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Church was established in Belvidere June 25, 1859 by Rev. Wm. Goessele of Hampshire Illinois circuit
This record book starts recording deaths in 1915, births in 1888 and marriages in 1889

THE CHURCH disbanded in November 1949 and members switched to St. Johns, Immanuel and First Methodist churches after Rev. Fred Deutsche died.

The church record books were stored at Garrett Theological Seminary Archives in Evanston, Illinois and were
Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson

NOTE: A letter says 28 members in Kingston, Ill. transferred to a church in Malta, Ill.
Some common abbreviations:
b. = born. d. = died. f = father. m = married or mother. to = married. Rkfd. = Rockford, Ill.; Belvdr. = Belvidere, Ill.; Ger. = Germany

____, Johan Of Dekalb To Katherine Ackerman Of Belvidere. M.= 2-16-1893.
____, Friedrich Died 12-1896.
____, Julius Died 8-1892.
Abbot, John A. B. Germany To Rosa Mckiske B. Kingston, Ill. M. 2-12-1890.
Abbott - See Clark H. Burt.
Abbott - See Lena May (Abbott) Burt.
Abbott, Ralph Edgar B. Bonus Tp. To Hazel Leone Whitman B. Hampshire,Ill. ----
Abbott, Ralph Edgar To Hazel Leone Whitman. M. = 9-6-1919.
Abbs - See Merritt Sticler.
Abott, See John Abbot.
Ackerman - See Floyd W. Neff.
Ackerman - See Julius J. Simons.
Ackerman - See Lana Catarina Hornbauln ? Mother.
Ackerman, Catherine Died 8-5-1915.
Ackerman, Charles B. Baden Prov. To Rosa Ritzert B. Belvidere. 3-17-1897.
Ackerman, Fred G. Of Flora Twp. To Aletha A. Green B. Dekalb Co. Ill. M = 11-10-1926.
Ackerman, Fredrich B. To Mary Brohammer B. Baden Prov. Germany. M.= 5-31-1894.
Ackerman, Hermina - Married Elmer Biester.
Ackerman, Jacob J. B. Schmieheim, Baden, Ger. To Lina H. Vetter. M.= 3-23-1898.
Ackerman, John, Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 7-14-1907.
Ackerman, Katherine B. 5-19-184_ Schmieheim, Baden, Germany.
Ackerman, Lena Died 4-23-1945.
Adams, August J. B. To Mary Boehm. M = 5-31-1926. Both B. Ger. Both Of Milwaukee.
Alber, Charles Wm. B. 11-24-1900 Chicago. F= Albert M= Lizzie Ott.
Alber, J. A Pastor 1900 - 1901 & Previously.
Alber, Jacob Harry B. 1-30-1866 Kansas City, Mo. F= Charles M= Otilla.
Albrecht Family Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Albrecht, Paul T. B. Graymont, Ill. To Elenora M. Green B. Flora Twp. M. = 8-15-1927.
Albrecht, W. A Pastor 1922 - 1929.
Almquist - See Arthur R. W. Anderson.
Anderson - See Joseph Nedra.
Anderson - See Nils Peterson.
Anderson - See Sanford Klank.
Anderson, Arthur R. W. B. Rockford To Kate (Gertrude M.) Almquist. M. 6-24-1914.
Anderson, Floyd H. Of Belvidere To Florence Honaker Of Roscoe. M.= 7-24-1937.
Anderson, Glen B. Cloquet, Minn. To Hazel Sadewater B. Rockford, Ill. M.= 7-7-1932.
Anderson, Myron Roy B. 10-5-1940 Rockford, Ill. F= Roy M= Lydia.
Anderson, Roy F. B. Rockford To Lydia C. Kaltenbach B. Flora Twp. M. = 10-10-1928.
Andrus, Elsie (Randall) Died 6-24-1921 Blvdr.B. 8-31-1849 Bird Center, Allegany.Co.Ny.
Appel, Henry Of Forreston, Ill. To Mrs. Mary(Rohers) Frawert . M.= 1-17-1907.
Armbruster, Carl To Amelia Washer . M.= 11-24-1897.
Asker, Lewis B. Rockford To Dollie Oleson B. Rockford, Ill. M. = 11-13-1913.
Avery, Frank C.Of Token Crk. B. Beloit To Selma H.Toffleman B.Beloit, Wi.M.= 9-1914.
Aves - See Albert W. Keeney.
Aves - See Ollmann.
Aves - See Thomas Chaplin.
Aves, Arthur F. B. Belvidere To Hazel M. Mckiski B. Belvidere. M. = 10-24-1931.
Aves, Arthur Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church Belvidere 1949.
Aves, Christine Died 9-29-1927 Belvidere. B. 10-28-1849 Truettelfitz, Pommerania, Ger.
Aves, Fred C. To Lana Sexauer Of Kingston, Ill. M. = 5-9-1894.
Aves, Fred Died 3-3-1929 Belvidere. B. 11-10-1968 Pommerania Prov. Germany.
Aves, Wm. Died 12-7-1930 Belvidere.B.4-29-1849 Germany.Charter Oak Cem.(Dekalb Co.).
Baker - See Wesley H. Zahl.
Banks - See - Wm. H. Bugdahl.
Baxter, See John M. White.
Becker - See Charles Newton.
Becker - See Roy Mckinney.
Behling - See Walter W. Count.
Beier - See Caroline (Beier) Kraft.
Benson, Benj. Harrison Of Capron To Anna Marie (Guile) Nicolia B. Walworth Co.
Best - See George Larson.
Biester - (Biester Surname Was Originally Bichte In Germany Church Records).
Biester - See Earl Louis Wenzel.
Biester - See Hermina Ackerman.
Biester - See John H. Luhman.
Biester, Bettie Died 7-19-1926 Marengo, Ill. B. 7-28-1863 Neustadt, Hannover, Germany.
Biester, Elizabeth D. Died 11-1-1911.
