp. Blaine Cem. Mrd.
Wrschar, Max. Age 8mo. B. Germany. D. 4-23-1883 Belvidere & Cem.
Wruck, Freda R. B. 11-16-1837 Germany. D. 6-9-1912 Belvider&Cem. Widow. 19yrs. In Ill.
Wyant, Susan I. B. 12-25-1823 Oswego,Ny. D. 1-10-1912 Belvdr. Harvard Cem. Wid. 62yrs. Ill
Wyant, Susan I. D. 1-10-1912. F=Alvan Dana B. Ny. M=Diantha Fish B. Ny.
Wyman, Emma L. Age 39. B. Darlington,Wisc. D. 8-11-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Mrd. 35yr. Ill.

Yates, Grace B. 1885 U. S. D. 1-30-1911 Elgin, Ill. Single.
Yougngrun - See Yougngreen. Flora Tp. Belvidere Cem. Widow. 50yrs. In Ill.
Young, Martha Davis Age 62. B. Livonia,Livingston Co. Ny. D. 2-9-1902 Belvidere. Maried.
Young, Mary Ellen Age 12-10-6. B. California. D. 11-23-1879 Spring Tp. Belvidere Cem.
Young, Roland Age 15days. B. Belvidere. D. 1-5-1905 Belvidere&Cem.
Young, Walter S. Age 65. B. Winnebago Co. D. 6-27-1907 Belvidere. Freeport Cem. Wid. 65y.
Youngreen, Hannah Josephine Age 32-6-19. B. Finland. D. 8-23-1905 Blvdr. &Cem. Mrd. 12y-
Yount, John Age 66-8. B. Down Co. ,Ire. D. 10-20-1878 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 31yr Ill.
Yountz, Henry Age 72-11-5. B. Ohio. D. 7-7-1908 Belvidere&Cem. Married. 53yrs. In Ill.
Yourt, William B. Age 27-6-6. B. Belvidere. D. 9-25-1882 Belvidere & Cem. Single.
Yunk - See Vunk.

Ziegler, Wm. F. Age 59-3-2. B. Germany. D. 1-25-1883 Belvidere & Cem. Married. 18yrs. Ill.
Zilley, Frederick Charles Age 74-4-14. B. Germany. D. 3-22-1879manchester Tp. Beloit C.
Zilmer - See Raywood.


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