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First Presbyterian Church
of Belvidere, IL
50 Year Celebration History, pub. 1889

Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson

Formatted for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

24 Original Members of the First Presbyterian Church of Belvidere, est. 17 March 1839
Stephen Burnett. Rev. John Morrill, Ezra May, Mrs. Dorcas May, Mrs. Abigail Burnett, Frederick S. Sheldon, Mrs. Harriet C. Sheldon, George D. Hicks, Mrs. Abigail Hicks, Austin Gardner, Mrs. Mary Gardner, Aaron H. Billings, David Caswell, Chauncy Bristoll, Mrs. Louisa Rollins, Mrs. Mary C. Dubois, Mrs. Maria L. Fisk, Mrs. Juliet Gilman, Mrs. Hannah Blood, Mrs. Rulena McBride, Mrs. Nancy Hale, Mrs. Ruth Cunningham, Mrs. Lovina May, Miss Adaline E. Sheldon, Mrs. Gilbert.

Additional Information on Early Members
Mr. Gardner died in 1845.
Rev. Mr. Morill lived near Rockford.
Col. Joel Walker came from Peacham, Vt. and arrived in summer of 1839. He had been here in June of 1836 earlier.

Rev. Mr. Wright died in October 1849.
Rev. Erasmus D. Willis of Rockford died Nov. 12, 1880.
Rev. Eleazer T. Ball of Mecklenburg, N.Y. came in July 9, 1859.
Rev. Daniel Clark of Fredonia, Ohio declined a call in 1855.
Rev. Henry B. Holmes of Andover, Mass. came in 1855.
Rev. David R. Eddy of Wenona, III. came in 1863.
Rev. Henry M. Curtis of Olean, N.Y. came in 1880.
Rev. Mathew F. Howie of Atchison, Kansas accepted a call.
Rev. John Clark Hill of St. Louis, Mo. came in 1888.
Col. Joel Walker died July 1855.
Deacon David Dickey came from Columbus, Chenango Co.. N.Y.
Deacon Sidney Avery died Feb. 17. 1888.
Seymor Gookins died June 20, 1879.
John W. Lawrie moved to near Marengo, III..
Henry D. Waterman moved to St. Louis, Mo..
Isaac T. Witbeck died June 1885.
Royal Nathaniel Wright was born at Hanover, N.H. c. 1811
Charles Fanning was born in N.Y.C. July 22, 1828?. His father in law in N.Y.C. was Lucius Hart.
Rev. Eleazer T. Ball's obituary in the N.Y. Evangelist paper of August 1855 says he was born in Orange, N. J. in 1809.

Names of Individuals Mentioned
in the 50th Anniversary History of the Church

These include names of current and past members, and individuals who attended the 50th Anniversary celebration in 1889 or members who could not attend the ceremonies