Biester, Elmer Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Biester, Louis Died 9-28-1930 Belvidere. B. 3-13-1858 Near Elgin, Illinois.
Bischoff, J.V. A Pastor 1929 - 1932.
Blackledge, John Mrs. , Transferred Here From Kingston, Ill..
Blaser, J. H. A Pastor 1905 - 1908.
Boehm - See August J. Adams.
Bohren, Orvin E. B. Winneconne, Wi. To Emma Polenske B. Concord, Wi. M=9-15-1933.
Boll, Fred To Beretha Busse Of Belvidere. M.= 11-23-1893.
Boyer, Glenn B. Wichita, Kan. To Vivian Keeney B. Richland, Wisc. M. = 4-29-1929.
Brandt - See Fred August Nimtz.
Brandt, Ricka , Kingston, Ill. Member, Married Fred A. ____?.
Brenz, Dawn H. B. 11-6-1896 Oregon, Ill. F= Wm. Brenz.
Brenz, Della C. B. 3-15-1898 Cherry Valley, Ill. F= Wm. Brenz.
Brenz, Eldred M. B. 6-9-1908 Holcomb, Ill. F= Brenz.
Brenz, Harold B. 7-6-1913 Cherry Valley, Ill. F= Brenz.
Brenz, Loren C. B. 1-7-1905 Oregon, Ill. F= Brenz.
Brenz, Lydia L. B. 11-21-1872 Coal Run, Ohio.
Bressler, Terrell B. Leaf River, Ill. To Myrtle K. Kennedy B. Rockford. M= 10-11-1930.
Brewers - See Arthur J. Hoffman.
Brohammer - See Fredrich Ackerman.
Brown, Lester Lee B. Pecatonica To Agnes Marie Danielson B. Rockford.M=8-10-1912.
Bruneni, Louis B. Rockford To Vera Robinson B. Rockford. M. = 4-17-1913.
Bugdahl,Wm.H. B. Rockford To Cleona N. Banks Of Rockford B. Pana,Ill. M=11-1-1916.
Bundlie - See William Harold Scott.
Burt - See John H. Luhman.
Burt, Clark Heading B.Cheery Valley,Ill. To Lena May Abbott B. Belvidere. 6-5-1920.
Burt, Lena May (Abbott) Died 8-25-1921 Ottawa, Il.Tent Colony B.10-10-1891 Belvidere.
Butler - See Eddie Ralae.
Butler, Wm. To Sophia Hagen Of Kingston, Ill. M.= 5-28-1889.
Campfield - See Raymond Reed.
Carlson - See Lee Cale Wilson.
Carlson - See Llpyd B. Olson.
Carlson, Wm. B. Rockford To Edna Rollie B. Guilford Twp.,Ill. M.= 5-28-1913.
Carter - See Orri H. Pautch.
Cevene, Gerald D. B. Appleton, Wi. To Dorthy Hooper B. Farmersvile, Ill.M=12-24-1935.
Chamberlain - See Paul Ott & C. S. Ward.
Chaplin, Thomas B. England To Minnie Aves B. Calvin Park, Dekalb Co. M.= 3-3-1909.
Chase, Christ. B. B. Clinton, Ia. To Margaret L. Scott B. Wiota, Wisc. M. 5-31-1926.
Chester, Eddie C. Of Leroy Twp. Twp. To Libbie Levine. M.= 12-25-1902.
Choumont - See Churchmont.
Choumont - See Lester Walter.
Choumont, Charles Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Christopher - See Chas. L. Horton.
Church, Paul V. = A Pastor In Freeport Ill.
Churchmont - See Choumont.
Churchmont. Gertrude Novene B. 6-15-1946 Freeport, Ill. F= Max.J. M= Dorothy I.
Clark, Lena May Died 8-25-1921 Ottawa, Ill. At Tent Colony.
Claudius - See Harry Gladley.
Cline - See Thomas Thompson.
Coffey, Wm. B. Clinton, Ind. To Lucille Webster B. Pleginton, So. Dakota.M=3-28-1934.
Count, Walter W. B. Miller, Wi. To Martha Behling B. Belvidere. M = 10-2-1926.
Crone, Jesse Roswell B. 9-7-1897 Hillsdale, Md. F= Joshua M= Mollie Porter.
Danielson - See Lester Lee Brown.
Deutsche, Fred A Pastor To. 1-14-1949. Klopp, Ward A Asst. Pastor 1916 - 1918.
Deutsche, Friederich Walter Rev. Died 1-14-1949 Boone Co., Ill. (Church Ends).
Deutsche, Gertude Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Deutsche, Lottie H. Died 12-2-1946 Rockford.B.2-21-1883 Bloomington, Ill.Brd. Belvdr.
Diener, Edward M. = A Pastor Of Red Oak Ev. Ch. Walnut, Ill.
Doll, Henry B. Garden Prairie, Ill. To Clara Ruth Luhman B. Bonus Twp. M. 1-16-1918.
Dreher, Mary , Moveed To Mendota, Ill. 1-1899.
Droysen - See George Kaltenbach.
Droysen, Hermin Of Spring Twp. To Minnie Gahlbeck Of Belvidere. M.= 5-11-1893.
Eldridge - See Elroy Nelson Mcdonald.
Elliott, Leonard T. B. Blum, Wisc. To Opal V. Spry B. Blum, Wisc. M. = 5-31-1931.
Elmer, Henry Of Rockton, Ill. To Ethel Green Of Rockton, Ill. M. = 1-3-1913.
Ernst, Waldemar To Violet M. Slafter. Both Of & Born Racine, Wisc. M = 6-18-1930.
Fagerstrom - See Arthur E. Lindine.
Fair - See Henry Loutenbeck.
Feabrantz, Wm. B. Germany To Grace Morehouse B. Wisconsin. M/= 1-25-1900.
Fidder - See George Schandelmeier.
