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Original Members of the First Baptist Church

of Belvidere, Illinois
and names of early members in the Church's History (pub. 1906)
Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson

Formatted for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

Original Members who formed the First Baptist Church, July 24, 1836
Moses Blood
Caleb Blood
Mrs. Mary Caswell
Mrs. Mathilda Caswell
Timothy Caswell
Dea. Nathaniel Crosby
Ira Haskins
Mrs. Mary Haskins
Rev. John S. King, M.D.
Calvin Kingsley
Mrs. Charlotte S. Kingsley
Andrew Moss
Mrs Elizabeth Payne
Mrs. Anna Schenck
Melvin Schenck
Charles S. Whitman

Index of Names of members in the Church's history book, pub. 1906

Bateson, F. W. Mrs. (Picture) P. 46.
Bateson, Frederick Rev. (Picture) P. 29.
Beecher, Helen Roe Mrs. (Picture) P. 48.
Blood, Moses (Original Member).
Blood, Caleb (Original Member).
Caswell, Mary Mrs. (Original Member).
Caswell, Mathilda Mrs. (Original Member).
Caswell, Timothy (Original Member).
Coker, Jesse Rev. (Picture) P. 21.
Congden, Ellias Dea. (Picture) P. 31.
Crosby, Henry L. Dea. (Picture) P. 33.
Crosby, Nathaniel Dea. (Picture) P. 31. (Original Member)
Curtis, Emery Rev. (Picture) P. 19.
Eddy, Herman J. P. Rev. (Picture) 15.
Miner, N. W. Rev. P. (Picture) 15.
Ellis, E. Dr. (Picture) P. 49.
Estee, Stephen E. Rev. (Picture) P. 11.
Evans, Samuel M. Dea. (Picture) P. 36.
First Baptist Church (Picture), Built In 1839. P. 7.
First Baptist Church (Picture), Built In 1868. P 6.
Haskins, Ira (Original Member).
Haskins, Mary Mrs. (Original Member).
Herrick, Jullian Avery Rev. (Picture) P. 25.
Hicks, Samuel Dea. (Picture) P. 42.
Irving, John J. Rev. (Picture) P. 23.
Keeler, Aaron B. Dea. (Picture) P. 40.
Keeler, Ennis S. Dea. (Picture) P. 44.
Keeler, Warren Dea. (Picture) P. 41.
Keeler, William Dea (Picture) P. 41.
Keene, A. C. Rev. P. (Picture) 19.
King, John S. M,D, Rev. (Picture) P. 9. (Original Member).
Kingsley, Calvin (Original Member).
Kingsley, Charloote S. Mrs. (Original Member).
Lawrence, Luther W. Rev. (Picture) P. 9.
Mabie, Daniel Dea. (Picture) P. 40.
Mabie, Henry C. Rev. (Picture) P. 21.
Moore, Johanna (Picture) P. 48.
Moss, Andrew (Original Member).
Patterson, James H. Dea. (Picture) P. 37.
Payne, Elizabeth Mrs. (Original Member).
Phillips, Joseph P. Rev. (Picture) P. 17.
Reed, H. W. Rev. (Picture) P. 23.
Roe - See Beecher (Picture).
Roe, Charles Hill Rev. (Picture) P. 13.
Rogers, John Dea. (Picture) P. 44.
Saxton, John Dea. (Picture) P. 36.
Schenck, Anna Mrs. (Original Member).
Schenck, Melvin (Original Member).
Sewell, Frank (Picture) P. 49.
Sewell, William Dea. (Picture) P. 43.
Sterling, George W. Dea. (Picture) P. 43.
Tinker, John B. Dea. (Picture) P. 33.
Tobyne, William Dea. (Picture) P. 37.
Walker, Romanzo Rev. (Picture) P. 25.
Welsher, Willard A. P. (Picture) Rev. 17.
Wheeler, Charles H. Rev. (Picture) P. 27.
Whitman, Charles S. (Original Member).
Whitman, Matilda Mrs. (Picture) P. 46.
Whitman, Seth S. Rev. (Picture) P. 11.
Willard, Luther C. Dea. (Picture) P. 42.
Winne, Garret F. Dea. (Picture) P. 45.


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