Adams, Ellen Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Amsden, N. C. Mr. & Mrs. of Dubuque, Iowa.
Anderdonk, Lansing of Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Andrews, James B. Rev. of Hebron, Illinois.
Avery, C. M. Mr. & Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Avery, Eugene H. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. of Vonton, Iowa.
Avery, Sidney Deacon Died 2-17-1888.
Avery, W. D. Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Ball, Eleazer T. Rev. Came In 7-9-1859 From Mechlenburg, NyNY.
Ball, Eleazer T. Rev. Obit. Ny. Evangelist Paper 8-1855. B. 1809 Orange, N.J..
Bill, Henry Hon. of Norwich, Conn.
Billings, Aaron H. 1839 Member.
Blakesley, A. M. Mr. & Mrs. of Rock Island, Illinois.
Blood, Hannah Mrs. 1839 Member.
Brett, Cornelius Rev. of Jersey City, N.J.
Bristol, Chauncy 1839 Member.
Buchanan, Thomas Mr. & Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Burnett, Abigail Mrs. 1839 Member.
Burnett, Stephen Arrived In 1837 From Springfield, Mass.
Burnett, Stephen Rev. 1839 Member.
Bush, E. N. Mrs. & Family of Bloomington, Illinois.
Caswell, David Arrived 1835 From Ny.
Clark, Daniel Rev. of Fredonia, Ohio Declined A Call In 1855.
Collins, L. D. Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Conde, S. L. Rev. of Rockford, Illinois.
Crosby, Charles Mrs. of Sycamore, Illinois.
Crouse, Elder of Caledonia, Illinois.
Culbertson, Wm. P. of Fulton, Illinois.
Cunningham, Ruth Mrs. 1839 Member.
Curtis, Henry M. Came In 1880 From Olean, Ny.
Curtis, Henry M. Rev. Now of Flint, Michigan.
Curtis, Orlando Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Dick, J. C. Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Dickey, David Deacon Came From Columbus, Chenango Co. Ny.
Dubois, Mary C. Mrs. 1839 Member.
Dunsford, A. G. Rev. of Marengo, Illinois.
Easton, T. C. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. of Newark, N.J.
Eddy, David R. Rev. Came In 1863 From Wenona, Illinois.
Eddy, David R. Rev. Now of Brockport, Ny.
Enoch, Mrs. & Family of Rockford, Illinois.
Fanning, Charles Born 7-22-1822 N.Y. City. Father In Law Was Lucius Hart.
Fisk, Louisa Mrs. of Waverly, Iowa.
Fisk, Maria L. 1839 Member.
Foster, L. H. Rev. of Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Fuller, W. W. Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Gardner, Austin Arrived By 1838 From Massachusetts. Died 1843.
Gardner, Mary Mrs. 1839 Member.
Gilbert, Mrs. 1839 Member.
Gilman, Juliet Mrs. 1839 Member.
Gooch, Catherine Mrs. of Footville, Wisconsin.
Gookins, Seymor Died 6-20-1879.
Greenlee, James Mr. & Mrs. of Argyle, Illinois.
Gregory, Mrs. & Miss of Rockford, Illinois.
Hale, Nancy Mrs. 1839 Member.
Hart - See Fanning.
Harvey, Mathew of Rockford, Illinois.
Harvey, Wm. Mr. & Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Henderson, John of Caledonia, Illinois.
Henderson, Robert Mr. & Mrs. of Caledonia, Illinois.
Hice, Elizabeth Mrs. of Marengo, Illinois.
Hill, John Clark Rev. Came In 188 From St. Louis, Mo.
Holmes, C. B. Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Holmes, Henry B. Rev. Came In 1855 From Andover, Mass.
Holmes, Lizzie & Mother of Chicago, Illinois.
Howie, Mathew F. Rev. Went To Atchson, Kansas.
Jackson, Daniel Mr. Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Jenkins, H. D. Rev. D.D. Mr. & Mrs. of Freeport, Illinois.
Kelley, James of Caledonia, Illinois.
Lawrie, John W. Moved To Near Marengo, Illinois.
Leonard, James Mr. & Mrs. of Clinton, Iowa.
May, Dorcas Mrs. 1839 Member.
May, Ezra Deacon Arrived By 1838 From Olean, Ny.
May, Lovina Mrs. 1839 Member.
Mcbride, Rulena Mrs. 1839 Member.
Mcdonald, Andrew Mr. & Mrs. of Argyle, Illinois.
Mcechran, John of Argyle, Illinois.
Mcewen, Daniel Elder of Rockford, Illinois.
Mcgegor, Jennie & Anna Miss of Rockford, Illinois,
Mcglashen, Charles of Rockford, Illinois.
Metcalf, Mr. & Mrs. of Marengo, Illinois.
Morrill, John Rev. 1839 Member. (Moved To Near Rockford, Ill. ).
Myers, Fannie Mrs. of Decatur, Illinois.
Nash, Mary E. Miss & Mother of Morgan Park, Illinois.
Owens, Margaret & Dtr. of Hamburg, Iowa.
Parkhill, Charles of Chicago, Illinois.
Peck, Helen A. Mrs. of Beloit, Wisconsin.
Peck, Josephine A. Miss of Beloit, Wisconsin.
Picken, David of Argyle, Illinois.
Picken, James of Argyle, Illinois.
Picken, John Mr. & Mrs. of Argyle, Illinois.
Picken, Maggie Miss of Argyle, Illinois.
Picken, Mary Miss of Argyle, Illinois.
Pitkins, Mary Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.
Powell, George Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Rising, Spencer & Family of Lena, Illinois.
Robinson, T. A. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. of Winnebago Co. Illinois.
Rollins, John of Lincoln, Nebraska.
Rollins, Louisa Mrs. 1839 Member.
Seaman, L. N. Mrs. of Mitchell, Dakotas.
Sears, H. O. of Garden Prairie, Illinois.
Sheldon, Adaline E. 1839 Member.
Sheldon, Frederick S. Arrived 1838 From Silver Creek, Mich.
Sheldon, Harriet C. Mrs. 1839 Member.
Sherburne, G. N. Mr. Mrs. of Esmond, Dakotas.
Smith, A. C. Rev. D.D. of Galena, Illinois.
Smith, Moses Rev. Mrs. of Glencoe, Illinois.
Stanbro, Ida Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Stone, Dr. Mrs. of Beloit, Wisconsin.
Sutherland, J. R. Rev. D.D. of Pittsburg, Penn.
Sykes, H. B. Mrs. of Elkhart, Indiana.
Thompson, H. Mrs. of Denver, Colorado.
Thompson, J. C. Rev. of Holyoke, Mass.
Thompson, John Mr. & Mrs. of Caledonia, Illinois.
Thompson, N. C. Mr. & Mrs. of Rockford, Illinois.
Thompson, Nora Miss of Rockford, Illinois.
Thompson, Robert of Caledonia, Illinois.
Tillotson, Fannie Mrs. & Dtr. of Auburn, Ny.
Walker, Joel Col. Died 7-1855.
Walker, Joel Col. Arrived 1839 From Peacham, Vt. Was Here Also In 6-1836.
Waterman, Henry D. Moved To St. Louis, Mo.
Whitney, H. M. Prof. Rev. Is Now At Beloit College In Beloit, Wisconsin.
Willis, Erasmus D. Rev. of Rockford Died 11-12-1880.
Windsor, J. H. Rev. of Downers Grove, Illinois.
Witbeck, Isaac T. Died 6-1885.
Wright, Royal Nathaniel Born 1811 Hanover, NH. Died 10-1849.
Yourt, John Mr. & Mrs. of Chicago, Illinois.


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