Fidder, Nkatherine , Says Now Kattie Luhman.
Fidder, See Christian Luhman.
Fiebrantz - See Feabrantz.
Fill - See John Klaas.
Fill, Charles B. Wurtemberg Prov. To Anna Luhman B. Garden Pr.M.= 12-16-1896.
Fisher - See Arthur D. S. Hodges.
Flurkey, W. H. A Asst. Pastor 1920 - 1921.
Forkel, V. A Pastor.
Frawert - See Henry Apple.
Friedon ? - See Johan Hug Krister ? Mother.
Fritz - See Charles M. Smith.
Fritz - See Christ. K. Luhman.
Fritz - See Lizzie (Fritz) Shippy.
Fritz - See Samuel Grimson.
Fritz, Carl & Wife , One Of Three Families Of First Members 9-18-1867.
Fulton - See Flossie Agnes Hill Mother.
Gahlbeck - See John Lambke & Frank Ritzert & Henry Apple.
Gahlbeck, Frank L. To Rose Heiderman B. Iowa. M.= 12-29-1906.
Galhlbeck - See Hermin Droysen.
Garbe, Arthur Johann Wilhelm B. 3-2-1896 Chicago. F= Wilhem M= Anna.
Gauer, Mary Died 4-30-1905. (Gower?).
Gauer, Mary Died 5-3-1905.
Giese - See Wm. Ritzert.
Giese, J. A. A Pastor 1898 - 1900.
Gilman, Claire Of Belvidere To Marg. Vanvalkenburg Of Belvidere. M.= 3-1-1940.
Gladley, Harry B. Campten, Ind. To Frieda L. Claudius B. Chicago. M. = 12-1-1930.
Glenders, Mary Died 11-8-1941 Belvidere. B. 2-20-1852 Germany. Buried In Margengo, Hansen, Died 2-17-1942. B. 10-28-1860 Germany.
Glover -S See Russel Mckearn.
Goessele, Wm. A Pastor. From Hampshire, Illinois. Started A Branch Church Here.
Goudy - See Clarence Mccabe.
Gower - See Mary Gauer.
Graham - See Peter Hansen.
Graham, David A. Died 5-29-1915 Belvidere. B. 4-9-1863.
Graham, Melville Franklin Died 2-23-1926 Belvidere. B. 12-4-1904 Belvidere.
Green - May Have Been Grehn Originally.
Green - See Fred G. Ackerman & Paul T. Albrecht.
Green - See Henry Elmer.
Green - See Sophie Grves.
Green, Louis B. Germany To Minnie Koeneke Of Belvidere. M.= 2-12-1890.
Green, Marie Mrs. , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 11-11-1911.
Gregg, Perry Alton B. 2-13-1886 Branch Co. Mich. F= John A. M= Julia.
Grehn - See Green.
Greves, Sophie (Or Green ?) , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 9-24-1907.
Grimson, Samuel To Eva C. (Redinger) Fritz Of Belvidere. M.= 3-1-1892.
Guile - See Benj. H. Benson.
Hagen - See Edward Miller.
Hagen - See Wm. Butler.
Hall, Axel A. To Malinda P. Harder Of Caledonia. M.= 5-11-1893.
Haller, Barbara Died 12-28-1915.
Haller, Barbara Died 12-3/28-1915 Kirkland. B. Zurich Switzerland.
Hansen, Peter B. Denmark Of Belvidere To Rose Graham B. Belvidere. M= 6-26-1926.
Harder - See Axel A. Hall.
Harder, Amelia J. Died 7-30-1917 Belvidere.
Harms, Beverly Maxine B. 12-7-1937 Cullom, Ill. F= Milton M= Lorene.
Hartman, Clifton Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church Belvidere 1949.
Harvey, Alexander B. Catrine, Scotland. To Laura L. Phillips B. Santa Rosa, Ca.------
Harvey, Alexander Of Belvidere To Laura L. Phillips Of Belvidere. M= 8-14-1926.
Haskell - See Grant E. Judge.
Hawkey - See John L. Walter.
Hawkins, Paul S. B. Brownsville, Wi. To Ellen Peltonen B. Highbridge, Wi. M=12-9-1933.
Heinhorst - See Harry Wayne Wilson.
Henninger, Johann To Lena Mckiski Of Boone Co. M. = 2-14-1893.
Henninger, Lena Died 3-7-1941. B. 1-14-1873.
Herbert, Henri K. To Minnie M. Luhman Of Boone Co. M.= 3-1-1893.
Heuer - See Albert A. Nimtz.
Heuer, Vernie Marie B. 8-15-1905 Wyanet, Ill. F= Albert M= Mattie.
Hill, Flossie Agnes B. 12-29-1897 Elco, Ill. F= Charles Hill M= Mattie Fulton.
Hoagland, Harold Of Rockford,Il. To Mamie Roby Of Rockford. M= 5-13-1913.
Hodges, Arthur D. S. B. Waterford, Ireland To Mina J. Fisher B. Plani, Ill. M=10-8-1927.
Hoffman, Arthur J. . B. Rockford To Olive Brewers B. Rockford, Ill. M. =9-14-1922.
Hollow, Jacob Died 4-22-1892.
Honacker - See Floyd H. Anderson.
Hooper - See Gerald Cevene & Harold W. Witherby.
Hopen, Johanna Died 1905.
Hopper, James Carliss B. 3-8-1933 Rockford, Ill. F= Stanley M= Mallie.
Hornbauln ?, Lana Catarina B. 8-16-1893 N.Y. City. F= Johann Friedrick Hornbauln ?
Hornbauln ?, Lana Catarina B. 8-16-1893 N.Y. City. M= Magdolena Ackerman.
Horton, Chas. L. Of Madison,Wisc. To Lulu Christopher Of Baraboo, Wisc.M=2-6-1913.
Houck - See Wm. Kaltenbach.
Huber, Jacob & Wife , One Of Three Families Of First Members 9-18-1867.
Huber, Karoline Died 3-13-1907.
Huber, Karoline Died 3-13-1907.
Johnson - See August Schroder. 2 Dashes Above O In Schroder.
Johnson, Alfred To Flora Kincaid Of Belvidere. M.= 2-19-1897.
Johnson, Edward Carl B. Sweden Of Rkfd. To Georgia Kath. Tampakes B. Chicago.----
Johnson, Edward Carl To Georgia Katherine Tampakes Of Rockford. M.= 8-15-1921.
Johnson, Edward S. F. B. Platteville,Wi. To Blossom L. Worn ? B. Platteville, Wi. ------
Johnson, John Harold B. 6-11-1930 Sterling, Ill. M= Sarah Margaret Johnson.
Johnson, Sarah Margaret B. 5-5-1909 West Brooklyn, Ill.
Judge, Grant E. B. Pittsburg, Pa. To Gladys May Haskell B. Philadelphia. M= 8-4-1928.
Kaltenbach - See Albert Edward Meyers.
Kaltenbach - See Kaltenbeck.
Kaltenbach - See Roy F. Anderson.
Kaltenbach, George To Hannah Droysen Of Spring Twp. M.= 2-2-1897.
Kaltenbach, Wm. Of Caledonia To Kari Houck Of Belvidere. M.= 12-21-1893.
Kaltenback, Caroline Died 8-9-1948 Boone Co., Ill. B. 5-30-1875 Germany.
Kaltenbeck - See Albert Edward Meyers.
Karch - See Bertha (Karch) Wascher.
Karch, Mary , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 2-9-1910.
Karch, Wm. B. Germany To Bertha Washer B. Germany. M.= 7-22-1911.
Karch, Wm. To Mary Voshage. M.= 1-24-1903.
Kasper, William F. B. Schmieheim, Baden, Ger. To Ruth Mabel Mckiski B. Belvidere.----
Kasper, William F. To Ruth Mabel Mckiski. M = 5-18-1927.
Keeney - See Glenn Boyer.
Keeney, Albert W. B. Crown Pt, Ind. To Lillian M. Aves B. Spring Twp. M. = 8-2-1925.
Keller, Glenn Corydon Of Elgin. B. Crystal Lake. To Ida Louise May B. Detroit,Mi.---
Keller, Glenn Corydon To Ida Louise May . M. = 8-5-1915.
Kennedy - See Terrell Bressler.
Kincaid - See Alfred Johnson.
Kipple - See Charles M. Smith.
Kistler, Anna Died 4-27-1946 Kalamazoo, Michigan. B. 11-2-1864 Germany. Brd. Belvdr.
Kistler, Arthur Philip B. Bonus Tp. To Lydia May Henninger B. Bonus Tp. M=1-26-1916.
Kistler, Philip Died 9-28-1937 At Home Of Son In Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Kistler, Philip Died 9-28-1937 Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Klaas, John B. Chicago To Elsie Fill B. Belvidere. M. = 9-10-1919.
Klaas, Mary Died 1-18-1939. B. 3-26-1851.
Westfall, Louise Died 1-1-1941. B. 12-31-1851 Germany.
Klank, Sanford Of Rockford To Gertie Anderson Of Chicago. M=5-24-1913.Both B. Sw.
Kleckner - See Edward Mckiski.
Klippel, Carrie Died 1-2-1908.
Knope - See Robert J. Robinson.
Knopp - See Robert J. Robinson.
Koehler, Minnie Nettie Died 10-11-1923 Kingston Twp. Dekalb Co. Ill. B. 6-22-1886.
Koeller, Anna , 2 Dashes Above O. Says Now Anna Patterson.
Koeller, L.A. A Pstor.
Koelling, Sidney M. B. Belvidere To Dorothy Stonewall B. Pecatonica. M. = 5-7-1924.
Koelling, Simon H. B. Germany To Lydia Meyer B. Illinois. M.= 3-15-1900.
Koeneck, Lena Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church Belvidere 1949.
Koenecke, Wm. C. Died 9-28-1948 Boone Co. Ill. B. 9-9-1876 Garden Prairie, Ill.
Koeneke - See George Schschandelmeier.
Koeneke, John Henry Died 1-29-1947 Boone Co. B. 7-31-1880 Garden Prairie, Ill.
Koeneke, Minnie - See Louis Green.
Koeneke, Sophia Died 6-9-1922 Near Belvidere. B. 1-3-1840 Germany.
Koerting, Died Garden Prairie, Ill. B. 8-6-1866. Buried Garden Prairie.
Koneke - See Libie Louise Ollmann Mother.
Koneke - See Louis W. Ollman.
Koneke, William Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Kraft, Caroline Dorothy (Beier) B. 7-30-1832 Demmin, Pommerania, Germany.
Kraft, Caroline Dorothy (Beier) Died 6-30-1917 Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Kraft, Wm. , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 2-12-1910.
Krister ?, Johan Hugo B. 6-22-1894 Freeport, Ill. F= August M= Anna Friedon ?
Kunze - See Christ. K. Luhman. 2 Dashes Above U In Kunze.
Kunze, Ida , 2 Dashes Above U. Says Now Ida Fritz.
Laflamme - See Vern Jack Margason.
Lambke, John B. Preussen Prov. To Lizzie F. Gahlbeck B. Belvidere. M.= 1-20-1898.
Lampert, Charlotte, , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 9-24-1909.
Lampert, Friedrich, Died 11-14-1907. B. 1866.
Larson, George B. Pecatonica To Fern Best B. David, Ill. M. = 2-6-1935.
Laudenbeck - See Joe Lautenbach & Loutenbeck.
Lautenbach, Joe B. Belvidere To Irene May Plumley B. Belvidere. M. = 2-25-1931.
Lembke - See Lambke.
Lembke, August Charles To Alvena F. Gahlbeck. M. = 6-20-1907.
Lenman, Eva Died 11-24-1926 Elgin, Ill. B. About 90 Years Ago In Germany.
Levine - See Eddie Chester.
Lindine, Arthur E. Of Rockford,Il. To Franes J. Fagerstrom Of Rockford.M= 4-17-1913.
Linter, J.J. A Pastor 1901 - 1905.
Lintner, J. J. Rev. & Family. , Moved To Lockport, Ill. 4- 1905.
Lintner, John Of Elgin, Ill. To Marie Mosher Of Talbe Grove. M.= 8-28-1901.
Long, Amos Christ. Died 11-25-1917 Belvidere. B. 4-10-1879 Rubenow, Pommerania, Ger.
Loutenbeck, Henry B. Woodstock, Ill. To Ruby Fair B. Mosheim, Tenn. M.= 6-17-1933.
Luhman - (A Luhman Family Moved To New Zealand ).
Luhman - See Charles Fill.
Luhman - See Henrik. Herbert.
Luhman - See Henry Doll.
Luhman Minnie (Mrs. John) Died 1894.
Luhman, Carrie Died 4-6-1946 Logansport, Indiana. B. 3-17-1868 Belvidere. Brd. Belvdr.
Luhman, Christ. K. To Ida (Kunze) Fritz A Widow ?. M. = 10-10-1894.
Luhman, Christian To Katie Fidder Of Belvidere. M.= 11-20-1889.
Luhman, Frank , Moved To Elgin, Ill. 1926.
Luhman, John H. B. Lippe Detmold, Ger. To Sarah E. Brown B. Ohio. M. = 7-30-1924.
Luhman, John H. B. Minden, Germany To Mary E.(Burt) Morgan B. Pine Creek, Ill.------
Luhman, John H. B. Minden, Germany To Mrs. Caroline M. Biester B. Boone Co. ----------
Luhman, John H. Died 2-20-1848 Starkville, Wisc. B. 9-20-1863 Germany. Brd. Belvidere.
Luhman, John H. To Mrs. Caroline M. Biester. M. = 10-16-1931.
Luhman, Johnn H. To Mary E. (Burt) Morgan Of Rockford. M.= 11-4-1930.
Luhman, Minnie Louise Died 7-23-1923 Belvidere. B. 206-1869 Chicago.
Luhman, Morgan Died 3-18-1931 Rockford, Ill. B. 9-1-1872 Pine Creek, Ill.
Luhman, Sarah (Mrs. John Luhman). Died 11-12-1929 Belvidere. B. 11-9-1857 Ohio.
Luhman, Simon Heinrich Died 2-21-1903. B. Caldorf (=Kalldorf, Lippe-Detmold, Ger.).
Luhman, Sophie Wilhelmine (Stass) (2nd. ? Wife Of Simon Heinrich Luhman.B. 1-31-1837).
Luhman, Wilhelmina Died 3-27-1919.
Luhman, Wilhelmine B. 2-28- 1836 Flot ? , Lippe Detmold (Vlotho, Westphalen ?).
Luhman, Wilhemine (Stass) Died 3-27-1919 Shirland, Ill. (2nd.Wife Sophie Wilhelmine).
Maguire, William H. B. Rochelle To Vera C. Stonewall B. Pecatonica. M. = 3-28-1925.
Mallette, Henry A. Of Rockton,Ill. To Nina Reynolds Of Rockton, Ill. M. = 8-5-1902.
Margason, Vern Jack B. So. Bend,Ind. Of Rkfd. To Evelyn Fern Laflamme B. Chicago.
Margason, Vern Jack To Evelyn Fern Laflamme. M. = 10-2201921.
Maria Meyer - See George Meyer.
Markstahler, Emil Carl B. 6-15-1914 Meriden, Conn. F= Emil M= Katherine.
Marth, Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Members Here From First Ev. Church Kankakee,Ill.1945.
Marth, John - A Pastor & Family Moved Here From Holland Grove, Wisconsin
Marth, John , Moved To Geneseo, Ill. 1922.
Marth, John A Pastor 1915 - 1922.
Martin, Maurice Calvin Of Harvey, Carroll Co. Md. B. Emmetsburg,Md.-------------
Martin, Maurice Calvin To Silva W. Viola Schreiber B. Leaf River, Ogle Co. Iil.------
Martin, Maurice Calvin To Silva W. Viola Schreiber Of Egan, Ill. M. = 9-13-1919.
Maul - See Albert Zitzke.
May - See Glenn Corydon Keller.
Mccabe, Clarence Of Joplin, Mo. To Mildred Goudy Of Sycamore, Ill. M= 6-5-1926.
Mcdonald, Elroy Nelson B. Alpena Co. Mich. To Blanch Mabel Eldridge. --------
Mcdonald, Elroy Nelson To Blanch Mabel Eldridge B.Walworth Co.Wi.M=6-18-1926.
Mckearn, Russel B. Newark, Rock Co. To Franes Glover B. Owen Twp.Ill.M=8-16-1914.
Mckinney, Roy Of Janesville B. Cary, Ill. To Elsie Becker B. Edgerton,Wi.M=3-4-1913.
Mckiske, Rosa - See John Abbot.
Mckiskee, Anton , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 5-19-1910.
Mckiski - See Anne Mckisski & Anton Mckiskee.
Mckiski - See Arthur F. Aves.
Mckiski - See Johann Henninger.
Mckiski - See William F. Kasper.
Mckiski, Edward To Ella Kleckner B. Plymouth, Indiana. M.= 2-1-1906.
Mckiski, Marvin Edgar Died 6-26-1926. B. 12-4-1904 Belvidere.
Mckiski, Wendell E. Transferred To St. Paul Methodist Church Abilene,Tx.1940.
Mckisski, Anne Died 12-30-1903.
Mclaren - See Clarence Walter Willmann Mother.
Meyer - See Simon H. Koeling.
Meyer, George Of Spring Twp. To Maria Meyer Of Belvidere. M.= 3-29-1892.
Meyers, Albert , Returned Here From Oregon. (Ill. ?)
Meyers, Albert Edward B. Belvidere To Clara Minnie Kaltenbeck B. Spring Tp. ------
Meyers, Albert Edward To Clara Minnie Kaltenbeck. M. = 3-18-1920.
Meyers, Alice Julia Died 9-29- 1922 Boone Co. B. 3-17-1905 Near Herbert, Ill.
Meyers, Edgar (Earl E.?) Died (4-28-1941 ?) Herbert Station (Boone Co.). B. 2-10-1872.
Meyers, George , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 5-29-1907.
Meyers, George Wm. Died 3-13-1948 Boone Co. B. 1-3-1863 Boone Co.,Ill.
Meyers, Gerald Albert B. 9-3-1923 Rockford, Ill. F= Albert M= Clara.
Meyers, Keneth Wendel B. 10-16-1921 Rockford, Ill. F= Albert M= Clara.
Meyers, Lizzie , Moved To Kingston, Iil. 11-1897.
Meyers, Mary Died 10-14-1918.
Meyers, Mary (Zinser) Died 10-14-1918 Belvidere. B. 3-8-1843 Schmieheim, Baden, Ger.
Meyers, Walter G. B. Flora Twp. To Julia May Whitacre B. Sycamore Twp. M=9-5-1928.
Miller, Albert To Augusta Westfall. M.= 2-24-1903.
Miller, Edward B. Ny. To Bertha Hagen B. Wisconsin. M.= 7-3-1899.
Morehouse - See Wm. Feabrantz.
Morgan - See John H. Luhman.
Musselman, E. A Pastor.
Myers - See Edgar Meyers.
Nedra, Joseph Of Rockford. B. St. Louis,Mo. To Pauline H. Anderson B. Rockford.------
Nedra, Joseph To Pauline H. Anderson. M. = 4-6-1918.
Neff, Floyd W. Of Belvidere To Helen B. Ackerman Of Belvidere. M. = 11-2-1940.
Newton, Charles Of Janesville, Wisc. B. Wisc. To Mary Becker B. Ill. M.= 11-4-1901.
Nickel, Charles B. B.Waupaca Co. Wi. To Marie E. Brandenburg B. Rock Co. Wi. ---------
Nickel, Charles B. To Marie E. Brandenburg. Both Of Beloit, Wisc. M = 8-17-1926.
Nicolia - See Benj. H. Benson.
Nicolia, Anna Marie (Guile) Mrs. Of Capron To Benj. Harrison Benson. M.= 7-29-1914.
Nimtz, Albert A. To Esther V. Heuer. M. = 2-11-1925.
Nimtz, Albert A. B. Spring Twp. To Esther V. Heuer Of Bonus Twp. B. Manlius, Ill. -------
Nimtz, Fred August To Fredericka A. Brandt. M. = 1-15-1980.
O_______?, Fr. Died 4-15-1894. Age 80-8-18.
Okeefe - See Lavern Wicks.
Oleson - See Lewis Asker.
Ollman, Louis W. To Emma E. Koeneke Of Calvin Park, Dekalb Co. Ill. M. = 5-23-1894.
Ollmann - See Louis W. Ollman.
Ollmann, Elmer Erwin B. Spring Tp. To Luella Clara Aves B. Spring Tp. M= 2-18-1920.
Ollmann, Elmer Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church In Belvidere 1949.
Ollmann, Libie Louise B. 2-4-1895 Chery Valey,Ill. F= Ludwif W.H. M=Emma E. Koneke.
Olson, Lloyd B. Rockford To Tyra Carlson B. Rockford, Ill. M. = 9-20-1924.
Ott - See Charles Wm. Alber Mother.
Ott, Albert To Eliazabeth Shafer. M.= 6-30-1906.
Ott, Paul Of & B. Wonewoc, Wisc. To Ada Chamberlain B. Belvidere. M.= 2-2-1909.
Palmer, Edward W. Died 6-24-1924 Footville, Wisc. B. 8-22-1864 Belvidere.
Palmer, Eliza Mrs. Died 1-5-1922 Belvidere. B. 9-13-1835 Barton, Chenauqua Co. Ny..
Palmer, Fannie Mrs. Died 2-4-1932 Omaha, Nebr. B. 3-20-1878 Lacrosse, Wisc.
Palmer, Frank Deid 6-1-1928 Rock Co. Home, Rock Co. Wisc. B. 1866 Belvidere.
Pautch, Orri H. Of Rockford, Ill. To Viola L. Carter Of St.Paul,Minn. M.= 2-24-1913.
Peltonen - See Paul S. Hawkins.
Petermier, Edward Of Freeport To Carrie Stuckenberg Of Baileyville.M.= 12-9-1901.
Peterson, Gladis (Gladys) Died 12-21-1918 Kingston Twp.
Peterson, Nils, Of Bonus Twp. To Selma Anderson. M.= 1-3-1900.
Phillips - See Alexander Harvey.
Plapp, E.E. A Pastor 1911 - 1915.
Plumley - See Joe Lautenbach.
Plumley, Verda Irene B. 7-6-1912 Haested, Minn. F= Leroy M= Marie.
Polenske - See Orvin E. Bohren.
Pope, Samuel G. Mr. & Mrs. = A Letter Saying They Are Members From Walnut, Ill.
Pope, Samuel G. Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Porter - See Jesse Roswell Crone Mother.
Prentice, Sandra Eliz. B. 11-6-1934 Logansport, Indiana. F= Homer M= _Ess_?.
Priem - See Prien.
Prien - See Gottlieb Roth.
Puls, Fred Died 7-22-1929 Belvidere. B. 8-25-1843 Waldo, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Ger.
Puls, Fredrich Sr. , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 4-5-1907.
Puls, Hannah S. Died 1-3-1928 Belvidere. B. 5-6-1845 Truettelfitz, Pommerania, Ger.
Puls, Harry Otis Died 1-5-1925 Belvidere. B. 5-9-1898 Belvidere.
Puls, Lena, Moved To Topeka, Kansas 12-30-1907.
Pundt. Friedrich Died 6-1898.
Ralae, Eddie Of Freeport B. N.Y.C. To Aggennoria Butler B. Rockton.M. = 9-22-1907.
Randall - See Elsie (Randall) Andrus.
Redinger - See Samuel Grimson.
Reed, Raymond To Neva Campfield Of Rockford, Ill. M.= 2-24-1904.
Reuter, Charles Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodist Church 1949.
Reuter, Cheryle Kathleen B. 1-5-1946 Dixon, Ill. F= Charles M= Josephine.
Reynolds - See Henry A. Mallette.
Ritzart, Mary , Kingston, Ill. Member, Moved To Oregon. ( Ill.?).
Ritzert - See Charles Ackerman.
Ritzert, Frank Died 8-17-1903.
Ritzert, Frank H. To Mary A. Gahlbeck. M.= 3-8-1898.
Ritzert, Ludwig Died 8-1-1913.
Ritzert, William , Moved To Broadhead, Wisconsin In March 1900.
Ritzert, Wm. B. Ill. To Wilhelmina Giese Of Braodhead, Wisc. B. Wisc. M.= 2-7-1900.
Robinson - See Louis Bruneni.
Robinson, Robert J. Of Capron, Ill. To Grace Knope Of Roscoe, Ill. M.= 7-3-1937.
Roby - See Harold Hoagland.
Rohers - See Henry Apple.
Rohrback, A. A Pastor.
Rollie - See Wm. Carlson.
Rote, Floyd D. B. Kirkland, Ill. To Sarah M. Stearns B. Boone Twp. M.= 6-20-1912.
Roteermund. H. A Pastor.
Roth, Gottlieb To Bertha Prien Of Bonus Twp. B. Baden Prov. M.= 5-6-1896.
Roth, Johan I. Of Spring Twp. To Elisa Warner Of Belvidere. M.= 6-22-1893.
Roth, John M. To Minnie Seel Of Belvidere. M.= 2-30-1892.
Roth, Mary , Kingston. Ill. Member, Died 5-27-1906.
Roth, Minnie Died 9-3-1937.
Rubeck, John Died 11-19-1940. B. 1-30-1860.
Rubeck, Mary Died 8-16-1940.B. 12-12-1858.
Ruh, B. A Pastor.
Rutz - See John A Whitney.
S_______ ?, Margaretha Died 1-1893.
Sadewater - See Glen Anderson.
Scamp, William H. B. 3-3-1910 Clinton, Ia. F= Wm. H. Scamp.
Schaefer, Alvin Died 11-9-1902.
Schandelmeier - See Schendelmeyer & Schondelmeier.
Schandelmeier, Anna Marie Died 3-9-1924 Garden Prairie, Ill. Buried Kingston Twp.
Schandelmeier, Anna Marie Died 3-9-1924 Garden Prairie. B. 11-1-1836 Schmieheim, B.G.
Schandelmeier, George To Mary Koeneke Of Belvidere. M.= 2-17-1891.
Schendelmeyer, Mary , Moveed From Kingston, Ill. To Lockport, Ill. 8-1905.
Schmalbeck Family - Moved To Denver, Colorado 11-1904?
Schnee, J. F. A Pastor.
Schreck, Edward Of Dubuque, Ia. B. Woodroe,Il.To Pearl E. White B. Rockford.---
Schreiber - See Maurice Calvin Martin.
Schroder, August To Beretha Johnson Of Belvidere. M.= 2-14-1895.
Schumaker, H. A Pastor.
Schwiker, Wm. A Pastor.
Scott - See Christ. B. Chase.
Scott, William Harold B. Salisbury, Mo. To Louise Marldene Bundlie B. Rockford.--
Scott, William Harold To Louise Marldene Bundlie. M= 5-23-1929.
Seel - See John Roth.
Sell - See John Roth.
Sexauer - See Fred C. Aves.
Sexauer, George , Kingston, Ill. Member, Died 10-12-1907.
Shafer - See Albert Ott.
Shippy, Lizzie (Fritz) Died 10-21-1919 Belvidere. B. 2-9-1864 Pforzheim, Baden, Ger.
Simons, Julius J. B. Belvidere To Lillian M. Ackerman B. Belvidere. M= 5-29-1930.
Sinclair - See Jesse W. Williams.
Slafter - See Waldemar Ernst. Possibly Valdemar ?
Slafter, Elmer A. To Isabelle A. Soens Of Kenosha,Wi. Both B. Racine,Wi. M=11-25-1932.
Smith, Catherine D. 11-8-1940 Belvidere. B.12-12-1858.Buried Spring Crrek By Freeport.
Smith, Charles M. To Carrie (Fritz) Kipple Mrs. M.= 11-15-1901.
Soens - See Elmer A. Slafter.
Spencer - See Albert Zitzke.
Spry - See Leonard T. Elliott.
Staas - See Stass.
Stamm, M. A Pastor.
Stass - See Sophie Wilhemine (Stass) Luhman.
Stearns - See Floyd Rote.
Stegmiller, John George Died 4-29-1926 Belvidere. B. 1-29-1862 Jonesboro, Ill.
Steuer, George J. Died 5-23-1921 Calvin Park, Dekalb Co., Ill. B. 12-2-1854 Schmieheim,G.
Steurer - See George J. Steuer.
Stickler, Merritt B. Roscoe To Marjorie Abbs B. Bloom City, Wisc. M. = 8-3-1928.
Stierle, Fred C. Rev. , Moved To Desplaines, Ill. 4-1898.
Stierle, Fred C. A Pastor To 1898.
Stonewall - See Sidney M. Koelling.
Strassburger, W. A Pastor.
Stuckenberg - See Edward Petermier.
Sweeney, David Lorn B. 12-25-1945 Chicago. F= Harold L. M= Merle W.
Sweeney, Raymond Scott B. 11-29-1946 Chicago. F= Harold L. M= Merle W.
Sweeney, Timothy Scott B. 8-30-1942 Chicago. F= Harold L. M= Merle W.
Sweitzer - See Nora (Sweitzer) Wenzel.
Tampakes - See Edward Carl Johnson.
Tate, Leon Roger Died 8-25-1941 Garden Prairie, Ill. B. 6-6-1898. Buried Brookville (Il.).
Teterhoff - See R. A. Zorn.
Theiss, F. A Pastor 1908 - 1911.
Thiess - See Theiss.
Thompson, Thomas B. Rockford To Myrtle May Cline B. Elwood, Indiana. M = 7-6-1927.
Toffleman - See Frank C. Avery.
Tucker - See Harvey M. Widmer.
Vanvalkenburg - See Claire Gilman.
Vetter - See Jacob J. Ackerman.
Voorhis, Elam F. B. Illinois To Anna C. Newhouse B. Wisconsin. M.= 11-23-1899.
Voshage - See Wm. Karch.
Voshage, Fred & Wife , One Of Three Families Of First Members 9-18-1867.
Walker, W.L. A Pastor.
Walter, John L. B. Shaneville, Tn. To Hattie Hawkey B. Oneco, Ill. M. = 2-6-1934.
Walter, Lester B. Freeport, Ill. To Elsie Choumont B. Chicago. M. = 12-6-1934.
Walters, J. H. A Pastor 1932 - ____.
Ward, C. S. B. Belvidere To Bertha Chamberlain B. Capron, Ill. M. = 3-6-1911.
Warn - See Worn.
Warner - See Johan I. Roth.
Wascher - See Washer.
Wascher, Bertha Died 1905.
Wascher, Bertha (Karch) Died 11-23-1926 Belvidere. B. 6-24-1846 Pommerania Prov. Ger.
Washer - See Carl Armbruster.
Washer - See Wascher.
Washer - See Wm. Karch.
Webster - See Wm. Coffey.
Wenzel, Earl Louis B. Malta, Ill. To Florence Iolene Biester B. Bonus Tp. M= 2-25-1920.
Wenzel, Louis Died 12-12-1928 Belvidere. B. 5-24-1964 Hockelheim, Germany.
Wenzel, Nora (Sweitzer) Died 10-22-1919 Belvidere. B. 11-18-1871.
Westfall, Wm. Died 10-21-1931 Belvidere. B. 2-26-1848 (Pommern Prov.) Germany.
Wheeler, Gllen Mr. & Mrs. Switched To Methodis Church Belvidere 1949.
Whitacre - See Walter G. Meyers.
White, George Albert Of Harvard To Louise Marg. Johnson Of Harvard.M=10-18-1941.
White, John M. B. Beaver Dam, Wisc. To Kathryn B. Baxter B. Rockford. M. = 2-9-1924.
White, Pearl E. To Edward Schreck . M. = 1-15-1914.
Whitman - See Ralph Edgar Abbott.
Whitman, John Died 5-4-1920 Belvidere. B. 4-16-(1920?) Sterling, Illinois.
Whitney, John A. B. Plover, Ia. To Ida Ella Rutz B. Argyle Twp. M. = 9-13-1925.
Wicks, Lavern B. Norway To Gladys Okeefe B. Rockford, Ill. M. = 10-26-1935.
Widmer, Deanna Sue B. 7-27-1942 Rockford, Ill. F= Harvey M. M= Dorothy.
Widmer, Ethel May B. 8-12-1918 Deer Creek, Ill. F= William M= Mary.
Widmer, Harvey M. B. Washington, Ill. To Dorothy M. Tucker B. Stockton, Ill. -------
Widmer, Harvey M. To Dorothy M. Tucker. M. = 10-10-1937.
William, L. A Pastor.
Williams, Jesse W. B. Sonora, Ky. To Bessie B. Sinclair B. Carden / Camden, Ind. --------
Williams, Jesse W. To Bessie B. Sinclair. M. = 10-29-1932.
Willmann, Clarence Walter B. 3-7-1892 . M= Maria (Mclaren) Willmann.
Willmann, Clarence Walter B. 3-7-1892 Kornkorken? City, Ill. F= Jacob Willmann.
Willmann, L. A Pastor.
Wilson, Harry Wayne Of Mt. Morris, Ill.To Elsie Hienhorst Of Mt. Morris.M=6-26-1937.
Wilson, Judith Ann B. 6-30-1938 Freeport, Ill. F= Wayne M= Elsie Of Mt. Morris, Ill.
Wilson, Lee Cale Of Chicago. B. Clinton,Ia. To Nellie Pearl Carlson B. Chicago. -----
Wilson, Lee Cale To Nellie Pearl Carlson. M. = 8-4-1915.
Wiltsie, Lida Mrs. B. 9-25-1861 Ogle Co., Ill.
Witherby, Harold W. B. Butte, Nebr. To Nellie Hooper B. Princeton, Tx. M. = 10-24-1936.
Worn - See Edward S. F. Johnson.
Worn, Blossom Or Glossom L. To Edward S. F. Johnson Of Rockford. M.= 1-8-1915.
Zahl, Wesley H. B. Bensonville, Ill. To Miriam V. Baker B. Salina, Ohio. M = 6-10-1927.
Zahn, Ph. A Pastor.
Zinser - See Mary (Zinser) Long.
Zitzke, Albert B. Rockford To Kate (Maul) Spencer B. Rockford, Ill. M. = 6-24-1914.
Zorn, R.A. Of Orangeville, Ill. To Mable Teterhoff Of Monroe, Wisc. M.= 12-30-1911.


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